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Chapter 28 The 3rd Lord Victor Rothschild: Planet’s 20th Century Overlord to Zionist World Dictatorship Part 2

With three out of the Cambridge 5 defecting to the Soviet Union, in 1951 MI6 gay pedophile Guy Burgess and bisexual MI6 agent Donald Maclean escaped to Moscow, followed in 1963 by ambitious superspy who almost made it to MI6 chief Kim Philby. Philby was rumored to have had an affair with James Jesus Angleton, the CIA Counterintelligence Chief from 1954 to 1975,[1] who treasonously conspired with Israel to attack the USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967 killing 34 Americans.[2] Zionist JFK conspirator LBJ kept it sinisterly secret.
From Mossad’s violent pre-Israel genesis as Zionist extremists, Angleton and Philby jointly set up the Jewish State’s intelligence apparatus at US taxpayer expense. But as MI6 section head in London, the Soviet mole Philby was deliberately disrupting MI5 personnel in Palestine with bogus threats, sending them on wild goose chases rather than alert them to the very real danger in 1946 of Zionist terrorists’ deadly false flag attack killing 91 Britons, Arabs and Jews at Jerusalem’s bombed out King David Hotel.[3] In short order these same murderers were renamed the Mossad, but in 1946 the pre-Mossad saboteurs were pushing to permanently rupture British-Arab relations and drive the British Empire out of Palestine in the pressured build-up to establish Lord Rothschild’s independent Zionist state of Israel in 1948.
One of Israel’s intelligence leaders who would later become Jerusalem’s mayor Teddy Kollek had actually attended Philby’s wedding in 1935 to radical Jewish Communist activist and Soviet asset Litzi Friedman from Vienna,[4] the same year her Soviet contact recruiter, a Czech born Jew named Arnold Deutsch lured both Philbin and Burgess into soon becoming Soviet double agents.[5] The Soviet handler Deutsch advised them to no longer associate with their leftist pals in order to qualify as fit for MI6 double agent service. So Philbin and Burgess both promptly joined the Anglo-German Fellowship. The flamboyant and charismatic, overtly gay Guy had already befriended both Victor Rothschild and Winston Churchill, both of whom further opened up the doors for them.[6] Burgess maintained a wide spectrum of friends and acquaintances, reportedly knowing Neville Chamberlain, poets WH Auden and Stephen Spender, Malcolm Muggeridge. Guy Burgess also counted amongst his wide circle of VIP friends in Ireland old schoolmates and aristocrats, like Blunt often making trips there, right up to his 1951 defection.[7] Though Guy wasn’t around long enough to partake of the Kincora boys, the upper class Irish perverts invited him to prey on their fresh supply of boys from orphanages in the 1940s and 1950s.
A rendition of the supposed day that Burgess met Churchill at his country home in Chartwell was portrayed live on the television screen by Michael Dobbs a decade ago.[8] On the day they met, October 1, 1938, Neville Chamberlain had just triumphantly returned home from meeting with Hitler, claiming it was “peace for our times,” less than a year from history’s deadliest war breaking out. Suffering from bipolar disorder, a depressed and near despondent Churchill was supposedly at his all-time low, cast out of power with the gloating prime minister currently receiving a hero’s welcome with his upbeat message of peace. Hitler in actuality did not want war, acknowledging Britain as his Anglo-Saxon white ally. But the warlord puppet Winston following Rothschild orders was craving more spilled blood and sabotaged any chance of peace. So according to Dobbs, Britain’s greatest war hero-to-be and perhaps Britain’s most loathed traitor of all-time, bonded that afternoon commiserating how much they hated Hitler in their drunken misery, boozing it up together like there was no tomorrow. Feeding off each other’s energy, the youthful, always ebullient Burgess pulled the veteran politician out of his pessimistic doldrums and incapacitating depression, bringing out the bulldog fight in the old bitch of a dog, and with a jolt of renewed energy each went off in opposite directions to rendezvous with destiny. Dobbs’ TV rendition was sure to veer far from reality that they were both homosexual pedophile perverts with a mutual friend named Victor as each’s handler.
Within a couple months Guy Burgess was a member of MI6. With friends like Rothschild and Churchill, in no time at all senior officers and future director-generals like Guy Liddell grew close to the wild unkempt Guy. Philip Knightley, the author of Philby: KGB Masterspy (1988), described the Cambridge upstarts’ chemistry among giants this way:
They considered themselves a class apart... Who else would have tolerated the drunken, aggressive, dirty, drug-taking Guy Burgess, seducer of sailors, lorry drivers and chorus boys, except the Bentinck Street clan who saw beyond his appalling facade into a brilliant and original intellect.[9]
That same year Burgess hooked up with newly elected Tory MP from Chelmsford John Macnamara as his personal assistant.[10] Since Macnamara was a member of the Anglo-German Fellowship with contacts with Hitler Youth groups, they organized a series of pleasure tours sponsored by the Church of England taking young lads to Germany. Though these treks were billed as “fact finding groups,” they were more a pedophile’s holiday paradise as Burgess, Macnamara and other lecherous predators attended Hitler Youth camps and apparently were at liberty to help themselves to sexually assaulting the youth. According to the late John Costello, bestselling author of Mask of Treachery: Spies, Lies, Buggery and Betrayal (William & Morrow, 1988)[11]:
The boys of the Hitler Youth satisfied their sexual passions.[12]
France’s prewar Nazi affiliate was the Radical Socialist Party, its Secretary General Edouard Pfeiffer a pedophile who invited Burgess to Paris orgies where underage boys were ravaged.[13] Pfeiffer easily procured prey as a leader of the French boy scouts movement. The Boys Scouts organization from its outset to the present has long been plagued as a pedo-magnet with unending scandal, to such an extreme that it may go under, declaring bankruptcy.[14] Col. Macnamara at 39-years old would later die fighting in the war in Italy, killed by a mortar attack fired ironically by potentially the same Nazi boys he’d raped a decade earlier.
Author of the Public School Phenomenon Jonathon Gathorne-Hardy explored the sexual aspect of male relations at British private schools, writing that 90% of boys attending them admitted to “love affairs” with other male students. Moreover, much of the male bullying in schools has sexual overtones. As touched on in previous chapters, the British elite treat homosexuality as a rite of passage often overlapping into pedophilic child abuse. Even at Marlborough College prior to Cambridge, Anthony Blunt allowed himself to be seduced by older boys and then turned around and sexually blackmailed them, learning to subvert and control others became a useful asset as both a double agent and intelligence mole, not to mention his predatory predilection for abusing underage boys.
Fellow Cambridge graduate and diplomat Robert Cecil, whose lifetime friendship with and biography of KGB spy Donald Maclean likely undermined his career advancement,[15] had this to say about Anthony Blunt:
Anthony knew that much of Britain was run by former prefects vulnerable to... blackmail.[16]
Blunt’s relationship with Victor Rothschild opened doors socially and professionally as he ingratiated himself as a friend to both the Rothschild and Warburg banking families. Even an emotionally repressed, snobby, intellectual, illegit son of a former king and national traitor got to mix with the high and mighty. The Cambridge spies provided top secret information to Stalin’s notorious spy chief, head of Soviet security, founder of the KGB - Lavrenty Beria, a fellow Georgian responsible for purging millions of Russians as well as brutally raping and murdering underage girls.[17]
During investigative author and historian John Costello’s research for his acclaimed The Mask of Treachery, he unearthed the dynamics of the Cambridge spy ring, interviewing Soviet sources, exhaustively crosschecking them with input from both US and UK intelligence sources and BBC archives while filing multiple Freedom of Information requests accessing available government records.
John Costello wrote of a drunken arrest of three top level VIPs during the early years of the war:
Maurice Oldfield was arrested with the King’s brother, the Duke of Kent, Prince George, a boyfriend to Sir Anthony Blunt.[18]
The police assumed they were intoxicated male prostitutes. The fourth born prince among King George V’s five sons was the Duke of Kent who was notorious for drug addiction, promiscuous bisexual affairs including with entertainer Noel Coward as well as Anthony Blunt, ending up the father of illegitimate drug addict Michael Canfield who married Jackie Kennedy’s sister but at 43 died in a plane crash, like father, like son.[19] Speaking of the father, the 39-year old Duke of Kent with 13 other men also died mysteriously aboard an RAF plane that crashed into a hill in Scotland in 1942 that inspired heavy speculation he was murdered by Churchill for approaching his older brother, then King George VI, to negotiate peace directly with Hitler.[20] Anthony Blunt insisted that Churchill was responsible, but then again, who controlled Churchill? – Victor Rothschild. The royals were either full fledge Nazis or ultra-sympathetic to their cause, while Rothschild and Churchill were soft on Communism with hard-ons for Deutschland ’s total destruction, despite as mentioned earlier Rothschild financing Hitler’s rise through longtime Rothschild agents Warburg and Schiff.
Note that among the drunken orgiastic trio arrested with the prince, his two intimates were both homosexual pedophile intelligence officers (with Oldfield later the MI6 director), both known for sharing underage Kincora boys in Northern Ireland together in the 1970s, taken up fully in the next chapter. And also note yet another incestuous royal sex affair between probable half-brothers Anthony and the so called “forgotten prince.” In Costello’s Mask of Treachery, he also writes that before the war, the decadent royals would frequent a pickup bar the Packenham in search of underage boys.[21] These sexual predators were Blunt, his boyfriend and half-brother the forgotten prince Duke of York, Blunt’s other half-brother the short-lived King Edward VIII, the ex-king’s onetime incestuous boyfriend Lord Louis Mountbatten and Mother Queen’s brother David Bowes-Lyon. Get the picture? Half the royal family’s made of males who are pedophilic, incestuous whores fucking anything that moves in their orbit, from young boys to chambermaids. But stay tuned for the full royal story in Chapter 31.
Costello found that both Jewish activist Flora Solomon, and a number of other left leaning spooks and spies as well as FBI director J. Edgar Hoover all concurred, contending that the Jewish underground supported the Soviet Union throughout the war, strongly identifying with Marxist communism. John Costello was especially curious to learn why the Jewish banking cartel funding the war turned its back refusing to help the Jews in the concentration camps. He learned that the war was for the Zionist bankers, not the hundreds of millions of victims who suffered and perished.
With his influential king-making ties to both security services and Churchill, Rothschild invoked use of MI5’s brand new defense initiative - Regulation 18B, an internment order implemented during wartime or state of emergency that locked up dissidents against the war without charge or trial. Violating all democratic principles and civil liberties, this travesty of justice enabled Churchill, Rothschild and his Jewish banking cartel to round up 1,769 “threats” to national security for indefinite periods of incarceration.[22] Its American counterpart was the infamously shameful Japanese internment camp, only British detention was far more discretionary and open-ended. Obviously high profile pro-Nazi types were among the first targeted but with any draconian law like this, it invites widespread abuse, in this case towards those opposing the war or simply not liked by the powers-that-be. One such victim detained for the first three years of the war was former Director of Naval Intelligence Admiral Barry Domvile, who in 1937 established an organization called The Link whose stated purpose in his autobiography From Admiral to Cabin Boy was:
To foster mutual knowledge and understanding between the British and German peoples, and to counteract the flood of lies with which our people were being regaled in their daily papers.[23] 
Once imprisoned, he had a lot of time to reflect on the dark forces that placed him in his cell:
From that time onwards I had a strong suspicion that there was some mysterious power at work behind the scenes controlling the actions of the figures visibly taking part in the government of this country. I had not the least idea whence this power emanated, nor could I gauge its influence. I was in far too humble a position to make such lofty discoveries. Still, the feeling persisted. We always vaguely referred to this hidden control amongst ourselves as ‘The Treasury.’[24]
He later came to identify it as “JudMas”,” a Judeo-Masonic combo that more precisely is the Zionist-Masonic banking cabal led from “behind the scenes” by 3rd Lord Rothschild, the Zionist family patriarch. Simply put, it appears that Admiral Domvile was conveniently put away to silence him from exposing British traitors Churchill and Rothschild.  
After exposing the Cambridge spies, in 1995 John Costello was on the investigative trail uncovering the spy network at the other top elitist British university Oxford.[25] But right after eating shellfish in a restaurant in Spain, John felt acute stomach pain. Thirty-six hours later he was discovered dead slumped over in his seat on a British Airways flight to Miami at only 53 years old. KGB researchers report of a kill method called “bio-poison” where the first toxin is typically mixed in food like shellfish and at a certain time interval another toxin is administered that produces a highly poisonous and lethal synergistic effect interacting in the stomach that kills the targeted victim, leaving little to no detectable trace. John was nearing completion of The Feast of Scorpions about the Oxford spy ring chipping away and closing in on the not-so-hidden truth of why Rothschild’s Zionist elite chose to ignore the plight of his Jewish brethren dying in the camps.
Cui bono? That question of who benefits the most by his never finishing his 11th book seems pretty obvious. For decades, British intelligence had been under the gun, hard put to humiliatingly explain how it allowed such deep and damaging Soviet penetration into altering the outcome of both WWII and the Cold War. In his first ten books, John Costello had been a hard hitting nemesis exposing Establishment’s dark satanic Masonic Zionist cancer. Russia and the US also have much to hide, answer and kill for, but in all likelihood, we’ll never know specifically who the culprit was. But what’s certain is overwhelming evidence confirms that the Illuminati-Zionist-Masonic cabal that ran Germany was also running Soviet Russia as well as the Allied Forces in a demonic secret alliance. And that same evil force that controls the planet today doesn’t even attempt to hide its presence anymore. 
As a prime example is the German-speaking deputy head of British MI5 counterespionage Guy Liddell, friendly with Rothschild and his Cambridge spies, a few years later recruiting Victor into MI5 in 1940.[26] Late in his career as deputy MI5 director, Liddell was fingered as a KGB double agent himself. But when Hitler came to power in 1933, Liddell was immediately dispatched to Berlin for ten days in March 1933. Liddell and the Berlin MI6 station chief met with head of the Gestapo Rudolf Diels at one of the Nazi torture centers and heard Diels explain his intention and surveillance methods to lock up, detain and torture all left leaning opponents to the current fascist regime, particularly pacifists and Communists.[27] No accident that the fascists and the Zionists are respectively brainwashed as the Master Race and God’s Chosen People, both along with the Communists embracing authoritarianism as their ideologue. Guy Liddell had access to Gestapo files and took copies home to Britain, and no doubt reciprocated, supplying the Gestapo with British files of suspected leftist opposition. British security services and Liddell in his career both helped and hindered Nazis and Communists alike.
Another example of top rung power players on opposing sides treasonously colluding together was America’s Office of Strategic Services’ (CIA precursor during the war) Operation Paperclip. Even prior to the war’s end, in 1944 OSS leaders Allen Dulles and Bill Donovan were covertly relocating to America thousands of the supposed German enemy, including sadistic and inhumane Nazi war criminal scientists from the camps, Nazi intelligence officers and engineers and scientists for employment in CIA mind control research and NASA’s burgeoning aerospace industry.[28] Also as more evidence of Illuminati collusion, prior to working for OSS, Allen and brother John Foster Dulles were attorneys, later diplomats (Foster Secretary of State) and traitors starting out as errand boys for the US Rothschild investment bank Kuhn, Loeb & Co, hiding German assets and later Nazis.[29] In charge of post-WWI German reparations, they lined up New York private central banking coffers issuing gargantuan loans leading to German rearmament for Rothschild Rumble Round II, each personally collaborating with Hitler by 1933. In the post-WWII years Allen Dulles (who often shows up on Freemason lists[30]) would transition from wartime OSS to assume first directorship of the CIA in charge of Paperclip. Again, it clearly indicates that those at the top echelons of power, regardless of which side they’re on, be it the fascists or commies, as Illuminati Zionist-Masonic Luciferians, they work together to represent the ruling elite’s interest, waging unprecedented levels of violence, unrest and war in order to facilitate movement towards their common dialectical objective - one world governance.
After the liberation of France in 1944, Victor Rothschild utilized his family estate in Paris as an MI6 office where he worked with fellow traitor Kim Philby, Dick White, the soon to be director-general of both MI5 and MI6 Dick and Malcolm Muggeridge, MI6 officer and fellow Cambridge grad journalist, the famous postwar author-editor-satirist-BBC broadcaster.[31] Muggeridge’s wife Kitty was the cousin of Victor Rothschild’s MI5 assistant Tess Mayor, who worked with Victor throughout the war and in 1944 was two years away from becoming the Lord’s second wife. Both Kitty and Tess shared the Fabian sociologist Beatrice Webb as their aunt.[32] With Malcolm’s father a co-founding Fabian Society Labor MP, like so many of the privileged, Malcolm also romanticized and flirted with communism and socialism, that is until he and his wife actually lived in Moscow for a brief spell during the early 1930s, and saw and wrote firsthand under Stalin about the bureaucratically induced Ukraine famine, how life under Communist rule wasn’t what it was cracked up to be back in the privileged ivory tower institution of Cambridge University.[33]
While working together at the Rothschild Paris mansion in 1944-45, Muggeridge recollected a heated argument that implicated both Victor and Kim as potential traitors. It surprised Malcolm when Victor vehemently raised the issue of British policy never sharing German intercepts with their Soviet ally (of course it never stopped him from secretly doing it all the time).[34] It also surprised Malcolm when the usual silent Philby chimed in taking Rothschild’s stand. In retrospect, it made perfect sense since both had obviously been sharing top secrets throughout the war with their intimate ally the Soviet Union.
A quarter century after Malcolm’s death in 1990 at 87, the highly respected Malcolm Muggeridge was exposed in a 2015 book as a chronic sexual molester of women known as “The Pouncer” throughout the 1950s and 1960s (while the BBC culture was rampantly predatory, epitomized by Jimmy Savile and many friends wreaking sexual havoc on both women and children; See Chapter 21).[35] Of course he, like Savile, went to his grave without serving justice to any of his victims, including a long suffering wife. His sexually criminal behavior didn’t square with his alleged religious conversion, though his niece insists his compulsion to grope and grab unsuspecting females subsided once he turned Christian, as he is alleged to have simultaneously given up sex, meat, smoking, alcohol and his previously unclean criminal life.
Note how members of elite families’ lives constantly intertwine as friends, family, and work colleagues, attending the same elite schools, joining the same elite secret societies, same political affiliations and often the same professions. Again, an insulated inner club that far too frequently also shares an untouchable life of crime possessing the same sexual deviance and appalling lack of moral integrity.
Speaking of lacking moral integrity, back in 1935 when Guy Burgess first began his career as an enemy spy, the gregarious, devil-may-care Burgess hustled himself another quick job as an informal investment broker for - of all people, Victor Rothschild’s mother Rózsika at £100 a month (as if the world’s richest family on earth needed help making more money) at roughly five times the pay his peers were making. Rothschild conveniently rented his flat next door to his mansion to his hustling fellow KGB spy. At one point, Victor’s three story estate in London at 5 Bentinck Street housed or entertained a clique of spies – future MI5 director Guy Liddell, Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt where underage boys were often trafficked in for sex.[36] With friends like Sir Winston and Lord Victor, busy Guy Burgess also landed a fourth gig on BBC radio interviewing big wig politicians.
The pedophilic Apostles affectionately referred to their younger sexual prey as “delicious catamites,” a term originating from Roman Latin, Etruscan and Greek history signifying the tradition of adult male pederasts possessing pubescent boys as their sexual objects and companions.[37] Anthony Stokes wrote that Victor and his wife were bemused by the notion of Victor having 12 largely atheist Apostles having kinky sex next door, keeping tabs on them listening through the wall to their sexcapades and orgies.[38] The inner core of his Cambridge ring were all working for the baron at one time or another and ultimately it was Victor who recruited them all into government and intelligence services.[39]
By his mid-20s as the debonair, flashy, flamboyant man about London town, Guy Burgess was being stealthily groomed for treason by his powerful British handler Lord Rothschild and Czech-born KGB handler Arnold Deutsch.[40] Less than two decades later, Burgess was living in Soviet exile as a miserable, washed up lush, destined to go down in the history books as one of the all-time shameful disgraces to his nation. Did his careless, youthful, pedophilic ways on the cosmic karma ledger in the sky catch up to him once trapped behind the Iron Curtain? If it did, in contrast for the 3rd Baron Rothschild, it was most definitely deferred till the afterlife as his crimes amounting to far worse damage to humanity than reckless Guy’s whose life was already finished by 52.[41]
Speaking of karma, it was moving a tad slower for their mutual buddy Philby as well. As head of the MI6 prestigious Washington bureau when Burgess and Maclean defected in 1951, with US pressure bearing down, Philby was sent home and promptly resigned. But the agency cleared him for continued services on a part-time basis until December 1961 until KGB defector Anatoli Golitsyn fingered him as part of the same Cambridge spy ring as his buddies in Moscow. The ambitiously successful senior officer in Secret Intelligence Services managed to remain in good standing for a decade after Maclean and Burgess’ abrupt departure.
But Golitsyn on another occasion while meeting with Peter Wright was perusing codenamed files and ran across codenames “David and Rosa” that were Victor and Tess and proclaimed:
Your spies are here.[42]
Of course Wright completely dismissed Golitsyn’s allegations, replying that Rothschild was one of the best friends MI5 ever had.
A fundamental, often overlooked aspect of World War II and in fact all wars in recent centuries is the centralized, Rothschild controlled, international fractional reserve banking and usury interest debt system versus the non-Rothschild controlled, non-centralized, non-fractional reserve, non-usury, nationalized banking system.[43] Virtually every so called enemy of the Rothschild controlled British-American-Zionist Empire wars of the last couple hundred years have posed a threat to monopolistic Rothschild control whenever a nation attempts to break free of the international banking system juggernaut with a government that controls its own money supply with its own nationalized bank that is usury-free. A monetary system that is usury-free undercuts and usurps the power of the Jewish banking cartel and gives it back to the local people in their own nation. That’s why Lincoln, Kennedy and a bunch of other US presidents were murdered by international bankers.
In fact, as evident from the last chapter, all the so called demons from the past, Napoleon, the Czarist Romanovs, Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito, right up to the modern day Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, all introduced either their own alternative currency or a non-usury, non-Rothschild controlled monetary system. Because the Rothschild dynasty controls both the media narrative and the history, the fundamental bottom line to all of these so called “bad guy” enemies is that they were leaders who chose a path toward economic independence and autonomy apart from the Rothschild controlled enslavement system and that was the #1 reason they were targeted as the demonized enemies and all destroyed through bankers’ wars. In this context, Hitler posed the gravest threat to the Rothschild world controlled cabal. Had he won, the Rothschild cabal would have become history. And that’s foremost why, according to close Cambridge Apostle friend Guy Burgess, Rothschild more than anything had:
 to stop Hitler coming to power at any cost.[44]
The dynastic throne of the Rothschild controlled international banking system was fundamentally at stake.
As a Beirut reporter, the treasonous Rothschild collaborator and friend Kim Philbin came to realize during the postwar period that the KGB and Zionist militant-turned Mossad in the conflicted Middle East shared an extensive history of collusion and conspiracy. Covertly working together as forerunners against the interests of both Britain and America, longtime bedfellows with Israel, the onetime speculated boyfriends Kim Philby and James Jesus Angleton (with the USS Liberty incident) were merely covert forerunners of what was to come, proven traitors responsible for coldblooded slaughter of their own people as well as the complicit accomplices in the controlled demolition of the Anglo-American contingent to the Zionist Empire. Nearly two decades after Jerusalem’s 1946 hotel disaster, coming full circle in 1963, at the behest of Victor Rothschild the Mossad rushed to the rescue to assist traitor Kim Philby successfully escape from British authorities in Beirut in his defection to the Soviet Union. Safely out of the way muzzled in Moscow, the kingpin traitor Victor breathed a temporary sigh of relief. The next loose end hurdle would be Anthony Blunt’s forced confession in 1964.
Aside from The Cambridge Five and their fearless leader Victor, other major suspects as the missing mole high up in intel services engaging in the Cold War treason were aforementioned Guy Liddell[45] serving as MI5 Deputy Director from 1947 to 1952[46] and Sir Roger Hollis, Liddell’s successor as deputy turned MI5 Director-General from 1956 to 1965.[47] Though plenty of circumstantial evidence during their years of leadership strongly implicate these senior MI5 heads as Communist sympathizers, through cover-up and collusion there seemed never quite enough evidence to indict. Where have we heard that before? Many of their apologists claim they exercised poor discretionary judgment rather than premeditated treason.
Still another name amongst fellow Cambridge Apostles accused of participating in the KGB spy ring was the Blunt recruited MI5 agent Leo Long who admitted to being a Soviet spy from 1940 to 1952.[48] In 1963 the only American Cambridge spy, Michael Whitney Straight, was questioned by authorities and implicated Anthony Blunt, disclosing that at 21 Straight was an avid Cambridge Apostle recruiter, in turn recruited by Blunt into MI5 and ultimately becoming the last spy alive of the infamous Cold War traitor ring.[49] Michael Straight also stated that fellow Apostle John Peter Astbury was recruited into Soviet intelligence by either Anthony Blunt or Guy Burgess.[50]
During the early days of the mid-1930s, the straight Straight was a rare hetero among the Cambridge gay club, smitten but rejected by Victor Rothschild’s assistant Teresa “Tess” Mayor who after years as his “intimate” assistant a decade later in 1946 would become Victor’s second wife. Before and throughout the war years, Tess worked alongside Victor in MI5 counterintelligence, their codenames David and Rosa, and Tess was also reported to have given away secrets to the Soviets and the Israelis.[51] Her aunt was Beatrice Webb, an early Fabian Society member and co-founder of London School of Economics[52] (Fabian Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge’s alma mater) and her cousin Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen, a bloodthirsty British soldier and top Zionist spy with a square in Jerusalem named after him.[53] When treason’s in your blood, vis-à-vis more than a century of your family financing both sides in every war, and throughout humanity’s bloodiest, Victor Rothschild and his eventual wife working closely together in British counterintelligence service, by its very function to catch other moles or enemy spies lurking amongst you, when you are in fact the moles, the odds are you won’t get caught, especially not when you’re the prime minister’s confidant and handler and your last name ends in Rothschild.
To further fill in the contextual background, back at Cambridge in 1935, the cagey manipulator Anthony Blunt pounced on the opportunity to play matchmaker/marriage breaker role, setting up a sexual tryst between heartbroken Michael Straight and Victor Rothschild’s then current wife Barbara (nee Hutchinson). Stuck in an unfaithful marriage where both partners apparently played around, Victor’s first marriage produced a son and two daughters.[54] Victor Rothschild married Barbara Rothschild in December 1933 and stayed married for 13 years,[55] yet apparently it never stopped him from spending a considerable amount of time with his personal assistant, Tess Mayor, who ended up his second wife. Tess even joined MI5 with Victor and served alongside him as his wartime assistant throughout WWII. With Victor known to be jealous, the marriage to Barbara had to have been somewhat strained by the presence of Tess Mayor in Victor’s daily working life throughout his first marriage. Even Victor’s longtime personal friend, Kenneth Rose, who the grandee requested to write his official biography, Elusive Rothschild: The Life of Victor, Third Baron (2003),[56] stated:
Victor Rothschild’s domestic life caused [Kenneth] to temper his admiration.[57]
The American Apostle Michael Straight, who was later the publisher of his family owned New Republic magazine, and Barbara Rothschild carried on a brief torrid affair but the American was understandably afraid of Victor Rothschild’s wrath and jealous rage, so Michael and Barbara’s time together was limited to a few discreet special occasions. Meanwhile. Anthony Blunt was actively creating a wedge with the intention of breaking up the Rothschilds’ marriage of only two years’ duration at that point to likely gain more access to Victor while using the wealthy American to gain emotional capital and leverage in a ploy to recruit Michael to the Communist Party. It was Michael who first admitted to the FBI his communist affiliations while a Cambridge Apostle during the 1930s. Blunt allegedly recruited him in 1937.[58] President John Kennedy had offered him a top arts position in his administration and Michael opted to come clean knowing his past would catch up to him. He implicated Anthony Blunt who MI5 subsequently began investigating in 1963.
Gullibly enthralled during their young adulthood years of the mid-1930s at Cambridge University by the allure and promise of the Soviet brand of Communism, predicated on justice for the proletariat working class, the Cambridge spy ring was working for the Soviets prior to, during and after the Second World War, sneaking to their KGB handlers volumes of valuable British intelligence information regarding Allied military strategy and atomic development technology for the Stalin regime, altering both the course of the world war as well as world history, impacting the global stage well into early 1960s’ Cold War era.
Years later when MI5 was finally closing in on the ring’s massive betrayal, under duress in 1951, Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean were reported missing-in-action as MI6 agents, abruptly took flight departing Britain to seek defection in the Soviet Union. Actually Burgess was betrayed by the Russian promise that he’d be returning to England. Still employed as a senior MI6 section chief in London and then Washington, Kim Philby would eventually join them a dozen years later. Once in the Soviet Union, all three men became disillusioned, where their elitist lax sexual mores were barely tolerated, the trio reportedly lived unhappy, alcoholic lives.[59] Once Philby joined them in Moscow in 1963, the dying lush Guy Burgess requested that Kim visit him but Philby refused, apparently still angry that Guy had left and never returned in 1952, though it wasn’t his fault. Within a couple months, an embittered miserable Burgess died at age 52. Maclean’s American wife moved in with Philby soon after he arrived but after two years went back to Maclean, and eventually back to America. But the son of a former Labor MP minister with the same name, Donald Maclean didn’t last that long either, dying at 69 in 1983. Though the Soviet Union benefited tremendously from their spying, once they moved there, the KGB had little use for them, viewing the trio of British double spies as decadent, unreliable drunks.
For all his senior experience and valuable espionage contribution to his host nation, Philby expected to be elevated to colonel in the KGB. Instead he was shut out from the headquarters and handed menial jobs to work at home, and he too took to drinking for escape. Though the Soviets acknowledged his service, setting him up in a plush high rise overlooking Moscow, in the end the Communist idealist Kim Philby was majorly disappointed, admitting near the end of his life in 1988 and several years ahead of the Soviet Union’s collapse:
I would be blind not to see that the experiment has failed.[60] 
After a quarter century of Moscow life, saddened by the utterly failed outcome of both communism and his own disheartening life journey, by 1988 the longtime master spy Kim Philby also drank himself to death at age 76.[61]
Throughout the disgraceful ordeal and its aftermath, all MI5 and MI6 could do was worry about word leaking out to the public, and what the US would think.[62] So they did what they do best – cover-up, not even disclosing Blunt’s confessed treason back in 1964 to then Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home.[63] Moreover, the government had weak cases against the betrayers and were paranoid the three defectors might change their minds and try and return. After learning of his treason in 1964, without charging Blunt with a crime, the British government permitted Blunt to remain the queen’s art curator, granting him immunity the rest of his life from prosecution of any crime, including continued raping at will young boys within the Irish-Anglo pedo network with his treason kept hidden from the public.
Recall from Chapter 24 that Sir Anthony Blunt was also an alleged Elm Guest House perpetrator, signing the infamous guest list as Anthony Goldstein, not to mention the former spy was a potential blackmailer who knew all the other VIP pervs in Britain. Additionally, Blunt was still useful to the realm after 1964, helping to shut down a police investigation into high profile child procurer Jimmy Savile and assisting expansion of the sexual blackmail pedo-network across the British Isles, making numerous trips to Northern Ireland as well as Wales over the next couple decades. Blunt’s lifelong lover from their old Cambridge days, aristocratic Peter Montgomery, cousin of famed WWII Field Marshal Bernard, lived as a Deputy Lord Lieutenant in Tyrone County, Northern Ireland, each reserving a guest room space for the other in their home away from home travel.[64]
Through ex-friend Robin Bryans’ writings, Sottish journalist Andrew Boyle’s 1979 book The Climate of Treason,[65] ultimately led to the new Prime Minister Thatcher’s public announcement outing Blunt the traitor in November 1979.[66] Publicly shamed, having to relinquish his knighthood, the sick, twisted old gentleman became somewhat a recluse in his final septuagenarian years. Finally, in 1983 at age 75, the vile predatory weasel dropped dead.
The fifth treasonous Cambridge conspirator, unless usurped by author Roland Perry who bullseyed the 3rd Lord Rothschild as spy ringleader, was Scotchman John Cairncross, publicly identified as the fifth Cambridge spy by Margaret Thatcher in 1981 in efforts to protect her personal advisor Victor Rothschild.[67]  Cairncross was originally implicated by notes found in Guy Burgess’ flat, followed eventually by his crime confession along with Blunt’s in 1964.[68] As the only likely heterosexual spy among the identified Cambridge 5, though an Apostle member, Cairncross referred to his fellow members in his Cambridge secret society as the “Poofter Boys.”[69] In spite of his lowly Scotch working class upbringing and earned scholarship as opposed to all his English elite partners-in-crime, like the rest Cairncross was never charged with treason, allowed to freely move about, first to Rome and then the US.
Once they spy careers were over, both Cairncross and Philby secured jobs as journalists for both The Observer and Economist at foreign desks in Rome and Beirut respectively. After working for a time as a translator and nonfiction writer, ultimately the scholar Cairncross returned home to Britain in 1995, married an American opera singer and then died at 82 of a stroke as the last of the original Cambridge 5.[70] The embarrassment they secretly, and eventually publicly caused Britain worked decidedly in their own personal favor in that to a man each escaped arrest and imprisonment, since the UK government would just as soon sweep the entire affair under the “out of sight, out of mind” carpet ASAP, not unlike its countless pedo-scandals.
In stark contrast, naturalized British citizen George Blake with an Egyptian Jewish father and Dutch mother as a Korean War POW who began working with the Soviets, was exposed in 1961 and handed the longest prison sentence in Britain’s history at the time - 42 years.[71] In 1966 he escaped prison and fled to Moscow where he’s resided ever since, associating for a time with espionage comrades Maclean and Philby. With the Cambridge spy ring a far more significant scandal so soon on the heels of Blake’s, the other far larger humiliation was avoided at all cost, so the privileged Cambridge Apostle boys were all let off the hook with no criminal charges. After living over a half century in the Russian capital, the now 96-year old George Blake still believes in communism and according to a 2017 interview, heralds the current Russian spies as the last chance saviors of an otherwise doomed world.[72] This is not at all how Kim Philby saw his host Soviet nation in its final years before Soviet Empire collapse.
With all but one of the five designated Cambridge principals having to hide known homosexual and/or pedophilic tendencies to avoid imprisonment since their early collegiate days, they’d been forced to live out their secret lives, for the sake of survival bonding and binding them in clandestine brotherhood as friends, lovers and eventual hated betrayers of their nation. Again, with the majority of these British traitors experiencing homosexual if not pedophilic impulses, rendering them highly vulnerable to sexual blackmail by the KGB, or for that matter, even Lord Rothschild their senior MI5 agent of influence who’d recruited them as spies and at Cambridge listened through the walls to their orgies with underage boys. Giving away Britain’s top secrets to the Communist cold war enemy for many years, were they really that enthralled with the Marxist-Leninist dogma[73] or through blackmail did their sexually deviant predilections permit a hostile foreign power or other powerful entity in their lives take over to control them? ... not unlike the hold that Zionist Israel possesses to this day over so many puppets in both the US and UK governments.[74]
As fellow Cambridge Apostles in the 1930s it’s well established that the 3rd Lord Rothschild was very close friends with Philby, Burgess and Blunt, both socially and professionally, either recruiting or being recruited to work together in the British intelligence services. At one point, Victor and wife Barbara lived with Guy Burgess, another time living next door to them at Rothschild residences and again at the Paris Rothschild estate turned into a makeshift intelligence workplace in 1944 towards the end of the war.
In 1948 an applicant for the position of the private secretary to the Queen’s mother was ushered down a red carpet hallway by King George VI’s private secretary Sir Alan Lascelles. After they silently walked past Anthony Blunt who since 1945 had been the King’s art curator, Lascelles whispered to the job applicant, “That’s our Russian Spy.”[75] So as far back as 1948 the royal household knew Blunt was giving away secrets to the Soviets. Queen Elizabeth likely knew way back when. And by Blunt’s April 1964 confession, the media says the queen was again informed but kept him on as royal curator all the way until Thatcher publicly exposed him in 1979. So for over 30 years the royal family knew there was a traitor in the house but chose to do nothing about it. Probably the fact that as a powerful pedophile that engaged in pedophilia with members of the royal family, keeping disgraceful secrets in the Windsor castles was simply the norm. Since the 1940s, Blunt devoted his energies to his “other” career as an art history professor at the University of London and director of the Courtauld Institute of Art. But once publicly disgraced as a national traitor in 1979, he became increasingly reclusive during the remaining half decade of his mostly sordid life.
As a boy Blunt recalls having tea at the Queen Mother’s estate prior to her marriage with King George VI. Sir Anthony was a second cousin to Elizabeth’s mother. After he was outed as a spy, his name was forbidden at the royal household since Blunt had always been a favorite relative to the Queen Mother. In keeping with their need for secrecy, right after World War II the royal family sent Anthony Blunt to Germany on a secret mission to retrieve all potentially treasonous written correspondence between the English royals and their German Nazi relatives leading up to the war. Just as their art curator had Commie skeletons in his closet, both the queen and her hubby Philip have lots and lots of Nazi skeletons in theirs that they’d want dead and buried. Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm was Queen Victoria grandson and the current Queen Elizabeth II’s paternal grandfather’s first cousin.[76] Prince Philip’s sisters all married high ranking Nazis and little Philip living in Germany was Nazi indoctrinated himself in his youth, mentored by pedophile Uncle Louie Battenberg prior to its Anglo-fied Mountbatten.
It wasn’t just the 3rd Lord Rothschild, his Cambridge spy ring, or his British establishment saboteurs who were treasonous, it turns out the Crypto-German Saxe-Coburg-so called “Windsor” royal family on both sides may also have committed high treason.[77] Old archived memos that went public in July 2017 reveal that in 1953 Sir Winston Churchill requested that then President Eisenhower suppress evidence that the abdicated King Edward VIII exchanged scandalous correspondence with the wartime Nazis while living in exile in neutral Portugal in 1940:
Duke [of Windsor] believes with certainty that continued heavy bombing will make England ready for peace.[78]
So the former English king wanted more German bombing and deaths of his own English citizens as a Nazi bargaining chip for British surrender. German Foreign Secretary Joachim von Ribbentrop urged Edward to relocate to dictator Franco’s Spain, a more “neutral,” Nazi sympathizing nation where a plot could readily be hatched that would reinstate Edward the Nazi king back onto the throne. Churchill wanted to make Edward the governor of the Bahamas to avoid Germans kidnapping him on Iberian soil in a very real plot to make him king again.[79] With a whole lot to hide himself as a Masonic gay pedophile and murderer, Churchill appealed to Eisenhower to keep his mouth shut, which he did.
More details on the British royal family’s multiple ties to pedophilia to be revealed in a coming chapter. Suffice it to say that having already changed their German name and identity during the First World War to Anglo-fy it as passably British, the German royal imposters in the UK had a vested interest to keep their Nazi roots, Nazi family members, Nazi sympathies and Nazi past tightly under sealed wraps as far away from public awareness as possible. After all, it could seriously undermine and de-legitimize their claim to the British throne. Despite this, the family withstood the 2017 exposure of their largely hidden past twice with a Netflix drama series[80] as well as a Channel 4 documentary series,[81] though both were sugarcoated to minimize flak.
Turns out most of the incestuously promiscuous royal family are illegitimate little bastards as they have a tendency to sleep around, fuck like rabbits and have multiple affairs and bastardized children on the side. For instance, pedophile Anthony Blunt told colleagues that he was the lookalike half-brother of abdicated Nazi King Edward VIII and King George VI, sharing the same father King George V’s wandering seed, notorious for having mistresses despite siring six legit kids.[82] No wonder the Queen Mother was so partial to her hired hand of a palace surveyor of pictures who apparently was the illegitimate son of her husband’s father and her husband’s half-brother, making him in a weird sort of way her brother-in-law. Not only did Anthony himself say so but the 2002 book War of Windsors makes the claim as well.[83] 
The royal family sent their art curator-Soviet spy Anthony Blunt on a secret mission to Germany for six weeks in 1945 in order to quietly gather up all potentially incriminating correspondence in the Berlin archives between all the crypto-German Windsor members and their German Nazi relatives.[84] Later in 1948 General Eisenhower would send 400 truckload tons of documents from the Allied Berlin headquarters to Victor Rothschild’s old house at the Waddesdon mansion. From this action alone one can surmise that the Rothschild family held the notch above the royals at the apex of the British pecking order.
Another illustration demonstrating the power differential between the Rothschilds and the Windsors… according to Anthony Stokes, Anthony Blunt would regularly organize drunken homosexual parties and then sexually blackmail attendees, coercing them to spy for Victor Rothschild and the Soviet Union. Regarding the queen’s own royal staff:
Blunt blackmailed many homosexuals on her staff for information on the Royals for his Soviet masters. Something he continued doing for years after he claimed he had stopped spying.[85]
Based on both Soviet archive records as well as Soviet spy defectors and MI5 Peter Wright’s book, Rothschild, Philby, Burgess, Blunt, Maclean and Cairncross all knew one another and had direct access to a vast amount of top intelligence secrets. Through the 3rd Lord Rothschild’s social and professional clout, the Cambridge spy ring enjoyed wide access to the top intelligence personnel as well in Britain, the US and the Soviet Union. Because all the spies but Rothschild were assigned posts in Washington, though Victor made frequent trips to America, US secrets were also shared with the Soviets. During the postwar period, Rothschild switched his attention and focus from the Soviet Union to his Jewish State, spending considerable time visiting and sharing secrets with Israel.[86]
Despite all the overwhelming evidence of treasonous espionage committed over numerous decades, not one of the traitors was ever prosecuted. Because Victor was the patriarch of the wealthiest, most powerful family on earth, his control to suppress, revise, blackmail and create his own official revisionist history, granted him complete impunity to live his entire life above the law, unencumbered by shocking headlines, serious criminal probes, prosecution, prison while either alive or dead. This unaccountability of the elite without exception is the same constant thread running throughout every major pedophilia scandal in history as well.
Incisive observer Henry Makow frames an astute observation in the question:
Which is more plausible? One of the richest men in the world, Victor Rothschild espoused Communist ideals so that his own fabulous wealth and position could be taken away? Or that Communism in fact was a deception designed to take away our wealth and freedom in the name of ‘equality’ and ‘brotherhood?’[87]
Victor Rothschild was a Communist sympathizing, treasonous spy for the KGB only as a means to an end, a favorite Zionist Illuminati tactic.[88] He built upon the power afforded by his family relatives financing the Bolshevik Revolution and installing Jewish Zionists to run the Soviet Stalin government. Under Rothschild’s advisement, Churchill prohibited British intelligence from gathering information on the Soviet Union, yet thanks to Rothschild’s Cambridge crew, a treasure trove of critical secrets freely flowed one way from UK to the Soviet Union.[89] Keep in mind that the Rothschild dynasty had their agents at the US Federal Reserve and Bank of England financing the rise of Hitler as the identified necessary antagonist to trigger World War II,[90] using Germany, Soviet Union and the Western Alliance to inflict on humanity history’s bloodiest war ever, all just a means to a self-serving end to establish its own Zionist Jewish State,[91] that Victor Rothschild probably more than any other single individual in history created. A close second or third might be founder of the Zionist Movement Theodur Herzl or Israel’s first president Chaim Weizmann, who as a fellow scientist and chemist, Rothschild remained extremely close to Weizmann colluding and building Israel’s nuclear program together.[92] To the creation of the Jewish State, Rothschild kept his eye on the prize throughout his first 38 years of life to champion. He then spent the next 41 years using and manipulating Israel, Britain, the US, Germany and Russia as chessboard pawns in efforts to materialize his family’s long term vision – through Israel moving to subversively own and covertly run the world through absolute global authority and governance.[93]
Ultimately Israel and the Jews have also been Victor Rothschild’s pawns as the catalysts by which he and his family successors, through nonstop Zionist wars and a collapsing global economy, can further carve up an increasingly divided and conquered world. The 3rd Lord Rothschild’s legacy is now the assigned mission left for his only son Jacob, the 4th Lord Rothschild (1936-) and his son Nat (1971-) the 5th in line, along with Jacob’s aging cousin Evelyn de Rothschild (1931-),[94] is to finish the job Victor started - materializing centralized global tyranny and control that make Orwell’s world a walk in the park.[95]
Everything today in the form of unfolding world events and developments is meticulously preplanned by the planetary controllers, presented in the media through Orwellian doublespeak deception,[96] obviously geared towards increasing centralized control. Decimated Western nations reduced to Third World conditions by design,[97] will succumb to more Hegelian lies and artificially induced machinations (i.e., problem, reaction, solution) to ultimately be subsumed under one world dictatorship, one world electronic non-currency, and one world religion - Luciferianism.[98] After all, this was the original vision all along, embraced by all the aristocratic bloodline families, among the earliest the Rothschilds, and their associated links to the Illuminati, Freemasonry, the Fabians, the internationalists, Zionism and all the major secret societies throughout history.
It’s interesting to note that Scotland Yard’s Special Branch briefly questioned Victor Rothschild after Anthony Blunt gave his treasonous confession in exchange for immunity in 1964.[99] After being interviewed, Victor was allegedly cleared. No one dared exposing Baron Rothschild, no doubt fearing his and his family’s immense power. As mentioned, the 3rd Baron Rothschild may have used his potent clout to reportedly have gotten away with murder as well. Two prominent British anti-nuclear activists were murdered. In April 1985 Scottish National Party attorney William McRae was found shot with two bullet holes in the back of his head, execution-style inside his car located in the Scottish Highlands just prior to his scheduled testimony at a public hearing on nuclear wastes after he shared that he was under MI5 surveillance. Typically, the British government through either domestic security services or Mossad places assassination hits on individuals who are deemed enough of a threat, like Jill Dando (See Chapter 21) for knowing too much about cabal criminality. McRae and another antinuclear activist Hilda Murrell murdered in 1984 are suspected victims of the power establishment linked to Rothschild.[100] According to intelligence whistleblower-insider Anthony Stokes:
The general opinion in informed circles is that the killing was authorised by Sir Colin Figures, the Jewish Chief of MI6 who worked closely with Prime Minister Thatcher’s security advisor Lord Victor Rothschild. And here it’s worth recalling that Rothschild was instrumental during Harold Wilson’s years in office for the secret export of Plutonium to Israel. Rothschild pushed for further British investment in the nuclear industry for his own ends, and he allegedly also helped orchestrate the miner’s strike, which crippled the country and put huge numbers on the dole. Defectors have suggested that the Russians assisted the industrial disruption while the murder of those people opposed to the nuclear industry has Rothschild fingerprints all over it.[101]
This wouldn’t be the first time that Victor Rothschild got thrown into the assassination mix. According to Henry Makow, during World War II while working as a Soviet spy:
[Victor] Rothschild helped neutralize enemies of the Soviet Union who came to the British for support.[102]
When exiled Polish wartime Prime Minister Wladyslaw Sikorski in London learned that 22,000 of his Polish military officers, police officers and intelligentsia were lined up and massacred in the Katyn Forest in 1940 by Stalin’s NKVD (future KGB) secret police, he demanded an investigation when mass graves were discovered in 1943. Stalin blamed it on the Germans but General Sikorski wasn’t buying it, convinced that Russians slaughtered his people. Though it’s not absolute that Stalin ordered Sikorski’s death, it’s leaning to that conclusion, and with Soviet spy Kim Philby stationed in Gibraltar at the time, suspicion of his involvement has emerged.[103] Engaging in MI5 counterintelligence as Kim’s partner-in-crime, Victor Rothschild is alleged to have helped cover-up the probable assassination of Sikorski and his daughter traveling with him when their plane blew up 16 seconds after takeoff from the Gibraltar Airport on his way back from a trip to the Middle East in late May 1943.[104] Churchill also has been implicated fearing Sikorski’s presence was threatening Britain’s relations with the Soviet Union.
In 1994 when author Roland Perry outed the deceased Lord Rothschild as the fifth Cambridge traitor, a bevy of historians, ex-spies, politicians and so called espionage experts jumped to Rothschild’s defense, concluding Perry got it all wrong and that his book lacks empirical evidence to ensure that the falsely accused, unable to defend himself mortal “god” remains above suspicion.[105]
Yet when the critical known facts are pieced together, they collectively lay bare the dark truth, that Victor Rothschild was a ruthless, treasonous, cunning ringleader covertly shaping history from behind the scenes by calculatingly assembling a preponderance of compromised “Poofter Boys,” joining British security services by the Apostle dozen (though there may have been as many as 30[106]), fully subject to obvious blackmail and control from both foreign powers as well as powers inside the UK. Yet when widespread security breaches became blatantly clear after Burgess and Maclean’s Soviet defection in 1951, and Philbin showing up increasingly on the radar over the next decade, culminated by his own 1963 defection, piggybacked by Blunt’s 1964 confession, because of his formidable power all throughout, outside intermittent questioning, the 3rd Lord Rothschild was automatically granted a virtual free pass, despite growing evidence that he was the mastermind.
The running theme persistent in Britain’s elitist school’s secret Cambridge Apostle society centered around a bunch of bonding young intellectual gay men from the wealthy class, often with pedophilic tendencies, susceptible to sexual blackmail, who end up disloyal traitors to their own nation in favor of Marxist communist ideals that for Zionist Rothschild were simply extended to his new nation where as head of the world’s Jewish banking dynasty, he could unceremoniously stay safely buffered while crowned the unsung hero and King of the Jews. If you think that the Cambridge spy ring giving away Allied top secrets was mere anomaly, think again. There was an entire network of British Jewish Zionist traitors engaged in nuclear espionage providing a leg up for both the Soviet and Israeli development of the atomic bomb,[107] the Soviets by 1949 and Israel by the early 1970s.[108]
With Victor Rothschild’s enormous influence on both wartime prime minister Churchill as well as all British intelligence activities, it’s no wonder that MI6 repeatedly refused to respond to vital information that could have prevented or minimally shortened the long, drawn out, deadliest war on record. According to former MI6 agent and espionage author James Rusbridger in his The Intelligence Game (1989),[109] during the 1930s and 1940s, the Secret Intelligence Service did nothing to support resistance and opposition to Hitler in Germany. Had it done its job, perhaps the Nazi dictator would never have risen to power. But then the international bankers that financed Hitler never would’ve had their long planned engineered war. Another example is in 1939, MI6 failed to respond to the Oslo Report that included accurate details of Germany’s secret weapons development.[110] But apparently intelligence never took it seriously. In 1940 MI6 received advanced warning that the German army was planning to invade Belgium and the Netherlands but again did nothing.[111] In each and every case, Britain failed to act which only prolonged the war resulting in more lives lost. Aside from gross dereliction of duty, a likelier, more plausible explanation for this consistent sabotage and failure to act is the Rothschild-Churchill Jewish banking cabal intended to drag the war out again with the agenda to raze Germany to the ground and destroy most of Europe for the egregiously diabolical purpose of establishing Israel and the Cold War.[112]
Rusbridger was a cousin to MI5 deputy director Peter Wright. He assisted fellow controversial author-historian John Costello with his book on Pearl Harbor.[113] And like Costello, James also died suspiciously after he’d begun working on his next book exposing the royal family. Within days of Tory MP Stephen Milligan’s bizarre, very probable murder (See Chapter 23), James was found hanging from two ropes in his flat bizarrely wearing a gas mask and green protective anti-biological warfare suit.[114] And both Stephen and James’ deaths were conveniently ruled suicide due to asphyxia “in keeping with a form of sexual strangulation.” Bottom line, British intelligence wanted these two men dead as payback for knowing too much, as mentioned earlier an all too familiar theme throughout this book.
When in 1988 Phillip Knightley interviewed Kim Philby in Moscow just prior to his death, Philby maintained that by the time that Victor Rothschild formally left MI5 in 1947, he had secured 4X6 index card files on every single Soviet agent stationed around the globe, and gifted it to his Mossad, Israel’s notorious intelligence service.[115] Additionally, Rothschild told Philby in 1946 that he decided to keep index cards also on MI5 officers who might be security risks. Philby stated in an interview with Philip Knightly:
Then Rothschild said to me: ‘And how long have you been a member of the party, Kim?’ And I said, ‘Me, Victor?’ And Rothschild said, ‘Just a little joke. I try it on everyone.’[116]
Funny joke knowing full well their treasonous Commie days go way back to the early 1930s together. The cunning fellow traitor was obviously fucking with Philby’s head, unsubtly reminding him that the crafty King of the Jews had gotten the damaging goods on all of his treasonous Cambridge Apostle friends just in case they ever try and cross him. And since the baron had been giving away British and US secrets to the Soviet Union for many years, right after the war, Rothschild was already busily providing the same services to his Zionist friends in Palestine even prior to Israel’s birth as a nation-state. Then within months after it was official that the Zionists finally had their Jewish State, traitor Vic was at it again, ensuring that Israel developed the atomic bomb. Per Roland Perry:
Months after Israel was formed, Rothschild was involved with Chaim Weizmann in setting up a special nuclear physics department in a scientific institute in Rehovoth. The establishment was named after Weizmann, the nation’s first president and himself a distinguished biochemist.[117]
Rothschild approached the postwar nuclear development for peace movement through balance of power deterrence, the same disingenuous way he espoused communism, as a means to an end. He was in regular contact with the nuclear scientific community pretending to stand for peace but secretly feeding every inside secret and piece of information to Israel that utilized the Rothschild Mossad espionage network to compete in the arms race not far behind the Soviets.[118] At nuclear conferences under the guise of advocating for nuclear breeder reactors strictly as an alternative energy source rather than for military purposes, he conveniently left out acknowledging how easily reactors produce weapons grade nuclear fuel. With his covertly furnishing as much money and info to the Weizmann Institute as needed, in 1962 the Institute made their secret Mossad agent-of-influence spy an Honorary Fellow.
Rothschild assisted in brokering a top secret deal between Israel and France in the imperialistic conspiracy to wrest control away from Egyptian President Nasser for nationalizing the Suez Canal.[119] In exchange for launching the initial attack on Egypt’s defense forces, in 1957 France agreed to commence building Israel a two story 24-megawatt reactor at Dimona, train Israeli personnel and supply both uranium and the equipment to begin making its own weapons grade fuel.[120] Rothschild was one of only a dozen insiders privy to this outrageous coup d'état.
No sooner was the Israeli nuclear reactor being constructed, in 1960 West Germany’s first Chancellor Konrad Adenauer met with Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion to work out a half billion dollar sweetheart deal for Israel, whereupon German technological knowhow would be bestowed to further develop Israelis’ nuclear weapons program throughout the 1960s.[121] This top secret deal bypassed the German parliament and Israeli cabinet. Likely through sexual blackmail, Israel possessed an inexplicable hold on all the world leaders, except John F. Kennedy in spite of his reckless philandering.[122] Kennedy was pressuring Israel for onsite inspections. Of course, the cabal made sure he wasn’t an impediment for very long. Within a year after the completed Dimona reactor was operationally building nuclear weapons, Kennedy was dead and gone.
At the 1945 World Zionist Congress, Israel’s prime minister-to-be, Freemason David Ben Gurion, called for a New World Order.[123] Two months prior to the JFK assassination, he accused the sitting US president of blackmail in response to Kennedy’s nuclear ultimatum that either he shut down his Dimona reactor or the US will be compelled to change its cordial, “generous” relationship with Israel. Finally, Ben Gurion predicted in a January 1962 Look Magazine interview that in a quarter century Jerusalem would become the capital of a one world government:
In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.[124]
As Ben Gurion’s prediction attests, the Zionist-Masonic-Illuminati plan for Israel to become the global centerpiece of power was planned long in advance.[125] Though his timing may have been off a few decades, the Rothschild proxy-state of Israeli Zionist power in the world is evident in Zionist Trump moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and his Israeli First posturing and threatening war against Iran. It suggests that Ben Gurion’s prognostication of the future may not be that far off.
Meanwhile, the Jewish State continued stealing secrets and materials from both the US and Britain.[126] Whistleblowing Israeli technician Mordecai Vanunu finally revealed the truth in 1986, and spent his next 18 years in prison, 11 in solitary confinement. With Israel’s official policy still absurdly unwilling to confirm or deny its at least 80 nuclear warhead stockpile, the Jewish State has been harassing Vanunu ever since his 2004 prison release not only because he gave away the open secret but he had the audacity as a Jew to convert to Christianity. As a result, he’s been rearrested at least two more times for allegedly violating his ultra-strict parole conditions.[127]
During the Ted Heath government from 1970-1974, Victor Rothschild was appointed to head the pedophile PM’s so called think tank, the Central Policy Review Staff.[128] Having just come off his gig at Dutch Shell Oil, Rothschild released a paper on energy during the summer of 1973 for the British government, making the dire warning of increasing oil prices in the face of Malthusian hard times ahead brought on by the peak oil energy crisis… just in time for the King of the Jews’ October 1973 launch of the Israeli-Arab War with the oil-gas crunch crisis for the first time causing long lines at the gas pumps and skyrocketing price hikes in America and Europe.
From last chapter, two historical examples of this same tried and true, albeit stale scenario straight out of the dynasty’s playbook: US Rothschild agent Jacob Schiff threatened doomsday unless he got his central bank, then caused the Panic of 1907 to ensure the government passed the 1913 US Federal Reserve Act. Or going back to Nathan Mayer Rothschild’s Waterloo tale of 1815, crashing the London stock market to buy low just ahead of the victorious news to then sell high to make his vast fortune. As owners of the world privy to info only they would know, the practice of unfair insider trading has always been Rothschild Standard Operating Procedure.
As Donald Trump’s mentor who ran a child sex trafficking ring on the East Coast from the late 1950s to the 1970s, and was linked to the Franklin scandal in the 1980s,[129] US prosecutor Roy Cohn’s his claim to fame was securing the 1951 conviction of the Rosenbergs,[130] who were then swiftly executed for allegedly sharing atomic secrets with the Russians.[131] But Victor Rothschild is alleged to have committed far more damaging acts of treason over many more years, allegedly the first to alert Moscow of America’s plan to develop an atomic bomb,[132] yet, other than rumor, innuendo and a book or two implicating his guilt after his death, he sat atop the world’s central banking cartel, the Zionist overlord remaining totally untouchable… like every VIP pedophile during the entire history of the world. And with the Epstein case conveniently out of the way, that record still holds. The Zionist cabal won’t have it any other way. It’s up to us to change this unbroken history.
As the 3rd Baron Rothschild, versatile Victor took his lifelong family Zionist mission very seriously to ensure the establishment of a Zionist Jewish State in Palestine as his official headquarters to serve as the worldwide Zionist launching pad to world domination. For his entire life, Vic demonstrated through his bold misdeeds that he was born a Zionista Firster, regardless of denying it before his House of Lords peers in 1946, two years ahead of the nation of Israel, Britain and the Allies were always secondary, near the very bottom of his values and loyalty. But then the Rothschilds are never loyal to their country, only to themselves and their quest for planetary control. Hence, Victor had no qualms about his treason for the greater good of his Zionist world empire. It was his destiny as the designated Rothschild man on a mission to deliver the goods to his chosen people, the Illuminati Khazarian mafia,[133] ensuring from its very outset that his personal baby Israel would be armed and dangerous, possessing full nuclear warhead capability through stolen technology from Britain, America and the Soviet Union, to go toe to toe against any and all its victims of Israeli theft. The Rothschild controlled French nation[134] even threw in the promise of free plutonium. The Zionist design from way back was New World Order domination and the Baron dedicated his life to that unholy cause.
Ensuring that this tiny nation the size of New Jersey matches nuclear parity with all the big boys Russia, China and America, complete with an over-the-top blackmail threat referred to as the Samson Option, it claims the right to preemptively take out any other nuclear power on the planet regardless of whether an “ally” or not (remember the USS Liberty?), simply based on whether the Zionist Israeli Likud leadership likes you or not. The Samson Option simply grants license to press the button as an always on-the-table option.[135] Never mind that Israel accrued its nuclear capacity through internationally unlawful means, after defiantly refusing to sign the nuclear disarmament agreement and cagily hiding its growing arsenal for years, forging full speed ahead, always with the US superpower’s complicity and apparent approval, allowing it to pilfer and plunder with complete impunity while the whole world passively watches, held in check by the bogusly false anti-Semitic race card.[136]
Perhaps more than any other individual, Lord Rothschild’s been most responsible for Israel’s procurement of nuclear power armaments through any and all means necessary, the Illuminati way. Only American Israeli spies Jonathan Pollard and Robert Maxwell may be the baron’s closest rivals. Again, through stealing secrets and nuke producing material, committing egregious misdeeds exclusively for his beloved Jewish State, both Mr. Big Whiz Rothschild and his Big Whiz Jewish State got away with getting what they want through deviously any and all means necessary. And if you have a problem with that, you’re an anti-Semitic bigot who, Talmudic god willing, you’ll be locked up for it in no time, in the upside down Luciferian world of their making.
Rothschild and his Zionist friends schemed to sacrifice the financially poor Jews, unable to buy their path to freedom, stuck in concentration camps during WWII, in order to entitle themselves justification for stealing Palestine from Palestinians while subversively and cunningly imposing guilt on the rest of the world, manufacturing their weaponized race card - “anti-Semitic,” using it to this day to silence critics and even criminalize speaking out against Israel’s apartheid genocidal policies against its victims - the true Semites who are the Palestinian Arabs.[137] Their karmic due’s long overdue.
It was just a matter of time before the Rothschild name got thrown into the JFK murder mix with the rest of the usual suspects – JFK fired CIA Director Allen Dulles, overly ambitious VP LBJ, young CIA operative George H.W. Bush, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, the Pentagon, big oil, and of course big bankers and last but not least the Jewish Zionists. During this last decade, Canadian researcher Maurice Philipps discovered major links to the Rothschild banking dynasty vis-à-vis high powered Montreal attorney Louis Mortimer Bloomfield.[138] The prominent Canadian attorney was a Zionist and former OSS major who in the late 1950s became a major shareholder of an Israeli front company called Permindex headquartered in Basle, Switzerland.[139]
According to Fritz Springmeier in his Bloodlines of the Illuminati (1998):
A Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, Permindex’s President and Chairman, a key player in Hoover’s Division 5 and a member of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (the Protestant branch of the Knights of Malta) was a homosexual lover of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.[140]
Apparently Bloomfield was also an attorney of record for the French banking patriarch Edmund de Rothschild dating as far back as World War II.[141] In addition to involvement with Permindex’s Bloomfield, the French Edmund de Rothschild who died in 1997 was also linked to Zionists Illuminati Henry Kissinger and neocon Michael Ledeen,[142] together with Propaganda Due Lodge (as in Italy’s Masonic P2 lodge) notorious for the postwar terrorist Gladio operations. The Permindex office in Rome was run by 33-degree Mason Georges Mantello, a Romanian Jew born George Mandel, with the parent company also in Rome Centro Mondiale Comerciale (translated World Trade Center) operated by Italian count Carlo d’Amelio.[143]
There was a direct relation between this first WTC in Italy and the New York WTC towers of 9/11 linking the international WTCs and David Rockefeller who was linked to the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, Pilgrim Society, the Bilderbergers and virtually every other known elite secret society.[144] Thus, go-between Zionist errand boy Bloomfield appears to be the link between Permindex and both Rockefeller and Rothschild, implicating the two Illuminati bloodlines taking out the most popular member of a third famous bloodline family. Plus, another very powerful and sadistic Jew also happened to be sitting on the Permindex board of directors - none other than President Trump’s mentor, Roy Cohn himself.[145] So now Cohn’s cozy links to both Hoover and the mafia, along with Zionist Israel, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, all are implicated in the JFK assassination.
As far back as 1970 author William Torbitt accused Bloomfield’s Permindex and FBI’s Hoover as centrally involved in the plotting and killing of JFK.[146] Maurice Phillips believes that Bloomfield may not actually be directly involved but believes Bloomfield’s archives may well implicate the murderers. But much of the problem has centered around Bloomfield’s widow who in 2004 violated her late husband’s stipulation that his papers be publicly released 20 years after his 1984 death. The Canadian court ruled in Philipps favor to uphold the 20-year rule. But apparently the Library and Archive Canada may still be succumbing to Zionist cabal pressure to keep records sealed from public disclosure.
The liaison between Permindex and David Rockefeller was former Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Nagy, an anti-Communist exiled in America with strong CIA intelligence connections.[147] As a Permindex director from its 1956 Swiss outset, Nagy was behind the Hungarian Uprising against the Soviets that same year. Homosexual Clay Shaw, the only person prosecuted over the JFK assassination on conspiracy charges, was a former OSS officer during the war and later the director of the New Orleans International Trade Mart. He also sat on the Permindex and its parent company’s board of directors.[148] And not surprisingly, right after the Kennedy hit, Permindex disappeared.
It appears that the bottom line to Permindex is that it was a Mossad assassination bureau with its bank launderer and primary shareholder Banque De Credit Internationale (BCI) of Geneva owned by one of Israel’s “founding fathers” - Tibor Rosenbaum, a Mossad arms dealing banker.[149] 90% of Israel’s weapons procurement was through Rosenbaum’s BCI, which also did business with Las Vegas Jewish mafia gangster Meyer Lansky, a close business partner of Canadian Sam Bronfman who was an associate of Louis Bloomfield and Edmund de Rothschild. The Seagram owning Bronfman family bought the Texas Pacific oil company, General Dynamics and smuggled heroine in from Canada during Prohibition; Sam’s son Edgar was Jewish Congress president with the aforementioned Nxivm linked granddaughters. The New Orleans branch of the Jewish family Syndicate, Inc. is the Stern family that gladly foot Clay Shaw’s legal bill in his conspiracy case that District Attorney Jim Garrison prosecuted to a jury acquittal. The summer of 1963 just months away from that fateful day in Dallas, the Stern owned television station was pumping out disinformation about Lee Harvey Oswald as a Castro agitator while Clay Shaw as Oswald’s handler was busy prepping him for his patsy role in Dallas.[150]
Meanwhile, Victor Rothschild was busily feeding Israel every US nuclear secret he could get his thieving hands on, especially after that President Kennedy ultimatum to Israel in May 1963, six months before he died, “either you let the nuclear inspectors in at Dimona nuke reactor or you won’t be receiving any US financial aid.”[151] Remember also that JFK was taking on Rothschild’s US private central bank - the Federal Reserve, cutting out the greedy Rothschild middleman power to print fiat currency by returning responsibility for the US currency supply back to the US Treasury Department.[152] When Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordecai Vanunu outed the Jewish State’s nuclear arsenal in 1986, he said that Israel’s David Ben Gurion ordered Kennedy’s murder because he opposed Israel acquiring nuclear weapons.[153] All this incriminating evidence places weight on the Zionist cabal led by the Rothschild dynasty likely placing a hit on yet another American president, the last one not totally controlled by Zionist Israel as its 7th US presidential fatality.
Though Oscar winning filmmaker Oliver Stone made a solid attempt at exposing the “JFK” story in 1991, implicating the shadowy CIA and shady military industrial complex while focusing on the Garrison vs. Shaw courtroom drama, he just scratched the surface unfortunately, with his associate producer another Israeli Firster-Zionist gatekeeper Arnon Milchan. Back in the 1970s, Milchan worked for Mossad as a nuclear weapons procurer, soon to become a top film producer to virtually own Hollywood. Aside from his Israeli arms peddling, this guy’s been a pusher of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, aerospace and electronics.[154] A media partner kingpin with Rupert Murdock, Milchan is yet another Zionist Mossad insider operating within the Rothschild crime matrix. Despite Israeli police catching Milchan bribing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in 2018, recommending prosecution, by the end of February 2019, charges were dropped, once again reminding the world that powerful Zionists are free to live above the law as unprosecuted, untouchable criminals.[155]
Another prominent Jewish Mossad agent involved in a plethora of shady dealings was British master spy and media mogul Robert Maxwell (1923-1991). Born Jan Ludvik Hoch in Czechoslovakia, the refugee enlisted in the British Army to fight from the beaches at Normandy to Berlin, becoming a captain. Maxwell then notices a bunch of German scientific papers never published in the West he decides he’d like to attain the copyrights on and publish.[156] From this humble, unknown obscurity to publishing tycoon, he got help from somewhere, for starters most likely Abwehr, the clandestine German intelligence agency from 1921 to 1945. Of course Maxwell went on to become master spy, mostly for Israel utilizing a new Abwehr of sorts, utilizing both intelligence and mob from the USSR, the Balkans to Israel and mixing with the likes of Thatcher and Reagan as a treacherous trader to both the UK and US.
A decade or so later we have a more modern day version of the same shady elements in the Israeli Mossad blackmail operation led by Jewish American Zionist spy Jeffrey Epstein and Jewish British Zionist spy Ghislaine Maxwell (see Chapter 14). The Oxford educated socialite charmer Ghislaine was Epstein’s onetime girlfriend in the early 1990s, “best friend,” pimping procurer, sex trafficking partner and alleged fellow child abuser herself,[157] along with being daddy’s little girl, youngest and favorite third daughter belonging to the notorious Zionist Mossad-MI5-KGB master spying triple threat, Labor MP, media titan, crooked thief, mobster-linked Sir Robert Maxwell.
With Robert Maxwell a fellow Jewish Zionist master spy living in Britain, Victor and Robert shared much in common, particularly as rich and powerful British Jews, their intimately treasonous ties to Soviet Russia and Israel. Robert Maxwell was given a state funeral’s burial in his beloved Israel, though Mossad is rumored to have literally bumped him off (his yacht), allegedly drowning him off the Canary Islands in November 1991, only a year after the Lord Rothschild’s demise. Turns out the superrich superspy traitors Rothschild and Maxwell both working for Mossad also penetrated America’s nuclear secrets at Los Alamos, New Mexico, aiding and abetting Israel’s illicit acquisition of its nuclear arms arsenal.[158]
Additionally, in 1983 the US Department of Justice in collusion with the top Israeli Mossad spymaster Rafi Eitan who just died in March 2019 at 92, credited with capturing Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina, was also nuke spy Jonathan Pollard’s handler and ran with mobster Meyer Lansky.[159] But perhaps Eitan’s worst damage to America and the world was when he stole the PROMIS (Prosecutors Management Information Systems) software from its original developer, a small American company called Inslaw.[160] Eitan then enticed his fellow Mossad spy buddy Robert Maxwell who bribed powerful treasonous US Senator John Tower (R-Texas) as his go-between to gain inside access to then be able to sell the Mossad doctored backdoor version of PROMIS to Sandia Laboratories in Los Alamos.[161] Along with Rothschild’s finagled nuclear secrets, even more significant was Maxwell giving Israel direct “backdoor” peepers into the heart of America’s top secret nuclear arsenal. Maxwell the hustler then went around the globe selling PROMIS to at least 80 different nations’ intelligence agencies, governments and law enforcement agencies, including a backdoor copy to Russia and China. His criminality has gravely endangered our only home.
Additionally, back in his old stomping grounds, Maxwell taught the Balkan mafia the ins and outs of how to safely launder its billions made from trafficking international drugs, illegal arms, human organs and child sex slave trafficking into established safe haven Rothschild central banks. Daddy Maxwell’s little girl was a quick learner to the treacherous, lecherous spy game. Though the heavyweight (literally at 300 lbs.) mover and shaker made hundreds of billions of dollars over his lifetime, through a series of ill-conceived business decisions in his final couple years, Maxwell also was losing much more wealth than he was generating, ending up a whopping $2 billion in the red, even stealing pensions from his hapless Mirror newspaper employees. Desperate but still arrogant and cocky, to stay afloat, Maxwell demanded a $400 million cash payment from Mossad, threatening to expose the notorious agency’s evil activities around the globe. But that turned out to be his kiss of death as a four man Mossad hit team then allegedly killed him off the Canary Islands in November 1991, and then Israel honored him with that national hero’s state burial.[162] Prolific authors Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon culled through thousands of pages of government files and interviewed over a hundred witnesses to write the definitive book on Robert Maxwell’s life but focusing in intriguing detail on the shrouded mystery of his alleged death in their 2003 The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel Superspy.[163]
Similar to Victor Rothschild gaining unlimited access and trust to 10 Downing Street as well as the White House, the international wheeler dealer Maxwell in deep with the surging Jewish Russian mafia just prior to the USSR breakup, brokered a lucrative deal with Moscow for thousands of Russian Khazarian Jews in recent decades to migrate to Israel and to a great extent, lay the foundation for the burgeoning, now booming Israeli cybersecurity industry.[164] A number of Russian technicians as dual Israeli citizens work in the Jewish State, plumbing the depths of America’s hi tech industry to seize backdoor entrance control to fleece and now rival Silicon Valley, potentially eclipsing the US as the world’s #1 hi tech leader, able to mine massive amounts of human data for nefariously dangerous purposes while violating the security and power grid of virtually every nation on earth.[165]
It’s fleecing of America, part two, moving seamlessly from stealing US nuclear to US cyber-secrets. To this day, Russian Ashkenazi Israeli dual citizens as Zionists are monopolizing hi tech built-in backdoor engineering technologies to create massive global surveillance tentacles facilitating wholesale theft of the American technology industry that is now posing a grave danger and risk worldwide to both national security and the international power grid.[166] You see how a history of these same Zionist powerbrokers habitually, criminally deceive and manipulate the world, constantly deploying the threat of blackmail to control it just as they vowed to accomplish so long ago in their Protocols of Zion?
Though Rothschild and Maxwell died nearly three decades ago, their monumental contribution to the Zionist Khazarian mafia holding the world hostage today is incalculable. Both Rothschild and Maxwell had treasonously played the Soviet Cold War enemy for all it was worth in order to set up Israel’s as their international power station and masterminded haven for the Deep State mafia cabal controlling this planet. Similar to the Rockefellers and Sassoons, Maxwell’s mini-global empire success built on spying hi tech thievery and media publishing were largely bankrolled by Rothschild coffers,[167] alongside other fellow Zionist titans like Hambro, Bronfman and Les Wexner who have in turn collectively wielded significant control over the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire.
Though Robert Maxwell may not have been directly involved in any known pedophilia network, in the 1980s his business dealings with members of conservative elite organizations such as Le Circle, the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei, did possess direct links to the worldwide pedo-network during the 1970s and 1980s in Britain, Europe as well as America’s Franklin scandal.[168] Furthermore, Maxwell maintained an intimate relationship with both Israel as well as the Franklin scandal linked Reagan-Bush White House during the Iran-Contra debacle with Mossad acting as the middleman peddling arms to Iran.[169] Belgian VIP members of Le Circle were involved in both arms shipments to Iran as well as a large scale pedophile ring operation in Europe during the 1980s. A close friend of Robert Maxwell in the 1980s was Jewish Beirut-Sao Paulo banker-businessman Edmond Safra, a member of B’nai B’rith’s board of overseers while Seagram billionaire crime boss Edgar Bronfman was chair. Safra’s bank was used to launder money for Mossad and Israeli arms traffickers in the Iran-Contra operation. Is it any wonder that the two Zionist tycoons Maxwell and Bronfman would both have daughters involved in child sex trafficking? Daddies’ criminal links to pedophilia offered a natural fit for their kids to follow in papa’s big crime footsteps.
Maxwell’s youngest daughter being a shrewd student clearly learned from her master spy father how to engage in illicit clandestine operations. With her family so closely linked to Mossad, it was Zionist cabal destiny that she merges with Mossad operative Epstein in America once her disgraced father suddenly vanished to supposedly drown. Prior to Ghislaine meeting Epstein by a year or two, in 1989 she attended a who’s who namedropping party aboard her father’s yacht named after her, the Lady Ghislaine. In attendance was future US President Donald Trump and his mentor Cohn’s former law partner Roy Bolan.[170] Lots of other high profile government and media operatives like traitor Senator John Tower, Cohn’s close friend media journalist CFR member Barbara Walters,[171] CBS’ Mike Wallace and William Safire, scandal prone former Kissinger staffers Secretary of the Navy John Lehman and Deep Stater William Pickering who was then US Ambassador to Israel, and finally Robert Maxwell’s shady mob affiliates aplenty were all present.[172] With the Cold War winding down at the intersection of past and future attending that 1989 yacht party, perhaps talk of pooling assets into lucrative new endeavors in the coming years was freely on the table for discussion and mapping out… a changing of the guard with the old mafia operators handing the helm over to the promising new mafia operators.
Even after registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s 2009 release from a year of Palm Beach jailhouse sleepovers, through his multiple affiliated Epstein foundations, the cabal was still funneling resources by the millions into his Brave New World ventures. With such venerable institutions as MIT and Harvard still on the take for his sizeable handouts in the millions, the silence during his re-arrest and mocked death was deafening.[173] Can’t bite the hand that feeds you even if it is Satan’s. And for all his legions of famous loyal friends standing by their man, friends like Prince Andrew, Bill Gates[174] and all the other high flyers, proving that as long as you have big bucks, the shameless A-list don’t care if you’re a demon, no doubt giving away the fact that they too belong to the same satanic club.[175] Since his alleged August 2019 death, it has now surfaced how Epstein was heavily investing in mapping the human brain, mainly for Artificial Intelligence purposes in order to seek scientific means of influencing and controlling human behavior on a Dr. Frankenstein-like scale,[176] manifesting as cutting edge mass mind control research that undoubtedly paves the way towards normalizing Luciferian pedophilia debauchery, merging with postmodern transhumanism, robotics and automation, all part of the ruling elite’s eugenics agenda for genocidal extermination of the obsolete human masses.[177] Past, present and future all intertwined in interconnected dots at the hands of the Luciferian Rothschild cabal.
With jailed pervert Jeffrey Epstein recently taken out in August, or more aptly taken in by Israel’s non-extradition policy, too many high rolling pedophiles were getting nervous over their criminal links becoming exposed during his trafficking prosecution. With a little cosmetic surgery, a still protected Jeffrey Epstein is probably alive and well, free to continue practicing his cabalistic Luciferianism in Israel. This latest “suicided” event only proves the brutish thugs in control are always untouchable. From the Clintons (recall Epstein bragging he co-founded the Clinton Foundation[178]) to Prince Andrew[179] to former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak,[180] all the way up to the Rothschilds, they were uncorking their champagne bottles bigtime over the August 10-11 weekend as soon as news broke of the fake suicide by hanging,[181] breathing a big sigh of relief while raising their glasses high learning their contracted “hit” I mean suicide proved “successful.” In the meantime, no one is worse for wear because that’s just how this rotten to the core global system works.
It was Evelyn and Lady Lynn de Rothschild who had first introduced Mossad operative Epstein to his former lawyer friend Alan Dershowitz, according to namedropping, multiple accused, “never-his-friend” Dershowitz.[182] Moreover, in Epstein’s infamous black book both Evelyn de Rothschild and Edouard de Rothschild are listed on page 48.[183] Epstein’s Manhattan palace, the largest on the island, made him a neighbor to Evelyn de Rothschild and wife Lynn Forester de Rothschild. Lynn also was instrumental in bringing the Clintons and Epstein together, highly recommending Epstein to President Bill.[184] Turns out the convicted sex offender was a frequent White House guest during the 1990s.
The ties between the Rothschilds and Bronfmans go even deeper. To this day they share the investment consultancy firm Bronfman E.L. Rothschild together.[185] Lynn de Rothschild is the CEO and Matthew Bronfman the chairman of the board. Matthew’s sisters Clare and Sara Bronfman are currently still embroiled in the sordid affair of Nxivm, the sex cult alleged to have engaged in adult and child sex trafficking that they’ve been intimately involved in for nearly two decades. The Bronfman sisters are the youngest daughters of the late Edgar Bronfman, Sr., who died in 2018 after serving as Seagram chairman and president of the World Jewish Congress.
In 2018 heiress Clare Bronfman was allegedly placed “in charge of an estimated dozen or more ‘slaves’ spread between New York and Toronto,” according to former Nxivm publicist Frank Parleto.[186] In April 2019 Clare pled guilty to “harboring an illegal immigrant” and credit card fraud and could serve at least two years in prison. Apparently loyal right to the end, Clare used her wealth to bail out Nxivm on the piling up litigation and illegal spying to finance the vile operation to the tune of $150 million.[187]
Meanwhile, Nxivm sex cult leader Keith Raniere was found guilty on all charges of racketeering and sex trafficking in June 2019 and faces life imprisonment,[188] though his sentencing was postponed until 2020.[189] Former Smallville television star Allison Mack, an apparent child procurer for Nxivm, admitted to selling children to the Rothschilds, the Bronfmans and the Clintons.[190] How’s that for a bombshell? After pleading guilty in April 2019 to racketeering, extortion and forced labor, Allison also awaits her fate in prison of up to 40 years.[191] The son of former Mexico president Carlos Salinas - Emiliano also wound up in the upper echelon of the Nxivm organization, running its illegal operation in Mexico for 15 years.[192] Insider Frank Perlato reported in June 2019 that fearing indictment in the US also on racketeering charges, Emiliano was planning his escape to Cuba where US fugitives can’t be extradited.
Speaking of Mexico, in yet another twist, in June 2018 the Rothschild-Bronfman nexus was also further caught up in flurried evidence of a child trafficking operation found abandoned in the barren desert outside Tucson, Arizona, belonging to one of the largest cement companies in the world, the giant Mexican CEMEX owned by New York Times largest shareholder Carlos Slim.[193] Even the Tucson mayor is named Ted Rothschild. Both Bronfman and Rothschild families along with globalist agitator-Rothschild agent George Soros are all very large shareholders in CEMEX that donated $25-50 million to the Clinton Foundation. Sara Bronfman is a Clinton Global Initiative member and all are large contributors to the Clinton Foundation. See how the same infamous names keep creepily popping up in so many of these repeatedly exposed, despicable criminal enterprises?
Though blackmailers Epstein and Maxwell daughter operated a global child sex trafficking network for Mossad to ensnare and blackmail the world’s top movers and shakers, Epstein’s chief financier Les Wexner and his Mega Group of Jewish mogul all-stars are/were the oligarchs who also ran/run hand-in-hand with the Jewish-Russian-Italian mafias (depending on whose turf they’re controlling). Because the world operates on an “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” basis, the earth’s most powerful oligarchs work in perverse partnership as much to control their hired gangsters as their compromised “elected” puppet politicians. It’s this unholy trinity of power that permits the bloodline elite to control the world.[194] And since with bloodstained hands, the Rothschild overlords bought their own country in 1948 off millions of sacrificed corpses all over the world, since then all criminal paths appear to increasingly lead to the Rothschild owned and operated Zionist Jewish State.[195]
The Zionist nexus between Epstein’s benefactor Les Wexner and his Mega Group of fellow Zionist billionaire friends have worked directly with Mossad, Netanyahu and his Likud Party, aka Khazarian mafia.[196] But more on Bibi in a bit. Another Mega Group power player is Ronald Lauder, who is the son and heir of the Estee Lauder cosmetics empire with Lynn de Rothschild sitting as Estee Lauder’s director since 2000.[197] Ronald Lauder went to Wharton School with Trump at Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania, and was also friends with Roy Cohn and his partner Tom Bolan.[198] After campaigning in 1980s for Reagan, Lauder was appointed US Ambassador to Austria, likely assisting Epstein in 1987 obtain the fake Austrian passport, recently confiscated out of the Mossad sexual blackmailer’s Manhattan mansion.[199] More recently Lauder continues to support his Israeli good buddy Benjamin Netanyahu. Lauder took over as president of the World Jewish Congress from the mob affiliated Edgar Bronfman crime family. With both Lauder and brothers Edgar and Charles both key members of Les Wexner’s Mega Group, Charles Bronfman did extensive business with Robert Maxwell, teaming up as controlling shareholders in the pharmaceutical Teva and bidding partners to own the Jerusalem Post newspaper in 1989. Per Epstein’s sweetheart deal-making friend and former criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, himself accused by multiple alleged victims, recently disclosed that Wexner was also accused of raping underage girls supplied by Epstein on seven different occasions.[200]
Other Jewish lobbying billionaire Mega “stars” were/are accused pedophile director Stephen Spielberg (See Chapter 15 as his name keeps coming up), the late Zionist oil-real estate mogul Max Fischer[201] and mega-hedge fund manager-investor and honorary vice chair to Anti-Defamation League Michael Steinhardt who in March 2019 was accused by six women of sexual harassment.[202]
Incidentally, it bears a repeat mention that the same year the Jewish banking cartel deceived America with a private central bank, anticipating criticism, through its parent company B’nai B’rith, Rothschild agent Jacob Schiff founded the ADL in 1913 in order to slander all critics of their crime cabal with the anti-Semitic label.[203] Along with Netanyahu’s ties to Mega member Lauder, other Israeli former prime ministers linked to both Robert Maxwell and the Ghislaine Maxwell-Jeffrey Epstein operation are Shimon Peres and St. James Island guest Ehud Barak, both Zionist politicians with ultra-deep links also to Mossad and the Bronfmans.[204] It was Shimon Peres who sang high praises for Robert Maxwell at his funeral. Ehud Barak and Les Wexner’s ties also run deep with a recent research program that Wexner financed with a cool $2 million.
Epstein and Ehud did more than party at the infamous Caribbean sex slave mansion, in 2015 they also became major investors in a modified PROMIS software startup company now called Carbyne that Ehud chairs providing customer apps using emergency 911 services that instantly provide vital linkage information to responders.[205] What does it say when Carbyne’s executives are all former Mossad agents? It says even though the software is publicly marketed for emergency services, China uses a similar version of the same product for invasive mass surveillance purposes. On top of that, former NSA director Admiral Mike Rogers and former Google boss Eric Schmidt were recently hired by Mossad linked startups. This apparent marriage between NSA and Silicon Valley giants and these Mossad affiliates is foreboding with the Zionist expansion of US defense contractors Google and Microsoft merging and opening up offices in Israel with its trapdoor advantage in worldwide security systems and electric grid even more alarming. The Jewish Zionist thread connecting this entire unholy criminal networking cartel, partnering so closely together both past and present, hardly masks the fact that these power broking globalists represent the interests of the same diabolical planetary controllers as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers who are the Illuminati bloodlines behind all war, including the 5G deathtrap[206] and the current global pedophilia scourge,[207] moving rapidly towards depopulation and a centralized, absolute controlling, authoritarian governance worldwide.
As an aside on the late Shimon Peres, longtime fixture in Israeli politics repeatedly serving as president and prime minister, two weeks after 9/11, according to Israel Radio Kol Yisrael, the then Foreign Minister Peres speaking in a cabinet meeting with then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon held a most revealing conversation. In response to Peres warning Sharon that to disregard US requests to secure a ceasefire with Palestinians may jeopardize Israel’s self-interest, an irritated Sharon blurted out:
Every time we do something, you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.[208]
That very brazen Protocols of Zion-like statement has been echoed by another Zionist Israeli leader, also in 2001 the year Israel conspired with Cheney-Bush neocons to commit mass murder on 9/11, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had this to say about his “friend” America:
I know what America is, America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won't get in their way.[209]
Sadly, his arrogant words rang all too true as American soldiers were dying within two years fighting ward in Afghanistan and Iraq for the Greater Israel Project. But war criminal Netanyahu’s deepest and truest feelings about America were said back in 1990 in a Mossad watering hole in Jerusalem called Fink’s Bar to several intelligence goons gathered:
If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world's biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.[210]
Spoken like a true Talmudic Elder of Zion, the above words uttered by Netanyahu shortly prior to the first US Gulf War were recorded and transcript authenticated. Considering a decade later traitors Cheney and Bush with Mossad assistance pulled off their “new Pearl Harbor,” 9/11 was an Israeli-neocon false flag against America murdering 3,000 innocent people.[211] Netanyahu is the Rothschild Khazarian mafia’s agent provocateur for the Zionist international crime cabal that runs and controls this planet.
Notice how figures from the same Jewish crime family syndicate keep resurfacing ad nauseam? Regardless of the decade, the international crime syndicate headed by the House of Rothschild is comprised of its own massive intelligence bloodline network as well as maintaining control over key operational elements within all the major national intelligence agencies - the CIA, Mossad, MI5/MI6 working in conjunction with organized crime around the world. As a for instance, all these cabal components were linked to the Jewish organized crime syndicate run by Meyer Lansky that has remained intact long after his 1983 death.[212] The fact is Lansky had compromising photos of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover that held the head G-man in check to repeatedly publicly deny the existence of any organized crime in America.
And in the thick of this mutual blackmail operation was Roy Cohn, working partner to both the mafia and Hoover. As New York mob consigliere and Donald Trump mentor until his 1986 death from AIDS, high-powered attorney Cohn represented all five mob families in the greater New York area, and with their assistance ran a child trafficking ring of his own, working intimately with Hoover and the mob - his sexual blackmail operation being the forerunner to Epstein’s.[213] The late Nebraska state senator John de Camp who exposed the Franklin scandal (See Chapter 13) ran across some heavy dirt on dirtwad Cohn:
According to the former head of the vice squad in one of America’s biggest cities: ‘Cohn’s job was to run little boys. Say an admiral, a general, a congressman who did not want to go along with the program. Cohn’s job was to set them up, then they would go along. Cohn told me that himself.’[214]
The detective’s quote above comes from the renowned former NYPD Det. Joseph Rothstein who in a one-to-one sit-down with Roy Cohn was told:
He [Roy Cohn] was part of a rather elaborate sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes.[215]
For well over a century, the organized crime cabal that is the official government has worked in seamless, “invisible” partnership with its illegal counterpart.[216] The War on Drugs is a prime example. The CIA and DEA utilize selected Latin American drug cartels to regularly move drugs into North America at least since the Bush-Reagan Iran Contra days.[217] Before that it was the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asian heroin trade during the Vietnam War era. And before that it was the British Empire’s Opium Wars. Of course the debacle in Afghanistan has served the same purpose, moving heroin around the world. The fact remains that the same shadowy elements that eliminated President Kennedy in 1963 are even more brazenly in control operating in plain sight today.
As more evidence of how the international elite works together regardless of countries of origin standing as onetime enemies, the fact has always remained no matter their political stripes or persuasions, these powerbrokers share the same dystopian vision of world tyranny and control. Take for instance, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Victor Rothschild was a Gorbachev cheerleader, leading the West to embrace him as the Communist gracious loser of the Cold War to the winners – the Reagan-Bush-Thatcher “Western democracy,” masking the darker Trojan horse of globalist oligarchy.[218] Gorbachev is positively portrayed as the rational, peace-loving Russian leader who is credited with ending Soviet Communism, humbly dissolving the oppressive, overreaching Soviet Empire whose communist doctrine had run its course with economic policies that failed its citizens.[219] Yet the reality is Mikhail Gorbachev is a New World Order globalist, the post-modern term for internationalist. His true colors were revealed addressing the Politburo in 1987, four years ahead of the Soviet collapse:
Perestroika is no retreat from communism but rather a step toward the final realization of Marxist-Leninist utopia: a continuation of Lenin’s ideas. Those who expect us to give up communism will be disappointed. In October 1917 we departed from the old world, rejecting it once and for all. We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road. Perestroika is a continuation of the October revolution… Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about glasnost and perestroika and democracy in the coming years. These are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant change within the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep.[220]
Yet another sheep in wolf’s clothing, the dialectical Marxist teamed up with Canadian globalist Maurice Strong to head the Gorbachev Foundation, Earth Charter and Green Cross International using the hot button issues of environmentalism and climate change as the identified global problem designed to be the opportunistic vehicle leading to one world governance as the dialectical solution.[221] The Rothschild dynasty may take on many forms but all roads lead to global governance dictatorship.
Aside from the 83-year old 4th Baron Rothschild Jacob from Victor’s first marriage, another of Victor’s five living children, from his second marriage comes daughter Emma Rothschild. She is the Oxford and MIT educated, currently 71-year old professor at Harvard and listed as a British economic historian.[222] Speaking of Gorbachev and globalism, Emma Georgina has served as a board member on the United Nations Foundation and in 1991 married Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, an 86-year old Indian economist working and living in Britain and America since 1972.
Back in the mid-1980s, Emma Rothschild was the alleged mistress of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme,[223] an icon of socialism who in February 1986 was assassinated, shot in the back with a .357 magnum.[224] From the get-go the police were hampered in their investigation, and a major cover-up ensued, never revealing the truth, although a patsy was arrested. But a year into his life imprisonment, he was released on appeal and granted $50,000 for wrongful conviction, which he promptly blew on drugs and alcohol, and was dead by 2004. There’s much speculation over why the case has gone cold and the investigation completely stonewalled. But obviously with the popular politician’s alleged adultery involving a Rothschild mistress, who like her powerful father is a committed globalist, much has been made of her being the cause of the cover-up.
For well over a half century now with nonstop war, the international crime cabal has flourished in the global trafficking industries moving illegal arms, drugs, adult and child sex slaves and extracted body organs, while laundering trillions in black budget secrecy, denying humanity the benefit of antigravity technology,[225] access to cancer/AIDS cures,[226] free energy technology[227] and with political will, the technological capacity to feed a planet of up to 11 billion inhabitants.[228] Then there’s the US treasonous Operation Paperclip’s Nazi connection,[229] Tavistock Institute[230] and demented scientists with MK Ultra CIA/MI5-6/Mossad, utilizing satanic cabalistic ritual programming including rape, torture, drugs and blood sacrifice to covertly produce generations of dissociative disordered robotic slaves around the world for sex, espionage, assassination, false flag mass shootings, all leading to the centralized, controlled NWO puppet-filled one world government.[231] Everything is tied together in their dystopian nightmare of our future that’s now nearing completion.
Maintaining this diabolical, psychopathic, unsustainable policy of permanent war[232] and planet-wide ecocide destruction[233] in the face of a bankrupted debtor slave economic system based on theft, lies, rape, pillage and plunder, in an increasing digitally monitored and controlled Orwellian, upside down world has crystallized into police state totalitarian dictatorship that has disturbingly devolved into today’s sobering reality.[234] Recognizing the dire straits we’re currently facing, that a handful of sick, soulless, less than human creatures have taken humankind hostage and in large part effectively thwarted and arrested our own human development and evolution from further advancement, currently has us viewed by the controllers as obsolete “useless eaters” slated for mass extermination.
Canadian author-blogger Jeff Wells articulates a Modus Operandi binding these planetary controllers:
There is an international cult that believes that the path to illumination and spiritual liberation is through the rape, torture and sacrifice of children. The cult is highly organized and protected by a network of middle- and upper-class professionals, who are either cult members, or access the ‘services’ of the cult (e.g. child porn/prostitution, rendering them vulnerable to blackmail). The cult is modelled on Crowley's writings, as is evidenced by the internal pseudo-Masonic ‘degree’ structure, the existence of OTO-like ‘chapters,’ and the doctrine of ‘strength,’ ‘master/slave’ and ritualized rape.[235]

All I can say is we better wake the fuck up today before our tomorrows run out of time. For all their unspeakable crimes against both children and humanity throughout the ages, we need to immediately rise up in unison, throw off our shackles of ignorance and powerlessness, seize all their assets, lock them up and throw away the key. Of course this can best be attained through applying legal due process throughout, after gathering necessary incriminating evidence through a two-pronged approach - truth and reconciliation commissions acting in conjunction with massive electronic data mining forensics to ferret out the most guilty at the top of this demonic predator food chain.

The takeaway essence from this chapter’s treasonous links show convergence between Jewish Zionist Illuminati royalty personified by Victor Rothschild and support for Marxist communism and the intimate Jewish ties to the royal Illuminati Saxe-Coburg-Gotha bloodline and their German Nazi fascist roots. These bloodthirsty planetary controllers have absolutely no loyalty to any nation, geographical region or political ideology other than to themselves. Their history through the ages has only confirmed that they remain exclusively loyal to only their bloodlust greed for power and control over all the earth. And with dominion over such vast territory and resources comes their M.O. of insatiable appetite for nonstop war, nonstop arms race, nonstop drug infestation, and nonstop harvesting of innocent children through organ extraction, blood sacrifice, sodomy and mind control torture from their owned and operated massive global trafficking pedo-machine.

Meanwhile, cartel controlled Big Pharma and the illicit international drug trade are by design both currently flooding waves of opioids/opiate-fentanyl overdoses[236] that along with soaring suicide rates in the US and beyond are causing premature death by crisis of despair,[237] in the latest installment of the opium wars. Bloodline overlords are demonic cannibals and parasitic worms literally sucking the lifeblood out of our children and young people as well as what’s left of our stolen humanity in an increasingly desperate, hate-filled, polarized world, again also by hideous “divide and rule” design.

The push for revolutionary communist takeover today manifests in a myriad of ways, particularly in Western culture. But everything turned upside down where wrong is right is fast becoming the not-so-new normal, and global in scale, so no region of the world is immune from this massive weaponized mind-body poisoning. A spearheaded planet-wide brainwashing campaign within the dumbed down national educational systems throughout many if not most countries is intentionally designed to undermine family values and impose damaging dogma stunting mind growth while violating both parental rights as well as children’s rights to undergo their natural developmental processes of a childhood unencumbered and uncontaminated by the highly toxic, centralized UN control agenda.[238]

The insidious attack on primary grade schoolchildren through systematically programmed social and gender-bending engineering of our vulnerable, impressionable youth clearly usurps the rightful sanctity of parental responsibility with rigid, mandated LGBT sex education curriculums taught to five year olds as brazen illustration of early state indoctrination gone awry, currently producing an alarming influx of maniacally induced gender identity confusion across multiple generations.[239] It’s neither natural nor age appropriate for 5-year olds to be prematurely bombarded by a mechanized, sinisterly twisted mind control system carrying grave debilitating effects that are clearly harming our children in droves. Meanwhile, professional child therapists, social workers, doctors, teachers and parents who boldly speak out in opposition against this malific Brave New World state sponsored abuse on a massive scale are too often only severely consequenced, risking loss of job and livelihood with unconstitutional infringement of their First Amendment rights destroyed by the fascist pathological militancy of Political Correctness.

Another even more hideously overt Cultural Marxism attack on our most vulnerable population is being delivered by MIT Press’ actual publication of a 2017 book entitled Communism for Kids, teaching children basic Marxist doctrinaire.[240] The German author’s area of so called expertise is political theory and “queer politics.” Meanwhile, universities are now being systematically gender-neutered. Restroom privacy is now subject to invasion by opposite sexed and transgendered patrons.[241] Notice how it’s always the elite universities at the forefront of today’s Brave New World Disorder? MIT propagandizing communism for kids, accepting pedophile Epstein money for Frankenstein mind control research and educating a Rothschild UN globalist speaks volumes.

A growing number of the biggest Rothschild controlled banks and transnational corporations along with A-listed hipster performers jumped on the PC bandwagon to boycott states like North Carolina and Mississippi for passing laws to uphold the sanctity of separate bathrooms for the two genders.[242] But the HB2 Act requiring transgenders in North Carolina to enter the restroom of the gender they were biologically born is projected to be costing North Carolina more than $3.76 billion over the next few years according to Rothschild owned Associated Press.[243] We’re truly living in an insanely absurd, upside down world where the right of everyone’s privacy to take a piss or shit is being grossly violated by prioritizing the right of a very small minority of transsexuals free choice of where to relieve themselves.

Since 1776, the sacred institutions of family, religion and national sovereignty have long been identified by the Jewish Jesuit Masonic Illuminati founder himself Adam Weishaupt as primary targets to abolish as obstacles to world domination.[244] Through the planetary cabal’s diabolical Luciferian agenda, all of these institutions that historically have been humanity’s binding social force of stability and health are now relentlessly undermined under constant subversive attack. Henry Makow concedes that “Western Society is a Satanic Cult.”[245] Why else is every nation on earth that is the least bit resistive to being totally crushed by the Rothschild central banking death grip - Iran,[246] Syria,[247] Yemen,[248] Libya,[249] Russia,[250] China,[251] Venezuela,[252] North Korea,[253] South Sudan,[254] Somalia,[255] all are either under heavy economic sanctions, or as Iran more precisely calls it, economic terrorism,[256] relentlesstly subject to violent overthrow[257] or threatened with or already at war as hopelessly embattled failed states or multipolar hegemonic threats?[258]

If you don’t play the predatory game of Rothschild’s Anglo-American-Zionist Cabal - succumbing to irreversible IMF or World Bank debt and control,[259] a fatal cost is paid. And if not by Luciferian design, why else would the ruling banking cartel orchestrate Zionist Greater Israel Project wars in the Middle East and North Africa in order to manufacture today’s global migration implosion that as of 2017 has produced more displaced people in the entire known history of our planet,[260] just to create and ignite massive race, religious and class wars within and between states and civilizations?[261]

With today’s perfect storm brewing, communism as a means to an end that Victor Rothschild the treasonous cabal kingpin promoted serves only one purpose, to deceptively concentrate all worldly wealth and power into the fewest hands - his family dynasty’s, hiding it under the auspices of state authority. Any and all other political ideologies become meaningless as the outcome of so called democratic liberalism, socialism, Zionism, neo-conservatism, fascism, the left, the right and the middle, it doesn’t matter since the endgame always remains the same, all are Rothschild created and controlled by the dynasty’s banking cabal that pretty much has come to monopolize everything, not just the global economy but maintains geopolitical, cultural, educational and religious control through oligarchic dynasty dictatorship.

A prominent American Fabian speaking at an uppity London banquet on November 19, 1937, diplomat, philosopher and Ivy League educator Nicholas Murray Butler succinctly sized up what no doubt was Victor Rothschild’s prized aim:

Communism is the [means to an end] instrument with which the financial world can topple national governments and then erect a world government with a world police and world money.[262]

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Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former Army officer who has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” In addition to being a personal memoir, it exposes a faulty military leadership system based on one’s capacity to be an order follower, enforce arbitrary, asinine rules and engage in the psychopathic art of ingratiation. It’s based on ticket punching one’s way up the seniority system ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest along the way, leaving mediocrity and ass kissing order followers to rise to the top as America’s politician-bureaucrat generals in charge of losing US wars by elitist design. West Point fails miserably to instill integrity in its leaders and equally fails to teach and train positive genuine leadership skills to its officer corps.
After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he constantly battled the largest county child protective service in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system. LA County Children’s Court regularly endangered his clients, afflicting more harm and abuse by making life and death decisions clearly not in their best interest. It prepared him well for later working as an investigative journalist exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflicts far more harm than good. 
As an independent journalist focusing on geopolitics, international relations, globalization and US Empire imperialism for over half a decade, Joachim has written hundreds of articles published on numerous alternative news sites, foremost among them: GlobalResearch, and His blog site: 
Joachim continues writing the A-Z sourcebook exposing the global pedophilia epidemic entitled Pedophilia& Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State. The book can be read for free on this blog site or The first twenty-six chapters selling for .99 each on Amazon Kindle remain best sellers in both politics and child advocacy categories. Donations are welcomed at