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Chapter 30 North Wales Masonic Sex Abuse Epidemic: Elite Pushback - Lies of Denial and Murder Part 1

The pedophilia scandal in North Wales has a little bit of everything, lasting longer than any other from the 1970s well into the 1990s with criminal prosecutions of historic abuse still lingering to this very day because police and Crown Prosecution Service have been sabotaging criminals ever being brought to justice. Like virtually all the child abuse scandals in Britain, underage victims were children trapped in the government care system, targeted by intelligence services as sexual blackmail fodder for the child rapists who are big name politicians, foreign dignitaries, gatekeeping honchos in law enforcement, social services, the media and judicial system, all participating in another nonstop major cover-up. And just like the Scottish Dunblane scandal, high degree Freemasons in high places acting as both primary perpetrators and cover-up securers have consistently protected their own in strict adherence to blood sworn oaths to Lucifer and each other.
All the usual suspects were present in the North Wales scandal as yet another web tentacle to the pedophilia network thriving throughout the British Isles and beyond – MI5 as pedo-operation coordinators and blackmailers, Jimmy Savile as an intel operative, key networker and child procurer, linking prominent local pedophile judges, police chiefs and businessmen with London’s centralized higher echelons from the Westminster-10 Downing Street crowd, both for sick jollies and sexual blackmail purposes.
But more than any previously reported scandal, other than perhaps the BBC pedophile ring and maybe America’s Franklin scandal, the infamous North Wales operation has resulted in more known murders and mysterious deaths of child abuse victims, witnesses and whistleblowers than any other. Other than the Jimmy Savile scandal, this shameful chapter in British history victimized more children than any other based on number of reported cases by alleged victims. Finally, this scandal also graphically demonstrates not only the standard cover-up through lost or destroyed evidence and countless whitewashed inquiries denying existence of a highly organized pedo-web, but also more than any other, the ruling elite’s aggressive pushback with guilty-as-sin perps winning high profile libel lawsuits to wrongfully collect significant financial damages in compensation, piling on gross injustice after gross injustice.
Just like Kincora and other residents from Northern Ireland, boys from the North Wales care home Bryn Estyn along with the Bryn Alyn community homes and others were also trafficked to the same VIP orgies held at Pimlico’s notorious Dolphin Square as well as other locations around London and other British cities like Manchester and Brighton. Every UK scandal provides yet more solid evidence of a highly organized pedophilia trafficking network operating throughout the British Isles and beyond involving the elite and its intelligence services protectors. This chapter will present all of these facts in a straightforward, no-holds-barred manner, empirically unveiling how the planetary controllers atop the world’s pedo-epicenter always manage to live above the law in order to maintain global control despite their ugly filth exposed by the cumulative, overwhelming body of evidence. But humanity’s currently reaching critical mass where the totality of their criminal cabal guilt can no longer be ignored, concealed nor tolerated.
Similar to the Northern Ireland scandal named after the government-run care system facility Kincora Boys Home, the care home in North Wales deemed most notorious for both physical and sexual abuse of its prepubescent and adolescent boy population is Bryn Estyn Children’s Home and school, though in both scandals abuse occurred at numerous other local private and government owned care homes and schools as well. Also a smaller percentage of underage girls were targeted. In Wales’ two northern counties Clwyd and Gwynedd, near 40 care homes and schools were identified as crime scene locations where both underage boys and girls were reportedly harmed in an endemic orgy of abuse and violence. Most of the children had been separated from their families of origin by family courts and social services, ostensibly due to physical and/or sexual abuse or neglect beginning as early as 5 years of age, and placed into the British government care system that quickly became their living hell, far exceeding any earlier trauma experienced. Under the deceitful guise of protection and care, the UK child care system and its adjunctive family court system are both extremely guilty of facilitating and enabling this appalling abuse and trauma inflicted on Britain’s most vulnerable and defenseless population for far too many decades.
The North Wales scandal amounts to the largest Masonic elite child abuse bust in British history. Amongst the child sodomizers are Britain’s top politicians, businessmen, police, judges, social workers and childcare workers – 650 named perpetrators identified by about 1,200 of their victims lasting three decades from the early 1960s to early 1990s.[i] Acclaimed longtime journalist with The Guardian Nick Davies summarized the dreary shameful results in October 1997 when no real change or improvement had occurred despite repeated probes into the local abuse epidemic:
Over the years, twenty-seven police inquiries failed to disclose the scale of the alleged abuse. Thirteen reports by social services went unpublished. Several journalists reached out for the truth and ended up scorched by libel actions. When police finally launched a major inquiry, in 1991, they secured the conviction of only four care workers and concluded that there was no evidence of a paedophile ring. Clwyd County Council then commissioned its own independent inquiry but decreed that its [Jillings] report could not be published.[ii]
Clwyd Council’s refusal to publish its damning 300-page Jillings Report, naming the abusers of victims as young as 10 was in and of itself blatant proof of Britain’s largest cover-up in history with, as of 1994, only a trickled handful of six pedophiles out of the whole lot ever serving prison time.[iii] Five of these six convicted men all worked at Bryn Estyn Home, and are believed to have sexually abused at least 25 residents. Of the victims aged 10-16 at Bryn Estyn, 20 were boys and five were girls. Crimes of both sexual and physical assault by care home staff, as disgusting adult role models, spilled over into older juveniles in placement following suit, committing crimes against the younger kids. As an illustration of how cruel the murderous staff at Bryn Estyn was, after one boy was placed inside a laundry basket, it was tied closed and he was tossed into a swimming pool, only to be saved from drowning by other boys.[iv] Sadistic, perverted staff would often take victims home for the weekend for further abuse during their off work hours.
An internal Clwyd council report reviewed by the Jillings panel alluded to the high probability of a wider network of child abusers, referring to a:
Ring of paedophiles who help one another find sources and situations where abuse can be perpetrated and the addiction fed. There were numerous claims and suggestions that senior public figures might have been involved in the abuse of young people.[v]
Ultimately it was the Home Office in London that suppressed the report’s public release for obvious reasons.[vi] Both the sheer magnitude of the disturbingly egregious abuse as well as its implications of a much wider VIP pedophile trafficking web in operation across the nation involving a most powerful elite, as always, had to be covered up at all cost. Keep in mind that the Home Office is in charge of and controls both MI5 and all police investigations in the United Kingdom, which is another reason why the Home Office, MI5 and North Wales Police are all flauntingly guilty of perversion, subversion and obstruction of justice.
The Home Office Secretary from 1993 to 1997 was none other than Michael Howard, the first Jew to become leader of Britain’s Tory party.[vii] Also recall that he was in deep along with Health Minister Virginia Bottomley (with Elm Guest House hubby MP Peter B.) of shutting down the 1993 police investigation of major UK pedophilia networker-child porn distributor Peter Righton in 1993 (See Chapters 23 and 24). Once the Jillings Report was completed in February 1996, the North Wales Police, the Clwyd County Council and the council’s insurers all warned the extremely few officials and local politicians who had access to the report that they’d risk their careers, be arrested and sued if they leaked a word out to the press.[viii] That is how damaging the results were and how criminally guilty authorities have been to cover up the appalling abuse in North Wales.
With Welsh citizens and some vocal local politicians appalled by the Clwyd Council’s secrecy suppressing the Jillings Report in the face of decades of growing crisis caused by upwards of hundreds of child rapists, all being swept under the rug, or in this case, criminal evidence destined for the paper shredder, the then Wales Secretary of State – the highly compromised Tory puppet William Hague – had no other choice but to call for a public judicial inquiry in 1996 with his handpicked retired Judge Ronald Waterhouse presiding. But that wasn’t necessary at all if police had simply done its job and arrested the abusers and justice obstructionists delineated in the Jillings Report. But Hague the boy wonder of the Conservative party knew exactly what his assigned “damage control” role was, pretend to be both concerned and determined to get to the nasty truth while maintaining the secret hidden agenda to keep the status quo lines of the larger pedo- operation still going with impunity, safeguarding from arrest the Big Whig perps involved from his own party, keeping it all completely under wraps in defense of the realm. With the Jillings Report full of incriminatingly shocking evidence, including identifying big name perpetrators,[ix] Hague agreed with the corrupt Clwyd County Council to destroy all copies of the Jillings Report, especially since high profile Thatcher government aides along with high court judges and police chiefs were linked to the out of control abuse in North Wales… as well as every corner of the United Pedo-Kingdom (See Chapters 18-29).
The official reason for the never made public banishment of the Jillings Report was that Clwyd County insurers feared costs would shoot through the roof and become unaffordable. Sternly warning a flood of civil lawsuit claims filed by so many potential victims in the care system would be certain to break the bank, the corrupt council preferred to just simply sweep the entire filthy mess under the proverbial rug, pretending it never happened. As a result, the copies of the report were allegedly pulped, though one or two managed to linger. Moreover, when a Clwyd councilor, county secretary and solicitor are advising North Wales Police and the Home Office that allegations against members of the police force should not be investigated, you know something is very rotten in North Wales, (not just “Denmark”). Add the fact that the North Wales Police refused to hand over 130 boxes of files to the investigative panel using the old sub judice excuse (still under judicial consideration),[x] you know the masonic child fuckers must be at it again, desperate to hide their crimes. Not only would the North Wales chief constable refuse to meet with the investigative Jillings panel or assist in any way, the county council refused to permit newspaper notices inviting witnesses to report abuse and information, thus limiting the inquiry to interviewing only 70 witnesses and hampering determination of extent of abuse.
The BBC submitted a freedom of information request for public release of the long lost 1996 Jillings Report, and after 17 years of concealment, a heavily redacted version was made available to the BBC, which published an article on July 8, 2013 titled “The Jillings Report: The Main Points.”[xi] When only a handful of pedophiles convicted and behind bars result from the just completed North Wales police probe in 1994, while at least a dozen care home victims were found dead after complaining about the abuse,[xii] that’s over twice as many dead child victims as imprisoned abusers, you know something’s dreadfully wrong with that picture. As public awareness of this appalling disparity was growing around Britain via the 1994 Scalawag Magazine article, accusing top Tory figures like Lord McAlpine and Derek Laud as abusers, in response the Clwyd County Council reluctantly decided to launch an independent investigation led by retired Derbyshire social services director John Jillings, joined on his panel by a clinical psychologist who worked with abuse victims and a social work professor.
Despite receiving virtually no help or support from two major contributing forces to this disgraceful scandal - the North Wales Police and Clwyd County Council, with the council scheduled to be disbanded in 1996, from March 1994 to December 1995 the panel persevered and compiled massive evidence of a major epidemic of abuse. Their report was completed in February 1996, revealing widespread physical and sexual abuse in over 40 county run care homes from 1974 to 1995, complete with names of both abusers and the abused. But within two months, in April of that same year 1996, Clwyd County Council was no more, restructured into four separate unitary authorities, Wrexham borough among them. Almost as if to absolve itself of its gross wrongdoing for woefully allowing rampant abuse to flourish under its watch over the last three decades, its final shirking of duty was its departure gift - the decision to not release the highly damaging Jillings Report. 
The abuse panel’s findings were predictable. The response of care home and social services personnel to reported abuse was consistently “too little too late.” With the well-being and needs of the children “incidental rather than a primary concern,” there was:
…a conflict of interest between safeguarding professional position versus the safety of children and young people. The interests of children have almost invariably been sacrificed.[xiii]
The chain of command from Wales to London had consistently looked the other way, from the social services to the councils to both local and national governments, knowing endemic levels of abuse were ongoing for decades on end. Yet, as if from orders on high – 10 Downing Street and Westminster, specifically the Welsh Office led by the appointed Wales Secretary of State demonstrated nonstop gross negligence in responsibility for overseeing social services, playing passive and ignorant throughout, even  while indictments against high profile care home operators mounted.[xiv] It turns out that the Inspectorate out of the Wales Office never conducted even one inspection of a children’s home in North Wales from 1984 until 1994.[xv]
Plus, respected, award winning journalist Eileen Fairweather who in 1996 through an anonymous whistleblower was allowed access to take copious notes of the Jillings Report, has written that the redacted copy released in 2013 eliminated entire mention of the Welsh Office in its criminal malfeasance “looking the other way” throughout the rampant abuse.[xvi] And that’s because either pedophiles or enablers were in charge. With senior sickos managing all the gatekeeping departments within the corrosive, good ol’ pedo-boys club, and cops also complicit or active abusers themselves, with a wink and a nod from London, for many years all was well in North Wales according to the masonic controlling sodomizers and their protectors.  
Eileen helped expose the Margaret Hodge Islington scandal in the early 1990s (See Chapter 23) and how under the phony guise of gay liberation rights pedophiles saturated employment ranks as children’s care home staff. The exact same dynamic occurred in North Wales. But the caveat is the redacted version of the Jillings Report deleted all reference to this phenomenon, leading to the question why? The redactors in 2013 didn’t want the public to know that homosexual child rapists hijacked gay rights in the 1970s and 80s to the detriment of both children and “ordinary, decent gay men?” Sadly, today’s reality hasn’t changed much, slick pedophilia normalizers are still masquerading under the coattails of a co-opted LGBT rights agenda.[xvii]
A slew of MPs from Wales during the entire abuse debacle had to have known rampant abuse under their watch was occurring in their districts since brave whistleblowers like Allison Taylor were ringing alarm bells since the mid-1980s, while the few prosecuted abusers’ trials were capturing headlines, yet all the while the majority of Wales politicians remained passively quiet under the pretense of “gee, I never knew” ignorance.[xviii] And those wolves guarding the henhouse were duly rewarded, a number of blind social services staff elevated to senior positions while “ignorant” Welsh politicians rose to peerage in the House of Lords. One notable exception in Parliament from the Cynon Valley district in Wales is Labor MP Ann Clwyd. With a number of abuse victims as her constituents, for years she’s been outspoken in attempts to draw attention to the plight and urgency of justice for children at Bryn Estyn and other care home institutions. When she was the first to call for the publication of the long lost, pulped Jillings Report in November 2012, she stated:
I would say please get the Jillings report published because it shows... rape, bestiality, violent assaults and torture, and the effects on those young boys at that time cannot be under-estimated.[xix]
Sadly, as is so often the case, during the entire shameful saga of the North Wales abuse and cover-up, the vast majority of politicians from Wales kept quiet until it was politically expedient and safe for them to typically jump on the bandwagon in hypocritical moral outrage. Yet among them are/were those who participated in abuse and obstructed justice to ensure it was covered up.
Having infiltrated for numerous decades since the 1960s the local police, the courts, social services, governing councils and national governments, North Wales gatekeeping sodomizers were able to use their connections extended all the way to 10 Downing Street and Westminster to make certain all evidence was completely suppressed,[xx] secured in large part by their shared sworn loyalty to a rampant masonic brotherhood.[xxi]
In 1996 William Hague put on his most serious long face to describe the horrendous North Wales abuse as one of the “saddest chapters” in social care history, promising that with his new public inquiry, there’d be “no cover-up.”[xxii] While squelching all the horrific evidence from the just completed Jillings Report that he colluded to suppress, Hague called for a new North Wales public inquiry that had the covert purpose really to cover up, and clean up the unresolved filthy mess that was already exposed (but never released to the public). True to his character and not his word, Hague lied. As the largest child sex abuse inquiry in Britain’s history to-date, the North Wales public tribunal culminated more than three years later with its February 2000 release of the Waterhouse Report, a 937-page account that cost almost £14 million called “Lost in Care,” detailing controlled samples of systemic abuse occurring only inside the North Wales care homes between 1974 to 1990, along with 72 recommendations for future abuse prevention.[xxiii]
Only the tenth such public tribunal in British history and first to investigate child sexual abuse, holding the power to subpoena witnesses and requisition documents, the North Wales Tribunal was supposed to be transparent and open to public scrutiny.[xxiv] But from the very start, conspicuous omission of abuse perpetrated by a nationwide network of VIP pedophiles was surgically removed by Hague and his puppet masters’ narrowly defined “inquiry terms of reference.”[xxv] Probing all that VIP dirt was simply made off limits. Moreover, other than the renowned Guardian journalist Nick Davies, there was a virtual complete news blackout by the mainstream press, as if the pedo-cabal had also made the inquiry itself off limits.[xxvi] Thankfully the gifted journalist was there to capture a glimpse of the heartrending, agonizing testimony:
Right now, for example, a 27-year-old woman in a cream suit is sitting at the microphone in the far corner of the room, gripping her elbows in her lap, rocking with emotion, struggling to describe how it felt, as a seven-year-old girl in a residential home, to be locked in a dark cupboard by the staff who were supposed to care for her; or what it was like when she was sent to a foster home, where she was hung out of a top-floor window by her ankles and, sometimes, thrashed by her foster parents and, sometimes, taken into the cupboard under the stairs so that they could put their fingers inside her. She cries as she tells how she was anally raped by her foster brother and how, back in a children’s home, she saw a boy being buggered by a teacher.[xxvii]
In November 2012, Keith Gregory, a 55-year old councillor in Wrexham from 2012 to 2017, separated from his parents at age 11 and brought to live at Bryn Estyn for nearly the next three years, spoke of his rude awakening at his care home welcome party:
On my first day I was told to wait outside a staff member’s door, as he would want to speak to me, so I waited and leaned against the wall. When the member of staff saw that, he punched me in the stomach and shouted ‘when I talk to you, you stand to attention.’ I refused to apologise and he dragged me in, tore my clothes off and caned me from the back of my neck to the bottom of my feet. I was beaten bloody. They didn’t bring in a doctor. Everything was in-house, kept in secret within the walls of the home. They would do searches after a visit, where they’d check you everywhere. It made me hate visits from my family. It was very invasive - they would check your penis and your bum. They said it was because people could smuggle stuff in, but why didn’t they just search the visitors? It was just an excuse to touch us.[xxviii]
Keith also alluded to boys being taken either to Bryn Estyn deputy head Howarth’s flat at night or trafficked to a nearby hotel:
I became aware of people being taken from their beds at night. They made you feel powerless. There was a flat on the grounds where we were told all the ‘good boys’ would go to watch films. But they were given something to drink and then they would abuse them. We used to lie in our beds and pretend to be asleep and put our heads under the sheets. We didn’t know who they were going to come for. You’d hear the kids being put back into their beds crying their eyes out, sobbing their eyes out. It sounds horrible, but you’d be glad when it wasn’t you. We knew of people visiting this flat [like the perverted Savile brothers]. People [meaning VIPs] turned up regularly. We also knew of kids being driven off to a [Crest] hotel where they would be gang raped. That didn’t happen to me, but it was common knowledge. I knew it carried on.[xxix]
Another victim Alan Leyhon told ITV News in November 2012 that he and others were taken from their care home and passed around to other schools “by a network of powerful men”:
I can't say Masonic, but people in power. Ex-military, ex-judges or ex-police or even active judges or police is what we were told then.[xxx]
Similar to another outspoken survivor Steve Messham’s views, in 2012 Keith Gregory lamented how the Waterhouse Inquiry gave visiting pedophiles a free pass:
In the inquiry there were a lot of people we were not allowed to name, all the visitors (the report focused solely on Bryn Estyn staff and care workers). If you wrote a name they would cross it out. If the authorities had looked into the names we supplied during the Waterhouse Inquiry, there’s a chance they could have caught more paedophiles. Links could have been found. And that would have stopped another 12 years of innocent people being abused [since the 2000 Waterhouse Report].[xxxi]
Keith explained that he knew of more than a dozen of his abused peers who committed suicide,[xxxii] though many died mysterious early deaths, or wound up on the streets of Manchester, Brighton and London as rent boy sex workers, struggling with alcohol and drugs. Few victims are able to have families of their own as the lifelong abuse effects are often too crippling and incapacitating. Wrexham councillor Keith Gregory also told BBC Radio 5 that he is convinced that justice was never served in North Wales because of the sworn blood oath that binds Masonic loyalty. In his words:
Most of them [the abusers] were Freemasons. There were two MPs [one being Sir Peter Morrison[xxxiii]], senior judges, serving police officers, senior police officers, market traders, business people from Wrexham – but there were people from all over Britain.[xxxiv]
The Welsh-English strand of the pedo-web sounds exactly like the Irish-English one described in the last chapter. VIPs from the London government making frequent “R&R” trips for “pedo-holidays” in North Wales and North Wales children trafficked to London orgies.[xxxv] The network’s flourished nationwide since the 1960s only because it’s been largely covered up, but not enough for the public to forget what powerful sickos have been doing to innocent kids nonstop for more a half century now.
Wales Secretary of State William Hague played a crucial role in quashing many of the North Wales child sex crimes against its care home children committed by some of Britain’s most prominent politicians, judges and police due to the fact that he arbitrarily imposed such severe limitations on the Waterhouse Inquiry.[xxxvi] From The Telegraph article of November 8, 2012:
[North Wales child abuse victim] Mr Messham believes that Sir Ronald's three-year inquiry would have unearthed evidence of high-profile figures abusing children in collusion with care home staff had it not had such a narrow remit.[xxxvii]
Judge Waterhouse prohibited the media from publishing any and all the names of the accused, then claimed that offering them anonymity would encourage the pedophiles to come forward and give testimony without fear of retribution.[xxxviii] This kind of backward logic demonstrates his hubris and audacity to think anyone would buy such horseshit. The fact is not one criminal came forward to “confess” his crimes. All of the accused denied any wrongdoing or had legal representation denying their wrongdoing. An attorney connected with the Inquiry explained how the judge’s ruling had just the opposite effect:
Newspaper readers may well have information of potential value to this tribunal. They may themselves have been the victims of abuse, or they may have worked with the alleged abusers. But if the press is not allowed to inform them of the names of those against whom allegations are made, they will not learn that their information is important. So they will not come forward.[xxxix]
Sir Ronald Waterhouse was not a stupid man, and he knew very well what he was doing. By expanding censorship of what was allowed to be reported and restrictively changing his initial ground rules as he went along reflected his clear intention and agenda to make that certain damaging truth would safely remain covered up, minimizing the state’s liability, protecting corrupt law enforcement, the contemptible justice system and most significantly the outright guilt of prominent public figures who were sodomizing perpetrators.
Steve Messham, who was sexually abused from age 13 to up to 16, claims that he was “sold” to men at the nearby Wrexham Hotel, one of several locations where the senior Tory public figure - Lord McAlpine - allegedly abused him with other men and victims.[xl] Steve was even able to get ahold of photographs of the famous Tory actually raping him alongside other men caught in the sex act violating other boys. Messham stated that he retrieved the confiscated evidence from the home of one of the key members of the pedophile ring in Wrexham Gary Cooke and immediately took them to the North Wales police, submitting them in good faith that they’d be used to bring justice for both abusers and the abused. Instead, the police were far more than complicit in criminally destroying such crucial incriminating evidence. Steve told the press in 2012:
There was certainly a cover-up within government, and there was certainly a cover-up within North Wales Police. I took dozens and dozens of photographs to North Wales Police, which I stole from a paedophile's flat. The faces and what they were doing in the photos was horrifying.[xli]
Steve Messham also gave police a list containing over 60 names of his identified perpetrators, only to be told that 30-32 of them - about half of his named abusers would go free. All his abusers who weren’t workers employed at his group home as well as all his abusers who committed their crimes outside his group home were made off limits and protected by Hague’s so called “public inquiry.”[xlii] Under narrowly prescribed terms of reference laid down by the Secretary of State and his pedo-cabal, by design from the very get-go, the Waterhouse Tribunal was restricted from uncovering all evidence of VIP involvement within the UK’s national child trafficking network. Period. So half of Steve’s sodomizers with sufficient enough “national” power and clout remained unreachable, protected by the masonic pedo-brotherhood granting full immunity for all their heinous crimes, thanks in large part to cabal errand boy William Hague.
Not only that, Judge Waterhouse already had a prepared list of 28 prominent VIP individuals who’d been previously identified no doubt by victims in the earlier Jillings Report that Sir Ronald was ordered to ban from even bringing up their names during his unfolding public inquiry proceedings. Then Sir Ronald threatened journalists covering the tribunal with libel suits if they dare print any perpetrator names, even the rapist care home employees, and even dead pedophiles.[xliii]
It wasn’t just victims who knew that a cover-up was allowed to take place. Referring to Sir Waterhouse’s refusal to allow journalists to name names, over a dozen years after the public tribunal, Newport West MP Paul Flynn confronted then Home Secretary Theresa May in the House of Commons in November 2012:
I believe there was a cover-up and that powerful people were responsible for ensuring that allegations were not aired in public as they should have been. I know journalists who were deeply affected after persuading people to speak about the appalling abuse they were subjected to yet being unable to get the justice they were seeking. They came forward for nothing, and some of them took their own lives.[xliv]
In a 2013 radio interview former London mayor and MP Ken Livingstone said:
The truth is there's been an awful lot of covering up of paedophiles and paedophile rings for decades and decades.[xlv]
Clearly from the very beginning, the pedo-cabal was using the Waterhouse Tribunal as a convenient public airbrush, “cleansing away” the cold hard reality that a centralized pedophilia network leading straight to 10 Downing Street and Parliament sodomized North Wales care home boys and girl for decades, ensuring that the “official” Inquiry parameters strictly made uncovering this despicable criminal web off limits – once again establishing undeniable proof of criminal cover-up at the highest level, implementing its SOP policy of subversion, perversion and obstruction of justice perpetrated by a criminal British Establishment elite. It’s the same old shitty story in every single rotten scandal.
Former intelligence operative and child abuse whistleblower Andrea Davison weighed in her assessment:
The fact that those organisations responsible for the care and protection of the children, and who could alone act on complaints, were actively involved in an apparent cover-up of the rape, sexual abuse and torture of those children was a matter which should have been properly investigated by an outside Police Force. This was never done. Neither did the Waterhouse Inquiry investigate the vast amount of evidence and testimony of the cover-up or the evidence of an elite paedophile ring. The Result of the limits the Inquiry placed upon itself operated to prevent proper inquiry and investigation into the systematic abuse of children, over decades, and their exploitation by a ‘VIP paedophile ring’ and use as commodities in the lucrative child porn network with its links to Peter Righton, the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and the Home Office itself. The Inquiry also operated to reduce public speculation into the allegations against public figures and linked criminal activities.[xlvi]
For his critical part in sealing off massive incriminating evidence, Hague was immediately rewarded for his pedophile-protection service in defense of the realm, rising overnight to soaring heights within the British government. Less than a year after announcing the Waterhouse Inquiry and secretly constricting its focus, at age 36 Hague was selected as British history’s youngest leader of its most powerful political party, the Conservative party for the next four years until two days after 9/11.[xlvii] By 2005 he was promoted to Shadow Foreign Secretary until 2010 when his Tory Party re-entered 10 Downing Street under the pedo-enabling PM Cameron to become UK’s foreign minister until his resignation in July 2014. Meanwhile, the cover-upper for Her Majesty’s Crown served a full decade as Tory Party Deputy Leader from 2005 to 2015, just like one of his predecessors he protected - hardcore sodomizer and Thatcher favorite Peter Morrison.
The compromised foreign secretary was responsible for MI6 which by its criminal actions is historically responsible (along with MI5) for Britain’s sexual blackmail operations. As a onetime resident of notorious Dolphin Square, the infamous intel hub known for its blackmail pedo-orgy operations, William Hague’s ties to intelligence and pedophilia are indelibly enduring.[xlviii] As UK and US foreign ministers of international terror, Hague and Hillary colluded to foment coups (in the Ukraine and elsewhere) to further create growing political instability and Zionist wars in Syria and Libya for the Greater Israel Project using their devious divide and conquer agenda to wreak yet more havoc in the already ravaged but oil-rich Middle East and North Africa.[xlix] After doing his part to destabilize the world, ultimately in 2015 it was good riddance for useful idiot Hague as a compromised “front man” to leave chessboard politics behind, but with so many creepy deleterious skeletons lurking in his seedy NWO closet, as both reward and protection at first opportunity the crime cabal elevated him to peerage and Willie the Wonder Boy became known as Lord Hague.[l] The higher they go, the more steeped in evil, loyal cover-up and blackmail-able control with lifetime guarantee of insulated impunity as long as they continue to diligently play their errand boy-useful idiot role in the puppet game.
Just a year after announcing the 1996 North Wales tribunal, no sooner was the rising star elected leader of the Tory party, the Wales Secretary of State was marrying his private secretary, 29-year old Welsh Ffion Jenkins whom he’d met on his first day on the job in 1995.[li] The Jenkins family girls were used to playing subservient roles to men in power. For a dozen years from 1999 to 2011 Ffion’s older sister Manon was assistant private secretary to the Prince of Wales, teaching Welsh to Charles’ son the future king Prince William,[lii] then in 2017 as a top senior civil servant in Wales, Manon was appointed the Chief Executive and Clerk of the Welsh National Assembly.[liii]
Like the Oxford educated Hague who has authored several biographies, in 2008 his wife joined him, becoming the respected published biographer of Britain’s only Welsh prime minister, the philandering David Lloyd George and his women,[liv] elected during the height of World War I on whose watch the Rothschild dynasty manipulated Britain’s Zionist commitment to establish the future Jewish State (See Chapter 27).
In July 2014 William Hague’s abrupt and surprising resignation as British Foreign Secretary at only 53, a typical age where a successful politician’s career arc is still ascending to even loftier, rarified heights, suggests that the onetime Thatcher protégé had quite a lot of baggage not so hidden in his closet. As Wales Secretary of State in 1996 in charge of the North Wales public inquiry on child abuse, Hague proved crucial to a flagrant cover-up. But in 2010 he had more intimate personal problems he was attempting in vain to cover up.
When the new prime minister David Cameron was pledging to cut bureaucratic waste left over from the New Labor governments of pedo-enabler Miranda Blair and pedophile Gordon Brown (in Chapter 23), Cameron vowed he would limit the number of his ministerial advisers. But no sooner said, his most senior minister of all - his deputy PM William Hague, whose two prior Labor predecessors had only two advisers, defied his boss’ pledge and decided to employ a third Foreign Office adviser, a kid barely out of college half Hague’s age.[lv]
While rumors had been swirling around Hague’s sexuality for years, the foreign secretary’s latest move backfired bigtime, inviting further media scrutiny. Newspapers were soon exposing the fact that during his extensive globetrotting travels, Britain’s Foreign Secretary was sharing the same hotel room with his brand new third “special adviser,” 25-year old Christopher Myers, opting to leave his blonde trophy wife back home on the mansion shelf.[lvi] Even prior to appointing the unqualified Myers to his post, it was learned that Hague had actually paid Myers to accompany him on previous trips abroad.[lvii] Foolishly in desperation, Willy boy tried to pass off sharing his hotel twin bed with another man as merely his frugal North Yorkshire upbringing.[lviii] But under the growing media glare and pressure, Myers was forced to resign.[lix]
Personally speaking, it was nobody else’s business whether Willie Hague and Chris Myers were having torrid anal sex or not. That’s between them and his wife. But hiring someone who possessed zero experience in foreign affairs with absolutely no qualification to become adviser to the leader guiding Britain’s foreign policy, Hague exercised fatal judgment making a complete laughable buffoon of himself, especially with his forthcoming litany of feebly lame excuses. Spouting off one after the other under the media frenzy, Hague first cited his inherently frugal nature to share the one room. But when that wouldn’t wash, then came his emphatic unbelievable denial that he was ever a homosexual, and then in final desperation, he pathetically used his pandering sympathy card disclosing that he and his wife were still grieving over her multiple miscarriages. His overplayed hand delivering way “too much information” made him a laughing stock, clearly demonstrating loss of both sound judgment and waning credibility with the public, and as a consequence, the self-sabotaging golden boy had already written the ending to his storybook career after 26 years in parliamentary politics, dashing Ffion’s hope and dream of repainting 10 Downing Street in old Welsh glory a century later.
Despite his irreparable faux paus, his pedo-cover-up allegiance to the crime cabal made him the lame-duck leader of the House of Commons during his final year in electoral politics, and again, his loyal defense of the pedo-realm was duly rewarded with House of Lords peerage. After his 2015 departure from public life, Hague’s “decision” to fade into obscurity while still in his mid-50s following such an unprecedented historic, meteoric rise in Tory party politics, in recent years has undoubtedly left him with lots of time on his hands, of course to write his customary memoir as onetime boy wonder and any other books enhancing his “slightly” tainted image. And what better idyllic setting to write books than at his hometown Richmond residence in North Yorkshire, not far from one of Jimmy Savile’s old stomping grounds.
Savile who owned a home in North Yorkshire’s Scarborough, had teamed up with Mayor Jaconelli to abuse children at the seaside resort.[lx] Questions have arisen about when and how much William Hague knew of the North Wales abuse since William and Jimmy were photographed all smiles yukking it up together. No doubt while on “undercover” (per Jimmy’s word) assignment as a UK’s leading pedophile networking expansionist, Sir Savile was among the frequent Bryn Estyn VIP houseguests as key operative-boy procurer within Britain’s VIP pedo-network. But more on that a little later.
During the public revulsion over Savile’s half century of state sanctioned serial predation and the flare-up of the unresolved North Wales scandal in the fall of 2012, former North Wales Tory MP Rod Richards who was Welsh Office junior minister of health and social services while Hague was Secretary of State, asserted that Hague was well aware of the numerous criminal complaints against Thatcher Private Parliamentary Secretary and deputy party leader Peter Morrison long prior to it going public. Morrison conveniently died the year before Hague announced the Waterhouse Inquiry.[lxi] Mr. Richards also reiterated the fact that Hague was privy to both the Jillings Report and preliminary tribunal evidence implicating both Morrison and another high ranking unnamed Tory (likely Lord McAlpine though in 2012 Richards maintained the other Tory suspect was already dead, which meant Lord Lloyd Tyrell-Kenyon as McAlpine died in January 2014). More to come later on accused VIPs. Regardless, frequent visiting abusers of MP/lordship status to North Wales care homes, located outside their political constituencies and duties should serve as a red flag notice that they were not where they properly belonged.
It’s no accident that Willie Hague had taken over the Richmond parliamentary seat in 1989 left by his pedophile mentor Leon Brittan when the Tory fixture became EU commissioner. In the late 1980s the young William Hague even lived with Sir Leon for a while at his country estate in Pennithorpe.[lxii] Of course another infamous Richmond council solicitor was pedo Keith Vaz, who also went on to become longtime leader of the House of Commons and always ultra-staunch defender of his unprosecuted pedophile mentor the late Lord Greville Janner (See Chapter 21). See a pattern here? Recall also from Chapter 24 how the social services from the pedo-haven Richmond supplied Lord Brittan, Sir Cyril and Sir Jimmy among others with young boys at the Elm Guest House. So with such a rich contextual pedo-gay history going on for so long in Richmond, having already written the biography of both the youngest and first gay prime minister William Pitt the Younger,[lxiii] Willie boy’s attraction towards his namesake the Younger who always preferred the exclusive company of younger males,[lxiv] no doubt had the biographer closely identifying with his namesake subject. In any case, Baron Hague of Richmond has to be feeling pretty relaxed in retirement at his hometown estate, revving up his creative juices for writing his revisionist history of the world.
Of course William Hague can also fill in his hours, months and years in retirement fulfilling his book writing aspirations at his posh London apartment or even more ideal, his Welsh countryside manor in Mid Wales that he and his wife plunked down £2.5million in January 2015 as their retirement dream home.[lxv] And when he’s not too busy writing, the former politician is expected to earn a cool £100,000 a pop for a quick one or two-hour speech on the VIP speaking circuit, set to cash in his dubious fame building his expected £20m retirement nest egg by 2020.[lxvi] Like with all high profile ex-UK politicians who so diligently cover up Establishment pedophile scandals, doing cabal dirty work never fails to generously pay off (See Chapters 19-29).[lxvii] After all, crime does pay in this world’s two-tiered injustice system as long as you’re a tight-lipped member of the inner club elite, forever protected, you’re a VIP untouchable for life.
At the height of the Jimmy Savile bombshell, on November 2nd, 2012 the bitter sour aftertaste of the North Wales whitewash that Hague was responsible for, sparked a renewed determination among abuse survivors like Steve Messham to go public full bore with allegations that Hague had covered up the scandal, severely restricting the remit of the Waterhouse Inquiry.[lxviii] On the BBC Newsnight program, Steve claimed “a high ranking member of the Tory party” was among his abusers, raping him “more than a dozen times” when he was 13-years old, and threatening repeatedly to kill him if he ever told.[lxix] Steve was referring to the longtime Tory party treasurer and close pal of Lady Thatcher - Lord Alistair McAlpine.
With control over both police and the judiciary, powerful perpetrators not only traumatize child victims with their sexual abuse, they also terrorize youth with threats they’ll be killed if they tell. A victim stated:
When we were boys, it was not just the sex abuse, it was the gagging, beatings and threats to kill which still wake me in the dead of night.[lxx]
Though Scalawag Magazine had publicly outed McAlpine nearly two decades earlier in a scathing 1994 exposé article on the North Wales to London VIP child abuse scandal, detailing McAlpine’s very active role in it, yet at the time the Lord never said one word in response. The magazine maintained it had:
Documentary evidence that former Tory party treasurer Lord McAlpine indulged in oral sex with an underage boy.[lxxi]
In addition to North Wales allegations identifying McAlpine as their rapist by a number of victims aside from Steve Messham, that same Scalawag issue cited an incident from 1965 when from the comfort of his car, the Lord McAlpine apparently was given a blow job by an underage boy. Strathclyde Police allegedly issued him a formal caution. Yet Lord Alistair opted to keep as low a profile as possible over these rather serious scandalous accusations. For what it’s worth, Strathclyde Police in 2006 refused to release a dossier implicating “senior public figures” involved in a VIP pedophile ring operating in Strathclyde, Scotland during the 1950s and 1960s when the McAlpine incident took place.[lxxii]  Controversy arose in 2006 when police refused to release the dossier that might have shed light on the notorious abduction and disappearance case of 11-year old Moira Anderson in 1957… one among the countless casualties whose only crime was being born at the earth’s pedophilia epicenter.
The bigger question becomes, if the above allegations are not true about Lord McAlpine’s pedophilic activities in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, why didn’t McAlpine challenge them in court when they first surfaced? Further, in 1999 David Icke in The Biggest Secret made reference to his pedophilia on three different pages with the added assertion that McAlpine is not only a serial child rapist but a Freemason and Satanist as well.[lxxiii] But just like David’s outing of Edward Heath, mum’s the word while still alive with these criminals. Why would Lord Alistair still sit idly by for nearly two decades while all this character-defaming publicity is constantly hurled at him regarding his perversions if they weren’t actually true? To add more pause for consideration, the most infamous pedophile black book on the planet, belonging to the infamous Jeffrey Epstein, Mossad sexual blackmailer-trafficker scum, includes Lord McAlpine’s name and number listed on page 37.[lxxiv] Though the combination of all these highly incriminating, well-established pedophilia connections are substantial, the most damning circumstantial evidence providing an inner glimpse into the cagey Alistair McAlpine arrived in a book made for posterity by his own written words.
McAlpine authored a book published in 1998 called The New Machiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business. While promoting it in an interview in Australia in 2000, Mr. Machiavelli’s advice extracted directly from his book in dealing with adversarial press calls for the following actions:
Spread false defeat to gain public sympathy; or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion.[lxxv] [boldface for emphasis]
And then directly from page 176 of his tome comes these words of wisdom:
Another useful ploy is the false accusation. First, create a situation where you are wrongly accused. Then, at a convenient moment, arrange for the false accusation to be shown to be false beyond all doubt. Those who have made accusations… become discredited. Further accusations will then be treated with great suspicion.[lxxvi] 
Lord McAlpine delivered the one-two Machiavellian punch, first by proxy, letting others take out the Scalawag brothers in 1994 by a bogus three-pronged legal assault and then at the right convenient moment years later taking out the BBC/Messham/North Wales’ false accusations himself in 2012. During the 2000 interview the princely Lord comes right out and says what he and his book are really all about:
A book on how to manipulate people for the greater good.[lxxvii]
The question becomes “for the greater good” of whom? Lord Machiavelli McAlpine? Certainly not for humanity. So in November 2012, when Steve Messham brings up being abused “more than a dozen times” by a prominent senior member of the Tory party, what does the Machiavellian prince do? After sitting on his thumbs for nearly two decades of silence after caught diddling little boys in both North Wales and Scotland, compliments of Scalawag, in November 2012 Lord McAlpine quickly dove into his Machiavellian plan of action to arrange his so called “false accusation,” unwittingly aired on BBC by abuse victim Messham, then opportunistically arrange for the government-owned media giant to play the fall guy while deep in the shithouse embroiled in the Savile-BBC cesspit,[lxxviii] arrange for BBC director-general George Entwhistle to fall on the sword [no doubt for the realm],[lxxix] arrange for wife Sally of the speaker of the House John Bercow (who just resigned October 31, 2019 after a decade at the anti-Brexit helm[lxxx]) to lead the Twitter charge with more “false accusations,” then in collusion with the corrupt high courts, arrange the rollout of history’s fastest staged defamation suit payout (miraculously within a month or so) to the tune of nearly one third of a million pounds in damages (£310,000). Within the next 24-hours McAlpine would then arrange The Guardian and Telegraph to immediately run stories identifying the “real” McAlpine pervert, Alistair’s long lost cousin from Wrexham, Jimmie McAlpine (as a Sir Jimmy bookend piece), who happened to be 33 years older than Alistair and conveniently died in 1991.[lxxxi]
Then at that point came his payoff, the vindicated miracle worker had arranged a heap of apologies coming in at his feet, starting with the abuse victim himself, admitting it must’ve been a case of “mistaken identity.” Then came profuse apologies from BBC, which of course had to find the scapegoat who’d okayed the Newsnight story to broadcast, concluding:
The BBC placed too much trust in the reporter, and the ‘management of the story was not carried out adequately.’[lxxxii]
And then all those Twitter users naming Lord McAlpine as the “unnamed” pedophile. And look who two of them are – George Monbiot, The Guardian columnist, tweeting:
I looked up Lord McAlpine on t’internet. It says the strangest things.[lxxxiii]
And then the cutesy remark by Sally Bercow:
Why is Lord McAlpine trending? *innocent face*.
This whole amateurish production was all preplanned. The pedo-loving cabal are such curmudgeons. The incredible speed at which this neatly arranged Machiavellian psychodrama plot unfolded appears very much artificially staged, providing the convenient by-the-numbers, “textbook” excuse that the Lord relished playing the martyr “to gain public sympathy.” And everyone was so readily willing to swallow it hook, line and sinker, all for the Lord and the pedo-cabal’s “greater good” of course. Poor pitiful Lord McAlpine went into overdrive speaking to The Telegraph to “spread false defeat to gain public sympathy”:
It gets into [you], it makes you angry. And that’s extremely bad for you. It gets into your soul. It makes you think there’s something wrong with the world. There is nothing as bad as this that you can do to people. To find yourself a figure of public hatred, unjustifiably, is terrifying.[lxxxiv]
Can you hear the violins playing? Of course right on cue, as a poorly acted out, pre-choreographed, full stage production, The Telegraph rag, denying there ever was a Westminster pedophile ring to begin with, gave the Lord his long overdue sympathy:
As the furor grew, Lord McAlpine, a 70-year-old with heart problems, found himself both helpless and terrified… The Newsnight investigation was not the first time Lord McAlpine had been forced to endure false allegations that he was a paedophile. In the 1990s Scallywag, a gossip magazine printed in London, published the claims, but went bankrupt after being sued by Sir John Major, who was the Conservative prime minister at the time.[lxxxv]
The answer as to why Lord McAlpine never took action toward Scalawag exposing him as a pedophile is simply because the sue-happy pedo-cabal that the Lord belonged to already had come up with the exact same Machiavellian attack plan years earlier. First up in 1993, adulterer PM John Major’s lawsuit based on his lie that he was not having an affair. He conspired with MI5 to leak the wrong women’s name to Scalawag as the bait to then justify his libel suit. Next came pedo-steeped MP Julian Lewis’ libel lawsuit resorting to underhanded dirty tricks to unscrupulously manipulate the legal system into padlocking the magazine office front door in order to illicitly steal Scalawag’s collected evidence incriminating Julian and his fellow Westminster pedo-buddies like MP Portillo and Derek Laud’s sadistic penchant for young boys.[lxxxvi]
Mentioned earlier was the fact that Steve Messham was not the only accuser of Lord McAlpine. Back in the spring of 1994 when Scalawag titled its article “Lord McAlpine and the Paedophile Ring,” it featured details of another victim named Paul’s close encounter with the famous Alistair.[lxxxvii] Paul entered the UK “scare” system at age four and by eight, he was being sexually abused at Norton School in Warwickshire, sodomized nightly by his older peers. Paul was placed in one of owner John Allen’s Bryn Alyn homes by age 14, all punk and gothic wearing lipstick, which to pervert Allen was all the more a turn-on. Immediately boss man had Paul sucking his dick. By the time Lord McAlpine came a-knocking for a young piece of ass, at 17 the fully groomed Paul was Allen’s first choice, instructing his little sex slave to be very nice to the very important client, giving him whatever he wanted. In November 1985 Lord McAlpine picked up Paul and took him to an extravagant restaurant in Chester, fellow pedo-Morrison’s hometown. On the way back, the dirty old man pulled off in a lay-by, and ordered the boy “to suck him off.” Dropping him off at his home, McAlpine promised him a Christmas gift that never arrived and off he went. Paul left Bryn Alyn a confused and depressed young man, sent by Allen to live in Brighton at one of his boy brothels. Eventually, Paul managed to break away and sever all ties with his slave-master John Allen.
When Private Eye came out with a January 1993 article exposing the infamous pedophile, the retired North Wales Supt. Gordon Anglesea, it emboldened Paul to reach out to its author Brian Johnson Thomas.[lxxxviii] After several interviews with Brian, Paul was convinced to report the abuse to the police. Brian Johnson Thomas had known about the McAlpine rumors and believed there was a connection with John Allen, so he laid out four photos of similar looking, middle aged men and immediately Paul picked the McAlpine pic, and felt certain it was him. The lead child sex abuse investigator at North Wales Police, Supt. Peter Ackerley, took Paul’s testimony and also believed him. A formal statement was taken with two officers from Criminal Investigation Division interviewing Paul for two days. Paul also made a sworn affidavit with Brian Johnson Thomas that Scalawag was able to obtain a copy. At the time of the Angus James Scalawag article, Paul was in a stable homosexual relationship in Brighton and a willing, able, credible and available witness waiting to be called.
Both Steve Messham and Paul later testified as witnesses in 1997 at the Waterhouse Inquiry, both naming Lord Alistair McAlpine among their abusers and describing in detail their abuse. Yet Waterhouse twisted their words around in order to claim inconclusive evidence based on the false judgment that they were describing two different individuals. The Waterhouse Report bogusly concluded:
It is obvious on this evidence that we cannot be satisfied that any member of the X [McAlpine] family was involved in paedophile activity.[lxxxix]
Anything to protect the man Scalawag described as:
He [McAlpine] is a copper bottomed, true blue pervert who, it appears, enjoys nothing more than being sucked off by little children.[xc]
Supt. Anglesea’s fate as it relates to Lord McAlpine proves that winning a bogus masonic lawsuit and wrongfully collecting a huge cash settlement does not in the least prove that a pedophile is innocent. But as it turned out, back in 1994 the Machiavellian Lord McAlpine already had his Machiavellian team lined up in place, so he didn’t have to lift a finger then to extinguish the spreading fire since all the Establishment’s big guns were already a-blazing, suing the publication right out of existence. In Lord Machiavellian’s words:
They [the allegations] were dealt with — Scallywag went bankrupt, they stopped.[xci]
So you can see that in one fell swoop, McAlpine and his cabal puppet masters completely turned the tables, exactly as his already scripted Machiavellian Manifesto called for in 1998, with cabal players pretending both in 1994 as well as in 2012 to be so gravely wounded, little more than a year after his 2012 libel coup, the obese Lord with a bad heart keeled over at 71 from all those rotten, vicious lies spewed against his saintly innocence and impeccable honor, or was it just more rotten karma of “what goes around, comes around.” All in defense - or more aptly, offense of the realm, to this day McAlpine’s bogusly successful libel suit cast a mighty wide net of doubt, dispersion, lack of trust and lack of credibility on not only victim Steve Messham, but every other child abuse victim who ever lived to report past, present and future VIP rapists. Chalk up another big win for Lucifer’s team, in Machie McAlpine’s own written words, for out-finagling all abuse “accusers forever treated with suspicion.”
Another key point – in 2012 McAlpine took his arranged money and ran, conveniently choosing to expeditiously settle out of court because he knew had he proceeded to a public trial, all the ugly truth from his long perverted past might rise to the surface, joining his already exposed tip of the iceberg.[xcii]
As if all this protracted Machiavellian crime spree buggery skullduggery cover-up isn’t enough, the three-pronged legal attack in 1994 struck a lethal blow to ruin Scalawag from ever fully getting to the bottom of Britain’s pedophilia epidemic. Subversive cabal pushback suppressing the horror worked highly effectively. According to magazine co-founder Simon Regan:
All of a sudden very private information, some of it even privileged between ourselves and our lawyer during the John Major libel action, was being published in selected, pro-Conservative sections of the media.[xciii]
MP Julian Lewis’ illicit collusion involved sharing stolen privileged information with Conservative party outlets and retired North Wales police chief Gordon Anglesea, convincing the opportunistic pedophile to jump on the cabal bandwagon and add Scalawag as his fifth defendant in his spurious libel lawsuit. Perhaps worst of all, MP Lewis was able to obstruct justice by illegally obtaining all of Scalawag’s highly incriminating pedophile evidence.[xciv]
So in 1994 Anglesea took his libel case against The Observer, Private Eye, Independent, HTV (now ITV Wales) and soon enough Scalawag into the rigged North Wales courtroom where high court Judge Sir Maurice Drake - also a Freemason[xcv] - handpicked the jury that erroneously awarded the brutal pedophile an enormous settlement of more than £375,000 for destroying a bunch of young lives while betraying those he was sworn to protect.[xcvi] Worse yet, it allowed the serial sexual predator 22 years longer as a free man to hurt yet more underage boys. Under cross-examination, Anglesea was forced to admit his evidence failed to even match his own notebooks, which to any objective observer would immediately cast doubt on Gordon’s credibility, upon which his entire civil case wrested.[xcvii] Again, it was rigged from the start, tainted by Freemasonry and a probable stacked jury, the message was loud and clear, the so called free press in the UK was not free to unravel the truth about bigtime pedophilia atop the British Establishment. And Scalawag, as the cutting edge muckraker of its time, had to go.
To eliminate any possible chance of accusations of masonic influence later being hurled at Judge Drake, he shrewdly declared that both he and Anglesea were members of the same organization, though not specifying Freemasonry by name. But it was expressly put out there in order to effectively negate critics charging undue influence. An entirely different approach to this “masonic problem” was strategically acted out by Sir Ronald Waterhouse at his tribunal. He simply either ignored the issue of Freemasonry altogether, or when forced to respond, in a display of self-righteous anger, he bitterly defended his and his court’s honor and integrity, lambasting the solicitor for daring to even raise the issue. But more on that cover-up sham shortly. Despite the Judge Drake disclosure, in every way it falls short guaranteeing that Anglesea’s successful lawsuit wasn’t at all favorably impacted by a masonic bond. Bottom line, when masons take their blood oath, they swear allegiance to fellow brothers for life, regardless of whether any criminality is involved. Their initiation oath dictates that they remain loyal to each other over and above their legal oath to enforce and/or adjudicate the law.[xcviii]
Anglesea - the sexual predator - apparently assaulted female police officers on two different occasions during the 1970s. But his superior, Supt. Percy Edwards, a fellow Freemason, protected him.[xcix] Had the rapist been punished for his predation back then, think of how many young lives would have been spared from the lifelong horror of child sex abuse. Anglesea was first accused of child abuse in a newspaper article in 1991, claiming it was the reason that he abruptly retired from the police force at just 55 after 34 years on the job.[c] His 1994 libel suit insisted that once these allegations were made public by various media outlets, even though they were true, he set about convincing the court on how his entire life fell apart because of the bad press, and the jury bought it, rather than recognizing that the asshole’s life fell apart because all the dreadful accusations about him were true and the predatory coward feigning innocence couldn’t face the heat.
Scalawag was among four other publications wrongly sued for rightly linking the North Wales senior cop to Bryn Estyn abuse. As defendants, much of their defense was based on testimony supplied by three former residents at the 1994 libel trial. Unfortunately, the media publications in their defense did not have knowledge that in fact Anglesea had been investigated by his own North Wales police force that based on gathered evidence recommended his prosecution to Crown Prosecution Services, but as one of Britain’s major pedo-enabling gatekeepers, CPS decided not enough evidence. Mark Humphries, the first victim to accuse Anglesea back in 1991, just two months after his 1994 court appearance, allegedly committed suicide.[ci] His testimony against his predator at the libel trial was compelling:
On one occasion, he entered my bedroom, attacked me and grabbed my penis. On the second occasion, several days later, he entered my room, pounced on me and held my wrists with his hands so I could not move. He ripped my pyjama shirt and trousers off and pinned me to the bed, face down, and raped me. I believe I was 13-years old at the time.[cii]
With so many care home victims dying mysteriously, pedo-system payback cannot be ruled out, especially since Anglesea blamed all his life problems on the press once that first 1991 article anonymously referred to Humphries’ allegations. Police Superintendent Anglesea would have known it was Humphries’ accusations that first led to the flood of bad publicity that allegedly ruined the sexual predator’s life.
One of Anglesea’s victims at his 2016 trial stated that even as an adult, he was very afraid of him:
Of all my abusers, Anglesea was the worst. He was the one I feared the most.[ciii]
So the question of a violent act of revenge in murderous rage toward Mark just two months after his 1994 testimony against the senior policeman possessing both means and potential motive definitely falls within the realm of possibility, if not probability, especially considering that so many of the North Wales abuse victims died suspiciously, one after the other… either that or he simply grew too exhausted to continue never being heard or believed by adults.
A Home Office program run from 1978 to 1986 was implemented as an alternative to juvenile detainment for adolescent boys committing petty crimes. The North Wales police officer in charge in Wrexham was Gordon Anglesea. He would caution boys not at the police station as is normal protocol but at the Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn children’s homes where he abused boys both in their homes as well as when they’d attend a program every other Saturday at the attendance center located at a local school where they’d undergo a physical workout supervised by the opportunistic predator, requiring them to perform exercises in the nude and ogling boys in the showers.[civ] A number of witnesses provided damaging testimony at Anglesea’s trial leading to his guilty verdict in November 2016.
Unfortunately, with Scalawag’s three legal back-to-back-to-back losses in court in 1994, it was ordered to pay attorney fees in addition to exorbitant costs in inflated damages. Plus, in the Anglesea case, the magazine was prohibited from any further investigation into the North Wales rapist who held a critical gatekeeping role in the cover-up… another story where in real life when it comes to child abuse, the bad guys virtually always win and the damaged, defenseless children and heroic truth tellers virtually always lose, too often literally losing their very lives.
Amazingly to this day on his personal website, MP Julian Lewis actually brags about how he singlehandedly brought down Simon Regan and Scalawag, and apparently is still proud of his helping the vile sexual predator Anglesea forge the third litigious fatal attack through the Scalawag distributors against the pedo-cabal’s most serious threat unmasking its vast child raping network at the heart of the British government.[cv]
But in the end, as a result of the National Crime Agency’s Operation Pallial, the outside independent police organization examined mountains of growing evidence, and the masonic pervert Gordon Anglesea finally received his comeuppance in November 2016, over two decades after his undeserved legal victory.[cvi] But this time was different, his quarter century lies of denial were no longer believed. And like John Allen, he too pretended he was the innocent victim right to the end, accusing his victims of being out for money, after his £375,000 bogus windfall in 1994.
From an October 2016 Independent article:
A former police chief who forced teenage boys to exercise naked and spied on them showering before assaulting them has been found guilty of historical sex offences.[cvii]
Failed boy scout leader and fellow Freemason Thomas Hamilton, also known regularly to carry a gun, murdered 16 schoolchildren in Dunblane. Remarkably, he too engaged in exactly these same perverted behaviors with his victims (See Chapter25). The article in the Independent went on to link the police chief with the wider North Wales pedophile network:
The jury also heard how Anglesea was accused of having ‘a connection’ to notorious North Wales paedophiles John Allen, Gary Cooke and Peter Howarth, who were part of a ring operating in the region using children’s homes as cover for their abuse.[cviii]
As the invaluable Lord Kenyon-installed law enforcement cog within the larger gatekeeping wheel, the prosecuted 79-year old pedophile was convicted on four counts of indecent assaults on two boys in the 1980s and sentenced to a dozen years in prison.[cix] But he lasted all of just one month behind bars before the aging child fucker dropped dead from multiple organ failure and a lifetime of really rotten karma.[cx]
The three unethical yet highly effective lawsuits fatally sank Scalawag Magazine as Britain’s best hope of getting to the bottom of its vast Westminster pedophilia network in the mid-1990s. The Establishment had targeted the magazine as the only ballsy publication willing to take risks exposing the down and dirty truth about widespread VIP sex abuse, unlike the MSM fake news giants always following cabal orders to protect the vile, “too big to jail” pedophiles. The Scalawag article boldly presented a very strong case of a highly organized pedo-network linking North Wales care home boys to top Tory politicians through a fraudulent social services empire built by John Allen, due to his prosecution at the time, referred to in the article as Mr. X.
Entrepreneurial criminal John Ernest Allen worked closely with local pedophile ring members, primarily Gary Cooke, Peter Howarth and copper Gordon Anglesea. Allen and Howarth both were friends with intel undercover operative Jimmy Savile. Allen was on friendly “boy business terms” also with Tory consultant-pedo Derek Laud and aristocratic business mogul Lord McAlpine in the 1970s and 1980s as his VIP liaison-patrons from Westminster and 10 Downing Street. Recall from Chapter 23, convicted child abuser and friend of John Allen - John Michael Carroll, who was also on “friendly terms” with Labor Lord Paul Boateng prior to Carroll’s imprisonment for pedo-crimes in the London borough of Lambeth,[cxi] bought the Hand Hotel just outside of Wrexham, prompting suspicion that the two pedos had linked up again in North Wales as part of the nationwide pedophilia web.[cxii] Evidence has emerged that they traded child victims. A source from social services stated:
There were patterns of children moving to certain homes around the country, Lambeth, north Wales, south Wales and Merseyside. It was bigger than Lambeth - it involved senior children’s homes officers around the country but it was proving it that was the problem.[cxiii]
Now there’s more than enough proof of a highly organized modern child sex slave trafficking system that’s been operating and protected by the highest echelons of power for many decades to this very day. No accident that pedo-rings were all flourishing during the same time period all over the British Isles. When John Allen went to jail the first time in 1995, the Sunday Times ran an article in March reporting that 80 social workers were under police investigation in Cheshire and Merseyside (where John Carroll was convicted in 1999[cxiv]) in northern England.[cxv] The pedo-network was fully operational and nationwide by the 1970s and has been thriving ever since because too many perverts infiltrated all reaches of child care, from social services to NHS to law enforcement, the justice system, to local council as well as national governance, often masked by a secret, invisible presence - the masonic brotherhood.
A November 2012 Mirror article disclosed:
A [Jillings] report in 1996 suggested Allen had ­connections with senior ­establishment figures and was ­hiring out children as rent boys.[cxvi]
Through his niece’s company in Copenhagen, Denmark, John Allen smuggled child pornographic films and photos throughout Europe. He also trafficked children to powerful men in London and Amsterdam.[cxvii] Aside from his business of selling boys and child pornography, Allen also owned several different companies –  entertainment promotions, a video company and a construction firm.[cxviii] While kingpin in the growing nationwide rent boy-child porn industry, he was able to buy a yacht and own multiple properties in Wales, London, Brighton, Manchester, the Cotwolds and southern France, along with his community of over 50 “bread and butter” care homes in North Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire with over 500 children in his care.[cxix] For years, gatekeepers in social services, councils and Westminster provided him with both a safety net and steady supply of children filling up his residential homes, many sent from England. As they aged out of the system, many ended up in his boy brothels all over Britain.
Allen always showered gifts and positive attention on his favorites, often setting them up in his owned flats in Wales and beyond for his booming rent boy cottage industry. The sick dynamics and culture of his care homes employing so many violent sexual predators constantly pit older kids bullying and exploiting younger ones, where after sexual and physical attacks by the older peers, he’d play good thug vs. bad thug, moving in to rescue his groomed prey with sympathy and emotional support, only to violate the children himself as their supreme master. If a child complained or rebelled, he’d withhold food and water to coerce compliance and subservience. Allen aspired to be a pop music producer and spent a fortune on the latest sound and film equipment, profiting handsomely in child pornography as well, distributing indecent photos and film porn through his contacts in Holland and Denmark.
John Allen misappropriated £30 million between 1974 and 1991, paid for by British taxpayers through NHS and UK care system funding. One account maintains that Allen made over £12 million a year at a rate of £1,000 to £1,500 per child per week.[cxx] All the while he was a voracious serial sexual predator parasitically feeding off abusing perhaps hundreds of boys as young as seven and eight over the years, predominantly young boys but girls in his homes were victimized as well, all consigned and trapped in his perverted care since the late 1960s.[cxxi] Reportedly threatening victims if they speak out, John Allen is likely a murderer as well, using third party assassins to silence victims trying to expose him, aka Bryn Alyn victims Adrian and Leander Johns, more than a dozen either dying suspiciously or committing suicide.[cxxii] More on the Johns brothers shortly.
John Allen stole his fortune from the complicit British state that supported his illegal, inhumane operation both financially and legally, ostensibly to look after children from problem homes and backgrounds placed in his care only to be wrecked virtually for life. According to Superintendent Peter Ackerley who in 1989 led a police probe that solicited over 1,500 witness statements, in the year 1987 alone, £440,000 went missing from Allen’s bank account.[cxxiii] His annual salary in 1988 was well over £200,000, equivalent to nearly a £half mil today, and his average yearly turnover was £2.7million. Keep in mind, these are the millions John Allen made through legally “legit on paper” contracts with social services from all over Britain sending boys and girls to his homes.
Perhaps John Allen made even more millions as a child sex slave owner and trafficker, using all his homes across Britain and his hundreds of children for sale to wealthy pedophiles paying cash for Allen’s sex services. And then there’s the child pornography component to his unholy empire. With so much money rolling in for so many years to corrupt and bribe, it’s no wonder his unprecedented criminal operation lasted from the late 1960s to the early 1990s, from the pedo-Heath years through the pedo-enabling Thatcher years, co-timed with undercover superstar operative Jimmy Savile’s reign of glory.
This former hotelier had no education, training or qualifications to care for troubled youth, yet the gatekeeping overseers from North Wales social services and Welsh Home Office were totally negligent in allowing a swarm of pedophile care workers onto their payrolls. Fleecing Britain, Allen bought up gobs of real estate all across the nation and beyond, setting up his chain of high-end boy brothels occupied by young male sex slaves formerly from his care homes, used and abused with no skills but through forced sex labor to continue servicing the sick whims and perversions of Allen’s rich and powerful VIP clientele.
Aside from Lord McAlpine, Sir Peter Morrison and Derek Laud, Scalawag revealed an A-list of some of Allen’s other pedophile customers: the North Wales masonic Grand Master himself, Lord Kenyon (1917-1993), which explains why he went to such great lengths to promote fellow pedo-mason Anglesea, rendering his own pedo-son untouchable.[cxxiv] Another power player was longtime Tory MP for Conwy, Sir Lord Wyn Roberts (1930-2013), who also served an unprecedented 15 years as both gatekeeping Parliamentary Under-Secretary and Minister of State at the Welsh Office all the way until 1994, knighted by Thatcher upon her leaving office in 1990 alongside Jimmy Savile,[cxxv] which in totality explains why infiltrated pedophilia ruled North Wales for so long. Another named high-end client was Adam Mars-Jones (1954- ), gay novelist and literary critic, also son of homophobic prominent high court Judge William Mars-Jones (1915-1999).[cxxvi]
The magazine exposé also identified by name six early retired North Wales police officers - all Freemasons, starting with Supt. Anglesea plus five others – Sgt. Mike Roach, Sgt. Geraint Morgan, Police Constable David Rodgers, PC Peter Sharman and Detective Constable Gary Probert.[cxxvii] Though Supt. Ackerley’s internal investigation in the early 1990s recommended indictments on the half dozen pedophiles within his ranks, once again it was the pedophile loving CPS that blocked these cases from moving forward.[cxxviii] Only their fully intact pensions moved forward as they all remained free, masonic brothers protected to the end. CPS released the statement:
It is not in the public interest to prosecute these police officers.[cxxix]
As demonstrated in every single scandal, the British Crown Prosecution Service has to be the vilest, most criminally corrupt organization that no doubt has long been infested with Freemasonry, and is the largest, single most reason why so many VIP pedophiles in the United Pedo Kingdom stay untouched their entire lives.
Dennis Parry, former Clwyd County Council member, asserted in 2014 that John Allen’s international trafficking operation supplied underage boys from his care homes not only to prominent national and foreign VIP visitors in North Wales, monitored by MI5 for sexual blackmail purposes, but also to pedo-orgies for Westminster MPs at Dolphin Square apartments in central London as well. Dennis told The Times:
My information was that not only was he an abuser, he was a supplier. There was movement between Holland and this country, and Dolphin Square was part of the setup.[cxxx]
Of course this is exactly what Scalawag had already confirmed a full twenty years earlier. Back in the 1970s and 1980s Dolphin Square was home to MI5 pedo-blackmail operations as well as 70 MPs and 10 lords, as covered in Chapter 24. Much of John Allen’s film pornography were privately screened at Winchester Street where Derek Laud lived or at the luxurious Dolphin Square flats to a drooling audience of perverted MPs and Lords, often as an appetizer for the late night orgies when young boys arrived trafficked in from all over Britain by UK pedo networking procurers Laud and Greer. Teamed with intelligence services, Laud and Greer served the same function as Savile, UK care system “expert” Peter Righton and Foreign Office barrister pedo-liaison Colin Peters. This aforementioned motley crew written up in virtually every previous chapter on the UK scandals emerged to prominence from various walks of life and professions, but they all shared the same degenerate common interest and secret objective - expanding the central VIP pedo-network in Britain and beyond over the last fifty years. Though each had rumors swirling for years about them and the latter pair had brief run-ins with the law, all as major network procurers for the rich and powerful Establishment remained protected.
According to aagnirfan blogsite, MPs like Portillo, Lilley, Lewis, Neil Hamilton and a slew of other Thatcher party ministers of the 1980s and 90s closely affiliated with Laud and Greer:
All were alleged to have been guests at paedophile parties in London at which boys from care in a number of local authorities, including North Wales, Shropshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Brighton and Hove and others, were allegedly 'ferried in' with the co-operation of social workers to provide sexual entertainments for the guests.[cxxxi]
An anonymous insider source shared with Scalawag in 1994 information regarding the head of the Liberal Democratic party, compromised not unlike his predecessor Jeremy Thorpe:
David Steel, who has an apartment here [Dolphin Square], is rather fond of late nights… We often have underage boys wandering the corridors, totally lost, asking for the flat of a particular MP.[cxxxii]
Another 13-year old boy, Stephen Hasshim, from Greystone Heath children’s home in Merceyside was selected by one of John Allen’s local pedophile networkers Gary Cooke as a one night stand for the political fixer Derek Laud. Poor little Stephen was thrashed repeatedly all night long and because of the sadist’s oversized penis, Laud’s carnal lust sent Stephen into such excruciating pain, the following day he was sent to the hospital treated for a ruptured bleeding anus.[cxxxiii] Scalawag went so far as to maintain that on numerous occasions, young boys “would end up in casualty wards” after a night with the unprosecuted criminal.
Simon Regan, the magazine co-founder, learned from two men who as 14-year olds from Bryn Alyn Hall were escorted from North Wales to London. They both swore that the larger pedophile ring not taken up by the North Wales Tribunal went much further afield than Wrexham’s Crest Hotel but all the way to Dolphin Square.[cxxxiv] Each separately maintained he was trafficked there for late night parties at least three or four times, joining other victims from care homes all over Britain. Recall from the last chapter Richard Kerr trafficked from Northern Ireland as well as Savile’s nephew Guy Marsden’s observations. Simon Regan wrote:
We took them separately to Pimlico and asked them to point out the building where this had taken place. They were both positive in their identification. The two young men were able to give us very graphic descriptions of just what went on, including acts of buggery, and alleged that they were only two of many from children’s homes other than North Wales.[cxxxv]
The other Pimlico location that each victim positively identified turned out to be the private flat belonging to the now deceased lobbyist Ian Greer, another pedo-pal of Derek Laud and his band of MP pedo-fuck buddy suspects Michael Portillo, Peter Lilley, Julian Lewis,[cxxxvi] Michael Brown[cxxxvii] to name the short list. During the 1990s, recall from an earlier chapter that Ian got burned for his part in the “cash for questions” scandal where he used his lobbyist clout readily accessing MPs for cash payments from Harrods owner Mohamed al-Fayed,[cxxxviii] whose son was murdered with Princess Diana in 1997.[cxxxix] But Greer’s downfall should have been hosting all his and Derek’s kiddie-fucking orgies in Winchester Square and Dolphin Square with all their powerful sick Westminster friends who never paid for their crimes.
Yet another hugely damning piece of evidence indicating that John Allen was in league with the London central Tory government is the fact that his finance officer Des Frost way back in 1980 reported Allen to Cheshire police, alleging that he was abusing boys.[cxl] Yet the police stood down and permitted his international trafficking-child porn empire operation to continue to flourish for yet another full decade, costing countless more damaged lives. Cheshire police feebly claimed it unable to locate Des Frost’s report on file because it “predated computer records” … what a stupidly lame excuse, as if paper files disintegrate on their own within 34 years. The Cheshire police spokesman alluded to typical protocol transferring it to North Wales police and with the latest police probe Operation Pallial conducted by the National Crime Agency (NCA) still in process, the North Wales police spokesperson was also conveniently off the hook since any current investigation precludes releasing public information. Bottom line, law enforcement did nothing with that information because pedo-power politics rule the day – then and now.
During the Waterhouse Tribunal in 1997, ITV Wales conducted an interview with Des Frost, only to have the Tribunal lawyers threaten the program editor if the interview was aired.[cxli] ITV would have been referred to the Attorney General for contempt. Sir Waterhouse knew that if it was known that police failed to follow up on allegations against John Allen in 1980, it would be unable to clear North Wales Police of the charge that it had failed to investigate child abuse properly. And since that’s what Ronnie’s orders from above required him to do, claim police did their job properly, Waterhouse threatened ITV with contempt charges to muzzle the “free press,” thereby suppressing the truth that the North Wales police were part of the colossal cover-up, allowing Allen to continue supplying boys to VIP abusers. They will resort to no limit just to cover-up their filth and undoubtedly will rot in hell for all their sins.
It took the Labor party to gain control over County Clywd Council in 1989 before any substantive action could begin to take hold against the North Wales pedo-overlord Allen and his vast criminal syndicate, minus a few of his enabling Conservative party pedophile cronies in power.[cxlii] Not that the Labor party is a friend or protector to children (See Chapter 23). Incidentally, despite his supreme stature as top dog in Britain’s biggest pedophilia scandal in history (till Savile anyway), as the central figure and private owner of the infamous Bryn Alyn community consisting of a dozen care homes, “regulated” by social services for children 7 to 15, and as of early 1995, a freshly convicted pedophile, having just received his six-year prison sentence,[cxliii] yet the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal barely mentions John Allen at all in almost 1000 pages for all too obvious reasons. Whereas multiple pages of the Waterhouse Report are devoted to crimes of less powerful, minor players, the key central figure in the entire Wales-England-Europe pedophilia-child porn operation, by cabal designed remit that conspicuously avoided probing the wider abuse network, John Allen grabbed all of three lines:
John Ernest Allen was convicted of six offences of indecent assault against six young male residents at the schools between 1972 and 1983. He was acquitted of four other counts of indecent assault involving four different residents. Allen received a total sentence of six years’ imprisonment.[cxliv] 
By around the turn of this century John Allen was once again a free man. In 2003 he was let off the hook yet again for 36 more offenses when a shady judge decided under EU human rights legislation, Allen would not receive a fair trial.[cxlv] So for the next decade the British pedo-cabal was still protecting John Ernest Allen, again at liberty to continue to harm children. In November 2012 with Operation Pallial, he was the first to be targeted in the latest police investigation into North Wales’ sordid, still unprosecuted crimes. In 2012 Allen was spotted working in the hotel industry as a night porter at a family-friendly Premier Inn in the East of England, still posing a grave danger to kids, renting a nice cozy little £128,000 a year pad.[cxlvi] 
Under Operation Pallial since November 2012, the National Crime Agency has corralled a handful of relatively high profile rapists from the North Wales historical child abuse scandal. Aside from senior cop Anglesea, the now 78-year old John Allen was sentenced to discretionary life imprisonment in December 2014 for abusing 18 more boys and one girl after his conviction of 33 sex offenses.[cxlvii] The beast held out, pleading innocent of all charges. Incredibly, he called his victims “fantasists,” unfairly blaming him for all their problems in adult life. Actually so much of his victims’ problems in adult life are the direct result of his abuse. His earliest possible parole date is 2025, when he’ll be 84 if he lives that long. Based on how he skated for so long without any consequence for his monstrous cruelty and harm on such a massive scale, he’ll no doubt die rotting in prison. Jon Brown, the head of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, commented:
John Allen’s reign of terror over a dark period of several decades puts him high up the scale of the most prolific child abusers of recent times and his sentence quite rightly reflects the severity of his despicable crimes.[cxlviii]
This latest, still ongoing National Crime Agency operation in North Wales has netted 120 potential suspects, 31 men and 4 women have either been arrested or interviewed under caution and of those 35, a dozen were due to stand trial in 2015.[cxlix] That same year, John Allen’s lieutenant of sorts, a former wrestler now 69-years old, Gary Cooke was sentenced to 14 years, former BBC Radio 4 DJ, 59-year old Roy Norry received 11 years behind bars and three other Wrexham pedo-ring members from the 1970s and 80s are all doing time for their past sins.[cl] As of October 2016 with a total of 340 people reporting abuse and 84 complaints still being actively investigated, Operation Pallial has convicted nine men.[cli] Though NCA has closed any new cases from being opened as of September 2016, several more cases are still on the docket for trials in 2020. As an outside independent national police force, the NCA has produced more concrete results than all prior North Wales police investigations combined. In April 2013 North Wales Chief Constable Mark Polin, who had asked NCA to run Operation Pallial, warned the guilty:
If you believe that the passage of time will reduce the resolve of Operation Pallial or any other police force to identify people still alive who have caused harm to others and bring them to justice, you are sorely mistaken. Offenders should quite rightly have to look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives.[clii]
All this said, standard operating procedure in every British scandal still holds in North Wales. The pedophilia cabal will only cut several of its lowest hanging, most rotten fruit from the vine, like Gordon Anglesea, John Allen and his right hand pedo-men - Peter Howarth, Stephen Norris[cliii] and Gary Cooke, always the local boys. Yet John Allen undoubtedly interfaced directly with Westminster pedo-liaisons Jimmy Savile, Derek Laud, Peter Righton and a host of others including senior security services personnel who were also part of Allen’s multinational criminal empire. Obviously he didn’t operate alone and had help from top echelons of power. And of course he had to have known his VIP pervert clientele - Lord McAlpine, Lord Kenyon, Lord Roberts as well as plenty of sex abusing MPs for whom Allen supplied children in North Wales, London and Europe.
Aside from the obvious, one of the attractions that drew VIPs to indulge their perversions in Allen’s criminal operation was a sense that John Allen was always discreet in protecting their identity. Others in a similar situation, like convicted pedo-PR guru Max Clifford, who had the dirt on hundreds of celebrities including many pedophiles, once he was behind bars, he was far more apt to talk, and wasn’t trusted to keep his mouth shut, and therefore soon enough experienced a fatal heart attack in prison,[cliv] not unlike many powerful VIP sickos celebrating with gobs of relief the day Epstein “died.” John Allen knows if he wants to live another day, he’ll take his dirty secrets to the grave. Again, all VIPs high in government, business, law, entertainment, always escape justice without exception. Additionally, the Establishment always counts on the public to acquiescingly accept local criminal kingpins only to go down as just enough justice served… never ever a high court judge, a cabinet minister, lord, MP or PM or prince...
That’s why the current Prince Andrew case with his criminal past affiliations with Epstein is a current test case.[clv] But based on the history of the law of the pedo-jungle that’s ruled for centuries, he will remain protected by royal impunity as an elite untouchable, confirming the in-our-face disgrace of the two-tiered justice system. Our judicial system must become one justice system for all, with no one remaining above the law, except in Lucifer’s world. For God’s sake, we must take our world back.
Another reason the Duke of York will never go to trial for sexually abusing an underage girl is, as of late, the rigged judicial system has been favoring the pedophiles, especially in the UK. The same winning McAlpine-Machiavellian cabal pushback formula was seized upon by the controversial, slippery octogenarian singer Cliff Richard (aka Kitty from his Elm Guest House appearances). Sir Cliff’s triumphant July 2018 privacy lawsuit decision against the bad old BBC [again] forced it to cough up £2m more for trying to cash in on its staged front-row helicopter coverage of Poor Richard’s 2014 police raid on his Berkshire estate.[clvi] More importantly, it secures both privacy and virtual impunity, sparing all future VIP arrestees the embarrassment of having their potential crimes ever reported. The right of the public to know of an arrest of any public figure, guilty or innocent, is not as important as the right of privacy for the superrich, sue-happy elite. This decision came after Cliff Richard had years earlier already secured a court injunction prohibiting the media from reporting his shady past (See any of the last 10 chapters as he too often shows up in numerous UK scandals). Though Britain’s notoriously tough libel laws are often used as the reason its pedophilia epidemic has been so extensively covered up, fear of libel suits, by far the biggest reason is that mainstream media has always been a propaganda tool for the Establishment, and just as intelligence services have served to protect the powerful pedophiles, so has the media.
A case in point comes the criminal fraud court case against the likely framed Carl Beech, aka “Nick,”[clvii] whose extensive abuse allegations back in December 2014 were deemed “credible and true” by Met Police,[clviii] now sitting in prison for the next 18 years for all his so called “false claims” of VIP child sexual abuse and witnessed VIP murders.[clix] Despite Operation Midland detectives believing Carl’s version of events and two former detectives subsequently emerging that also backed up his claims that young boys were murdered by politicians at pedo-orgies,[clx] and overwhelming proof of a vast VIP network operating across UK and the world as documented by this book, recent court decisions and the media today are having a field day insisting that the Westminster pedo-ring only originates and lives in the “wicked” imagination of criminal imposters like Carl Beech. Terms like “witch hunts” and “moral panics” are now being bandied about,[clxi] accusing fantasists out to “make a quick buck” at the expense of ruining the righteous reputations of falsely accused, maliciously maligned, revered public figures, like Britain’s just deceased national treasure-military war hero General Bramall,[clxii] since real abuse victims don’t exist at all according to the elite and its Mockingbird controlled press. Again, the propaganda war’s out to own your brain, believing that hearing enough of their lies, eventually they’ll wear your brain down and succeed.
The Machiavellian plan in 2019 appears to be working rather splendidly with Carl Beech’s false accusations having been arranged and exposed resulting in this year’s show trialso accuser Beech [and any other child abuse accuser] will forever be treated with suspicion. And reported pedos like former MP Harvey Proctor and pedo-Lord Janner’s QC son are actively seeking sympathy and vindication that there’s never been a Westminster VIP pedo-ring. See how the very handy Machiavellian drama keeps replaying ad infinitum? Along with murder and character assassination, it’s the cabal’s most effective weapon of choice nowadays to maintain the lie that a VIP pedo-network never really existed, and that it’s those lying, not-to-be-believed victims that we must be on guard to watch out for.
Winning some major court victories has the pedo-cabal in 2019 really feeling their oats, behaving pretty arrogantly these days. The latest push is now calling for MP Tom Watson’s resignation as yet another “false accuser” deemed “unfit for office.”[clxiii] Recall that in the wake of the Savile revelations in late October 2012, it was Tom Watson who confronted PM Cameron on the House floor (whose lame counterattack subsequently conflated “a gay witch hunt” with the very real pedophilia epidemic,[clxiv] in defense of his crony friends like Derek Laud brutally fucking young boys.[clxv] MP Watson demanded a thorough investigation (which would be a first) into the longtime covered up 10 Downing Street-Westminster pedophile ring,[clxvi] just as three decades earlier the ridiculed and heckled MP Geoffrey Dickens on the same house floor confronted his pedo-peers bringing unwanted attention to their flagrantly widespread abuse, documented in his 40-page dossier given and “misplaced” by then pedo-Home Secretary Leon Brittan.[clxvii] Stolen, lost or destroyed evidence, 100 year D-notice censorship, multiple murders and “suicided” deaths, countless nonstop inquiry whitewashes, and bogus lawsuits turning victims into criminals is the pushback the pedophilia cabal is deploying in desperation while inevitably losing more ground in its war against the truth.
The swinging pendulum cycle appears to be emboldening the cabal into launching its biggest propaganda counteroffensive yet, “proving” all those past accusations were just part of an unfounded witch hunt brought about by the public’s anger for Britain’s failure to stop a half-century of savage Savile abuse. This apparently effective pushback strategy and revisionist history to twist and thwart the truth is all the more reason for a one source A-Z encyclopedia sourcebook on modern pedophilia that presents indisputable, solid-sourced evidence, empirically proving once and for all that powerful child rapists for way too long have been sodomizing children while all the while protected behind heavily guarded, gilded halls of power, getting away with the sickest pathological perversions. Cabal lies just don’t cut it anymore as fewer people are stupid enough to still believe them. The elite’s sordid dirty laundry history’s been hung out to dry in the light of the public domain for too many years now to be erased simply by a constant flood of desperate revisionist lies.
But in recent days the Luciferian Machiavellian controllers think they’re actually winning their war against truth. With their draconian agenda of massive internet censorship and criminalizing dissent, free speech and free press, the pedo-crime cabal is aggressively implementing its deceptive mass media propaganda and pushback lawsuits like there’s no tomorrow. The cabal’s message is clearly intent on demoralizing child abuse victims into giving up all hope of ever successfully seeking justice through reporting abuse to authorities. See what happens to victims who go to the police and the media to report their abuse? 18 years’ incarceration for Carl Beech is obviously sending a very loud and clear message for all abuse survivors everywhere to think twice about trying to bring anybody of power to justice.
To add insult to injury, the rather common complaint that abuse accusers are fantasists just out to make money from their wild claims is not borne out whatsoever by fact or reality. Those who say so are either misinformed, liars and/or pedophiles/pedo-supporters. Only .02% of all abuse victims (that’s 1 in 5,000 victims) in the UK ever actually receives any financial compensation at all from their convicted abusers despite often facing years within the bureaucratic torture chamber called the judicial system that constantly re-traumatizes victims at every turn.[clxviii] Fantasists making up abuse charges are extremely rare, just look at what they must go through, but the deniers of an organized VIP pedo-network are always repeatedly evoking this totally bogus claim like a broken record. Again, both the injustice system and the media are complicit in protecting pedophiles, particularly if they’re MPs, Lords and cabinet ministers. Who’s going to protect and defend the children and finally give them a voice and much needed support? The system owned and operated by the child fuckers sure won’t. So it’s up to us.
The entire Luciferian system now has this world completely turned so upside down and rigged beyond repair, what is actually intrinsically good is now deemed bad and vice versa, white is now black, black is now white, the so called truth is nothing but lies, and actual lies are now upheld as gospel truth. With these latest turn of events, the media is in the process of insidiously inverting reality, rendering real child sex abuse now as mere fantasists’ lies. If you tell a lie often enough, eventually it becomes the truth, or so they believe.[clxix] The truth-starved, mind-controlled masses currently being bombarded 24/7 with propagandized deception hardly know what to believe any more, all by demonic design of course as it’s exactly where the Luciferian controllers want us, unable to discern reality from illusion and their lies.
Regardless of their ruthless oppression and perversion of truth and justice, we outnumber the sick bastards a million to one, and armed with the truth, we shall prevail. Don’t be taken in by the latest wave of deniers constantly harping on witch hunts, pretending rich, powerful members of the government don’t commit heinous crimes against children because all along there’s never actually been confirmed evidence – BULLSHIT!!! Or the myth that no actual organized network ever existed providing elite sickos with victims and shielding them from all accountability – BULLSHIT!!! That’s what intelligence services do – provide their BULLSHIT cover.
Case in point, in the 100-million-pound boondoggle sham of the IICSA’s first day of its Westminster strand in March 2019, inquiry counsel Brian Altman QC said:
MI5, MI6 and GCHQ had each found ‘no material to show the existence of a so-called Westminster VIP paedophile ring or any attempts to suppress the existence of such a paedophile ring.’[clxx]
Duhh, that’s their job! As the historic coordinators and pedo-ring pimps, primarily for the nefarious purpose of sexual blackmail to control puppet VIPs, that’s been among their primary duties for a very long time now. Again, I repeat, that’s what intelligence services do – provide their BULLSHIT cover.
Straight out of McAlpine’s self-promoting 1998 Machiavellian playbook, in 2012 Alistair demonstrated his and his cabal’s secret winning strategy for both his and his cabal’s “greater good.” Make no mistake, the criminal cabal is regularly using McAlpine’s Machiavellian strategy every time it loses an inch of ground in its epoch war against truth and its forever mission to conceal its pedophilia cover-up to ensure that its worldwide trafficking operation never sees the light of day. Once again each time plunging and submerging the tip of the iceberg bearing only an iota of learned truth into deeper, darker, murkier waters keeps the pedos for a time safe from full exposure. But too many iceberg tips have already surfaced and been exposed to criminally out them and their desperation is more evident than ever.

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Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former Army officer who has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” In addition to being a personal memoir, it exposes a faulty military leadership system based on one’s capacity to be an order follower, enforce arbitrary, asinine rules and engage in the psychopathic art of ingratiation. It’s based on ticket punching one’s way up the seniority system ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest along the way, leaving mediocrity and ass kissing order followers to rise to the top as America’s politician-bureaucrat generals in charge of losing US wars by elitist design. West Point fails miserably to instill integrity in its leaders and equally fails to teach and train positive genuine leadership skills to its officer corps.
After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he constantly battled the largest county child protective service in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system. LA County Children’s Court regularly endangered his clients, afflicting more harm and abuse by making life and death decisions clearly not in their best interest. It prepared him well for later working as an investigative journalist exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflicts far more harm than good. 

As an independent journalist focusing on geopolitics, international relations, globalization and US Empire imperialism for over half a decade, Joachim has written hundreds of articles published on numerous alternative news sites, foremost among them: GlobalResearch, Sott.net and LewRockwell.com. His blog site:http://empireexposed.blogspot.com 
Joachim continues writing the A-Z sourcebook exposing the global pedophilia epidemic entitled Pedophilia& Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State. The book can be read for free on this blog site or http://tinyurl.com/pedoempire. The first thirty chapters selling for .99 each on Amazon Kindle remain best sellers in both politics and child advocacy categories. Donations are welcomed at paypal.me/AuthorJH