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Chapter 23: Tony Blair, his Pedo-Infested Ministers and how Zionism and Pedophilia Reign Supreme Part 1

This section will chronicle in full detail the systematic child abuse and nonstop cover-up of the British government protecting its own army of hardcore pedophiles who for over a half century have been free to act out their child raping pathology against UK’s most vulnerable population – children in group home care. The massive evidence is overwhelming yet to this very day not one politician in the UK Parliament or prime minister cabinet has ever been brought to justice. Britain is a disgrace to the entire world, serving as just the tip of the iceberg permitting hundreds, if not thousands over the years of prominent serial child sexual predators shielded in high places to permanently wound as well as murder millions of their own innocents without paying for their scourge of diabolical violent crimes. They have gotten away with it forever because pedophiles and their enablers who’ve long saturated government, high courts, police, civil servants, British intelligence, the media and royal family have all made certain this out of control epidemic is kept hidden from exposure and accountability.

Though Sir Jimmy may have been one central connecting hub within this despicable national operation, with or without him, the UK government is still guilty of perpetrating the sickest perversions against its own defenseless children living throughout the British Isles and beyond. The heinously pervasive practice sodomizing this nation’s little boys in particular, since violating young males appears to be the overwhelming sexual preference amongst so many of UK’s pedophile politicians, earns the not-at-all-great Britain the dubious distinction as the pedophilia epicenter of this entire world, with Belgium, Netherlands, North America and Australia not far behind. 

This section will methodically begin by covering various major scandals around England with later chapters focusing on those in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland (along with connections to the wider international pedophilia network) involving sexual crimes committed by prominent Westminster and Downing Street politicians against targeted child victims from mostly group homes, special schools and the pedophile “home” away from home - railway station public toilets frequented by predatory PMs and MPs on the prowl for underage runaways and rent boys.

After interviewing scores of abuse victims over the years who identified powerful VIPs atop the British government as their perpetrators, longtime child activist-journalist Sonia Poulton has turned over her findings to the police. In an article written for Express in March 2014, she asks why not one of the accused pedophiles has ever been arrested or prosecuted.[i] She cites the sheer hypocrisy of the mini-scandal making headlines at the time involving prominent Labor politicians Harriet Harmon, husband Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt’s past NCCL-PIE association in comparison with the glaring avoidance of the real tragedy - that household names of those who remain unscathed after having committed the most heinous acts imaginable are still walking free:

I have heard stories of satanic ritual abuse, a significant factor in many paedophile rings, at the hands of household-name parliamentarians past and present.[ii]

Sonia interviewed whistleblowing former British intelligence officer Andrea Davison who confirms what we’ve already come to know:

Paedophiles are a staple of parliamentary life and have been for some decades. She [Andrea Davison] claimed that MPs have been filmed abusing children and this footage is used to blackmail ­parliamentarians into acquiescing on ­issues of global importance.[iii]

And those issues of “global importance” you can bet have everything to do with the Anglo-American-Zionist Axis-of-Evil’s agenda to eugenically depopulate the planet through war and manmade disease,[iv] make pedophilia legal (Chapter 2) and gain absolute tyrannical control through one world government as humanity’s false savior promoting UN Agendas 21 and 2030 and the UN’s star-studded “Global Goals.”[v] 

In an interview before his death in 2008, UK Conservative Party Whip Francis Pym (1970-73) demonstrated a rare display of matter-of-fact honesty, alluding to always helping out peers of either party by covering up their problems like “a scandal with small boys,” because then MPs will “do what you want forever more.”[vi] With this reality a standardized norm and unwritten rule etched in stone, coercion politics through “owed favors” and sexual blackmail become the primary control mechanism by which puppet politicians dutifully dance to their masters’ tunes.

Since this chapter focuses on the role that Tony Blair and his ministers have played in promulgating government VIP pedophilia and its cover-up, prior to addressing his heavily infiltrated pedophile and pedo-enabling cabinet, a cursory examination of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair’s pedo-tendencies himself provide a broader contextual background and linkage leading to today’s pedophilia pandemic. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s past includes sexual deviance with a predilection for crossdressing, frequenting public toilets in lustful search of young boys, a pair of college mentors who were confirmed pedophiles, and his subsequent blackmail at the hands of the Mossad and Zionist Israel to join his equally compromised American counterpart George W. Bush Jr similarly possessing the same proclivities.[vii] 9/11, the War on Terror and invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were all machinations reflecting Zionism’s far-reaching global reach and control through sexual blackmail manipulating the United States and Great Britain to fight Greater Israel Project wars, forcing them into Israel’s bloody bidding.[viii]

A highly significant, telling fact and certainly no accident, during Blair’s 10-years as prime minister from 1997 to 2007, the number of missing children in the United Kingdom nearly doubled, rising from 570 in 1997 to 950 in 2007.[ix] Knowing his perverted history of lies and deception and scandalous misconduct throughout both his life and decade in power, the disturbing reality that missing kids nearly doubled on his watch alone is in accordance with his evil misdeeds providing a boom for both Zionism and the globalized child raping network, two related entities that later in the chapter will be further elaborated.

While attending the Edinburgh boys’ boarding school Fettes, the type taken up with homoerotic spanking rituals as typical subject matter in Lord Longford, Sir Jimmy and Sir Cliff’s 1972 bestseller Pornography (covered in Chapter 20), “Miranda” the crossdressing collegiate was regularly visited by Irish loyalist Sir Knox Cunningham, a confirmed lover of boys.[x] Cunningham was part of a pedophile ring that ran in the same circles as royal family curator and treasonous pedo-Russian spy Sir Anthony Blunt and William McGrath, an MI5 operative-right wing loyalist-housemaster-convicted pedophile at Northern Ireland’s Kincora boys’ home in 1981 (fully addressed in Chapter 26).[xi] The onetime MP and PM Macmillan cabinet secretary, Knox Cunningham was also friends with other Cambridge spies, fellow pedophile traitor Guy Burgess and Lord Victor Rothschild (Thatcher’s foreign adviser),[xii] and additionally financed William McGrath’s Protestant paramilitaries that also maintained close ties with Zionist gangsters’ illegally supplying Israeli weapons… again confirming another of many Zionist-pedophilia-Blair connections.

Moreover, during Tony Blair’s years at Fettes (1966-1971) prior to his Oxford education, “Miranda” had befriended his spiritual mentor the school chaplain, Rev. Ronald Selby Wright, a popular Church of Scotland minister with links to both the military and boys clubs.[xiii] Wright reputedly preyed on Fettes students and in his final summer at the Scottish boarding school, Blair ran a summer camp for Wright’s kids. From age 13 to 18, possessing such close relationships with significantly older male role models who were known pedophiles strongly suggests he himself may have been victimized. With disgraced alt-right poster boy Milo Yiannopoulis, a fine line exists between victim and predator when it comes to his own pederast relationships.[xiv] If truth be known, Blair might admit he too enjoyed his relationships with older, powerful mentoring males he so much admired as they groomed him for bigger and better things.

Former British intelligence operative Anthony T. Stokes has written that in 1983 Tony Blair was caught soliciting sex from underage boys in a police surveilled London public restroom, “importuning in public toilets.”[xv] Though required to appear at the Bow Street Magistrate Court where he used his two middle names “Charles Lynton,” thereby avoiding scandal as a brand new elected Member of Parliament. Court records, police notes and evidence of several prior verbal warnings were to later disappear.[xvi] With his past history of sexual deviance, Tony Blair became the perfect candidate to be groomed for higher office as an easily blackmail-able, thoroughly compromised puppet for Mossad-Zionist control to commit British soldiers and nation against the people’s will to disaster dying on Middle Eastern battlefields using deadly WMD lies to sell more wars for Israel killing over a million Muslims in Iraq alone.

Between his Zionist top backers Lord Levy and Friends of Israel, and his perverted habits targeted for sexual blackmail by Mossad, Tony Blair was Israel’s whore. His primary handler was “Lord Cashpoint” – Committee of 300 player Michael Levy, who financed Tony Blair’s meteoric rise to the world stage along with his New Labor Party from 1994 to 2007.[xvii] In return, Lord Levy headed Blair’s special envoy to the Middle East. Levy was in deep with the “Cash for Honors” scandal, brazenly selling wealthy Jewish businessmen appointments to the House of Lords.[xviii] His son David Levy is an Israeli citizen who’s often held top level positons in the Israeli government. A month after becoming former PM, Tony and his wife Cherie attended David’s plush wedding on the heels of the Blair-Levy cash for honors fiasco.[xix] Scandal or no scandal, the Anglo-Zionist cabal remains one big happily-ever-after controlling family.

The Blairs didn’t stay long at the wedding celebration as they were due to fly out first thing the next morning to the Caribbean to vacation at Sir Cliff’s £3 million villa in Barbados again. Sir Kitty’s crash pad had become Miranda’s home away from home, his shelter from the storm during his decade long bruised and battering as such an unpopular was criminal. It was the fifth summer in a row that Tony chose to lick his wounds compliments of his nurturing good buddy.[xx] Of course it was only eight years earlier that Blair was alleged to put the professional hit on Cliff’s dear friend Jill Dando for knowing too much, just like Princess Diana little more than a year and a half earlier, both murders committed on Blair’s watch of two of Britain’s most beloved women for threatening to bring down the VIP pedo-cabal.

Another key Jewish Blair handler of the Zionist persuasion, or so called chief foreign policy/national security advisor from 2001 to 2003 coordinating the US-British Iraq invasion was Committee of 300 VIP,[xxi] Sir David Manning. Prior to that, he was UK ambassador to Israel and from 2003-07 was ambassador to US. At the time of 9/11, Manning was flying over New York City watching the twin towers come tumbling down, ostensibly in America to meet the day before with neocon 9/11 co-conspirator Richard Armitage.[xxii] The CIA appointed head of Pakistani Intelligence Services General Mahmoud also just happened to be meeting in Washington that same day is on record making payments to the lead 9/11 “terrorist” stooge Mohammad Atta,[xxiii] the one whose untarnished passport just happened to be found near the fallen rubble a few days later.[xxiv]

Within a year after Sir David was US ambassador he was paid £50,000 per year as part-time advisor to giant permanent war contractor Lockheed Martin.[xxv] Similar to Sir Jimmy, Sir David Manning also appears to be éminence grise for the royal family. In 2009 the queen appointed Manning advisor to Princes William and Harry for all their foreign travel expeditions. As recently as June 2018 the monarchy’s employ of the Jewish Middle East controller continued as the future British king visited Israel and Israeli Occupied Palestinian Territories, a royal first.[xxvi] To this day the Zionist grip continues ruling over both the UK and US.[xxvii]

And now for a look at Tony Blair’s prime minister record as a pedophile enabler, if not pedophile as well, although his embarrassing public toilet episode at the same time he entered Parliament is said to have taught him a lesson to be more discreet indulging in his favorite perversions. But like Thatcher, it didn’t stop him from saturating his government with pedophiles. But prior to uncovering the identities of Blair’s child abusing ministers and aides, an accounting of how they wound up on law enforcement radar in the first place sets the stage for this cast of criminal characters in the Blair pedo-lineup.

In 1999, the same year Blair more than likely had Jill Dando murdered, Britain’s National Criminal Intelligence Service working under the codename Operation Ore put together an exhaustive list of child pornographers and pedophiles identified to be offending in Britain alone, totaling 7,250 suspects of which 1850 were charged with child sex crimes and 1451 were convicted.[xxviii] Police interviewed nearly 500 suspects under caution and 900 remained under ongoing investigation in the United Kingdom’s most thorough and comprehensive police probe into crimes against children.[xxix]

A January 19, 2003 Sunday Herald article quoted a recently retired Scotland Yard police officer accusing the Operation Ore probe of intentionally sabotaging the arrest and prosecution of high profile Labor politicians that included Blair cabinet ministers as well as MPs caught downloading child pornographic material.[xxx] No doubt by design, the police inaction allowed guilty parties the opportunity to delete and destroy evidence. The detective from the Operation Ore investigation blamed both law enforcement and the Blair government for not following through on their vow to make the crime of pedophilia a top priority, calling it “smoke and mirrors.” Had Blair not willfully obstructed justice, covering up the scandal by issuing a D-notice blackout on all subsequent press coverage, the final line in the Herald article relays the bold claim destined never to come to pass:

Police say that the list of rich and famous Operation Ore suspects would fill newspaper front pages for an entire year.[xxxi]

Only one entertainment luminary’s name was not spared from press headlines, disgraced rock star Pete Townshend of the legendary band the Who, given a caution and placed on a sex registry for five years.[xxxii] As in post-Jimmy Savile Operation Yewtree, the powers-that-should-not-be will gladly sacrifice a token entertainer or two long before bringing pedophile MPs and ministers to proper justice.

Operation Ore was part of a larger police investigation stemming from Operation Avalanche in America involving the FBI, US Postal Inspection Service and Dallas police originally unearthing a landslide of files from a company called Landslide Productions in Fort Worth, Texas.[xxxiii] This outfit serviced thousands of international customers busily downloading its child pornography. Despite 35,000 perverts investigated as suspects in the US, only 100 were charged.[xxxiv] For the same reason so few in Britain were indicted, the derelict-filled Bush 2 administration (same as daddy Bush and Blair’s) was also caught red-handed neck deep in pedophilia. Also guilty were child pornography and sex abuse rings found operating throughout the US armed forces, including the Pentagon, at military prisons like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, and amongst private military contractors like DynCorp[xxxv] and Halliburton in places like Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Thailand (see Section 3, Chapters 8-11).[xxxvi] In effect, deep links to the entire global pedophilia network were accidentally uncovered and then quickly covered up.

By January 2003 the police inquiry known in Britain as Operation Ore was the largest child abuse online investigation in British history to date,[xxxvii] honing in on a number of high ranking pedophiles within the Blair government, including at least two senior ministers.[xxxviii] But because Blair was busily lying through his teeth following the marching orders of his Anglo-American-Zionist puppet masters, on the verge of launching the infamous US-UK “shock and awe” Iraq invasion, the pedo-protecting PM issued his D-notices under the pretense of national security interests in order to prohibit the press from covering the pedophilia scandal that would have overnight destroyed Blair’s career, his and Bush’s war-making regimes and their bloody, costly, protracted catastrophe in Iraq. The large scale police investigation had uncovered links between child sex abusers in Blair’s Labor Party cabinet and a massive pedophilia trafficking network moving children across the Euro-continent between the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria[xxxix] and Portugal involving dignitaries and VIPs in every nation.[xl]

Of course Tony Blair was far from the first UK prime minister to be sexually blackmailed into fighting wars for Israel. Zionist sexual blackmail controlling top UK politicians has gone on for a century now. For instance, the political marriage of convenience between Tory Prime Minister Harold Macmillan (1957-1963), reportedly expelled for “homosexual perversions” at age 16 from the exclusive private Eton College in 1910, and his wife Dorothy, who maintained a 30-year extramarital affair with promiscuous pedophile gay-Lord Boothby, provided ample opportunity for sexual blackmail.[xli] Enter Cambridge UK-KGB-Mossad superspy Lord Victor Rothschild,[xlii] later Thatcher’s security advisor, who likely blackmailed Macmillan on behalf of Israel to initiate the 1956 attack on Egypt’s Suez Canal.[xliii]

To avoid sexual scandal, blackmailed prime ministers eager to retain their power and impunity resort to great lengths to protect VIP pedophilia operations which through intelligence services over the course of time have expanded internationally, especially by the late 1970s. Such notable UK operatives as Sir Jimmy Savile (MI5), Sir Anthony Blunt (MI5-KGB), Peter Righton (National Children’s Bureau; National Council of Social Work) and Colin Peters (British foreign office)[xliv] to name just a few, all hardcore pedo-pimps (covered in previous chapters) were busily supplying children for VIP sickos in both Britain and Europe. Yet another pimping culprit to emerge in the 1980s (whose crimes will be detailed in the next chapter) is Tory Party Thatcher “advisor” and speechwriter Derek Laud, a son from a broken home of Jamaican immigrant parents.[xlv]

Keep in mind that the pedophile ring pimps that indulge the sick demented needs of powerful untouchable Britons are nearly always just as covered up and concealed as the identities of the famous VIP pedophiles involved, because they are the connected bread crumb ratlines running straight to the royal palaces, 10 Downing Street and Westminster. Yet despite such heavy-handed protection and impenetrable concealment furnished by intelligence services, law enforcement agencies, Crown Prosecution Services, the controlled media and all levels of government from national to local that invariably lose and destroy massive amounts of crucial criminal evidence,[xlvi] together they still provide more than enough proof that the aforementioned named procurers funneling victims to powerful, largely unnamed, still unpunished VIP pedophiles demonstrate beyond all question or doubt that a highly sophisticated, highly insulated, interlocking international child raping network has in fact been in existence for a very long time. And what else is perfectly clear is that all this tangible, irrefutable evidence amounts to “only the tip of the iceberg.”[xlvii] That said, even with a handful of known and publicly identified powerful pedophile suspects being shielded in the House of Commons and Lords, not one politician at the national level has ever been convicted or served time in prison, not one. And undoubtedly a partial list of over 100 convicted British pedophile politicians at local council, mayoral and party levels posted online as of April 2012 is but a proverbial “tip of the iceberg.”[xlviii]

Though influential homosexual-pedophile-pimp Derek Laud’s been legally protected, another black Englishman who made history as Britain’s first black cabinet minister appears even more powerfully connected. Paul Boateng, son of a Ghanaian minister and Scottish mother, in the 1980s was an ambitious young attorney and NCCL executive member intimately allied with PIE,[xlix] embarking on a long career in politics as a Labor MP from Brent South (1987-2005).[l] Selected as Tony Blair’s home minister from 1998 to 2001 overseeing UK police investigations, in 2001 until 2005 Boateng was treasury secretary and then the British High Commissioner to South Africa from 2005 to 2009. As of 2010 he’s been elevated to the House of the Lords as Baron Boateng.

But this high profile British slickster of a politician has also been implicated in murderous pedophilia that Blair ensured stayed protected and covered up. However, far too many loose ends refusing to go away can be traced back to his scandalous-prone past and are long overdue to catch up to this highly shielded, still acclaimed VIP lord.[li] But before diving into his part in the Blair pedophilia cover-up, a little background info on his neck of the woods is critically important to comprehending the bigger picture.

In 1983 when MP Geoffrey Dickens first raised the issue of MPs and cabinet ministers engaging in sexual abuse of British children, submitting his dossier to Home Secretary Leon Brittan, social workers across the nation went on strike for better pay and improved work conditions. As a consequence, local children in the UK care system were uprooted and separated by hundreds of miles apart from their hometown family and friends. In 1983 it was reported that social services from the South London borough of Lambeth were sending 124 kids as far away as North Wales,[lii] straight to notorious care homes like Bryn Estyn where one of UK’s most deadly abuse scandals and cover-ups was occurring from the 1970s through the 1990s. The rampant child abuse in North Wales will be thoroughly covered in Chapter 26.

But while Lambeth children were being placed in harm’s way in Wales, they were perhaps even more endangered as residents in any one of 25 care homes in their own home district. With Lambeth also the home headquarters of Britain’s notorious foreign intelligence services the MI6,[liii] and the proven nexus between worldwide pedophilia operations and global intelligence services (see Chapters 9-11),[liv] is it purely by coincidence that for so many decades Lambeth has been such a safe haven for pedophile beasts to prolifically prey upon the borough’s defenseless group home children?

That was then and this is now. As far as kids in the UK Care System being placed far from home, though it grew very bad in the 1980s, right now it’s at a record high. Despite the British government’s pledge to not send children in its care system hundreds of miles away from their homes, knowing they are at far more risk of abuse, the 2018 Education Department report reveals that the rate at which British children are being sent to placements lengthy distances from home has risen by 64% from 2,250 in 2012 to 3,680 in March 2017.[lv]

Even more alarming is the number of children in the UK “care” system gone missing in the past two years alone, having skyrocketed to more than double from 4,380 in 2015 to 9,190 in 2017. What does it say when the latest numbers show that more than 10,000 kids in the system disappear for weeks or longer at a time[lvi] out of the total Care System population of over 90,000?[lvii] With record numbers entering the care system at 90 a day in 2017[lviii] and already over 11% missing from their placements, it means that children are being mistreated and abused both in and out of their care homes, compounded and exacerbated by the rising record numbers being sinisterly placed hundreds of miles from home. The dire consequences of an already broken system are breaking even farther apart at the seams.

In May 2018 MP Ann Coffey accurately stated:

Despite the [government’s] pledge, record numbers of children are being sent away to places where they are more vulnerable to exploitation. The farming out of children to areas where they have no friends or family circles or local social workers has created a perfect storm where it is increasingly difficult to protect children. These children [far from home and especially gone missing] are being targeted and preyed upon by paedophiles and criminals who know they are vulnerable.[lix] [Emphasis added]

Essentially what appears to be happening is that a brazenly criminal decision was made at the top of the British government to substantially increase the flow of throwaway children into a well-established nationwide pedo-pipeline operating on an industrial scale to feed the growing perverse demands of a pathological international elite that’s behind the biggest ever global child raping and trafficking network. The agenda of the UK family court system’s been to tear families apart, remove children from non-abusive parents and tragically destroy the nation’s most basic, most vital social institution providing a bedrock of stability for eons of time, placing its most defenseless, vulnerable population into the predatory jaws of the UK Care System that’s systemically destroying them in unprecedented numbers.

The bottom line - the Anglo-American-Zionist agenda rooted in Luciferianism is determined to obliterate families around the world while establishing one world government tyranny. The diabolical larger plan is to export this same wholesale destruction of family as humanity’s foremost institutional life-force presently being deconstructed in the UK to every nation in the world. The endgame of this collectivist Marxist agenda is to globally replace family (along with religion, national sovereignty and private ownership) with the state.[lx] The totalitarian gulag state of Stalin and Mao’s oppressive Communist democide dictatorships is right around the corner if the planetary controllers are allowed to achieve their dystopian globalist objective.

Examining how this demonic grand plan strategy from hell unfolded at the local micro-level and spread rapidly nationally in Britain is illustrated by how Labor politician Margaret Hodge saturated her district’s youth care homes with infiltrating pedophiles back in the 1980s. The Islington council leader in 1982 began her 10-year reign of terror against group home kids, promoting a highly publicized invitation to hire gays into her Islington council, its social services and group home facilities.[lxi] Using the LGBT agenda of fairness to all as her deceptive Trojan horse, she cunningly flooded group homes with child rapists proudly claiming they were gay to work with children in all dozen of her Islington group homes. No one would dare risk challenging the “Political Correctness,” much less “violate” the rights of homosexuals, even if they’re masquerading as parasitic kiddie killers. Following Islington’s lead just a stone’s throw away, in parallel process also waving the gay rights’ banner, the Labor dominant Lambeth council coalition also flooded its social services and care homes with child predators claiming to be exercising their gay and lesbian rights.

In a very much related move, under the leadership of Margaret Hodge’s husband Henry Hodge as chairman of the National Council for Civil Liberties (now known as Liberty), in 1975 he openly partnered with the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), fully embracing the rights of UK pedophiles.[lxii] Thus through both his and her interventions in the 1970s and 80s, virtually all the London districts became interconnecting, highly embedded safe havens for hardcore child rapists deceptively wearing the LGBT label. Higher-ups at councils and social services alike invited likeminded perverts to infiltrate, network and seal off virtual safe zones to establish a thriving secret network of predators serving their own sick lustful compulsions at the expense of Britain’s most defenseless population, while also providing easy access for UK’s establishment VIPs sworn to safeguard their pedo-club impunity for survival. Even the British government’s Home Office became infiltrated with likeminded child pedophiles.[lxiii]

For Margaret Hodge to pretend she didn’t know her 1983 open advertisement for gays to work with her care home children as a thinly veiled invitation for co-opting pedos under the “gay rights” movement that her own hubby championed is preposterous. Of course both she and her Lambeth Labor counterpart Ted Knight knew they were saturating their 37 care homes with child sexual predators.[lxiv] With the Islington beta test underway making it super easy for pedos to access care home children while guaranteed protection under gay rights, by September 1983 Islington’s next door neighbor Lambeth was pushing Hodge’s same Trojan horse policy. Thus it seems from the very ge-go, her assigned mission from the UK pedophilia establishment was to expand the child raping network nationwide. It certainly was no accident that as a brand new MP in 1994 Hodge nominated her Islington neighbor Tony Blair to be the next Labor Party leader[lxv] and he in turn made her Britain and his first minister of children - all sanctified by Lucifer’s design.

The Islington and Lambeth borders are separated by a scant two mile stretch of the City of London, the Illuminati Rothschild independent enclave that funds global child sex trafficking.[lxvi] While Labor politician Margaret Hodge ruled over Islington with an iron fist, her friend in Lambeth Knight,[lxvii] often referred to as the “Godfather,” ran his council like the Mafia. By intended design, both London districts were notoriously swimming with infiltrated pedo-sharks reportedly swapping children between boroughs and outward in all directions among the Isles. To maintain impunity, it wasn’t long before the massive amount of incriminating files and records establishing direct links between Islington-Lambeth to all other pedophile rings operating throughout the nation were systematically destroyed.

In the words of award winning reporter Eileen Fairweather who originally broke the Hodge story:

Islington shredded every incriminating file, sacked whistleblowers and smeared victims as mentally ill.[lxviii]

Abraham Jacob, a pedophile social worker employed at a Lambeth group home prior to employment at Islington social services, was busted in 1986 and imprisoned for his involvement in a Piccadilly Circus pedo-ring. He specialized in picking up runaway rent boys off the street and supplying them to Labor Party politicians and BBC executives.[lxix] He would also pimp his underage boys, showcasing them in a window of a gay bar to attract johns.[lxx] Abraham Jacob was very familiar to Labor council leaders Ted Knight, Margaret Hodge and Jack Straw. Of course Hodge and Straw went on to rarefied heights in the Blair government holding key ministerial posts. What’s been proven by their actions throughout long political careers is that they all are ultra-pedophilia-friendly.

Recall from Chapter 19 that a few social workers originally from the Channel Island of Jersey who moved to Islington were both voracious pedophiles as well as child traffickers.[lxxi] The Jersey-Islington connection exchanged child victims and pedo-pimps posing as both social service workers and traffickers servicing Westminster VIPs in both locations, and of course aided by Sir Jimmy Savile’s pimping exploits. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s a nationalized pedophile ring network was developed and expanded under Margaret Thatcher’s watch to every corner of the UK through the likes of Savile, Anthony Blunt, Peter Righton, Derek Laud and a host of other prominent pimping players networking and interfacing with intelligence services, law enforcement, the National Health Service, local social services, charity organizations, the family court system and dozens of district councils.

From the lower levels of group home employees and operators to the top Westminster and Downing Street powerbrokers, by the 1980s infiltrating pedophiles were thoroughly entrenched throughout Britain, maintaining a close-knit, highly organized secret “sex club” network providing sealed off protection for their collective survival. An August 1st, 1993 Sunday Times article observed:

For the past five months officers from the squad have secretly liaised with directors of social services in more than half a dozen London boroughs amid fears that organised gangs have targeted vulnerable children in their areas. Several of the most prominent offenders under surveillance are wealthy businessmen [and other establishment VIPs conspicuously omitted].[lxxii]

More than a half dozen years later a February 2000 headline in the Daily Mail read “Even Worse,” reflecting that this same operational pedo-network had grown to industrial strength size, far worse than expected, and this is over a decade prior to the Jimmy Savile bombshell. The article reported that:

Detectives believe a nationwide network of paedophiles has claimed as many as 11,000 victims over 20 years.[lxxiii]

Keep in mind that police estimates tend to always be on the conservative low side. That said, British law enforcement discovered that hundreds of pedophiles were able to roam freely about the country and beyond to continental Europe,[lxxiv] often dispersed with sterling job recommendations and referrals from infiltrated fellow pedophiles embedded as gatekeepers in the UK power structure, from national to local, granting carte blanche license and protection to further harm defenseless underage victims. Even in the 1980s and 1990s the abuse had reached an unprecedented industrial scale.[lxxv] Historically in the UK, prior to police investigations implicating and potentially exposing VIP perpetrators, British intelligence, Scotland Yard’s Special Branch and police commissioners have always stepped in to swiftly shut down probes as soon as identities of government higher-ups are involved.

The above statement is backed up by serving and former Metro Police officers on an anonymous Scotland Yard online forum. A transcript was leaked to investigative journalists at Exaro News. One said:

This is about kids being raped by those in power that included politicians of all sorts. It goes to the very heart of our establishment. There is very clear evidence that the general nature of the allegations are true. There are enough officers on this site who have mentioned paedophile ops involving high profile politicians being stopped at the eleventh hour.[lxxvi]

Two retired Special Branch officers came forth in 2014 to disclose to the half dozen detectives assigned to work Operation Fairbank launched in 2013 in response to MP Watson’s assertion that historic child sexual abuse committed by Westminster VIPs still needs investigating. A source close to Fairbank alleged that the retirees claim:

There was a significant paedophile group in Parliament who were untouchable to the police.[lxxvii]

This of course explains why no past or current member of Parliament or the prime minister’s office has ever been arrested, much less convicted or imprisoned, confirming what’s become at this point common knowledge - government VIPs live above the law. And true to form, Operation Fairbank was shut down as yet another abysmal, costly failure netting not one politician’s arrest despite police surveillance videos reportedly catching MPs, ministers and celebs in action partying with and abusing trafficked children at the Elm Guest House.

Yet occasionally back in 2000, the alarming truth gets leaked out to the public by a then far less controlled press. The abuse that had been shielded for several decades in Lambeth grew so blatantly out of control that in 1995 all 25 care homes were closed.[lxxviii] In 1998 and 1999 Operations Trawler and Middleton were launched, initially to investigate John Carroll, then uncover pedophilia crimes in Lambeth from 1974 to 1994 and in 1999 expanded into a nationwide inquiry, recognizing the overwhelming presence of an extensive, flourishing network of deranged sickos preying on UK’s throwaway kids, “even worse” than previously imagined.[lxxix] Coincidence that Metro Police investigated the rampant Lambeth abuse from 1974 to 1994, the exact same years that the Blair minister’s wife served on the corrupt Lambeth council?

Despite Operation Middleton lasting four years into 2003, unfortunately only a miniscule number among the legions of criminals were ever brought to justice, all three low level employees granted overly lenient short prison sentences. The central figure in this scandal - John Carroll - did only five years. Hundreds of hardened child sodomizers have been granted full impunity by the rotten to the core system, including the high profile Blair minister that the media has largely avoided naming,[lxxx] but anyone who knows anything about the Lambeth scandal knows it’s Lord Paul Boateng, in 1998 a home office minister in charge of UK police investigations.[lxxxi]

For a half century or more, the British pedophilia network has been firmly controlled by gatekeeping degenerates from social services, borough councils, law enforcement, high courts to top echelons of governmental power in Westminster and Downing Street. In all this time, absolutely nothing has changed… except over time passage, more and more truth has leaked out in little bits and pieces.

By 1999, even the compromised and controlled Scotland Yard was reporting that up to 50 suspected pedophiles were involved in Lambeth group home abuse during the preceding 20 years.[lxxxii] 16 of the identified perpetrators were already deceased prior to the outset of Scotland Yard’s Operation Middleton, strongly indicating murder was treacherously used as a silencing weapon against any would-be informers and whistleblowers.[lxxxiii] 50 children who entered Lambeth care homes were never seen again by their families.[lxxxiv]

Shirley Oaks Children’s Home, another notorious Lambeth group home complex bearing a tragic history of rampant abuse from its 1903 founding to its 1983 closure, was comprised of 52 Victorian cottage “care” homes on 80 acres,[lxxxv] reputedly the world’s largest single children’s care home.[lxxxvi] The Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA) is made up of over 700 members, all purported child abuse victims at Lambeth care homes from the 1950s to the 1990s.[lxxxvii] SOSA maintains that the pedophile ring operating in Lambeth in actuality was far greater in number than the 50 admitted by the police, more like well into the hundreds.

In March 2016 Raymond Stevenson, the SOSA founder and abuse survivor, testified at the IICSA that:

What took place at Shirley Oaks and other children's homes in Lambeth was physical and sexual abuse on an industrial scale which remained unchecked for decades. The damage done was irreversible. Lambeth council itself has had many inquiries in the past. For whatever reason, including council cover-ups and institutional cover-ups ... we now see they were whitewashes.[lxxxviii]

Only eight months after Stevenson’s testimony, it was all too evident that Theresa May’s so called “Independent” Inquiry is just another futile exercise staged and controlled by Home Office designed to whitewash the real truth and never bring justice for the victims against the perpetrators. As a panel member for the first two years, the Shirley Oaks Association quit in November 2016 when it became painfully clear that May’s inquiry was merely another hoax. SOSA had this to say about its official pullout:

Having watched the IICSA unpalatable circus stumble and lurch from crisis to crisis with multiple resignations and claims of racial and sexual abuse thrown into the mix, it no longer matters whether we think the inquiry is just another stitch-up because it's clearly a botch job that needs a drastic overhaul if it is ever to achieve its initial objectives.[lxxxix]

Unfortunately with the IICSA, it was déjà vu. With the disturbing reality that Britain’s ruling elite will never come clean in its deplorable institutional crime history against children, as much effort it exerts to block the truth, courageous abuse survivors will ensure that the colossal concealment of atrocities is made public. Media coverage of the abuse epidemic has burst forth in waves, starting over three decades ago, then two decades ago, and then came the most recent 2012 avalanche exposing the Savile abuse that resulted in thousands more allegations against powerful elite pedophiles, echoed in MP Tom Watson’s October 2012 House of Commons confrontation with former Prime Minister Cameron.[xc]

But even after a near half decade of the IICSA, not one MP or cabinet minister has ever gone to jail for raping, much less murdering children at will from orphanages and care homes over the last half century. With the national inquiry a cruel joke and the pedophilia cabal’s 2018 pushback via Sir Cliff Richard’s court victory (see Chapter 21), in so many words warning “don’t mess with the privacy rights of the rich and famous,” it effectively silences both the media and victims, vis-a-vis indicted accuser “Nick” due to stand trial in March 2019.[xci] So don’t hold your breath waiting for the first VIP rapist to go down any time soon, not as long as he’s still alive anyway. Before the elite pedophiles can ever be brought to justice, so smugly secure are they inside their fortified pedo-epicenter of the earth mansions, the waking masses will need to revolt first. What’s more than clear is nothing short of that will change the shameful and pathetic status quo in Britain.

That said, one encouraging sign as a significant shining example of taking bold successful action toward achieving some modicum of justice is the story behind the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA).[xcii] Though seeking justice against perps obviously can never give back victims’ stolen childhoods and many decades of pain and struggle since, the published SOSA report has singlehandedly compelled the Lambeth council to allocate £100m in compensation to its tens of thousands of past abuse victims (at least £10,000 each estimated for 3,000 expected claims).[xciii] Once victims united as empowered survivors led by Raymond Stevenson, they have been able to identify abusers where police have failed (no doubt intentionally), resulting in arrests and financial compensation for victims. SOSA serves as a model of inspiration and courage for child abuse victims and citizens for justice everywhere.

In 1967 the UK family court system decided that Raymond Stevenson’s father was unable to properly care for his son and sent him to Shirley Oaks Children’s Home near Croyden where Raymond lived for the next eleven years, drugged and physically abused the entire decade.[xciv] During his final year at Shirley Oaks in 1977, a 15-year old friend of his named Peter Davis was found hanging by a cord in a bathroom of one of the cottages. Though evidence indicated he’d been abused by at least two staff members that went on to abuse others,[xcv] the court ruled his death a “misadventure,” a favorite scenario for murder cover-up by staged foul play.[xcvi] Two years earlier Peter Davis had testified as a court witness in a rape trial. When in 2003, documents from the trial were suddenly sealed for the next 100 years,[xcvii] music producer and abuse survivor Raymond Stevenson realized that “Peter’s voice was the first of many to be silenced.”[xcviii] He vowed to expose the horrific truth once and for all and within a month coordinated a reunion of Shirley Oaks survivors and SOSA was spawned.

Raymond and his business partner Lucia Hinton interviewed over 400 former resident survivors and published their own report of documented evidence in December 2016.[xcix] This comes after much of the Shirley Oaks records of abuse crimes and documents confirming gross miscarriage of justice have been “lost” or destroyed by the Lambeth council.[c] The SOSA report has led to the naming of up to 60 suspected pedophiles, 10 more than the final number all the failed police investigations and Lambeth council inquiries had ever come up with.

It’s also been reported that Jimmy Savile visited three cottages designated to house children with various disabilities, was friends with a Shirley Oaks superintendent back in the 1950s and 60s and DJ’d events at the Shirley Oaks Community Centre.[ci] As both a knight of the queen and pope and also a prime pedo-pipeline architect laying ratlines for UK’s trafficking network, Sir Jimmy not only was his nation’s most prolific abuser and VIP procurer, he also enjoyed unequalled access to both Britain’s children as well as inside elitist contacts with royalty, government, intel services, law enforcement, National Health Services, entertainment, media and religion. So of course it’d be more than a safe bet he victimized children living at the world’s biggest care home complex in a district proven to be among the most notorious pedophile havens.

After escaping justice twice in court trials in the 1990s, in August 2016 the conviction of former Catholic priest Philip Temple jailed for a dozen years after admitting to abusing a dozen boys and one girl dating back to the 1970s was vindication.[cii] With SOSA’s assistance, police have since charged a couple more pedophiles. Prior to Raymond and his association’s heroic efforts, only one Shirley Oaks child rapist, a swimming instructor named William Hook was ever convicted for the thousands of sex crimes against children at Shirley Oaks during the 80 years of appalling abuse.[ciii] In 2001 63-year old Hook was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment after admitting to 26 charges of indecency and sexual assault on a half dozen boys, though he may have abused hundreds since the 1970s.[civ]

In 1983 Shirley Oaks was finally forced to close its doors after eight straight decades of horror. But by the mid-1980s, living conditions for children placed in all 25 Lambeth group home facilities were growing intolerable. A flurry of sexual abuse allegations perpetrated by childcare workers toward handicapped children began surfacing in the media at several group homes where Lambeth social services placed youngsters. In late December 1985 into 1986 it was publicly reported that several children were being sexually abused. A 12-year old boy with an alleged intellectual capacity of a four-year old just released from a care home disclosed to his mother that a male staff working at the home had sexually assaulted him after she noticed severe anal bruises.[cv] The police soon suspected that all six children at the group home had been abused.

Another incident involved a care home’s senior social worker forcing a 15-year old handicapped girl to give him oral sex.[cvi] Four separate cases went public at different homes operated and supervised by Lambeth council, all surfacing within 13 months apart. Yet ultimately no action by either police or social services’ investigations was subsequently taken against alleged abusers despite in some cases medical evidence supplied by police doctors.[cvii] Due to the limited cognitive functioning of alleged victims rendering their testimony “unbelievable,” despite physical evidence, the lame Crown Prosecution Services claimed all cases were too weak to deliver convictions and were summarily dismissed.[cviii] Both Scotland Yard police and Lambeth council failed these abused children in the worst way, unconscionably sending them right back to their abusers allowed to continue working in the homes harming children.

Moreover, a tit-for-tat petty turf war emerged between the Lambeth council and the local police, both refusing to share and exchange critical information and evidence,[cix] resulting in even grosser child endangerment that predators took full advantage of.[cx] In 1987 even the whistleblowing child advocate MP Geoffrey Dickens called upon Attorney General Michael Havers, himself later an accused pedophile, to reopen the horrendously unjust Lambeth abuse cases.[cxi]

Lambeth’s deadly CYA culture of intimidation and fear permeated a rigidly enforced policy of inaction characterizing the borough’s systemic failure to protect and care for vulnerable children, much less bringing scores of perpetrators to justice. Just as in districts like Islington and countless other cities and towns across the British Isles, looking the other way was becoming a given policy and national norm. Pedophiles fully exploited the fact that back in the 1980s in their fervor to recruit “gays” to work with kids, places like Islington and Lambeth never required background checks, nor were childcare workers required to report suspected child abuse to police. Time and time again, councils in these “liberal” London boroughs ignored the fact that they had unleashed predatory pedophiles on abusive rampage against their children. Moreover, as is common in virtually all cover-ups, during the subsequent so called inquiries one after the other by either police or social services, it became increasingly clear that hundreds of incriminating files from offices were either lost or destroyed, not from incompetence but a calculated, sinister decision to obstruct justice to protect the guilty.[cxii]

Where you find pedophiles and pimps, you also find child pornographers. In October 1992 police found thousands of photos of naked boys and many pornographic videos at the private home of an arrested childcare worker employed at one of several care homes involving hundreds of abused victims.[cxiii]  As the offenders were rarely if ever consequenced, the magnitude of abuse soared to the extent that by 1995, Lambeth was eventually forced to close all 25 of its care homes. 

Child sexual predators like Lambeth care home operator Michael John Carroll, a previous convicted pedophile for abusing a boy in Merceyside in 1966, were systemically permitted to continue committing serial sex crimes against children.[cxiv] During the decade Carroll ran his Angell Road boy brothel from 1981 to 1991, even midway through his tenure in 1986 when his past conviction record became known to the Lambeth council, apparently due to his connections with VIPs like the Boatengs, his license to operate was continually renewed.[cxv]

For years in the 1980s Paul Boateng’s attorney wife Janet served as council chair on Lambeth’s social services committee directly responsible for group home care[cxvi] as well as a Lambeth councillor for 20 years coinciding with the borough’s worst decades of pedophile ring abuse.[cxvii] Even when the Lambeth council finally terminated Carroll’s employment in 1991, it wasn’t even over his flagrant sexual assaults, but in comparison, a relatively minor financial impropriety, using public funds to buy cigarettes and liquor.[cxviii]

Once the Lambeth council finally terminated Carroll’s employment contract, after his criminal habit had forced exits from Merceyside and then eventually Lambeth, John Carroll and his wife began looking to relocate to set up shop in the next location, this time on the border of England and Wales. In January 1991 the serial pedophile bought an antique shop as well as plunked down £725,000 in cash on a hotel near Wrexham in North Wales, the center of another horrendous UK child abuse scandal.[cxix]

Since for years Carroll was part of the Lambeth brothel system pimping kids out for a price to VIPs, no doubt lots of dirty money exchanged hands in his rent boy operations along with Lambeth’s prospering child pornography business, affording his near three quarters of a million pound property in an area where boy brothels in North Wales were attracting even more top government VIPs. Carroll’s confirmed social networking links to prominent fellow child abusers have fueled speculation that he turned his Wales acquisition into yet another lucrative brothel business.

For a number of decades Michael John Carroll was allowed to continue abusing kids entrusted in his care - since Lambeth council failed to ever initiate corrective or disciplinary action against him to protect their children, chronicling an identical parallel process that unfolded during the exact same years in the borough next door at Hodge’s pedo-lodge as an interconnected twin sanctuary. Investigating police during Operation Middleton concluded that at least seven abusers of the dozen potential suspects at Angell Road were from outside the boy brothel. The huge unanswered question remains - was Lord Boateng one of them?

Back in the 1980s, attorney Boateng was spotted by several credible witnesses making evening visits at Carroll’s home a regular thing. Teresa Johnson, a former social worker employed at the Angell Road facility went public before a national audience on a BBC Newsnight broadcast maintaining that she spoke to Paul Boateng requesting him to sign the facility guestbook and observing him frequently visiting the home on about a half dozen occasions.[cxx] A youth worker also claiming that John Carroll boasted of his ties with the rising political Labor star, also maintains he witnessed Boateng attending a holiday camp that Carroll ran as well as often seeing Boateng in Carroll’s company.[cxxi]

And still another witness reported that Boateng contacted him on behalf of the pedophile after three neighboring social services turned down Carroll’s request to foster a couple more kids, deemed potential victims by Croydon, Southwark and Wandsworth.[cxxii] When seeking foster approval, Lambeth also withheld that Carroll was rejected by other councils, including the fact Carroll was named in a 1993 independent inquiry into child sexual abuse. For Lambeth to go to such extreme, deceitful measures on behalf of a known pedophile shows just how much power of corruption was behind John Carroll. And the prime source of that power according to a number of witnesses appears to be Lord Paul Boateng.

Former assistant director of social services on Lambeth council Dr. Nigel Goldie stated in 2014:

There was a cover-up to protect politicians’ reputations following allegations of abuse at a children's home.[cxxiii]

Yet when asked in March 2016 about John Carroll at Prime Minister May’s laughable farce of an “Independent” Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse, the former Blair minister came prepared, adamantly denying he ever met or knew John Carroll. Again, keep in mind that Boateng in the 1980s was an executive member of NCCL, the human rights lobbying organization that embraced in partnership PIE, the outfit publicly pushing pedophilia as a natural birthright:

As a campaigning youth justice lawyer I acted for many young people in care and visited many youth facilities in the course of my work. I didn’t know Mr Carroll personally and have no recollection of meeting him professionally or visiting the Angell Road children’s home or anywhere else where he was present. I’m unaware how the investigation into Mr Carroll was conducted. I therefore cannot comment on why the police did not seek my assistance.[cxxiv]

Here the head honcho ruling over all of Britain’s police investigations in 1998 is claiming 20 years later that he knew nothing of the Metro Police probe into pedophilia at a care home in his neighborhood that his wife was legally in charge of. So as Home Secretary at the time, he has the audacity to pretend he knows nothing? That’s the same kind of absurd, preposterous claim that Margaret Hodge offers when she insists she had no clue her district was infested with child rapists. These highly implausible statements only demonstrate that by simply using denial as their feeble defense, MPs and ministers guilty as sin of criminal misconduct are always granted a free pass to live above the law. In Boateng’s case, it’s at least three people’s word against his, all having far more to lose than gain by their claims. Shortly after Teresa Johnson’s 2016 BBC interview, she was dead. In contrast, who in this case possesses both motive and means to lie? Politicians bent on saving their own ass and who lie because they get away with it. In England apparently a lord’s word is taken as “the gospel” and is deemed truer than lowly common folk.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s fake inquiry must have swallowed Boateng’s fish story hook, line and sinker, trusting “the good lord’s word” since the baron to this day remains in good standing as esteemed member of the House of Lords. So much for May’s promise of an “independent” investigation of institutional wrongdoing she admitted while placing her Home Office fully in control to “get to the bottom” of the British government pedophilia cesspit. For us to actually think that criminals in charge of investigating their own crimes are ever going to come clean is an insult to our intelligence and complete sham. But it’s the British way, or more apt, the Luciferian way.

Rendering the savvy politician’s 2015 IICSA public performance even more suspect, the clincher to this smoldering crime drama arrived in November 1998 when Clive Driscoll, Scotland Yard’s lead detective heading up Metro’s Operation Trawler was investigating Carroll and closing in on questioning Boateng regarding his possible role in the Lambeth scandal. Meanwhile, amidst the post-Savile uproar in 2014, liar Tony Blair who conned Britain a decade earlier into the bloody mess in Iraq claimed he had “no recollection” of ever learning that one of his ministers was a child abuse suspect.[cxxv] We know that’s another Pinocchio lie since Blair’s D-notice is the only reason his minister Peter Mandelson didn’t go to jail after Operation Ore caught him purchasing child pornography.[cxxvi]

111 pages of documents and memos released through Freedom of Information requests show that in 1998 prior to Detective Driscoll being relieved of his Operation Trawler duties, both Blair’s Home Office Minister Boateng and Health Minister Frank Dobson were both briefed on Scotland Yard’s ongoing investigation into Angell Road home abuse identifying a dirty dozen suspects that included Boateng.[cxxvii] This absolutely proves that between Blairite disciples Sir Peter and Lord Paul, the prime minister was well aware that at least two of his ministers were/are extremely probable pedophiles. Yet in a feebly indignant gesture attempting to demonstrate he has nothing to hide, in 2014 Blair self-righteously demanded yet another investigation into multiple claims suggesting his buddy Boateng was a child abuse suspect.[cxxviii] Once a liar, always a liar. Of course order follower Dobson also maintained he has no recall of ever being briefed on the case either.

In a related theme, in March 2015 another brick in the crumbling cover-up wall of deception came loose when it was reported that Britain’s top cop - Metropolitan Police Chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, was being questioned by his own detectives in his role in the Lambeth pedophilia scandal.[cxxix] It’s standard operating procedure in the UK that even the nation’s “top cop” is an order follower when higher-ups in British Intelligence or national government are giving the orders. And as soon as Home Office Minister Paul Boateng’s name came up as a possible suspect amidst the widespread Lambeth abuse, the pedo-investigation leading to him was soon enough halted. At that time in 1998, Hogan-Howe was the Merceyside assistant chief constable leading the Carroll criminal investigation. Again in 1966 back in Merceyside, John Carroll was convicted of his first child abuse offense, only to become years later the pivotal central stooge in the Lambeth scandal/cover-up. The borough council employing Carroll was well aware of his status as a Level-1 convicted child sex offender running one of its care homes doubling as a VIP boy brothel.

Politicians and top cops simply lie their way out of trouble every time. In 2015 the Mirror reported the 111 documents were handed over to the Metro anticorruption unit.[cxxx] But with Boateng’s IICSU appearance in March 2016 and nothing more ever heard since from either that inquiry or the police anticorruption inquiry, you can bet that no further action has been or will be taken despite irrefutable evidence strongly indicating that senior members of the Blair government are unpunished hardcore pedophiles.

With over 200 abused children in Lambeth care homes according to Operation Middleton,[cxxxi] in 1998 the highly skilled investigator Driscoll, who later cracked the notorious Stephen Lawrence murder,[cxxxii] was making headway uncovering the pedo-ring involving VIP politicians when he was abruptly removed and disciplined for committing “serious indiscretions,”[cxxxiii] simply for “confidentially” naming the powerful players involved during an August meeting with Lambeth officials.[cxxxiv] Three months later Driscoll’s boss apologetically notified him that he was off the case and told the “orders come from on high,”[cxxxv] indicating 10 Downing Street as the probable source in order to protect Home Office Minister Boateng who was not only briefed but in charge of the very UK police operation making him a suspect…[cxxxvi] déjà vu Leon Brittan receiving the Dickens dossier fifteen years earlier. See why cabinet ministers from the British Home Office are always pedophiles or minimally pedophile enablers? UK’s nonstop cover-up would be impossible otherwise.

In 2014 it also came out in the Mirror that when Lambeth assistant social services director Dr. Nigel Goldie as the council boss in charge of child protection working in 1998 directly with Clive Driscoll mentioned Boateng’s alleged evening visits at Carroll’s Angell Road “brothel” back in the early 1980’s, Det. Driscoll’s Operation Trawler investigation was soon enough shut down.[cxxxvii] When politicians so close to a nation’s leader are implicated, without exception in every single case, any ongoing police inquiry becomes past tense as standard operating cover-up procedure. Whenever a major pedophilia scandal risks VIP exposure, the self-preservation mode always kicks in no matter the country or abuse location.

Detective Clive Driscoll ultimately wrote a 2015 autobiography entitled In Pursuit of the Truth based on his many years with the Scotland Yard, specifically devoting two lengthy chapters to the Lambeth child abuse case involving his unjustified termination as Operation Trawler Chief Detective Inspector (CDI).[cxxxviii] In August 1998 Clive met with Lambeth officials to explain that his investigative team had already come up with a dozen suspects whose names were “confidentially” revealed, among them several VIP politicians that included headliner Boateng as well as a council member and a popular entertainer. All hell broke loose after that. The Lambeth council stonewalled the investigation. Clive Driscoll’s probe had stirred up a hornets’ nest, making instant enemies amongst guilty parties, subsequently resulting in anonymous phone call threats to Clive and his family’s safety.

Social worker Steve Forrest had raped a 6-year old boy at Carroll’s Angell Road home in 1987. Forrest died of AIDS five years later.[cxxxix] In a tumultuous November 1998 meeting Driscoll confronted the Lambeth senior officials, stating it was unconscionable that the then 11-year old victim was never informed that his rapist had died six years earlier from AIDS. But the Lambeth council refused to disclose the truth to the boy on the grounds that it was deemed “not in the boy’s best interest.” During the heated showdown, Driscoll was even threatened with removal as DCI from his own police probe.

Early on in the Lambeth investigation, social worker Libby Blake employed at Lambeth social services from 1992-2005, approached Det. Clive Driscoll, informing him that Lambeth council in 1986 had become aware of John Carroll’s previous 1966 conviction. Though the statement below was reportedly denied by the former Lambeth social worker, in his book Clive maintains that Libby also stated:

Carroll was only the tip of the iceberg, the children’s homes have been the playground for the rich and powerful for years.[cxl]

Speaking of the rich, powerful and famous, for his 51st birthday in 2002, four years after Det. Driscoll was removed from investigating the Blair minister, the now 67-year old VIP Lord Boateng had his superstar pal Michael Jackson fly in special to sing happy birthday in the House of Commons, merrily joining his “birds of a feather friends” in a photo-op with not only the accused pedo-King of Pop but also Uri Geller, the infamous Zionist double agent spy, MK Ultra handler and multiple pedophile friend,[cxli] and the well-known pedophile fellow Labor Zionist Lord Greville Janner.[cxlii] The photo alone raises a thousand words worth of suspicion that collusion was taking place between high profile figures within the international pedophilia community.

Libby Blake recommended that Detective Driscoll talk to former Lambeth council chairwoman Anna Tapsell. According to Driscoll, Libby said Anna is “the only one in Lambeth who’ll tell you the truth.”[cxliii] At one time Anna headed the Lambeth social services committee (same post held earlier by Janet Boateng), and for two decades Tapsell vigorously campaigned to expose the horrendous abuse at considerable risk to herself. Anna was visited by several intimidating senior officers from Special Branch,[cxliv] known for shutting down police probes, disappearing evidence and protecting the pedo-network at all cost, demanding she leave the Lambeth affair alone. Threatened and harassed on numerous occasions by other nameless intimidators, the undaunted Anna Tapsell persisted in telling the truth, stating to the press:

When I learned that Clive was being removed, not only from the case but also from Lambeth, I realised that the Met were caving in to political pressure that was far more powerful than Lambeth Council.[cxlv]

Referring to John Carroll and other protected child abusers in the Lambeth pedo-ring, Anna added:

At the same time alleged perpetrators were moved or allowed to leave for financial misconduct or other ­misdemeanours, instead of for the abuse.[cxlvi]

As a courageous insider, Anna states the obvious conclusion:

I have no doubt Angell Road may have been used for organized child abuse which involved adults other than staff. This view is reinforced by the strong investment that officers and politicians have in blocking any effective investigation.[cxlvii]

Prior to being yanked off the case and reassigned, CDI Clive Driscoll uncovered lots of dirt:

I found someone who admitted they’d seen pornography changing hands on council property, which led to someone else saying there was a video doing the rounds featuring ‘prominent’ people engaged in sexual activities with minors.[cxlviii]

Because higher ups at Scotland Yard were clearly in cahoots with the corrupt Blair government as well as the corrupt Lambeth council criminals abusing children, despite admitting there were over 200 victims, in four years Operation Middleton netted a total of three measly convictions, one being John Carroll.[cxlix] Though Metro Police claimed 19 suspects remained unidentified, indicating they likely operated outside the UK Care System,[cl] scores if not hundreds of infiltrated child rapists that were/are part of the British pedophilia network got off scot free, free to move on to abuse more kids elsewhere, exactly like the legions of Catholic priests around the world.[cli]

As if all this incriminating circumstantial evidence and oddly suspicious anomalies aren’t enough, there is also the plethora of suspicious deaths and murders of victims and potential whistleblowers. Onetime Lambeth council member turned MP John Mann has stated publicly that two murders of would-be whistleblowers were committed to keep the lid on the VIP pedophile ring operating in his borough.[clii] In 1989 a social worker planning to expose the rampant abuse in care homes was allegedly killed in an arson fire.

Another unsolved murder mystery that took place in 1993 involves the sudden death of veteran Lambeth council insider, the district housing manager Bulic Forsythe who shared with a colleague that he was about to “spill the beans” on the Lambeth scandal.[cliii] As housing manager Bulic had discovered photos of children abused by members of Lambeth council[cliv] and learned that both women and children were being systematically raped on Lambeth city property, including the basement of his own housing office headquarters. He was determined to blow the whistle to stop such abusive shenanigans being committed right under his nose. But just three days later, he was found murdered, bludgeoned to death, with three men sited leaving the crime scene of his flat carrying files shortly before it was set on fire.[clv] And predictably to this day, his murder remains unsolved… an all too common fate among truth tellers.

Moreover, in December 2014, MP John Mann submitted critical information contained in a dossier to police, naming 22 MPs, including a half dozen still serving at Westminster, implicated in pedo-parties at the notorious Dolphin Square flats.[clvi] Mann maintains the evidence shows that boys from Lambeth group homes were being trafficked to nearby Pimlico for abuse as part of a wider pedophile ring. But as always, there’s been no follow-up on this highly significant development, only indicating it too has been buried. But the main point remains, government VIP pedophiles are and were fed trafficked kids from care homes from virtually every surrounding borough in the greater London area, Lambeth and Islington being just two of the most guilty. The Westminster scandal that includes orgies at both Dolphin Square and Elm Guest House will be blown wide open in the next chapter.

Another inquiry report disclosed that underneath the Lambeth police station, part of Metro Police Service, existed a secret sex chamber involving both local council members as well as at least one known MP.[clvii] FYI as of 1987, Boateng was an MP. The creepy sex den was discovered with a red light, chains, manacle and bedding, linked to the widespread child sex abuse and the making of more kiddie porn, confirmed by a large volume of pornographic material discovered at the station. It became obvious that children from the group homes were taken to the Lambeth police station sex dungeon for abuse and pornography by group home staff, police, social services and council staff including both local and national politicians. The two Lambeth civilian staff members who bravely leaked the information to the Scotland Yard were suspended. In a corrupt criminal system where the bad guys are in charge, good deeds never go unpunished and evil deeds are always loyally protected with lies to the bitter end.

A police report emerging in March 2015 specified that senior Lambeth council members were recording “homemade” porno films on borough premises while committing acts of brutal sexual assault, bestiality and pedophilia.[clviii] Known politicians were reportedly wearing animal masks, robes and chanting while children and animals were also present. Lambeth criminals appeared to be engaging in satanic ritual abuse.

In another incident on Lambeth property, a female staff member maintains that she was drugged and then savagely raped by her council manager.[clix] When she bravely filed a complaint and pursued a civil lawsuit against him, an intruder entered her home, dousing her with gasoline, but the match went out. The victim also had acid thrown in her face. A month later the she was still suffering from “serious injuries” sustained in the attacks. Reportedly the “Godfather” of the Lambeth council subverted justice and harassed witnesses in a flagrant attempt to stop the rape investigation.[clx] Rape, murder, destroyed evidence and public denial are the four standard trademarks spelling massive criminal cover-up.

Moreover in January 2011, 38-year old Lambeth Police Constable Jordan Janssen was caught distributing online indecent images of young teenage boys, jailed for 12 months after resigning from Met Police in disgrace.[clxi] It begs the question whether he was connected to the Lambeth police officers involved in the production of child pornography in their underground police headquarters dungeon where the council operated its makeshift pornography studio.

Entering the crime scene in the early 1980s, a soon-to-be MP frequently shows up as Carroll’s evening guest at his Angell Road boy brothel. Britain’s top cop no doubt had to play his order-follower role in the cover-up. But as always when a guilty accomplice is caught red-handed, the standard response is deny, deny, and more deny. So of course in 2015 when his subordinates were asking him questions, a most obvious blatant conflict of interest in and of itself, Metro Chief Sir Bernard claimed he “does not recall details about the [1998] investigation” nor of any suspects. You see a consistent pattern of cover-up here? The guy was second in charge of the lead police agency investigating the notorious pedophile John Carroll with direct links to a VIP Blair minister, and he feebly claims he knows nothing about it. How convenient that another queen-knighted pedo-gatekeeper would suddenly come down with a timely case of amnesia. A source close to the 2015 investigation in so many words tactfully called Hogan-Howe a liar, explaining to the Mirror that it was “inconceivable” he would not have been aware:

The senior investigating officer at the time would have been expected to have reported to his senior officers the fact a serving government minister [Boateng] had come under suspicion.[clxii]

One more note of relevant passing interest on Lord Paul Boateng conjures up the old adage - “like father, like son.” Paul’s son Benjamin Boateng is a convicted rapist and registered sex offender. After charges of raping a 17-year old girl in South Africa were dropped in 2006 while daddy was British High Commissioner,[clxiii] the serial rapist struck again a few years later back in London, smiling for his mug shot, smugly confident his father’s VIP status would once again get him off.[clxiv] But this time he was found guilty in October 2011 and sentenced to two months shy of four years in prison.[clxv]

For those not high enough on the pedo-predator food chain, the mounting evidence against Boateng’s alleged buddy that he claims he never knew just kept piling up to the point that in 1998, long past the point of protection by even the VIP establishment, John Carroll couldn’t evade the law any longer. With alleged interest in tapping his wealth of inside pedo-knowledge of the North Wales scandal as a hotelier, Merceyside-Metro Police finally took the serial predator-VIP child procurer into custody after he admitted to 35 sexual assaults against a dozen boys, receiving a 10 year prison sentence for over two decades worth of mostly unpunished crimes. After serving only half his sentence, a mere five years, John Carroll was once again a free man in 2004 to get back to his “hotel” business in North Wales.

Should Carroll ever come forth to provide evidence against Lord Boateng and his VIP pedo-network, he realizes he would obviously go the same way of Bulic Forsythe and a bunch of others. John Carroll was again charged with yet more crimes committed back in the 1970s in Merseyside in North West England and once again was scheduled to face another trial in a Liverpool court in April 2018. But the elite’s hidden hand, known to reward fellow pedophiles who keep their mouths shut, perhaps intervened as the three charges the 70-year old was facing were suddenly dropped mysteriously in January 2018.[clxvi]  

Another bizarrely suspicious Lambeth case involves 38-year old youth worker Jason Hoyte, convicted and sentenced to nine years in 2009 for sexually abusing a half dozen girls over a 20-year period, one as young as four.[clxvii] The musician was also reportedly grooming children for BBC executives as well as joined a London Pentecostal Church to prey on vulnerable victims’ trust. The married father actually sued Lambeth council for wrongful dismissal after he was arrested for sexual abuse. Perhaps his arrogance was based on not having to submit a criminal background check despite a 1989 charge of sexual assault. Or maybe it was Hoyte’s BBC connections that led Appeals Court Judge Mark Bishop to out of the blue order a retrial in May 2013 that in turn five months later led to Hoyte’s acquittal of all charges.[clxviii] Another common pattern - lower level pedophiles serving higher level pedophiles often receive little or no punishment for their heinous crimes as reward for keeping what they know to themselves.

As strong evidence in recent years that sick pedophile rings are still operating in Lambeth and London vicinity still frequently preying on care home children comes the bizarre twisted case of 28-year old pedophile Gihan Muthukumarana.[clxix] For several months in 2015 this derelict attempted to recruit his hired female escort to join him sexually abusing, torturing and murdering 10 girls from local care homes in a business proposal offered as part of a snuff film deal the plotted ending the victims’ bodies being disposed of in vats of acid, all for the perverted viewing pleasure of elite politicians. He promised his would-be accomplice “millions of pounds,” boasting that VIPs are willing to pay £10 million for the film. Fortunately the alarmed woman took this information to the police and a sting operation was set up to get the creep on tape pitching the same business proposition to an undercover cop calling herself “Donna.” The case was heard in a Southwark court in February 2018. But here’s the clincher - this guy walks after he too was acquitted.[clxx]

So apparently the British court has seen fit to render this man free to carry out his hideous plan. Even if he’s a complete crackpot, conspiring to commit mass murder renders him a free man? Oh yeah, I forgot, his alleged victims were only expendable, throwaway kids from UK care homes. If this sicko is for real, and evidence that snuff films shared amongst the most whacko of the rich and powerful does exist, depicting the most deplorable crimes imaginable, blood sacrificing children on camera do draw top dollar.[clxxi] So why hasn’t mainstream press bothered with this strange and highly disturbing story? And why is this dude not behind bars? The most likely answers are because he really does have links to actual VIPs who are protecting him in order to protect themselves and as a bigtime accomplice, MSM is also shielding the elite from unwanted damaging publicity.

Sadly this atrocious and despicable track record of total abuse against group home children as UK’s expendable, throwaway population is far too commonplace in and around London, be it Lambeth, Islington, Richmond or Westminster. Or outside England in Jersey, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, the legally protected abuse is everywhere inside the United pedo-Kingdom and queen’s Commonwealth. And for that matter, inside England over the last couple decades it’s rampantly grown out of control in places like Rochdale, Rotherham, Telford or Bradford as well, where abused underage girls don’t have to be plucked from care homes to be forcibly conscripted into child-raping-murder rings belonging to brutal pedo-pimping gangs (taken up fully in Chapter 25).[clxxii] Be it abuse by non-VIP or VIP rapists alike, it doesn’t much matter who, where, what, how or when, the sad story’s endgame is always the same. The cold hard fact is Britain’s tortuously long, vile history of pedophilia and accompanied state cover-up demonstrates that the world’s epicenter doesn’t give two shits about its own child population, whether trapped inside or outside its abominable pedo-matrix of a Luciferian child care system or not.  

And what’s even more sobering, the UK is the ruling elite’s mere beta test for having maintained to this very day such an impenetrably sealed cover-up guaranteeing impunity as the beta test model being presently exported, eventually coming to a neighborhood near you… that is if the Luciferian planetary controllers are allowed to continue their crime spree against humanity unchecked and unstopped. Our only way out of this ungodly nightmare requires citizens of the world to finally rise up from their shackles in solidarity and begin holding these evil, sodomizing planet killers fully accountable. They’ve scorched and destroyed enough of our earth, us and our children to successfully reach the critical point of no return. Now on the brink of total self-destruction, it’s do or die time for the human race. Stand up and be counted as part of the million to one majority committed to doing what’s right and necessary to save and protect both our children and future.

Speaking of NWO sodomizing destroyers, let’s revisit another familiar character in this UK pedo-house of horror, the overly protected, pedophilic Rothschild surrogate in the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown Labor governments – the hamster “felching” Sir Peter Mandelson (see Chapter 21). Peter’s Jewish father worked as advertising manager at the Jewish Chronicle and his maternal grandfather had been a Labor cabinet minister.[clxxiii] As a young political neophyte, “Mandy” started out a Communist Party member but soon switched over to the CIA/MI6 inspired Socialist International youth fest that morphed into the Labor Party,[clxxiv] on his way to becoming another rising star first launched from - where else but of all places - the Lambeth council (1979-82), ascending to the title of architect of the New Labor Party while riding the coattails of the 1997 Tony Blair landslide.[clxxv] Similar to Mandelson, Tony Blair too was inspired by Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky.[clxxvi] Like fellow Labor leftists Harman, Dromey, Hewitt and the Hodges, Lord Baron Mandelson (lord since 2008) also lobbied for lowering the age of sexual consent, prioritizing his first order of business to press brand new prime minister Blair to make fellow Jewish pedophile Greville Janner a lord peer in 1997, a half dozen years after Janner was publicly accused of child sexual abuse in a British high court of law.[clxxvii] Infiltrated pedophiles don’t care if voiceless, powerless kids from care homes accuse them of wrecking their lives, after all, once they reach Parliament, their “life insurance” automatically kicks in entitling them to living the remainder of it above the law.

Lest we not forget how they’re able to do this. Because child rapists are often strategically cherry-picked as gatekeeping foxes in the pedo-Kingdom henhouse, Sir Peter Mandelson served as vice chairman of the largest UK child charity, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)[clxxviii] as well as chairman of the British Youth Council (1978-80).[clxxix] With 10 phone listings in Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile who’s who of a black book,[clxxx] openly gay-closeted pedo Peter the perennial Bilderberger guest, former EU Commissioner and queen-knighted New World Order Zionist was also Tony Blair’s chief fixer for very scandal. Mandelson has been accused of kidnapping children while in Brussels for pedo-consumption by his fellow EU derelicts.[clxxxi] And of course it was Blair’s D-notices that fixed it for Mandy to stay a free man despite ordering child pornography online in 2002 during Operation Ore.[clxxxii] With all his known perversions, Mandelson fits the ideal blackmail-able mold to run the country behind the scenes as a Rothschild implant,[clxxxiii] and by 2009, he’d already held a record 35 cabinet committee posts.[clxxxiv] As the unelected power behind the PM throne of both the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown governments from 1997 to 2010, an opposition Tory party leader astutely commented:

It is quite obvious that Peter Mandelson is the real unelected prime minister pulling the strings from No 10.[clxxxv]

Speaking of string-pulling power, Nathaniel Rothschild fondly reflected in a 2012 London courtroom on his 2005 male-bonding sauna experience in Siberia with then EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska as pure pleasure, adamantly denying any conflict of interest backroom business deal ever took place.[clxxxvi] Cabal central bankster Rothschild insisted that he flew his buddy Mandy in on a Siberian one-day jet set turnaround as purely recreational and was in court in 2012 suing the Daily Mail for libelously implicating shady business, misusing Mandelson’s political position to smooth over a big aluminum deal with the very same Russian magnate the US denied granting visas to, branding Oleg a criminal with ties to organized crime.[clxxxvii] Thankfully Nat’s bromance angle lost in court.[clxxxviii]

As the earth’s aluminum king, despite being on Washington’s shit list, Nat and Mandy hastily dispatched fellow Lord Gregory Barker to DC to clear the way for Oleg to sell off some of his alum assets in exchange for lobbying/bribing cash to remove all his sanctions, freeing him up to make deals with US Empire like never before.[clxxxix] Since aluminum by volume is the most common geoengineering metal in the cabal’s global aerosol lethal cocktail spraying,[cxc] and vast amounts are consumed in the sinister agenda to poison our planet with heavy toxic metals for waging warfare on multiple fronts - weather modification, electrical brainwave conductor for mass mind control and of course slow kill eugenics depopulation,[cxci] Oleg now stands to regain his status he lost to China in 2015 as the world’s number one aluminum producer. Of course since Rothschild and Mandelson are used to living like gods far above any human laws [or sanctions], globalist “lackey” Mandy and his Rothschild master Nathaniel could care less, since they’re megalomaniacally in it destroying our planet solely for the pure hell of it and of course for taking in a little globetrotting, sheer bromanctic pleasure.

Yet another one of Blair’s perverts caught up in Operation Ore that the prime minister’s D-notices didn’t quite save in time was his less senior aide and confidante Phillip Lyon who was arrested for both downloading as well as creating pornographic images of children on his work computer at the House of Commons.[cxcii] The up and coming 37-year old’s career suddenly took a nosedive when Scotland Yard arrested the Blair advisor on “10 counts of making indecent images of children.”[cxciii] In August 2003 the father of two was found guilty downloading almost daily his growing collection of thousands of images of children, some of them toddlers forced to engage in sexual acts of perversion. When officers arrested him, the sicko confessed:

It is like a drug - you try one and you want to try something harder and it has a snowball effect.[cxciv]

For possessing his drug of choice that ruins young children’s lives, Phillip Lyon served only five months of a one year prison sentence. One more pedo-connection, Lyon began his career in politics as an Islington council member.[cxcv] Why are so many of these Lambeth-Islington alums ending up hardcore pedophiles?

Not to be outdone a decade later from the same 10 Downing Street sleaze file comes another pedo-friendly prime minister named David Cameron who had a similar rude awakening learning his longtime close friend and senior aide, 62-year old Patrick Rock, up for peerage at the time, was intercepted and arrested for his child porn collection.[cxcvi] No surprise that the perverted bureaucrat from European aristocratic stock was once a Margaret Thatcher protégé. The sick irony is that Cameron’s Rock was responsible for the conservative government’s policy on cleaning up the internet to prevent child pornography and child abuse imagery. Guess he too caught that highly contagious, nasty Downing Street “snowball effect” going around. Another fitting reminder that pedophilia rules every political party and persuasion… and per the old last NWO guru still alive Henry Kissinger and his pithy observation that “power is the ultimate aphrodisiac,”[cxcvii] especially when derived from literally getting your rocks off on traumatized, adrenochrome-filled children.

So what’s the pedo-enabling war criminal Tony Blair been up to in the dozen years since his prime minister days? First thing the ex-PM did was declare himself Roman Catholic after 30 years’ pretense and political expediency as a closeted Catholic and official Anglican in name only.[cxcviii] In October 2012 right when the most Jewish Catholic’s so-vile sins were shocking the nation, Blair’s priest Friar Michael Seed was caught selling papal knighthoods to the highest bidders that paid up to £50,000.[cxcix] The disgraced senior Catholic, often a 10 Downing Street guest, celebrated his 25th ordination ceremony putting on a posh champagne shindig with entertainment provided by men in drag wearing nun costumes prancing around a racy London club. The unpriestly Seed of decadence lives like a king in a Dolphin Square flat, rent-free compliments of one of his wealthy papal knight donors… more evidence illustrating the unholy marriage between politics and the Church as the dual driving pedo-forces behind today’s globalized child raping crisis.

At the same time Tony Blair became Catholic, in a move straight out of Lucifer’s playbook, immediately following his resignation, President George W. Bush made his partner-in-love-and-war crimes his Middle East “peace” envoy in 2007. Blair then proceeded to utilize all his accumulated war contacts fresh off the spilled blood of dead British soldiers to rack up a record breaking fortune of over £60 billion in blood money since leaving office,[cc] fully exploiting his illicit conflict of interest between Tony Blair Associates consultancy firm and his “pro bono” gig in peace diplomacy, greedily signing up all the world’s worst dictatorial human rights offenders his war crimes could buy, including Gulf State monarchies as exclusive clients.[cci] His shameless cashing in his chips of criminal infamy for gobs of easy money puts even the pay-to-play Clintons in the minor leagues. But then once Charles Lynton aka Miranda the cottaging sleazebag whore, right into his multi-billionaire golden years, always the cottaging sleazebagging whore.

But as hard as it is to think it could get any more diabolical, Gordon Brown as Blair’s Labor Party successor from 2007 to 2010 has even more overwhelming incriminating evidence that for decades he’s been engaging in satanic ritual sexual abuse of children.[ccii] Twenty-one years prior to his becoming prime minister, at a private party in 1986 veteran journalist Mike James learned that Gordon Brown was a serial pedophile, per Norman Lamont, the future Chancellor of Exchequer under PM John Major. Mike James continued investigating the Zionist blackmail controlled Gordon Brown, writing during Brown’s final year in office:

Gordon Brown, the current British prime minister, is a practicing pedophile whose activities are known not only to the British, American and Israeli intelligence services, but also by Rupert Murdoch and his senior editor at the Sunday Times.[cciii]   

To add insult to injury, in July 2017, Theresa May’s farcical IICSA cover-up charade brought both former prime ministers Gordon Brown and Sir John Major in for questioning about what they know (wink, wink) of UK institutional child sex abuse[cciv]… like known pedophiles and their enablers would ever incriminate themselves by telling the truth for once.   

And now onto the star of this chapter’s horror show, Margaret Hodge. The Islington pedophilia scandal involves all dozen group homes supervised by the district council leader, longtime Blair cabinet minister and even longer MP Dame Margaret Hodge from Barking since 1994. Among the worst pedophilia rings in southern England is the one that thrived for many years in Hodge’s Islington borough, a district just north of the City of London, where the Rothschild controlled central Bank of England is located.[ccv] At the heart of this scandal is yet another Anglo-Jewish princess - 74-year old Dame Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer). She can be referred to as the Islington abuse ringleader by virtue of the fact that for two decades while serving on the Islington council, she was well aware of the widespread abuse of children in her borough’s care homes, yet chose to ignore and go out of her way to cover up her crimes against children and their desperate cries for help. Similar to two aforementioned fellow Jewish female pedophile enablers - 78-year old Dame Esther Rantzen (Chapter 21) and 72-year old Tory minister-MP Edwina Currie (Chapter 22), this aging trio represents the old guard Zionist pedophilia foxes, all assigned critical gatekeeping duties guarding the elite’s United-pedo-Kingdom.

But prior to covering Margaret Hodge’s enormously significant role in the British pedo-epidemic, according to 13 Illuminati Bloodlines author Fritz Springmeier, the family she was born into:

The Oppenheimers were early members of the Bavarian Illuminati [with Rothschild money the same Illuminati order that Adam Weishaupt founded in 1776.]… The Oppenheimers apparently are close to the Rothschilds. [“Father of the Atomic bomb”] J. Robert Oppenheimer of the Council on Foreign Relations was exposed as a communist.[ccvi] Harry Oppenheimer [1908-2000], an international banker, is chairman of the Jewish De Beers world-wide diamond monopoly, and chairman of the Anglo-American Corp.[ccvii]

Born a year after Margaret Oppenheimer in 1945, Harry’s son Nicholas took over DeBeers in 1998 and is the third richest man in Africa, living off his family’s rape and pillage of his African slave labor diamond industry for a reported net worth of $6.6 billion…[ccviii] a drop in the blood bucket to Tony Blair’s 60 billion.

Turning to Margaret’s Oppenheimer’s immediate family background, from her traceable Illuminati bloodline roots, Margaret’s multimillionaire father Hans was originally from Stuttgart, Germany, just a two hour drive from his Bavarian bloodline stomping grounds. In the mid-1930s young Hans answered his uncle’s call in Africa as an employ of the booming Oppenheimer family mining monopoly.[ccix] During the final year of World War II, Margaret was born in September 1944 in Cairo, Egypt. But with the State of Israel’s 1948 grand opening bloodbath “cleansing” Arabs from Palestine in the first Arab-Israeli War, as Jews living in the Middle East, patriarch Hans with wife and five children in tow headed for safer ground in London.

A half dozen years later at 10-years old, Margaret lost her mother to stomach cancer. With paucity of maternal influence suffering such a major loss at a relative early age, circumstances in young Margaret’s life brought out her fierce competitive drive and burning ambition to prove herself to both her highly successful father and the entire world, living up to her prominent Oppenheimer family name. The five Oppenheimer children were raised in opulence not only from the family’s booming African mining interests but once in England, daddy Oppenheimer founded Stemcor, the world’s largest privately owned steel-trading corporation and Britain’s six largest company overall.[ccx] Her only brother Ralph took over the family business three years before Hans’ death in 1985 until three years prior to his own passing in 2016 when Stemcor for the first time had a non-Oppenheimer chief executive though Margaret’s family ensured they still retain controlling interest. Growing up in one of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful families on earth, silver-spooned Margaret always attended the finest schools, ultimately graduating from the London School of Economics, the elitist university founded in 1895 by the Fabian Society.[ccxi]

While still in her mid-20s not long out of college, Margaret Eve Oppenheimer married Andrew Watson in 1968 but divorced him a decade later after having a son and daughter by her first marriage. 1978 proved to be one busy year for Margaret, divorcing one husband and marrying another in a turnstile turnaround the same year Queen Elizabeth gifted the Jewish rising star not even 34 yet with her first royal honor, the most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE).[ccxii] Her Labor seat on the Islington council and famous Jewish surname must have enhanced her worthiness as a royal chosen one freshly paired with her up and coming new husband Henry Hodge, a future royal knight and high court judge. Henry and Margaret had first met when she was Mrs. Watson back in 1973 as fellow Labor Party councillors on the Islington council. But her rapid ascendancy had her elected as council leader by 1982. Meanwhile, a mere year after joining Henry on the Islington council, in 1974 Henry Hodge took a new job as chairman of the infamous National Council for Civil Liberties (the civil rights lobby now known as Liberty) and within a year it was Henry who made the NCCL an affiliate partner with the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) in 1975.[ccxiii] In 1977 the NCCL invited convicted pedophile PIE leader Tom O’Carroll as a platform speaker at its spring conference.[ccxiv]

So in 1978 when Hodge and Oppenheimer were formalizing their marital partnership, Henry already had forged a cozy working partnership with UK’s publicly known pedophile organization lobbying to abolish all age of consent so British adults could legally enjoy having sex with children of all ages. Do you really think it was purely by accident that just four years later under Margaret Oppenheimer-Hodge’s Islington council leadership that Britain’s biggest VIP pedophile ring became fully and safely operational, flourishing over the next 10 years all the while guarded feverishly by the Illuminati bloodline hawk and pedo-gatekeeper-in-charge - Oppenheimer-Hodge?

And do you think it mere coincidence that in 1976, the same year Margaret’s future hubby turned his NCCL chairmanship over to his fellow Labor Party, PIE-loving faithful Jack Dromey (NCCL chairman 1976-1983), an official NCCL report signed by the organization’s general secretary Patricia Hewitt (1974-1983) stated:

Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage.[ccxv]

And more coincidence that pedo-enabler Prime Minister Tony Blair would later make his Islington next door neighbor Margaret Oppenheimer-Hodge his minister of children and Patricia Hewitt his health secretary and Jack Dromey’s wife Harriet Harman former NCCL legal officer New Labor’s deputy leader?

Oppenheimer husband Henry Hodge left NCCL just in time to escape public scrutiny for making PIE its sleazy bedfellow in 1975 and was only the third non-barrister elevated to high court judge, then knighted by the queen in 2004 before dying in 2009.[ccxvi] But a few years after Hodge’s death, it was Harman, Dromey and Hewitt, all still active Labor Party leaders, who were left answering for their shameful PIE affiliated past when records revealed that they, along with Henry Hodge, publicly advocated for laxer child pornography laws, legalized incest and lowering the age of consent to ten.[ccxvii] As longtime fellow Labor Party MPs each sharing an ultra-cozy pedophilia past together, Harriet Harman once revealed that Dame Margaret Hodge is her best friend in Parliament.[ccxviii] The pedo-wheel just keeps spinning round and round with the same incestual cast of high profile pedo-lovers as the usual suspects.

It’s also more than coincidental that until 1978, Margaret Hodge served alongside fellow counsellor Jack Straw for his last five of seven years on the same Islington council together.[ccxix] As yet another Jewish Labor politician possessing a pedophilia enabling record, before Straw man was Blair’s foreign “war crime” minister (2001-06), he was home secretary (1997-2001). While infiltrated pedophiles were still rampantly abusing kids in his old home district Islington and all around Britain, Straw was in charge of UK law enforcement and CPS, responsible for shutting down so many police investigations into VIP pedo-crimes and pedo-cases. Then it was Jack Straw as Justice Secretary in 2009 who prohibited children in UK care homes from speaking out when abused.[ccxx] Straw also gagged parents from being able to talk to the press about family court injustices as UK’s mainline pedo-pipeline feeder, eerily similar to America’s disastrous child welfare system.[ccxxi] That’s because a global Anglo-American-Zionist pedophile elite controls and enslaves both countries as well as Israel, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and virtually the entire globe. But the old Rothschild bloodline system is crumbling and losing its grip on humanity.  

Why would Great Britain as a nation willfully tear apart its families, funneling so many of its children into its residential care system that renders them six times more likely to be assessed for abuse while living in government care homes than children in the general population?[ccxxii]unless the nation already has a longtime historical policy allowing its most powerful elite wealthy class - including politicians and entertainers - to systematically rape its most vulnerable population - the throwaway kids from residential care homes on such an immense industrial scale.[ccxxiii]

Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Margaret Hodge, Henry Hodge, Paul Boateng, Peter Mandelson, Greville Janner, Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt are but a handful sampling of 10 prominent pedophilia protectors who’ve been atop Britain’s Labor Party. The British VIP pedophilia incest network extends literally into the personal lives of Margaret Oppenheimer and Jack Straw’s spouses from their first marriages, both ending up as husband and wife on their next marital go-round. What are the odds of that? It’s almost as if they all come from the same Jewish Illuminati bloodlines… perhaps that’s because they actually do.[ccxxiv]

Jack Straw’s brother was found guilty of committing indecent assault on a 16-year old girl. Jack Straw’s son William was caught dealing drugs but given only a caution due to his Home Secretary father.[ccxxv] What is it with all these pedo-loving Labor politicians’ sons? Aside from Jack Straw’s, Patricia Hewitt’s was arrested and fined £350 for possession of cocaine[ccxxvi] and Tony Blair’s was arrested for being “drunk and incapable,”[ccxxvii] of course none serving any jail time. A given perk that comes with the turf is the elite’s family privilege to live like gods above manmade laws as protected members of an inner club in charge of the pedo-crime cabal network.

Of course from last chapter we learned the Conservative Party is just as bad. The Thatcher regime was crawling with Zionist pedophiles as well. VIP sodomizers from all political parties in virtually all Western nations hungrily devour and spit out the used and abused remains of victimized children everywhere on earth. That’s why at this point we’ve reached such an acute crisis stage, because abuse has gone totally unchecked for so very long.

For more than a century Britain’s ruling elite has systematically separated its male youth at a very early age from their families, for multiple generations customarily sending them to the same private upper-class boarding schools where both homosexuality and pedophilia have flourished in isolated infested entrenchment.[ccxxviii] This age old practice in the UK as well as Europe and, to some extent North America, has long been a familial, cultural norm for boys to be victimized by teachers, headmasters or older students,[ccxxix] and in turn all too often become perpetrators themselves, resulting in a cultivation of inbred pedophilia as a historical, traditional way of life amongst the elite, a young man’s twisted, not-so-secret rite of passage anymore in recent years with all the VIP pedo-scandals… another open secret exposed.

The uppermost stratosphere of royal and aristocratic family bloodlines have been vetting, grooming and controlling their men this way for centuries. In the US an example would be accepting an invitation to join the exclusive secret society Skull and Bones at Yale University where degrading sexual ritual is embedded in the traditional all male initiation ceremony as a transitional steppingstone of what’s likely to come.[ccxxx] They share a tradition of “elite deviance,” a sense of built-in superiority that grants them the protected privilege to live above the law. Through sexual blackmail, pedophilia has been increasingly utilized by the pathological, psychopathic control system to groom, mold and manipulate “powerful” puppet males into assuming lofty prominent positions as compromised and controlled national leaders who do the filthy bidding of their pedophilic masters.[ccxxxi]

Secret occult knowledge and pedophilic ritual often play a central grooming role in conditioning “chosen” by birthright males into accepting and engaging in pedophilia through the social conditioning process in both elite families and elite educational institutions.[ccxxxii] In the UK the most powerful have been permitted methodically to indulge and perversely nurture their most demented, inbred pathology, embracing a vampiric, tribal elitism as part of an inner club at the top of the predator food chain. Created by this diabolically decadent and depraved system, British homosexual VIP pedophiles regularly prey on the weakest and most defenseless humans, systemically kidnapped and trapped in the morally bankrupt, overloaded, thoroughly broken UK Care System,[ccxxxiii] thus allowing unchecked pedophilia at the earth’s epicenter to spread like a cancer to morph into the modern scourge of humanity currently plaguing our entire planet. This historical macro-analysis transcends the pitfalls of the micro-ephemeral approach to examining the phenomenon of rising pedophilia as a mere sociological outgrowth of the prevailing societal trends of the times.

In a July 2015 article, the Daily Mail explains how throughout the 1970s and 1980s, homosexuals masquerading as pedophiles were fiercely protected and how any staff in the London borough councils, the social services and group homes that attempted to protect abused children by exposing the pedophiles were punitively dealt with in very harsh terms:

Staff who raised concerns were accused of racism and homophobia, and often hounded out of their jobs. Some… received death threats. Almost 30 council employees accused of child abuse crimes were allowed to take early retirement (on generous pensions) instead of being subjected to formal investigations or referred to the police.[ccxxxiv]

According to a Daily Mail article just a year prior in 2014, the rationale given to explain the widespread abuse in Islington was that child care home operators and line staff who were the alleged perpetrators were:

… convincing Labour-run Islington’s political elite that anyone who attempted to blow the whistle on their crimes was motivated by homophobia.[ccxxxv]

But this is merely surface level, superficial explanation that overlooks the far deeper, darker reality that a vast pedophilia sexual blackmail network in Britain had long been operating for at least two decades prior to the 1970s, orchestrated primarily by British intelligence with full approval from countless government VIP pedophiles consisting of prime ministers, cabinet members and both the House of Lords and Commons extending down to countless local councils throughout the UK.[ccxxxvi] It was never a matter of low level care home operators “convincing” their council politician bosses like Oppenheimer and Straw that in the sexually liberated 70s and 80s, it was hip for homosexual pedophiles to “liberate” their youth residing in Britain’s care homes, and if you dare object, you were labeled “a homophobe.” Though it may have been true, it’s a convenient lame excuse to try and pass off the pedo-scandal in the 1980s as a mere sign of the “crazy” times - when the liberal left allowed itself to “momentarily” be blind-sighted, co-opted and hoodwinked by a few wacky hardcore PIE perverts.

Both the Labor and Tory governments misused taxpayers’ money to help finance PIE between 1977 and 1980,[ccxxxvii] Prime Minister Edward Heath attended PIE meetings[ccxxxviii] and MI6 Chief Peter Hayman was a card carrying member[ccxxxix] as well as the aforementioned Labor notables aligned and fully supporting pedo-rights. These facts relegate this notion of UK pedophilia as a passing fad or mere byproduct of the wild 70s and 80s sexual liberation movement as preposterous and false. Yet this heavily promoted, historical revisionist argument heavily promulgated by pedo-apologists is intended to eliminate culpability and obscure the true reality that a highly organized, insulated, massive pedophilia network was covertly expanding and becoming further entrenched throughout the UK and beyond. And it never left.

It was just four years earlier that yet another piece in the Daily Mail completely refutes its own above quote. The ruling elite had long been building UK’s national child abuse trafficking network, preying on care home kids since the straight-laced, “unhip” 1950s. The 2010 Daily Mail article expounds on the unsavory affairs of such child raping luminaries as Labor Party leader, Communist spy, MP traitor Lord Tom Driberg, his pal longtime Conservative Party minister, Bilderberger Lord Bob Boothby and their Jewish mafia, pimping killer pals the Kray twins,[ccxl] joined in the early 1960s by none other than the undercover intel operative himself Sir Jimmy Savile. Clearly a highly organized pedophilia network in Britain was operating long before the so called sexually liberated 1970s and 1980s. Cold hard fact - the UK pedophilic elite has been indulging nonstop in systemically destroying expendable British children’s lives with total impunity for over six decades.  

Back to this chapter’s headliner, with her MBE secured way back in 1978, one of Britain’s major pedo-players for the last four decades is Margaret Oppenheimer-Hodge, again honored by the queen in 2004 as Lady Hodge when her high court judge hubby Henry was knighted while she was Minister of Children under Blair’s newly created cabinet position.[ccxli] Her royal Dame Commander trophy came in 2015. The children’s ministry post served as ideal cover for an Oppenheimer to oversee the entire British nation’s covert pedophilia operations. Also worth noting is that in 1998 and 1999, busy MP Margaret served in her spare time as chair of the infamous Fabian Society that for over a century as an elitist front for communism has been subversively pushing for one world totalitarian government. Sweet lady heading a sweet society.

Thee Fabians have openly supported eugenics and forced sterilization in their scientifically planned utopian society run by the superior “elite,” certainly not by “lowly” working stiffs from a Marxist labor class.[ccxlii] Until recently the Fabian logo was literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing.[ccxliii] Joining her as fellow Fabian Society members are two of her prominent Islington VIP Labor Party neighbors - Tony Blair and Jack Straw, and, as of 2001, just four years into Blair’s decade long premiership, the elite Fabian Society boasted 200 MPs in the House of Commons.[ccxliv] War criminal Tony Blair, both a Fabian and Malta Knight,[ccxlv] loyal to both Zionism and Rome, both major contributors to the pedo-epidemic, if anything suggests Blair’s deeper commitment to globalization of the international pedophilia trade. Right after his 2007 resignation as prime minister, the Malta Knight officially declared himself a Roman Catholic.

The common threaded nexus of pedo-lineage runs throughout virtually all elitist secret societies as well as all major political parties. Blair and Hodge’s very own Labor Party was in fact founded by Fabians in the early 20th century and the pedo-infil-traitors rose to power in the Zionist controlled British government,[ccxlvi] reaching its zenith perhaps during Tony Blair’s war crime pedo-regime when virtually his entire cabinet were card carrying Fabian members.[ccxlvii]

Similar (if not one and the same) with the Illuminati, Fabians believe that religion and family should be usurped and replaced by the expanding power of the centralized state through that familiar operative word “collectivism,” whereby individuals’ worth is derived and defined solely and strictly by their collective contribution to the group that is the supreme state. While the collectivist goal remains much the same as Marxism, rather than gain power and control through a proletariat working class rising up to wage revolutionary, violent revolt against the elite class, Fabians as the bourgeoisie prefer subversively, sneakily seizing control through slithering infiltration, hence their iconic, deceitfully cunning “wolf in sheep’s clothing” methodology pretty much says it all.[ccxlviii]

Far beyond conjecture the British historical record demonstrates a pattern of prime ministers seeking to appoint fellow party politicians as proven experienced protectors of the ruling elite’s international child sex abuse trafficking cabal. The key point is just as Thatcher’s Tory government was stacked with flaming pedophiles and enablers galore throughout the 1980s, so was Blair’s turn during his turn of the century decade. And with nothing changing under yet another pro-Zionist prime minister currently in office, already having declared herself a Jew,[ccxlix] Theresa May is carrying out her puppet duty holding a shameless sham of an Independent Inquiry for Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), designed from the outset to protect status quo by keeping VIP pedophiles unnamed and out of both the headlines and prisons.[ccl] And so far, unfortunately her “floundering-on-purpose” IICSA debacle has succeeded… never a living MP charged much less ever jailed for pedophilia.

Recall from last chapter that Theresa May is yet another self-professed Zionist with neighborly ties to Mossad agent Uri Geller. May has much to hide as prime minister in both protecting the pedophilia network at the world epicenter as well as her own family’s paternal links that minimally suggest a nefarious past by association with the mass murdering Doctor John Bodkin Adams, a homosexual very likely protected by his lover Lord Roland Gwynne, former Eastbourne mayor in Sussex and knighted by the queen during his lover’s infamous trial in 1957.[ccli] Additionally like Sir Cliff Richard, May’s father was born in India to a British soldier, a favorite common breeding ground for UK military intelligence.[cclii]

For six years in the 1950s chronologically bisected by Theresa’s birth in 1956, May’s father Hubert Brasier was the Anglican-Catholic chaplain of Eastbourne Hospital in Sussex where the general practitioner Dr. Adams worked, suspected of killing over 165 of his elderly patients, over 130 mostly widows leaving a sizeable inheritance for their killer shortly prior drug overdoses administered by Adams.[ccliii] Though nurses had complained about Dr. Adams for months, similar to Jimmy Savile, the hospital management ignored their accusations. However, eventually the notorious doctor was prosecuted on a murder charge of just one of his patients. But in a blatant cover-up engineered by well-connected Sir Lord Gwynne who called upon his ex-attorney general friend to run interference, a year after Theresa’s birth Dr. Adams was acquitted of murder and only found guilty of three minor offenses that led briefly to his revoked medical license before resuming his medical practice as if murdering over 160 people meant nothing…[ccliv] echoes of yet more sinister protection from the top of the food chain.

Though there appears no direct criminal evidence connecting May’s father as an accomplice sharing the same workplace crime scene, yet another strange anomaly again by association is the fact that Rev. Brasier worked within the same small Chichester Diocese in Sussex that produced an inordinate number of pedophile priests caught running a longstanding Eastbourne pedo-ring.[cclv] It was so blatant that in March 2018 even May’s IICSA fiasco was pressured to look into the chronic abuse.

By some stroke of luck, just in time May’s father was promoted and reassigned elsewhere as 1st Vicar of Enstone in the Oxford Diocese, almost as if he (like Dr. Adams) was protected by the elite’s invisible hand.[cclvi] Then when Theresa had just turned 25, her father’s good luck ran out as he was mysteriously killed in a car accident, a common pattern amongst future leaders groomed by their handlers, making loss of a parent while still young easier to control their puppet. As one who should know, FDR once admitted, presidents (and prime ministers) are chosen, never elected.[cclvii] Only adding suspicion to indicate that the current PM clearly does not want information about her family history available to the public, as soon as she became prime minister in 2016, all references regarding her father were suddenly removed from the internet.[cclviii] But fortunately plenty was already captured prior to her overt censorship.

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