Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Forces for Good Fighting the Diabolical Destructive Forces for Evil

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with my friends Reverend Don Grahn and his Truth vs. New$ host Activist Angel for an hour about the state of the globe. We covered the full spectrum of both the willful sinister plan that the ruling elite is in the middle of perpetrating now, engineering the perfect storm of cataclysmic events in 2016. While the manufactured mass migration crisis destroys Europe and the global economy continues to crumble with Europe's largest financial institution Deutsch Bank about to go under creating a dominoes effect on all the West's entire centralized banking system, the powers-that-shouldn't-be are blitzkrieging us with 24/7 propaganda and lies to manipulate the public masses into accepting a global war against their designated Eastern enemies Russia, China and Iran as a mere sleight of hand weapon of mass distraction away from the total collapse of both the Western and global economy. From the latest destabilizing events and developments in Syria  and Ukraine to the global child sex abuse-murder slave trafficking ring ritualistically serving the demonic appetite of the world's elite (of which recently murdered Supreme Court judge Scalia was a silenced member) to the both visible and invisible forces of good standing up to this pervasive "devil's dominion" of evildoing and human genocidal crimes against humanity currently being carried out as part of the elite's systematic destruction of all life on earth. While doom and gloom darkness is shedding little light at the end of a dark tumultuous tunnel ahead, emerging on the other side of the violent upheaval we see all around us now is the reassuring promise of tomorrow's transformed world where truth and justice will prevail based on a new spiritual paradigm. Our faith and beliefs are being seriously tested now, but life, progress and evolution will go on...