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Chapter 28 The 3rd Lord Victor Rothschild: Planet’s 20th Century Overlord to Zionist World Dictatorship Part 1

After a general history of the Rothschild dynasty, this chapter will focus on the specific life activities of the most important Rothschild from the 20th century - Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild or the 3rd Lord Baron Rothschild. The man known as Victor Rothschild was born on October 31, 1910 and died on March 20, 1990. He was the Cambridge Spy Ring kingpin, giving away top secrets before, during and after the Second World War, to both the Soviet Union and postwar Israel, helping each nation build the bomb. He used all his economic and political power to suppress his treasonous crimes to avoid any consequence. But rumors gradually backed up by mounting credible evidence lingered to haunt him throughout the second half of his eight-decade long lifespan.
Also unveiled is the truth exposing how Rothschild both protected and controlled Sir Winston Churchill, the undeserved war hero, fellow traitor wrongly touted as British history’s most admired Englishman. Links are then also explored between Victor Rothschild and the international Zionist crime cabal through his ties with such Jewish crime syndicate players as Zionist Mega Group members the Bronfman family, tycoons Les Wexner and Ronald Lauder, international bankster Edmond Safra, Jewish mafia gangster Meyer Lansky and Mossad British media mogul Robert Maxwell, on down to Mossad daughter Ghislaine Maxwell and her Mossad partner Jeffrey Epstein. This chapter will unravel how Victor Rothschild’s active “hidden hand” as “communist leaning” provocateur seamlessly operating within both Britain’s intelligence arm and his family’s international banking cartel engaged in treasonous espionage with both the Soviet Cold War enemy and today’s Zionist world enemy Israel in order to pave the global pathway towards the New World Order’s Cultural Marxist takeover, all the while masking his family’s long plotted elitist oligarchic dictatorship.[i]
This chapter thoroughly exposes what is known of the largely veiled, secret life of Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, how the silver spooned British bloodline patriarch was born on Halloween, a favorite Satanic Illuminati holiday that the pagan Celts from his British Isles called Samhain, their lord of the dead, a favorite occult festival featuring child sacrifice.[ii] The profoundly private man Victor Rothschild as 3rd Baron Rothschild grew up to oversee the infamous family banking dynasty after attaining the rank of major in Britain’s wartime MI5 intelligence agency serving as an alleged traitor for more than a quarter century, first during the 1930s and 1940s for the Soviet Union and then for Israel during the postwar decades from the mid-1940s to the early 1960s.
In stark contrast, Victor’s father Nathaniel “Charles” Rothschild (1877-1923) enjoyed his relatively short life working dutifully in the family banking business but his real passion as a dedicated naturalist motivated to preserve and protect Britain’s wildlife ranked among his top priorities and achievements. Never taking nature for granted, Charles Rothschild founded the Society for the Protection of Nature Reserves, realizing that the delicate ecological environment in which wildlife species live must be safeguarded for the future.[iii] In 1915 Charles Rothschild came up with the novel yet pragmatic idea to list and begin creating 284 proposed nature reserves across the island nation. While chasing butterflies and insects in the Carpathian Mountains, Charles met his 7-year-older, multilingual, 34-year old Hungarian wife Rozsika (nee von Wertheimstein of Austrian titled nobility; 1870-1940).[iv]
Charles was the second oldest son belonging to the 1st Lord Nathan Rothschild (and first House of Lords Jew) known as Natty (1840-1915) and his wife Emma (1844-1935). As Natty and Emma’s eldest son, Walter Rothschild (1868-1937) became the 2nd Baron in 1915, and in 1917 the recipient of the Balfour Declaration letter. The robust Walter pretended to head the NM Rothschild banking dynasty but his heart, like Charles, was also far more into nature as a zoologist, only Walter spent the bulk of his time, energy and resources acquiring the largest private collection of live and dead animals on earth. It left him no time for marriage but Walter did have two mistresses, one who bore him an illegitimate daughter while the other delivered him a series of ongoing blackmail threats.[v] In deference to his mother Emma, Walter simply paid for his second mistress’ silence.
Walter and Charles’ reverence for nature seems a foreign concept to the Type A personality of the typical Western industrialist titans of their day who mistakenly equated human progress to harnessing, conquering and exploiting nature to its fullest, regardless of the toxic long term consequence. Charles’ ambitious son’s relentless, hard-driven pursuit of stealing nuclear secrets for both Russia and the Jewish State harken back to his powerhouse grandfather Natty, the 1st Baron Rothschild. Charles’ conservationist activism influenced and inspired his oldest daughter, entomologist Miriam Rothschild (1908-2005) as well as his only son Victor into both becoming zoologists themselves. But suffering from encephalitis and mood swings,[vi] the 46-year old entomologist father of three young daughters and a son allegedly slit his throat in October 1923, when 12-year old Victor was less than three weeks from his 13th birthday.[vii]
A suicidal (if not suicided) pattern unfolded in Victor Rothschild’s life with both his father and his younger son tragically committing suicide. From his first marriage, his older son Jacob still presides over the dynasty today as the 83-year old 4th Lord Rothschild. But a half dozen years after the 3rd Lord Rothschild’s demise, at just 41 in 1996 only six weeks after his mother Tess’s death (1915-1996), Victor’s second son Amschel James Rothschild (1955-1996) from the baron’s second marriage also allegedly committed suicide, conveniently written off as depression resulting over his mother’s death.[viii] Yet prior to the French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac abruptly shutting down the investigation, police revealed suspicion that Amschel was murdered.[ix]
Amschel James Rothschild once reportedly claimed in a magazine interview that he’d “personally met with Lucifer” in Colorado, adding that the Masonic one eye on the US dollar bill was Lucifer’s eye.[x] As the heir apparent to the Evelyn de Rothschild fortune, it’s been speculated that this gentle Rothschild lacked the family’s killer instinct and was subsequently murdered. Some alt-media accounts contrasted the all-powerful, pugnacious Victor and his delicate, slender, younger son’s non-killer instinct as an impediment and possible factor in Amschel’s likely murder.
In any event, within the hour after his lifeless body was discovered, the press in France and Britain decided to quash the sensational story. But in its coverage, the Spotlight stated that British broadcast reporter Ian Gooding made this rather revealing comment regarding the owner of the world’s largest media empire upon receiving the news:
[Rupert] Murdoch sent a hotline fax to his 600-odd editors and news managers around the world, ordering them to report Amschel’s death as a heart attack, if at all. No one around here has ever seen such pressure to kill a front-page story. But in the end, the cover-up was complete.[xi]
Death by suffocation from a bathrobe belt in a French hotel room happened to be the exact same method of death that popular chef Anthony Bourdain suffered 22 years later in July 2018, both men “strangling” themselves in a French hotel room supposedly hung by using their bathrobe belts.[xii] A detective at the crime scene tugged on Amschel’s belt attached to the bathroom towel rack and it fell out of the wall, proving that Amschel could not have hung himself even with his lanky, slender frame. Sudden death by suicide involving foul play with bathrobe belts appears to be a common fate on the rise suffered by both famous Rothschilds and famous non-Rothschilds alike. History shows “doorknob hangings” have been a notorious outcome of a growing litany of individuals deemed adversarial threats to the Rothschild agenda of world domination.
Just months prior to his sudden death, Anthony Bourdain had angrily lashed out publicly against both Hillary Clinton[xiii] and director Quentin Tarantino[xiv] over their overly cordial relationships and minimal complicity to notorious Hollywood sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of assaulting Anthony’s actress girlfriend Asia Argento in 1997. With parallels being made of the publicized death trail following the notorious Clintons, similar overtures have been speculated regards the Rothschild family as well as Sir Winston Churchill, whose murderous story as a Rothschild puppet-agent will be taken up shortly. Recall also from last chapter that first wife of Victor Rothschild’s grandson Nat, model Annabelle Nielson, also suddenly died just a month after Bourdain in July 2018 in a similar mysterious manner, and just like Amschel’s 1996 passing, hers too was initially announced as a heart attack.[xv] Assassination by “suicide,” or more specifically death by doorknob of those who know too much is a recurring phenomenon with increasing frequency these days, especially when pedophilia may be involved.[xvi] Recall all the suspicious BBC related deaths where Jimmy Savile worked featured in Chapter 21.
Returning to the 3rd Baron Rothschild’s early life, surrounded by females in his family, as the princely youth in the British House of Rothschild, destined to become the future King of the Jews, at just 26 years of age with his Uncle Walter’s passing, Victor Rothschild thereafter was known to the world as the 3rd Lord Baron and the official patriarchal heir to the international House of Rothschild.
Though as of August 27, 1937, Victor Rothschild remained a Labor Party member of the upper House of Lords right up to his March 1990 death, he only spoke twice in the house chamber, both times in 1946 first as a biochemist on milk pasteurization and then as a provocateur on Palestine.[xvii] During his July 31, 1946 speech on Palestine, Lord Rothschild denied he was ever a political Zionist,[xviii] and though there were Rothschild family members who were against Zionism, by his own sneakily treacherous actions alone, Victor was never one of them. At great danger to his own public standing, the treasonous 3rd Lord Rothschild reportedly passed nuclear energy secrets from both Britain and the United States onto Israel every chance he got to assist his Jewish State produce nukes in order to render it the most powerful military regional power in the Middle East.[xix] Among the few nuclear powers outside the original big four (the US, Soviet Union, Britain, and France), by the early 1970s other than Israel, only China and India had joined the nuclear club.[xx] Israel’s proliferation of warheads was in large part due to the actions of this supposed anti-Zionist Rothschild. The Baron also made the following statement on the House of Lords floor:
Even in 1946, pogroms go on in Europe—I refer to the one at Kielce in Poland, in July—pogroms based on the old, old story of the Jews murdering Christian children.[xxi] 
As mentioned in the last chapter, persecution and expulsions of Jews in history are both very real and wrong. But the full truth also needs to come out, in this case that Lord Rothschild uttering the above highly misleading remark to his peers, promotes the false notion that “Jews murdering Christian children” is mere myth, a deception or “blood libel” as Jews prefer to call it. Yet there remain numerous confirmed cases throughout the centuries, especially in the Middle Ages, indicating that Ashkenazi Jewish extremists in Europe have often sacrificed Christian children for Passover blood rites.[xxii] Though this vile practice may have originated as revenge against Christian murder of Jews, denying the reverse as Lord Rothschild alluded to is a fallacy that warrants exposing his and other “blood libel” deceptions for what they are.
After graduating from London’s renowned boys’ boarding school Harrow,[xxiii] at 18 years of age in 1929 Victor arrived at Trinity College, Cambridge University to study physiology. Considered “one of the most versatile and gifted men of his time,” the multi-talented Rothschild quickly became a skilled first class cricket player.[xxiv] The student athlete excelled at his chosen sport, starring on both his university team as well as the Northampton County Cricket Club. As the brilliant, dashing young bachelor driving the rare custom designed Bugatti sports cars,[xxv] with a reputed IQ of 184,[xxvi] Victor’s playboy lifestyle as the big man on campus combined with his legendary surname status placed him at the head of his class in every conceivable way, eliciting an invitation to join the exclusive secret society reserved only for the most intellectually endowed Cambridge scholars known as the Apostles.
The multi-talented 3rd Baron also was a collector of fine art and rare books, a chemist and biologist. The Renaissance Man was also a talented pianist with a penchant for jazz. His 3-year younger sister Nica de Koenigswarter (1913-1988), after bearing five children and separating from her baron French hubby, moved to New York City to become the jazz patron of many of America’s greatest mid-century jazz musicians, most notably Thelonious Monk and Charlie “Bird” Parker, who in 1955 died in her posh Hotel Stanhope suite.[xxvii] Tired of hearing complaints from hotel management about the noise level emanating from her suite regularly hosting all the top jazz artists for impromptu jam sessions, Nica bought a home across the river in New Jersey where she meticulously catalogued the responses from her many talented musical friends to her question of what their three wishes come true would be.
Meanwhile, back at Cambridge in the 1930s, Nica’s ever-popular BMOC brother with everything going for him could seemingly do no wrong, that is until one-day in 1931 speeding down the highway in his flashy Bugatti sports car from Cambridge to London in characteristic record time, Victor Rothschild hit and killed a motorcyclist, was arrested, charged with manslaughter and forced to undergo a trial. His legal representation was provided for by his future father-in-law QVC, St. John Hutchinson.[xxviii] Of course Rothschild dodged that early bullet, and unencumbered, footloose and fancy free, two years later in 1933 Victor married his attorney’s attractive 22-year old daughter Barbara Hutchinson (1911-1989).
Surrounded by his Apostle pals at Cambridge through most of the 1930s, Victor quickly became very close friends with Anthony Blunt and Guy Burgess. At nearly 30 years of age in London in 1940, Rothschild lost his 69-year old mother Rózsika just about the time he recruited Anthony Blunt into MI5, the same man several years later who’d become the king then queen’s pedophilic art curator. Victor Rothschild wrote of Anthony Blunt in his 1977 book entitled Meditations of a Broomstick[xxix]:
Like many others I was impressed by his outstanding intellectual abilities, both artistic and mathematical, and by what for want of a better word, I must call his high moral or ethical principles.[xxx]
High moral and ethical principles? Are you kidding? This man was a known child rapist. British intelligence whistleblower Anthony T. Stokes even maintained that Blunt murdered children during ritualized satanic sexual torture ceremonies, not to mention being a traitor to his country like Victor Rothschild. I hardly call that living by “high moral and ethical principles.” But then from Rothschild’s Illuminati bloodline point of view, where values are inverted and what is considered most vile and evil to the rest of us is deemed most honorable to them, calling Anthony Blunt ethical and moral then make more sense.
Cambridge Five
The son of a vicar, Anthony Blunt (1907-1983) was a brilliant student from the cultured upper class. Blunt became the fourth exposed traitor amongst the Cambridge 5 spy network (though many more than five existed as well as plenty recruited from Oxford) that met while attending the same school and secret society Apostle club in the 1930s, enticed by the Cambridge spy kingpin Lord Victor Rothschild to join MI5 in 1940.[xxxi] After World War I, the Soviet Union established the International Communist Comintern, which served as the foreign recruitment apparatus enticing Communist sympathizers into potential spies for Stalin. In England the fertile pooling grounds for recruiting were its Harvard and Yale, Oxford and Cambridge Universities.
By the early 1930s Anthony Blunt, a second cousin to the Queen Mother, was a graduate student studying French art history. He went on to a long illustrious career as an art history professor at Cambridge and director of Courtauld Institute while an art critic, historian and art curator for the royal family beginning right after the war. In 1935 with his older brother Wilfred, Anthony traveled to the Soviet Union mainly to take in its art and architecture but also as a loyal Marxist and passionate revolutionary art advocate.[xxxii] By that time, he’d already met his Russian NKVD handler. The NKVD was soon to become the KGB Soviet spy agency.
After volunteering at the War Office in 1938, a year later he was training to be an intelligence officer in MI5. During the war while in charge of diplomatic pouches between neutral embassies in London, Blunt routinely intercepted them, made copies and sent them off to Moscow, allowing a wealth of secrets that no doubt shaped Stalin’s wartime policy particularly his motivation to extend the Soviet Empire into Eastern Europe.[xxxiii] In 1944 Major Blunt was transferred to Allied Supreme Commander General Dwight Eisenhower’s headquarters where the double agent had access to passing on highly critical information regarding the June D-Day invasion. Fortunately, Stalin concluded it was not in his best own interest to alert Germany but had Stalin opted to share this top secret with Hitler, Blunt, Rothschild and their fellow Cambridge spy peers could have caused the Allied defeat at Normandy, which may have changed the final outcome of the war.
Victor Rothschild recruited his Cambridge Apostles into committing treason against their own country with grandiose promises of sharing the power in the Rothschild nightmarish vision of the future. Again, according to intelligence operative Stokes:
Rothschild told the Apostles that the world map was being re-drawn and a World socialist government was coming, and those that helped would be given positions of great power in this New World Order.[xxxiv]
Sounds just like words coming from the mouths of the Elders of Zion, perhaps his grandfather Natty, the first Lord Rothschild who was Victor’s biggest idol growing up. Both Rothschild’s university spy ring as well as his fellow Jewish bankers and select members of the power-broking British Establishment all were collectively playing a dangerous game of treason through secret diplomacy and espionage, while deploying lots of backroom wheeling and dealing, cloak and dagger treachery, assassination, terrorism and bigtime prewar and wartime propaganda.
After a trip to the Soviet Union while teaching at Cambridge University, Anthony Blunt convinced his fellow gay Apostle pedophile and likely onetime lover Guy Burgess into working with the Soviet KGB and Guy in turn recruited their fellow mutual Apostle friends Kim Philby and bisexual Apostle Donald Maclean as Soviet agents in 1934 and a year later at the British Foreign Office.[xxxv] Philby would join MI6, maintaining a long successful career. By the outbreak of World War II, a bunch of Rothschild “Poofter Boys,” the pejorative label ascribed the Cambridge secret society by heterosexual John Cairncross, the other treasonous Apostle considered by many as the 5th Cambridge spy,[xxxvi] were all serving as double agents working within British intelligence or the Foreign Office both during and after the Second World War right into the 1950s as spies for the Soviet Communists.[xxxvii] Rothschild’s Cambridge spy ring is considered among the most serious, deepest penetration breaches of British security in the history of international espionage.[xxxviii]
A cursory look at this Cambridge secret society called the Apostles is nearly identical to Yale University’s Skull and Bones Society. It began in 1820 when a dozen evangelical Christian students got together. But little more than a century later, this particular prestigious university’s secret society boasted a who’s who list of British history’s greatest literary, economic and political heavyweights, with14% of the club  becoming elected MPs in UK Parliament.[xxxix] A small sampling begins with the infamous British Foreign Secretary Arthur J. Balfour who in 1917 sought 2nd Lord Rothschild’s approval (little Victor’s Uncle Walt), granting thievery rights to the Zionists as a formally endorsed license to steal Palestine and Middle East (per the Oded Yinon Plan[xl]) as God’s chosen people’s “birthright” by “reclaiming” the myth of their “Semite” ancestral roots as a Jewish homeland, of course without any say from the real Semite Palestinians that comprised 90% of the population already calling Palestine their birthright home for centuries.[xli]
Others among the Cambridge Apostle who’s who were homosexual philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, homosexual poet Alfred Tennyson and homosexual-pedophile writer E M Forster (recall in Chapter 22 how at his villa near Naples, he and his literary buddies sexually assaulted underage street urchins procured by Oxford grad-Foreign Officer and convicted pedophile-sex trafficker Colin Peters),[xlii] homosexual poet Rupert Brooke,[xliii] his “super-close” friend Freudian psychoanalyst-Freud editor-translator James Strachey, James’ brother homosexual writer Lytton Strachey, his sometime lover homosexual pedophile neoliberal economist guru James Maynard Keynes (his Mediterranean preference was defiling little boys in Tunis),[xliv] homosexual private secretary to homosexual-pedophile-murderer PM Churchill Edward Marsh,[xlv] and “New World Order Prophet” philosopher Bertrand Russell.[xlvi]
With so many famously erudite gay men as members of the Cambridge Apostles, like Skull and Bones, much has been written about this ingeniously distinguished secret society. And just as Yale and Princeton have been fertile recruiting grounds for the CIA,[xlvii] author Richard Deacon whose writing career has focused on the espionage world that includes a book on the sheer preponderance of Britain’s Cambridge Apostle spies concludes:
It was evidence of how the homosexual mafia can operate and how from the earliest times it has tended to be a crypto-protection society in that the bond of friendship has been used to cover up all manner of questionable activities and sometimes even to protect members from being prosecuted.[xlviii]
The Apostles resonate strikingly similar to the homosexually laden initiation rites of the Skull & Bones Society’s “brotherhood bonding” involving blackmail-worthy potential that requires all initiates to lay naked in a coffin masturbating and confessing their sexual history as a foremost bizarre trademark,[xlix] not unlike the alcohol imbibing US Military Intelligence officer brotherhood (Recall from Chapter 11 Marine Colonel wife Kay Grigg’s observations). These ritualistic practices in turn resemble Freemason pedophiles infiltrating government and intelligence agencies, all pledging sworn oath loyalties to protect their fellow high-end club brothers over and above allegiance to their own nations. It was gay pedophile Apostle EM Forster who once said:
If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friends, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country.[l]
Hence, with this kind of sacred creed and value system, Victor Rothschild and his fellow traitors had no qualms about protecting their own dirty, shameful secrets over betraying their own country. But as infamous double agent spies, they also often betrayed their own friends and each other. Possessing such questionable ethics and moral turpitude, it becomes easily understandable that the intelligence community in general – and the CIA, Mossad and MI5/6 in particular - have all long been the ideal diehard “defenders of the [pedophilic] realm,” keeping fellow VIP child abusing deviants out of both the headlines and the prisons along with keeping all their pedophilia scandals worldwide completely under wraps as one humongous, tightly sealed, globalized cover-up. But as hard as these sick bastards try, they are secret no more.
British history professor Julie Ann Taddeo wrote this about the Cambridge secret society:
Despite the criminalization of homosexuality … [the Apostles] continued to invoke Dorianism, read Walt Whitman’s poetry, and engage in a cult of boy worship.[li]
Three years after getting married, at just age 26, the 3rd Lord Rothschild inherited the family banking cartel centered in the City of London’s NM Rothschild & Sons. But banking as a career choice actually bored him, having apprenticed at Rothschild subsidiary JP Morgan in New York.[lii] Later in life, Victor would eventually assume top dog of the Rothschild banking dynasty for a couple years in the mid-1970s before retiring at age 65, in 1976 handing the family business over to his son Jacob and cousin Evelyn de Rothschild. However, after Jacob and Evelyn clashed, in 1980 Jacob left NM Rothschild to branch out on his own, leaving Evelyn in charge. Prior to his return to banking, Victor also took a turn chairing the Dutch Shell Oil research department as a senior executive and along with Dutch Queen Beatrix was the largest shareholder.[liii] Royal Dutch Shell currently ranks just behind Exxon-Mobile, a Saudi Arabian and two Chinese oil companies as the fifth largest in global profit.[liv] The diversified Baron Rothschild’s ambition expanded well beyond running the world’s largest banking dynasty and one of the world’s largest oil companies, also dubiously overseeing one of the world’s most damaging, treasonous spy rings in espionage history.
This chapter will show that after earning his PhD. in biophysics at Cambridge University, possessing the capacity to easily grasp a number of scientific disciplines, Victor Rothschild’s unique niche in life was his remarkable resourcefulness operating behind the scenes, utilizing his charismatic talent to connect, manipulate and control the most prominent global movers and shakers during the latter half of the 20th century, intuitively schmoozing them into compliance with his formidable powers of persuasion, charm and ruthlessness. His giving away so many Allied top secrets, including both the atomic bomb and military strategy to the Soviets during the Second World War, seriously jeopardized both national security and lost lives.[lv] As such, it will be shown that Rothschild’s genius used stealth, extortion, bribery, blackmail, even murder, whatever was deemed necessary to get the job done. Per his family destiny, Victor Rothschild successfully accomplished his life mission to establish his dynasty’s own Jewish State from which to outwardly expand its global control, in essence, becoming the King of the Jews for most of his adult life. Key to his power was controlling the succession of British prime ministers he ostensibly advised, from homosexual pedophiles Winston Churchill and Edward Heath to the biggest pedophile enabling prime minister Margaret Thatcher, all taking Lord Rothschild’s persuasive orders prior to his having to play hardball with any of them.[lvi]
More than any other single figure in modern history, Victor Rothschild’s virtually unlimited access to both the planet’s most powerful historical figures and its unlimited resources in combination with his acquired expertise in so many fields - counterintelligence, energy and arms technology industries, development and strategic planning policies in the UK, US and Israel, all enabled Rothschild to become the treasonous mastermind behind the greatest events of the last century, from WWII, the Cold War to the birth of the Zionist Jewish State that includes its growing nuclear arsenal threat.[lvii] During his lifetime as the informal King of the Jews, Lord Victor helped turn Israel into the divisive wedge of the global Zionist Empire, wreaking such earthly havoc with his dynasty controlled, bankrupted, debt based enslavement system in combination with the permanent Western wartime economy leaving humanity on a collision course to mass extermination. Furthermore, his family’s Illuminati legacy links directly to today’s worldwide pedophilia scourge, sacrificing children as expendable fodder in a Zionist, criminally controlled world of systemic sexual blackmail, demonic satanic ritual abuse and human blood sacrifice. Invisible from behind the scenes, the 3rd Lord Rothschild was arguably last century’s most powerful man on earth and equally arguable, most subversively dark, complicated and destructive.
Through arrogance and foolishness, Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild made the fatal error believing that both his sheer genius and sheer power as Rothschild dynasty ruler would effectively protect his treasonous crimes from ever being found out much less proven. And other than rumors slowly backed by growing evidence, his fall from kingpin grace was in fact delayed till after his worldly departure in 1990. But now approaching three full decades later, the truth behind his dark fabled past cannot be quashed any longer, and the fleeting glimpses of nagging truth kept hidden while still alive can no longer be concealed, just as the Rothschild controlled international crime cabal can no longer deceive its way out of the truth being held back from the world.
With Rothschild’s assembled Cambridge spy ring banded together by pervasive illicit homosexuality, their university’s secret brotherhood, their shared zeal for Marxist ideology and sheer high adrenalin drama as treasonous “bad boy” spies, Rothschild and his Apostles were handing over to the Soviet KGB top Allied war secrets and vast amounts of critical information at such extremely alarming rates, faster than Allied field commanders even received strategic plans at the Command Center that the accelerated volume of treasure trove material shared with their KGB handlers had Soviet intelligence in Moscow dismissively viewing much of it as useless disinformation.[lviii] In 1941 alone, the motley crew passed 7,867 classified documents to Moscow. The damage of Rothschild’s Cambridge spy ring, gifting the Soviet Union top secret atomic bomb development during both WWII and the Cold War, singlehandedly granted the Soviets’ nuclear parity with the United States,[lix] effectively risking WWIII feeding the dangerously incendiary arms race still raging out of control to this very day.[lx]
But unlike the rest of his spy ring, Victor only pretended to embrace communism as a Marxian socialist ideal, using the ideology as a deceptive means to an end.[lxi] After all, bloodline planetary controllers like him have long envisioned absolute control over the world population through centralized one world governance deploying cultural Marxism as the mere popular banner serving as the perfect Trojan horse disguise to attract and entice millions of clueless, leftist “social justice warriors.” Near a century later, times have not changed as the popular resurgence of Cultural Marxism and identity politics now rule today’s college campuses extending to the mainstream Democratic Party.[lxii] The same lust for revolutionary violence embraced by Marx is currently manifesting in blind ignorance cunningly harnessed and commodified by the New World Order elite in the leftist terrorist group Antifa.[lxiii]
One century ago the Rothschild financed communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky proclaimed:
We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white Negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one.[lxiv]
Though the red revolutionary experiment orchestrated by the international bankers vis-à-vis the Rothschild dynasty never quite worked out as planned – inspiring and fomenting worldwide revolution, it appears that Trotsky may simply have miscalculated by a single century as the radical Socialist-Marxist left movement has planted Deep State roots in today’s America.[lxv] New World Order is a homogenized blend of right-wing fascism and left-wing Marxism manifesting as totalitarian oligarchic tyranny now spreading worldwide. Outside the US Civil War, the elite’s divide and conquer formula’s never worked better in the currently divided and conquered America.
During the first two years of the World War II when the Germans were still invested in securing a Jewish exodus from Germany, it was the 3rd Baron Rothschild who was behind Britain barring all Jewish refugee escape routes. In 2004 even the mainstream newspaper Independent disclosed:
In 1938 Nathan’s [Amschel] great-great-grandson, Victor, shocked an audience by saying that in spite of ‘the slow murder of 600,000 people’ on the continent ‘we probably all agree that there is something unsatisfactory in refugees encroaching on the privacy of our country, even for relatively short periods of time…’[lxvi]
So he was content to simply let his fellow Jews on the mainland die horrible deaths, that’s how much he cared for his fellow European Jews from the Ashkenazim tribe. And if that’s not enough to show how callous and coldhearted he was, when his dream of a Jewish homeland was nearing fulfillment, he had this to say about a sizable portion of his own people:
There will be no room in the new country for shnorrers” (poor Jews).[lxvii]
These eye-opening statements confirm that the 3rd Lord Rothschild had absolutely no compassion nor regard for his fellow Jews suffering and dying in concentration camps across the channel. And it was Victor who was behind Churchill’s order to bomb the food trains heading to those concentration camps.[lxviii] The fact is Rothschild never gave a shit about 99% of his fellow Jews, as no Zionist ever does.
Another fact: Rothschild and the leading Zionists intentionally misused Jewish camp victims as sacrificial pawns and necessary bargaining chips for creating the Jewish State, which all along was the only thing they were interested in. Secondly, Victor and his fellow Zionists further seized upon the suffering of the concentration camp horror as the Jewish rallying cry excuse to weaponize the label “anti-Semitism,” equating it with “hate speech” in response to criticism or truth in order to instantly silence critics of Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish State’s apartheid policies and genocidal practice against Palestinians, ultimately designed now to additionally destroy First Amendment free speech rights and permanently obliterate the truth. 27 out of 50 states in America currently have laws on the books punishing those participating in the boycott of Israel products.[lxix] Massive censorship and criminalizing the truth amount to unconstitutional totalitarian tyranny, sadly alive and well today in 2019 as a crucial component of the Rothschild Luciferian agenda.
Not only was this infamously treasonous ring of Cambridge spies allegedly led by financier Victor Rothschild, he later reportedly spied for Mossad sharing nuclear secrets and industrial espionage with Israel.[lxx] What is most telling in this scandal is the elite’s pecking order – the Cambridge 5 leader was never even included among the five spies with Lord Victor Rothschild’s central leading role never exposed, virtually airbrushed from history by the Rothschild owned and controlled worldwide media machine.[lxxi] That finally changed in 1994 when Australian author Roland Perry took on the Establishment naming Victor Rothschild as The Fifth Man.[lxxii] As expected, it was briskly dismissed as unfounded conjecture.
But Roland wasn’t the first to point the finger Rothschild’s way. Rumors had been circulating for decades linking him to his infamous university spy ring. In 1987 what primarily prompted Rothschild to demand that the MI5 chief give him a “clean bill of health” was the recently published book written by Professor Anthony Glees called British Intelligence and Communist Subversion,[lxxiii] where Anthony comes close to calling him a traitor:
Rothschild (was) remarkably intimate with people subsequently proven to be secret Communists, and Blunt was a major Communist mole.[lxxiv]
As the foreign advisor and mentor, if not outright handler, of gay blackmail-able Winston Churchill[lxxv] from his prewar years in 1938 onward,[lxxvi] to “think tank” advisor for blackmailed gay pedophile Edward Heath in the early to mid-1970s,[lxxvii] right up through Margaret Thatcher’s 11-year pedo-infested reign till 1990 as her unofficial security advisor, Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild ruled the earth as global overlord. With rumors circulating for decades linking the 3rd Baron Victor to high treason, wielding behind the scenes power, Lord Rothschild held half-century court presiding over virtually all British affairs, from before the world war to the final decade of the century, dictating and executing much of both United Kingdom’s foreign as well as domestic policies, as overlord peripherally complicit in the expansion of the pedophilia trafficking network. Meanwhile, his near daily treason for decades had a major detrimental impact on humanity. Roland Perry wrote:
[Rothschild] provided Stalin almost on a daily basis with what Churchill and Roosevelt were saying about the USSR. The spy also had particular links to the US military and intelligence during and after the war.[lxxviii]
Victor Rothschild had a special relationship with the wartime prime minister. In charge of British counterespionage, a bomb expert, personal bodyguard and personal advisor to Winston Churchill, the double agent supplied Stalin with incredible amounts of privileged information. According to author Perry:
The two socialized often during the war years. Rothschild used his wealth and position to invite the prime minister to private parties. His entree to the wartime leader, plus access to all the key intelligence information, every major weapons development and his command of counter-sabotage operations in Britain, made Rothschild a secretly powerful figure during the war years...The result was that Stalin knew as much as Churchill about vital information, often before the British High Command was informed.[lxxix]
Victor’s role as protector of Churchill involved ensuring that the many gifts of food, liquor and cigars constantly bestowed upon the British leader had to be sniffed out, tasted and tested by expert Rothschild for safety.[lxxx] VIP Rothschild was also a frequent Windsor family guest on their 40-year seafaring home away from home - the Royal Yacht Britannica.[lxxxi] The Rothschild family is not just owner of the NM Rothschild & Sons banking institution, it also controls the Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange and Fleet Street (housing Britain’s major newspapers), all institutions also located in the internationally incorporated sovereign City of London where even Queen Elizabeth must play second fiddle to enter.[lxxxii] As if to suggest a more powerful force than the royal family bloodline actually controls the world, not long after Princess Diana’s death, the queen told Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell:
There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge.[lxxxiii]
Though when Paul disclosed the above statement to the Daily Mail in 2002, he explained it as the queen’s advice for him to be vigilant, adding that she told him no one else was as close to the royal family as he was. In response, he assured her that he’d remain careful, loyal and protective. Rather than advice, it could just as easily be taken as a warning. Those like Diana who knew too much, often get silenced one way or another, and perhaps this is the queen warning he might be next if he let out any family secret taboos.
Clearly the queen was also conveying that the power of the royal family is secondary to the power of another unseen, invisible force, and that power belongs to the Rothschild dynasty. From someone uniquely in a position to intimately know both the royal and infamous family banking bloodlines, as part of his ongoing series of confessions of treason, Anthony Blunt once admitted:
Rothschilds control Britain, the economy, industry and the royal family.[lxxxiv]
As the Communist-leaning, atheistic, 20th century Illuminati mastermind,[lxxxv] Victor Rothschild uniquely maintained strategic leverage to be able to sexually blackmail and control his entire network of gay men, especially pedophiles like his closest friends Blunt and Burgess, with whom he chose to surround himself at both Cambridge as well as the puppet occupants he controlled at 10 Downing Street, actively recruiting his chosen Apostles into British intelligence services knowing full well their acute liability as high security risks, easily susceptible to blackmail by both a domestic or foreign powers[lxxxvi] Homosexuality in Britain again was not decriminalized until 1967. And the Cold War enemy - the Soviet KGB and Israel’s Mossad - took full advantage, using blackmail to entice, recruit and control both homosexuals and pedophiles in positions of authority, especially the master spy kingpin Victor who deliberately befriended and recruited them as Soviet double agents.[lxxxvii] Furthermore, the Harvard and Yale of Great Britain – Oxford and Cambridge Universities, especially back in the 1930s, became teeming hotbeds for recruiting impressionable, young, idealistic, leftist-leaning Marxist zealots from the elite class, ripe for Soviet picking and exploiting.[lxxxviii] 
For multiple decades the head of the Rothschild dynasty as both secret financier and overseer behind British intelligence. As the head of the world’s largest banking dynasty, Victor financed every covert foreign and domestic operation that was not officially authorized and paid for by the government. He was the black ops bag man for numerous decades.[lxxxix] Little decision-making at the top ever got by him. With the family’s own additional private network of spies, Victor was uniquely positioned with Soviet Jewish allies, US and British insiders and the countless Rothschild agents infiltrated around the world in the Stalin’s Politburo, America’s CFR and Churchill’s intimate friend and policy handler, he knew everything. He was well aware that his family dynasty financed the Bolshevik Revolution responsible for the slaughter of more Christians than up to ten times the number of Jews dying in the Holocaust, an estimated 66 million purged.[xc] He also knew about last century’s first genocide totaling a million and a half dead Armenians, the first Christian nation-state, at the brutal hands of yet more Jewish Zionists as the Western handlers of the Young Turk crypto-Jews.[xci] But because of Jewish Zionist control over all major media outlets, rarely are these inconvenient truths ever mentioned or publicized. And possessing the monopoly on the “Holocaust franchise,” to this day Israel will not even acknowledge the century’s first genocide because Jews were behind it.
An enormous discovery has come to light in recent years that clearly altered history and the WWII outcome. In 1942 the head of German Gestapo Heinrich Mueller uncovered a list of Soviet spies in Britain that encompasses figures far beyond just the intelligence community like the Cambridge ring.[xcii] The list includes dozens of members of top British Establishment, including the Cambridge spy honcho Victor Rothschild. But of the Cambridge traitors, he was the only spy amongst this discovered list that included Lord Halifax Edward Wood, Neville Chamberlain’s foreign secretary in charge of Britain’s then “appeasement policy.” To facilitate concealment of intentions, the director of the Bank of England and the managing director of the German Schroder Bank was secretly one and the same person, FC Tiarcks, convincing Hitler apparently that Britain was not his enemy but also truly desired peace between fellow Anglo-Saxons.
Adolf Hitler (1889-1945?[xciii] Or did he live longer in South America?[xciv]) was well-aware that members of the British royal family were supporters of his Nazi cause, having met with abdicated King Edward VIII.[xcv] Hitler himself was alleged to be the illegitimate grandson of a Rothschild.[xcvi] While Adolf’s grandmother Maria Anna Schiklgruber was working as a teenage maid in the Viennese Rothschild Mansion, records show that Salomon Mayer von Rothschild, Mayer Amschel Mayer’s second oldest son who was sent to Vienna and died in 1855 was living alone at the time in thefamily estate. His wife lived in Frankfurt where sons had taken over the Frankfurt House of Rothschild. It was also known that Salomon was reputedly a pedophile who preyed upon teenage girls, among them his underage servant that he knocked up in 1836, at which time she was sent back home to her village and gave birth out of wedlock to Alois Hitler in 1837, the father of Adolf. Maria Anna married Johann Georg Hiedler in 1842 with young Alois taking on his stepfather’s name that eventually was modified to Hitler. Right after his mother died in 1907, 18-year old Adolf went to Vienna and reportedly spent time with his Rothschild cousins. A number of independent researcher-authors have exposed that all the major front players of World War II were from the same Illuminati-Masonic occult bloodlines, from Hitler to Churchill to Stalin to Franklin Roosevelt.[xcvii] Again, Luciferians wouldn’t have it any other way. Since the Rothschild and their minions financed Hitler’s rise to power and orchestrated both world wars, to the controllers it was imperative that every WWII leader be cut from the same secret bloodline cloth.
The British puppet masters easily manipulated replacing “pacifist” PM Neville Chamberlain for his opposite, the fighting bulldog Winston, and within a year after Churchill was (s)elected next prime minister, Chamberlain, unaware of Lord Halifax and his treasonous plotters’ conspiracy behind his back, was then murdered according to Anthony T. Stokes.[xcviii] Thus, the most powerful “appeasers” in Lord Halifax et all were actually the most powerful war mongers, just as the power behind the right vs. left, fascist vs. socialist, Republican vs. Democrat, Tory vs. Labor are also one and the same divider and ruler.
This Illuminati core of conspirators led by the likes of the Rothschild Zionist New World Order bankers essentially were operating as Soviet spies in Britain.[xcix] In 1934 the Bank of England Rothschild agent Charles Hambro began secretly funding Hitler as “a stabilizing force” in favor of appeasement policy toward Germany. But come 1940 UK’s Jewish community leader Sir Robert Waley-Cohen was backing Churchill’s “anti-appeasement” campaign. Thus, true to every battle and every war, the Rothschild banking cartel never fails to finance both sides in every conflict since the Napoleonic War. That way in war the richest, most powerful family in the world never loses but always wins, gaining even more power over decimated, debt-ridden nations it controls. With global ownership of the mass media, the Rothschild propaganda machine also never fails to whip up jingoistic fears that can only be quelled by declaring war on another demonized designated enemy.
It was that same year in August 1934 that 23-year old Victor Rothschild was first approached at a symphony by Soviet NKVD agent Theodore Mally (aka Otto).[c] Burgess, Maclean and Philby knew Victor well enough to advise Otto that Rothschild had to be reeled in on the Jewish, anti-Hitler line.”[ci] The younger Jewish Comintern recruiter, Arnold Deutsch, was not recommended by Anthony Blunt to approach Rothschild, intuitively knowing that Victor would sense the targeted contrivance and be resistive. According to author Roland Perry:
Philby had convinced the Controls that Rothschild was potentially their most important catch. He had to be wooed with great subtlety and finesse.[cii] Rothschild's status in society and his political leanings meant that he was, in a sense, 'ripe' for persuasion to take up a cause against Nazism and fascism. He was an elite rebel with a cause, but in search of a way to exercise it. The Comintern's secret path was the only one available to him, unless he turned to more active politics, like his friend Churchill. But Rothschild was not about to contemplate that. He preferred, like his powerful antecedents especially his grandfather, Nathaniel Mayer ('Natty'), the first Lord Rothschild, to keep his politics as private as possible. Like Natty, he would employ his ability to get things done and influence major events from behind the scenes.[ciii]
Former KGB veteran Stanislav Lekarev maintains that Rothschild was handled as a high level agent of influence, both for his close ties to his fellow Cambridge Apostle spies but also for actively furnishing top secrets himself to the Moscow Center through his Cambridge spy network.[civ]
Other upstanding British bankers and industrialists lurking as treasonous Commie sympathizers named on an uncovered Gestapo list included Edward Guggenheim, Sir Philip Sassoon (another aristocratic Illuminati bloodline family), Eugene Spier, Maurice Baring, Sir Robert Mond, and Leonard Montefiore. Labor Party and trade union leaders were also included - Ernest Bevin, Harold Laski, Herbert Stanley Morrison and Sir Walter Citrine. Bloodline nobility was further represented by Richard Combe Abdy, Baron Strabogli, and Admiral Reginald Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax.[cv] Press members included mogul J.S. Elias, cartoonist Victor Weisz and Daily Express Chairman Ralph D. Blumenfeld. Senior civil servants on the list were Foreign Office Rex Leeper, Britain’s first cabinet secretary turned minister, Slavic scholar Bernard Pares, international lawyer and judge Sir Hersch Lauterpacht and Privy Council Clerk Sir Maurice Hankey. As a British cabinet member chairing the committee overseeing Britain’s atomic energy program, Lord Hankey’s personal secretary in the Foreign Office was none other than Cambridge spy John Cairncross, passing on all the vital information to Moscow.[cvi] After the war in 1958 in Switzerland, former German Gestapo leader Heinrich Mueller agreed to CIA questioning and 1000 pages of his testimony were compiled, including the British VIP traitor list placed on microfilm left his to his nephew who in recent years opted to publish the list.
About half of these listed VIP traitors were powerful Jews but what virtually every single member shared in common was that they were all high degreed Freemasons.[cvii] All of these Luciferians shared the same unified vision to use the Communist Soviet Union as their beta test prototype for New World Order tyranny with the intention that it would eventually be extended to the entire world. And just as the 3rd Lord Rothschild headed the world’s largest banking cabal and highly damaging Cambridge spy treason, he was also the connecting hub within this monstrous club consisting of the British Establishment elite.
As early as 1916 the Sykes-Picot Agreement, the British Empire overlords were making a secret deal with France to carve up the Middle East for its Rothschild-Rockefeller oil profits.[cviii] While ignoring the Armenian genocide in Eastern Turkey where there’s no oil, if Imperial Russia agreed to go along with the imperialistic chessboard plan, Armenia would be ceded to Russia after the war, which Stalin grabbed after a short-lived two-year Republic of Armenia came out of the Treaty of Versailles. Meanwhile,  After conning the Arabs in the Middle East to join the Allies fighting against the Ottoman Turks in their final days of empire, in yet more betrayal, Britain reneged on its promise that Palestine would be transferred to majority Palestinian Arabs while backing a pan-Arab plan.[cix] Instead, while France took Lebanon and Syria, Britain seized Egypt, Iraq and Palestine with a mandate for eventual Zionist control with the November 1917 Balfour double-cross. All reaped from another good war for the Rothschilds after their central banks in Britain, France and Germany each promoted issuing war loan debts.
Victor’s grandfather, the 1st Lord Rothschild, Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild, received a letter from Freemason founder of Jehovah Witnesses Charles Taze Russell (another infamous bloodline[cx]) praising him for heavily investing in building a growing Jewish colony in Palestine in 1891.[cxi] Thus, the foundation was laid in anticipation of their plotted Jewish State, long before the world had ever heard of a Jewish Holocaust. As committed Zionists for well over a century, these key Rothschilds steadfastly toiled toward their objective, seizing the throne at the head of the Zionist Empire that would become their beloved Israel, but always with the ultimate objective to use it as the steppingstone toward achieving their one world totalitarian dictatorship.
The year 1933 is historically significant for Hitler’s appointment as German chancellor, marking his and his Nazi Socialist Party rise to power in a then coalition government. What’s been largely left out of the history books is the worldwide Jewish Zionist campaign especially in Britain and America to boycott all German products.[cxii] The March 24, 1933 headline of The Daily Express in London read “Judea Declares War on Germany - Jews of All the World Unite - Boycott of German Goods - Mass Demonstrations.” So more than a half dozen years ahead of the war, Jewish Zionists had already made it known to the world that they were at war with Germany. The 1933 article goes on:
The whole of Israel throughout the world is uniting to declare an economic and financial war on Germany… Fourteen million Jews scattered over the entire world are tight to each other as if one man, in order to declare war against the German persecutors of their fellow believers... in order to join the holy war against Hitler's people.[cxiii]
Within three days after the war on Germany was declared by the international Jewish leaders, massive demonstrations were held in many cities around the world, New York, London, Paris and Warsaw including many US cities, upwards of near 100 worldwide. The New York Daily News dated March 27, 1933 covering the demonstration at Madison Square Garden proclaimed “40,000 Roar Protest against Hitler.” Again, Hitler had not even taken full control of his nation’s government yet when a globally organized war was already being waged against him, indicating it had been planned well in advance.
This 1933 Jewish announcement of war against Hitler and Germany came just two months after Hitler was made part of a coalition government, years prior to any Nazi round ups, internment or concentration camps. The Zionist Jewish banking elite in America and Britain were acting in collusion with the International Communist Comintern that was already contacting and recruiting Cambridge traitors including kingpin Victor Rothschild in 1933. In other words, the very same group of subversive high powered criminals behind Marx’s Communist Manifesto, the First World War, the Russian Revolution, the Great Depression, and the rise (and soon fall) of Hitler with the coming Second World War were in March 1933 publicly and officially declaring world war against Germany, with neither the support of German Jews nor the 14 million world Jewry population.
And who was the mastermind behind the Jewish Zionist economic boycott and worldwide declaration of war on Germany in 1933? Recall from last chapter Woodrow Wilson’s sexual blackmailer responsible for America’s leading Zionist Louis Brandeis’ appointment to the US Supreme Court who put the final touches on the Balfour Declaration? Zionist attorney Samuel Untermeyer, leader of the World Jewish Economic Federation was behind the anti-Germany campaign. According Edwin Black, author of the Transfer Agreement: The Untold Story of the Secret Pact between the Third Reich and Palestine (1984)[cxiv]:
The one man who most embodied the potential death blow to Germany was Samuel Untermeyer.[cxv]
These little historical facts are scarcely written into the mainstream narrative. The fact is both world wars were Zionist Rothschild creations. Recall the Protocols of Zion accurate prediction of war. As discussed shortly, Freemasonry honcho Albert Pike also predicts the two world wars even longer in advance. That’s because the Illuminati, Masons and Zionists are always reading off the same script from the exact same Luciferian playbook.
The German economy in 1933 was floundering. Three million German citizens were on public assistance and 6 million were unemployed with hyperinflation gouging into many families struggle to make ends meet.[cxvi]
Another common omission from the history books. Actively working directly with the leading Zionists, Hitler had officially sanctioned a mass Jewish exodus program called the Transfer Agreement in 1933 that induced one tenth of the German Jewish population to safely resettle to their designated “homeland” Palestine (despite the high percentage being non-Semites never having any ancestry in the Middle East) years prior to the outbreak of World War II.[cxvii] Hyping up the persecution of Jews in Europe was geared to building pressure for the Jewish-Rothschild colony in Palestine to become a sovereign nation.
In 1936 the world spectacle turned its eyes to Hitler fronting the 1936 Munich Olympics, and African American Jesse Owens stealing his thunder. Though at that point Jews were removed from Olympic competition for Germany, as well as their lofty positions in banking, the media, government and academia inside the Third Reich, average German Jewish incomes were 3.2 higher than non-Jews, near half of all Jews were self-employed and 75% of Jews in Germany were middle to upper class during the 1930s.[cxviii] In 1936 German Rothschild agent Max Warburg was still making lots of money as a board member at Deutschland’s IG Farben, sticking around till 1938.[cxix] In 1936 France had just elected Socialist Party candidate Leon Blum as its first of two Jewish prime ministers,[cxx] a Jew Lazar Kaganovich was Stalin’s right hand man in USSR[cxxi] and the 3rd Lord Rothschild in his mid-20s became the most powerful man in Britain upon his Uncle Walter’s death.
Yet the Zionist propaganda wheels were churning overtime at the Zionist controlled New York Times,[cxxii] running a May 31, 1936 article proclaiming a “European holocaust” affecting “millions of Jews,” more than five years ahead of the first internment of Jews.[cxxiii] It’s like BBC reporter Jane Standley announcing that Building 7 had already fallen over 20 minutes prior to the event on 9/11.[cxxiv] The timing was way off, reading the pre-scripted headline years before the Holocaust, Zionists in New York and Chicago were jumping the gun, long before the word “Holocaust” with a capital H was exclusively claimed by the Zionists.[cxxv] Back in 1936 the Zionist mouthpiece was a shadowy “Christian” front called Pro-Palestine Federation of America, demanding a Jewish State in Palestine in the face of the “European holocaust” that at the time didn’t exist, exposing the Zionist Jewish banking cabal’s NWO agenda for a readymade nation of Israel.
Again, this episode exposes the Zionist propaganda machine, years in advance, caught giving away its entire preplan for WWII Jews to be sacrificed in order to bring about the establishment of a Rothschild owned government called Israel as a prepping-stone for the future. The megalomaniacal Jewish banking cartel headed by the 3rd Lord Rothschild had the pre-scripted twentieth century already clearly mapped out as their ticket to one world governance – the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution, the rise of Hitler, their manufactured Great Depression sandwiched between their two manufactured world wars followed by their manufactured Cold War were all preplanned by the New World Order centralized Zionist cabal that to this day largely controls the entire planet.[cxxvi]
Instead of twenty minutes ahead of the preplanned agenda with the BBC’s 9/11 gaffe or the Protocols accurately knowing 20 years in advance of WWI, in 1936 the NYT’s “European holocaust” afflicting “millions of Jews” was a full half dozen years ahead of schedule. The takeaway from this is every major event in this world is scripted, even way back in 1936, but more so today than ever before, especially with this latest fiasco of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s faked suicide.[cxxvii] [cxxviii] Nothing in the official narrative can be believed or trusted anymore - nothing. A crisis is currently erupting in the United States and really, engulfing the entire planet, as more and more citizens of the world are realizing that everything coming out of their government and mass media is complete bullshit. In its original Greek derivative, apocalypse meant unveiling, awakening, and today it’s become our here and now reality. Many of us are no longer asleep at the wheel allowing the controllers to continue to rule over us with nonstop lies. Enough of us are part of the awakening that’s fast approaching critical mass.
Major General George van Horne Moseley (1874-1960), a West Point graduate, career military officer and chief of Military Intelligence just a few months into his retirement in March 1939, observing the US getting sucked into another war of great carnage, stated:
The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world. We must recognize that fact. While your sons and mine would fight side by side with the Christian-killing Communists, only the Jews [Zionist Rothschild banking cabal] would profit… In contemplating war today, we must remember that war costs money and that as a nation we are already ‘busted.’ Our former allies have not as yet paid us for what they owe us on the last war. Where, then, is the money coming from? History will have to repeat itself, and we will have to re-establish the Jew in power and borrow money from him. A partner of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. [America’s Rothschild agent Jacob Schiff], it must be remembered financed the Russian Revolution, and he was mighty proud of his achievement.[cxxix]
A half dozen years after the Zionists pompously on behalf of “Jews around the world” had declared war against Hitler and just three years after the Zionists proclaimed the Jewish holocaust years before the war began, for making the above remarks, General Moseley was quickly labeled an anti-Semitic racist while in fact every statement he uttered is fact. The Zionist Rothschilds and their fellow Jewish bankers were about to make another killing (literally) after again financing both sides - Hitler and the Allies - in what would be mankind’s deadliest war ever. Just as the First World War was for Jewish hegemony, i.e., Zionists forging “a Jewish homeland” with its postwar treaty’s League of Nations as a first giant step toward one world government, on the eve of WWII intelligence insider Moseley recognized round #2 bucking for more Jewish hegemony was fast approaching. And as the general alluded to, US and the Soviet Union would be allies fighting against Germany, predominantly Christian allies fighting alongside Communist atheists that were still busily killing up to 66 million Russian Christian civilians since the Jewish bankers’ bankrolled the Jewish led Bolshevik Revolution and took over the Communist regime.
Having already fought in the Philippine bloodbath of the Spanish American War and the Great War that killed more humans than any previous war in history as the war that was supposed to end all wars, realizing that the Rothschild war machine was frenziedly at it again, the world was being driven deeper into debt and control by the predatory banksters and their media war mongering propaganda was again hyping it up just ahead of WWII. Absolutely nothing General Moseley said was either anti-Semitic or untrue since it was all based on historical fact – past, present and future. But then as now, if you dare speak the truth that exposes and threatens the Jewish crime cabal, you’re automatically demonized as an anti-Semitic bigot or tin foiled conspiracy theorist nutcase, tactics that have long served only the criminals in high places extremely well from ever being held accountable for their massive, in-plain-sight crimes against humanity.
Just as the European holocaust was ahead of its time, and the Protocols of Zion forecast catastrophic world events looming decades ahead on the horizon illustrating the Zionists’ subversive plot to control the world, right in concert even further in advance was the head of US Freemasonry Albert Pike. Back in 1871 he too made eerily similar warnings, precisely predicting not only the first two world wars but also a third one as the necessary precursor for the Zionist Masonic long coveted one world government.[cxxx] After all, the published Protocols were likely inscribed from a notated Masonic meeting. The 1843 B’nai B’rith intelligence network was founded by Masonic Jews. Alfred Pike had a vision in a dream that he describes in uncanny detail in a letter addressed to his notorious friend Giuseppe Mazzini, a fellow 33rd degree Freemason, Italian Illuminati politician and forefather of the P2 Masonic-Mafioso Lodge.[cxxxi]
The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.[cxxxii]
So the Protocols’ Zionists, Freemasons and Illuminati all turn out to be one and the same Luciferian bogeyman, all twistedly evil plotters and grim reapers, prophesizing with uncannily accurate precision from the same devil’s primer, and then imbued with the same amalgamated power to make all their demonic wet dreams come true. The objective achieved by Pike’s Second World War nearly seven decades before its time was:
The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists [controlled by the same aforementioned hidden hand]. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, the international Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm. The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused be the agentur of the Illuminati between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other.[cxxxiii] (Boldface emphasis intended for effect)
Pike predicts the nation of Israel by name nearly eight decades in advance. Then he predicts WWIII Armageddon a full century and a half before its likely due date delivery, specifying all the main antagonists as chief provocateurs. Keep in mind, Albert Pike’s vision took place way back in 1871. With him mentioning the key role of the Zionists even prior to the Protocols first surfacing, the Masonic cult was obviously privy to insider lowdown way before the rest of us. It also strongly suggests collusion between the Zionist Elders and 33rd degree Freemasons scores ahead of predicted monumental events.
Speaking of Zionist zealots and WWIII, the Donald Trump and Bibi Netanyahu Islamophobically bashing their way to Pike’s prophesized Armageddon against Iran and company, the final unconquered holdout in the Middle East from that infamous neocon list of “7 takedowns-in-five years” memo that General Wesley Clarke made public,[cxxxiv] Pike’s Peak into our nightmarish future seems more than eminently looming now. Again, the handful of bloodlines in control of this planet have been satanically calling the shots for millenniums. Concrete evidence exists currently to confirm that the international Jewish Zionist banking cabal led by the Illuminati Rothschild bloodline family have been plotting and executing the most disastrous and costly world disasters, wars, economic depressions, assassinations along with 9/11 and endless false flags for over two full centuries now. Proof of all this is embedded in actual history.
Returning to the cabal’s preplanned World War II agenda, in 1940 three departments in British intelligence merged to form the Special Operations Executive (SOE) in order to conduct espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance behind enemy lines to, as Churchill brashly admitted, “set Europe ablaze,” the pyro meant literally to destroy Europe. Until August 1943 treasonous banker, Rothschild agent and close Churchill buddy mentioned earlier, Sir Charles Hambro, was the SOE director. So Britain ensured that a conspiring traitor headed this organization until he was exposed for deliberately withholding vital information about traitor MI6 Deputy Director Claude Dansey intentionally blowing up the British SOE program and literally sacrificing hundreds of its agents working with French Resistance. Among the first tasks on Hambro’s SOE agenda was to sit down in a meeting with his US counterpart, another NWO co-conspirator Director of Office of Strategic Services (OSS) - General “Wild Bill” Donovan. The Rothschild bankers and their puppet minions needed Hitler and Europe sacrificed and destroyed in order to instantly convert WWII into its preplanned Cold War with by then already well established collusion between Russians and emerging Israel that’s still actively robust to this very day, moving first from stolen atomic bomb technology to now stolen state-of-the-art, backdoor cybersecurity technology. 
First CIA Director-JFK assassination co-conspirator Allen Dulles and William Donovan were OSS co-architects of the notorious Operation Paperclip moving over 10,000 supposed Nazi enemies to the Americas, both South and North. In the US it meant employing Nazis as NASA scientists and CIA mind controllers. It’s been uncovered that Donovan was also implicated as the murderer of war hero General George S. Patton.[cxxxv] Fearless George learned of the widespread Allied collusion with the Soviets towards the end of the war, resulting in the loss of both American and Allied soldiers’ lives and was ready to blow the treasonous internationalists’ operation wide open.[cxxxvi]
So prior to a war hero’s return to America, Donovan put the hit on Patton to silence him, according to military historian Robert Wilcox’s decade long research. Donovan ordered the premiere OSS marksman Douglas Bazata to assassinate Patton. Less than six months after the war in December 1945, Bazata allegedly staged an accident with an Army truck colliding with Patton’s Cadillac, while the hit man fired a low velocity projectile that fractured the general’s neck, leaving all others involved in the “accident” without a scratch.[cxxxvii] While Patton was recovering, the NKVD (future KGB) is alleged to have finished him off, poisoning him while convalescing in the hospital. Adding more incriminating evidence, when an Army counterintelligence officer learned that General Patton was on a Stalin death list, upon notifying Wild Bill, he was immediately shipped back to the States.
Despite such serious injury, the rough and tough warrior was recovering and planning to leave Germany to return to the US to raise hell about the cabal orchestrated Cold War he saw rapidly unfolding while he demanded a hot war to vanquish the expanding Communist threat once and for all.[cxxxviii] Months earlier, back in May 1945 just outside of Prague in a faceoff with the Soviet army, Allied Commander Eisenhower ordered Patton to halt his 3rd Army surge, hell bent on reaching Berlin ahead of the Soviets. Though risking another war, it would have eliminated Stalin from seizing control over Eastern Europe, denying both his Iron Curtain dictatorship and the banking cabal’s preplanned Cold War.
Under ideological pretense, the Illuminati Rothschild internationalists had plotted the political and military red lined demarcation between the “good” “democratic” Western “Free World” and the “evil” Communist Eastern Soviet bloc as part of its staged strategy of constant tension ushering in the postwar Gladio Operation years,[cxxxix] when the US and NATO repeatedly deployed false flag terrorism targeting innocent civilians in Europe to falsely blame the Communists,[cxl] as part of a constant despicable pattern of covert and overt war the US Empire has willfully, savagely perpetrated 93% of its time in existence,[cxli] starting virtually every one of its bloody wars[cxlii] on its way to ultimately establishing unipolar hegemony by 1991 with the Soviet Empire’s collapse. The Zionist Illuminati controllers have used and abused the United States as the elite’s goyim fighting machine, a globalist patented tool of planetary destruction controlled by the City of London bankers’ war room that plans, finances and perpetrates all the earthly slaughter. In insanely reckless and desperate efforts ever since, the neo-conned US bully in the global village is forcibly realizing that as the sole superpower in the emerging, changing multipolar world can no longer be the global bully without serious consequence, risking all life on the planet in the process.[cxliii] Yet feeble, desperate attempts to vainly retain its doomed “we’re #1” lost status at all cost is to the grave detriment of every living thing on earth, only confirming that the Zionist neocon puppets are still dancing to the Illuminati bankers’ tune, staging the same relentlessly disgraceful strategy from Gladio A to Gladio B to Gladio Z as nauseam as applied protracted tension increasingly using more transparent false flags in order to bait the formidable Eastern powers of Iran, Russia and China into the Rothschild controllers’ Third World War.[cxliv]
But it’s like the boy who cried wolf one too many times, the world’s now on to Anglo-American-Zionist Empire’s false flag charade. But the alarming fact that they’re still trying so hard to ignite World War III only proves the Rothschild cabal is currently executing their final solution for humankind, global genocide be it through Armageddon, 5G and mass impoverishment from the global house of cards economic implosion. It’s more than evident the elite wants a whole bunch of us obsolete humans dead and out of the way, especially those able to recognize the evildoers behind the Oz-like curtain desperately pulling all the doomsday levers to keep their ironclad control. As the Rothschild cabal witnesses the balance of power shifting away from their Old World Disorder clutches and their Illuminati Masonic Zionist Empire crumbling, the darkness of their nonstop deception is finally coming to light like never before. The fact that the masses are awakening is scaring the piss out of them right now, and the vampiric cockroaches are scrambling for shelter to reach the cover of darkness. They are literally demonically insane and don’t care if the fragile life on this planet gets terminated. As mentioned prior, with their so far advanced hidden technology, underground palaces and space colonies for alleged safe haven refuge, they’re arrogantly confident that they can sustain [their] life after [earth’s] death.  
After treasonously destroying the Special Operations Executive killing hundreds if not thousands, in late 1943 Jewish banker Charles Hambro was transferred to Washington DC to serve as head of wartime raw materials purchasing, involved in exchanging top secret US-UK nuclear development files. As fellow members of Zionist banking families both treasonously working in British intelligence during the war, undoubtedly Hambro colluded with Victor Rothschild sharing vital top secret information not only with the Soviets but also their Zionist friends in the Middle East. Incidentally, years later it was this same Jewish banker Charles Hambro who helped finance fellow Jewish British superspy traitor Robert Maxwell’s acquisition of Pergamon Press in 1951 on his way to becoming a media tycoon[cxlv] and father to his youngest of three daughters Ghislaine Maxwell, partner-in-crime of convicted sex offender-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. But more on the Epstein-Maxwell connection to the larger network of Zionist oligarchs linked to both Mossad intelligence and organized crime later.
Through the postwar intelligence fronts of Panama based World Commerce Corporation (WCC) and the British-American-Canadian Corp., Sir Charles Hambro continued to actively fund covert MI6 global operations.[cxlvi] These deep state entities as private intelligence organizations were funded by Illuminati aristocracy bloodlines besides the Rothschilds that included the Sassoon, Mellon and Rockefeller families. These shadowy figures’ global operations particularly in the 1950s banana republics of the Third World demonstrate that they were the next generation of forerunning architects to today’s New World Order.
Yet another startlingly brazen illustration surfaced of how Illuminati traitors Victor Rothschild and his “Poofter Boys” inside British intelligence cost hundreds if not thousands of brave lives belonging to Allied agents, soldiers and freedom fighters in the French Resistance. Royally knighted gay Freemason and murderous traitor - Sir Claude Dansey - was the MI6 deputy director during World War II.[cxlvii] Deputy MI6 Director Dansey as yet another treasonous spy, this time for Germany, operated at the top of British Intelligence working alongside treasonous SOE director Charles Hambro to sabotage the new agency. In 1942 the SOE created a spy network called Prosper to be deployed in and around German occupied Paris. Dansey secretly deployed French pilot Henri Dericourt as a double agent working with German SS counterespionage chief in France Karl Baumelburg. Dericourt was responsible for airlifting Prosper agents and material in and out of France. Of course the Gestapo allowed the Allied operation to unfold to set the trap. Meanwhile, traitor Dansey sent one of his own MI6 agents Major Nicolas Bodington as an SOE officer to ensure Dericourt remained shielded from any suspicion. Bodington knew both Dericourt and Baumelburg before the war, introducing them in early 1943.
Prosper radio operator Jack Agazarian even suspected Dericourt to be a traitor and voiced his concern to unfortunately another traitor Major Bodington.[cxlviii] Jack was pulled back to England but soon reassigned another mission in France with Bodington to determine if the operator whose radio was still sending messages out of France to London was in German custody. Though Agazarian, whose instincts were right about Dericourt, suspected showing up at the French address would likely be a trap, Bodington claims that he and Jack tossed a coin to determine who’d report to the address and of course Agazarian lost. He was immediately arrested upon arrival, tortured over the next six months at Fresnes Prison, then sent to another prison in solitary confinement before he and another dozen Allied officers were executed in March 1945. Jack can thank traitors Bodington, Dansey and Hambro for his and many others’ deaths.
According to BBC producer Robert Marshall in his 1988 book All the King’s Men,[cxlix] Churchill was forced to form his coalition government granting concessions to the Labor Party by giving it oversight of one of the intelligence agencies. Hence, out of prior MI6 duties came the newly formed Special Operations Executive (SOE) agency in 1940, with all espionage activity delegated for Labor oversight. Resentful, in order to sabotage both the Prosper and SOE programs, under his deputy authority, Dansey covertly placed Dericourt as a double agent so that Prosper could not prosper.
Henry Makow speculates that the reason for this treason was not simply a bruised ego over bureaucratic pettiness or interagency rivalry, but because deception, treason and mass killing is what Illuminati members plot and do best. Makow’s more plausible explanation is that both sides at top levels of the war had Masonic Illuminati types entrenched in power. Henry Makow succinctly points out:
The real war was not between the Allies and the Axis but rather between this satanic cult and humanity. The war was just a pretext to destroy the genetic elite: the natural leaders, the patriots and the idealists. It was a genocide of the Best, who in future might resist their plans for Luciferian one-world government.[cl]
For world domination the handful of Luciferians at the apex of power like the 3rd Lord Rothschild would prefer the obedient servile types to an individual with intelligence, integrity and strong ethical will to do good for humanity.  The system only promotes and rewards fellow psychopaths willing to do what they’re told, even if it means committing treason and murdering their own kind. Look at the abysmally low quality of today’s top politicians, particularly in the West, generally immoral and depraved, virtually to a person a subservient, ass-kissing lackey that is AIPAC bribed to be a good little errand boy or girl and follow their superiors’ agenda regardless of how damaging it is to their constituents. That’s why sexual blackmail using kids is so prevalent today because these compromised slimeballs will resort to the lowest of the lowest kind of behavior just to get to the top and then continue to grovel, backstab and destroy just to stay there. They’re completely owned, operated and controlled by the Luciferian matrix comprised of pedophiles and pedo-enablers. If they refuse to go along, they’re out on their ass.
So this explanation makes far more sense to account for why such vile scoundrels like SOE boss Charles Hambro, MI6 Deputy Director General Claude Dansey and Prime Minister Winston Churchill set the best and brightest up to be sacrificed. The leader of the Prosper network Francis Suttill was called into a private meeting with Prime Minister Churchill who shared that the D-Day invasion would be at Calais in September 1943, knowing upon Suttill’s capture and torture it would likely be leaked to the Nazis.[cli] Zionist Freemason crypto Jew Churchill was in on this treasonous plot to set the trap that would send Suttill and hundreds of his men and women to their certain death, who braved parachuting and flying in behind enemy lines to fight the Nazis. So the inevitable outcome unfolded as Francis was arrested in June 1943. The Nazis showed Suttill his betrayer Dericourt’s file. The only option left before dying was an attempt to spare the lives of agents in his Prosper network, negotiating a deal signed by Heinrich Himmler that in exchange for information about the location of the enormous Allied weapons cache stored, his agents and imprisoned resistance fighters would remain alive.
Unwilling to risk that this appalling treason would ever be exposed, showing how so many leaders atop the British government and security services are diabolically evil, the Nazis of course did not uphold their agreement, rounding up and murdering many of the over one thousand brave souls involved in the Prosper spy network in Paris and northern France, totally collapsing the failed espionage program in advance of the Normandy invasion.[clii] Suttill’s right hand Frenchwoman Andre Borrel, second in charge, was given a lethal injection, then incinerated in July 1944. Another woman, Muslim radio operator Noor Inayat Khan was chained, sent to Dachau and then shot in September 1944. Suttill was hanged at a concentration camp in March 1945. Meanwhile, double agent Dericourt, Bodington and devil incarnate Dansey were all free to go about their lives unencumbered. Dansey and his boss Sir Stuart Menzies discontinued the SOE agency right after the war, reassigning its function back to MI6. Dericourt would later become a heroin smuggler dying in a plane crash in Laos in 1962.
The women of the SOE as the only females in the war to bear arms came from all walks of life, from both Britain and France as well as other nations, and other than a strong will to face high stakes danger, they all spoke French.[cliii] Their courage is inspirational just like their male counterparts. And to willfully set them all up for mass murder is difficult for actual humans to wrap their head around. But that’s the mentality of the controllers.
Due to Lord Rothschild’s mighty influence in the British Intelligence spy ring, the Establishment spy ring, and his own personal private Rothschild cabal spy ring, from 1935 to 1963 the Soviet Union was privy to virtually every British and US scientific and military top secret. Under Rothschild’s direction during World War II, the Allied secrets, strategic plans, including the design for the atomic bomb, biological warfare and developing radar technology were stolen by the Soviets. But Rothschild was a visionary Zionist, and the primary objective without Israel yet in existence was to use both Hitler’s fascism and the Soviet Union’s communism as divide and conquer stepping stones towards establishing Israel, again ensuring that nuclear secrets and materials get passed on to his Zionist Jewish State prior to his earthly departure in 1990. According to Australian author Roland Perry’s The Fifth Man (Sedgewick & Jackson, 1994),[cliv] it was Lord Rothschild who alerted the Soviets of the Allied plan to build the bomb, maintaining that he was totally immersed:
…In so many aspects of spying that he seemed like a super-agent, sabotaging every Western intelligence initiative for 20 years after the war.[clv]
Churchill was a Zionist puppet owned, operated and controlled by the likes of Victor Rothschild and his banking syndicate. From his earliest childhood memories, young Winston was surrounded by Jewish bankers that his father introduced, taking him under their wing and turning him into a lifelong whorish zealot for Jewry, of course through bribes, corruption, fraud and sexual blackmail.[clvi] As a child, a frequent Churchill family dinner guest was the 1st Lord Nathaniel Rothschild. The “great statesman” Winston has been falsely lionized and as a way overrated Rothschild errand boy to cover up the fact that he was simply a lifetime bloodthirsty executioner for powerful Jewish Zionist bankers like the 3rd Lord Rothschild pulling his strings.
Moreover, Churchill himself was a Crypto Jew. Under Jewish law with his adulterous mother Jennie a socialite American Jewess, he too was Jewish, his maternal grandfather the business partner to Rothschild’s primary American agent August Belmont.[clvii] Only because of his slutty mother’s affair with King Edward VII, Prince of Wales,[clviii] was she able to keep her son from being charged with sodomy.[clix] Winston Churchill was also a 33-degree Freemason, an alcoholic pedophile (no wonder he and Guy Burgess hit it off so well). The actual history of Winston Churchill is just the opposite of his mythical legend as “the greatest Briton in history,” which the grossly misinformed and brainwashed British people voted him in 2002.[clx]
A brief history of the foul playing Winston is worth the whiff, prefaced by the wisdom of French novelist Honore de Balzac:
World history: There are two world histories. One is the official and full of lies, destined to be taught in schools – the other is the secret history, which harbors the true causes and occurrences.[clxi]
Homosexual poet and journalist Lord Alfred Douglas fell in love with writer Oscar Wilde while attending Oxford University in 1891. Ultimately Oscar Wilde’s love letters to Alfred were used to convict him of sodomy for which he served two years in prison from 1895 to 1897. But it was Lord Alfred’s letters in 1916 that precipitated a libelous suit filed by the government on behalf of Winston Churchill that resulted in Alfred doing six months’ jail time. Apparently Lord Douglas’ contentious letter called Winston Churchill’s mother Lady Randolph (nee Jeanette “Jennie” Jacobson Jerome) a high class hooker and his father a promiscuous syphilis derelict.[clxii] The letter went on to accuse Winston as a Jewish puppet during the First World War, divulging that the sinking of the HMS Hampshire was a false flag incident part of a Jewish-Churchill plot to kill popular War Minister Lord Kitchener for promoting peace.[clxiii]
But the crux of Churchill’s legal case centered on Douglas’ allegation that Jewish banker Sir Ernest Cassel paid Churchill £40,000 (£1 million in today's money) to arrange the government to announce the naval defeat at the Battle of Jutland.[clxiv] The British stocks took a nosedive on the New York Stock Exchange. Then supposedly under pressure from the government to boost sagging morale, Churchill then released a public statement recanting that Jutland was not a British defeat after all, which caused stocks prices to rise at which time Cassel and his banker friends made a killing from buying low and selling high. Sounds a lot like Nathan Rothschild’s Waterloo shenanigans. With Masonic brotherhood assistance to bring the Churchill lawsuit against Douglas seven years later in 1923, Sir Winston, who’d had an affair with Lord Douglas, won both his case and Douglas’ silence with a half year prison stint. Churchill’s private secretary, Sir John Rupert “Jock” Colville, is best known for his diaries on 10 Downing Street, claiming the wartime prime minister was a serial pedophile who took delight in “buggering young boys,” be it closer to home or partaking of more Muslim boys in North Africa.[clxv] 
Churchill’s cadet file at Sand Hurst dubbed him “a drunken aggressive homosexual.” Per the diary of Churchill friend Cambridge traitor Guy Burgess, who wrote of homosexuality being institutionally bred in Britain’s same sex boarding schools, mentions Churchill’s military school file branding him “a confirmed sodomite and a menace to the younger boys.”[clxvi] For money, fame and protection from his Jewish controllers, from day one the Rothschild banking cabal had its way with this overly compromised drunken sicko. Author Martin Dillon’s 2007 account of Churchill and the Jews[clxvii] casts Winston as a brownnosing errand boy for the Illuminati Jewish bankers.
Thus, the myth of the so called “maverick” just doesn’t hold up when it comes to his dedicated subservience to his Jewish controllers, sounding similar to the current US president, always doing what he’s told. Churchill dutifully murdered his way into being crowned “the greatest Briton of all-time.” Even the Soviets knew that Churchill was a Rothschild agent and during WWI received money under the name of Colonel Arden.[clxviii] One of the treasonous prime minister’s bank accounts during WWII was alleged to be under the name of “A. Connolly.”[clxix] Churchill’s bodyguard Walter Thompson said that Churchill was more afraid of being assassinated from betraying his own people than from any enemy abroad.
And he did make enemies abroad, that’s for sure. Take the Bengal Famine in India in 1943. The imperialist chose to starve 4.3 million Indians to death rather than provide desperately needed famine relief. Ships bearing tons of wheat docked at Indian ports were diverted to feed British soldiers in Europe.[clxx] Current Indian MP and author of Inglorious Empire - Dr. Shashi Tharoor - said this of UK’s “greatest Briton”:
This is a man the British would have us hail as an apostle of freedom and democracy, when he has as much blood on his hands as some of the worst genocidal dictators of the 20th century. People started dying and Churchill said well it’s all their fault anyway for breeding like rabbits. He said ‘I hate the Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion’. Ships laden with wheat were coming in from Australia docking in Calcutta and were instructed by Churchill not to disembark their cargo but sail on to Europe. And when conscience-stricken British officials wrote to the Prime Minister in London pointing out that his policies were causing needless loss of life all he could do was write peevishly in the margin of the report, ‘Why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?’[clxxi]
According to two independent sources, authors David Irving and Greg Hallett, because the prime minister was too intoxicated at times to function, he frequently needed a body or voice double for radio broadcasts and live appearances.[clxxii] Sensimetrics analyzed his radio speeches and concluded at least three of them weren’t him. In 1977 Norman Shelley admitted that his voice was behind the famous lines, “We will fight them on the beaches” and “This will be our finest hour.”[clxxiii] The obese leader’s oft soiled clothes had to be outfitted with thick padded diapers because of his nasty drunken habit of urinating and shitting all over himself. Private secretary Colville stated:
Strange to think a baby’s jumpsuit may have helped us win the war, by helping our leader not shit himself.[clxxiv]
Just before World War I, the British coal burning war fleet was about to transition to the new diesel engine run on vegetable oil technology, thanks to German inventor Rudolph Diesel, which would’ve been a boom for both the farmers and earth environment.[clxxv] The British government invited him to England to demonstrate his engine but mysteriously he “jumped” overboard and drowned enroute. As Rothschild front man, Churchill lobbied for Middle East oil operated ships along with a Zionist invasion of Palestine, the Jewish Freemason was selected as first lord of the admiralty, lobbying for war on behalf of Rothschild bank loans for armaments and war making.[clxxvi] Through deception, for Jewish cash payoffs, Churchill manipulated America into the First World War, as noted in the last chapter setting up the tragic Lusitania sinking with assistance from Satanist Aleister Crowley.
Right after the First World War, the Rothschild crime syndicate as the modern day Jewish money changers in their “Masonic Babylonian” temple that centuries earlier Jesus called the Synagogue of Satan, diluted silver coins by half, dictated the harsh reparation terms of the 1919 Versailles Treaty, bankrupted Germany ripping off its wealth, land and artworks, setting up Hitler’s rise to avenge his nation’s plundering well in advance of WWII.[clxxvii] Among the 117 Zionist internationalist delegation that dictated the terms of German bankruptcy was Benjamin Freedman (Friedman), a millionaire friend to four US Presidents, who once admitted:
Two years into World War I, Germany, which was then winning the war, offered Britain and France a negotiated peace deal, but German Zionist groups seeing the opportunity made a deal with Britain to get the United States into the war if Britain promised to give the Zionists Palestine.[clxxviii]
And so the Balfour Declaration was spawned. That’s how satanic Churchill and Crowley conjured up their scheme to sink the Lusitania, manipulating the US into the then world’s bloodiest war ever, so the Khazarian Jews could falsely claim a homeland.
British intelligence operative Anthony T. Stokes lamented on the Second World War outcome:
If we had listened to our intelligence services, we would have let Russia and Germany fight it out, and we could have easily dealt with the weakened winner, and the Cold war would never have happened.[clxxix] 
But Rothschild Jewish bankers implemented another plan to encourage and trick Hitler into invading Russia on the Eastern front, all the while pretending peace with Germany behind Chamberlain’s appeasement policy.[clxxx] Then as soon as the German forces moved eastward into Poland as the baited trap, Rothschild bankers re-installed their war monger lackey Sir Winston to declare war on Germany. In a here-we-go-again scenario with the Rothschild controlled media propaganda machine pumping out daily lies along with an enormous war loan debt, a war wary British public that overwhelmingly desired peace was once again dragged into this time history’s biggest war, an old pattern repeated ad nauseam to this day with the Zionist Middle Eastern wars for the Greater Israel Project always based on war mongering puppet politicians and media lies.
Prior to WWII, Churchill accepted a secret bribe of £150,000 from Rothschild to bring Britain and America into war against Germany for a second time, a two-time notch on the Rothschild-Churchill war gun.[clxxxi] Masonic Lord Churchill was an occultist and multiple sources maintain that he worked closely with Satanist Aleister Crowley, who during the First World War was sent to America under the employ of the British intelligence services.[clxxxii] As long as we’re covering the treasonous standouts in British intelligence history, as the “wickedest man alive,” agent Crowley was also a big advocate of human sacrifice:
For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force, a male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.[clxxxiii]
The Satanist’s spy work played a key role in Churchill’s complicity in allowing the sacrifice of 1,201 innocent passengers aboard (128 American) the ill-fated Lusitania knowing the waters off Ireland making the ship a sitting duck for waiting German U-boats.[clxxxiv] As the dynamic one-two Satanist punch in action, it was a premeditated, diabolical act to deceitfully, cruelly manipulate America into entering the Great War… not unlike FDR allowing the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as his excuse to repeat the lie in World War II.
Journalist and propagandist Sefton Delmer confirmed that Churchill engaged in satanic ritual ceremonies with Crowley at Devils Chimney in Gloucestershire. According to Anthony T. Stokes:
Churchill was a long-term Zionist puppet and served their interest before that of Britain. He was a Druid priest, a 33rd degree Mason and member of the Golden Dawn. Masonry is a secret elitist anti-democratic anti-Christian satanic cult.[clxxxv]
During the late 19th century and early 20th century the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a secret society dedicated to the study and practice of the occult.[clxxxvi] Crowley was an early original member and his own philosophical doctrine Thelema developed from this occult magical order. Though Crowley was not a founder, the three who were also belonged to Freemasonry and this new order was based on similar hierarchy and initiation found at Masonic lodges. Many celebrities of the day like actress Florence Farr and writers JRR Tolkien and William Butler Yeats were members.
Based on the fact that Churchill was a Rothschild bribed Zionist tool, a 33rd degree Mason, a Golden Dawn member and a Druid priest, he was a practicing Satanist who regularly got his demented rocks off as a shameless, power-broking Zionist puppet helping to trigger history’s two bloodiest wars on record, making him both a mass killing serial murderer as well as pedophile. The lifelong racist boasted of his delight committing heinous war atrocities against darker skinned races. Lord Moran, his treating physician for a quarter century, stated:
Winston thinks only of the colour of their skin.[clxxxvii]
Britain’s most admired Englishman in history, so revered by his own nation’s citizens, was a vile, wicked man, perhaps one of the most evil men who ever walked the earth, not unlike one of Britain’s most beloved entertainers, who turned out to be its most prolific serial child rapist in British history.
Do you think it wise to trust a wartime leader of a nation who says:
In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.
Even Rothschild’s fellow traitor Anthony Blunt said that Hitler wanted peace with Britain, sending Rudolph Hesse to negotiate.[clxxxviii] Instead Churchill imprisoned him. The Rothschild-Churchill agenda was “total destruction” of Germany as demonstrated by the relentless firebombing over so many cities killing countless German civilians.[clxxxix] Rather than risk the Germans determining that Britain intercepted its encoded messages, Churchill even let Nazi planes bomb his own people in the English town of Coventry without forewarning residents.
Just as Victor Rothschild kept all his gay-pedo Cambridge double agent spies in check, so too did the Rothschild Jewish puppet masters use threat of sexual blackmail over Winston’s homosexual relations with his private secretary - Cambridge Apostle Edward Marsh among others, not to mention Churchill’s numerous Moroccan pleasure trips to boy brothels.[cxc] Even the British tabloids are impishly putting it out there.[cxci] The most famous newspaper in the world, the New York Times, stated in his January 1965 obituary:
In the midst of war and grand strategy, as he himself recorded in his history of World War II, he took time to note the pleasures of the flesh in Marrakesh in Morocco, and the plumbing in Yalta. He had a passion for detail.[cxcii]
“Flesh in Marrakesh in Morocco” was allegedly little boy flesh. Churchill also enjoyed frequent trips to Portugal’s seacoast resort in Camara de Lobos in Madeira, notorious as a pedophile haven where authorities allegedly turn a blind eye.[cxciii] There’s even a Churchill Bay named after its most famous alleged pedophile visitor.[cxciv]
Russia’s GRU archives contain documentation compiled by Soviet spy Eugene Ivanov of Churchill’s out of control alcoholism and mental instability[cxcv] as a manic depressive.[cxcvi] Churchill once confided in his close friend, Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis, that the only person he truly trusted during the war was Josef Stalin.[cxcvii] For keeping his diabolical secrets and not ratting him out, Churchill pathetically placed more trust in his fellow murderous Soviet “ally” than he did in his own people. Yet due to the Zionist propaganda ministry, his brainwashed nation still worships him like a god.
This is the crux of how a miniscule number of sub-human controllers predatorily feed off of the lifeblood of their own feudal subjects, voting constituents and their helpless children that are their traumatized young prey at the satanic altar in ritualized abuse, torture and sacrifice. In these secret ceremonies they demonically call upon kindred interdimensional forces to take temporary if not permanent possession of the minds and bodies of these perverted satanic practitioners, which obviously Winston Churchill was.
Rothschild and Churchill never failed to eliminate opposition to their sinister plan for all-out war. Cases in point – as soon as Churchill reemerged as prime minister in May 1940, he sacked MI5 founder Vernon Kell after 31 years of on the job service. And the same fate that befell Britain’s first MI6 director, struck down the nation’s first MI5 director. According to security services veteran Anthony Stokes, Churchill was notorious for having his perceived enemies eliminated. A senior MI5 member named Sorrell kept detailed records as evidence of Churchill’s cloak and dagger tactics of murder and treachery, among several other officers leaking information to the Truth magazine.[cxcviii] Documents indicate that Churchill assassinated both Vernon Kell and discarded PM Neville Chamberlain because they refused to war against Germany whose leader never wanted war with Britain. For opposing the WWII and the Zionist agenda, Admiral Barry Domvile was incarcerated without charges throughout most of the bloodbath that cost 60 million lives.
Churchill’s assassinations grew habitual by his Luciferian nature, garnering a reputation amongst insiders similar to the Clintons for murdering any and all perceived threats and enemies. Recent archive documents demonstrate that Churchill was responsible for the murder of three specific well known individuals who at one point in his perverse life were all extremely close to him. According to new research in 2019:
[Churchill] can now be accused of three [more] murders: his mother Lady Randolph Churchill between the days 11-29th June 1921; Spymaster and the first head of the British Secret Service George M. Smith-Cumming at his house 1 Melbury Road, Kensington, on the 14th June 1923; and T. E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, between 13th and 19th May 1935.[cxcix]
With three husbands and virtually countless affairs, estimated to be at least 200 during the Victorian era, Churchill’s mother was a constant source of sheer humiliation and embarrassment to Sir Winston for numerous decades. But the clincher came in 1914 when he learned at age 40 that she had cheated him out of his father Lord Randolph Churchill’s inheritance bequeathed to him and his younger brother Jack.[cc] As Britain’s Home Secretary in 1910, Winston befriended a fellow Freemason pathologist named Dr. Bernard Spilsbury.[cci] When a high profile murder case in which Spilsbury gave false testimony that caused a fellow doctor on trial for murder to be executed, Churchill saved Dr. Spilsbury’s reputation to become “the father of forensics” by letting the gross injustice slide. In exchange, the ambitious politician eager to learn from the noted pathologist on how to commit the “perfect,” undetectable murder, by proxy of course, would enlist the “good doctor” to become his murder accomplice twice.
While a guest at her friend’s home in 1921, Lady Churchill tripped on the stairs and broke her ankle. With arrangements made by Dr. Spilsbury for his mother’s hospital care, Winston needlessly had her leg amputated over a conjured up false case of gangrene, then ensured that Jennie’s hospital discharge was within three days after major surgery, assigning a home nurse with instructions that caused hemorrhage to expedite the mother’s death at 67… a wicked doctor and more wicked Winston’s dirty little secret.[ccii] But two close friends whom Churchill had confided in, even making statements wishing his mother dead, were next on his murdering agenda. Though close friends with MI6’s 1909 founder, Captain Sir Mansfield George Smith-Cumming and Lawrence of Arabia, famed adventurist archeologist, military intelligence officer, diplomat and writer who acted as British Empire liaison in Ottoman Empire’s Middle East, both of these high profile confidants and onetime friends simply knew too much for evil Winston to let it lay. So to cover all tracks, the Luciferian ensured their permanent silence. Without a glitch in 1923, a Silsbury prepared pinprick of poison curare asphyxiated the MI6 chief Smith-Cumming. A year later Lord Churchill rewarded his partner-in-crime Dr. Killsbury, receiving knighthood for what amounted to his personal assassination service to Churchill for both his mother and once close friend’s deaths.
Next and final victim on the list of those who knew too much was the famous national hero, Lawrence of Arabia, the man immortalized in the 1962 Peter O’Toole film. Churchill arranged an Irish Republican Army operative to stage an accident with a boy on a bicycle that obstructed the path of the oncoming T.E. speeding along on his favorite motorcycle in 1935.[cciii] Evidence that a black car was involved in the motor “accident” to finish the job that ultimately killed Lawrence was “hermetically” concealed, no doubt by Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. So Churchill the serial murderer did his own mother in for her cheating him out of some inheritance money, his confidant secret intel service “friend” at his own unintelligent folly, making it known that blackmail was eminent, and he was thus eliminated. And TE Lawrence was snuffed out at only age 46 because Churchill knew that TE’s memoirs that he was writing could potentially expose him as the coldblooded murderer that he was, enough to seal his hapless fate. Taught by a medical master of death, Lord Winston felt confident that with his privileged position as soon-to-be popular war hero, he was free to bask in the glory living out his long life of 90 years (1874-1965) as Britain’s favorite statesman, escaping justice from a near century of the most appallingly reprehensible high crimes against the entire world. And this monster’s regarded as Britain’s greatest hero? Only a mass murdering pedophile hailing from the world’s most infamous pedo-haven could that be possible. It appears that Sir Winston Churchill far outdid his sneaky puppet master - the 3rd Lord Rothschild - in pure evil.
During World War II Britain, besides the confirmed Communist traitors Churchill, Rothschild and his Apostles, another enemy from within was the Fifth Column Nazis ostensibly organized to lure pro-Nazi fascists from the public-at-large into a covert entrapment program launched and monitored by MI5’s own Victor Rothschild as the UK’s designated disinformation counterespionage guru.[cciv] If anything, it actually organized German spies in Britain when MI5 questionable platform encountered thousands of Britons were in fact steadfastly loyal in their diehard support of Adolf Hitler. MI5 officer Maxwell Knight, who allegedly was the M character in Ian Fleming’s James Bond saga, was a bona fide fascist and a Crowley admiring Satanist working the Fifth Column to recruit agents infiltrating communist organizations. Maxwell Knight’s first wife reportedly died in an Aleister Crowley “occult misadventure,” the question begs, was it related to MI5 or Satanism or both?[ccv] Knight also invited fellow Satanist and mutual Crowley friend, yet another treasonous double agent, Commie pedophile and Labor Party leader MP Tom Driberg into becoming an MI5 agent.[ccvi]
Lord Victor’s Bank of England and Federal Reserve financed Hitler’s meteoric rise.[ccvii] From 1925 to 1938, the second and third Lord Rothschilds Walter and Victor also had one of their prime German agents Max Warburg sitting as IG Farben board member, Germany’s industrial giant that was an enormous Hitler contributor,[ccviii] along with American friends like another favorite Zionist Rothschild agent Jacob Schiff[ccix] and fascists Henry Ford,[ccx] John D. Rockefeller,[ccxi] Averell Harriman and Prescott Bush.[ccxii] Members of the Bush crime family are notorious Illuminati overlords. So the Zionist House of Rothschild led by kingpin Victor played out his treasonous hand helping to create Hitler, WWII, the annual Bilderberger meeting,[ccxiii] the Cold War arms race and War on Terror… not bad credentials worthy of a lifetime achievement award from his worshipped god Lucifer himself. 
By 1990 with the Bush-Clinton New World Order dawning, on the eve of the first Gulf War and dissolution of the Soviet Empire, a fully proliferated nuclear arsenal in his Zionist Israel rapidly expanding its regional dominance to international control, subversively through treasonous infiltrators controlling both London and Washington, the 3rd Baron Rothschild’s vision of a centralized Zionist police state fascist oligarchy running the world was near enough completion to opt checking out 7 months shy of his 80th birthday with a megalomaniacal sense of grand accomplishment that only a psychopathic Illuminati wizard could be proud of.
After the breakup of the Soviet Union, author Roland Perry in preparation of his book The Fifth Man interviewed six retired KGB colonels in 1993 that identified Rothschild as the 5th Cambridge spy and leader behind the notorious treasonous spy ring.[ccxiv] According to the KGB spy ring handler, Colonel Yuri Modin, Victor Rothschild was the “key” to the ring’s “penetration of British intelligence.” According to Col. Modin:
Rothschild had the contacts. He was able to introduce Burgess, Blunt and others to important figures in Intelligence such as Stewart Menzies, Dick White and Robert Vansittart, the Permanent Under-secretary of State in the Foreign Office, who controlled MI6.[ccxv]
Another KGB colonel said:
He [Rothschild] knew the proper back-channels to reach decision-makers in Moscow. Let us just say he got things done. You only did that if you reached the top. He was very persuasive.[ccxvi]
Additionally, the diary of Soviet Union’s head of military intelligence - General Ivan Serov - confirms that Rothschild was the primary Soviet agent.[ccxvii] As a former Stalin enforcer in the NKVD, the precursor to the Soviet KGB, which he led until Khrushchev placed him as the military intelligence GRU chief in 1958. In 2012 two decades after Serov’s death, his diary was discovered. The following are some of General Serov’s diary entries:
I met with Victor Rothschild only once, at the embassy. This person was well-known from very long ago as an ‘heir’ to the Philby affair and others. He knew perfectly well that these people, having certain inclinations, were connected to us, and used them to pass on information to Moscow, including false information… Overall, useful ties with him ended with the formation of Israel… In London he made an unpleasant impression on me. He didn’t inspire trust. I’ve met many such hustlers in Bessarabia and Romania, as well as in Germany after the war… Rothschild always pursued only his own goals. In his own way, Rothschild also compromised Philby and others. Ties with him put the information passed on by them in doubt… Rothschild was just a fellow traveler.[ccxviii]
In another revealing incident of incriminating evidence of Rothschild’s guilt of treason, as the MI5 Security Inspector in 1942, Victor visited the Birmingham University lab of Sir Mark Oliphant, a leading British physicist, asking him about his research while stealing a three-inch magnetron to draw up detailed illustrations that he promptly then sent directly to Moscow, confirmed by his Soviet handlers.[ccxix] He then audaciously had this cutting edge piece of radar hardware hand delivered back to Oliphant with a note bearing stern instructions to tighten up his security.
From the above observations and impressions, there is no doubt that Rothschild treasonously passed top secrets onto the Soviets. But they were neither for the benefit of the communist cause nor the Soviet Empire, and most certainly not for his native Britain. Rothschild operated strictly from his own self-serving interests, which were extended almost exclusively to the formation of his own Zionist Israel. The 3rd Lord Rothschild may have been born and bred in Britain, but his heart and mind belonged to his true home - Israel and the Zionist cause of New World control through centralized authoritarian governance headquartered out of his own created Jewish State. The conspiracy of an oligarchy controlled world dictatorship using the ruse behind communist revolution has been the long term Rothschild dynasty objective for well over a century, endorsed by internationalist bankers and those now called globalists.
Victor Rothschild was able to get away with high treason because he had every head of British intelligence in his back-pocket on very friendly relations - Guy Liddell, Roger Hollis, Dick White, Maurice Oldfield to Peter Wright. He had them all wrapped around his finger. According to Roland Perry:
Rothschild provided relief for intelligence chiefs from the pressures of the office. He was the confidant with whom they could share the intrigues of the espionage game. In their time, every one of them in varying degrees had divulged the key intelligence secrets to him, the ones which the Russians were after.[ccxx]
… and seemed to always get, compliments of Rothschild’s treasonously persuasive operation.
In August 1962 Rothschild was approached by one of his fellow Jewish Zionists, a Communist sympathizing friend and relative Flora Solomon, venting her irritable objections to Kim Philby’s alleged not pro-Israel enough slant in his articles from Beirut in The Observer. In their social circle, the queen honored OBE, born in imperialistic Russia Belarus, Flora Solomon whose son Peter Benenson founded Amnesty International, then mentioned that Kim Philbin and another MI6 agent Tomás Harris were communists since the 1930s (as if Victor didn’t know), insinuating they were either fellow traitors or perhaps in a secret homosexual liaison (similar to the onetime dalliance Philby had with CIA’s James Angleton) or both:
Those two were so close as to give me an intuitive feeling that Harris was more than a friend.[ccxxi]
After the war, Tomás Harris resigned from British intelligence to resume his notable career as an art collector living in Majorca. But in 1964 he may well have been murdered in Spain when driving his new Citroen with his wife suddenly veered off the road hitting a tree, the year after Philby defected. With his widow surviving the crash and suspecting foul play once the vehicle was cleared as a causal factor, much speculation has resulted over who may have wanted Harris dead. Some claim it was a KGB murder after being alerted by a British double agent, hmm who might that be? There’s no denying that Rothschild and other treasonous higher-ups in British security also clearly benefited from his abrupt departure prior to intelligence services questioning him, just as Lord Baron Rothschild benefitted from Philby’s convenient escape to Moscow. 
Knowing all along about Philby’s true blue dedication to “the red cause,” right after his conversation with Solomon in August 1962, Rothschild went straight to the MI5 head of Soviet Counterespionage Arthur Martin to rat Philby out. Loyalty to so called friends was a foreign concept to the self-serving control freak. MI5 Deputy Director Peter Wright and Arthur Martin formally interviewed Flora Solomon. Wright later wrote in his autobiography:
Flora Solomon was a strange, rather untrustworthy woman, who never told the truth about her relations with people like Philby in the 1930s, although she clearly had a grudge against him.[ccxxii]
Peter Wright dispatched an old Philby friend and former intelligence officer Nicholas Elliott to confront and question Philby in Beirut. A tacit agreement was reached to cop to Soviet spying only up to shortly after the war.
As a Rothschild agent for the Jewish bankers, her father included, Flora Solomon is said to have admitted in an interview that the Second World War was necessary in order for the bankers to restore control and not permit Germany’s “debt-free” currency take hold in the rest of the Western world.[ccxxiii] That explains it - the bloodiest war in human history was to ensure that bankers not lose their usury debtor-slave control over the world as Rothschild knew if Germany had won the war, the Jewish banker’s crime cabal would be finished.
Victor’s KGB main contact Yuri Modin chalked it up to MI6 incompetence that “actively encouraged him [Philby] to slip away,” but in actuality, according to writer Mark Hackard, it was the cold hard fact that:
The most powerful elements of the British ruling class, personified by Victor Rothschild, wanted Philby safe and silent behind the Iron Curtain so that higher-level elite treachery would remain hidden from public view.[ccxxiv]
… i.e., so no heat could ever be brought to bear to expose treasonous kingpin Lord Rothschild. Again, British security services were highly avoidant of suffering any further embarrassment and shame. And to this and his own selfish, culpable end, Rothschild made certain that Mossad orchestrated Philbin’s successful 1963 escape from Beirut to Moscow.
Despite being so steeped in the Cambridge spy scandal himself, in self-defense Rothschild again went on the offense to throw another prominent MI5 player under the bus. Oxford dropout and career MI5 officer Roger Hollis in 1956 was promoted from deputy to MI5 Director General until his 1965 retirement. Again, to ensure his own treasonous crimes never saw the light of day, the Lord Baron worked closely with wireless radio scientist Peter Wright, credited with updating British intelligence to modern 20th century technology in spy bugging surveillance. As a result, Wright was promoted to assistant MI5 director.[ccxxv] Hollis’ MI5 predecessor Dick White, who had recruited Wright, switched to MI6 chief after placing Wright in charge of a 20-year disastrously futile investigative search that some would call a dead-end witch hunt to uncover alleged vast numbers of British traitors and infiltrated Soviet agents operating inside UK’s government services, particularly the security services.[ccxxvi] This perception was partially inflated by the revelations of KGB defectors in the West. The Cambridge spy scandal delivered a slow burning, bruising blow of humiliation and scorn to Britain’s reputation, despite its copious cover-up efforts.
Spurred on by likeminded zealot CIA’s James Jesus Angleton who rivalled Joe McCarthy fanaticism that a Commie was lurking under every bed (lest not forget Jesus was Kim Philby’s onetime bromancing trainee), Peter Wright spent years chasing up every wrong tree, especially after failing to track down Philbin. Just as the double spy network led by Baron Rothschild had the empty-handed traitor hunter finally moving in to apprehend Philby in Beirut, Blunt was mysteriously dispatched to Beirut under the clearly bogus pretense searching for a plant that doesn’t even grow in Lebanon, as a probable Rothschild agent giving Philby advance notice.[ccxxvii] Beginning in 1964 Wright spent the next 7 years extracting tidbits of Blunt’s protracted confession in exchange for immunity and license to hurt and kill children in the booming Irish-Anglo child sex slave trade which Blunt maintained unlimited access.
In all, Wright spent two decades searching in vain for seemingly undetectable Soviet mole suspects highly entrenched in senior British intelligence.[ccxxviii] For all his time and effort, he garnered next to no results or prosecutions, only a handful of forced resignations from more obscure minor players. Concerned over his own exposure, master spy Rothschild fed Wright information to implicate the standing MI5 Director-General Roger Hollis as a Soviet spy.[ccxxix] Hollis died in 1973 with Peter Wright unable to gather anything more than circumstantial evidence that was unlikely to have convicted him. The elusive senior moles allegedly still lurking inside both intelligence and supposedly in Harold Wilson’s Labor government left splattered egg all over Peter Wright’s face for his utter failure to extract “swarming” KGB traitors. Yet the mastermind traitor himself was right there under Peter’s nose the whole time, selectively at will feeding top secrets to both the Russians and Israelis for decades. With Rothschild’s wide array of available agent contact in the field stationed in Israel, Iran, China and many other nations around the globe, the Baron was brazenly confident enough in getting away with his protracted crime spree to continue spying right up to at least 1969.[ccxxx]
As a fellow scientist, Rothschild took the assistant MI5 chief in charge of tracking down traitors under his influential wing. Wright, who was not Oxbridge educated like so many in the security service sector, felt an unappreciated outsider virtually his entire career.[ccxxxi] Bringing the latest technology into defense of the realm that had been operating by obsolete old school methods for a century, Wright had to ostensibly work longer and harder for individual recognition and advancement. And the all-knowing Rothschild eye took full advantage. The skilled master manipulator would plant leads that in the end led nowhere. No way did the investigator so determined to ferret out Britain’s biggest traitors have a chance, not up against the biggest traitor and planetary controller of them all. After all, Rothschild played his major hand shaping and controlling Churchill, Hitler, World War II and the Cold War, along with every prime minister, especially “war hero” Churchill, deceitful EU deliverer child rapist-killer Heath[ccxxxii] and Rothschild groomed globalist privatizer Margaret Thatcher.[ccxxxiii] Insecure little Peter was no match for schmoozer kingpin mastermind Rothschild. To get an idea on how schmoozed Peter Wright was, catch his idol worshipping drivel in his Spycatcher:
Rothschild was fascinated by my plans for the scientific modernization of MI5... I soon realized that he possessed an enormous appetite for the gossip and intrigue of the secret world, and we were soon swapping stories about some of the more bizarre colleagues he remembered from the war… I doubt I have ever met a man who impressed me as much as Victor Rothschild. He is a brilliant scientist… But he has been much, much more than a scientist. His contacts, in politics, in intelligence, in banking, in the Civil Service, and abroad are legendary.[ccxxxiv]
As you can see, as putty in the planetary overlord’s hands, Wright truly went gaga over the cunning mastermind as his personal god, totally manipulated and systematically misdirected in his fruitless goose chase to nail the enemy betrayers amongst him while the biggest one sat picking his snooping nose dry. Ultimately Wright was sent chasing after Harold Wilson, his Labor Party and his business associates, using dirty tricks and made up stories that fell short proving Wilson was ever a Soviet agent. By 1976, Wright had become a laughing stock as his debacle had clearly backfired, leaving him without his pension while Harold Wilson had returned to power again to further taunt him as prime minister.[ccxxxv]
An angry, bitter and thoroughly spurned Peter Wright packed up and moved to Tasmania to lick his raw wounds and be comforted by his daughter raising horses. But eventually he was enticed to write his 1987 autobiography that became an instant bestseller despite the Thatcher government’s vain attempt to suppress its release in Britain. The 3rd Lord actively worked with Wright, spoon feeding his contrived world according to Rothschild to be regurgitated in print to ensure all his crimes were completely undetectable. For many months Rothschild worked closely with both Wright and his co-writer Harry Chapman Pincher to make certain Rothschild’s spin on history went public. In so doing, they violated the Secrecy Act using stolen MI5 documents to write Spycatcher that made a vindicated Peter happy collecting millions from the swift international sales. In 1995, a half decade after “the god” Lord Rothschild passed, Wright took his dutiful place among the dead.
The book’s feared revelations potentially outing so many scandalous UK government high crimes and rampant corruption turned out to be both tame and lame compared to the actual dirt Wright knew about but chose to safely do a mum’s the word copout, avoiding any hint or trace of treasonous cover-up. But perhaps even more conspicuous was Wright’s watered down whitewash without a word the most glaringly evil British intelligence operation that used underage boys as blackmail bait in Northern Ireland for over a decade, carefully pretending that pedophile MI6 chief Oldfield, MI5 perv in a candy shop Blunt, and Wright’s own grotesque cover-up never gets a dishonorable mention. That’s why I’m devoting next chapter to completely unraveling how MI5 in the 1960s and 1970s demonstrated how security services are set up to use and abuse children the world over in sexual blackmail operations the CIA and Mossad would soon be emulating in the 1980s and 1990s with the despicable Franklin-Boys Town to White House scandal and the still unprosecuted Epstein sex slave trafficking disgrace. On top of that, Peter Wright disclosed to Anthony Stokes in a bar that the Spycather publisher (or just as likely Rothschild) cut a third of the book out divulging how damaged British security services became resulting from the Soviet penetration and damage inflicted by the Cambridge spy ring.[ccxxxvi]
In anticipation of Wright’s Spycatcher, tongues were feverishly wagging especially while Thatcher attempted in Australia to legally block the book’s release in Britain.[ccxxxvii] Instead, volumes flooded in from abroad and by October 1988 cast Iron Lady lost in court anyway.[ccxxxviii] But because of the persistent rumors bearing the truth linking Rothschild to the Cambridge spy ring, in his mid-70s with issues of mortality and legacy lingering foremost on the master’s mind, in a rare public display on December 3, 1986, an angered Victor Rothschild felt compelled to write a letter to The Telegraph demanding that his name be cleared of any and all treasonous allegations, categorically denying his long lost shady past that even all his money and power could not make go away:
Since at least 1980 up to the present time there have been innuendoes in the press to the effect that I am ‘the Fifth Man,’ other words a Soviet agent. The director-general of MI-5 should state publicly that it has unequivocal, repeat unequivocal, evidence that I am not, and never have been a Soviet agent.[ccxxxix]
In effect, the planetary controller was trying to force the MI5 director to violate the Official Secrecy Act,[ccxl] which prompted Prime Minister Thatcher to subserviently rush to his aid to break the law herself just to placate the seething enraged traitor by doing her best damage control spin to clear his “good name”:
I am advised that we have no evidence that he was ever a Soviet agent.[ccxli]
But this rather milquetoast clearance failed to satisfy Victor as not nearly “unequivocal” enough.[ccxlii] Ol’ Vic only made matters worse when he was caught lying to the Daily Mail, insisting that he and Kim Philby were never friends and that:
He had met Philby once only.[ccxliii]
Regardless of how many lies get spun, because the truth is the truth, documented facts refute his and Iron Lady’s feebly delivered dishonest words, as the hounding truth has haunted the Rothschild patriarch from the world’s richest family to this very day.
Regarding Victor’s understated public tantrum demanding his name be cleared, it only got worse as a few weeks later Labor MP Thomas Dalyell (1962-2005) utilized parliamentary privilege on the Commons floor calling for Rothschild’s arrest and prosecution along with his MI5 lackey Peter Wright and Spycatcher co-writer Harry Chapman Pincher for flagrant violation of the Official Secrecy Act:
A breach of confidence in relation to information on matters of state security given to authors.[ccxliv]
After Victor’s death in March 1990, Rothschild family members lamented how during his last few years of life, the 3rd Baron was distraught over the persistent rumors and allegations that hounded him as a suspected Soviet spy. But his actions speak louder than words of feeble denial. 
It was Sir Victor who advised Thatcher to sell off virtually all of Britain’s state owned industries, so his family dynasty could gobble them up profitable billions. And ever since, cashing in on the privatization of the world has become a Rothschild global specialty, every year buying up government owned businesses around the globe,[ccxlv] greedily consolidating power into one powerfully dysfunctional, ultra-secretive cartel. 

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Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former Army officer who has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” In addition to being a personal memoir, it exposes a faulty military leadership system based on one’s capacity to be an order follower, enforce arbitrary, asinine rules and engage in the psychopathic art of ingratiation. It’s based on ticket punching one’s way up the seniority system ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest along the way, leaving mediocrity and ass kissing order followers to rise to the top as America’s politician-bureaucrat generals in charge of losing US wars by elitist design. West Point fails miserably to instill integrity in its leaders and equally fails to teach and train positive genuine leadership skills to its officer corps.
After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he constantly battled the largest county child protective service in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system. LA County Children’s Court regularly endangered his clients, afflicting more harm and abuse by making life and death decisions clearly not in their best interest. It prepared him well for later working as an investigative journalist exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflicts far more harm than good. 
As an independent journalist focusing on geopolitics, international relations, globalization and US Empire imperialism for over half a decade, Joachim has written hundreds of articles published on numerous alternative news sites, foremost among them: GlobalResearch, and His blog site: 
Joachim continues writing the A-Z sourcebook exposing the global pedophilia epidemic entitled Pedophilia& Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State. The book can be read for free on this blog site or The first twenty-six chapters selling for .99 each on Amazon Kindle remain best sellers in both politics and child advocacy categories. Donations are welcomed at