Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jade Helm & The Rest of the Shit Soon Going Down

For nearly two hours I got to sound off on Revolution Radio with Ohio Exopolitics host Mark Snider. The main topic was the alarming changes so rapidly going down in America and Jade Helm, the psyops that's launching artificial intelligence as the new way that war will be fought both in the US against its own citizenry as well as with black ops around the world. Also covered is the likelihood of false flags that will soon induce national crises that could lead to martial law and war on US soil... if not ushered in with Jade Helm 15 going live, it'll be with the next go-round J H 16. The exact timeline is unknown but the path of self-destruction we've been on will only escalate further out of control in the future as a convergence of the perfect storm of what can and will go wrong has long been diabolically underway. We can thank the globalists for that.

Note the misspelling of my last name. I guess as the messenger of pain to Mark Snider, "Pain" becomes my last name...

Joachim HagoPain