Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tianjin’s Fiery Explosion: A Tale of Two Causes - Mainstream Media’s Accident by Corruption vs. Independent Media’s Nuke or Rod-of-God Attack by Pentagon

2015 continues to be the earth shaking year when world events seem to be both spinning and colliding out of control. Last week’s apocalyptic chemical explosion completely leveled an area equivalent to six square city blocks in northeastern China’s city of Tianjin, home to fifteen million people. The explosions killed 114 people, injured more than 700 with 70 more still missing. Two distinct enormous blasts were witnessed near midnight last Wednesday, the first the estimated equivalent to 3 tons of TNT and the second 20 tons. Incredibly the enormous blasts were picked up by a space satellite some 25 miles above the earth, instantly gouging a lake-sized crater where moments earlier part of a warehouse site storing hazardous chemicals once stood. A nearby parking lot filled with thousands of brand new cars lay completely gutted and fried. Windows and doors from miles around the seismically measured epicenter (generating a 2-3 magnitude on Richter scale) were shattered and torn off hinges.


Many witnesses described it as a nuclear explosion that suddenly erupted less than a week after the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombs that the US deliberately dropped twice before on two other Asian cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even more eerie and sinister is the fact that the blasts occurred a mere day after China declared it had devalued its yuan by 1.9%, a strong indicator that China was preparing to announce its own replacement currency backed by gold, in effect pulling the life support plug on the dying US dollar as the world’s standard international currency.


As a recent past reminder, whenever other nations defiantly moved to drop the US petrodollar from its monopolized imperial perch, those two countries were both bombed into failed state oblivion and their onetime US allied leaders Hussein and Gaddafi were assassinated on short order. Could US Empire be once again flexing its deadly firepower muscle, sending a warning to China don’t mess with the US dollar-on-high or you too become another WMD victim of US superpower lethality?


According to dissident sources inside China as reported by Mike Adams in a recent article at his website, the Pentagon shot what’s called a Rod of God weapon from space to obliterate the toxic chemical warehouse making it appear like it was an industrial accident just waiting to happen. Per Adams and his Chinese sources, the US used a giant spear straight out of its top secret space weapons arsenal to detonate and cause the enormous chemical explosion, counting on the false flag attack being misconstrued as just another industrial accident caused by China’s rampant government corruption.


In its race to become the world’s latest economic powerhouse, China routinely cuts corners in granting companies shadily bought permits to illegally operate businesses greedily driven by profit over any real public safety concern. Thus in one fell swoop the US could expose China’s pervasive governmental corruption and its apparent blatant disregard for human life and the environment while covertly expanding its ongoing currency and cyber-wars to include an undeclared military war by way of a false flag that few if any would believe other than the marginalized tin foil crowd. All of these gains could be brilliantly accomplished at the same time that a very powerful meta-message being sent to Beijing warns not to mess with the US dollar.


That corruption has been flourishing in a surging Chinese economy bent on overtaking its debtor nation American competitor now in rapid decline as the number one economic power of the world is undeniable. Thus this highly plausible explanation of an inevitable chemical accident waiting to happen would smoothly wash with mainstream media as well as the public in both America and China far more gullibly than any highly speculative, wingnut conspiracy theory of some science fiction-driven WMD launched from outer space that was once featured in a 2004 issue of Popular Mechanics.


This is similar to how the Jade Helm announcement came strategically four months in advance of the military operation just to measure the feds’ enemy response - the anti-government patriot community reacted with outrage and alleged paranoia of federal takeover and martial law. The newly transformed US military is not only a killing machine, it’s also a Psychological Operations machine, taking a trick straight out of the Chinese war master Tzu’s own playbook of knowing your enemy by fully learning and understanding both his strengths and weaknesses.


The Tianjin explosion as a possible military false flag attack is an example of knowing your enemy’s weakness by exploiting China’s known internal corruption that would be a far more credible explanation for causing the deadly explosion than a space weapon stolen from of a Ray Bradbury science fiction novel. By utilizing all the benefits derived from its Artificial Intelligence and PSYOPS algorithms and software programs, this “smarter” US military also knows its growing enemy of American conspiracy theorists are increasingly distrustful of their federal government. With Mike Adams’ eye catching article entitled “BOMBSHELL,” he is the first to point the finger at the US government as the mastermind behind the alleged Tianjin false flag attack. Of course the feds are counting on others from independent and mainstream media to either totally ignore or ridicule any journalism pushing a “Rod of God” spear projected from outer space as the true cause of the explosions.


Washington's ultimate objective here would be to push the envelope spreading distrust, cynicism and confusion as a weapon against more people recognizing the sinister truth about our US crime cabal government. As mainstream media is increasingly viewed as a complete joke and mere extension of government propaganda, high on the feds’ priority list is spreading disinformation and false propaganda that counterattack and diminish the growing credibility and trust that alternative news media enjoys amongst a growing segment of both the US and global populations. The public is recognizing news from independent sources on the internet as its most reliable source for truth and accuracy in reporting of world events and developments. The feds’ goal is to keep the people uniformed, ignorant and confused in not knowing who or what to believe. This Tianjin explosion effectively kills two “enemy” birds with one stone, striking a major blow to tarnish China’s rising power and reputation while sabotaging and undermining the power of independent media as the people’s most viably honest source of information and news. Of course its prime objective is to buy more time before its Ponzi scheme economy collapses.


The Mike Adams’ piece presents information supporting its claim with reports that China has been on heightened alert suspecting a possible retaliatory attack, citing unprecedented numbers of military helicopters regularly flying in formation over Beijing and Tianjin. As additional support he also mentions that thousands of Chinese migrant workers have made living in underground dwellings underneath Beijing their home dating back to Mao’s bomb shelters. The government is currently launching an ambitious new project to revamp and modernize its underground living quarters. Russia also has been building extensive underground bunkers for its people. Only in the West are the underground cities built exclusively for the elite and selected military only as their contingency plan for escaping war and contamination on the earth’s surface. The feds have obviously made their choice to keep the rest of us Americans living above ground both uninformed and eventually dead.


To further validate his conclusions, Adams covers the Obama regime’s new policy of aggression against cyber-attacks from foreign nations as formalized in a White House document dated May 16, 2015:


     We reserve the right to use all necessary means – diplomatic, informational, military, and

     economic - as appropriate and consistent with applicable international law, in order to defend

     our nation, our allies, our partners and our interests.


A Pentagon spokesman also mimicked a military response to cyber-warfare as a viable and necessary option. In the face of ongoing US accusations that China has been guilty of engaging in repeated cyber-attacks despite US warnings to cease, a military strike on a large, vitally important Chinese harbor may not be viewed as so far-fetched, especially when Beijing in the ongoing currency war is perceived to also be launching an all-out assault on the sacred US dollar.


Another speculative explanation circulating alternative media is that the 3-acre crater lake left by the Tianjin explosions may have resulted from a small nuclear device shallowly submerged at ground level. The jagged edges surrounding the crater in China suggest that it’s consistent with photographs of similar craters caused by small nuclear detonations tested by the Russians. This would also explain why the typical mushroom cloud associated with nuclear explosions was not observed.


Not surprisingly, Mike Adams has been the brunt of some flack criticizing him for making what’s considered a groundless, unproven case that the US is the culprit behind the Tianjin explosions. Even Alex Jones’ Infowars didn’t touch the tempting bait to call it a nuke strike. After all, it’s a lot easier for the powers-that-be to successfully pull it off by simply selling wholesale to mainstream media the “industrial accident” explanation for the China blasts. Of course right on cue just days after the tragic event in Tianjin, the mainstream press in both China and the West have been hard at work mounting a detailed, fairly convincing case of unfolding developments that point directly to China’s corruption as the most likely cause of “the accident.”


The media is now running a wave of breaking headlines reflecting the official narrative delivered by the Chinese government run agency Xinhua that unveils from October last year up until recently in June the unscrupulous company owning the chemical warehouse, Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics, was handling toxic chemicals without a license. To both placate and demonstrate to the understandably upset Chinese citizenry that its Beijing government is reacting swiftly and decisively to bring those responsible to justice, within a mere day or two ten of the company’s highest ranking officials were arrested, though four remain hospitalized.


Vice president and part owner of the chemical warehouse company holding 45% of the shares happens to be the son of Tianjin’s former police chief. Apparently he is now in custody busily on cue spilling the beans, claiming because of his high level connections the controlling 55% owner-president brought him into the company to easily secure permits and licenses. Despite the law stipulating that all residences and streets be located at least 1 km (.6 of a mile) away from any hazmut storage area, the warehouse was allowed to be built illegally in too close of proximity to both residential housing and a public thoroughfare. When a safety evaluation company pointed out this obvious building code violation, the son of the police chief said his partner simply went out and found another less than honest safety inspector willing to look the other way for the right price.


It turns out there is also an ongoing investigation of Tianjin’s vice mayor from 2009-12 over alleged corruption charges as the current director of State Administration of Work Safety. In a damage control effort to stem the tide of public criticism while distancing themselves from sharing any responsibility, the state controlled media Xinhua conveniently omitted that the investigation was not in response to last Wednesday’s mishap because the inquiry had already begun months earlier.


Tianjin has been a fast rising star in the nation’s prosperity and growth as the world’s tenth largest port, the city boasting the highest GDP per person in China, supplying Beijing with industrial commodities such as the nation’s formidable steel industry (now producing half the world’s steel) along with a burgeoning hi tech industry and emerging as another urban financial center rivaling Shanghai and Hong Kong to the south and the nearby nation’s capital Beijing just 70 miles away in north China. As such, it has enjoyed its own independent district status similar to that of any province. Contributing substantially to China’s economic boom in recent years, Tianjin has been allowed a free hand to chart its own course. The downside to its rapid rise, Tianjin has become ripe with corruption and nepotism. At least this is the picture that the Beijing government as well as the Western press are currently painting to more easily explain why such a horrendous “accident” would ever be allowed to happen.


In its Tianjin treatment the New York Times chose a predictable spin focusing on the Chinese government’s kneejerk ban against any social media commentary critical of Beijing and the resultant media blackout during the aftermath, echoing in lockstep diatribe with Obama’s incessant harking on China’s censorship and spotty human rights record. Talk about high crimes hypocrisy. This week’s Times headline read “Fear of Toxic Air and Distrust of the Government Follow Tianjin Blasts.” An excerpt from it blasts the Beijing government:


     Just as the military cleanup crews have been unable to extinguish the smoldering fire at the port

     facility in Tianjin, the Chinese authorities have struggled to contain mounting public anger and

     distrust. The system of information controls they deployed after disasters like the 2008

     Wenchuan earthquake the 2011 high-speed train crash and the ferry sinking in June does not

     seem effective this time.


Also emphasized in this flagrantly biased piece was a public protest of distraught family members of dead and missing Chinese victims that disrupted and aborted government officials from finishing a press conference after the tragedy. For days Chinese authorities withheld even identifying what hazardous chemicals the storage facility contains.


It has recently been disclosed that at least four highly volatile and flammable toxic chemicals were improperly warehoused together that existing safety laws expressly prohibit. Among the total of forty different chemicals stored at the site are calcium carbide, potassium nitrate and ammonium nitrate used in making plastic, fertilizer and dynamite respectively. However, the biggest revelation came when it was confirmed that 700 tons of sodium cyanide stored in wooden boxes or iron barrels were also being stockpiled. Due to its severe danger, regulations limit storage of sodium cyanide at a single location to just 24 tons. Greenpeace also notes that chemical explosions in China have been occurring with increasing regularity.


As to how the actual explosions ignited, claims by firefighters believe that initial first responders at the site may have used water to combat the fire. But sodium cyanide is soluble in water and reacts violently to form a highly combustible and ultra-toxic hydrogen cyanide gas. Breathing it can kill. If water came into contact with sodium cyanide, this chemical reaction offers some scientific plausibility to the argument that at least some of the explosions may have been accidentally caused.


Last Tuesday worst fears were realized when it rained in Tianjin, producing a white foam coating the city streets far beyond the chemical storage site accompanied by numerous reports from residents complaining that their eyes and elbows burned. Yet all the while the Chinese authorities have maintained that the level of toxins in the air or in the groundwater since the accident pose no serious threat to human health within the city. But when the fire persisted until last Saturday, it prompted authorities to finally order residents living within a 3 km (1.5 mile) radius to be evacuated to temporary emergency shelters in outlying area schools. To this day fires continue to keep breaking out and the smoldering smoke continues billowing from the ashes and charred debris. 


Within three days after the explosion heard around the world, on a matter not entirely unrelated, Obama sternly warned Beijing to stop sending its law enforcement operatives to America to covertly crackdown on Chinese expatriates that have allegedly absconded with embezzled money from Chinese businesses back in China. Yet at the same time by decreed legislation the news goes public that Secretary of State Kerry can at will revoke expatriated Americans’ passports and force them to return to the US under the draconian suspicion that abroad they pose a national security threat. Is there any difference between US citizens owing 50 grand in back taxes being forcibly yanked from other nations back to totalitarian America? Again, the self-righteous hypocrisy of Obama’s warped sense of exceptionalism that allows him to constantly defy every international law against other sovereign nations while committing even more blatant acts of terror and aggression at will with impunity, then always accuses others of the very same offenses for which he himself is most egregiously guilty. 


As the emerging Asian nemesis in such close partnership with America’s other demonized cold war enemy Russia, it’s no surprise that China has risen higher on America’s shit list. A few months ago Washington accused Chinese military cyber-intelligence of infiltrating large American companies and stealing trade secrets, then even more serious recent claims were levied against Beijing for an alleged cyber hack attack mining critical personal data on thousands of federal employees. At the same time Obama’s Asian pivot tour designed to rally US puppet allies Japan, South Korea, Philippines and more recently Vietnam against the growing regional threat of China fell flat, rising tensions are ramping up over territorial claims of disputed islands.


Then came last month’s largest US-Australian joint military exercise dubbed Operation Talisman Sabre joined for the first time this year by armed forces from Japan and New Zealand, the provocative rumpus through the Pacific backdoor waters of China only heightened the conflict. That was then immediately followed by this week’s US led dozen-nation participation of military drills for 10 days designed to rattle the nerves of North Korea. Instead it elicited a direct threat from the little rogue nation against the big rogue nation. Emboldened by China as its big brother protectorate and by Obama’s paper tiger reputation, North Korea actually threatened to attack the US mainland this week should the war games proceed. Meanwhile, despite recent South Korean overtures seeking reconciliation with its fellow Korean neighbor to the north, the US Empire’s divide and conquer self-interests will only ensure that the two Koreas remain armed and divided adversaries. Peace anywhere on earth is not part of either Empire or the globalist agenda.


Thus with the progression of escalating West versus East conflicts heating up around the globe, desperately seeking to recklessly retain its global hegemony and full spectrum dominance, the US likely attacking Tianjin is Empire brazenly upping its ante on the geopolitics chessboard toward World War III. US warmongering aggression may well have covertly spilled over last week as the ultimate shot across the bow in retaliation for China’s currency war devaluation the day before.


Mike Adams posted a more recent article specifying the three pronged response that China has planned for the United States in retaliation for Tianjin death and destruction. For some time the Chinese have been preparing to take down the US dollar and its debt instruments, destroy US infrastructure with cyber-counteroffensive attacks targeting US nuclear power plants, water treatment facilities, oil refineries, credit card processing, government and military installations, hospitals and communication hubs by also simultaneously taking out America’s orbiting satellites including military satellites. China intends to defeat America without a conventional military war, invasion or occupation but simply by crushing the US economy through electronic means.


Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show also concludes that the explosion in China was caused by the US. An article he posted takes the sequence of unfolding events a step further. According to Hodges, if China seeks revenge against America’s alleged act of war in Tianjin, he contends that China may use its advanced electromagnetic pulse weaponry to - in an instant flash - take down the highly vulnerable US electrical power grid. He logically covers the probable series of horrific consequences that would rapidly befall America, outlining the water crises that would cause immediate contamination of a grossly depleted water supply, loss of food output, poor sanitary conditions leading to an out of control cholera epidemic, total collapse of the already crumbling house of cards, debt-based economy and within two years’ time the death of 90% of the American population. The grid susceptibility that the US perilously faces even by an ISIS attack on American soil armed from such heavy weapons as US-supplied surface to air missile launchers is also alarmingly real. If in fact the globalists called for the Pentagon’s devastating false flag attack on Tianjin last week, all the cataclysmic destruction alternative media has been warning America about culminating most likely in September and October may have just been sealed.


Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.”  It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at He is also a regular contributor to Global Research and