Monday, March 21, 2016

Ruling Elite Grows Desperate to Destroy Trump’s Presidential Bid Fearing He’ll Lead People to Revolt against New World Order

Forget all the labels… Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, left, right. In 21st century American politics, they’re all totally non-relevant, meaningless sleight of hand, divide and rule weapons used by a handful of controlling families who’ve owned this planet for centuries with Europe’s Rothschilds and America’s Rockefellers most readily coming to mind. These ideological tags and labels have been an extremely effective means of neutralizing any and all potential threats from ever uniting to challenge or oppose the status quo power monopoly maintaining absolute control over planet earth increasingly during this last century. During the Great Depression nearly a century ago the globalist bankster J.P. Morgan boasted:

When through a process of law the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and more easily governed by the strong arm of the law applied by the central power of leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders. This is well known among our principle men now engaged in forming an imperialism of [crony] capitalism to govern the world.  By dividing the people we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us.

… like the Democrats and Republicans forever squabbling to get nothing done in Congress as passable legislation that actually benefits the American people and not the special interests they’re beholding to. Since the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision six years ago, every powerful lobby group like AIPAC or every billionaire globalist can legally bribe politicians with unlimited campaign donations to vote according to their personal interests rather than the interests of the voting constituents. The Princeton-Northwestern study a couple years ago made it official, confirming that the United States federal government operates as an oligarchy, no longer the democratic republic historically taught in Civics 101.

The last US president that seriously threatened the ruling elite’s status quo was John F. Kennedy and Washington insiders within the shadowy government elite assassinated him and ever since have been firmly in control of America. But the turning point for the elite actually arrived exactly a half century earlier than 1963 with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act, followed eight years later by the creation of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the raw power driving the aggressively imperialistic US foreign policy. Virtually every president over the last century has either been a blue blood Anglo-elitist CFR man, a Yale Skull and Bones-er or high degree Freemason, and if the president wasn’t any of the above, you can bet the vast majority of his key cabinet posts were filled with these elitist members especially heading the Defense, the Treasury and State Departments.

A covert group of shadowy figures have virtually owned the US government for a very long time. We just know more about them now than ever before as the elite’s designated handlers of America’s top elected leaders. The elite’s favored candidate for president this year Hillary Clinton (with Bill and Chelsea CFR members) unabashedly disclosed who she receives her marching orders from when she addressed the CFR fresh off its second branch office opening in Washington in 2009 after founding member the Rockefellers had donated the land and building to the CFR in 1921 as its original New York headquarters. Here are Hillary’s exact words:

I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the mothership in New York City. But it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as hard a go to be told what we should be doing, and how we should think about the future.

But business as usual amongst the most powerful people on earth appear to be seriously disrupted should anyone but Hillary become the next US president. This year’s meteoric rise of populist presidential candidate Donald Trump as the eccentric, unpredictable, cantankerous outsider as of late graphically illustrates the desperate dynamics currently in play threatening to potentially derail the globalist New World Disorder agenda. Recent news events nakedly reveal the elite’s lowdown subversions to defame and undermine Donald Trump’s increasing popularity amongst the American disenfranchised have-nots. Regardless of his enormously vain ego, vitriolic remarks and ambitious thirst for fame and power, Trump poses a serious threat to the current power broking neocons entrenched in DC as the elite’s chosen puppets fast implementing its design for one world government tyranny.

Because Trump’s run for presidency in 2012 was viewed as laughable political theater that abruptly went nowhere, his candidacy this year was customarily dismissed by elitists as yet more court jester buffoonery, totally miscalculating Trump’s potential surge to steal their thunder. With Super Tuesday’s results now in, Trump the jester is Trump the most probable Republican nominee inasmuch as he’s on pace to legitimately capture enough party delegates to numerically secure the nomination prior to the convention just four months away. NYT has him with 673 delegates to Cruz’ 410.

Meanwhile for the first time, Economist/YouGov Poll indicates the majority of Republican Americans at 53% now favor Trump over any other elitist club GOP candidate. The latest poll out of New York state has Trump winning 65% of New York Republicans’ support to Cruz’ 12%. Like no other presidential contender or front-running party favorite in modern history, Donald Trump singlehandedly threatens to create such havoc within the plutocratic existing global order that those at the top of the power pyramid will literally stop at nothing to remove him from wrecking their long plotted prize of a one world government.

So in the face of this “crisis,” what does the Republican Party establishment do? They bring their 2012 loser Mitt Romney out of moth balls to throw dirt in Trump’s face… pretty impotent response that if anything, will only increase Trump support. Yet no doubt Mitt will be hoping and waiting from the wings of the convention as their go-to loser again.

Trump’s populist candidacy is acting as a catalyst driving the rapid changing dynamics of the American population that for decades has been lulled asleep allowing the dark forces in power to deceptively enslave them. Trump has brought more people to register and vote in the state primaries than any other candidate in modern times. A Pew Research Center poll surveying the first dozen state primaries show that near twice as many Republican voters are participating than did four years ago. But prior to delving further into the desperado, “stop-Trump-at-all-cost” measures the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are now conjuring up, a brief look at where American citizens are currently at shapes what may unfold in coming months.

Clearly US citizens who are too often the last to know are starting to wake up from their stupefied doldrums and dumbed down ignorance. Results from another revealing poll released earlier this year found that for the second year in a row, Americans view their own federal government as their biggest problem, not the flatlined economy, unemployment, immigration or terrorism. Four out of five Americans feels “angry or frustrated” toward their government that increasingly views its own citizens as potential terrorists and extremist threats in its lockdown of our freedoms. Two decades ago most US citizens saw the feds as a friend, not an enemy. But as we move deeper into the twenty-first century, those numbers have largely reversed, especially amongst Independents and Republicans. 76% of Americans accurately believe that Washington’s run by a few big special interests strictly out for themselves rather than for the benefit of all people. In other words, Abraham Lincoln’s “of the people, by the people, for the people” long embedded as a defining principle of our democracy, did in fact “perish from the Earth,” by PNAC design right after the Mossad-neocons’ inside job of 9/11 .

People from not just the US but all Western countries are becoming increasingly fed up and angry with their federal governments, more aware of how they’ve insidiously encroached and stolen our privacy and freedoms and clearly do not represent our interests. In last weekend’s state elections German Chancellor Angela Merkel took a furious thrashing from her voting public after she’d welcomed with open arms over a million refugees into Germany. Increasingly the masses are waking up to the cold hard reality that their governments have been hijacked by treasonous puppets handpicked by the ruling elite and that national elections merely serve the deceitful purpose of offering the voting public an “illusion” of choice.

Trump’s appeal is tapping into this deepening divide between citizens and their oppressively dishonest and secretive government. Working class white males are his prototypical supporter, angry over feeling pushed around and disenfranchised by a government that doesn’t give a shit about them. The Trump campaign promise to make America great again and calling the political system broken due to selling out to special interests resonates with a growing number of Americans who believe Obama and Clinton have sold America out to foreign interests and the ruling elite. Big business and big government are ruining the nation, and Trump’s volatile thunder is outcompeting the usual fluff and distraction fare that normally consumes the apathetic apolitical public. Even the latest antics of the Kardashian family, recent modern gladiator-big sports events and mesmerizing appeal of the latest electronic gadgetry the elite constantly serves up to preoccupy, hypnotize and otherwise deceive the dumbed down masses from paying attention to disturbing, elite orchestrated world events and machinations are no longer working as they always have in the past.

Meanwhile, instead of investing in the well-being of their own people living in Western nations, the elite has willfully destroyed the middle class, shrinking it to no longer be the majority population in America and refusing to maintain US infrastructure of highways and bridges as they literally crumble apart. Once the wealthiest city in the nation with its auto making empire, Detroit is another prime example of crumbling metropolitan infrastructure left to decay in apocalyptic ruin. With last year’s headlines Detroit’s water as a universal right denied its citizens for months at a time and this year nearby Flint’s foul brown water forsaking human health of poor Americans, these disgraceful tragedies are the story of modern America.  The globalists have willfully chosen to destroy America’s once vibrant, robust manufacturing sector that supported the world’s largest thriving middle class.

And now just as their climate change hoax with its global carbon tax presently being codified into UN law gains momentum towards global governance as a final step to formalized one world government, the elite’s uninterrupted programmed brainwashing and unobstructed, accelerated planetary destruction suddenly finds itself in serious jeopardy if an unruly, potentially uncontrollable outsider like Donald Trump gets elected as the visibly most powerful man in the world.

In recent weeks we’ve been witnessing an unheard of stampeding backlash of desperate name-calling, slings and arrows, all blatant, over-the-top attempts to assassinate Trump’s character, subdue, smear and silence his campaign, and even go so far as to plant the seed to assassinate him. A few weeks ago after New York Times columnist Ross Douthat in a tweet joked about how Trump’s campaign will end, both alternative and mainstream media had a field day reacting and speculating over whether Donald Trump will become a KIA (killed in action) while running for president of the United States.

Before he’s ever held an elected office, an ABC op-ed written by Australian John Keane is already calling the Donald a “demagogue and threat to American democracy.” The only threat to our so called democracy already killed it, and that’s oligarchy, something that one of six oligarch owned mega-media corps like ABC imparting its own biased, elitist special interest propaganda knows all about. The article drives home the common theme blaming Trump the candidate for violence displayed by the elitist Soros’ hired “brown shirts” as a staged setup that’s designed to then elicit demands to remove Trump’s candidacy and then suggests almost as wishful thinking the all too familiar assassination theme:

If the elimination of the same candidate for high office happened illegitimately, for instance by means of assassination - a disturbing but not an unrealistic possibility in a country riddled with guns and a history of political violence - would this produce equally polarising effects that kill off the give-and-take ethic of elections, perhaps even pushing the whole country down the path of un-governability, towards law-and-order rule?

See how the line of thinking goes? It’s not only sewing the seed but suggesting authoritarian control must be summoned to quell the coming unrest. This endgame scenario is exactly what the globalists are intentionally provoking and been preparing for a long time. ABC as part of the elite is engaging in more demonizing of the enemy as the pretext for increasing absolute tyrannical control… be it against Putin, Assad, Trump or violent Americans. Finally the author speaks in terms of how the elite’s choice Hillary should deal with “taming the devils of demagogic power.” This is how the MSM brainwash is spun in subtle and not so subtle ways 24/7.

The current and two former Mexican presidents have called Trump “the next Hitler,” perhaps the ultimate name in demonology. Longtime historian James Thurber whose expertise is American presidents says that such vehement reactions from foreign leaders against a candidate still in the primary season are unprecedented. Trump’s statements calling for a wall to be built at the Mexican border (despite the fact one already exists for miles in some places and that this sentiment is nothing new), after Obama’s two term open border policy allowing any and all undocumented illegal aliens, including criminals and terrorists, to freely swarm across the border (not unlike the unvetted MENA refugees coming into both Europe and America), many US citizens feel exactly the same way as Trump. And it doesn’t make anyone a racist to simply want the immigration laws already on the books to be practiced and enforced.

Trump is going for rhetorical overkill demanding the border wall be paid by Mexico, justifying it by citing the $58 billion trade deficit and subsidies Mexico receives. The trade deficits to China and Japan also provide trade war cannonball fodder meant to even up the trade ratio. Trump’s mission to balance the trade deficits includes offering incentives to US companies to return home, supply US jobs and increase US export products. With systemic offshore tax evasion and slave labor abroad driving the corporate profit motive, transnationals will stay short on loyalty to either the US or its people. But disenfranchised Americans like what they hear in Trump’s promise to “make America great again,” the same way that their “hope” was temporarily propped up by Obama until he got elected in 2008.

Indeed leaders from a host of other nations around the world have also expressed their upset toward the presidential frontrunner for what they regard as his racist views, among them Canada, Ireland, Britain, Germany, France, Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Of course these Trump critics are members of the same governments that per their globalists’ “multiculturalism” agenda have welcomed over a million refugees that are now overloading the system and potentially destroying Europe. And Israel and Saudi Arabia as the very home of Wahhabi terrorism, they’re about the only nations refusing to take in any refugees except for terrorists as two of the biggest supporters for both terrorism and the wars that created the migration crisis in the first place. And Turkey’s provided the terrorist safe haven and training ground. So in view of the harm that their policies have caused, none of them should have anything to say about Trump.

China’s party controlled Global Times chimed in, “The rise of a racist in the US political arena worries the whole world,” adding how the West electing leaders brought the likes of Mussolini and Hitler to power. This cheap shot comes in retaliation for Trump stating that he wants to start levying tariffs on China’s exported goods to America. The Communist Party leaders and state run media are having a good laugh at the “racist buffoon’s” expense, gloating how democracy doesn’t work. On another level, China should welcome a TPP-buster to the White House since the main thrust of that 12-nation Pacific trade agreement was designed to isolate and punish China by explicitly omitting it from membership. Trump has declared himself a nationalist vehemently opposed to all the globalist trade agreements like NAFTA and the latest TPP and TTIP that are the final nail in the coffin to America’s national sovereignty. He knows they’ve taken away countless American jobs and has promised to undue them all if elected.

Even the globalist pope who pushed the climate change and global governance agenda slammed Trump last month insinuating he was “not Christian” for Trump’s tough talk on immigration and wall building. Pope Francis supports the globalist agenda of mass migration regardless of negative consequences it’s currently causing in Europe wedging a racial-religious divide that could also financially break the EU bank. When Trump got word about the pope’s criticism, he said it’s “disgraceful” a religious leader would make such a comment, quickly pointing out the hypocrisy that the Vatican City has a wall around it - built to keep the Muslims out. A day later the Vatican spokesman became the pope’s apologist clarifying that the pope was not personally attacking Trump but was simply reacting to what he’d been told. Trump figured aloud that while Francis was visiting Mexico he’d been unduly influenced by Trump bashing for his “let’s build a wall” in a case of tit for tat.

Earlier this month it was 60 national security experts’ turn to take their licks against the Republican frontrunner. In a highly publicized open letter with chicken hawk and ISIS terrorist fraternizer John McCain, they all warned America that Trump would “diminish our standing in the world,” “making us far less safe.” Overflowing with fearmongering scare tactics, in their letter condemning Trump was found among the 60 signatures that of globalist Michael Chertoff’s, former head of Homeland Security. As an attorney prior to 9/11 Chertoff once legally represented a terrorist arms smuggler while heading a Bush commission on terrorist financing. This is also the same man who while in charge of Homeland Security also owned the company that won the bid to radiate you and me every time we pass through TSA airport security checkpoints and the mastermind of the underwear bomber false flag at the Detroit airport on Christmas Day. Turns out the young Nigerian Muslim wannabe terrorist was carrying out his patsy role wearing nonexplosive underwear meant to be caught as a CIA staged publicity stunt just to scare Americans into worrying about flying terrorists again timed perfectly so Chertoff could make his deal selling his airport X-ray machines to every airport in the world - all in a day’s work.

Speaking of work, it turns out that the NSA director Michael Hayden who just happened to let 9/11 occur under his watch of course also signed the attack Trump letter, he and Chertoff are now partners raking in big profits cashing in on their standup job as treasonous 9/11 conspirators peddling of all things a security consultant business. Hayden told the press that the CIA director could ignore Trump’s torture statement because “it’s against the law.” Back when General Hayden was CIA director (2006-2009) under the Bush regime, it was against the law then too. But Obama not only looked the other way and let Hayden and his CIA torturers walk free for their crimes, per whistleblower John Kiriakou, Obama only continued the torture practice after signing an executive order making it unlawful on paper only, not unlike he’s kind of going after the terrorists but in words only. So all the criminals went free but Kiriakou who let the world know about the torture and did two and a half years in federal prison for his good behavior courageously and morally trying to stop it. With that kind of miscarriage of justice operating every day in our crime cabal government, you can see that all these anti-Trump war “experts,” are nothing but bumbling war criminals and convictable traitors who have yet to be held accountable for their heinous war crimes, much less possess even a smidgen of any credibility. But here’s Donald’s response to General Hayden’s swipe:

I’ll tell you how good our military is doing under Michael Hayden and people such as this. We’ve been fighting wars in the Middle East for 15 years, 18 years… for four or five trillion dollars, we don’t know what we’re doing, we don't know who we’re fighting, we're arming people that we want on our side, we don't know who they are. When they take over a country they’re worse than people they depose. Give me a break!

I’d rather have Trump’s perspective guiding our foreign policy than the crew that made a mess of this world. The gang of 60 called Trump “fundamentally dishonest” when they themselves are all psychopathic pathological liars by definition of their mental disorder. Their accusation centers on Trump’s apparent wobble on his before and after takes of the Iraq War. A Howard Stern interview at the time drew a tentative endorsement for the Iraq invasion contradicted more recently by a Trump claim that he was against the war from the get-go. On the mutual admiration for Putin, the war experts insist that is “unacceptable for the leader of the world’s greatest democracy” to think so highly about the leader of America’s supposed #1 enemy. Averting World War III and the potential end of the world by joining in partnership with the fiercest fighter against world terrorism on the planet isn’t such a bad idea. Maybe we’d actually be safer. But those 5 dozen warmongers would rather blow up the world first than thaw out cold war 2 that they themselves helped start. All the elitist heavyweights advancing their New World Order agenda are suddenly coming out of the woodwork to converge on the GOP candidate to attack his chances of winning in November. The powers-that-shouldn’t-be are scared shitless that they will soon become the powers-that-used-to-be.

As alluded to already, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin appear to be engaged in a mutual admiration society. Both respect one another’s image of being their own man as so called mavericks. At least their mutual respect and appreciation might halt the insanely suicidal globalist-neocon race to WWIII against Russia. Putin as the most prominent world leader who has fully proven himself to be of both sound mind and far more outspokenly honest than any American leader in decades, having successfully shown that he is truly antiterrorist, unlike Obama he backs up his words with actions that in Syria are getting the job done. Perhaps with Trump forging a warming of relations with Russia, both the US led Western state sponsored terrorism and increasing risk of global war and possible end of the world might be averted… certainly another factor to consider as opposed to the alternative Hillary becoming another neocon wartime president where an ultimate showdown against Russia is a done deal. In a recent debate she emphatically declared Russia as America’s biggest threat.

Meanwhile, multi-billionaire George Soros, a WWII Nazi collaborator, has been busily using his billions (at least $33 million in one year) to foment racial tensions in the US by hiring busloads of violent agitators to Ferguson and Baltimore to purposely foment mob violence with the expressed intent of provoking militarized urban warfare between the federalized police force against protesting citizens of color to further incite a race war between whites and blacks. As the personification of elitist evil, Soros is also heavily financing fellow globalist Hillary’s presidential run. He contributed to three of her Super PAC’s that totaled $24 million in the first half of last year alone and threw in another $8 million of his own in 2015 to boost Clinton’s coffer. Back when his pal gal was Secretary of State, the financier was busily funneling up to a billion dollars through Hillary’s NGO’s (out of the five billion that the US paid) for the internationally illegal coups d’état in Ukraine back in February 2014 that unleashed the anti-Putin propaganda hate campaign designed to trigger another cold war with Russia. Soros’ hacked emails show how the puppet master to the freshly US installed neo-Nazi Kiev government plundered Ukraine at the expense of another ravaged nation.

And now fearing the Trump ascendancy to power, Soros is drumming up needed Hillary support by sending in yet more thugs to stir up racial conflict and violence pugnaciously posing as Bernie Sanders supporters at private Trump campaign rallies nationwide. This is Soros’ method of dishing out more lowdown - killing off two birds in Hillary’s competition with one brown shirted stone, utilizing yet more deceptive divide and rule tactics. The rally to be held at the University of Chicago for public safety had to be canceled due to the ruckus caused by Soros and Hillary’s proxy race-baiters. Even Obama’s mentor domestic terrorist Bill Ayers showed up to lend his hand to the chaos. Trump asked the right question, “What happened to free speech?” After initially blaming Sanders, Trump elected to take the high road when later reflecting on the event he attributed the clashing to the anger building up in the American populace in response to what’s happening to America rather than confront the true perps who intentionally caused the violence - Soros and Hillary.

The evildoing elite has sunk to taking cheap shots to desperately ensure an outsider doesn’t become president. Right after the staged false flag violence at the Chicago Trump event, right on cue all the MSM lined up the elite-endorsed Republican candidates blaming Trump as a danger for inciting the very violence that their elite was in fact behind. Cruz made his scripted media rounds, “There’s no doubt that a candidate bears responsibility for the culture that is set from the top.” This only demonstrates how desperate the globalists are growing each week as on Super Tuesday Trump moved a giant step closer to the nomination winning all the states but Ohio where to stay even a distant third Governor John Kasich had to win in his home state.

Over a year ago the ruling elite made it clear that their next choice for US president was going to be a Bush or a Clinton, having their way with them for the past three decades. And since Jeb washed out and couldn’t deliver, Hillary’s been their main man for some time now. No doubt all her girlfriends would agree. Confirmation that Hillary is the elite’s choice was reaffirmed by the fact that she was the Federal Reserve Board’s recipient to over three quarters of their donated campaign dollars. And true to globalist form, America’s central bank employees donated to both Clinton and Cruz just to ensure the elitist policy of backing both sides in every political/military war is complied with. Also not surprising is that Donald Trump, the anti-globalist candidate, received zero dollars from the banking elite.

Just to show you how serious a threat Trump is to the Grand Old Party, in one month up to last Super Tuesday’s primaries, the Party’s spending on anti-Trump ads went up 900% to a total of over $63 million and rising. Dark forces have unlimited funds to waste in their “dump Trump” spending spree. At the time of the New Hampshire primary, just one in six GOP dollars was invested in anti-Trump advertising as compared to the last three days since Tuesday’s latest wins, the ratio has risen to two of every three dollars spent now totaling $7.6 million in less than half a week. Yes, the more sleazy and ferocious their efforts and expenses become, the more the runaway train just keeps building unstoppable momentum.

If it hasn’t happened already, at some point I’d expect another behind-the-scenes Howard Beale moment not unlike the one from visionary Paddy Chayefsky’s 1976 film classic “Network” (that actually lost to Stallone’s “Rocky” as Best Picture) when Trump eventually gets called into a meeting in real life before the globalist Ned Beatty-like character and gets lectured and browbeaten into stern submission under the duress of his life being threatened. This typically is how the highest echelons of power do business through intimidation blackmail and/or assassination. In the shadowy rogue world government that exists today, these crimes are simply business as usual as the elitist international crime syndicate has been committing the most egregious crimes against humanity with complete impunity for centuries.

Close friends and confidantes of Donald Trump like Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi have made it known to activist broadcaster Alex Jones that Trump is aware of the elite’s New World Order and its treasonous plot to destroy America and of course relishes his potential role in trying to save it. His anti-Muslim, anti-immigration stand has drawn the wrath of many critics who call him a racist but Trump just sees himself as defying today’s enemy of free speech political correctness. His critics call him an isolationist. If that means not attempting to maintain unipolar hegemony and aggressively provoking other world powers like Russia and China into a military showdown, or not continue operating as the world bully, policeman, judge, jury and executioner, making wars around the world both big and small, then isolationism is just what America needs for a change.

America, its infrastructure, manufacturing base, its middle class and all its 99% of its people need to come first for a change. And if that’s what Trump’s isolationist policies do, then a welcome sight it will be. And if Donald Trump fully grasps the severity of America’s sovereignty as a nation on life support hanging now by a thread with globalism about to sever that thread, and recognizes that a large part of the solution to restoring American greatness involves finally holding those treasonous criminals currently still in power accountable for nearly destroying our country, and if Trump is up to the formidable challenge of taking on that evil and fighting with every available mustered source of power available to confront and defeat that evil malevolently dark force that’s parasitically been siphoning the lifeblood out of America, then Trump time cannot come too soon.

Trump’s extremist views to ban all Muslims are jingoistic shades of xenophobia and Islamophobia. Again his reactions may be a misguided counter-reaction to what many Americans see in these PC, thought police, anti-free speech times as cow towing to Sharia law in host nations where Muslim immigrants are guests. The carnage that the US and West have perpetrated against Muslim nations and people while blindly supporting allied Islamic terrorists and their brutally corrupt, terrorist supporting Gulf state monarchies is reprehensible. Trump’s pro-torture stand also is shameful on moral, legal and practical grounds since US intelligence never gained any significant information other than later perhaps learning its blowback created more justifiable anti-American enemies similar to the disastrous effects of Obama’s egregious drone policy.

Donald Trump is no saint. He was born with a silver spoon to a real estate developer father. He has enriched himself engaging in high profile real estate deals in New York and Atlantic City, and by the very nature of his profession as a real estate tycoon owning casinos, he has been involved in some shady deals with links to the mob. Though he has never been formally charged or convicted, he has been tainted and implicated in both fraud and money laundering. How much of his past will be investigated and uncovered in the coming weeks and months as he closes in on a possible GOP nomination for president remains to be seen.
Again, this presentation examines why the globalists dread Trump as president. Like every human, Trump possesses his share of petty flaws and weaknesses. But the wave of exaggerated dispersions and insults slung on him say more about the slingers than about Trump. With this piece I’m neither advocating nor endorsing Donald Trump for president. Its aim is to simply examine the extreme reactivity coming from the elite to desperately plant another puppet as president fearing that an outsider of the Trump order could lead to a national uprising and revolt against globalism’s tyranny. Thus, it’s of critical importance for the American electorate to not be blindsided by the over-the-top cheating and nefarious barrage of subversive tactics being executed at the feverish, frenzied pace as we head toward home stretch to Election Day.

Mass murderer Josef Stalin once said:

It’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes.

Hillary’s been at it committing flagrant election fraud since day one with last month’s Iowa state caucus when six coin tosses in a row miraculously went in her favor to dubiously claim the slimmest margin of victory in state history. As a major funder for the Clintons through the years, globalist Bill Gates’ Microsoft machines are counting the votes in this year’s election, reminiscent of Diebold’s CEO guaranteeing his electronic machines would deliver Ohio to Bush in 2004, tipping and flipping the outcome Bush’s way. Democracy in America has a stained and checkered track record with voter and election fraud marring this century’s first two presidential elections when George W. twice illegitimately claimed false victory, confirming the elite and not the people actually choose our presidents.

Pathetically in 2016 those same voter and election fraud problems that plagued us in 2000 and 2004 - illegal targeting of certain populations for wholesale voter disqualification and untrustworthy, no paper trail electronic machinery – have yet to be corrected still glaringly remain, foreboding another rigged outcome. That and super delegates at the convention overriding the people’s choice in the primaries ensure this year will be no different. Of course Trump can still run as a third party candidate should he be cheated out of the Republican nomination. But everything’s still stacked against his winning.

With such in-our-face dishonesty and corrupt unfairness currently being foisted on the people of the United States, we have a chance to fight back confronting all these subversive lies and deceitful crimes being perpetrated against us voters right before our eyes by the criminal psychopaths in charge. Fully saturated and sickened by continual enslavement, propagandist brainwash, deep state corruption, relentless violence and ceaseless wars and the grossest of injustices, an awakened public masses are about to revolt against this growing sinister oppression and dark destructive forces led by the globalists bent on murdering humanity and the planet into extinction.

If we allow it, the earth’s sixth mass life extinction will be the first known caused by humans, committed by an elitist handful of subhuman, Satanic worshipping, inhuman psychopaths inbred without any heart, conscience or sense of morality at all. In actuality these cowardly weasels are deathly afraid of us masses becoming wise to their genocidal crimes, rising up in solidarity and smiting the evil dragon once and for all that’s kept humanity in chains for millenniums. Let the truth shine and be our light. After all, in the 11th hour and 59th minute, it’s now or never time for planet earth and the human race to courageously step up and embrace life over death.
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at His blog site is at Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global Research, and Feel free to contact me at  nandrtal[at]hotmail[dot]com