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Chapter 21 Part 1 BBC Pedo-Ring’s Deadly Silencing of Those Who Knew Too Much: The Jill Dando Murder and a Dozen Suspicious BBC Deaths

In addition to colluding police forces and the government’s gross incompetence investigating Savile by intentional design, Savile’s BBC sex ring, his VIP pedophilia network and UK police are also equally inept at solving over a dozen high profile murder cases and suspicious deaths surrounding BBC personnel. Of course that’s also by sinister design. Again, the explanation is plain to see when heads of UK’s largest police forces and British Broadcasting Corporation are controlled by the pedophile infiltrated British Establishment in government and royalty, secretly bound additionally by demonic brotherhood societies like Freemasonry, Knights of Malta, the Jesuits and Luciferian Illuminati.

The next important endeavor is to delve deeply into scrutinizing some of the mysterious deaths and unsolved murders at the BBC over recent decades that Britain’s law enforcement just can’t seem to crack. Here is a “short list” of the more than dozen known unexplained or highly questionable deaths and murders of BBC employees that repeatedly keep coming up. In addition to the aforementioned suicide of Claire McAlpine from Chapter 18, other more recent cases include Kevin Greening, Kristian Digby, David Smith, Paula Yates, Peaches Geldof, Natasha Collins, Mark Speight, Mike Smith, Rik Mayall, Terry Wogan, Jill Dando and Liz MacKean.

Kevin Greening was a former BBC Radio 1 breakfast DJ whose life was cut short on the eve of his 45th birthday on December 29, 2007.[i] Westminster Coroner Dr. Paul Knapman ruled the cause of death the result of “sexual misadventure” involving drugs and bondage between Kevin and his homosexual partner. The press accounts did not elaborate beyond stating it included gaffer tape and cling film wrapped around Kevin’s torso while wearing a rubber suit suspended in a black leather sling from bedroom scaffolding. It’s either as purported a kinky gay sexual experiment recklessly pushing the thrill envelope beyond the safety zone, or a concocted, bizarrely twisted tale of sinister cover-up designed to offend all conventional sensibilities enough to not prompt further question or investigation. The coroner Dr. Knapman is reportedly infamous as the elite’s go-to cause of death fabricator whose reported primary purpose is to conceal British establishment crimes. But there’s plenty more dirt on him later.

Yet another BBC presenter meeting a similar, equally disastrous fate in the realm of solo gay kink comes the alleged “sexual misadventures” of property development millionaire 32-year old Kristian Digby who died on March 1, 2010 of asphyxiation.[ii] He too was a high flying thrill seeker but with his partner out of town, he fatally succumbed after wearing a plastic bag over his head when his apparent “sex game went wrong.” If foul play was involved, it’d be easy to pass this one off as simply another careless joyride into hedonism gone awry.

Taking each so called accidental misadventure at face value, it might be considered a stretch to attribute cause of death to the BBC pedophilia network. But when taken together, the odds of so many high profile, strange, anomalous, sudden deaths afflicting so many relatively young BBC employees seems beyond extremely remote. And knowing that the pedo-cabal has an agenda that reserves no limit to covering up its crimes at all cost, together they cast a long dark, nefarious shadow of suspicion hanging over all these mysterious deaths. 

A strong case that fits both means and motive for foul play is another Savile pedophile chauffeur, most likely suicided the day before he was scheduled to face trial on sexual abuse charges in 2013.[iii] The 67-year old BBC chauffeur David Smith who drove for Jimmy Savile back in the 1980s was a definite liability to the pedo-cabal as a low rung lackey whose insider knowledge could potentially bring some of the top rung pedo-monsters down… so it seems he was conveniently “suicided” on the eve of his court appearance in late October 2013.

This degenerate suddenly wound up dead on the one year anniversary of Operation Yewtree’s first suspect roundup. But then this is Standard Operating Procedure in high stakes Cloak and Daggery 101, eliminate any and all liability in order for the Luciferian child raping murderers to stay in power, to keep raping and murdering our children with impunity. Granted, there is a slim possibility that Smith acted alone, knowing he was facing more serious jail time, opting to snuff himself at the last minute. But the stronger means and motive slant towards execution-style suicide by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be cannot be ignored.

Protecting the BBC’s criminality as part of the larger pedo-cabal network can’t be emphasized enough, especially when the precedent has been repeatedly in place from time immemorial. It’s already a well-established fact - an inordinate number of BBC employees suddenly drop dead who clearly pose a threat to the wider pedophilia network for knowing too much. By 2013, to silence perceived threats, Deep State political assassination by a“suicided” staged accident or artificially induced heart attack has become all too common.[iv] Smith’s “suicide” by foul play is an extremely plausible, realistic explanation, after a long string of “too weird” deaths plaguing BBC staff.

With 22 previous convictions dating as far back as 1966 under Smith’s pedo-belt,[v] and having driven Savile around London town for years, a sure bet is that this repeat offender took many dark secrets to his grave in another flimsily veiled case of “dead men don’t tell tales.”

But how can the UK legal system drop the ball, allowing a known relentless reoffender continue getting caught raping little boys nearly two dozen times? This creature should have been permanently removed and locked away from society to protect children after his second offence, not his 22nd. Of course if he was protected by a VIP pedophilia network, 22 convictions suddenly make a lot more sense. Another anomaly, the Daily Mail suicide headline states that Smith was the very first pedophile charged out of the Yewtree starting gate in October 2012.[vi]

But how could David Smith have been “the first pedophile” charged in October 2012? Despite his 22 convictions, Smith apparently remained a free man not taken into custody until April 2013. Stemming from an alleged sodomy incident involving a 12-year old boy in 1984,[vii] the adult victim happened to watch that ITV Savile exposé in October 2012, a full year ahead of Smith’s “suicide,” prompting the victim’s partner to contact police, resulting in Smith’s December 2012 arrest and posted bail. But if the Crown Prosecution Service receiving the case in late December 2012 didn’t charge the prolific pedophile until early April 2013, how could this derelict end up the first suspect legally charged under Operation Yewtree? Recall that derelict rocker Gary Glitter was arrested in October 2012 and was Yewtree’s first suspect. Though a number of early suspects like Glitter were arrested a half year prior to Smith’s April 2013 charge, unlike Glitter, most of those arrested were neither charged nor prosecuted, or later were acquitted at trial.

In 2002 Smith was apparently wanted by the police, but the left hand of UK’s bungling legal system didn’t know what the right hand was doing, failing to realize Smith was already in its system as a prison inmate and not a “fugitive” at all. Also it was the BBC that revealed to the press that this low life had 22 prior convictions dating as far back as 1966. Yet the BBC apparently went ahead and hired Smith in the 1980s as one of its drivers anyway, very likely aware Smith had a reoffending sexual assault record a mile long while BBC insiders from top corporate executives on down either knew of or were active participants themselves in this out of control BBC pedophile ring. In fact, in 1984 after Smith met this victim at a local swimming pool and enticed him back to Smith’s residence to sexually abuse the 12-year old, the pervert then allegedly assaulted this same victim a second time reportedly driving him home from touring the BBC studios at White City Television Centre in West London.[viii]

This chain of events demonstrates both police and BBC’s blatant criminal culpability. Yet there’s no mention in this Daily Mail article of any of this police-BBC calamitous collusion that more than enabled this hardcore scumbag to do so much damage from age 20 to 67, nearly a half century of known legal convictions with a number of years operating within the BBC-Savile pedo-network. If you accept all these article statements as fact, then you know why the cabal system might want to eliminate this man before he could potentially blow the lid off the UK’s VIP pedo-club.

Finally, the Daily Mail piece specifies Yewtree’s three crime investigation categories reported by thousands of victims emerging since the October 3, 2012 airing of the ITV documentary, the first crime category involved Savile himself (three quarters of which reportedly have fallen into this category), the second involved Savile and his associates, and the third, pedophilia crimes unrelated to Savile.[ix] But the Daily Mail then states that this particular case is filed under the third “unconnected to Savile” category. That’s highly suspect since they were both BBC employees, both serial child rapists, both riding in the same limo for years at a time and no doubt committing the same pedo- crimes within the same BBC child sex ring, not unlike another one of Savile’s chauffeurs Ray Teret.

Savile had chauffeurs who were hardened pedophiles like himself and no doubt for security sake, he only hired fellow criminals of the same deviant ilk. From the article we also learn that at least one of the assaults occurred shortly after the victim and the Savile chauffeur were together at the BBC studio where both Smith and his boss worked. So with both Smith and Savile enormously prolific pedophiles working together during the 1980s when many of Smith’s said crimes took place, how could this be reported as a crime “unconnected to Savile?” Does the context “unconnected” mean that Savile’s penis specifically did not sodomize the boy in the same way that Smith’s did? Or perhaps it means they never sodomized the victim at the same time as in a threesome. As order followers, it appears the Yewtree boys in blue have gone out of their way to minimize the pedo-connection between S&S and their connection to the BBC. Hmmm, wonder why? Bet it has everything to do with the same reason that Smith never showed up for his scheduled trial.

In a Mirror article published five months after the Daily Mail post, David Smith’s victim - 42-year old Jason Little - went public with a discrepant account from the earlier Daily Mail depiction of police and BBC. Where the Daily Mail version had both police and BBC attempting to distance David Smith abuse from both Savile and the BBC pedophile ring, Jason’s disclosures in the Mirror is clearly at odds with the earlier rendition. Victim Jason Little maintains that his abuse lasted almost three years and that not only was David Smith a BBC employee chauffeuring Savile and a number of other BBC stars, but he also asserts that Smith took him on trips abroad to Israel and Amsterdam, provided him with a BBC pass and introduced him to scores of BBC stars at the Television Centre including Jimmy Savile.[x] We also know that Sir Jimmy as an intelligence operative made a number of visits to the Jewish State.[xi] Jason also claimed that David Smith sexually assaulted him on a number of occasions inside the BBC studio premises as well. We also know that a favorite crime at BBC studios was Sir Jimmy’s dressing room.

At the time of the Mirror article in April 2014, the coroner had just ruled Smith’s death a suicide “beyond reasonable doubt” resulting from a drug overdose.[xii] Both Jason Little and his friend since childhood, 41-year old Lee Sullivan, another of Smith’s alleged sex abuse victims, decided to waive their anonymity rights in an effort to both give hope to other victims and confront the BBC for covering up its own pedophile ring in its refusal to admit that David Smith as a BBC employee was part of it. Apparently David Smith even owned a vehicle with the license plate “372BBC.”

Jason shared his angst over the whitewash:

It makes me sick that the BBC won’t admit it. They haven’t even bothered to speak to me about Smith.[xiii]

Jason’s friend Lee added:

He [Smith] has cheated me of justice by killing himself.

I’d venture to say that the UK Deep State and BBC in particular more accurately cheated Lee and Jason from any justice.

Lending more credence that Savile operated within a larger pedophile network were reports from victims stating that they were abused by both Savile and other pedophiles together.[xiv] Jason and his friend’s account sound identical to other victims and witnesses such as Savile’s nephew Guy Marsden as well as boys and girls taken from UK children’s homes for weekend pedophilia parties at upscale London mansions:[xv]

He [Smith] took me to parties with other men and kids. We were given drugs so they could attack us. Smith also took me to a big house outside Amsterdam where I was abused with other ­children. At the time I didn’t know what was happening to me.[xvi]

Taking his victim on trips abroad and specifically to pedophilia parties in Amsterdam also implicates Smith and Savile operating within the larger international pedo-network, co-facilitated by intelligence agencies in cahoots with government social services and care home operators. The wider pedophilia network exchanging child pornography, child snuff films and sex trafficking of young boys between the UK and Amsterdam has been confirmed by both Dutch and British law enforcement.[xvii]

The systematic use of drugs and alcohol given to children as grooming tools to pliably sedate them and blur abuse memories[xviii] is identical with what routinely occurred like clockwork to trafficked in kids from Nebraska’s Boys Town during the 1980s, including Dick Cheney’s “meet and greet” escorting victims to plush Washington DC parties attended by the likes of pedophilia overlord President George HW Bush (see Chapter 13). Similarly, the history of exploitive, drug-induced seduction and rape of young boys by British pedophiles within government and BBC entertainment industry is pervasive from the 1960s to the present.

Not only did Jimmy Savile periodically molest underage boys (when not violating corpses and teenage girls), but other notorious BBC and music industry derelicts active in Savile’s BBC pedophile ring[xix] such as repeating sex offenders DJs Chris Denning and Alan Freeman, 1960s record producer-songwriter-murderer-suicider Joe Meek,[xx] and convicted pop maestro Jonathon King,[xxi] all used drugs to entice their sexual prey. After all, for a very long time, predatory sexual grooming techniques as well as use of drugs for mind control abuse have remained the same the world over. Incidentally, Jonathon King has claimed that the late David Bowie had sex with more underage children than even Jimmy Savile and, as a pederast music insider who likely knows, he accuses the BBC, the music industry and police for their sheer hypocrisy in protecting big name superstars like Bowie who also routinely broke the law.[xxii]

Let’s look at another suspicious death of yet another man employed by the BBC named Smith who was also privy to Savile’s BBC pedophilia network - fellow Radio 1 DJ Mike Smith. If the 59-year old had health issues, he kept them tightly under wraps from even his closest friends, like fellow BBC Late, Late Breakfast Time co-presenter Noel Edmonds.[xxiii] As Princess Diana’s favorite 1980s DJ, Mike Smith also, like Jimmy Savile, hosted Top of the Pops. In the wake of the Savile BBC scandal, Smith’s unexpected, “mysterious” August 2014 passing was the third high profile BBC death that year alone, abruptly dying from so called “complications following heart surgery.”[xxiv] Mike Smith admitted that while working at the BBC, he too was sexually hit on by other male DJs, alluding to the BBC’s out of control culture of sexual predation.

In 1988 Mike Smith was piloting a helicopter with his fellow BBC presenter soon-to-be wife Sarah Greene on board when it suddenly lost power for some unknown reason and went down, both barely surviving the crash.[xxv] Their careers suffered after that and they were scarcely seen on television again. In 2002 Mike Smith became embroiled in a major legal battle with the showbiz agent of his wife’s sister Laura Greene. The agent in question - Jon Roseman’s biggest client was none other than murdered BBC presenter Jill Dando who knew all about the BBC pedophile ring. Like Jill’s Crimewatch TV show partner Nick Ross, Roseman took to the Daily Mail platform to promote his version of events surrounding Jill’s demise, buying into a bogus Serbian connection to explain her assassination.[xxvi] The question lingers, was Mike Smith’s death the silencing of yet another BBC insider who may have known too much?

Then less than two months before Mike Smith was gone, the life of BBC Young Ones co-star and longtime popular comedian Rik Mayall came to a strange and sudden end at only 56 years of age. Both Rik’s wife and everyone around him who knew him best maintain he was vibrant, happy and healthy right up to his death, with even a post-mortem report producing inconclusive results.[xxvii] His wife Barbara Robbin stated:

We don't know yet what happened. He had a strong heart, so I don't think it was a heart attack…[xxviii] At least we know it’s not his heart as he’s just had a check-up and been given the all-clear.[xxix]

Another young TV presenter, journalist and famous media personality who died tragically in 2014 under suspicious circumstance is 25-year old daughter of famed rock musician Sir Bob Geldof, Peaches Geldof. Having recently written just a few days prior to her death that she was happily married with 1- and 2-year old boys she adored, she also mentioned in her final interview how “heroin was such a bleak drug.”[xxx] The prospect seemed remote that she would suddenly snuff herself from an overdose with ten times the amount of heroin in her bloodstream that was alleged to have killed her BBC presenter mother Paula Yates in 2000.[xxxi] Without a suicide note, a scant 19 minutes prior to dying, Peaches Geldof posted two photos of her baby sons online. And just hours prior to that, loyal to her mother Paula to the end, Peaches tweeted a photo of Paula holding her shortly prior to her mother’s untimely death. The biggest anomaly of all was the tweeted caption under Peaches’ photo:

I have the heart of a 90-year old gangster.[xxxii]

Where would that incongruent remark come from?

Another major discrepancy - the police dispatched to the scene who found Peaches’ lifeless body initially reported to the press that there was no evidence of drugs.[xxxiii] But then police changed their story weeks later insisting that nearly 80 syringes were discovered laying around the house.[xxxiv] Though police feebly claim “duty of care” compassionately protecting the family as the sole reason for falsifying the official narrative as an “unexplained death” for nearly a month,[xxxv] it seems far more apt to have been subsequently planted as after-the-fact evidence to protect those allegedly behind the decision to sinisterly have her silenced.  

During the last several years of Peaches’ life, she embraced love, marriage, family and especially motherhood. Also recently learning she was part Jewish through her paternal grandmother, and married to Jewish husband musician Tom Cohen whose parents met on a kibbutz, Peaches was gravitating towards Judaism[xxxvi] and away from her tendency toward cults like Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) and scientology, leaving her fast lane, reckless drug lifestyle behind. Her past involvement in OTO, pedophile Alistair Crowley’s satanic sex cult that Peaches had paid homage to having plastered an “O.T.O” tattoo on her arm, seemed in her latter days an increasingly remote if already nonexistent influence.[xxxvii]

Many superstars like Jay Z, Beyoncé and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Paige are said to be faithful OTO followers. A friend of Peaches, Marilyn Manson, has long admitted to be a hardcore, out of closet, proud Satanist.[xxxviii] But then it’s more than evident that the music industry is now overflowing with black occult satanic ritualism and in-our-face mind control.[xxxix] It’s grown so bad that to be successful in the industry these days almost precludes one to swear allegiance to Lucifer.  

In November 2013, just four months ahead of her death, Peaches tweeted the names of two deranged mothers that conspired to allow admitted pedophile rock star Ian Watkins from the band Lostprophets to sexually abuse their children, one just a year old baby.[xl] It’s worth noting that Ian Watkins and his rock group are managed by a company called QPrime owned by Louis Mensch, husband of ex-Tory MP Louise Mensch.[xli] Louise used to work under a friend of Bob Geldof’s at EMI, a record company linked to Satanism, mind control and military intelligence. Of course Peaches had a prior history to dabble, if not immerse herself into Satanism as a likely mind control victim. In 2012 Louise Mensch suddenly resigned from parliament, moved to New York while pedophile rocker Watkins was arrested in December 2012.

Having recently given birth to a six month old son at the time of Peaches’ controversial tweet outing Watkins and his sex ring, as a protective mother she had elected to expose pedophilia through her Twitter account. But due to a victim identity protection law, inadvertently she had potentially violated the confidentiality of the two child victims since she tweeted their mothers’ last names. Despite Peaches’ claim that the Welsh court had already publicly listed the names and that other websites had also posted them, as soon as she learned of the liability issue, she removed her post from her Twitter account and apologized, though it failed to stop a legal inquiry looking further into the matter.[xlii]

Peaches’ close BBC Radio 1 DJ friend and fellow presenter Fearne Cotton once dated Ian Watkins back in 2005.[xliii] Fearne’s second cousin was longtime senior BBC executive and managing director Bill Cotton. And with both Peaches’ mother, her father Hughie Green and maternal grandfather all career BBC employees who more than likely knew of Savile and his BBC child sex ring, Peaches Geldof knew the secret pedo-history and publicly outing a relatively high profile pedophile on Twitter where she had over 161,000 followers demonstrated she was taking a bold stance against pedophilia, exposing the pervasive UK network she undoubtedly had firsthand encounters with in her past. Taking such conspicuous aim against the pedo-epidemic no doubt triggered fear and wrath amongst certain BBC and VIP pedophiles that such an outspoken, devoted young mother and popular celebrity could be launching a public crusade against their entire global pedo-cabal. Boxed into the corner, they likely concluded they had to get her before she got them. So just like Princess Diana and Jill Dando, Peaches Geldof prematurely met her Maker as another casualty in the earth’s current war raging between the forces for good and evil.

Due to both Peaches and her mother’s drug history, by many accounts her alleged murder could easily have been disguised to appear like just another typical fatal celeb overdose, not unlike her own mother Paula Yates’s death. The pathologist in the Paula Yates case alluded to morphine depressing her brain and shutting down her respiratory system that killed her, not the heroin.[xliv] But it was cabal coroner Dr. Knapman who insisted Paula Yates’ death was the result of a “heroin overdose” due to “foolish and incautious” behavior after incongruently stating the amount of heroin she snorted wasn’t enough to kill the average person.

Speculation immediately followed the breaking news of daughter Peaches’ death suggesting that imprisoned Ian Watkins was a powerful Illuminati member revengefully bent on silencing Peaches Geldof as retribution for publicly slamming him and his sordid, demented activities.[xlv] Or more likely, similar to Jill and Diana, top echelons of the British pedo-establishment took notice and decided to silence another emerging potential threat for knowing too much.

Peaches’ father, Sir Bob Geldof, is not the charity, “save the world” saint he’s been cracked up to be in British high society and UK press. The triangular custody war between INXS lead singer Australian Michael Hutchence and Geldof’s ex-wife Paula Yates versus rival Bob Geldof over Michael and Paula’s own daughter Tiger Lily that Sir Bob used all his knightly power and influence to win, led to such bad blood that many observers conclude that it resulted in murder by two staged suicides.[xlvi] First came Michael’s alleged, highly anomalous suicide by hanging in November 1997 followed less than three years later by Paula’s “accidental” heroin overdose. Just like Hutchence and Paula, as the outspoken rebellious daughter, Peaches also had a recent falling out in her increasingly strained relationship with Saint Bob in the months preceding her untimely death. See a pattern here?

Meanwhile, knighted by Queen Elizabeth back in 1985 and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by unprosecuted pedophile Lord Greville Janner in 1987,[xlvii] in the eyes of the ruling elite, Sir Bob Geldof could do no wrong. And ever since he’s been running exclusively in Illuminati circles, surrounded by pedo-cabal presidents, crime-prime ministers and secret societies as a huge fan of war criminals George W Bush and Tony Blair.[xlviii] Even his acclaimed Band Aid, Live Aid and Live 8 series did not serve the poor in Third World Africa as advertised but largely himself as charity funds were misused on militant dictators engaged in genocidal forced migration policies and padding corporate coffers at debtor nations’ expense,[xlix] an earlier variation cut from the same grotesque cloth as the Clintons’ Haitian rape and pillage plunder.[l]

In another Clintonesque move, as the supposed antipoverty campaigner, in 2008 Geldof charged an incredible $100,000 for a single speech he made in Melbourne that included his first class airfare and hotel accommodations.[li] With his “rock stardom” on the wane in 2012, when Bob Geldof arrived in Milan, Italy to perform a scheduled concert and found only 45 fans in his audience, the saint left the auditorium refusing to sing.[lii] Sir Bob’s blatant self-opportunism, bloated self-importance, nouveau elitism, pugnacious, classless arrogance and shameless exploitation of the world’s poor for his own personal gain made him an easy target leading to his eventual exposure and fall from knightly grace.[liii]

By the time Paula Yates and her rock n’ roll bad-boy Michael Hutchence locked horns with Saint Bob, their doomed battle for child custody of Paula’s three daughters sired by Geldof and the youngest belonging to Paula and Michael were already lost. As Saint Bob’s enemies, they witnessed the dark side of the fallen “angel” emerge, each claiming that Sir Bob boastfully taunted and threatened them repeatedly with:

Don’t forget, I am above the law.[liv]

… a given privilege that makes for murder by fake suicide against vulnerable, perceived weaker enemies very plausible, fueling speculation suspecting foul play based on the elite’s fact-based history, reinforced by the company one keeps.

Speaking of the company Sir Bob keeps, besides pedo- and war-friendly criminals Tony Blair[lv] and George W, Geldof is also in tight with his homies Lord Waheed Alli and Lord Peter Mandelson, both gay men linked to the VIP pedophilia ring. As the first openly gay lord and at 34 the youngest life peer compliments of PM Blair, Waheed Alli and his other half Charlie Parsons partnered with Geldof to make a fortune co-owning Planet 24 TV, UK’s largest independent production company.[lvi] Mandelson, a Rothschild steward, was caught downloading child pornography in 2002 under Operation Ore but Labor PM Blair sealed it with a D-notice to protect his two time cabinet secretary.[lvii] After Parliament, the above-the-law pedophile became an EU Commissioner, a perennial Bilderberger and chief trustee to UK’s largest child charity organization the NSPCC (yep, another pedo-fox).[lviii]

Convicted US blackmailing pedophile felon Jeffrey Epstein listed Lord Mandelson 10 times in his infamous black book.[lix] According to British intelligence operative, French doctors leaked Mandelson being hospitalized after indulging in the “gay sport” felching where a cardboard tube is inserted into the rectum and a furry little hamster is inserted into the butthole for cheap sicko thrills.[lx] These are the type of compromised perverts the ruling elite places into power to run our planet. But more on these pedo-cabal puppets in Chapter 25’s Westminster scandal. You now can understand why Sir Bob so freely and smugly throws his “I’m above the law” weight around.

Incredibly whenever Sir Jimmy felt threatened with exposure, he too would immediately resort to uttering this same weaponized line as his cruel reminder that he too reached the “untouchable” zone,[lxi] as a fully knighted, impugned and protected member of the same planet plunderers club.[lxii]

At the height of Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates’ embattled custody faceoff against Geldof over Sir Bob’s effort to steal their own biological daughter Tiger Lily, in his final interview just prior to his extremely suspicious death, Michael Hutchence prophetically warned:

Saint Bob, and Wild Boy Rock Star, you pick the one who people are going to believe. One day, the truth will be told.[lxiii]

For Michael Hutchence and wronged victims everywhere, it’s time the truth finally be told. From his Sydney hotel room, Hutchence purportedly argued with Sir Bob over the phone about their impending custody decision, delayed several weeks until the following month of December 1997.[lxiv] Anxious to have Paula and her children including his baby daughter Tiger Lily joining him for Christmas in Australia, and increasingly distraught and exacerbated by drugs over Sir Bob reneging on an earlier agreement and putting the kibosh on Michael’s big family holiday plans, the official narrative maintains that in a fit of alcohol-cocaine-Prozac enflamed depression, the reigning rock star took his own life using his belt and doorknob to hang himself.[lxv] Paula Yates insisted her man did not commit suicide but died of asphyxiation playing an auto-eroticism game of the alleged David Carradine kind (though it too may be a disguised murder).[lxvi]

But others reminded of Geldof’s repeated “above the law” threats after a dozen doorknob hanging “suicides” in recent years, a growing number are questioning this implausible scenario as a staged pretext designed to conceal actual murder by strangulation,[lxvii] especially when a similar falling out pattern emerged later in the untimely supposed drug OD deaths of both Geldof’s wife and daughter.[lxviii] Simultaneous celeb “suicides” by doorknob hanging of both designer Ann Spade and chef Anthony Bourdain in June 2018 shortly after Anthony called out sexual predator Harvey Weinstein in the face of increasing exposure of the global pedophilia crisis has given rise to speculation that the Deep State is leaving its cabal calling card assassinations as covert retaliation against truth tellers.[lxix]

So on flimsy ground back in late 1997, the Sydney coroner refused an inquest or any further inquiry into the Hutchence doorknob hanging, rushing to judgment in favor of suicide and that was that.[lxx] Grief-stricken Paula descended into self-medicating as no match for the saint to benevolently claim a loving home full of half-sisters for Tiger Lily, setting the stage for Paula’s worldly exit less than three years later, by attrition leaving Saint Bob to snatch the youngest daughter from her biological relatives in Australia.[lxxi] Once her mother was gone, 4-year old Tiger Lily’s forced estrangement from her father’s side of the family soon had her calling Sir Geldof “dad.” And after a 5-day vacation in 2006 visiting her real father’s family, Saint Bob cut Tiger Lily’s grandparents and aunt completely out of his soon-to-be adopted daughter’s life altogether. By 2010, unfortunately Tiger’s Aussie grandparents were already dead, and Geldof forbid Tiger Lily from attending their funerals or have anything to do with the Hutchence family.[lxxii] But now that the grown up aspiring actress Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof turned 21 in July 2018, Geldof’s hold on her may be slipping just a bit. Much to his chagrin, Tiger Lily has already reestablished contact with her long lost Aunt Tina,[lxxiii] who referring to Sir Bob on Australian national television once stated:

I think he’s Satan.[lxxiv]

Turning to another ill-fated love affair between 42-year old BBC presenter Mark Speight and his 31-year old fiancé actress and fellow BBC presenter Natasha Collins, they died just months apart a decade ago in 2008.[lxxv] After meeting on the BBC TV children’s show See It Saw It, they fell in love and were engaged to be married when their tragic fate intervened. When news of Natasha’s untimely death surfaced just five days after BBC DJ Kevin Greening’s bizarre, questionable demise, the media was all over the splashy, bizarre circumstance that led to Natasha’s untimely end.

The story goes that the couple decided to indulge in an alleged end-of-holiday drug alcohol binge on January 3rd, 2008, sharing an alleged lethal cocktail of wine, vodka, sleeping pills and cocaine (with a suspicious five times the deadly dose found in her bloodstream).[lxxvi] Mark testified they had retired for the night at around 4AM. But at some point, still in a drugged stupor, Natasha managed to get to the bathroom and into the bathtub, slipping into unconsciousness with the hot water still running with over 60% of her body scalded. Stupor or no stupor, one would think scalding water would be painful enough to get out of the bathtub.

By the time Mark discovered her lifeless body at 1PM the next day, it was too late.  According to Westminster Coroner Dr. Paul Knapman, she died from a drug overdose.[lxxvii] Police initially interrogated Speight as a possible murder suspect for allegedly supplying her with the illicit drugs that allegedly killed her, but ultimately opted not to charge him. Perhaps he knew too much about his employer’s pedo-ring to risk him spilling the beans if charged with a crime.

But just five days after Natasha’s inquest attended by a gaunt, depressed Mark Speight, and just three months after his betrothed’s untimely death, the popular kids’ show presenter of the BBC art program SMart was reported missing, then six days later also found dead. His body was reportedly discovered hanging at a strangely remote, unused, locked section within the Paddington Railway Station.[lxxviii] Six days before his body was recovered by Paddington security, Mark was allegedly last spotted alive nearby by two police officers on patrol, claiming they briefly spoke to him, describing him as distraught and depressed. At the alleged suicide scene, police encountered a broken belt believed to have been first used before Speight allegedly turned to tying his shoelaces together to hang himself from a bannister. Hard to believe that his belt would break apart while two much thinner, much flimsier shoelaces from his shoes would somehow manage to hold the weight of a grown man’s body until death without shredding or coming apart first. Thus as reported in the media, his suicide method appears highly implausible. Also found in the deceased’s pocket was an alleged scrawled suicide note and another one in his diary addressed to his parents.

A tragic Romeo and Juliet-ish ending of a doomed romance with no foul play involved was the official conclusion ruled by coroner Dr. Paul Knapman… way too simplistic, smacking of an artificially scripted and delivered official narrative. But when viewed together after covering the slew of mysterious deaths all connected to the BBC pedophile ring followed by a cursory look at the highly suspicious, nefarious career of Westminster coroner Dr. Knapman, who ruled over so many of the BBC and Westminster pedophile ring deaths, suddenly Natasha and Mark’s cases loom much shadier, darker and increasingly suspect. So far Knapman has been official coroner in Kevin Greening, Paula Yates, Natasha Collins and Mark Speight’s inquests. But then by close association, there’s an entire cast of shady, supporting cabal characters to uncover.

First we’ll start with exploring Natasha Collins and her fiancé Mark Speight’s link to the wider BBC pedo-network. Already addressed in Chapter 18 was the Operation YewTree conviction of disgraced fellow BBC employee and now pedophile free bird Rolf Harris, who frequently worked side-by-side with Mark Speight on various BBC kids’ projects and programs together. As such, Harris stated at Mark’s 2008 memorial:

It was joyful to work with Mark. I realize that I never told him how much I appreciated his programs. You realize you should always tell people what you think, you should tell them that you love them because it might suddenly be too late.[lxxix]

As an admired BBC children’s program host, Mark Speight also maintained very close ties with Esther Rantzen, longtime BBC fixture, presenter and producer of the two decade running show That’s Life and founder of the BBC ChildLine charity for abused children. Speight often volunteered his free time as an avid campaign fundraiser for ChildLine, Rantzen’s 24-hour helpline organization providing a registry of child sexual abuse as well as counseling and support for reporting child abuse victims.[lxxx] However that said, ChildLine also has been openly accused of actually serving as a window-dressing front designed to protect the pedophiles instead of the children in another classic case of the fox guarded henhouse.[lxxxi]

Esther Rantzen’s helpline was concurrently launched back in 1986 when she and her cousin Sarah Caplan co-founded the ChildLine charity. Sarah’s husband, Nick Ross, was the founder and 23-year presenter of BBC’s 33-year program staple Crimewatch (that ended in 2017).[lxxxii] And his co-presenter from 1995 until her brutal murder in 1999 was broadcast journalist Jill Dando. Lots of evidence indicates that Jill had gathered evidence that was about to expose her own company’s pedophile ring. But more on her tragic case along with her dubious cohost Nick Ross later.

The trustee and chief underwriter funding Rantzen’s 1986 ChildLine with a half million pound contribution was entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Ian Skipper[lxxxiii] with links to Nathan M. Rothschild[lxxxiv] and Prince Charles.[lxxxv] OBE appointed Skipper owned homes in notorious pedophile island of Jersey and Sir Cliff Rischard’s island nation of Barbados, both used as billionaires’ tax haven write-offs.[lxxxvi] Interior decorator Conrad Jameson was hired by Skipper to perform work on his estate but soon found out that the trustee of the largest UK children’s charity - the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), was a sexual pervert obsessed with pornography. Jameson threatened to expose Skipper, who then sued Jameson for sexual blackmail but lost the case in 1993.

Another suspicious listing in convicted pedophile blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein’s address book was also a ChildLine director who worked with Esther Rantzen on That’s Life, but also served as both an MP and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland - Shaun Woodward.[lxxxvii]

Under the familiar pretense of national security, D-notices forbid public access to governmental affairs deemed top secret as a favorite cabal device constantly misused by Blair’s skeleton-filled closet in order to conceal VIP pedophilic perversions. Recall earlier that Tony Blair - aka Miranda - issued a D-notice for 100 years based on a thick MI5 dossier collecting blackmail evidence on Sir Peter Mandelson.[lxxxviii] Then there was the felching incident in France.[lxxxix] A known Rothschild mole planted inside UK establishment to ensure political control and shield the global pedo-trade as director of UK’s leading children’s charity the NSPCC,[xc]  Mandelson also enjoyed young boys vacationing at registered US child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex Slave Island. And Epstein listed on Mandelson no less than 10 different numbers and addresses belonging to fellow pedophile Sir Peter,[xci] not to mention Tony Blair’s address in the Mossad’s who’s who as well.

Also key is VIP pedophile enabler Dame Rantzen’s 2006 ChildLine-NSPCC merger securing her role as yet another charity henhouse pedo-guard trustee. One year later the NSPCC was busted using fake abuse stories to generate cash donations[xcii] while its CEO was skimming a cool £162,000 off incoming gravy for his annual salary[xciii] that’s among the top dozen among all UK charities.[xciv]

Meanwhile, NSPCC vice president multimillionaire Gerald Ronson’s fundraiser wife Gail Ronson claimed “I’ve never, ever, met him [Epstein]. I swear,” despite both their names also written in Epstein’s now infamous black book.[xcv] Gail is related to the late accused pedophile Home Secretary Sir Leon Brittan as is his other cousin foreign secretary under conservative PM John Major - Sir Malcolm Rifkind who vehemently defended pedophile Heath’s “besmirched reputation.”[xcvi] The longtime resident of pedo-infested Dolphin Square and powerful head of the House of Commons intelligence and security committee, Rifkind falsely claimed in 2015 “nobody pays me a salary” despite officially earning £81,936 annually as an MP chair, forcing his resignation as part of a Channel 4 influence peddling sting.[xcvii] It’s one very tightly knit Zionist network with the same infiltrating Jewish foxes all cherry picked as cabal pedo-guards protecting their child murdering Luciferian masters.

Now let’s take a closer look at Nick Ross, husband of BBC’s ChildLine co-founder Sally Caplan (Esther’s cousin) and TV partner of murdered Jill Dando. In 2013 a half dozen years after Ross left Crimewatch and 14 years after his co-presenter’s assassination, the so called crime expert actually came out with the following incriminatingly telling statement:

I’d probably watch child pornography to see what all the fuss is about...[xcviii]

Nick Ross was making a flagrant pitch to normalize this heinous sex crime exploiting children that in this computer age of dark web and snuff films, child porn and sex trafficking abuse have become the pedo-cabal’s most lucrative, fastest growing illegal enterprise on the planet.[xcix] The transparency of the pedo-cabal is at work through the BBC and disturbing, revealing comments like that from Nick Ross, who founded the Crimestopper helpline for the public to supposedly call in information to help law enforcement solve crimes. However, his Crimestopper helpline suddenly went dead right after his BBC partner’s murder.[c] More dot connecting to follow but back to Esther Rantzen’s helpline organization.

Esther’s choice as ChildLine’s very first chief executive - Valerie Howarth - was the former head of social services in Brent when in 1984 a 4-year old girl under her department’s supposed protection was tortured and brutally murdered by her parents.[ci] After learning the girl’s social worker had only seen the child once in the 10 months leading up to the murder, Valerie forgot to pass this vitally crucial, life-saving information onto Brent’s chief executive and social services committee and then conveniently failed to mention this gross if not criminal oversight when she later applied to head Cambridgeshire social services. But the dubious career of this unemployed, failed child protector was actually rescued by Esther Rantzen, placing her in a key position in charge of protecting all of United Kingdom’s children, exactly like Blair appointed pedo-protecting, PIE connected Margaret (Oppenheimer) Hodge his minister of all UK children.[cii] This pervasive pattern permeates each interlocking cog invariably shielded by a pedophile sentinel guarding the pedo-pipeline henhouse.

If the largest children’s charity in Britain - the NSPCC - whose very purpose is to protect its children colludes with UK law enforcement’s Operation Yewtree endorsing the official lie that Sir Jimmy acted completely alone and that there was never any police corruption helping him, how can the National Society for Protection against Cruelty to Children really be a friend to UK children? The fact is, it isn’t when it’s run by the likes of pedophile Sir Peter Mandelson and pedo-lover Dame Esther Rantzen.

Of course Esther’s celebrity status and popular acclaim as a famous TV personality and so called child advocate pioneer has not gone unnoticed by the British establishment, earning her the most prominent position the last dozen years as an NSPCC trustee.[ciii] Rantzen is also a patron of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC). Her accolades and awards are endless, an OBE for her services in broadcasting, a CBE for her services for children. The queen appointed her Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) and on and on her honors go.[civ] For all her sterling awards and impeccable accolades, is it fair to conclude that Esther Rantzen is rewarded for protecting pedophilia empire interests more than protecting UK children? With the most vulnerable population inside the UK child welfare system the most targeted and accessible victims preyed upon historically by the British pedophile VIP crowd that Dame Esther runs with, I’d say just like her NSPCC, she’s done a pretty horrible job protecting the very kids she pretends she cares most about. And her track record only proves it.

Immediately following an internal NSPCC audit, in August 2018 Dame Esther announced she was suddenly resigning her coveted trustee post that she was so paranoid of losing during the post-Savile aftermath. In a face saving move, the 78-year old claimed her three children sat her down for “a family intervention,” pressuring her to slow down and take it easier in her golden years.[cv] But according to a recent smoke and Mirror fluff piece, while still ChildLine president and still active in her NSPCC fundraising role, with Sir Jimmy dead and gone, she’s still the undisputed “charity champion” of the British Isles, flaunting her busier than ever schedule with talks of even reviving yet another run of her That’s Life.[cvi] Though her half century of being in the celebrity charity limelight may have helped some people, the number touted on her ChildLine is 3.2 million, too often outward appearances belie a much darker, hidden past as the Savile saga blatantly proves, especially when it comes to those so closely tied to the BBC and British VIP pedophilia network.

Esther Rantzen’s autobiography was released in 2001. As an adulterer for the second time in less tthan three years while in her mid to late twenties, her first as a mistress to a prominent married pedophile politician,[cvii] Esther then began sleeping with her BBC producer in 1969, engaging in an 8-year extramarital affair that led to the breakup of a long term marriage between her BBC boss Desmond Wilcox and his wife Patsy, who also worked in the same BBC department as Esther the homewrecker.[cviii] Initially as Rantzen’s co-worker and friend, Patsy brought her home to meet “this fantastic guy I’m married to.”[cix] Rantzen spent so much time at Patsy’s family home that Patsy’s children called her “Aunty Esther.” It took nearly eight years of Rantzin cheating behind her friend’s back to eventually get pregnant and finally convince Patsy to give up on her lost cause marriage vows and divorce Desmond so Esther and Desi could blissfully tie the knot and soon displace Patsy as the new matron living inside the Wilcox family home.

But then like mother, like son. Years later it was Desmond and Esther’s son’s turn to carry on the family tradition, having an affair with a married woman in 2014 resulting in a pregnancy and her leaving her devastated high school sweetheart husband.[cx] When both parental role models commit adultery as an indelible family dynamic interwoven into the family history of both parents, it often becomes a common legacy that repeats itself inter-generationally. But let’s skip over that little inconvenient truth and move on to more of Esther’s do-gooder role in her real “that’s life.”

With absolutely zero remorse over destroying a family with three children, in Rantzen’s 2001 book published a year after Desmond died, the homewrecker viciously attacked her onetime friend Patsy, a scorned woman unable to defend herself having died in 1999.[cxi] One of Esther’s stepchildren Cassandra Wilcox felt compelled to set the record straight in a Daily Mail article refuting what she considered Rantzen lies about her mother Patsy. When Desmond left his wife in 1977 to live with Esther at her place, Rantzen claims in her book that Patsy “wanted to live on her own,” suggesting she abandoned her family when in actuality Patsy was so heartbroken by betrayal that she was literally suffering from a serious enough cardiac condition to warrant a two week stay in Charing Cross Hospital, which caused her younger 15-year old twins to temporarily have to move in with their father and Rantzen. Cassandra states that Rantzen misrepresented her mother as selfish, “virtually throwing them [her kids] out of the family house.” But Rantzen’s stepdaughter maintains that “nothing could be further from the truth.” A brief examination of Esther’s life will show that her self-serving, revisionist distortions of reality and less than honest liberties telling her skewed versions of “truth” reveal a lifelong characterological flaw of deception and hypocrisy.

After reading Esther Ranzen’s autobiography, Victor Lewis-Smith’s response had Rantzen accurately pegged back in 2001, long before the Savile scandal broke, writing in his Evening Standard book review:

Throughout Esther’s career there’s always been a yawning chasm between the image she presents to her public and what appears to me to be a deep-seated private contempt for them.[cxii]

While the British elite revere and fawn over Esther Rantzin as its legendary establishment darling and another queen honored “national treasure”[cxiii] (like Savile), serious charges have persistently plagued her ChildLine helpline alleged to systematically filter out callers reporting child abuse crimes perpetrated by British VIPs.[cxiv] Moreover, after chummily working side by side with Sir Jimmy at the BBC since the 1960s, incriminating accusations have also been levied against Rantzen for knowing about his and other BBC pedophiles, yet all the while doing nothing to stop them. What kind of true child abuse advocate would knowingly allow such widespread abuse and do nothing about it? After the Savile bombshell when called on the carpet in October 2012 for her years of inaction, no sooner did she admit to knowing about the “green room gossip,” she then actually confessed that “green room gossip is always true.”[cxv]

But in the face of the Savile allegations, rather than take personal responsibility or show any personal regret as her nation’s most famous and powerful child abuse advocate that did nothing to stop Savile abuse, she went from one interview to the next busily pontificating how all of Great Britain was fooled, attempting to assuage her own phony guilt (if she even has any) and criminal complicity by her concerted effort to spread the blame to the entire nation for being so bamboozled:

We as a whole nation were to blame.[cxvi]

Meanwhile, anti-child abuse advocate Shy Keenan came forward in 2012 to disclose that she personally warned Rantzen back in 1994 about Savile’s widespread abuse, a full 15 years before his final known victim was abused.[cxvii] While Rantzen hosted her BBC series That’s Life, a program boasting that it exposes corruption and criminality, she could have easily utilized her readymade broadcasting platform, her ChildLine hotline ostensibly set up for sexual abuse victims and her influential power and clout within the establishment to unmask the disturbing truth behind the “open secret” rumors and suspicions she admits she knew about way back when. But instead Rantzen chose not to look into Savile at all, despite acknowledging she’d been told about his abuse while a BBC intern back in the 1960s.[cxviii] For decades Dame Esther remained silently complicit, failing to lift a finger to save hundreds of Savile victims from abuse. But then that’s the way the system is designed, to protect the perps.

And then when confronted with Shy Keenan’s explosively incriminating revelation, Rantzen out and out lied, pretending she never heard of Keenan nor remembered their conversation.[cxix] Then in the thick of it, when the press confronted her knowing about the Savile rumors and her total lack of response as a supposed child advocate, she was far more terrified and worried about losing her NSPCC trustee job[cxx] and her “life’s work” legacy being destroyed than any abused children. Her response in the Daily Mail:

 Say what you like about me – just please don’t destroy my life’s work.[cxxi]

Instead of being honest and forthright, Esther Rantzen chose to hide behind her crocodile tears[cxxii] and such incredibly asinine explanations as the one depicted below from an October 2012 Telegraph article:

… The fact that Savile had even been blessed by the Pope, and if the Pope can't tell someone’s a paedophile, then how could they [we] possibly be expected to know?[cxxiii]

Shy Keenan has pointed out that Rantzen even committed perjury while feigning lost charity revenue:

In 2015, Dame Rantzen claimed ‘under oath’ that a 2012 fundraising event was cancelled because of Shy, the evidence shows that the fundraising event took place and Dame Rantzen attended.[cxxiv]

This woman has been caught up in her growing web of lies and deceit, virtually losing all credibility with the public. Yet Dame Esther still remains perched on her throne insulated by the queen’s bestowed honors. During former police investigator Mark Williams-Thomas’ second ITV Exposure installment as a two year follow-up probing how Savile’s power allowed him to get away with his heinous half century crime spree, he lastly interviewed Rantzen. After mentioning a charity event that Savile contributed to her ChildLine (more than once she appeared as a guest on his shows) and her thank you letter to the BBC pedophile kingpin, she had the audacity to lament:

If only a child had rung us [ChildLine helpline]… and told us what he’d been doing to them, we could have passed that to the police and done so much good.[cxxv]

In all the years from 1986 on with her ChildLine fully operational while Britain’s worst pedophile in history was still very actively abusing victims, is Rantzen seriously wanting us to believe her ludicrous statement that not one of Savile’s hundreds if not thousands of victims over the next near quarter century actually contacted her helpline and reported his abuse? The response to Rantzen’s disingenuous “would’ve-should’ve-could’ve” from her army of critics would quickly counter-argue that whenever victims of abuse perpetrated by VIPs like Jimmy Savile did report crimes to her ChildLine workers, their complaints were methodically screened out and never heard again. Claiming to be a lifelong champion of child protection and safety, her half century actions speak far louder than her empty, feeble, fork-tongued words.

Another little Rantzen inconsistency indicating what you see is clearly not what you get… former child actor Ben Fellows reported that in 1990 at age 15, he attended a party in New Forest hosted by BBC executives where supposed child advocate Esther Rantzen was also present and fully aware that lots of drugs and alcohol were being given to children while swarms of pedo partygoers, many of whom were BBC executives, producers, directors and stars were propositioning Ben and the other kids all night long as their latest forbidden fruit conquests.[cxxvi] Rantzen again did nothing on behalf of the endangered children right before her eyes witnessing youth being taken advantage of, sexually exploited and victimized. A drugged Ben Fellows recalled being sexually assaulted by a BBC employee who would later work in the children’s entertainment department, perhaps manning her ChildLine. The BBC kids department has always been a pedo-magnet within BBC’s larger child sex ring.

Keep in mind that the British Broadcasting Corporation is a tax paid, government sponsored mega media giant, guilty of covering up both Savile’s so-vile sins as well as its own inside pedophilia ring. Meanwhile, aside from Savile and the half dozen known BBC employed pedophiles Rolf Harris, Paul Gadd, Chris Denning, Jonathon King, Alan Freeman and Stuart Hall covered in Chapter 19, for several decades running, this same complicit company maintained a steady flow of BBC employed insiders privy to this massive criminal cover-up suddenly winding up dead under highly suspicious circumstances. But more on the KIAs later. Back to Dame Esther, the inside pedo-enabling fox masquerading as Britain benign, saintly savior to children.  

While working at a prep school, a teacher named Alex Standish provided testimony to crown court as well as an episode of Rantzen’s That’s Life that helped convict several teachers guilty of child sex abuse in 1991.[cxxvii] That’s all fine and dandy, but when that same tutor turned out to be a pedophile himself, as a favor to him, Rantzen kept that critical piece of information to herself, once again protecting yet another sexual predator (aside from her former MP lover, Savile and the rest of the BBC pedo-platoon) while placing innocent children at further risk.

Turns out that Esther as well as the local police where Standish was teaching both knew that he was a child molester but neither informed the school nor the parents of any eminent danger. Then when a newspaper exposed her dirty little secret, she sued the paper for libel and somehow won a favorable court settlement despite the veracity of the article’s claim that she had deceived the paper’s editor in a phone conversation. Because the police also knew Standish was a child molester, she wiggled out of losing her case before a star-struck jury. But an appeals court lowered the overinflated damages from £250,000 to £150,000.[cxxviii]

Though Esther Rantzen may not have been present at another social event held at her own residence in New Forest, Hampshire in August 1993, an invited guest, 63-year old former British Airways engineer Robert Gillings sexually assaulted a 5-year old girl in Rantzen’s swimming pool.[cxxix] At the time the victim and her parents were staying at Rantzen’s estate. Culminating a series of yearlong abuse, the incident resulted in Gillings receiving an 18-month prison sentence in July 1994.

If the true nature of an individual is accurately reflected in the company one intimately keeps, then Rantzen may not love children as much as she purports. In 1966 at age 26 while a BBC researcher, Esther Rantzen began a two year adulterous affair with married Scottish pedophile MP Sir Nichols Fairbairn.[cxxx] A year later the “saintly” serial adulterer embarked on yet another affair with her boss Desmond Wilcox.

NSPCC trustee Esther Rantzen and the current NSPCC chief executive since 2013 Peter Wanless have been the two highest profile figures atop UK’s child protection system. Yet each has a history linked directly to pedophilia and pedophiles. For years prior to his current gig, Wanless was Principle Private Secretary to confirmed pedophile Tory MP and Cabinet Secretary Michael Portillo who was involved in the cover-up of the notorious Westminster child sex ring[cxxxi] (fully taken up in Chapter 24). Despite his predatory exposure as a pedophile, the outed Portillo left politics only to reinvent himself at where else but BBC, the pedo-friendly broadcasting network as a television presenter.[cxxxii] When birds of a feather flock together, they inevitably morph into foxes guarding their child henhouse. Just as in America, all the top positions entrusted to protect children invariably protect the elite’s pedophilia network cabal.

In March 2003 Esther Rantzen and Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) founder Tom O’Carroll (see Chapter 2) appeared together as panelists on a BBC After Dark program discussing pedophilia and child protection,[cxxxiii] as if there’s any common ground between the two when PIE organization advocates no age of consent for children at all.[cxxxiv] For someone who claims to dedicate her life to keeping children safe, why has her entire public and private life and record been so intertwined with the likes of those bent on violating and destroying children? Bottom line, Esther Rantzen’s been sleeping with the enemy throughout her entire adulthood.

The Coleman Experience claims that a former British intelligence officer disclosed that Esther Rantzen’s residence she calls Blood Oaks needs to be dug up for all the bloody dead child corpses literally buried in her backyard, allegedly murdered during satanic sex abuse rituals held at her estate.[cxxxv] Rantzen’s Jewish family with ties to a diamond fortune also has her making friends with Mossad-CIA agent Uri Geller linked to running a mind control program for gifted children.[cxxxvi] The Sir Cliff-Sir Jimmy-Geller Zionist pedo-cabal has far reaching tentacles into both Europe and North America and Esther Rantzen and her charity organizations NSPCC and ChildLine appear to be UK’s prime gatekeeping apparatus shielding VIP pedophilia operations. And just like her longtime BBC friend and colleague Sir Jimmy, Dame Rantzen has utilized her lofty social position and “charity-minded” fame as a deceptive front pretending to save the innocents. But to insiders who know her, her actions, like the VIP establishment she embodies, represent pure evil incarnate.

So what we have on the one hand are the Luciferian pedophile core at the BBC supported by the pedo-government and pedo-royalty and their loyal puppet enabling legions, and on the other hand we have BBC staff who as insiders have come to know about their company’s appalling pedophilia agenda as an open cesspit secret, but more than likely paid for their knowledge and moral conscience with their lives. Even after the smoke has cleared from the post-Savile debacle, the culture of fear at the BBC is still running rampant.[cxxxvii] Those who offered testimony to the Dame Janet Smith report on the BBC did so strictly on an anonymous basis, selectively leaving out so much criminally sinister truth, especially about the wider BBC pedophile ring and senior management ignoring it. Few former BBC employees dare go public for the obvious reason that they wish to remain alive knowing too many individuals have met the same tragic, untimely fate for simply knowing too much ugly truth.

The closest to a BBC critic-ex-employee gone public may be the former BBC presenter Bill Oddie who alluded to the longtime Savile abuse being “a running sick joke” within the BBC, according to Bill, covered up because of Sir Jimmy’s close ties to Prince Charles.[cxxxviii] But no former or current BBC employee has ever gone public divulging the reality that the BBC possessed a wider, still active pedophile ring, much less connected to the even wider VIP establishment’s pedo-network. Again, the risk of death is too grave and certain.

And likely a big part of that reason comes from Jill Dando. No single BBC death has carried more weighted impact and implications exposing this diabolical filth percolating for over a half century within the British Broadcasting Company, with its interlocking ties to both government and royalty than the brutal murder of Jill Dando in April 1999. Having worked her way up the BBC corporate ladder since her 1984 hiring, by the mid-1990s, Jill Dando had grown to be the most public face of women at the BBC, fronting the programs Crimewatch from 1995 to her death as well as Holiday and the Six O’ Clock News.[cxxxix] In recent years it has been revealed that the ever-popular presenter and broadcaster had been approached by a number of her female colleagues at the Corporation complaining about sexual harassment that regularly included groping and sexual assault.[cxl]

When fellow BBC presenter Sally Jones disclosed to the Crimewatch host that Jimmy Savile had attempted to kiss and grope her in an elevator in the late 1980s, Sally said that Jill’s response was that “she had to fend off plenty of unwelcome advances herself,” adding that Savile was “just a dirty old perv.”[cxli] Sexual harassment accusations in the 1980s had also been made by two other presenters Liz Kershaw and Miriam O’Reilly as well.[cxlii] Though a BBC spokesman said their allegations would be looked into, his next statement was the dead giveaway to indicate nothing would ever change at the BBC:

We have not seen anything to substantiate these claims.[cxliii]

That’s forever been BBC’s spouted mantra excuse washing its filthy, blood-soaked hands from the pedophilia epidemic flourishing for decades within its ranks, conveniently claiming never to have any record of a single complaint against Savile or anyone else. Over time, Jill became not only increasingly aware of the prevailing sexist culture at the BBC promoting the hostile work environment for women but came to realize it was far more pathologically sinister, foreboding and dangerous for children. According to a retired BBC worker who spoke to the Daily News in July 2014, Jill Dando was informed by her co-workers that many of the BBC‘s “big name stars,” DJs, directors, producers and executives were participating in a large organized child sex abuse ring.[cxliv] The anonymous source explained:

I think she was quite shocked when told about images of children and that information on how to join this horrible paedophile ring was freely available.[cxlv]

But when Jill tried to get her Crimewatch bosses to investigate, they completely blew her off, clearly not wanting to get involved in any effort to expose or stop it. While in her mid-30s as an ethically-minded, popular host of a program that was supposed to be all about stopping criminal activity, especially involving helpless, abused children, in the mid-1990s Jill went to BBC’s senior management with a dossier of identified perps to let the head honchos know what was going on under their noses (as if they didn’t already know).[cxlvi] A year before she was killed, as a committed child abuse advocate Jill began actively promoting a campaign program to educate children on how to identify potential pedophiles. Jill’s onetime colleague stated:

She compiled a file of complaints but she was not really an investigative journalist, just a presenter. She passed the information to someone else and they gave it back. No one wanted to know. I do remember that she gave a file to senior management. I don’t think she heard any more.[cxlvii]

No one wanted to broach this alarmingly horrific reality because they placed their jobs and personal safety over the fate of abused children. Jill’s friend concluded:

Nothing had been done and there seemed to be a policy of turning a blind eye.[cxlviii]

And near two decades later in the Savile aftermath the BBC was still turning a blind eye in October 2012, flagrantly still lying its ass off claiming that management was totally unaware of any allegations against Savile or anyone else because no formal complaints were ever registered against sexual predators at the BBC:

The BBC has conducted searches of the its files and has not found any record of allegations of misconduct by Jimmy Savile during his time at the BBC.[cxlix]

Not only did Jill Dando inform top management in the mid-1990s, but the head of Radio 1 Douglas Muggeridge suspecting abuse way back in 1973 approached Radio 1 press officer Rodney Collins to request that he ascertain if any local newspaper reporters were investigating Savile for pedophilia crimes.[cl] To refute BBC’s October 2012 lie that no record of Savile abuse exists, Rodney Collins emerged to boldly state that he received feedback from all the major newspapers in 1973 that though they were aware of rumors circulating around the BBC program Savile’s Travels where the pedophile was abusing underage girls in his traveling caravan, the unanimous consensus was no newspaper had any intention of reporting on it. This means that not only the behemoth BBC knew about Savile’s abuse but other major newspaper outlets in the UK were also privy to Savile’s crimes, yet chose not to investigate or go public either. This fact - across-the-boards complicity suggests an existing wider pedophilia network extending far beyond Savile or the BBC.

Rodney Collins dutifully passed on his shamefully dubious findings to his higher-ups, urging them to launch a full scale internal inquiry to determine who knew what and when, confirming as far back as the early 1970s that senior BBC management both knew and were covering up child sexual abuse within its ranks. Collins said that not only his boss was aware of allegations but he believes the BBC’s managing director later promoted to BBC’s top dog Director General Sir Ian Trethowan from 1977 to 1982 also knew.[cli] Hardly by accident that queen honored Sir Ian was running the BBC during Sir Jimmy’s peak years as the most prolific pedophile in British history.

That the UK’s so called free press as well as the police refused to touch the organized pedophilia network with a 10 foot pole operating way back in the early 1970s only proves that the world’s epicenter has knowingly allowed it to flourish for a very long time. Keep in mind at that time the Luciferian child raping murderer Edward Heath was the British prime minister and his #1 child procurer was none other than Sir Jimmy Savile. One can easily see why the press tolerated and condoned the ongoing evil a near half century ago as the complicit MSM still tolerates to this day, which in large part is why the worldwide child raping network has been permitted to reach epidemic proportions today.

A reminder worth noting here is the plethora of sexual complaints being filed with law enforcement that police were repeatedly having to investigate the BBC throughout the late 1960s and again in 1971 with the Claire McAlpine sexual allegations and suicide, and then also separately in 1971 over the so called “payola scandal.”[clii] A News of the World undercover exposé implicated BBC executives, DJs and producers for rigging the pop charts based on cash giveaways and sexual favors at rampant orgies involving young prostitutes dressed as schoolgirls (some underage) sponsored by record companies, culminating in charges filed in 1973 against a record company executive, a BBC producer, a theatrical agent, several record promoters and the madam orgy hostess.  All of this nefarious illegal activity at the BBC was happening more than two decades prior to Jill Dando alerting the BBC top brass in the mid-90s. These facts provide irrefutable evidence that the UK’s largest media corporation sponsored by the national government has been consistently engaging in pedophilia while simultaneously waging a nonstop campaign of widespread deception, denial and criminal cover-up over a span of the last half century.

When Jill Dando was discreetly making waves at the BBC, the pedo-cabal establishment grew increasingly nervous over her plan to expose the pedophilia network on her live television program platform Crimewatch. Enter the pedo-plot thickener as two intimates were mysteriously sent to meet Jill Dando not long before she died, one the legendary pop star Sir Cliff Richard whom she became very close friends with[cliii] and the other Doctor Alan Farthing who ended up her fiancé less than three months prior to her murder. Their engagement was announced at a party attended by Sir Cliff Richard as well as her Crimewatch partner Nick Ross.[cliv] A mere year and a half before her death, Alan and Jill were set up on a blind date to meet at a dinner party by a mutual friend,[clv] no doubt linked to intelligence services, within mere weeks after August 31, 1997, when the world lost Princess Diana, its most iconic British heroine possessing the integrity and will that was on the verge of exposing the royal pedophilia filth.[clvi]

Born just four months apart in 1961, Diana and Jill were two of United Kingdom’s most famous, highly recognizable, attractive, extremely popular women, both independently uncovering widespread pedophilia in the royal family, the BBC and government. It’s quite conceivable if not probable that Jill and Diana came to know each other, conferred and compared notes on their explosive VIP pedophile findings.[clvii] While Diana was ready to bring down the royal family, Jill was preparing to unveil and, if need be, bring down the BBC pedophilia network, both ultimately unearthing the same child raping murderous cabal. While Jill was making an unwanted ruckus attempting to alert senior BBC management of its internal pedo-ring, Diana’s assassination was being plotted and carried out as a direct threat to the satanic royal order. With both high profile, well-intentioned do-gooders lined up in the fatal crosshairs of British intelligence, the pedo-establishment was growing terrified that if their bombshell of a secret got out to the public it would utterly destroy UK’s rulers. Thus, each one was cold-bloodedly picked off and sacrificed little more than a year and a half apart.

No sooner was Diana’s plan to bring down the British monarchy’s pedo-network averted, the British intelligence agencies got busy again scheming to assess and potentially eliminate their next highly visible threat, the nationally adored BBC darling herself, stirring up a hornet’s nest unraveling the same pedo-crime cabal Diana discovered. Enter veteran Mossad-MI5 asset-accused pedophile-mind controlled former rent boy superstar himself, Sir Cliff Richard,[clviii] along with the “good doctor” Farthing to become Jill’s fiancé and royal family’s future gynecologist. Security services dispatched both Sir Cliff as her nearest and dearest confidante and compelled Alan Farthing to wine, dine and romance Jill in order to discern just how much dirt she’d dug up on the British pedo-establishment.[clix] Cliff Richard was both feeding her selective information while pumping her for all she knew. Prime Minister Tony Blair tapped intelligence services to conjure up a dirty smear campaign on Jill Dando, the plan being to ruin her reputation providing sufficient grounds for her BBC termination. But MI5 couldn’t locate any past boyfriends or contacts willing to badmouth Jill even for bribe money.

Meanwhile, Jill was alleged to be researching the massive sexual exploitation of young boys by British establishment VIPs, collecting a dossier containing a number of household names.[clx] As a cover, she told her BBC supervisors that her latest project was examining the sexual health and status of British adolescents. But shortly before Jill Dando’s death, it’s been reported that she’d heard that one of her intimate friends was implicated in the VIP pedophilia scandal involving BBC personnel, royals, MPs, PMs, high court judges, including top entertainers and influential doctors with VIP friends.[clxi] A betrayed Jill may well have confronted her fiancé Dr. Farthing and/or her trusted pal Sir Cliff, thus inadvertently sealing her fate. It’s been reported that Cliff Richard was caught in the middle, feeling pressured to leak to MI5 and Mossad all he’d learned from Jill, but under increasing conflict and stress over the inevitable consequences it would bring, allegedly checking himself into a health clinic over the next several days.[clxii]

An alleged British insider, Brian Barrough, left a comment posted on the Coleman Experience blogsite:

My memory is beginning to slip but let me tell you what I know. Tony Blair received a phone call at approx 11.40am from Paul Condon who was in charge of the Met Police, the name Jill was mentioned as was becoming troublesome.[clxiii]

Within three days of the call, Jill Dando was dead. With thoroughly compromised, crossdressing[clxiv] war criminal Blair[clxv] officially alerted, knowing Jill had enough goods on his New Labor pedo-cabinet that would inevitably destroy both his government and career, to save his own skin as well as the pedophilia empire, Brian Barrough believes that Blair had no other choice but to order a rushed hit on Jill Dando.[clxvi] So the criminal cabal sped into high gear to eliminate its latest threat since neutralizing and satanically sacrificing Diana and Dodi inside the Paris tunnel a year and a half earlier.[clxvii] 

In March 2014 a former BBC staffer (unknown if the same July 2012 Daily Star source) also disclosed that Jill Dando had been investigating her friend Matthew Harding’s death in a 1996 helicopter crash.[clxviii] Harding was the deputy chairman of the Chelsea Football Club and had confided in his Irish journalist friend Veronica Guerin about his concerns over rampant corruption and money laundering inside his popular sport football, and that was years ahead of the FIFA scandal (covered in Chapter 17). Guerin was then reportedly murdered while working on a Dublin drug probe just a few months before Harding’s death. Only four months prior to his own death, in a panic Harding shared his growing fears with Jill that his life was in danger. Of course the accident was conveniently blamed on helicopter pilot error and “confusion.”[clxix] An inside UK government source leaked:

Matthew had been nosing around in something he shouldn’t and Jill was trying to find out the results of a blood test on the pilot.[clxx]

It’s been said that Harding was close to Blair and Mandelson until he too learned of their Mossad controlled UK blackmail operation compromising so many British VIP pedophiles.[clxxi] While Harding died suspiciously under mysterious circumstances, his two journalist friends he confidentially confided in with his insider information - Veronica Guerin and Jill Dando - both wound up murder victims.

Jill Dando and fellow BBC presenter Alice Beer both received death threat letters sent four weeks prior to Jill’s murder. Yet the police never bothered contacting Alice or Jill, failing to follow up on threats that vowd to kidnap, rape and murder them.[clxxii] Only a total inside job would “overlook” such blatant details.

By the time Jill was killed, she was basically living with her fiancé Alan Farthing in Chiswick. According to police records, on the morning of April 26th, 1999, after cooking breakfast for the doctor, Jill left his home for a brief shopping trip, afterwards traveling back to her own residence in South West London where the alerted killer lie in waiting.[clxxiii] Only Farthing and perhaps one or two of Jill’s closest friends (like Sir Cliff) would have known she’d be returning to her home at that particular time.

A postal worker delivering mail at Jill’s address noticed a man watching him about an hour and a half prior to the shooting. Less than an hour before Jill was dead, a window cleaner also noticed a man standing outside Jill’s home talking on a cell phone.[clxxiv] A number of witnesses recalled that a blue Range Rover was spotted repeatedly in the area prior to the killing and again leaving the crime scene at high speed afterwards. And despite the multitude of witnesses that caught a fair glimpse of a dark-haired man near 6 feet tall with a Mediterranean or Israeli looking appearance estimated to be about 40 years old wearing a suit periodically talking on his cellphone at or near Jill’s address prior to the hit, the police apparently never followed up with questioning them or simply ignored eyewitness accounts in what clearly was an intentionally botched investigation ordered from the top never to be solved.

As Jill was about to place her key in the front door at 11:32AM, the professional assassin stealthily emerged to confront her on her doorstep.[clxxv] Grabbing her arm and pushing her to the ground with his right hand, with his left he placed the barrel of his handgun in direct contact with her head just above her left temple and swiftly fired off a 9mm single, round killing her instantly. The entire deadly encounter lasted all of 20 seconds. Without a drop of blood on him, the well-dressed hitman calmly, briskly walked away.

More than one witness including her neighbor Richard Hughes, heard her startled scream then saw her killer leaving her home.[clxxvi] The automatic pistol placed against her head apparently was modified to muffle the gunshot sound. It wasn’t for another 14 minutes that another neighbor noticed her slumped body in a pool of blood. The professional hitman speculated to either be an intelligence operative or a hired contract mobster was seen by others running down the street. Perhaps escaping in the Range Rover or slipping into the local underground subway station, the killer vanished, never to be seen again. With witnesses galore and London per capita possessing more installed closed circuit TV cameras than any other city in the world, each Londoner caught on camera on average 300 times a day,[clxxvii] it’s a shameful abomination and diabolical disgrace that Metro Police have not solved this near 20 year old murder mystery. The world’s pedo-capital of the world goes unmatched in its overt contempt for justice.

Chief investigator Hamish Campbell and his team of detectives 20 days into the initial investigation concluded that the key to solving the murder case hinged on the phone contacts made with Jill on the morning of April 26th.[clxxviii] The fact that in the last several months of her life, Jill spent next to no time at her own place but was there that morning could have only been known by a select few people, Farthing, Cliff Richard and perhaps one or two others that she may have spoken to just hours before her death. Crime expert John McVicar commented on the then 3-week old police investigation:

Detectives are convinced that anyone who wanted to harm her needed to be in contact with Jill herself. And only someone close would be able to call Jill and casually inquire about her plans – as Jill was obviously unaware of what lay in store for her until that final scream.[clxxix]

Because the investigators appeared to be on track to swiftly solving what should have been an easy case to crack based on so much available evidence, less than a month into the probe after narrowing their focus to Jill’s April 26 morning phone contacts, MI5 abruptly yanked Campbell off the investigation, replacing him with Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Edwards.[clxxx] Incredibly, just two weeks later the police inquiry was strangely halted until September. With Britain’s biggest manhunt little more than a month into operation, the insane decision to shut down the investigation is pure self-sabotage, only demonstrating how corrupt and determined the British establishment was to ensure that the ugly truth of the UK pedo-empire gets completely squashed. As if this overt obstruction of justice isn’t brazenly criminal enough, DCS Edwards suddenly resigned the first week of December and Campbell was placed back “in command.” Playing musical director chairs with the probe is yet one more giveaway that the UK police were never actually in charge but totally manipulated and controlled from behind the scenes at every turn by intelligence services determined to keep the case unsolved.

By this time the higher-ups had “reprogrammed” Campbell to toe the line as an obedient order follower and by March 2000, he was mouthing the lone gunman script[clxxxi] handed him as standard state protocol for virtually every false flag cover-up ever committed. Already a year into the butchered investigation, reacting to public pressure to find the killer, law enforcement honed in on their man Barry George, falsely arresting him in late May 2000 and little more than a year later the innocent man living just a half mile away with a 75 IQ deemed an expendable target, was found guilty and facing a lifetime sentence for a crime he never committed.[clxxxii]

Another anomaly was within an hour after Jill’s death, Clarence Mitchell, the MI5-infiltrating BBC journalist[clxxxiii] happened to be the first reporter on the crime scene.[clxxxiv] Later it was Mitchell recruited by Prime Minister Blair as director of his government’s media monitoring unit, i.e., running a media operations campaign of propaganda disinformation doing double duty as spin master first unprecedentedly representing the Blair government in the Madeleine McCann disappearance and then in 2007 representing Maddie’s shady parents as their personal PR spokesman. No sooner did he abruptly leave the BBC for the Blair appointed civil service post, the UK was rocked by the 7/7 London bombings. Mitchell’s remarkable meteoric rise from journalist to public media expert smacks of British intelligence infiltration all the way to the top.  What are the odds as a BBC reporter of getting the scoop on the Jill Dando assassination[clxxxv] a year and a half after being assigned two other big murder cases - the Paris Princess Di aftermath followed shortly by Sydney’s Michael Hutchence fake hanging?[clxxxvi] Always the very first bloke dramatically on the scene at major state executed violent events wherever they are, no doubt as an intel mole assisted by security services. With a nose for “smelling out” state sponsored assassinations and false flag terrorism as they occur, this guy is the “Johnny-come-early” on-the-spot for Britain’s biggest news events, not so subtly leaving behind his undercover calling card.

Early on after Jill’s murder, rumors began circulating that Alan Farthing may have had a conspiratorial hand or left fingerprints himself on Jill’s murder, with claims he actually came face-to-face with the killer but “forgot” to tell police. Like so many squandered leads, after a few hours of questioning, law enforcement appeared to go through the motions taking direct orders from security forces to give the bereaved fiancé a free pass.[clxxxvii]

Again consistent with the Jimmy Savile case, clearly following orders from above, the Metropolitan Police intentionally blundered the Dando murder probe from beginning to end. Detectives never bothered to interview Jill’s neighbors who witnessed 11 potential suspects observed on her street that morning who were never identified.[clxxxviii] Nor did they even pay attention to two key witnesses who allegedly observed the killer in action, next door neighbor Hughes and the passer-by in a car Barry Lindsey.  Barry happened to be driving by the crime scene literally as the shooting was taking place and saw a dark haired, olive complexioned man confronting a terrified Jill Dando standing at her doorstep at the outset of a murder that took only seconds to complete.[clxxxix] Lindsey told police that he even heard a muffled single gunshot as he was turning the corner off Dando’s street not far away but, already driving away, it failed to register that he’d just witnessed a murder taking place right before his very eyes and ears. Months later when he did report what he saw, Barry Lindsey said the police by that time were only interested in nailing their suspect Barry George. When they showed Lindsey a photo of George and he told them he was not the man he observed in front of Jill’s home, the interview was over. The police had already targeted their framed suspect, and his guilt or innocence didn’t matter in the least.

Meanwhile, Barry George languished in a jail cell falsely imprisoned for eight long years before he won on his second appeal a retrial that finally admitted lack of forensic evidence and he was released in early July 2008. One would think that Dr. Farthing and Jill’s family would not rest until the real killer - obviously still at large - was brought to justice. Yet with no further questions asked, they wanted the case immediately closed.[cxc] Another gross miscarriage of justice resulted when George lost his formal requests for financial compensation for wrongly having eight years stolen from his life. But the judge absurdly ruled he was not quite “innocent enough,” only reinforcing the foregone conclusion that from start to finish this was one royal government hit job done on both Jill and Barry as well as every man, woman and child in Great Britain.

So predictably to this very day, the April 26th, 1999 assassination of Jill Dando remains conveniently “unsolved” for one obvious reason. Like Princess Diana who was ready to take down the British establishment for its murderous, pedophilic ways, Jill was fatally gunned down, also deemed too much of a threat knowing that Savile and the larger BBC sex ring were part of a vast gangster network for decades regularly procuring expendable children for the British VIP sickos.

The Scotland Yard insists that after interviewing over 5000 people[cxci] and amassing 2500 witness statements and 3700 exhibits within the first six months alone,[cxcii] the police exhausted every potential lead that after a year incredulously led nowhere. With mounting pressure to solve this high profile crime as all of Britain was watching and waiting, after a year of nonstop fumbling and stonewalling, the investigators claimed that they had found their man and the rush to judgment was on. Based on a supposed speck of gunpowder residue invisible to the naked eye found (or planted) in Barry George’s coat pocket, he was railroaded straight to murder conviction.[cxciii] Scarcely a year after his false arrest, Barry George was sentenced to life in prison. It mattered little that he was the wrong man as police purposely overlooked leads on at least 100 known suspects along with dozens of significant witnesses never interviewed that would have led to solving Jill’s murder.[cxciv] The government had the means to solve the crime but never the motive nor the will.

That was never part of the elite’s agenda, so key witnesses were wholesale systematically screened out, dismissed or ignored,[cxcv] no doubt like the VIP child abuse victims calling in to Rantzen’s ChildLine over the years. More than any other nation on earth, the insulated UK crime cabal system, thoroughly infiltrated by blackmail-controlled pedo-enabling puppets in government, law enforcement, high courts, the media, military, child welfare and charity services ensure that all the puppet masters and their minions continue to live above the law while committing the most egregious, nonstop crimes on earth.

Adding insult to injury, the top cop in charge of investigating the Jill Dando murder, Hamish Campbell, because he’d proven himself such a loyal order follower, was duly rewarded for failing to find the real killer, and tactically redeployed to later head the Savile Operation Yewtree farce. In 2013, after a 40 year career, the last four capped as Scotland Yard’s Detective Chief Superintendent at Homicide and Serious Crime Command, following his dictated script to the end, Hamish Campbell had the audacity to claim:

We, the Met police, did everything we could to understand that murder and bring the person responsible to court, and we did that, twice.[cxcvi]

But before his retirement, DCS Campbell also ended up in May 2011 assigned as top cop investigating the biggest case in UK since Jill Dando - the Madeleine McCann disappearance in Portugal. After two Home Secretaries denied requests by the McCann parents calling for a review of their missing four year old daughter’s alleged abduction on May 3, 2007, PM David Cameron begrudgingly gave in to launch Operation Grange, a reexamination of the case. The same shady players like Hamish Campbell and Clarence Mitchell who were closely associated with the Dando murder investigation were repeatedly enlisted to do the dirty bidding of covering-up British establishment scandals.[cxcvii] They were called to duty in the McCann case because it exposes the criminality of both British intelligence as well as the international pedophilia network, whitewashing the involvement of such pedophilia notables as pedo-MP Clement Freud whose estate was in such close proximity to Maddie’s disappearance, Clement’s pedo-buddies the Podesta brothers as guests in his home at the time,[cxcviii] and accused-pedo-neighbor Sir Cliff who also lived nearby. The Madeleine McCann case warrants a chapter of its own in number 26.

In recent years, ex-detective of ITV Savile Exposure fame, investigator Mark Williams-Thomas, has launched his own investigation into “operation kill Jill,” commenting on Metro’s shoddy probe:

I’ve never reviewed a case where there is so much information that was never followed up… There are eleven unidentified people still unaccounted for in the locality, there are over 100 potential suspects, there is other information naming people and specifically information on how this crime was carried out.[cxcix]

Though as of August 2018 Thomas claims to know who the real killer is, we’re still waiting on his full disclosure.[cc] Meanwhile, both he and law enforcement insist they are working together to solve among Britain’s biggest unsolved murder mysteries. While Metro Police release statements assuring the public that if new information and leads emerge in the Jill Dando case, it will not hesitate to reopen a new investigation. That said, UK law enforcement’s track record has only shown that it has done everything in its power to avoid capturing the real Dando killer, knowing if it does, British pedophilia’s house of cards will undoubtedly come crashing down. No one’s holding their breath waiting for that to happen.

Meanwhile, a hitman by trade surfaced also insisting that he too knows who the professional hitman is among the suspect list in police possession, but refuses to publicly specify the killer’s identity fearing for his own safety.[cci]

As fake news subterfuge, a number of other ongoing speculative explanations have been regularly peddled before Britons as sleight-of-hand decoys to answer why Britain’s perennial girl next door and 1997 BBC TV Personality of the Year was shot dead at point blank range on her front doorstep in broad daylight. The most persistent theory is a mob hit over Jill Dando uncovering organized crime, but also an IRA revenge attack was circulated, and then there’s the one that wouldn’t go away - a Serbian warload seeking revenge for the NATO war crime bombing of a Serbian radio station.[ccii] A decade after Jill’s co-presenter’s Crimestopper helpline suddenly went dead perfectly co-timed during the critical hours seeking witnesses right after her murder, in January 2009 Crimestopper was at it again spewing more diversionary disinfo. Sounding almost like a joke – you here the one about the drunken Serbian in a West Midlands bar? It was reported that incoming Crimestopper calls were claiming a Serbian national in between downing shots of liquor in a West Midlands pub was bragging to his fellow barflies that he was the real Jill Dando murderer.[cciii] Then after that preposterous lead went cold, suddenly it was back to the old Serbian connection all over again when a Belgrade widow began claiming that the same Serbian hitman 15 days prior to Jill’s hit bumped off her journalist husband as well.[cciv]

Another bizarre twist to this government plotted Jill Dando assassination chases the BBC rabbit hole even deeper into the conspiratorial realm. Crimewatch founder and Jill’s co-presenter Nick Ross continued playing a suspicious role as a security services shill after her demise.[ccv] One more recap seems in order. It was Nick Ross who went on record saying if given half a chance, he’d be checking out child pornography images on the web, alluding to actually doing so as part of his program Crimewatch. Again, his CrimeStopper helpline mysteriously went down right after news that Jill was murdered, an obvious sabotage attempt to prevent her killer from being identified. Then years later his CrimeStopper propaganda venue was the conduit source promoting the bogus Serbian connection again. And with her pedo-complicit cousin Dame Esther Rantzen, Nick Ross’ wife Sarah Caplan co-founded BBC’s ChildLine accused of screening out called in reports of VIP pedophilia. A so called friend and TV partner like Nick Ross begs the question, who needs enemies?

But there’s more on this shady character. On the night of Jill’s death, Nick Ross on Newsnight began reporting that retaliatory crimes against judges, lawyers and police are almost unknown,[ccvi] making readymade emphatic statements within hours of Jill’s murder categorically denying Crimewatch had anything to do with Jill’s bullet hole through her brain.[ccvii] From the get-go this in and of itself is a dead giveaway for planting deception and attempting to manipulate and interfere with both the ensuing investigation as well as public opinion. Every real crime expert knows that just hours after any murder, you cannot definitively rule anything out. Right away this unexpected, premature gesture proves, if not guarantees, Nick Ross is not a crime expert at all but simply a hired stooge working for state security services intent on hiding the truth in favor of pushing misleading, false information. In a blatantly transparent ploy, Ross attempted to willfully steer and manipulate both Jill’s murder inquiry and public attention away from his own BBC program, away from any BBC-government linkage to intelligence agencies, and especially away from the BBC’s larger British VIP pedo-network to which he, his wife and cousin-in-law have all been longtime designated gatekeepers.

Fourteen years after Jill’s death, in May 2013 Ross was still trying to shape, mold and control public opinion, writing a propagandist op-ed piece for the Daily Mail desperately attempting to debunk various conspiracy theories surrounding the Dando murder that he himself played a role in, claiming none had any basis in fact, that it was far from a professional hit but a chance encounter with a bungling amateur,[ccviii] which is actually the furthest thing from the truth or established consensus. But as more people began considering the breaking news coming out that Jill knew about Britain’s pedophilia epidemic and was violently silenced for it, the elitist plant Nick Ross was once again doing his order-following duty to frantically ward off the growing population from believing Jill was in fact murdered because his BBC was so steeped in pedo-cabal ratlines extending from Sir Jimmy to PMs and MPs, the Queen, her hubby, their sons Charles and Andrew onto Jeffrey Epstein, the Mossad, the Clintons, Podestas and Bushes. And Nick - the “child porn’s worth checking out” guy - as a cabal gatekeeping disinfo agent pretending to be the Crimestopper “crime expert” was feebly trying to put out the spreading flames of truth threatening to burn down his cabal that he’s no doubt sworn to protect.

Nick Ross even broke the law in an overt attempt to obstruct justice by interfering with the Barry George court outcome. In 2007 stakes to hide the truth were rising so high that Mr. “Crime Expert” took it upon himself to write an open letter to the appeals court judges in a last ditch effort to sway them to deny a framed innocent man his long overdue justice. Ross claimed in his letter he “remains confident that Barry George killed Jill Dando” with his Daily Mail headline entitled, “I know Barry George killed my friend Jill.”[ccix] Again, with friends like Nick, Jill didn’t need enemies because in her own TV co-host, she’d already met her Judas. Fortunately his desperate, extremist, illicit tactics failed as the innocent man was released the following year.[ccx]

Still in another Daily Mail article written by Nick Ross in August 2015 in the wake of the Ted Heath pedophile allegations, the so called crime expert called for leaving investigations of past prime ministers from so many years ago to historians rather than risk fueling the rise of another satanic panic driven witch-hunt by the public promoted by an over-reactive press.[ccxi] Once again voicing the pedo-apologist POV, Ross is clearly minimizing pedophilia as a public threat to children and clearly does not want the British to find out that their leaders, past and present, are pedophiles or pedo-enablers, again overtly attempting to shield the nation’s VIP crime network from further scrutiny and public awareness.

Meanwhile, switching back to Jill’s beloved Alan, less than a decade after her death and just days after his fiancé’s accused’s acquittal, Dr. Farthing’s fast track medical career suddenly skyrocketed at the relative young age of 45, when in 2008 he was catapulted from virtual obscurity to appointed next royal family head surgeon,[ccxii] the youngest to serve the royal kingdom in British history.[ccxiii] Cherry picked to be Queen Elizabeth’s official surgeon-gynecologist, 2008 proved to be a banner year for Dr. Farthing. Once he chose to not reopen the investigation of Jill’s murder days after Barry George’s prison release, with his role in the Dando affair completed, it appears that the royals duly rewarded him for his services rendered vis-à-vis his silent complicity in his former fiancé’s murder. At this juncture he was also free to enter into holy matrimony for a second time, marrying a fellow St. Mary’s doctor with whom they share a child.[ccxiv] The fateful events surrounding this mysterious, low key MD have fueled speculation that the British crown was paying him off, having already proven he could keep their murderous secrets intact.

But mysterious, highly suspicious deaths just seem to follow this doctor. As head medical surgeon for the royals, Farthing has overseen the births of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s three children “delivered” at the Lindo Wing of his St. Mary’s hospital in Paddington.[ccxv] But there’s added reason the monarchy chose Farthing. The first week of December 2012, Kate Middleton entered King Edward VII Hospital under the phony pretense that she was suffering from morning sickness two months pregnant with Prince George.[ccxvi] In actuality, Prince William and vanity-stricken Kate at 92 pounds arrived there to receive treatment for egg extraction and in vitro fertilization for a surrogate pregnancy to retain her slender delicate figure. As the future king’s wife, she need not bother herself bearing the un-pleasantries of pregnancy by simply hiring a surrogate to bear the inconvenience of carrying Prince George to full term.

The day after William and Kate left the hospital, December 7th, 2012 should be a day of infamy and shame for the royal family because a nurse on Dr. Farthing’s hospital staff, Jacintha Saldanha apparently became the next state executed victim found in her hospital nursing quarters, “hanging” from her scarf in another staged suicide with her feet still touching the floor.[ccxvii] A nurse with easy access to drugs would simply not choose to kill herself by such a violent, iffy method of hanging from her wardrobe, much less leave a husband, son and daughter she loved who loved her. It makes no sense at all. But the given reason for her so called suicide is too absurd to be believed: Jacintha committed suicide as a result of growing so humiliated and distraught after taking a call from a couple of idiot radio DJ imposters in Australia posing as the queen and Charles, Jacintha couldn’t simply live with herself for shaming the royal family. Yet if that was what drove her to kill herself, during her daily calls back home to India, the wife and mother made no mention of this silly, insignificant incident to her own family. Obviously she was not distraught in the least over the minor buffoonery. The MI5 executioners sunk to an all-time low slaying a nurse unwilling to play along with the royal game of deceitful charade of faking Kate’s pregnancy. To once again avoid public scandal, the royals and their minions chose to violently silence another perceived threat as their Modus Operandi. But then the royals can be confident that with their good doctor in charge Farthing, mum’s the word.

Regarding the royal surgeon’s places of employment at St Mary’s hospital in Paddington where he still remains a gynecological consultant[ccxviii] as well as the supervising physician of all royal births along with the Royal Brompton hospital in Chelsea, he has been accused of participating in the unlawful removal of children’s thymus glands. Until the year Jill was murdered, the British public and parents were completely unaware that the UK National Health Service maintained a clandestine nationwide policy across Britain’s hospitals where, without family consent, removing ill-fated children’s organs during major surgery was standard practice,[ccxix] not unlike Israel’s standard practice of harvesting Palestinian young people’s organs in their care and custody.[ccxx] Of course organ trafficking, especially when extracted from children, has become big business in both China[ccxxi] and Israel as the cabal hub for illegal organ transplant operations,[ccxxii] Big Pharma research[ccxxiii] as well as occult practice worldwide during satanic ritual child sex abuse and child sacrifice.[ccxxiv]

Speaking of Farthing’s Royal Brompton hospital, the pioneering heart surgeon responsible for the world’s first successful heart transplant in 1980, Dr. Magdo Yacoub, ran the children’s cardiac unit at the Royal Brompton for decades and in 1995 founded the international children’s charity Chain of Hearts. One of his charity’s trustees, the once renowned Dr. Phillip Bonhoeffer, was charged with sexually abusing underage children while working as a Chain of Hearts physician in Kenya as well as abusing a 10-year old French boy with sex crimes committed against children from 1995 to 2008.[ccxxv]

In 2007 17-year veteran BBC newsreader Anna Ford quit her pedophile saturated network in disgust, tired of BBC’s “atmosphere of fear”[ccxxvi] as her cited reason for departure. But in an interview just two days after Jill’s 1999 murder, Anna Ford asked Dr. Farthing, “Does it worry you if it may remain unsolved?”[ccxxvii] That’s an extremely odd, puzzling, telling question posed before the deceased even gets buried in the ground and the manhunt for her murderer and investigation among UK’s largest barely get underway. As a BBC insider, did she know something the rest of us didn’t? But then considering it was a state executed assassination to urgently cover up the long infested pedo-epidemic raging atop Britain’s diabolical elite, it’s a no-brainer to conclude that by calculated design, Jill’s murder will never be solved. No wonder Ford asked, she was merely reading from a script prepping the public to neither expect justice nor any closure - ever. 

Switching gears to Jill Dando’s chummy mystery pal Sir Cliff Richard, the always tanned, leather-skinned singing sensation now 78 this year (same as cabal friend Esther Rantzen) is not the Christian celibate he faithfully claims to be for well over half a century.[ccxxviii] Sir Cliff was questioned several times by Metro Police pertaining to Jill’s murder.[ccxxix] Speaking of mum’s the word, no doubt Richard knows a lot more than he let on with the police. But then this man is thoroughly protected, armed with Cliff’s law where no one can even associate him with pedophilia without a huge lawsuit.

All the more reason for a little bit of history on this legend in our time. He is reputed to have signed the Elm Guest Home ledger as “Kitty.”[ccxxx] Cliff Richard has reportedly been accused by at least nine alleged victims abused in their youth at the notorious Elm Guest House.[ccxxxi] For several years this pedo-party palace was a boy brothel made infamous by prominent pedophile politicians, cabinet ministers, police and intelligence chiefs as well as entertainers enjoying sex with young lads supplied from local group homes, something Sir Jimmy Savile is known to have specialized in working “under cover” (Savile’s words) as an MI5 operative.[ccxxxii] Recall from last chapter that Cliff was also accused of molesting an underage boy in 1985 at the Billy Graham crusade.[ccxxxiii]

Between 1979 and 1982 Carole Kasir and her husband Haroon were the Elm Guest House operators who contracted with pedophiles from the Spartacus Club run by a former Catholic priest to provide their pad full of trafficked in “rent boys” from nearby Grafton Close children’s home for the VIP regulars.[ccxxxiv] Haroon used to brag about Savile being his best friend until Sir Jimmy stopped showing up and snubbed him.[ccxxxv] Even the local head of Richmond social services was implicated as chief pipeline procurer and fellow Elm House club member. Solicitor for the Richmond Council responsible for the care [and abuse] at Grafton Close home was none other than future MP power player Keith Vaz, a disgraced pedophile and pedo-enabler-protector yet still shamelessly sitting in Parliament.[ccxxxvi] He’s gone from one scandal to the next but the British political system is so corrupt, he remains a fixture. The Richmond council, police and social services were all in deep protecting their pedophilia operations, caught ignoring victim complaints and losing files.[ccxxxvii] Police even gave the council a heads-up before conducting a raid on the Elm Guest House.[ccxxxviii]

In 1990 47-year old Carole Kasir suspiciously died of an insulin overdose as she was working with social worker Mary Moss to divulge her explosive secrets as yet more probable foul play to keep the lid tightly sealed on the VIP pedo-ring.[ccxxxix] Despite corrupt police raids on Mary’s home confiscating and destroying incriminating evidence that would have been used to convict the powerful pedophile guests, subservient police following orders from their pedo-masters were caught blatantly obstructing justice in order to shield VIPs from accountability. But fortunately the raid did not prevent the social advocates Mary Moss and Christopher Fay from securing and uploading records to show horrendous sexual abuse by a who’s who list of British VIPs that include famous cabinet ministers, MPs and lords along with heads of MI5, MI6 and police chiefs.[ccxl]

After retired whistleblowing child protection manager Peter McKelvie compiled overwhelming evidence of pervasive child abuse over the last 20 years, he submitted his report to MP Tom Watson who in October 2012 dramatically confronted PM David Cameron on the House floor, forcing him to launch a half-ass Westminster police probe into prominent UK politicians’ historic child sexual abuse.[ccxli] McKelvie estimated that up to 40 members of the House of Commons and Lords were either full blown pedophiles or confirmed pedophile protectors.[ccxlii]

Peter McKelvie who has dedicated his entire adult professional life to protecting children and exposing those who harm them, especially from high places, quickly became a target for character assassination by the pedophilia cabal when in 2014 he was hired as a consultant by the national Independent Inquiry of Child Abuse. An October 2015 Daily Mail hit piece written by Stephen Wright and Sam Greenhill launched a smear campaign intended to discredit McKelvie’s integrity, accusing Peter of making false allegations in an attempted “plot” to destroy the political career of a Tory cabinet minister.[ccxliii]

For his career expertise in accessing and exposing the truth on behalf of child victims for so many years, McKelvie was recruited as a consultant member of the Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel for the beleaguered Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. But right after the Daily Mail article attacking his credibility, bogusly claiming his plot to ruin a Tory minister’s career, in October 2015 Peter McKelvie resigned his position maintaining he would soon be needed as an inquiry witness, stepping down to avoid conflict of interest.[ccxliv] But in actuality he was neutered by the destructive powers whose self-interest is to ensure that the full pedophilia truth never gets revealed to the public and ridding McKelvie as a thorn in the cabal’s side had to be chalked up as another victory for the VIP child rapists as yet another child advocate is court muzzled.

Several years earlier the West Mercia Police granted McKelvie full access to the diary belonging to prominent deceased civil servant-pedophile-PIE founder Peter Righton.[ccxlv] Peter McKelvie subsequently learned of Righton’s child abuse dating back to 1957 along with group home roundups procuring trafficked kids to VIP sex parties at locations like Dolphin Square and Elm Guest House. Though Righton died in 2007, thanks to McKelvie, at least the truth about his extensive serial crime history supplying victims to VIPs ultimately did emerge. One reason Peter took his 20 year criminal findings to MP Tom Watson in the 2012 post-Savile aftermath was the fact that the prolific pedophile-VIP pimp Righton had only been given a 1992 slap on the hand for possessing child pornography images.[ccxlvi] This classic case of another predatory fox guarding the pedo-house consisting of UK’s group homes held top positions with Department of Health, National Children’s Bureau and the National Institute of Social Work and wrote national policy on childcare for UK social services. Yet McKelvie determined that Righton had a connection in Malta where they were trafficking child victims. Because Peter the real child protection manager had unearthed the international pedophilia network, including Righton’s PIE contacts in Sweden and Norway, McKelvie’s seminal investigative work was immediately shut down.

The biggest reason motivating Peter McKelvie to become a whistleblower was the fact that his investigative research and professional experience led him to realize that powerful, famous MPs, Lords and cabinet ministers were molesting and raping UK’s throwaway kids for years and never investigated or brought to justice. Peter McKelvie is a hero for following up on leads and uncovering sex abuse committed by a couple of other, still living pedophiles associated with Righton. McKelvie’s work helped convict Righton’s longtime living partner Richard Alston, brother of diplomat Robert Alston and a former PIE Treasurer and longtime schoolteacher Charles Napier, half-brother of MP John Whittingdale.[ccxlvii] For decades Napier abused 23 of his students between 1967 and 1983 that eventually led to his arrest and conviction in 2014. Whittendale had to have been aware of his brother’s proclivities for abusing young boys and as Home Secretary Brittan’s advisor when Leon received the pedophile dossier from MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1983, he also had to have been privy to known Westminster pedophiles.[ccxlviii] In view of his grandstanding objections to Savile’s reign of terror, the question needs to be answered as to what Whittingdale did to safeguard children in harm’s way based on his insider knowledge of pedophilia in both his family and workplace.

In 1994 Peter McKelvie’s valiant efforts to secure authorization for a proposal that his already established interdisciplinary team consisting of a senior police officer, two seasoned investigative journalists and child social workers from Peter’s social services office were turned down in forming a joint task force with law enforcement and then when his boss retired that same year, his office and team were disbanded.[ccxlix] Due to so many abuse crimes committed outside his local jurisdiction, Peter McKelvie was forced to turn over his incriminating findings exposing the Westminster VIP pedophiles to various local authorities. And because orders to suppress evidence of child abuse in the UK has always emanated from the top, the prime ministers’ Home Office and/or intelligence agencies or higher, police investigations throughout the nation have never gotten off the ground. When victims’ accusations were filed in the 1980s right through to this day, it’s always been the same old despicable story of next to no arrests and even fewer convictions. 

Out of the dozen or so post-Savile Scotland Yard spawned police investigations, from 2012’s Operation Yewtree to 2013’s Operation Fernbridge launched specifically to probe both past and current allegations surfacing from Elm Guest House, not one VIP pedophile guest guilty of abusing boys was ever brought to justice, and Fernbridge was closed in March 2015.[ccl] While the still unscathed perpetrators with their stellar reputations intact die off from natural “old age” causes, their younger victims suffering from lifelong effects directly from their abuse are dying in significant numbers at much earlier ages, either taking their own lives or under mysterious circumstances. Chapter 25 delves far deeper into this shameful Westminster marathon scandal and its ongoing cover-up feeding off the lifeblood of innocent children with absolute impunity.

Famous pedophiles at Elm Guest Home at times used phony names to sign in on the guest lists, like Cliff Richard aka “Kitty.” Yet with authentic documents still in existence that include household names listed as guests, zero arrests or convictions have been made from the Elm Guest House of Horror.[ccli] A few years ago Sir Cliff exercised his legal clout and formidable VIP influence to secure a High Court super injunction prohibiting his name from even being associated with the notorious Elm Guest House scandal,[cclii] and that was before this year’s landmark legal victory for the ever-popular, permanently unreachable senior citizen.

As covered in Chapter 19, the Crown Prosecution Service in June 2016 claimed not enough evidence was generated to forward Cliff Richard’s case to trial. And the rest is history after the BBC and South Yorkshire police sensationalized their August 2014 raid on his home and the July 2018 court decision granting Richard damages for violating his privacy upwards of over four millions pounds and counting to ensure that in the future famous people arrested for pedophilia (or any crime) never show up in either newspapers or on TV ever again without news companies risking a fortune. Only after formal criminal charges are brought against known powerful figures will they ever go public in the media. And with so many foxes on guard in government, law enforcement and courts, that will likely never happen.

Ultimately this latest legal development was designed to seal off protection and impunity for those at the top of the pedo-food chain from ever having to abide by manmade laws. After all, they delude themselves into believing they are gods, beyond all judgment and reproach, so they see it as their natural born Luciferian privilege and right to live on earth like gods above all lowly manmade laws. In the United Kingdom, the ruling elite is now virtually unreachable, making certain that the pedo-epidemic raging at our planet’s epicenter will only continue thriving to rage on indefinitely at vulnerable children’s expense around the world. If you’re an MP or a high court judge or royal family member or famous entertainer, you can rape, sodomize, cannibalize and murder children and adults at will until your cold heart’s content. What they fail to realize is if karma fails to catch up to them in this lifetime, then God most certainly will.  

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