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Chapter 21 Part 2 BBC Pedo-Ring’s Deadly Silencing of Those Who Knew Too Much: The Jill Dando Murder and a Dozen Suspicious BBC Deaths

To see how we got to this unholy place and time with the beta tested, Teflon man himself, exploring sir pop legend’s humble roots may be incisively useful. Cliff Richard arrived in this world in October 1940 as Harry Rodger Webb in India, a top recruiting source for British intelligence.[i] Harry, his parents and three sisters moved to England in 1948 where his father secured a job with Thorn Electrical Industries (also known as EMI).[ii] Electrical and Mechanical Instruments sold music in its heyday throughout the 1960s but was also a major producer of military electronics within UK’s defense industry, establishing a crucial front for British military intelligence operations to covertly expand its cultural reach and influence among the younger British population.[iii] Through Tavistock-developed mind control methods, UK’s security services are notorious for recruiting and transforming cute little boys into future sex slaves, spies and assassins. That they are bred to evolve into iconic legendary singers only makes them more invaluable as a cabal controlled tool for the UK-US-Israel axis-of-evil.

Satanic elements merged with military intelligence to transform the counterculture movement into an orgiastic youth drug-fest back in the swinging 1960s.[iv] CIA’s concocted mix of MK Ultra mind control, international drug pushing[v] and satanic sex cults like Alistair Crowley’s OTO have been infused and embedded into popular culture through the globalized entertainment industry.[vi] Deployment of mind controlled sex slaves in a grand social engineering experiment has been misusing humanity as guinea pigs as part of the false propaganda machine to brainwash and achieve mass mind control. Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard[vii] was once a naval intelligence operative who with Jack Parsons, a leading NASA rocket scientist, embraced Crowley’s demonic sex occult teachings.[viii] The subversively fascist and sinister dogma underpinning the CIA manufactured “peace, love and freedom” movement of the sixties also simultaneously promoted the burgeoning rise of modern art as a Cold War artifice used as an anti-Soviet psyops weapon[ix] just as the Cold War itself was also an internationalists’ New World Order creation.[x]

From both sides of the Atlantic, the US-British intelligence apparatus launched the careers of many superstar artists from the 1950s, 60s and 70s right up to the present as a combined means of both social control and social engineering through promoting the lifestyle mantra of “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll,” in the short term to neutralize the antiwar movement in Vietnam but in the long term to destroy family, nationalism and moral and spiritual values as barriers to their New World Order.[xi] Operation Paperclip and establishing MK Ultra Monarch mind control through drugs, torture and child sexual abuse in order to mass produce sex slaves, assassins and spies was well underway by the 1950s (see Chapter 9). NWO opponents in JFK, RFK and MLK were all systematically eliminated[xii] and the “New Age” of Aquarius promoting rampant sexual promiscuity and hedonism in youth generations was ushered in to stay over the long haul. This socially engineered culture of “anything goes” paves the way for pedophilia as sexual deviance, perversion and predation to systematically and ritualistically be practiced by today’s elites as an effective means to an end in order to gain increasing acceptance, power and control over the human race. And thus far, unfortunately for children and humanity alike, it’s been working like a charm for them according to sinister plan.

In the same vein as drug and mind controlled Elvis Presley,[xiii] across the pond likewise Cliff Richard was selected and spawned in England as a covert intel operator for both the Mossad and MI5.[xiv] Thus, the meteoric rise of Cliff, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and other British Invasion groups of the sixties were all bi-products of Tavistock and British secret service. In America such artists as John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas, Jim Morrison of the Doors (whose father was an admiral in naval intelligence) and Jimmy Hendrix were products of this same intelligence apparatchik. The late journalist and author Dave McGowan’s treatise documenting the CIA’s Laurel Canyon Hippie Movement incisively and graphically exposes this mass mind control phenomenon.[xv]

And in the UK, it was intelligence services that co-opted the BBC and its hardcore pedophile DJs such as Alan Freeman, Jimmy Savile and Chris Dunning to name a few teamed up with pedo-notables from the music industry like producer Joe Meeks, manager Brian Epstein and impresario Jonathon King to corrupt, exploit and abuse British youth throughout the swinging 60s, spawning the age of “anything goes” into faithful practice reminiscent of Crowley’s “do what thou wilt.”[xvi] But the perversions that characterized the 1960s and 70s never faded, and if anything, have only grown both more pervasive and more perverse. As yet more confirmation of a wider pedophile network, both Savile and an unnamed “top 1960s pop group” (that some websites claim to be the Beatles[xvii]) have been exposed in a four page 1964 dossier discovered during Operation Yewtree as visitors to a teen brothel in Battersea, South London where runaway kids from group homes were being systemically pipelined and abused.[xviii]

During the 1950s and 1960s centered in the East End of London infamous gay pedophile Jewish gangster twins – Reggie and Ronnie Kray - were busy running an extensive sexual pedo-blackmail operation,[xix] similar to Donald Trump’s mentor, CIA sanctioned Roy Cohn masterminding the New York City to Washington pedo-network during the exact same period.[xx] Just as in America, mobsters, satanic cults and intelligence agencies all covertly work hand-in-hand in the increasingly lucrative child sex trafficking trade.[xxi] For years the Kray brothers regularly provided the conduit linkage between boy brothels funneled from group homes to service hundreds of entertainment luminaries, prime ministers, cabinet ministers, MPs, lords and more queen knighted sirs in one big flourishing underworld pedophilia network.

It was the Kray twins who identified Sir Cliff Richard as one of Lord Robert Boothby’s “bum-boys.”[xxii] One powerful central figure partaking services from the Kray syndicate was Lord Boothby, who had an unquenchable taste for little boy flesh like Harry Webb throughout the 1950s. As a prominent Oxford educated Conservative member in Parliament, Lord Boothby was also in tight with Sir Winton Churchill, his top tier government peers as well as the royal family. Lord Boothby is said to have had a sexual relationship with Ronnie Kray.[xxiii] As birds of the same feather, veteran intel agent Anthony T. Stokes maintains that Churchill’s original MI5 Sandhurst file described him as:

An idle layabout and a confirmed sodomite who was a menace to the younger boys.[xxiv]

Pretty amazing but not surprising for the world’s pedophilia haven Britain to have as its bulldog saint Sir Winston be another pedophile. Churchill’s protégé bud Bobby Boothby was also an original founding member of the Bilderberg group in 1954. Truth activist Abel Danger‘s Field McConnell alleges that the Krays, Boothby and the Bilderberg Steering Committee teamed up beginning in 1954 to operate pedo-entrapment rings at all the Bilderberg hosting hotels.[xxv] Boothby’s linkage to the world’s elite no doubt became one more reason why his kinky indiscretions were so often overlooked yet fiercely protected. Not only did Lord Boothby and the Kray twins share the same heinous predilection for “rent boys,” and establishing VIP blackmail operations, they also assisted Cliff Richard as an initiate into their secret club’s established inside connections that helped launch Cliff’s musical career.[xxvi] As a close friend of the Kray brothers, in the early days Cliff frequently performed at their nightclubs. Their relations went deep in a perverted “win-win” for all involved.

But not every kid made it out alive much less become a star. The gruesome Tattingstone suitcase murder of 17-year old Bernard Oliver was suspected to be a victim of the Kray pedophile syndicate.[xxvii] Ten days after leaving his North London home in January 1967, Bernard’s dismembered body dissected into six pieces was found in two suitcases laying in a field[xxviii] not far from property owned by the Krays in Suffolk where they trafficked in group home rent boys to VIP sex parties. The dead boy’s 15-year old brother recognized him from a gruesome newspaper photo of his brother’s cut off head. Bernard’s five siblings have been tormented by the grisly tragedy ever since. Two now deceased pedophile doctors wanted for subsequent sex crimes and murders of other underage boys who as fugitives fled the country are believed to be Bernard’s killers. Already interviewed by police shortly after Bernard’s body was discovered, record producer Joe Meek who frequented the Krays’ Suffolk pedo-party scene with fellow attendees BBC DJs Savile and Al Freeman went on a paranoid drug binge and fatally shot his landlady then himself with a single gage shotgun.[xxix] The Kray twins are said to have sealed remaining loose ends with a couple more kills and over a half century later the murder still sadly stays unsolved.

As a testimonial to the Kray-Sir Cliff friendship, even after Reggie and Ronnie were both locked away for life in 1969, Cliff Richard maintained his close ties with his old gangster buddies, signing one of his concert programs with a special nostalgic note to Ronnie.[xxx] Kray biographer John Pearson furnished a jailhouse letter written by Ronnie in 1969 expressing gratitude for Cliff sending him his support when other celebrity friends were fast disappearing from the recently convicted imprisoned killers, but not loyal Cliff. In Ronnie’s own original misspelled words:

John, I had a verry nice letter from Cliff Ritchards. I thought it was marvoulas of him to write to me at a time like this. He must be a wonderfull person to go to the trouble at a time like this. Their are still a lot of nice people left around. [xxxi]

David Litvinoff (Levy) was one of the Krays’ prime procurers in their Jewish mob pedophile ring. In fact, as early as 1954 Litvinoff had a reputation as the go-to guy for delivering rent boys. Apparently his friend Lucian Freud thought so. Sigmund Freud’s grandson and brother of fellow pedophile-writer-former MP Sir Clement (connected to the McCann abduction)[xxxii] literally painted Litvinoff in a 1954 portrait he originally entitled “The Procurer,” selling at Christie’s the year Jill Dando died in 1999 for over a million pounds.[xxxiii] Another related tidbit - to capture the gritty real life reality of the Kray mafia scene, pedophile scum Litvinoff was hired as a film advisor on the 1968 Mick Jagger gangster flick “Performance,” introducing the cast and crew to London’s seedy underworld. As a crime boss lieutenant, especially once the Krays went to prison, for decades David Litvinoff was known to freely circulate socially amongst top British and American celebrities as the VIP pedo-pimp managing to accumulate enough wealth to live the last three years of his pathetic life in opulent style at Davington Priory in Kent before allegedly OD’ing on sleeping pills in 1975. Of all people, the current owner of Davington Priory is none other than the unsaintly Sir Bob Geldof where silenced daughter Peaches married Cohen in the Priory estate gardens.[xxxiv]

Just like US pedo-operations in all these sordid affairs, drugs and alcohol are regularly used as standard sedating icebreakers to break children’s hymens, anuses and souls as well as their capacity for trauma memory recall.[xxxv] Like Savile, all the mayhem and suffering the Kray brothers, Litvinoff and Boothby and their ilk perpetrated against children were/are forgiven by the ruling elite, fully protected by the deep bonding glue of their systemic blackmail cesspool.

Boothby was a frequent aficionado at the Kray brother orgies and sex parties. The sex maniac even recklessly carried on a longstanding affair with the wife of the UK Prime Minister Harold MacMillan (their youngest daughter reportedly is his biologically).[xxxvi] Promiscuous Boothby even carried on a homosexual tryst with gangster Ronnie Kray[xxxvii] amidst lots of masochistic sex with scores of underage boys like Harry Webb.[xxxviii] Kray biographer John Pearson accessed intimate accounts of some of Lord Boothby’s favorite forms of kink, such as ordering rent boys to shit on a glass table while the aroused pervert below peered upwards all boggled-eyed, lustily mouthwatering his chops.[xxxix] Mind you these are the sick sort of perversions that the rulers of our planet customarily engage for leisure in when not participating in formal occult ritual torture and murderous sacrifice.

In 1964 the Sunday Mirror exposed the Boothby-Kray homosexual pedophilia operation.[xl] But Labor Party’s Harold Wilson sent in his legal fixer to do crisis damage control, and just like that, the paper had to eat their words on top of paying a £40,000 libel settlement for actually printing the truth, in effect scaring off the media from exposing any future scandals (not unlike today’s Sir Cliff lawsuit). And despite opposing political parties (since pedos infiltrate all major political parties), Harold Wilson by exercising restraint in saving Boothby’s ass was rewarded as the next elected prime minister. This little known scandal provides graphic illustration of how the worst sins of the ruling class have always remained above the law. As untouchables, VIPs and gangsters alike can continue raping kids without the inconvenient truth getting in their way.

With such high stakes of perverse power and protection granted the Kray mafia by the decadent British establishment, young group home lads never stand a chance. Ronnie Kray once threatened a boy:

You will go home with Lord Boothby. You will do exactly what Lord Boothby wants. Or I will hurt you.[xli]

Ronnie boy also bought more protection for his “Firm” with a sexual dalliance with yet another prominent homosexual pedophile politician from the Krays’ own district - Labor Party chairman and 30-year MP Tom Driberg. The KGB cashed in on Driberg’s multiple affairs, blackmailing and enlisting him as a Soviet spy codenamed Lepage[xlii] while already a confirmed MI5 informer. At one point Driberg was even cast out of the Communist party but remained a devout OTO “do what thou wilt” disciple. In his biography the question is raised:

Can the man who in the 1920s was anointed by Aleister Crowley to succeed him as the Great Beast be the man who in the 1960s tried to persuade Mick Jagger to become a Labour MP?[xliii]

It has recently come to light that the then British Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Norman Skelhorn blocked Driberg’s pedo-espionage case from exposure and ever moving forward legally.[xliv] Again, another pedo-enabling “fox” knighted by the queen protecting VIPs inside their child raping network. 

With such high-end protection, the Krays possessed sufficient muscle to pressure Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Joseph Simpson (yep, another knighted fox standing guard at the cabal’s henhouse) to look the other way from 1958 to 1968.[xlv] An S&M dominatrix who ran with the Kray mob assured Ronnie she could handle Simpson because as one of her clients, he was her masochist whipping boy.[xlvi]

The Krays underworld activities may have started out in the usual mafia domain - armed robbery, arson, protection racket extortion, gambling, drugs and prostitution, but in the pedo-epicenter of the world it quickly expanded into sexual blackmail pimping children, especially the preferred Englishman’s preference - 10-12 year old blue-eyed blue-blooded white boys. With Metro head Sir Simpson dying in 1968, the Krays’ luck finally ran out as in 1969 they were tried, convicted and each issued a lifetime sentence for their gangland murders, one victim shot in a pub for calling Ronnie “a fat poof” and Reggie fatally stabbing another in his flat.[xlvii]

But even from their prison cells, the powerful Kray brothers maintaining close ties with the American mob were still in business providing security protection to VIP entertainers including Frank Sinatra, George Raft, Judy Garland (a child rape and mind control victim herself[xlviii]) as well as Saudi princes.[xlix] With the media’s longtime fascination romanticizing organized crime in both America and the UK, the press fielded stories of a 12-year old fatherless boy named Brad Lane becoming a mini-celebrity idolizing Reggie as his “adopted father” and his #1 faithful prison visitor. Unfortunately Brad died young so in 2009 his mother had her son’s collected memorabilia from the gangster twins auctioned off for a hefty £50,000.[l]

Once sent to prison, Ronnie went increasingly psychotic and ended up at his old friend Jimmy Savile’s Broadmoor, UK’s maximum security prison asylum till his death at 61, while a half decade later brother Reggie stricken with cancer was released a month before his death in 2000 at age 66. By the time Ronnie was shipped off to Savile’s roost at Broadmoor, Sir Jimmy was already replacing the twins as UK’s pimping kingpin running the always profitable child procurement racket through his expanding MI5-BBC-group home pipeline supplying the nonstop demand of kiddie fodder devoured by those same voracious VIP pigs-in-power during the latter decades of the twentieth century. 

As SOP spy world folklore, foreign espionage has long involved laying honey traps to gain control targeting unsuspecting politicians and entertainers through sexual blackmail operations. Infiltrating CIA, Mossad, KGB and MI5/6 operatives have been deploying not just female seductresses to lure prominent husbands into adulterous affairs, but increasingly young men and children are regularly offered through Cohn-Kray-Savile-Epstein-spy service sex ring pipelines to own homosexual and pedo-leaning puppets in both high government and show biz.[li]

In 1959 Cliff Richard signed a recording contract with EMI, the Tavistock mind control linked “Electronic Military Intelligence” corporation where his father began working a decade earlier. Ever since signing that 1959 contract on the dotted line and uniquely churning out hits in every decade since, for over sixty years as the pop sensation’s handlers - the Mossad and MI5, have been taking full advantage of Sir Cliff’s “goodwill” ambassadorship services for the Greater Israel Project[lii] no doubt in exchange for security protection against a long stint in prison for his alleged deviant pastime pleasures.

As an anecdotal inference of Cliff’s mind control alters, from his own autobiographical account comes:

It was as if I was becoming a different character - almost like the mild mannered Clark Kent... The moment I put on the pink jacket... I was Cliff ... and when I came off the stage I went back to being a shy little boy...[liii]

Of course intelligence agencies have been pervasively deploying Monarch mind controlled superstars to the extent that it’s become cliché today. From Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears to Eminem and Lil Wayne, on and on New Babylon ad infinitum go the fashionably sheik, controlled pied piping sex slaves, mesmerizing and enslaving adoring global masses into unholy oblivion as the Luciferian elite’s grand planned Trojan horse.[liv] Sir Cliff’s simply a mind controlled prop hypnotizing the more conservative, Holy Roller geriatric crowd, still captivated by the borderline octogenarian’s ass wiggling stage moves so that no one gets left out of this Illuminati cabal’s mass mind control operation.

No matter his surface appearance and perennial “choir boy” banality, historic sordid truth just seems to keep haunting Sir Cliff. According to longtime British intelligence operative Anthony T. Stokes, an incident in the spring of 1970 implicated Cliff Richard, then still in his late 20s, as a reported pedophile. An unattended plastic carrier bag was discovered in a large London railway station. Inside the travel bag was a collection of letters and photographs apparently taken at pedophile parties with well-known entertainers and children present.[lv] Though Cliff Richard’s name was not mentioned, enough is disclosed to leave no doubt as to whose identity was exposed:

One [photo] in particular showed a pop singer who masquerades under a Christian persona; dressed in women’s underwear he was pictured with young boys.[lvi]

No sooner was the travel bag picked up, while the railway worker was still filling out the lost and found form, two MI5 agents and a special branch officer suddenly barged in demanding the bag and all its contents.[lvii] What does this tell us? It indicates that even back in 1970 [and earlier], British and foreign intelligence services were facilitating sexual blackmail schemes utilizing underage children as honey trap bait to target, compromise and control public figures in both entertainment as well as government.

Time for another blast-from-the past shining light on the shadowy, untouchable public figures like Savile and Cliff Richard. Back in the early 1970s, both Cliff and Jimmy were recruited and invited to join Lord Frank Longford’s infamous fact-finding mission. With the former two-time cabinet minister in the Harold Wilson Labor government, Lord Longford’s crew set out to learn all about pornography (like they didn’t already know firsthand) touring the UK to research the sleazy sex industry that included a brief stopover in Denmark to observe the seedy side of Copenhagen strip clubs.[lviii] Now why would Longford choose a pop singer who claimed to be a devout Christian celibate and a single, never been married radio DJ living at home with his mother unless he knew there was more to their seemingly uninitiated, “sheltered” lives than meets the eye. In any event, the factfinders came up with a best seller that flew off the shelves back in 1972 with the keyword “pornography” strategically emboldened on its front cover. Hungry, sex-starved, sex-craving British citizens wanted to know what all the fuss was about with one in five male Brits at that time admitting to regularly buying (and jerking off to) porno rags[lix] flying off adult bookstore shelves also proliferating throughout the Isles in the early 70s.

The “porn trio experts” delivered some juicy, salacious tidbits of prep schoolboy spankings and a Danish transvestite’s comical come-on to his Lordship, but otherwise never quite measured up to all the hype.[lx] Imagine if their perversions were actually unveiled, revealing their booming underground pedophile ring that would’ve blown the lid off the entire child raping cabal way back when. Instead of just the Kray brothers being stuck in prison in 1972, half the Parliamentary Houses would in common be joining them behind bars where demented child abusers belong.

In reality both Sir Jimmy and Sir Cliff were MI5/6 and Mossad tools used for many decades as undercover assets regularly paying homage to the Jewish State, making frequent trips in support of the Zionist government. In 2013 the pop legend was ready to dedicate his hit song “Living Doll” to Sara Netanyahu sitting in the audience at his Tel Aviv concert till secret service nixed the plan not wanting the public to know the power couple was in attendance. Though Sir Cliff spent quality time schmoozing with the Netanyahus at their plush stately residence several days earlier,[lxi] the Christian knight in Zionist armor also found time to visit the holy city of Nazareth a month earlier to attend a charity tennis fundraiser.[lxii]

Richard was back again in 2017 for another concert performance and again having time to host another kumbaya PR tennis photo-op, this time bringing Jewish and Arab kids together[lxiii] while on the West Bank more Palestinian homes were being bulldozed.[lxiv] Like his friend Sir Jimmy, Cliff Richard devotes much time and energy to charitable causes, which of course is a good thing. But it’s always used as leverage, along with his projected squeaky clean image as a “martyred victim,” to counter the disturbing claims and negative publicity that have lingered throughout his seven decade long career.

Meanwhile, his cohort Sir Savile masquerading as a “saintly” Catholic pretender, the closeted Satanist-necrophiliac-child rapist-closeted serial killer also made certain to pay homage to Zionism, logging in a number of trips to the Jewish State. Referring to himself as “the most Jewish Catholic you will ever meet,”[lxv] while knighted in 1990 by the queen[lxvi] and pope alike,[lxvii] in 1979 Sir Jimmy was also awarded a medal by Israel.[lxviii] The likes of Sir Jimmy and Sir Cliff are embraced and lauded as useful stooges by all three cabal powerhouse centers - the City of London, Rome and Israel.

According to Manchester businessman Benny Sandberg, because Savile was in tight with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s wife Jehan and her family, Savile was approached by the Friends of Israel Trust to help forge a dialogue between Prime Minister Menachem Began and Sadat.[lxix] Thus enlisted as an informal Israeli security advisor, in 1975 Savile accompanied his dispatched Jim’ll Fix It crew to Israel on a 10 day visit to meet with the Jerusalem mayor as well as Israel President Ephraim Katzir. Fondly recalling his visit, Savile seized yet another boastful opportunity to plug his grandiose self-importance:

I arrived at this reception. The president came to me and asked how I was enjoying my visit. I said I was very disappointed: the Israelis had won the Six Day War but they had given back all the land, including the only oil well in the region, and were now paying the Egyptians more for oil than if they had bought it from Saudi Arabia. I said: ‘You have forgotten to be Jewish.’ He said: ‘Would you like to tell my cabinet that?' Next morning, I went to the Knesset; they interrupted a cabinet meeting and I told them the same as I had told him.[lxx]

Just another indicator that both pedophile Sir Jimmy and “alleged” pedophile Sir Cliff are Zionist pawns working on behalf of the Greater Israel Project is their mutual friendship with confirmed Mossad-CIA agent Uri Geller, the spoon bending phenom from the 1970s endowed with supposed supernatural New Age psychic powers.[lxxi] He was a natural to be recruited and deployed as an undercover intelligence operative for both Mossad and the CIA on overseas missions over a span of the next several decades. And of course with both Geller and Richard steeped in mind control, as the Israeli-British go-between, Mossad handler Uri worked closely with both Lord Longford’s “porno experts” Savile and Richard in support of their Greater Zionist causes, which by the way include the global pedophilia blackmail network[lxxii]

Tired of the constant tabloid rumors about his unorthodox personal lifestyle living with a parade of men under the pretense of plutonic relationships, 15 years after the queen knighted him, in 2010 Sir Cliff Richard renounced his British citizenship to become a permanent Barbados citizen where privacy allows him to indulge his prurient interests without nearly the interference and unwanted attention.[lxxiii] No doubt he had to pull a few of his many political strings to pull that maneuver off as Barbados doesn’t often grant outsiders citizenship. But then when Mossad both owns and owes you favors, and you’re in tight with compromised British war criminal and Mossad operative Tony Blair, suddenly doors open while super court injunctions busily close the doors on inconvenient truths. With Tony Blair’s alleged gay “cottaging” past,[lxxiv] and Sir Cliff’s likeminded proclivities, rumors of the unpopular Mr. former prime minister and the pop legend abound, stoked by the frequent visits Tony keeps making to Cliff’s humble abodes in Portugal and Barbados as shelter from the storm.[lxxv]

After a couple conscripted “PR girlfriends” briefly put on display a lifetime ago,[lxxvi] since 1965 Cliff has steadfastly maintained that he found God, especially after hooking up with MK Ultra operative, 33 degree Freemason and fellow pedo-club kingpin Sir Billy Graham,[lxxvii] fervently claiming Christ and celibacy despite that pesky accusation that wouldn’t go away stemming from a 1985 incident at the Billy Graham crusade in Sheffield.[lxxviii]

Speaking of which, in August 2014 Sir Richard’s world crumbled in horrified shock. From his Portugal mansion, a stone’s throw from pedophile neighbor Clement Freud’s house and the McCann girl disappearance, a weeping Sir Richard watched on live television the BBC cameras rolling as South Yorkshire police invaded his Berkshire estate searching for pedophilia evidence in response to allegations of child sexual abuse.[lxxix] An alleged victim while under the age of 16 at the time was accusing the singer of molesting him at Rev. Billy Graham’s 1985 evangelist rally, and in the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile-Operation Yewtree, police and BBC were zeroing in on the girl’s underwearing Kitty.[lxxx] Then six months later due to yet more claims of prior Cliff Richard sex assaults at Elm Guest House, the investigation widened as South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable David Crompton wrote in a February 10, 2015 letter to then chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee Keith Vaz:

This ­investigation has increased significantly in size since its inception.[lxxxi]

As noted earlier, MP Vaz reining over the powerful parliamentary watchdog committee as another pedo-system “fox,” ended up in September 2016 forcibly retiring in disgrace after he was exposed as a pedophile and staunch pedo-protector of his mentor serial pedophile Lord Greville Janner, each respectively high-up in the UK Muslim-Jewish VIP pedo-predator food chain.[lxxxii] Back in 1991 when Janner was accused of chronically abusing two victims (that the presiding judge ruled out incriminating testimony), it was his groomed young Indian protégé pedophile MP Keith Vaz on the House of Commons floor vehemently defending his closest political ally, claiming Janner was “the victim of a cowardly and wicked attack.”[lxxxiii] In that same deceitful speech, Vaz also made a case for changing the existing law to prohibit prominent figures to be accused in open court (emphasis added due to the aforementioned directly related probable future “Cliff’s law” resultant of the July 2018 court decision).

Despite voices of victims finally being heard (but mostly lip service heard) in the post-Savile aftermath, some of the ugly truth came out in the filthy wash when in 2014 dozens of Greville Janner victims came forth to report four decades of his reprehensible crime history violating young boys.[lxxxiv] But soon enough at the ripe old age of 87 in December 2015, similar to accused yet uncharged Lord Brittan’s last remaining months alive, Janner died prior to facing formal indictment or even police inquiry. But in defense of their pedo-dad, his Jewish family in the coziest of relationships with British press circled wagons using the anti-Semitic card to successfully repress the overwhelming evidence that their patriarch was yet another longtime flaming VIP predator not unlike Jimmy Savile.[lxxxv] More on the Lord Janner scandal in Chapter 25.

Is it any wonder that Cliff Richard’s reversal of misfortune suddenly turned the tides in his favor? Though in 2015 it looked pretty bleak for Sir Cliff when growing evidence of his alleged past pedophilia crimes appeared to finally be catching up to him. But what a difference a year makes. In July 2016 Cliff Richard went on the offensive suing both the South Yorkshire Police and the BBC for their collusion in the highly publicized police raid on his Berkshire home in 2014 after the Crown Prosecution Service the month prior somehow deemed not enough evidence to charge (which smacks of cover-up in and of itself).[lxxxvi] Then in May 2017 the police agreed to pay the singer a whopping sum of £400,000[lxxxvii] and another £300,000 for Sir Cliff’s legal costs.[lxxxviii] Interesting that in June 2016 while Vaz still chaired the committee in charge of all pending UK legal cases, CPS chose not to formally charge Sir Cliff and then a mere month and a half later, news of Vaz’s criminal child abuse history surfaced forcing his resignation from his prominent political henhouse perch. See how the inner club constantly looks out for each other?

The question that begs to be answered is why can’t the British “justice” system ever collect enough evidence to successfully get a VIP suspect charged, tried and convicted? Why are no child raping MPs or lords ever sent to prison for their crimes? In short, the system is corrosively and irreparably rigged and needs a complete overhaul of personnel if not more. Another big reason is, as of the 1964 Police Act, all of the UK’s chief constables heading the nation’s city police forces have to answer to one centralized national source - the Home Secretary.[lxxxix] And as long as the Home Secretary “fox” guarding the child henhouse is a pedophile or pedophile enabler in what’s become a job prerequisite, no powerful pedophile in the UK will ever be convicted and brought to justice. It has yet to happen.

As of that 1964 structural policing change in Britain, no longer are independent law enforcement investigations permitted and thus a national policy of centralized control and cover-up has become the standard operating norm to suppress all police probes into British establishment pedophile rings. This explains why top end politicians and entertainers who systematically rape children always - bar none - get away with it. The British legal system (and for that matter the US and virtually the entire world) is rigged to protect accused child rapists when members of the elite. This worldwide must change! Bring on the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.

Sir Cliff and Queen Elizabeth’s mutual admiration[xc] had her knighting him in 1995 while he was her only selected performer requested to sing at her 2012 Jubilee Celebration marking her 60 year reign.[xci] Upon learning from the Crown Prosecution Service that the police had dropped its pedophilia investigation against him in 2016, immediately after wiping his tears of joy and relief, he then went to sing “God Save the Queen” for her birthday celebration at the Lisbon British Embassy.[xcii] Fitting since she probably did save his ass. Of course it can’t hurt to maintain super close ties with his global pedophilia handlers MI5, MI6 and Mossad,[xciii] or war criminals Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu, and all rest of the top tier perps in the globalized pedo-network that made certain Sir Cliff remains immune from all consequence since his lawsuit represents their self-interest too.

In July 2018 it was BBC’s turn to lose in court. Ostensibly violating Sir Richard’s right to privacy broadcasting the August 2014 police fiasco on national live television, the multibillionaire was awarded another £210,000.[xciv] £20,000 more was thrown into the plaintiff’s lap as aggravated damages over the BBC arrogantly nominating itself for its coverage of the raid for the Royal Television Society’s scoop of the year award. Still yet to be assessed are damages for Cliff’s lost book deals and public appearances which will no doubt also be substantial.

The overkill of a BBC reporter staked out overnight waiting for the police to arrive and the BBC helicopter flying overhead was over-the-top sensationalism, raising the ante in full tilt damages. BBC journalist Dan Johnson had allegedly learned that South Yorkshire Police were investigating Cliff Richard’s alleged pedophilic past and threatened to expose the investigation unless granted a front row seat tipoff so BBC cameras and helicopter could exclusively lie in wait for the massively staged morning police raid.[xcv] Big media meets big law enforcement in the show of morning shows. And so far the tally has cost BBC alone £1, 060,000 in compensation to “victim” Cliff,[xcvi] overcome with emotion in tearful relief for all the pain and anguish this poor little rich boy’s been so grievously forced to endure.

The Sun editor Tony Gallagher’s response to the High Court decision:

Arrests will go unpublicized. Suspects will assert privacy rights. Police probes impeded. Victory for (alleged) criminals and money-grabbing lawyers. Terrible for media.[xcvii]

BBC news director Fran Unsworth said even if the BBC low-keyed its coverage:

… The judge would still have found that the story was unlawful, despite ruling that what we broadcast about the search was accurate.[xcviii]

Had Cliff Richard been charged and convicted, obviously his counter-lawsuit would never have been possible. But because the judicial process is so corrupted and rigged in the UK, with this latest court decision, the already rigged system just became even more stacked against truth and justice for the common people. This lawsuit and legal judgment are to ensure that the big wig pedophiles at the top of the power pyramid never get identified or arrested, much less ever brought to justice and serve prison time. This court ruling seals the deal for the most powerful on earth to continue living above the law. Rich and famous pedophiles are celebrating in their mansions over this one.

On the one hand, the pedophilia-saturated BBC that allowed its internal pedophile ring to flourish for numerous decades under Sir Jimmy and his gang running amok, along with the BBC’s continual criminal cover-up and nonstop denial of any wrongdoing, co-opted by a corrupted whitewashed investigation by its own appointed former judge as well as Operation Yewtree’s police probe debacle, the BBC deserves to lose a whole lot more than just what amounts to chump change for the world’s largest media organization[xcix] with an annual income exceeding £5 billion.[c] Its choice to deceitfully continue denying pedophilia within its own ranks for so many decades while, in the post-Savile witch hunt, relished in its co-opted police spectacle scoop, pouncing on and exploiting Cliff Richard (innocent or guilty) for cheap thrill ratings and accolades also serve this hypocritical, reprehensible, downright evil media giant right.

But on the other hand, this legal decision sets a dark, foreboding and dangerous precedent that muzzles if not kills what little freedom of speech and the press is still left. After initially maintaining the BBC would appeal the decision on “fundamental principle,” a month later the government media giant changed its mind, not wanting to “prolong Sir Cliff’s distress.”[ci] More bullshit. This case is a huge setback for the people and children of the United Kingdom. From here on out this Cliff Richard judgment will cause news outlets to not dare pursue controversial stories for fear of incurring major damages for violating suspected public figures’ right to privacy.

This 2018 case is not unlike the heavily retracted 1964 Sunday Mirror article mentioned earlier that accurately outed pedophiles Lord Boothby and gangster Ronnie Kray’s joint government-organized crime operated child sex ring. And it was no accident that UK’s 1964 Police Act centralizing all British law enforcement agencies under the pedo-friendly Home Secretary’s control and the Sunday Mirror article being checkmated in court by a costly libel suit all went down at the exact same time. 1964 was a year the pedo-elite defeated truth and justice and now 2018 is another year that VIP pedophiles are happy. This Cliff Richard court decision is simply more of the same, the pedo-elite successfully pushing back after near exposure of its Achilles pedo-heel in recent years after the Savile scandal broke. The predatory elite’s simply engaged now in successful damage control.

Super rich Sir Cliff Richard claims he spent £4 million defending his reputation to legally go after the BBC and police.[cii] With police already delivering its public apology and near a million pounds to the queen’s singing knight and the BBC paying over a million so far, at the end of the day, they’re expected to run up a tab of £5 million in damages to victim Cliff. As a result, this court decision now poses such enormous liability risk to every news corporation in the world, regardless of size, that extreme caution will be exercised before daring to expose the next super wealthy public figure turned pedophile or murder suspect caught in the act. In effect, this case silences the free press in the United Kingdom for good. Welcome to the totalitarian dystopian nightmare come true where evil planetary controllers get to live like gods above every manmade law while the rest of us condemned and shackled slaves wretch in their purgatory made hell on earth, if not already genocided yet as part of their Agenda 21 eugenics depopulation plan.[ciii]

The illusion of a free press that in reality no longer exists in the so called “free world” is today’s manifestation of ruling psychopaths secretly bent on holding absolute power by any means necessary, deploying a number of deceitfully draconian methods to their end, one of which is concealing the truth from the public. It invariably occurs in every totalitarian regime-in-the-making,[civ] and when that regime is the current globalist precursor now underway promoting West versus East conflict and confrontation as a pathway to world war and one world government tyranny,[cv] writing-on-the-wall signs are everywhere.

Increasing censorship in the digital age, all in the name of “national security,” combatting “extremism,” legalized “rights” of the politically correct, and illegalized “fake news” decided by tech giant gatekeepers propagating official state-MSM lies are fueling battlefronts attacking freedom of press and freedom of speech.[cvi] Consolidating globalized power and control over news outlets, outflow information and truth even on the internet are being centralized into fewer hands.[cvii] And the censorship makers in China are working with Google Gestapo et al to make it worldwide.[cviii] Add to this alarming backdrop of oppressive trends and developments the Cliff Richard case and its disturbing implications for exposing future pedophilia crimes - even when accurately reporting the truth, clearly the privileged pedophiles are increasingly armed with protection at the expense of their powerless victims and the public at large.

Additionally, not revealing the identity of an arrested suspect will foreclose any opportunity for other victims to feel empowered enough to brave the stress, liability and re-trauma of coming forth to report crimes against their powerful perps. Its effects are both sobering and grave, placing an enormous barrier now to exposing the crime cabal’s ugliest sins and clearly is a landmark victory for the planet’s most elitist criminals at the top of the predator food chain. Another consequence in-the-making is what’s being referred to as “Cliff’s law,” where the mere reporting of arrested suspects in and of itself constitutes a criminal violation of their privacy rights.[cix] The Orwellian prediction that during a time of universal deceit, not only does telling the truth become a revolutionary act, it also becomes a crime.[cx]

So the rights of rich and famous criminals able to spend big bucks going after the media - however guilty of egregious crimes - are also able to trample over the public’s right to know the truth and the rights of all victims seeking any semblance of justice. In the highly rigged economic legal system, the rich and powerful continue getting richer and more powerful at an unprecedented rate,[cxi] reaping more control to rape and pillage our planet at an exponential, dishearteningly feverish pace. Humanity is in rapid descent, regressed into forcibly living in a current neo-feudal slave system compounded by nightmarish Artificial Intelligence-electronic techno control, surveilling every slave’s move and thought, making Orwell’s 1984 nostalgically appear a walk in the park.[cxii] That’s why sooner than later citizens of the world must unite in solidarity against the miniscule minority behind the global pedo-empire curtain.

Sir Cliff’s landmark case is the beta test for the elite to finagle utilizing their so called privacy rights excuse in order to secure their privileged lives forever to remain above the law. As common everyday citizens, where are our lost privacy rights?[cxiii] While we’re living in history’s most watched and controlled society ever on earth, the ruling elite’s privacy rights are the only ones that apparently matter now. Sir Cliff utilized his legal clout after years of built up capital earned from all those trips to Israel as a lifetime Mossad pawn to first make libelous any reporting of “Kitty’s” presence at the Elm Guest pedo-party lodge and now across-the-boards suppression of any of his alleged past criminal activity making him unreachable like all his fellow pedo-sirs and pedo-lords within an elitist aristocracy class guaranteed to continue living like gods above the law with complete impunity answering to no one... except God.

The ruling elite set up the BBC to take the fall for having gotten caught with its pants down vis-a-vis the Savile disgrace. So this monumental landmark decision was strategically orchestrated to add yet one more insurmountable buffered layer to seal off protection for the earth’s top level pedophiles from all further accountability. With this legal triumph, “invincible” planetary controllers may be deluding themselves into actually believing their Achilles pedo-heel is now impenetrable. Lest they be reminded their war on truth is never over nor their defiance of karmic laws. In the end, only truth and justice prevail - not them.

By design Operations Yewtree, Midlands, Fairbridge and a host of other police probes into alleged government pedophiles have all failed miserably to arrest the VIP pedo-establishment.[cxiv] While Sir Cliff celebrated his court victory, the alleged victim named “Nick” was hauled off to jail. Nick had claimed MPs and cabinet ministers tortured and sexually abused him for a decade in the 80s while allegedly witnessing the murder of three underage boys. But this year he was conveniently declared a public liar and slapped with charges of perverting course of justice with his so called false statements.[cxv] The tide has once again turned against victims in the UK as their “unsubstantiated claims” have been blamed for lack of police operations’ arrests resulting from all those post-Savile investigations. Thus, no members of the VIP establishment that we absolutely know have been raping children in droves have been arrested. The earth’s pedo-epicenter is showing its true colors and true reason for its label in the latest round of intended death blows to truth and justice. Continuing unabated, the pedophilia cover-up in the United Kingdom reigns supreme.

In the summer of 2018, the UK elite has fought back, discrediting and silencing victims once again in order to retain impunity from any and all punishment. In a legal cesspool system the power to declare victims liars not only lets the perps off the hook, it plants the seed of doubt in every abuse victim brave enough to come forth to file a complaint and endure the horrendous ordeal of re-traumatized hardship seeking systemically denied justice. These offensive, over-the-top moves by the establishment are designed to thoroughly discourage future abuse victims from ever filing formal complaints, realizing their voices will never be heard in a morally depraved, fully bankrupted feudal system beyond repair.

In recent years the pedophilia elite have realized that a growing awareness of Pedogate scandals have been gaining momentum worldwide, influencing perceptions of an increasing number of people to accurately view the VIP establishment as a criminal sicko-infested cabal. This expanding base of informed citizens has made them increasingly nervous and vulnerable to finally being made accountable.[cxvi] So they pushed back with a conjured up high profile pivotal court case under the guise of protecting privacy rights of the rich and powerful, killing a diminishing free press while rendering yet more VIP abuse victims unreliable false claimants. Meanwhile, the mired, “unfit for purpose” government-sanctioned child abuse inquiry dragging on impotently for years gets fined £200,000 in July 2018,[cxvii] the same month alleged VIP abuse victim Nick gets jailed and Sir Cliff wins in court. The inquiry is alleged to have inadvertently emailed out full names of child abuse victims, thus violating their privacy rights in the latest self-injuring blunder seemingly intended to render the floundering charade completely impotent and ineffective at getting to the bottom of the British child raping epidemic. Of course that too is the whole point by design as well.

All those repeatedly lost government pedo-dossiers,[cxviii] [cxix] systemic failure by police to historically follow up hundreds of thousands of real abuse cases[cxx] and systemic historical failure by CPS to charge real criminals[cxxi] or lose crucial evidence,[cxxii] and the multitudes of victims who’ve filed accusations in the post-Savile years,[cxxiii] against both VIP perpetrators as well as the so called Muslim Asian community gangs unimpededly abusing thousands more underage girls in recent decades, all of these massive systemic failures have created an endemic national crisis[cxxiv] in the United Kingdom like never before.[cxxv] Upward estimates nearing a half million UK abuse cases mounted up in a 2-year period between April 2012 and March 2014 alone.

By diabolical intentions, the world’s worst pedophilia haven systemically protects powerful child rapists and killers while systematically silencing child victims, regardless of which brand of abuse - the VIP 10 Downing Street-Westminster type or the unchecked, out of control Telford, Rochdale and Rotherham debacle.[cxxvi] Compounded by the globalist manufactured divide and conquer mass refugee crisis destroying Europe, the deteriorating conditions in the UK have been spreading virtually throughout the entire Western world with a ripple effect in Eastern nations as both a pedo-tourism magnet[cxxvii] and ripe source for unbridled child abduction-sex trafficking.[cxxviii] Until the citizens of the world come together in unified solidarity to fight this blight on humanity, the dire conditions for children worldwide are only crumbling from bleakly bad to bleaker worse.

History just keeps repeating itself in an endless recycle, ever-raising the ante with the world’s puppet masters deploying their Mockingbird press propaganda to manipulate, shape, dumb down and blind public opinion,[cxxix] along with nonstop application of both their divide and conquer formula[cxxx] and the Hegelian dialectic (problem, reaction, solution) as their foolproof methods to increase authoritarian control over the masses while in one fell swoop snuff out dissent, truth and justice.[cxxxi] The current stakes are at an all-time high in recorded history as humanity is under an unprecedented, relentless homicidal assault. With the latest setbacks, exposing the unimpugnable, child raping monsters poses even more a formidable challenge. But living by the cherished tenet that the truth shall set us all free, armed with knowledge of the truth and vastly overwhelming numbers on our side, as sovereign members of the human race we possess the power to hold the subhuman handful of life destroyers fully accountable for all their crimes against our innocents and humanity.

So coming full circle with a summary, a year and a half prior to Jill Dando’s murder, it appears intelligence agencies sent Dr. Alan Farthing to become her intimate fiancé and assigned asset Sir Cliff Richard as her intimate confidante. No doubt between them they were able to glean everything she learned about the Savile-BBC-British establishment pedophilia network for MI5 and Mossad to know and conclude that she simply posed too much risk to the crime cabal. And very likely she had to be eliminated because she learned of Sir Cliff and/or the doctor’s direct involvement in the pedo-crime network. On the fly, the Mossad compromised prime minister placed the hastily constructed hit prior to her dropping the bombshell of all bombshells to the world via live national television.

Clearly the Jill Dando murder was a conjoint Mossad-MI5-mob hit ordered by the highest ranking British elite as a warning to any other journalist or whistleblower who may also be entertaining ideas to expose the filthy truth. The shooting was one more tragic end in a seemingly never-ending series of strange and sudden deaths connected to so many BBC employees that were likely privy to the network’s pedophilia ring. All the earlier theoretical conjecture explaining her untimely tragic death was simply planting decoyed rabbit holes to muddle and obscure the truth and thereby protect the British pedophilia establishment that is the ungodly trinity of the BBC, the UK government and the royal family.

And the British elite’s “go-to” guy for propagating all these official false narratives on virtually every controversial death in the United Kingdom is the aforementioned West London Westminster coroner Dr. Paul Knapman. For over 30 years from 1980 to 2011 Dr. Knapman ruled on over 85,000 deaths, 12,500 inquests and over 500 murders[cxxxii] explaining fake causes on a myriad of strange, unnatural deaths and assorted, undeclared murders of not only an inordinate number of BBC employees but others who also either knew too much or were sacrificed for propaganda purposes in false flag operations promoting the West’s warmongering agenda spearheaded by the CIA and friends. Knapman’’s “work” was already cited in the suspicious deaths of Peaches Geldof’s mother Paula Yates in 2000, the highly probable murders of Natasha Collins and Mark Speight in 2008 as well as BBC DJ Kevin Greening’s gay bondage death just 5 days ahead of Natasha’s.

Dr. Knapman has also repeatedly come under fire for his gross mishandling of a number of inquests involving casualties from major boating and railway accidents. His most grotesque publicized blunder was the Thames riverboat Marchioness collision with a dredger resulting in the deaths of 51 people in 1989. As an alleged convenient means of identifying victims, he simply cut off half the deceased’s hands for easier fingerprint access, atrociously insensitive and arrogantly oblivious to the grieving needs of family members.[cxxxiii] Without even the families’ consent, the creepy megalomaniac doctor removed body parts and tissues, not unlike Jill Dando’s fiancé Dr. Alan Farthing’s routine medical practice. The hands of one young woman were literally lost, misplaced and ultimately destroyed at the bottom of Knapman’s morgue refrigerator for four long years prior to its rediscovery, prompting a victim’s mother to respond:

Your mortuary is so dirty that it took four years to find a child's hands. You are a butcher.[cxxxiv]  

Yet this “butcher” is the kind of unscrupulous, uncaring oaf the cabal system knows will carry out its orders with blind tunnel vision obedience. 

As an example of how the global crime cabal system works to use Dr. Knapman’s final “expert” word to further its destabilizing agenda for war and terrorism across the planet comes the coldblooded murder of police constable Yvonne Fletcher in the so called Libyan Embassy siege in April 1984 London.[cxxxv] With a handful of Libyans protesting in front of the Libyan People’s Bureau at St. James Square that day, shots rang out killing Yvonne instantly. Official conclusion purported by Knapman at the inquest pointed the finger at a Libyan gunman firing 9mm bullets from the embassy.

Yet the most respected senior ballistics expert in the British Army, a former Belfast hospital surgeon and a longtime Home Office pathologist - all three of the nation’s foremost authorities on forensic firearm ballistics specified that the bullet that assassinated Yvonne Fletcher had to have come from the Enserch House, a building with known links to the CIA.[cxxxvi] Essentially the constable was most likely gunned down mercilessly as a sacrificial lamb, misused to incite anti-Gaddafi demonization the world over as prepping to justify the following year’s 32,000 pounds of ordnance dropped in bombs over Tripoli by US warplanes based in the UK (i.e., all part of a prearranged election year Reagan-Thatcher deal).[cxxxvii] The cabal could always count on stooges like Knapman for his rubberstamp approval when needed.

Of course leave it to Hillary and company to finish the job offing Gaddafi in 2011 because he was busily uniting Africa behind his own gold-backed currency rather than continue paying subservient homage to the Empire’s exploitive USD.[cxxxviii] Historically, the Zionist-Anglo-American Empire systematically demonizes and assassinates any and all national leaders around the world daring to operate independent of Rothschild imperialistic central bank control.[cxxxix] That’s why out of near 200 countries on earth, only the “pariah” nation North Korea doesn’t have a central bank.[cxl]

Little more than a half year before Princess Diana’s life abruptly ended, another suspicious yet inconspicuous death occurred in the famous and mysterious Dolphin Square, the vast block of Pimlico flats in central London close to the House of Commons that’s been home to “the famous, the infamous and the notorious” where MPs, lords, generals and foreign and British intelligence operatives frequently reside.[cxli] VIP orgies at the Dolphin Square complex have always been notoriously common. An alleged eyewitness victim claimed that in the 1990s he and other children were picked up from various group homes and trafficked in by Peter Righton, the aforementioned British bigwig childcare specialist who wrote national policy on child abuse protection as former director of education at the National Institute of Social Work and consultant for the National Children’s Bureau, also happened to be a co-founder of PIE (talk about a fox guarding the henhouse).[cxlii]

Righton was a procuring pedophile with high-end connections who not only committed horrendous sexual abuse himself but trafficked kids to suffer even a worse fate by VIPs until he was eventually convicted of child pornography in 1992 and died in 2007.[cxliii] But over the years victims and witnesses have reported four children were allegedly murdered at sex parties held at the notorious VIP pedo-haven Dolphin Square. One survivor states that when he was 15, Righton took him to a party where once the women left, about 15 adult men began sexually assaulting and torturing the group home children, among the attendees identified were a Tory minister, several MPs and a famous comedian.[cxliv] According to the victim, one of the trafficked children was a 15-year old girl with braces who was taken into one of the three torture chamber bedrooms and never seen again, suspected to have been murdered by a powerful Tory politician.

But in January 1997 another suspicious Dolphin Square death occurred, this time the 56-year old Conservative MP Iain Mills’ body found a couple of days after dying allegedly from acute alcohol poisoning according to coroner Knapman. Friends who knew Iain and Meridian residents who were his constituents for almost two decades insist that Iain never even drank alcohol but was only known to socially drink orange juice.[cxlv] Yet his body was surrounded by empty gin bottles. There are those who believe Iain Mills may well have learned firsthand about the widespread child abuse and alcohol-drug infested orgies going on all around him at Dolphin Square,[cxlvi] frequented by his fellow MPs and lords as well as business, legal and military VIPs, violently acting out their sexual deviant criminal pathologies on underage children in the Westminster pedo-blackmail ring operating with impunity throughout the 1970s well into the 1990s.[cxlvii] But in Iain’s case both police and coroner alike appeared all too eager to brush his death aside, only fueling and reinforcing the speculation that probable foul play was involved.

Ten years later another bizarre twist in yet another Dolphin Square death misruled by Knapman, this one involving 64-year old High Court Judge Rodney McKinnon. Dr. “know-it-all” rigidly maintained that Rodney was suffering from depression due to high blood pressure medicine he’d been prescribed.[cxlviii] At the inquest Knapman asserted that the judge just couldn’t cope with life anymore and chose to end it jumping off his Drake building in Dolphin Square and falling 50 feet to his intended death. With no suicide note, Rodney’s brother Warwick McKinnon, who also happens to be a judge, claimed his brother made plans with his girlfriend just days prior to his untimely demise, adding:

I don't believe it was suicide and neither does anyone in the family or any friends I have spoken to… He was a very tidy and literary man. He would have wanted to record the reason why if it was suicide… He would not have done this.[cxlix]

Yet the Svengali of death just knew it had to be suicide obviously without sufficient cause, which in the case of a suicide verdict, by law must be “beyond all reasonable doubt.” Bottom line, with the judge well aware his Dolphin Square community was historically rife with VIP pedophiles, some of whom he’d convicted in his own court, the plausibility remains strong that the pedo-crime network eliminated him for being a thorn in its side and the suicide-on-the-brain doctor once again was simply following orders.[cl] The crime cabal’s trail of those who get in the way in Britain is no different from the US trail traveled by the Bush[cli]-Clinton crime family[clii] because it’s one and the same. Like everything else, it’s global.

As a cabal tool, Knapman rubberstamped a number of other huge inquests like UK’s own 9/11 inside job - the 2005 London 7/7 bombings[cliii] and the 2007 inquest of the 1997 Princess Diana-Dodi Fayed assassination.[cliv] Again, demonic evil knows no earthly limit. Racking up so many unbelievably preposterous and highly suspect verdicts on his death track record involving so many suspicious, high profile, abrupt life endings, Dr. Paul Knapman was coming under increasing pressure and opposition from those who saw through his shady racket. Chris Pond, a Member of Parliament from 1997 to 2005 was the most vocal Knapman critic, raising serious and urgent red flag questions about the Westminster coroner’s consistent misconduct over the years on the House of Commons floor that could no longer be sloughed off as mere incompetence.[clv] And during the debate wouldn’t you know it, accused pedophile MP turned BBC broadcaster Michael Portillo[clvi] rushed to Dr. Knapman’s defense.[clvii] For being such an obedient crime cabal errand boy for over two decades, in 2008 Queen Elizabeth rewarded Dr. Knapman with the lofty title of the Queen’s Deputy-Lieutenant for Greater London.[clviii] As previously noted, bestowed honors from the queen are the dead giveaway revealing who the real pedo-cabal players are. The crown throws a bone to her designated puppets serving to protect her global pedophilia network after demonstrating an over and above zest for contributing to the malaise.   

Britain’s longtime BBC favorite Irish broadcaster - Sir Terry Wogan, less than three months prior to his January 31, 2016 passing, claimed he would “continue working another ten years” before retiring. Then suddenly the 77-year old stricken with a remarkably fast spreading cancer learned he was dying a scant three weeks ahead of his death.[clix] Also just three weeks prior to Wogan’s death, another longtime BBC employee, Savile colleague DJ at Radio 1 Ed “Stewpot” Stewart suddenly died shortly after suffering a stroke. The BBC deaths just keep piling up one after the other.

In 2014 Terry Wogan apologized for disrespecting David Icke for an on the air interview where he publicly ridiculed David for his unbelievable truth telling about the evildoers atop the power pyramid, coming to realize Icke was absolutely correct in so many of his earlier proclamations virtually no one took seriously,[clx] like years before the former prime minister’s death, Icke asserted in 1998 that Edward Heath was a child murdering pedophile.[clxi] Once the Savile scandal broke in October 2012, the host of the Children in Need telethon stated that he hated Jimmy Savile, blaming him for “poisoning” the BBC.[clxii] In Wogan’s words:

He [Savile] always struck me as creepy. I’ve talked to people and not one of them has said: ‘I really liked him.’[clxiii]

Years before Savile’s death, like so many others, the Jesuit educated and trained[clxiv] Terry Wogan also knew about the BBC serial pedophile, revealing at a celebrity luncheon that after Savile went to relieve himself in the bathroom, longtime journalist Jean Rook sitting nearby turned to Terry and asked:

When are they going to expose him?[clxv]

“That’s your job,” Terry replied, passing the buck waiting for an investigative journalist outside the BBC to uncover the filth. But Wogan was wrong when so many insiders within the media entertainment industry knew Savile was abusing children but not one person at the BBC was bold or brave enough to step up and say anything except, of all people, Johnny Rotten. All the beloved queen honored BBC stars like Sir Terry Wogan and Dame Esther Rantzen knew full well what was going on, that the BBC was a pedophile haven harboring not just one child rapist but many. The real reason not one BBC employee bothered making waves, other than Jill Dando and look where it got her, BBC personnel were afraid of not just losing their jobs, but their lives as well. For years they saw fellow colleagues dropping dead like flies left and right, and realized the deadly risk and consequence of standing up for what was right protecting children just wasn’t worth it to them.

If you’re still not convinced, former BBC personality Muz Murray literally feared for his life:

Everyone’s a mason in the BBC. Masons are all over the place there. It was a frightening atmosphere and eventually I left, thinking someone was going to come after me and kill me. That’s why I went into the Himalayan mountains, and I learned all the Tibetan yoga still frightened someone was going to come after me and kill me.[clxvi]

In addition to Jill Dando and the dozen BBC employees who met similarly bizarre, ill-fated deaths, a number of other BBC staff not mentioned in this chapter also died strange and untimely, questionable BBC deaths. They are featured in a website that links their deaths to a preponderance of Freemasons amongst senior BBC management, corroborating the firsthand observation of Muz Murray.[clxvii] The website author encountered a young woman whose father as a Mason and BBC employee had told her decades earlier that Jimmy Savile was a pedophile who was tricking top people in the television industry into compromising situations with children. The same article goes on to quote a senior insider running the government sponsored corporation from the shadows:

We’re plotting to get Jimmy Saville to trick lots of TV stars and other high profile sorts into getting photographed with children, we’re gonna angle the shots so they look like they’re maybe fiddling around with the kids, we’ve sat down and thought of what the most unbelievable claim could conceivably be to say someone has done, we think the public would never believe we could fake child molestation, so that’s exactly what we’re doing, to cause the most total outrage and hatred of the public.[clxviii]

This confirms that the ruling elite placed Savile in charge of a major sexual blackmail operation not unlike the Mossad blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein in the US. The biggest pedophile in British history was an MI5 operative carrying out his diabolical duty as a blackmailing pimp for English royalty, the government and the Freemasons and Luciferians at the top of the predatory food chain. That’s why he so arrogantly operated so brazenly in plain sight, knowing all the while he was fully protected and immune from all accountability.

This brings us to the final, most recent death covered in the BBC mysterious and suspicious demise file. As the second known BBC broadcaster since Jill Dando to prematurely leave this world exposing BBC’s culture of pedophilia and fear, longtime BBC journalist Liz MacKean suddenly suffered a fatal stroke at the age of only 52 in August 2017.[clxix] After working her way up the corporate news ladder as a successful network correspondent from 1993 to 2013, her resignation arose under a flurry of conflict over a documentary she made that was actually the first to expose the Jimmy Savile crimes originally slated for broadcast just weeks after Savile’s death.

BBC director James Harding described her as “remarkably tenacious and resourceful,” especially commending Liz for her “insightful and hard-hitting reporting of the [Northern Ireland] conflict,” adding:

It was as an investigative reporter that she really shone, shining a light on issues from the dumping of toxic waste off the African coast to Jimmy Savile, the story for which she is probably best known.[clxx]

Blowing the lid off of Savile’s reign of terror in a BBC Newsnight segment that never aired shortly after Savile’s demise, Liz MacKean’s producer was initially excited with the project scheduled to broadcast weeks after the pedophile died. But overnight succumbing to pressure from the big boys upstairs, the project was abruptly scrapped, put on an indefinite hold and the opportunity to expose Savile was lost for another year.[clxxi] BBC the pedophile enabler remained BBC the pedo-cover-upper, canning Liz’ groundbreaking work little more than a month after Savile’s death in favor of broadcasting two fake holiday tributes glorifying the BBC beast.

The British Broadcasting Corporation disgraced itself yet again cowardly shelving Liz MacKean’s accurate and true indictment, fabricating the lame excuse that the 10-minute segment interviewing 10 Savile victims and witnesses was cut for “editorial reasons,” citing that its claims “could not be substantiated,” of course immediately recognized as a total boldface CYA lie.[clxxii] Consequently, the world had to wait nearly another full year before the ITV exposé dropped the “other side of Savile” bombshell. As small consolation, Liz’s nixed Savile exposure garnered the London Press Club’s scoop of the year award. While filming her Newsnight piece exposing the BBC cover-up, Liz MacKean’s life was threatened. But unlike all the other BBC staff, her ethical duty to tell the truth was far more important. Though Liz’s integrity remained intact, walking away in protest and pure disgust in 2013 for the BBC’s gutless decision, she expressed remorse and guilt to the Savile victims over her inability to deliver their timely truth, though certainly not from any lack of effort on her part:

I thought that that was a failure… I felt we had a responsibility towards them. We got them to talk to us, but above all, we did believe them. And so then, for their stories not to be heard, I felt very bad about that. I felt, very much, that I’d let them down. I was very unhappy the story didn’t run because I felt we’d spoken to people who collectively deserved to be heard and they weren't heard.[clxxiii]

The BBC also fired the Newsnight investigative producer Meirion Jones who worked with Liz for daring to tell the truth about Savile.[clxxiv] From the day Meirion was a boy and his Aunt Margaret Jones was Duncroft School’s headmistress when in the 1970s Savile allegedly abused 23 girls there,[clxxv] he witnessed Sir Jimmy driving off with soon-to-be victims in his Rolls. The BBC has gone out of its way to destroy careers of honest investigative journalists who value the truth and the moral conviction to tell it. In Meirion’s words:

There is a small group of powerful people at the BBC who think it would have been better if the truth about Savile had not come out. And they aim to punish the reporters who revealed it.[clxxvi] 

Liz MacKean on how BBC treated her to the end:

When the Savile Scandal broke, the BBC tried to smear my reputation. They said they had banned the film because Meirion and I had produced shoddy journalism. I stayed to fight them, but I knew they would make me leave in the end. Managers would look through me as if I wasn’t there. I went because I was never going to appear on screen again.[clxxvii] 

Meirion said that BBC creative director Alan Yentob called Meirion and Liz “traitors” after he saw the Panorama piece where the two explained how the BBC in chronic cover-up mode cancelled airing their Savile exposé.[clxxviii] 

After her two decade tenure at BBC, Liz went on to make films for Channel 4’s Dispatch program. The bad blood that went down between Liz and her despicable former employer, then her sudden passing a short time later at a relatively young age leaving two daughters behind, ultimately joining the notorious BBC cemetery row of questionable, sad and highly suspicious deaths after exposing the BBC pedo-cover-up, leaves many still wondering… was she yet the latest brave KIA casualty in the war against truth?

The phenomenon of a plethora of highly suspicious deaths befalling employees at one particular company is nothing new. From 1982 to 1989 twenty-five scientists that worked at the UK defense contractor GEC-Marconi on the controversial US “Star Wars” project and the “Sting Ray” torpedo project were suddenly mysterious killed in an obvious cover-up of murder.[clxxix] And the obvious culprit was intelligences services just as they’re undoubtedly involved in so many of the BBC-related deaths as well. One, the global intelligence community has both the means and motive to silence those endowed with valuable, highly-incriminating, top secret information and two, the CIA, Mossad and MI6 are never held accountable by either governments or law enforcement agencies.

An identical parallel pattern has been unfolding with dozens of doctors paying the price for speaking out against the dangers of Big Pharma and vaccines.[clxxx] Then there’s what commonly happens to muckraking journalists and activists who courageously uncover explosive evidence that could bring down crime cabal powerbrokers. Among the half-dozen short list are Gary Webb,[clxxxi] artist Mark Lombardi,[clxxxii] J.H. Hatfield,[clxxxiii] Danny Casolaro,[clxxxiv] Michael Hastings[clxxxv] and Max Spiers,[clxxxvi] though many more around the world have been violently silenced making truth telling journalism as a profession an endangered species. One look at the Bush-Clinton crime family says it all for their never-ending list of “suicided” insiders that knew too much.

With so many nefarious forces all working together to conceal the truth from ever being revealed, it’s no wonder the global pedophilia network has remained so fully intact by eliminating and silencing threats and constantly covering-up cabal criminality. Of course after Jill Dando died, the Metropolitan Police were reported to have interviewed both Dr. Farthing and Sir Cliff Richard on a number of occasions. But because they are likely MI5 assets working on behalf of the criminal British establishment, nothing they could say or do would ever place them at risk of being identified as suspects or accomplices since Metro never fails to comply with orders issued by British intelligence or Special Branch, the UK’s terrorism-counterterrorism unit. But at this point with all this massively overwhelming, cumulative evidence, it should be both flagrantly and abundantly clear that the most powerful criminals in the United Kingdom murdered Jill Dando with complete impunity and were determined at all cost to conceal that ugly truth from the public, no different from their deadly hit on Princess Diana, her unborn Muslim-to-be child and future Muslim husband little more than a year and a half earlier. For a very long time the planetary controllers have been child raping murderers, millions if not billions of times over. It’s high time we citizens of the world finally face up to that very dark, most disturbing reality and finally begin holding the relative handful of monsters in this world fully accountable.

Because the government-funded BBC is part of the same interlocking pedophilia crime cabal as Westminster and British royalty, the giant media conglomerate has a long history of shielding its VIP pedophiles and suppressing their heinous crimes. Case in point, the BBC is notorious for its atrocious track record of systematically attacking and smearing child abuse survivors along with journalists and the small minority of MPs that have courageously attempted to expose the truth.[clxxxvii]

Let’s face it, the pedo-cabal stops at no limit to punish and destroy those deemed a serious enough threat, from fellow criminals who knew too much to morally strong souls determined to expose the truth. Knowing that the pedophilia scourge is the ruling elite’s Achilles heel in the face of mounting overwhelming evidence unmasking the international pedo-crime cabal, elite pedophiles are growing more desperate, fearing their days may be numbered with critical mass amongst the global masses approaching. So as of late they’ve been pushing back, winning in court, discounting victim allegations and silencing the truth speakers. Their methods are many. The highest threats in recent times are victims of both overt but primarily covert assassinations through electronic weaponry deployed as psychotronic warfare inducing untraceable, fast-spreading cancers, sudden heart attacks, aneurisms and strokes,[clxxxviii] perhaps exceeded only by the ever-so-popular standby – assassination by “suicide.”[clxxxix] The elite is currently engaged in a genocidal war against humanity. But the truth will prevail. Spread it.

The next chapter exposes the “pedo-love affair” between Sir Jimmy and his five time-knight nominating pedo-saturated Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and more on the MI5 mole as the pimping sexual blackmailer this time to government VIPs.

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