Monday, June 22, 2015


My brother Jon Beach the poet emailed this to me... I thought it apropos for the topics I write about...

War on drugs
War on terror
What the fuck is war?
Not just.
War can promote obscene ways
to steal exorbitant piles
of wealth.
War can be an extremely powerful method to modify human beliefs and actions.  Historically, war has been one of the most efficacious therapies for insane conspirators.  Keep the sheeple endorsing agendas not for their benefit! 
The so called globalizing psychopaths’ tastiest lies promise a yellow ribbon tied around dissenting tongues.  The truth is discredited.  The speaker slandered.  Unrequited bribes can be grounds for capital punishment.  They kill one human being easier than tossing snot.
Evil wealth sets bloody schemes: enslavement-endgame.  The sooner the better.  Check the ground swell.
War is murder.
Inflicted poverty is called class war.  But it ain’t classy.
The congress of the United States fell like dominos.  But the cowards are not divided.  The bullshit they signify is unanimous. 
The congress has not declared a war since WWII. 
Without even a rubber stamp.
The members are puppets. 
That’s no string theory.
GovCorp, Tax-exempt foundations (NG0s), Fractional reserve banking, Central bank debt and theft creation… in God’s name we trusted.  Just to mention a few machinations.
Of course, marketing and propaganda are immorality’s crème de la crème.  We are the boiling frogs… silently cooked to be eaten.
Evil laughs.  No need to hide behind good, those cocksuckers no longer panic when the kitchen light catches them.