Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Chapter 39 Epstein-Maxwell Zionist Blackmail Operation: Lucifer’s NWO Control Matrix Dissected Part 1


Far from being the work of a single political party, intelligence agency or country, the power structure revealed by the network connected to Epstein is nothing less than a criminal enterprise that is willing to use and abuse children in the pursuit of ever more power, wealth and control.[i]

                                                                                                                                             Whitney Webb, journalist

Mountains of Deep State rabbit hole information have been pouring out publicly ever since convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s re-arrest on July 6, 2019 and the 66-year old’s monthlong Manhattan jail incarceration, culminating with his staged fake suicide/foul played “death” on August 8, 2019. Plenty of disbelievers in the official false narrative lie insist that Epstein’s still alive and the corpse on the gurney was not him. Freelance journalist Jim Stone posted an updated aerial photo of Little Saint James Island showing lots of construction of new buildings, roads, a new swimming pool and major renovation suggesting the pedo-island remains operational, postulating that Epstein might still be doing his thing.[ii] Google Gestapo immediately began tampering with Jim’s site, changing dates back to 2017 in a deceitful ploy to debunk his claim and keep us in the dark. But he circumvented their dishonest subversion effort.

In the year since Epstein’s alleged demise, scores more victims, one as young as 11-years old, have reportedly come forth, nine in the latest lawsuit filed against his estate for abuse committed from 1978 until 2004.[iii] Pedophilia & Empire’s Chapter 14 covered Epstein’s original 2008 legal case against the registered sex offender that included his sweetheart deal with the Southern Florida District Attorney Office, leading to his plush jailhouse sleepovers for 13 months before regaining his freedom in 2010, whereupon it’s been learned he returned to his pedo-crime business headquartered on his Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

A key element within the original chapter centered around Epstein’s legal dream team’s negotiated Non-Prosecution Agreement as a clear violation of the Victims’ Rights Act, since lead prosecutor Alexander Acosta never bothered informing the Epstein victims of their secret deal. This then set into motion a counter-lawsuit on behalf of victims against the federal government for unlawfully entering into its secret plea-bargained deal while willfully and unlawfully withholding it from the victim plaintiffs.

Though his second arrest on July 6, 2019 charging Epstein with child sex trafficking was closed after his suicided “passing” in August last year, the Epstein-Maxwell criminal saga was reopened upon the July 2, 2020 arrest of Epstein’s so-called madam-child procurer-partner-in-crime Ghislaine Maxwell. Shortly after Epstein’s July 2019 arrest, the onetime girlfriend and alleged child sex abuser-co-trafficker went into hiding for a year. But the former British socialite’s arrest in her New Hampshire mansion in early July 2020 has her ever since detained at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, awaiting her July 2021 trial.

Guislaine Maxwell has been charged with four counts of sex trafficking of minors and two counts of perjury for her false statements in the 2016 Virginia Roberts-Giuffre defamation lawsuit. Maxwell’s lawyers lost their bids to bail Guislaine out of jail as well as prevent sealed past files from public release. The pampered socialite has spent a second month in solitary confinement and her attorneys requested in vain that she be moved in with the general population to adequately prepare for her trial.[iv] Six weeks into her incarceration had her attorney crying foul:

Ms. Maxwell is being treated worse than other similarly situated pretrial detainees, which significantly impacts her ability to prepare a defense.[v]

Given paper clothes to prevent the option of killing herself in a so-called repeat performance of her male counterpart a year ago, Maxwell was also taken off suicide watch, but then so was Epstein shortly before his suspicious end. Her lawyers are pleading that the poor little rich girl be removed from her “onerous” conditions at the federal jail. Doubtful her “woe is me” pleas will generate much sympathy or favor, considering how she treated her victims as less than human. Just to show what this wretched predator is really like, when a friend asked her what she thought of the underage girls she abused, Maxwell looked at her and said:

They’re nothing, these girls. They are trash.[vi]

That kind of contemptuous statement is highly reminiscent of another alleged child sex predator, Luciferian witch Hillary Clinton, reflecting on what she thought of the “common folk” in 2016 backing then populist presidential candidate Donald Trump as “deplorables.”[vii] The ruling elite has always looked upon the masses as scum of the earth, for millenniums, the inferior human herd always in desperate need of the elite’s brainpower, leadership and “divine” authority to rule over them.[viii] We are only as good as an exploited commodity to them, branded broad-stroke “useless idiots” and “useless eaters” per Illuminati guru Henry Kissinger.[ix] With the elites’ fixation on the Malthusian overpopulation lie,[x] we humans are suitable objects targeted for extermination by their manufactured “killer viruses.”[xi] In this 11th hour, 50-something minute, the bottom line is, the human species is currently in their genocidal crosshairs ready to be culled on a massive scale. That’s why sodomized babies, children and minors are all deemed so expendable once used up as adrenalized objects of sexual torture and ritual blood sacrifice. Again, the killers at the top of the predatory food chain are not human (See Chapter 34). 

This chapter will largely pick up from where the first Epstein chapter left off, unveiling all the latest developments and revelations exposing how the Epstein-Maxwell sexual blackmail machine and its legacy implications graphically encapsulate the ruling elite’s agenda to consolidate and gain absolute power and control over enslaved humanity. More than any other single pedophilia scandal, this one demonstrates what’s gone most wrong in this Luciferian controlled world.

A huge shockwave sprang from Jeffrey Epstein’s re-arrest last July 2019, raising hopes that perhaps the rigged US criminal justice system was tilting towards redemption for the thousands of victims of the Epstein-Maxwell sexual blackmail operation. Between more of the Epstein victims coming forth and relentless investigative pressures exerted by the tenacious team of journalists at the Miami Herald, despite MSM’s fake news Russiagate-Mueller investigation misdirection sideshow, pressure to reopen the Epstein travesty and renew focus on the unfinished business of existing legal cases against both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell was mounting. Hence, the prosecution case led by Southern District of New York Attorney Geoffrey Berman was strong enough to order the grossly under-punished pedophile-trafficker into federal custody at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport upon Epstein’s private plane’s touchdown from France, charged with sexually trafficking minors in Florida and New York from 2002 to 2005.[xii] His offenses carried a prison sentence of up to 45 years, assuring his death in prison sooner than later.

On the night of July 23, 2019, inmate Jeffrey Epstein allegedly attempted to hang himself. The pedophile was reportedly found lying in his cell in a fetal position “nearly unconscious with injuries to his neck after a possible suicide attempt.”[xiii] At the time, he had a former Westchester County cop as his cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione, charged with murdering four men in a 2016 drug deal. Epstein had expressed fear that his bodybuilding cellmate might kill him,[xiv] although after Epstein’s alleged first attempt, the ex-cop of course would claim that he tried to help Epstein not die from attempting to hang himself.[xv] The attorneys of the murdering ex-police officer were reportedly intending to use the videotape that allegedly captured the suicide attempt on film as argument against their client’s potential death penalty. The very day that thousands of pages of sealed records were released to the public, was the same day that Epstein’s cellmate was transferred out on August 9th, one day before Epstein allegedly died when it just so happened that none of the cameras surveilling his cell were working that night. Now why would that be? … except to set up the inevitable. And why wouldn’t the prison ensure that he had a cellmate? It’s then learned that after the video containing footage of the alleged first suicide attempt after first being reported lost, then suddenly was found, but then reported that authorities “inadvertently deleted” the crucial part of the tape with the suicide attempt on it without making a backup of course.[xvi] This amount of unbelievable anomalies simply chalked up as coincidence is insanely absurd. Yet the authorities do what they have to, looking real stupid in order to make sure that the guilty remain free. Their comedy of errors presentation is no less than pure tragedy for humanity by diabolical design.

Then it was never properly explained as to what really happened on July 23rd. But what was known is that Epstein was afraid of the hulk he was forced to share his cell with. Presiding Judge Richard Berman feebly expressed his dissatisfaction:

To my knowledge, it [the July 23rd incident] has never been definitively explained what the BOP [Bureau of Prisons] concluded about that incident.[xvii]

There very likely was a failed attempt on Epstein’s life on July 23rd. Pedophiles are notoriously hated as the social pariah within the prison milieu. Placing Epstein in with a bodybuilding murdering ex-cop was not some random accident. Of course this chain of events would set it up for Round 2 - a second assigned hit on the 10th of August that the powers-that-be would make certain would get the job done. No less than eight Bureau of Prisons officials were more than aware that there were strict instructions to never leave Epstein alone in his cell, not for one second, yet for the 24 hours leading up to his alleged death, that order was unanimously ignored by all eight Bureau of Prisons officials.[xviii] On top of that, explicit orders for inmate Epstein to have 24-hour camera surveillance on him 7 days a week and physical inspections every 30 minutes to check in on him, those written orders guarding the most important inmate in America were also thrown out the window the night he was allowed to allegedly die.

Moreover, former inmates from Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center stated emphatically that it’s virtually impossible to commit suicide in that maximum-security facility.[xix] For a six-foot Epstein to be able to hang himself from the upper bed rail by leaning forward is believed to be virtually impossible. Epstein’s body from that short of a distance far less than six feet from the floor renders suicide by hanging a one in a million chance. And a review of published stories over the last 21 years found just one incident of suicide in the prison all the way back in time to 1998. So out of the countless detainees that have gone through that prison for more than two decades, the one in a million chance that the most important inmate in the US prison system would somehow be allowed to take his own life through the presented farcical comedy of errors and impossible flukes and anomalies again defies explanation of how these evil fucks are allowed to get away with this shit. But they do it because they can get away with it.

The prison officials in charge simply made up these ridiculous, feeble excuses for their “gross failures,” citing that most guards working their shifts on the night of Epstein’s so-called suicide were working long overtime hours, including the two assigned to Epstein’s cell.[xx] So we’re supposed to actually believe that’s why the two overworked, sleepy guards simply let it happen, just like they, oops, accidentally erased the first alleged suicide attempt, and oops, cameras surveilling his cell just happened to not function that night. There’s a better chance that pigs can fly, and that’s what killed him. It’s become so cliché now for the corrupt, deceitfully evil system to utilize gross incompetence as its standby reason every single time to explain the unexplainable, unacceptable false outcomes as its sorry-ass excuse for committing yet another criminal cover-up ad nauseam right before our very eyes, yet again. These pricks from hell are getting more brazen than ever with their despicable dishonesty thrust repeatedly in our faces. Again, they continue doing it because they know they can always continue getting away with it. The public just shrugs its shoulders and quietly moves on, impotently figuring we’re in no position to change this bullshit that is the putridly corrupt and dishonest system. So on and on and on it goes… until we get so fed up that we the citizens finally agree to stop putting up with this nightmarish nonsense.  

And why the highest profile inmate in all of America would suddenly be taken off suicide watch after only 6 days, just 12 days ahead of his alleged suicide? These incriminating facts and questions are never adequately addressed because the authorities know they cannot adequately explain away their gross, all too obvious deception. And it’s too obvious why they can’t, they simply wanted Epstein dead. Period, end of story. Instead of 24-hour round the clock protection as ordered, we’re told that the two prison guards who fell asleep at the wheel subsequently get arrested three months later, charged with falsifying records, conspiracy to defraud the United States and failing to perform their basic duties. As always, shit flows downhill. Those in charge of the prison and keeping Epstein alive to face justice are simply following orders from those who wanted him dead. They who conspired to murder Epstein, from the prison officials in charge who appear to be getting away with their cover-up crime, to the elite child fuckers who got away with another murder-cover-up so they could breathe a little easier, the truth is coming after all of you Luciferian child raping murderers. God will never forbid the truth be told.

So the feds’ designated fall guys, as always, are the two lowest on the totem pole guards, after the fact, allegedly fudging records to indicate they did comply with their inmate checks when reportedly both simultaneously fell asleep, that is when they weren’t too busy using their work computers to do their online shopping while sitting all of 15 feet away from Epstein’s cell, failing to conduct five overnight checks per every half hour as standard protocol from 10:30PM August 9 to 6:30AM August 10 when asshole’s lifeless body was allegedly discovered.[xxi] Then for the cameras outside Epstein’s cell conveniently not be working that night,[xxii] a favorite trick used regularly in every false flag playbook, and then offer up these two bungling keystone cops’ scenario to the public in order to explain how Epstein was allowed to kill himself, is beyond preposterous. Initially appearing incensed right after it happened, Attorney General William Barr’s later vapid explanation once the guards were arrested, really isn’t any better of an acting excuse to pawn it all off as:

A perfect storm of screw-ups.[xxiii]

Yeah, perfectly staged with the same old-same old pratfalls. No one in their right mind would actually believe the authorities’ version of events just as hardly anyone believes Epstein committed suicide. Caught in so many boldface, too obvious lies, the government has zero credibility as its deception for years has been limitless, and everyone knows if Epstein’s actually dead, he was murdered to protect all the pedophiles in high places. Or, the lesser chance that he’s alive and well, sitting pretty after a little cosmetic surgery, living the “life of Riley,” in the modern day episode “life of Epstein in Israel.” Take your pick. It’s déjà vu all over again with false flag lie after false flag lie, the JFK assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin Vietnam War, 9/11 and WMD’s in Iraq, if I wanted to, the list could go on for fucking ever, which is their plan. Lies have always worked so far.

At the request of Epstein’s brother Mark, former longtime respected New York City Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Baden was asked to review the autopsy records and after doing so, the doctor is convinced Epstein was murdered, based on more than ample evidence.[xxiv] Epstein’s eyes had burst capillaries, his lower extremities were pale instead of purple or bluish, both indicating he did not die from hanging but from strangulation. Moreover, Dr. Baden said it’s highly unusual in a prison situation for an initial finding deemed “inconclusive” to be changed to “hanging” five days later. But the topper is three different places at the base of Epstein’s neck were broken and that rarely occurs in hangings, especially leaning forward with feet never leaving the floor. But that’s not all, the autopsy showed Epstein also had “two contusions on both of his wrists, an abrasion on his left forearm, and deep muscle hemorrhaging of his left deltoid or shoulder,” clearly indicating a physical struggle ensued before death from strangulation.[xxv]

Additionally, Epstein’s Atlanta-based criminal defense attorney David Schoen, who met with Epstein for five hours on August 1, 2019, a week after the first incident, after Epstein’s death had this to say:

After meeting with him, I came to the firm conclusion that it was not a suicide attempt. He was afraid he would face consequences if he implicated anyone while he was there, so he kept his mouth shut and told investigators he couldn’t remember what happened. He was told they closed the case.[xxvi]

Meanwhile, Epstein’s former cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione has been threatened to keep his mouth shut regarding what happened to Epstein on July 23rd. His lawyer stated:

The clear message Mr. Tartaglione has received is that if he conveys information about the facility or about [Epstein’s] recent suicide, there will be a price to pay. The correction officers know he has information [that is] potentially very damaging.[xxvii]


As if that’s not enough, Epstein’s defense attorney Reid Weingarten explained in court to Judge Richard Berman that Epstein’s injuries were “far more consistent with assault” than suicide, adding that just before he died:

We did not see a despairing, despondent, suicidal person.[xxviii]

When attorney David Schoen last saw him, Epstein appeared “very, very upbeat.”

While those who knew him best in his final days were quick to rule out suicide, the clear preponderance of physical evidence pointing to foul play is even more overwhelming, yet the government is not about to reveal the truth that his alleged death was like so many in recent years, another staged “suicided” arrangement to protect the powerful guilty. With murder, too much public demand would be placed on finding the actual killer(s), and that might lead to exposing extremely prominent pedophiles, risking the unraveling of the entire pedo-mafia empire that continue running this world. The Establishment up to its ears in raping kids can’t have it any other way. But no matter how many more of their feeble lies that less and less people believe, they cannot possibly cover-up the truth at this point. As the world wakes up to this irrefutable reality of the elite’s worldwide pedo-network, child rapists and lying killers are not safe from the truth.

A huge anomaly that begs pursuit of follow-the-money rabbit hole are the millions of dollars that have been moving around after the shithead’s alleged death. Epstein’s estate attorneys have moved lots of money to an offshore Virgin Island account first opened in 2014 when Epstein launched his latest financial venture, opening his own international bank called Southern Country International.[xxix] The initial and subsequent annual banking license approval apparently overlooked the fact that Epstein was a convicted pedo-felon and unprosecuted sex trafficker while his bank in the ensuing years remained largely inactive. But in February 2020, it was reported that since Epstein’s supposed death in August 2019, a net gain of $12.9 million has been strangely deposited in mid-December last year, adding to the existing near $700,000 that had mostly sat dormant. Two weeks later, by the end of December 2019, Epstein’s suddenly active and alive bank showed a balance of less than a half million. So where did all those missing millions abruptly disappear to if the asshole was dead? And if he was dead, how could his Southern Country International Bank account have suddenly grown than shrunk by the millions? These are the questions being asked in 2020 by the Virgin Islands magistrate of Epstein’s estate lawyers. Their response that it was simply done in error is unacceptable and the judge demands a fuller accounting.

Epstein’s July 2019 arrest forced even corporate mainstream news that historically stays silent or in total denial of a pedophilia network to have to focus on child sexual abuse. And as much as the MSM narrative attempts to portray Epstein as one bad apple, largely a lone operator with some procuring help from his sidekick girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, always mainstream press avoids the implications that the worldwide child trafficking, abuse and blood sacrifice mafia cabal is once again blatantly re-exposed. The thrust of the media’s thundering herd invariably did open up a rash of new rabbit holes for independent journalists exemplified by Mint Press News‘ Whitney Webb to go to work exposing Deep State complicity, in turn facilitating greater access to previously well-guarded, concealed secrets extending far beyond the usual tip of the iceberg superficial coverage of any given pedo-scandal. But we still have a long way to go.

A series of incisive, explosive articles written by dot-connecting journalist Whitney Webb unpeeled the long existing role of Mega Group co-founders Charles Bronfman and Leslie Wexner and their direct Zionist links to the Epstein-Maxwell honey trap operation, covertly coordinated by Israeli military intelligence, designed to ensnare blackmail entrapment and control over some of the world’s most powerful figures and key policymaking puppets.[xxx]

But as more information gets unearthed, the pedophilia cabal countered with predictable pushback – a month later Epstein was declared dead by suicide and the case against him was conveniently closed, a major win for the pedo-elite breathing a sigh of relief that truth and justice was thwarted once again.

Allegations that both Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz spent time on Epstein’s Pedophile Island with underage girls was confirmed in court documents released nearly a year after Epstein’s alleged death in late July 2020. According to victim Virginia Giuffre’s testimony, in the early 2000s when she asked Epstein why the former president was on the island, the pedophile replied “Well, he owes me favors,” jokingly insinuating that Bill Clinton was in Epstein’s back pocket.[xxxi] Though Virginia stopped short of stating that Bill Clinton had sex with the two underage girls from New York that he was spotted with, in her deposition she steadfastly maintains that orgies on Pedo Island were a normal near everyday routine.

A few recent accounts of the Jeffrey Epstein saga currently emerging are seemingly attempting to cast Guislaine Maxwell in a less criminal light, portraying her a victim of Epstein. From an August 9, 2020 Independent article:

Experts in sex trafficking have suggested Epstein may also have ‘groomed’ Ms Maxwell, who arrived in New York vulnerable after her celebrity life exploded after the death of her father, press baron Robert Maxwell.[xxxii]

Poor pitiful rich girl not even out of her 20s when her beloved powerful father tragically dies, shrouded in mysterious circumstance, disgraced by accusations of his theft and fraud, a grieving Guislaine fled Britain seeking escape from grief, falling into the arms of a man so many ways like her beloved daddy Robert Maxwell, a fellow ruthless, Type-A driven psychopath, just like Guislaine. A psychopathic [common law] marriage made not in heaven but hell. Matchmaker daddy had set them up years earlier in their honey trap operation so his favorite daughter would be looked after and taken care of should he exit the world. Like her ambitious, aggressive father, Epstein was there for her in her vulnerable time of need, each coldblooded psychopath self-servingly needing the other.

But the Independent article insists that Epstein was grooming her to be his “bottom girl” or “bottom bitch” in the colloquial language of a pimp exploiting his first victim. This ploy is Image Enhancement 101, rehabilitating a shattered reputation as a jailed criminal to popular international socialite dedicated to ocean activism by presenting her as Epstein’s preyed upon, first abused victim. It’s precisely this kind of deception that mainstream corporate media functionally serves in the interests of the criminal cabal elite.

The reality is in the early to mid-1980s daddy spymaster was grooming both Guislaine and her new boyfriend Jeffrey in the dirty family business of espionage, money laundering, arms and drug trafficking, introducing child sex trafficking and honey trap blackmail operations as a function of Israeli intelligence. By the time Robert was literally separated from his beloved Lady Guislaine, both his yacht and Israeli intelligent asset daughter in November 1991,[xxxiii] the Epstein-Maxwell sexual blackmail machine already well in place was gaining momentum in its ensnarement of targeted VIPs. And with three decades of indoctrination and on-the-job training by her patriarchal spymaster father, it was Guislaine who was in the driver’s seat running the intel operation more than her front man Epstein. It’s a false scenario projecting that she was Epstein’s mere assistant, his schlepper whose mission was catering to his every whim, subserviently serving up young girls in her desire to please her man/boss/savior at all cost in hopes that one day he will marry her. This misguided by design piece in the Independent clearly frames Guislaine Maxwell as a sympathetic victim through the mouthpiece expertise of one Rochelle Keyhan,[xxxiv] attorney and CEO of Collective Liberty, a so called anti-human trafficking NGO, identifying Maxwell as Epstein’s poor little victimized “bottom girl” being demonized in pretrial media:

Typically, it’s either the first victim of the trafficker or the person who is most easily susceptible to their manipulation. Typically what the bottom does is it’s like the chief operating officer for the pimp who’s the CEO. And the main reason is, the bottom will get in trouble for everything. The pimp can then deny everything say ‘that oh my God, I had no idea there was violence, I had no idea this was happening or that was happening. It’s the bottom, she did it, she’s in charge. She’s the mastermind.[xxxv]

By the way, Rochelle Keyhan is the 2018 Thomson Reuters Foundation Stop Slavery Hero… never mind that Reuters is a Rothschild owned and controlled international newswire service,[xxxvi] and we know how much the Rothschilds care about enslaved trafficked children from previous chapters, particularly Chapters 27 and 28.

The Rothschild family coddled and protected Guislaine as one of their own. Just ask Epstein-Maxwell sexual assault victim Maria Farmer, the first to report their sexual predator crimes to police.[xxxvii] Having lived with Guislaine and Epstein for more than a year as an Epstein employee in the mid-1990s, Maria Farmer got to know Jeffrey and Guislaine up close and personal. Because Maxwell so often spoke so highly bragging about how the English royal family and the Rothschild family were her best friends since childhood, Maria was convinced that the fugitive Guislaine after Epstein’s July 2019 arrest was being protected in Rothschild safehouses around the world.[xxxviii] It was Lynn Forester de Rothschild who was talking up Epstein to President Clinton in 1993 and just three years later sold her Manhattan townhouse to Guislaine. Plus both the Rothschilds and Clintons supported Guislaine’s TerraMar organization long after Epstein went to jail. They were all socially intertwined in the same international elite circles in Manhattan, Palm Beach and London.

Who first introduced Guislaine to Epstein attorney Alan Deshowitz? According to Dershowitz, it was Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild.[xxxix] And who first introduced Epstein to Bill Clinton? According to several sources, again Evelyn de Rothschild.[xl] You see a pattern here? Every one of these people that the Rothschilds intentionally brought together are accused child sex predators. At the River Front overlooking the East River where the Rothschilds in January 2019 placed their posh pad on the market for a cool $22.5 million,[xli] a River Front neighbor of Henry Kissinger (also listed in Epstein’s black book) who introduced Evelyn de Rothschild to the American Lynn Forester at the 1998 Bilderberg meeting.[xlii] When the Illuminati guru puts Rothschilds together and they in turn put famous pedophiles together, you begin seeing a disturbing Luciferian trend in this highly interconnected web. The world controllers at the River Front lived only a 1.8-mile distance from the mafia-linked godfather Les Wexner’s property the largest Manhattan residence at 9 East 71st Street that he gave away free to his protégé Epstein, the world’s most infamous child sex trafficker. Guislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s Israeli intelligence partner that ran the world’s largest VIP sexual blackmail operation purchased her Manhattan townhouse in 1996 from guess who? Lynn Forester, soon to be de Rothschild.[xliii] You can’t make this shit up, it’s really a very small mafia-controlled world run by an even smaller club of controllers.

Guislaine is also a former member of the Clinton Global Initiative which Epstein attorneys credit Epstein with starting with the Clintons. It’s well-documented that the Clintons and the Rothschilds are extremely close, with the Rothschilds donating generously for years supporting their candidacies as well as their Clinton Foundation.[xliv] Newlyweds Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild in 2000 could have gone anywhere in the world on their honeymoon, but they chose to spend their first night together as husband and wife at their dearest friends’ mansion - the Clinton White House.[xlv] A released Wikileaks email exchange in 2010 between Hillary and Lynn shows how intimate their friendship goes,[xlvi] and how Hillary sickeningly grovels for forgiveness from the dynasty hand that feeds her.[xlvii] We also know that the Rothschild and Bronfman Jewish crime families share a joint family financial advisory business together… one big happy Zionist Jewish mafia crime family using useful idiot goyim like the Clintons when it suits their purpose.

Yet another link that Lynn Forester shares with an early child sex trafficking ring in New York is through her first marriage to Andrew Stein, a Democratic New York state senator. Stein’s brother James Finkelstein married Cathy Frank, the granddaughter of liquor distiller Lewis Rosenstiel, who had Jewish  and Italian mob ties and ran a pedo-ring in New York within the same social circles as Roy Cohn.[xlviii] Cohn first learned to be a trafficker from his protégé Rosenstiel back in the 1950s when both trafficked underage boys on the East Coast for sexual blackmail. One notable scene witnessed by Rosenstiel’s wife was when transvestite J. Edgar Hoover showed up at a Rosenstiel party in drag. After Cohn introduced Hoover as “Mary” to Rosenstiel’s wife, the two sex traffickers Rosenstiel and Cohn then followed Mary into a bedroom and watched with delight America’s FBI director diddling two young boys.[xlix]

Years later lawyer Cohn conspired with clients Cathy Frank and James Finkelstein to con the senile 84-year old Lewis Rosenstiel into signing over his $75 million estate to them just two weeks before the old man died, the three conspirators challenging Rosenstiel’s fourth wife over the will in court in February 1976.[l] This less than honorable piece of scum was young Donald Trump’s mentor. During Lynn’s Forester’s divorce from politician Andrew Stein on her way to her third marriage with Evelyn, she reportedly felt comfortably close enough to Epstein to request money from him.[li] Lynn’s on the board of directors at Estee Lauder companies, owned by powerful Mega Group member and close Trump friend Ronald Lauder, who illegally as Austria’s US ambassador in the 1980s gave Epstein his fake passport with a Saudi address.

As mentioned, Lynn de Rothschild also partners with Mega Group member Edgar Bronfman’s son Matthew, heading the investment firm Bronfman E.L. Rothschild, ranked #2 as the second fastest growing firm among Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) listings according to Financial Advisors Magazine in 2016.[lii]  The company apparently no longer lists its website online. For what it’s worth, in 2019 the Bronfman E.L. Rothschild firm has become a mere subsidiary of Sontag Advisory, and it’s no longer even listed in any of the RIA rankings. As of September 2019, Bronfman E.L. Rothschild firm holds assets worth near $6 billion and employs 64 advisors on staff, so apparently it still exists with a listing on[liii] The website of the 2003 founded E.L. Rothschild family investment company,[liv] belonging to Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild that owns Economist Magazine is still online, but the joint Bronfman E.L. Rothschild investment firm founded in 1997 apparently elected to go dark in cyberworld, perhaps due in recent years to the two crime families’ negative publicity.

Both Lynn de Rothschild and Jeffrey Epstein share a history with Deutsche Bank together as well. Epstein through the years engaged in illegal money laundering in the millions, perhaps eve billions. In the 1980s it was the notorious CIA operated BCCI bank till its collapse in 1991, but more on that criminal spook bank later. In July 2020 the German lending institution Deutsche was fined $150 million for violation of anti-money-laundering laws.[lv] Over the last two decades Epstein used his multiple accounts at Deutsche Bank to make out of court settlements with dozens of his victims, paying legal fees and even paying off his co-conspirators. The bank grossly failed to monitor his illegal banking activities, letting him flaunt his crimes without ever questioning or holding him accountable. Shortly before his July 2019 arrest, Deutsche Bank finally ended its relationship with him, although it made referrals to other banks and stated “it was unaware of any problems” with any of his past accounts. Essentially, Deutsche gave the hardened criminal carte blanche never challenging his countless irregularities and non-compliance with the law. Meanwhile, Lynn de Rothschild has been an advisor at the Deutsche Bank Microfinance Consortium and is also a board member on the Alfred Herrhausen Society of International Dialogue of Deutsche Bank.[lvi] Might her banking clout and name be a reason Epstein had his way at Deutsche?

Here’s another biggie. The airport hub of the Maxwell-Epstein trafficking blackmail operation was the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, just 12 miles west of New York City, where more Lolita Express flights touched down and lifted off transporting underage sex slaves than any other airport in the entire world.[lvii] Based on released court documents from August 2019, records from just one amongst a pool of Epstein pilots submitted a total of 730 known flights using the Jersey airport between 1995 and 2013. It’s also worth noting that Lynn de Forester Rothschild’s father, J. Kenneth Forester, was a WWII pilot and aviation pioneer who founded the Teterboro Airport’s longtime aviation services company Meridian, a fixture at the exclusive private airport serving business executives and VIPs since 1946.[lviii] Lynn de Rothschild’s brother, Air Force Academy graduate Ken Forester Jr. in 1974 took over the family business of the father,[lix] who died at age 94 in 2016. As a one stop all purpose aviation service company providing both maintenance and charter flights, Meridian has expanded its services to three small airports in California and one in Florida.[lx] That covers two states of the three Epstein mainland US residences. It may well be a legit company, but the question has to be asked, especially with all the interconnected dots with what we know about Lynn de Rothschild and her intimate ties to both Epstein and Maxwell as well as the Clintons, to the person all certifiable pedophile gangsters, and her bloodline family’s prominent role at the notorious #1 Epstein-Maxwell child trafficking hub, is it all just pure coincidence or is something far more sinister operating here?

A mutual criminal friend of both Bill Clinton going back to their college days together and Jeffrey Epstein is former Palm Beach attorney Arnold Paul Prosperi.[lxi] During the 13 months of Epstein’s county jail sleepovers in 2008, Prosperi visited the pedophile a remarkable total of 20 times. Prosperi, Epstein and President Clinton attended an exclusive fundraising dinner together with only 15 guests at Revlon chairman listed in Epstein’s black book Ron Perelman’s Manhattan estate in 1995 for refurbishing the Clintons’ White House Oval Office.[lxii] Prosperi turned out to be a felon also, involved in a multimillion dollar swindling of a client in 1997. Prosperi died in 2016.

Anther Clinton-Epstein mutual contact was White House aide Mark Middleton who Epstein visited at least three times at the White House. Onetime Epstein buddy President Trump sent Middleton a signed copy of his book. After he left his White House job, attorney Middleton chose to keep his White House phone number that redirected callers to his trade company. Later the administration rebuked him for still using the old White House number, claiming he abused his privilege and his access to the White House was revoked. Then in 1999 the House Reform Committee subpoenaed him due to the Clinton campaign illegally accepting nearly a half million dollars in foreign donations. Who says foreign agents don’t own the US government? Middleton defiantly refused to show up for the hearing evoking his right against self-incrimination. Do you see a pattern here? Virtually everyone who shares a mutual friend named Jeffrey Epstein in common is exposed for breaking the law or involved in some nefarious activity.

Other mutual friends in trouble with the law close to both Epstein-Maxwell crime partners and the Clinton crime family is pedo-actor Kevin Spacey who has a history of sexually abusing adolescent boys. Recall the highly publicized 2002 Lolita Express flight to Africa with Epstein and Bill Clinton.[lxiii] Also Spacey and Guislaine’s tour of Buckingham Palace sitting on the queen’s throne together with their personal guide, accused child sex offender Prince Andrew (for the lowdown on Andrew’s Epstein involvement, see Chapter 33).

Appearing in Epstein’s infamous black book is Doug Band, referred to in New York Magazine as “Bill Clinton’s bag carrier, body man, fixer, and all-purpose gatekeeper.”[lxiv] Band was also on that trip to Africa and became friends with Guislaine Maxwell as well, attending a dinner party in 2005 at her New York townhouse bought from Lynn de Rothschild. Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre has stated that Doug Band was well-aware of the Epstein-Maxwell sex trafficking with underage girls but chose to say nothing.

Former New Mexico governor and onetime UN ambassador Bill Richardson during the Clinton administration was Bill’s energy secretary. He was allegedly close to both Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, and known to have at least one time stayed at the Santa Fe ranch. Unsealed documents released a day before Epstein’s reported suicide reveal that Virginia Giuffre in a 2016 deposition claimed she was ordered by Epstein and Maxwell to have sex with Bill Richardson, among a number of other prominent men she alleges she was passed onto.[lxv] Though Richardson denies the allegation, with pictures proving he was there, Richardson was compelled to admit that he visited the ranch once with his wife.[lxvi] Though a spokesperson for the former governor specified that he was not a friend of Epstein’s, and allegedly knew nothing of their sex crimes, in direct contradiction is a sworn deposition statement made by Virginia Giuffre in 2016 where she stated that Bill Richardson had sex with her and was aware of the Epstein-Maxwell sex trafficking operation.

Another politician Virginia maintains she was forced to have sex with who also knew about Epstein is former Democratic Senator from Maine George Mitchell, onetime Senate Majority Leader. Virginia Giuffre has also stated that billionaire Ron Burkle was aware of the Epstein sex ring as well.[lxvii] Burkle is a supermarket magnate and co-owner of the NHL Pittsburgh Penguin hockey team, whose 26-year old son Andrew died in early January 2020. Burkle is also allegedly a close mutual friend to both Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein. 

Another Clinton cabinet member who was friends with Epstein is Bill’s former treasury secretary and onetime Harvard president Larry Summers, who willingly accepted $30 million from the philanthropic, influence peddling blackmailer Epstein.[lxviii] At the insistence of Summers and reported reluctance of Epstein, the Harvard prez used some of the pedo’s money to create the Harvard Epstein Program for Mathematical Biology and Evolutionary Dynamics. Flight logs show that Summers flew on the infamous plane to the infamous island as well. Larry Summers’ wife hosts a television program funded by once again the world’s most famous pedophile. Finally, both Clinton cabinet members Bill Richardson and Larry Summers are advisory board members of Genie Energy, the only company with drilling rights in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. Other board members include Clinton’s CIA director James Woolsey, Deep State media mogul Rupert Murdock, Mega Group member Michael Steinhardt and Lord Jacob Rothschild. Lynn de Forester Rothschild was also on secretary of energy’s advisory board while Richardson held the post.[lxix]  

It’s one thing to know Epstein prior to his pedo-conviction, but it’s another to still maintain a personal or business relationship with him after learning he’s a registered sex offender. An investment tycoon who chose to continue doing business as usual with Epstein long after he became a registered sex offender is billionaire Leon Black, chairman of Apollo Global Management. As late as a decade after Epstein was investigated, in 2015 Black was forcing his executives to listen to Epstein instruct them on cutting corners with offshore shelter tips to “legally” cheat on paying taxes.[lxx] Despite an internal backlash by some, Black persisted maintaining his “business” relationship with the pedophile. Another company that chose to maintain a relationship with Epstein is JPMorgan Chase, an old Rothschild subsidiary. In recent years it was leaked that Leon Black and fellow Apollo founder Marc Rowan and reps Ariane Rothschild and Cynthia Tobiano from the Edmund de Rothschild Group converged on Epstein’s infamous Manhattan mansion to talk business together. From the Lynn and Evelyn de Rothschild ties that bind to both Epstein and Maxwell to another Rothschild dynasty branch. Blackmailers can still hold court over those they compromise, unless of course they own the world.

Leon Black even gave $10 million to Epstein’s foundation, Gratitude America in 2015.[lxxi] For the biggest child sex trafficker-sexual blackmailer of the 21st century to have “Israeli intelligence” finagle a sweetheart deal to issue his get out of jail card 6 days a week for a few inconvenient months of jail sleepovers, why not call your charity “Gratitude America,” where the two-tiered legal justice system allows billionaires too big to jail pedophiles who fuck and pimp children with virtual impunity while the rest of us would be doing lifetime sentences in cockroach infested cages. Once the asshole did get locked up on trafficking charges last year, the Leon Blacks of the world, and there’s quite a few, found themselves in deep offshore water without a paddle having to explain themselves to their investors. One wonders, as with Les Wexner, what kind of hidden camera hold the blackmailer of the century and his partner Ghislaine still have on so many compromised elitists with Maxwell as one of their own locked away in her roach-infested cage, no doubt sweating it out not unlike her ex-lover Epstein did for a month. We’re as close to breaking through the impenetrable wall of their 2-tiered justice system as we ever have been, because their filthy truth has never been more glaring. And if they pull a déjà vu to kill her too, there’s going to be a revolution!

Speaking of the one locked up now in Brooklyn, Ghislaine Maxwell’s dishonorable, untrustworthy character can be illustrated by exposing her litany of uncovered lies beginning with her emphatic denial of any illegal wrongdoing against any of the Epstein victims. But with countless victims lining up ready to testify against her in a court of law next July, Ghislaine risks being proven before the world the habitual liar that she is as she realizes her many years of criminal wrongdoing will be fully paraded before the public in sordid detail at her upcoming trial. That’s the biggest reason her case will more than likely never get that far but instead she’ll work out yet another non-prosecution plea bargain arrangement to shorten her prison sentence, so the 58-year old has a chance of a post-prison life, or her fate may well become the same as Epstein’s – silenced by another prearranged suicided final act.

Maybe the indictments of pedo-rapist Jean-Luc Brunel and all the other female accomplices and hired hands involved in the day-to-day blackmail operation will also face having their day in court, but seeing is believing on the Prince Andrew, the Clintons, Barak and all the rest of the seedy VIP clientele who have always lived above the law. Dershowitz is a toss-up and could go either way. That’s historically how these scandals work out with up to a small handful of the lowest hangers thrown under the bus but the untouchables higher up on the food chain remaining untouchable ultimately until their Judgment Day. Rest assure, it’ll come.

Among Maxwell’s countless boldface lies was her denying that she ever had contact with Epstein for a full decade when recently disclosed documents confirm that she maintained email correspondence as recently as late January 2015 with her former partner-in-crime. Also proving her “no contact” lie, once the pedophile was a free man in 2011, he met with both Maxwell and their mutual old friend Prince Andrew for a happy reunion of sorts.

The year before in 2010 Ghislaine made up the false excuse that she had to abruptly leave New York for London without a plan to return due to an ill mother apparently on her near deathbed, anything to avoid attending another legal deposition in the victims’ then civil lawsuit against Epstein.[lxxii] Yet within weeks, Maxwell the socialite was discovered back in New York attending Chelsea Clinton’s July 31st wedding.[lxxiii] After the most media visible victim Jane Doe No.102, otherwise known as Jane Doe No.3 in another suit, Virginia Roberts-Giuffre, went public with her allegations against Epstein, Maxwell and Prince Andrew as well as a slew of others like Harvard professor-defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, Israeli former prime minister Ehud Barak, former Democratic Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, former Democratic US Senator from Maine George Mitchell, Hyatt Hotels owner Tom Pritzker, hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin (See Chapter 38), deceased Harvard scientist Marvin Minsky and modeling scout and longtime  rapist Jean-Luc Brunel.[lxxiv] Virginia’s generic list that Epstein passed her onto include:

Numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister and other world leaders.[lxxv]

In response to the negative publicity, Maxwell publicly called Virginia a liar in the press, which of course was yet another lie as Virginia has backed up many of her accusations with solid irrefutable evidence and has yet to be proven a liar, as opposed to Maxwell’s nonstop record of chronically lying to save her own skin.

From the late July 2020 Judge Loretta Preska’s giant doc dump of unsealed records, much of what had previously been suspected or known about the Epstein case was recently confirmed by thousands of highly revealing unsealed court documents. Again, let’s look a little closer at that bogus claim Maxwell had no contact with Epstein for a full decade, contradicted by their January 2015 email exchange amidst Virginia Giuffre’s defamation suit against her eventually settled in 2017.[lxxvi] Definitely feeling the heat, in an effort to distance herself from their longtime shared association with Jeffrey, on January 24, 2015 Ghislaine wrote stating that she’d “appreciate it” if Epstein’s girlfriend (after Ghislaine), referred to as “shelley,” would come forward to say she was Epstein’s girlfriend, adding “I think she was from end 99 to 2002.”[lxxvii] The next day Epstein responded “ok with me.”

The above exchange came in response to an email sent by Epstein a couple days earlier that read as though Ghislaine had written it. Obviously Epstein was attempting to help his former crime partner appear less guilty and unfairly maligned as possible in preparation as defendant in Giuffre’s defamation suit:

Since JE was charged in 2007 for solicitation of a prostitute I have been the target of outright lies, innuendo, slander, defamation, gossip… I have never been party to any criminal activity pertaining to JE.[lxxviii]

Epstein’s email message adds that at the time of his controversial plea in the case, Maxwell was already:

In a very long-term committed relationship with another man and no longer working with Jeffrey. Whilst I remained on friendly terms with him up until his plea, I have had limited contact since.

The Epstein message concludes that Maxwell reserves her right “to file complaint and sue for defamation and slander,” which of course she did. In his January 25, 2015 message, Epstein went on to say:

You have done nothing wrong and i woudl [sic] urge you to start acting like it. go outside, head high, not as an esacping [sic] convict. go to parties. deal with it.

This email shows Epstein’s both a lousy speller and truly possessed a psychopathic character. After all the abusive damage she [and he] caused to so many victims, he’s emphasizing how important it is for her to walk around with her head held high, as if proud of her depravity and evil criminal acts, after all, as a worshipper of Lucifer, no doubt he was proud of himself and his many atrocious accomplishments.

Back to the Ghislaine Maxwell’s email referring to the Epstein former girlfriend “shelley.” Of course public release of her first name triggered a media frenzy trying to track her down and identify. And it didn’t take long as in less than a week, her name and photos were plastered all over the headlines.[lxxix] Interestingly enough, a day or two prior to the judge releasing the over 5,000 previously sealed records, while the media was anticipatingly reporting the impending release, the woman in question, Shelley Anne Lewis, suddenly went dark closing all her social media accounts.[lxxx] By attempting to “disappear,” Shelley Lewis only sent the message to the world that she likely has much to hide of her time intimately spent with the world’s biggest known pedophile. If she was actually innocent and never knew her boyfriend was trafficking and abusing hundreds of underage sex slaves with the likes of Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton, then one would think she would want to be open and reveal all that she knows or didn’t know at the time, rather than unsuccessfully attempt to hide in vain from the massive media attention she knew would be forthcoming. Now she faces potential conspiracy charges as a willing, aiding and abetting accomplice like all the rest of the procurers, assistants and fixers, currently fretting over the next shoe to drop. If she knows what’s good for her, Shelley Lewis is “singing like a canary.”

Shelley Lewis’s 71-year old businessman father speaking from his affluent Cheshire, England neighbourhood to the Daily Mail, confirmed that his now 43-year old daughter dated Epstein while in her early 20s, involved in a sexual relationship with the pedophile for three years from 1999 to 2002.[lxxxi] At the time, Shelley was in New York working at Christie’s auction house and is listed flying on Epstein’s Lolita Express flight logs scores of times. Though nowhere to be found talking to the press now, in prior interviews, anonymously referring to Epstein, Shelley raved how she was helped by a “mentor” who “was so original in all his thought processes that he couldn’t even see the box.” Under her “mentor’s” tutelage, the current “spiritual entrepreneur” hosts yoga retreats in the US and previously offered “lifestyle guru” courses to those seeking New Age guidance and enlightenment. She must have learned so much from her wise “mentor” who can’t even see the box… quite an accomplishment, going from mol of the world’s biggest pedo-gangster to “Om”-chanting yogic guru and spiritual expert.

As previously sealed documents continue to get released to the public, more people are being outed, “inconvenienced” and confronted for having flown on Lolita Express and been a Pedophile Island guest. In early August 2020 the latest individual needing to explain herself for winding up in Epstein’s sinister world is Clemmie Hambro, at 5-years old the youngest bridesmaid attending Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding, a great granddaughter of Winston Churchill and member of the blueblood Hambro banking dynasty (for her treasonous WWII relative Sir Charles Jocelyn Hambro, see Chapter 28).[lxxxii] Now the 44-year old Clemmie Hambro had to explain how back in 1999 as a 23-year old employee also working at Christie’s auction house in New York just like her co-worker Shelley Lewis, she ostensibly was helping the billionaire Epstein select artwork to furnish his sprawling ranch property in New Mexico. But her visit to Little Saint James Island resulted from Epstein’s “personal invitation.” Wonder how her Christie’s co-worker then Epstein’s girlfriend Shelley Lewis felt about that “personal invitation” to Pedo Island. Listed in the predator’s infamous “black book” as well, Clemmie Hambro said she never knew, saw or ever suspected any criminal activity, although she apparently was noticed and approached as a potential witness by some of Epstein’s underage victims who were on the island when she was. Her summarized explanation:

I was young, naïve and lucky to escape.[lxxxiii]

Numerous other women employed through the years by Epstein and Maxwell as fellow child procurers, fixers, assistants and co-conspirators may still yet be charged. Among them are Sarah Kellen, Nadia Marcinkova, Adriana Ross, Lesley Groff[lxxxiv] and Emmy Tayler. Though they may have been immune from prosecution in Epstein’s sweetheart deal in Florida, they are not immune from criminal charges filed in New York and elsewhere if it can be proven they helped Epstein and Maxwell prey on young victims. Prosecutors want to bring them in for questioning to discern if they were involved in criminal activity.

Right after Epstein’s death last August, the media reported that British actress Emmy Tayler, Ghislaine’s personal assistant who Maxwell allegedly called “her slave,” was being sought for questioning after underage witnesses singled her out as a frequent flier on Lolita Express.[lxxxv] One of Epstein’s underage rape victims, model Johanna Sjoberg, disclosed that Emmy Tayler “taught her how to massage Epstein,” of course in Epstein’s warped world, codeword “massage” meant “sex.” On another occasion Johanna and Emmy were ordered to perform a striptease act together in front of their perverted master mastur-bating.

Much has been made of 21-year old Johanna Sjoberg with 17-year old Virginia Roberts-Giuffre at Epstein’s New York residence in April 2001, reportedly photographed at a party with Prince Andrew and a life-sized puppet of him. Guislaine set the scene up for a photo, placing the doll’s hand on Virginia’s breast, then it appears that Andrew spontaneously groped Johanna’s breast sitting on his lap.[lxxxvi] Johanna provided testimony in 2007 and again in 2016 about Guislaine approaching her while at a Palm Beach community college for a legitimate job as personal assistant in 2001, recruited under false pretense in a “chillingly similar” method that Virginia was, thus corroborating her evidence against Maxwell. It’s been revealed that Epstein pressured Johanna also into having sex with the British prince.

Yet another woman wanted for questioning by police emerged upon Ghislaine’s arrest in early July 2020 – the Countess of Iveagh by way of marrying into the aristocratic Guinness bloodline, famous for its beer brewing company. Prior to acquiring her British title, she was Briton blonde bombshell named Clare Hazell, allegedly another onetime Epstein girlfriend and possible former sex slave-turned-procurer (according to Epstein-Maxwell victim Maria Farmer).[lxxxvii] Clare made at least 32 Lolita Express flights around the globe from 1998 to 2000. By 2001 she was a countess married to an earl Edward Guinness, the 30th richest person in the UK, and by 2003 delivered his son as the family heir. Artist Maria Farmer knew Clare back in 1995 and 1996, while the 25-year old Maria was oblivious and naïve regarding Epstein’s pedo-operation, she was employed by Epstein as his art consultant and informally his artist in residence in New York and Florida until Maria’s sexual assault during her 3-month 1996 summer stay at the Wexner property in Ohio. But more on Maria Farmer later. Clare Hazell at that time was living in Columbus studying at Ohio State University. Epstein reportedly financed Clare’s modelling agency and in exchange, she was at his and Ghislaine’s “beck and call,” according to an anonymous friend. Maria put it this way:

Clare liked having nice drinks, piles of cash and nice outfits.[lxxxviii]

As is so common, child sex predators often work masquerading in children’s charities, the UK’s largest child protection organization being the NSPCC, which not long ago had patrons pedo-minister-Rothschild agent and black book friend Peter Mandelson and accused abuser Prince Andrew. Turns out Lady Iveagh as NSPCC’s West Suffolk branch president recently quit due to the burgeoning scandal.[lxxxix] If she was totally innocent in her Epstein days, why would she suddenly resign as again it only sends the message of probable guilt with something to hide. Law enforcement is currently probing Hazell’s role in the Epstein-Maxwell trafficking-blackmail web to discern if she helped procure victims or otherwise was responsible as an accomplice, fixer or pimp. Another from the no accident file, the Earl and Countess of Iveagh’s domicile is Elveden Hall, where Stanley Kubrick’s last film before the cabal murdered him “Eyes Wide Shut” was filmed on location.[xc]

What is may be in process resulting from Ghislaine’s prosecution are the eminent arrests of many of these Epstein-Maxwell employees that were part of their decades long extensive trafficking operation. The big question becomes will the list of arrestees also include all the rich and powerful blackmailed global players like the Clintons, Prince Andrew, Ehud Barak and scores of other famous VIP figures? If history repeats itself as it always does, all the A-listers will be allowed to safely slither to their graves as unpunished “deplorables” of the worst kind, right Hillary?

After the disappointment of the April 2020 2-1 appeals court decision to not apply the Crime Victims’ Rights Act to survivor Courtney Wild’s challenge on behalf of all Epstein and Maxwell’s victims,[xci] in early August 2020 the US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the earlier decision and agreed to finally consider the illegality of the sweetheart deal violating the victims’ rights in a move to vacate the previous 3-judge panel’s divided opinion that the prosecutors did not violate the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.[xcii] This also invalidates the 2008 Non-Prosecution Agreement in Florida that protected all of Epstein’s enablers, co-conspirators and trafficking accomplices’ impunity and opens up greater access for victim justice overall.

Before the quintessential conman pilfered millions from his every job, Epstein’s initiation into the world of high finance and investment arrived when Bear Stearns CEO Allan Ace Greenberg was so bedazzled by wonder boy’s new math magic teaching his son at Manhattan’s exclusive private Dalton School, he hired Epstein on the spot with no experience at all. Within a couple years at Bear Stearns, Epstein was made a limited partner. Epstein had lied on his Dalton School application, claiming he’d earned a college degree as a two-time dropout, deceiving the current US Attorney General William Barr’s daddy, headmaster Donald Barr who is said to have originally hired him. Several Dalton alumni have stated as a math and physics teacher in his early 20s, he’d frequently show up at the Dalton student parties and a couple of young schoolgirls complained that he tried to sexually hit on them.[xciii] After only two years, Epstein was abruptly fired, although the former headmaster (after Barr) refused to specify what for other than saying Epstein didn’t cut it as a teacher. But wonder boy’s meteoric rise from underachieving Brooklyn obscurity seemed to be enhanced and blessed by the invisible hand of fate, or more aptly, Lucifer’s organized crime warlords, spymasters and secret mafia cabal billionaires.

Jeffrey Epstein, the Cony Island Brooklyn college dropout, was a narcissistic, psychopathic braggadocio grifter who ruthlessly and brutally clawed his way into billions of dollars and history’s all-time hall of shame. American investigative journalist Edward Jay Epstein (no relation) knew the conman well when Jeffrey Epstein lived in a one-bedroom apartment at Solow Tower at 265 East 66th Street a few years after being terminated from Bear Stearns for an “unknown infraction” we now know was insider trading.

Jeffrey Epstein tried to impress others by arranging parties on the roof of his apartment building claiming the penthouse was his, while ordering deli food delivered for his rooftop guests. He bragged to Edward Jay how he could upgrade the journalist’s purchased airline ticket in coach to first class, the next day handing the ticket back with a tacky sticker attached claiming it would be accepted as a first class upgrade, that is until Edward Jay learned at the airline check-in counter that it was merely an economy class ticket with a fake sticker attached… no Epstein magic there, just the frothy verbal bluster of an inwardly insecure, outwardly arrogant and overly confident bullshitter’s unfulfilled promise.[xciv]

Little has been written of Epstein’s early involvement with Edgar Bronfman Sr. of the Seagram crime family, head of the World Jewish Congress and his brother Charles co-founder with Les Wexner of the Jewish billionaire Mega Group. In 1980 Bronfman unloaded Texas Pacific Oil Company and was seeking his next purchase with lots of cash in hand when approached by Giuseppe Tome, financial advisor to Italy’s black nobility bloodline, the House of Savoy and the Agnelli family known for its Fiat automotive empire. Having already shared past business in gold acquisition with the Bronfman clan,[xcv] Tome sought out Edgar Bronfman in 1980 to explore their next joint venture together.

It was Epstein on behalf of the Bronfman crime family who warned Edgar that Tome was a spy, setting Giuseppe Tome up to take the fall for insider trading involving the St. Joe Mineral Corporation, an oil and gold mining company.[xcvi] While at Bear Stearns Epstein clearly engaged in illicit insider trading and then lied to the FBI in his deposition, yet it was Tome along with other Italian and Swiss investors who got busted and sent to jail.[xcvii] Epstein’s flagrant violation of Securities & Exchange Commission laws resulted in his mere loss of a trading license but no indictment. In 1981 he was forced to resign, but walking away a free man, he was off to see the world, the wonderful world of Oz.

Even though the 2003 Vicky Ward’s Vanity Fair article entitled “The Talented Mr. Epstein” was largely a puff piece, it does mention that Epstein allegedly confided in his later boss and mentor Steven Hoffenberg while employed as a consultant at Towers Financial Corporation from 1987 to 1993, admitting that at Bear Stearns in 1981 he “was discovered executing ‘illegal operations,’” i.e., insider trading.[xcviii] Epstein used as his face-saving excuse for his abrupt New York departure that he was hankering to start his own business, though J. Epstein & Company wouldn’t materialize for another 7 years until 1988.

With the powerful patriarch of the mighty Bronfman family Edgar interceding as Epstein’s first “mega” benefactor in 1980, bailing him out of his first illegal entanglement, though certainly not his last, without his trading license, what did the pedophile do for a living during those “lost years” from 1981 on? Epstein’s next stop was moving to London to cut his teeth engaging in secret arms trafficking and illegal money laundering. British arms dealer Douglas Leese took a liking to the young lad still in his late-20s and after getting canned and ego-bruised at Bear Stearns, under the veteran gun runner’s wing, Epstein learned about shady offshore front accounts, international laundering and the lucrative trafficking of war arms.

As just one example of mystery man Douglas Leese’s hifalutin international deal-making, he was instrumental as the pivotal middleman using offshore Bermuda holdings (not far from Epstein’s future sex trafficking operational headquarters on Little St. James Island) to funnel laundered bribes to Saudi royals to set up British history’s biggest arms deal, the multibillion-dollar 1985 Al Yamamah deal.[xcix] As an intelligence operative, Douglas Leese arranged the sale of British warplanes made by British Aerospace, the soon-to-be BAE Systems, the world’s largest foreign defense contractor, 4th biggest overall behind US firms Lockheed, Boeing and Raytheon,[c] in exchange for coveted Saudi Kingdom oil. UK police calculated over £6 billion in corrupt commissions. The then Saudi defense minister, Prince Bandar made a killing, but his even bigger day in infamy came on 9/11 when Prince Bandar-Bush as Saudi Ambassador to US allegedly supplied 15 Saudi 9/11 hijackers out of the total of 19.[ci] Notice how one Bush-Clinton scandal seamlessly morphs into another over the passing decades, involving the same criminal players’ connecting ties to war, organized crime and pedophilia.

This is where Epstein as an intelligence asset learned to wheel and deal under the table, making big bucks in highly profitable illegal enterprises from a largely unknown, nonpublic role model named Sir Douglas Leese. Yep, no shady misdeed goes unrewarded by the crime cabal’s British queen, so the royal knight taught Epstein everything he knew. Douglas Leese’s name can hardly be found in the public domain. But as peddler of multinational defense packages during the booming Iran Contra 1980s, his name came up a decade later in UK’s January 1996 Hansard parliamentary records, cited during a heated debate during the House of Commons investigation of the Yamamah deal by then MP George Galloway, referring to Leese’s controversial Saudi deal’s hefty kickback bribes.[cii] Prime Minister Tony Blair was always suppressing investigations into illegal arms or child sex trafficking, the Yamamah Deal no exception, primarily due to the brokering influence of Prince Charles’s cozy relationship with his Saudi royal counterparts.[ciii] The US-Anglo-Zionist Empire and its intelligence services actively promoting, training and financing support for the Saudi Wahabism movement,[civ] created proxy war terrorism through the rise of Al Qaeda as “useful idiot” role in 9/11 is well-grounded in documented fact.[cv]

Fitting that an early Epstein mentor, the late Douglas Leese, was also a member of the same male-only, highly secret elite Order of Saint Hubertus that in February 2016 Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suspiciously died with another rushed cremation and bypassed autopsy while attending a gathering at the Order’s West Texas hunting resort, notoriously referred to as “rent boy ranch.”[cvi] The highly skeptical circumstances surrounding the accused pedophile judge’s untimely death strongly indicate foul play and cover-up.[cvii]

Jeffrey Epstein was a hungry, hustling, showboating shyster when international master spy Robert Maxwell and his favorite spy apprenticed daughter first encountered him sometime in the early to mid-1980s.[cviii] According to Israel’s former Directorate of Military Intelligence Ari Ben-Menashe, daddy Maxwell introduced him to Epstein while Menashe and Robert Maxwell were busily immersed in dealing arms to multiple nations during the infamous Iran Contra Affair. Menashe asserts that Robert Maxwell brought Epstein in as an asset in Israeli Military Intelligence to sell arms to Iran.[cix] Menashe also states that Jeffrey Epstein met Ghislaine Maxwell at a party and she was smitten by his good looks and charm. According to Menashe, Ghislaine then introduced Epstein to her father and that’s when Menashe met Epstein through Robert Maxwell. It’s interesting that Ari the senior Israeli Military Intelligence veteran was not at all impressed with Epstein:

[Epstein] wasn’t very competent. He didn’t seem to be a competent guy, he doesn’t seem to be. But he was a good looking guy. And Miss Maxwell … fell for him.[cx]

Ari Ben-Menashe believes that because Maxwell’s daughter “fell for” Epstein, Robert Maxwell was inclined to favor the “good-looking” charmer for his daughter’s sake. Apparently, Ari has put out two slightly different dates regarding Epstein first meeting the Maxwells. The Whitney Webb article from October 2019 cites “mid-1980s” but in an interview posted in late September a week earlier Menashe specifies they met in “the early 1980s.” A perhaps minor point but worth noting. It’s safe to say that Ghislaine was very likely still in her early 20s while 9 years older Jeffrey was closer to 30 when they first got together romantically and soon were professionally connected and established through Robert Maxwell’s extensive Israeli intelligence network.

Epstein was employed by British intelligence-linked arms dealer Douglas Leese at the same time that Robert Maxwell recruited him for Israeli intelligence. What is crystal clear is that Epstein gained experience in arms trafficking, money laundering and intelligence gathering, for Israel and likely MI6 and CIA, often overlapping all three of these notorious allied intel agencies with confidentially shared information. From prior chapters, they notoriously coordinate pedo-trafficking blackmail operations around the globe.

Just ahead of Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual blackmail pedo-operation, during those Iran Contra years, in addition to involvement with the mysterious, queen-knighted British arms dealer Douglas Leese and the Maxwells, Epstein was also allegedly involved in money laundering and arms trafficking with the likes of the onetime richest man in the world,[cxi] the late notorious Saudi death merchant and international playboy Adnan Khashoggi,[cxii] uncle to the 2018 Saudi assassinated Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.[cxiii] Adnan Khashoggi was known for his ties to not only Saudi intelligence, but also US and Israel as well, even claiming his grandfather was Jewish.[cxiv] The years spent mostly abroad in Britain working the same backstream channels as the powerfully rich Saudi kingpin during the 1980s provided ample opportunity for his swapping the trafficking of arms for his destined pathological niche and deviant proclivity, the trafficking of underage sex slaves, that undoubtedly proved far more suited to his degenerate tastes.

While in Europe Epstein connected with the shady infamous Saudi Adnan Khashoggi, who not only moved heavy arms but major shipments of cocaine out of Colombia during the Contra 1980s.[cxv] Compliments of the Estee Lauder cosmetics heir and Mega Group member Ronald Lauder, Epstein even possessed an Austrian passport that listed Saudi Arabia as his country of residence. The purported excuse for the fraudulent passport is that it’s safer for a Jew working incognito with the Saudi billionaire Khashoggi to be an Austrian while covertly selling arms to Muslim countries. At this point, Epstein was definitely an asset working for US and Israeli intelligence.

Another gem from “it’s a small world” file, Adnan Khashoggi owned the world’s largest superyacht later sold to Donald Trump,[cxvi] while Khashoggi’s brother Emad built his superyacht in 1986 soon sold to Robert Maxwell, who renamed it Lady Guislaine, until 1991 when the 300-pounder either fell off or was pushed off.[cxvii]

After mystery man Leese, another Epstein’s mentoring criminal boss was Steven Hoffenberg, founder and chairman of the once large debt collection agency Towers Financial Corporation. Onetime New York Post owner Hoffenberg has said that he was first introduced in London to Epstein in 1987 by Sir Douglas Leese, touting Epstein’s assets:

The guy’s a genius. He’s great at selling securities. And he has no moral compass.[cxviii] [Emboldened for emphasis]

Regards to what Epstein did at his prior job with Leese, Hoffenberg confirmed his heavy involvement in:

Investment banking, money laundering, arm sales and intelligence gathering.

As a fellow hustling Jew from Brooklyn, it was an effortless task to recruit and navigate the young swindling hustler Epstein operating without a “moral compass” back to New York City to join fellow crook Hoffenberg’s Ponzi scheme from 1987 to 1993. Hoffenberg maintains that Epstein stole millions from his prior boss Douglas Leese, “skimming off the top of the money transfers he was involved in.”

During the half dozen years that Epstein worked for Hoffenberg, he was paid $25,000 a month and in 1988 given a $2 million loan that Epstein never paid back. The owner of Towers Financial accused Epstein of not only stealing from investors like Hoffenberg did, but also looting Hoffenberg’s company coffers as well. A pattern was already well-established, everywhere Epstein went, he stole millions of other people’s money. Hoffenberg’s description of the man:

Very manipulative, very controlling. He had no boundaries. He was a brilliant, seductive, criminal mastermind.[cxix]

The former Ponzi scheme kingpin-longtime jailbird-born again Christian Steven Hoffenberg paid for his crimes of fraud, income tax evasion and obstruction of justice, with a $1 million fine and spending 18 years of a 20-year sentence in federal prisons. But according to him, his chief partner-in-crime as his well-paid consultant – Jeffrey Epstein, apparently again was a “pay grade above,” escaping from having to answer for his crimes swindling investors out of nearly a half billion dollars.[cxx] Currently struggling with serious health issues in his newfound worship of Jesus, apparently 75-year old Steven Hoffenberg has decided to come clean to share some of what he knows.

Despite Epstein amassing a criminal fortune of $634 million appraised just after his August 2019 death, when it came time to pay back his share of bilking a total $475 million out of 200,000 investors in one of the largest scams in US history at Towers Financial,[cxxi] after successfully absconding with millions himself, Epstein’s name was mysteriously erased and was nowhere to be found on any company, police or legal record.

According to Steven Hoffenberg, well over a billion dollars are still being laundered currently, urging the Second District of New York to implement an asset forfeiture seizure and should have occurred as soon as Epstein died in August 2019.[cxxii] New York City DA Geoffrey Berman’s termination was likely over this unfinished money laundering business. Instead, the Virgin Islands Attorney General has taken the initiative lay claim against Epstein’s estate. The Sun reported that Epstein victims’ lawyer Spencer Kuvin asserts that Berman wouldn’t relent in his investigation of Prince Andrew and that’s why Trump and Attorney General William Barr fired him in June 2020.[cxxiii]

That invisible hand was at it again, bailing the evil asshole out at every turn. Though Hoffenberg insists he handed over mountains of evidence implicating Epstein for fraud to the prosecutors, when approached years later for explanation, they merely claim they were never interested in pursuing Epstein.[cxxiv]

Had Epstein been indicted alongside Hoffenberg back in 1995, literally thousands of young girls’ lives would have been spared the torment and devastation of another full decade of rape victim enslavement. But when it comes to gaining blackmail control over the so-called movers and shakers of the world, no amount of expendable children’s lives from the wrong side of the tracks means jack shit to the psychopathic planetary controllers.  

With thousands upon thousands losing their entire life savings, after his prison release in 2013, Steven Hoffenberg claimed he was committed to compensating investors that both he and Epstein had ripped off. But when Hoffenberg showed up at the door of Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in an effort to begin recouping stolen money, the door was slammed in his face. After paying back $200 million, in May 2016 Hoffenberg filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Epstein, ostensibly for investors to recover their losses but the suit went nowhere.[cxxv] The protected pedophile was never punished for either his financial or his sexual crimes.

Obviously because of Epstein’s high-level intel connections, the low-life thumbed his nose once again defying Lady Justice. One can easily see how Epstein - the financial and sexual predator – seamlessly moved from one criminal enterprise to the next with boundless arrogance and deferred accountability, which in turn only fed his growing egotistical, insatiable, lustful drive and appetite for more power, perversion and criminality, aided and enabled repeatedly by his get-out-of-jail card during his four decade long criminal career. Outspoken victim-survivor Virginia Roberts-Giuffre’s deposition testimony:

If I left Epstein, he knew all kinds of powerful people. He could have had me killed or abducted, and I always knew he was capable of that if I did not obey him. He let me know that he knew many people in high places. Speaking about himself, he said, ‘I can get away’ with things.[cxxvi]

Though encumbered in slightly more legal entanglement than his infamous British counterpart, Epstein’s life shares a remarkably close parallel with yet another Zionist - Jimmy Savile, UK’s chief VIP procurer to the rich and powerful as well as his nation’s most prolific pedophile in history. Each psychopathic monster rose from humble working-class roots to savagely damage thousands of victims along their way with virtual impunity and protection from the pedophile planetary controllers that each faithfully served as useful idiots. Another striking commonality is virtually everyone within their inner sphere knew what was going on, each brazenly not even hiding their perversions in plain sight, yet both were allowed to carry on crimes sprees spanning many decades with complete insulation from serious consequence. Reason? Both had Zionist intelligence ties to the most powerful people in the world. It also bears repeating that Epstein was a longstanding member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission,[cxxvii] two New World Order powerbroking organizations that to gain entrance, you already must be an untouchable in the elite’s inner club, this fact alone indicating that pedophiles rule the world.

The unholy trinity in illicit trade commodities of trafficking arms, drugs, children/humans, their organs and illegally begotten laundered money rarely receives the important attention even from independent news sources that it should, and that’s because the same global organized crime network controls this pink elephant in the room’s black budget revenue ranging from an unfathomable $1.6 to $2.2 trillion a year, and that tally was over three years ago.[cxxviii] In every nation on earth that possesses a sizeable black market for drugs, those who control that market invariably control the country. Though the Epstein-Maxwell sexual blackmail trafficking operation at its height may have been the world’s largest in the 1990s up till 2006 when Epstein’s grand jury indictment in Florida was finally forced, their criminal enterprise in the billions was a mere drop in the bucket compared to the total worldwide illegal pedo-arms-drug trafficking mafia empire.

That said, Epstein’s Maxwell father-daughter connection possessed far reaching global tentacles to the high and mighty the world over, including the Saudi Adnan Khashoggi’s powerful web as earth’s onetime wealthiest human, a major global fixer comfortably circulating between established geopolitical circles and organized crime elements as the #1 international kingpin in arms sales. During the 1980s, Epstein reportedly was a money collector for Khashoggi, who also raked in big bucks moving Colombian cocaine, and daresay dabbling in the human trafficking of beautiful, mostly white women as well.[cxxix] Like virtually every high-profile billionaire or perhaps trillionaire in Adnan’s case, like Epstein and Trump, Khashoggi loved his beautiful young women, collecting his concubine possessions as part of his private sex harem. The Khashoggi-Epstein-Ronald Lauder link through Jeffrey’s fake Austrian passport with listed Saudi address compliments of Ronald Lauder, the future Mega Group member, then US Austrian Ambassador, and longtime close friend to both Trump and Roy Cohn.[cxxx] Epstein and Khashoggi’s shared penchant and livelihood in arms trafficking and mutual love for very young beautiful women/girls as established fact dating back to the 1980s is virtually buried from media focus. Yet it may have been his sex slave genesis.

During the 1980s Jeffrey Epstein was allegedly in the thick of it all, very likely employed by the CIA, MI6 and Israeli Military Intelligence, covertly interfacing with the who’s who of both the top international weapons dealers and masters of espionage, all playing their shady hand, grooming the derelict during the cloak and dagger gluttony of the Reagan-Bush-Thatcher years. The 1980s stoked the Zionist war flames in the Middle East, supplying heavy arms while orchestrating and pitting Iraq against Iran in a bloody 8-year war,[cxxxi] as well as creating insurgent junta death squads in Nicaragua and neighboring Central American countries,[cxxxii] supplying weapons in exchange for CIA delivered cocaine flooding inner cities of America via the Bush-Clinton crime families (while Bill was Arkansas governor) from their Mena, Arkansas airport and CIA front company Southern Air Transport (SAT).[cxxxiii]

SAT was a cargo carrier fully owned by the CIA from 1960 to 1973 as a front company heavily tied to the Iran Contra arms and cocaine running in the 1980s.[cxxxiv] Though the principals include President Reagan, the real driver was former CIA director and then Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush, using Bill Clinton’s Arkansas as a pivotal landing and training zone. Increasingly in 1990s The Limited retailer billionaire Les Wexner possessing Israeli intelligence ties and his primary intel asset Jeffrey Epstein expanded their influence over the CIA air cargo carrier SAT. In the thick of all the clandestine activity and subterfuge, in October 1986 a Southern Air C-123 Globemaster was shot down by the Nicaraguan government,[cxxxv] which eventually was how this covert Iran Contra monstrosity finally got exposed years later. Gary Webb, the San Jose Mercury investigative journalist began unmasking the government debacle in 1996 that caused America’s crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s in his 1998 Dark Alliance series.[cxxxvi] The fake mainstream news outlets controlled by CIA mockingbird press turned his life upside down, ultimately leading to his probable suicided fate with two bullet holes in the head in 2004. 

Despite overwhelming evidence uncovered by Arkansas state police trooper Russell Welch and IRS agent William Duncan in the mid-1980s, the state corruption led by Governor Bill Clinton stymied and quashed nine separate probes and repeated efforts to present evidence before a grand jury.[cxxxvii] Because justice was crushed, the Clintons went on to the White House. With the CIA’s Southern Air Transport and its covert drug and arms smuggling operation through Mena airport so sloppily run, even Bill’s younger half-brother Roger Clinton busted on cocaine charges, but big brother Bill as president was there to later pardon. Virtually all guilty criminal offenders were protected during the Iran Contra scandal. Between the honest investigators compiling evidence along with key witnesses the dope dealing informants - CIA trafficking pilots Bobby Seal and Terry Reed, the evidence was overwhelming but because it was a federal intelligence operation, again it was all suppressed, no one of import was arrested or prosecuted.

Current US Attorney General William Barr was part of the federal cover-up, working for the CIA director William Casey and soon promoted under former CIA director President George HW Bush as his US Attorney General, Barr’s first go-round at that post. According to witness Terry Reed, who also trained Central American rightwing militia dubbed “freedom fighters” at a camp in the woods 10 miles north of the Mena airport,[cxxxviii] William Barr had this to say to the next chosen President of the US:

Bill, you are Mr. Casey’s fair-haired boy… You and your state have been our greatest asset. Mr. Casey wanted me to pass on to you that unless you fuck up and do something stupid, you’re No. 1 on the short list for a shot at the job you’ve always wanted. You and guys like you are the fathers of the new government. We are the new covenant.[cxxxix]

See how presidents get chosen? If they do what they’re told by their crime cabal puppet masters, they get duly rewarded. Essentially, the more bad you do in Lucifer’s world, the higher you’re promoted. William Barr is a cabal fixer and a proven cover-up kingpin for the last four decades.[cxl] With this cabal errand boy in charge of the current Epstein-Maxwell case, justice will unlikely be served as the system is too infested with corruption and evil. The Clintons have only been rewarded for all their crimes and Clinton death count. And what about those thousands of sealed indictments, it’s been years now waiting for justice to be delivered. If it was, and high-profile pedophiles were finally arrested and prosecuted, Trump would win in a landslide. That Deep State swamp Trump got elected to drain is a bubbling over cesspool. This current status quo quagmire also explains why Barr forced New York DA Geoffrey Berman out of a job. The New York Times attributed Berman’s ousting to Trump’s adversarial purge in the lead-up to this year’s November election, citing DA Berman prosecuting his former lawyer-fixer Michael Cohen, next going after Trump’s current attorney former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani and indicting two Giuliani associates that helped unveil Joe Biden’s flagrant nepotism over son Hunter’s $600,000 cushy Ukraine gas company gig.[cxli]

Additionally, Joe Biden’s younger brother James owns property on Water Island, 9 miles from Epstein’s Little Saint James Island. The brother sold a land parcel to a lobbyist who’s financially gained bigtime from Biden’s Vice Presidency.[cxlii] The 2020 Democratic presidential nominee also annually vacations in the Virgin Islands and reputedly Uncle Joe, the compulsive child fondler, has his hand grabbing a Virgin Island for himself.[cxliii] With Guislaine a piloted submariner and underwater docks located around the islands as well as a licensed helicopter pilot, she’s been known to pick up guests and discreetly transport/traffic them to and from Orgy Island to avoid names on flight logs that become public record. Since Epstein half owned the local Port of Red Hook with the Virgin Island Governor, avoiding customs inspections altogether, essentially their trafficking operation was secured without territorial government interference. And according to a Biden staffer, the rumor goes, if he wins, he’ll pardon Guislaine synchronized with her scheduled July trial.[cxliv] Granted, this could be a planted story from the Trump campaign, or maybe not.

Back to the CIA’s Southern Air Transport and its long history running heroin shipments from the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia to the States during the 1960s and 1970s’ Vietnam War era to the 1980s arms for cocaine running during Iran Contra infamy, by the 1990s SAT was increasingly transporting “clothing” from Hong Kong to Columbus, Ohio for Wexner’s retail clothing company The Limited,[cxlv] despite SAT being based out of Miami as the US Southern drug gateway. Yet another underhanded co-occurring crime operation was the Epstein and Wexner push to transfer the CIA “Spook Air” Transport hub from Arkansas to Columbus, Ohio, converting Rickenbacker Air Force Base into Rickenbacker Airport and Port Authority by the early 1990s. The corrupt Southern Air Transport drained Ohio taxpayers of $3 million before intel-linked Wexner and Epstein milked the SAT’s collapse into bankruptcy by October 1, 1998, the exact same day the CIA inspector general publicly exposed the Iran-Contra drugs for weapons horror show. The timing was no accident. The seedy cargo transport’s three-year swan dive in Columbus left Wexner and Epstein’s dirty fingerprints.

The notorious cargo air carrier carrying such a shady criminal past made its Ohio relocation official at Rickenbacker Airport by 1995 with millions pumped in investment in the project promising a boon for central Ohio development, yet within three years turned into mismanaged boondoggle. While the East Coast mob moved Wexner’s cargo on the ground, the CIA moved his cargo by air while Epstein cooked the books.[cxlvi] The gangster business of international drug smuggling “caught up to” Southern Air Transport, plunging it and the big plans for Columbus straight into irreversible bankruptcy debt. Another Deep State CIA linked company called Evergreen Aviation took over its routes. Criminal convictions resulted for a retired Air Force general and an ex-CIA official but Wexner and Epstein again managed to walk away free and clear, no doubt due to their “superior” CIA-Israeli Intelligence “pay grade.” Former Columbus Press editor and journalist Gerry Bello sizes it up:

It is of a billionaire and a spy's daughter providing minors for sex to very important people in a house full of cameras. That same billionaire has an armored Mercedes, a friend with a command center, business relations with multiple CIA backed airlines, connections to the mob, many friends in the media and was associated with the false PR that lead to the Iraq war.[cxlvii]

Virtually overnight as a consequence of these 1980s intelligence operations, the crime cabal behind the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-US-Israeli intel network by sinister design produced today’s privatized US prison industrial complex locking up millions of Americans of color in a manufactured fake war on drugs aka war against the poor,[cxlviii] prepping the stage for the just as diabolical fake war on terror as a convenient scapegoating war against the Islamic religion.[cxlix] Quite the busy decade for the likes of junior operative Jeffrey Epstein and his organized crime bosses posing as presidents, governors, moguls and warlords. For all these wars designed to give rise to the military industrial complex while destabilizing the entire globe in order to facilitate centralized consolidation of power, the Luciferian controllers needed to own and control key top Western politicians through bribery and sexual blackmail using underage children for bait as their standard currency of exchange.

Around the same time in the mid-1980s when Epstein and Wexner were fast becoming friends (some would say lovers, partners-in-crime for Israel), Les Wexner was already in deep shit over an organized crime hit in March 1985 against his own attorney Arthur Shapiro in the Ohio capital of Columbus.[cl] The “mob-style murder” to this day haunts both the city and its kingpin’s many skeletons in his closet. Wexner business partner and former Columbus council president Jack Kessler and another standing council member and Wexner associate were all implicated and linked to the murder through strong circumstantial evidence, according to an investigation report believed lost, that then suddenly resurfaced in 1998. Back in June 1991, Columbus Police Chief James Jackson ordered the highly revealing, too incriminatingly hot to handle document destroyed as soon as it was completed. A mayoral investigation in 1996 found Jackson in contempt, destroying a public record, given a slap on the hand of a 5-day suspension and accusations of favoritism toward police commanders also bent on burying the explosive document.

But in 1998 an FBI copy of the report emerged, heavily implicating Wexner ties to corrupt local law enforcement, Pennsylvania and New Jersey organized crime families like the Genovese clan, a mafia associated trucking company and its teamsters, shady businessmen on the Columbus city council, one being Jack Kessler in partnership with Wexner on his New Albany community project, circumventing Columbus municipal laws, and the law firm with dead partner Shapiro in charge of the Wexner contract account, all appear suspiciously interconnected either with the execution of Shapiro’s murder or cover-up that remains unsolved to this day. Additionally, the secretive Shapiro hadn’t filed tax returns during the prior 7 years and had suspicious offshore accounts under Grand Jury investigation about to be questioned just prior to his untimely passing. Shadily hidden assets had already become among Epstein’s fortes. And about that same time the ambitious upstart Epstein had auspiciously entered Wexner’s life. Was Shapiro about to expose Wexner’s criminal involvement with organized crime? Sexual blackmail? Wexner was already deeply entrenched in unsavory business ties with the Eastern crime syndicate that reserves zero compunction to resorting to murder to resolve troubling legal fixes or jams, something that Epstein would ironically come to know the final days of his own marked life. So these are the shady beginnings between “godfather” Wexner and his criminal protégé Epstein who is said to have replaced Wexner’s slain attorney.

A significant example of how Leslie Wexner as a Zionist policymaking powerbroker dictated US foreign policy for the Greater Israel Project, was his Wexner Foundation-prepared 2003 document called “Wexner Analysis: Israeli Communication Priorities.”[cli] Though it claims not to be a policy document, it provides detailed policy recommendations and guidelines as a blueprint for how both the US and Israel should “sell” the Iraq invasion and war to the world.[clii] Veteran Columbus, Ohio journalist Robert Fitrakis exposed the Wexner and Epstein ties to organized crime in the 1985 mob-style murder of Wexner’s then attorney Arthur Shapiro. Fitrakis interviewed former Ohio state inspector general David Sturtz, who referred to Epstein as Wexner’s boyfriend, as well as former Franklin County sheriff Earl Smith, and both have gone on record stating that Jeffrey Epstein was Shapiro’s replacement.[cliii] Based on his review of Wexner and Epstein documents, the Ohio inspector general Sturtz was rightly convinced they had ties to foreign intelligence.

Insurance executive Bob Meister is said to have introduced Wexner to Epstein in 1985, the same year Wexner’s attorney died. Yet according to both financier Epstein and Mega Mogul Wexner, they met each other in 1986. In any event, it’s no coincidence that Zionists Leslie Wexner and Zionist Robert Maxwell and Zionist daughter Guislaine all showed up in Epstein’s life around the same time. Robert Morosky, former vice chairman of The Limited, the name of Wexner’s company prior to L Brands, before resigning in 1987 made an inquiry into Epstein’s background and found:

I tried to find out how did he get from a high school math teacher to a private investment advisor. There was just nothing there.[cliv]

Without formal employment or even job description made explicitly known, Epstein’s presented role to Wexner and his company was simply helping to manage the retail magnate’s fortune as his financial advisor. Wexner friends and employees were bewildered to see how such an established and successful business tycoon would place so much trust in an unknown outsider with such a thin resumé and inadequate experience. Jack Kessler, former Columbus council president who partnered with Wexner on the New Albany community development project and even helped him cut corners with municipal statutes during its construction, had stake in the second largest home initially designated for him, a 23 room 10,960 square foot estate. But maintaining legal control, Wexner ended up snatching it away and selling it to Epstein in 1992 for $3.5 million, then turned around six years later to buy the property back paying Epstein an inflated $8 million, over twice  what he paid just a few years earlier.[clv] Sandwiched between Epstein buying and selling the place was his and his girlfriend’s sexual assault on Maria Farmer.

Nobody could quite figure out why Wexner was always leaning over backwards to help the young criminal upstart who even sued Wexner’s own mother when she became ill and took over as trustee of her foundation. In 2000 Les supposedly sold one of his company Boeing 727 airliners for $10 million to Epstein. Again, it was plain to see why the sugar daddy was always so generous in his giveaways. The man was in love with his young ballsy protégé and both were immersed in a sexual blackmail operation for Israeli military intelligence. And it’s been reported Wexner especially liked adolescent boys, so maybe the gutsy blackmailer pinched his (go)nads too.

With Mega Group’s founding members Seagram boss Charles Bronfman and Leslie H. Wexner, both huge benefactors supporting the most visible child sex trafficker of our times, just like the Vatican, Jesuits, Malta Knights and Freemasons, evidence strongly indicates that the Mega Group also sponsors the global pedophilia trafficking blackmail network for Zionist Israel’s global control. It’s not such a stretch to understand that one of the world’s richest Jewish billionaires, long tied to organized crime, would also choose to remain intimately close to the sick-slick creepster Epstein. Once you realize that Wexner, the Bronfmans, Epstein and the Maxwells are all about Zionism’s obsession for supreme and absolute control of the world, and their modern means of achieving it through sexual blackmail of targeting high profile politicians, CEOs, judges, mass media titans and their entertainers and jesters, thanks to the Epsteins and Maxwells of the world, at this point it’s already a done deal.

But nearly two decades ago, a Wall Street insider described to New York Magazine that the Epstein and Wexner relationship was just plain “weird”:

It’s just not typical for someone of such enormous wealth to all of a sudden give his money to some guy most people have never heard of.[clvi]

In 1991 Wexner granted Epstein power of attorney, a 3-page document allocating to Epstein the power to hire new employees, sign checks, buy and sell properties and borrow money without consent or permission from Wexner.[clvii] 1991, the year Epstein was catapulted into the driver’s seat in total charge of Wexner’s billions is the exact same year Wexner and Bronfman start their Zionist billionaires boys club together, the Mega Group, and Zionist master spy Robert Maxwell allegedly dies a suspicious drowning death.

Still another significant event in 1991 was the monumental collapse of the CIA and Mossad linked Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).[clviii] Heralded in the late 1970s as the bank for Third World prosperity, in actuality it was the brainchild of the CIA figuring an international bank provides effective international cover.[clix] But by the mid-1980s despite spreading to over 70 nations with a balance of $20 billion as the 7th largest bank in the world, it became the forerunner to illegal offshore tax shelter-Ponzi scheme-money laundered corruption and fraud that has spread like cancer to so many of today’s “too big to fail banks.”[clx] Needless to say, it quickly became a favorite for despots and dictators the world over, like Panama’s Manuel Noriega, Philippines’ Ferdinand Marcos and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. In 1988 even Adnan Khashoggi was arrested in Switzerland and detained for three months over eventually dropped charges that he stole money from BCCI creditors. Intelligence agencies protected criminals like Khashoggi, Maxwell and Epstein who used BCCI for heavy duty money laundering, arming and financing terrorists in the Middle East till the bank went belly up in 1991. Additionally, BCCI also was known to have used sex trafficking of underage girls for gaining favors or pressuring VIPs through blackmail, and may well have been Epstein’s gateway into this illicit trade by which he became most associated.[clxi]

Another heavy user of BCCI loans in the tens of millions during the 1980s was Marc Rich, hedge fund manager, commodity trader, financier and business owner of the international conglomerate Glencore. With deep connections especially in Israel, he violated the oil embargo buying Iranian oil and selling it as Israel’s main supplier for up to twenty years. In 1983 a US grand jury in New York indicted him on 65 counts of wire fraud, tax evasion, trading with Iran during the hostage crisis and racketeering.[clxii] He grew up in New York but fled to Switzerland evading the law and for over a decade and a half was a fugitive living in opulent wealth while still managing to operate his multibillion-dollar businesses from mostly Israel and Switzerland.

But in the final hours of Bill Clinton’s presidency, Marc Rich was granted a highly controversial pardon. Essentially Rich’s ex-wife laid $450,000 down on the Clinton library and gave millions to the Democratic cause, but it was the pressure from Israeli intelligence that in all likelihood sexually blackmailed Clinton to cave in. The White House had been bugged and Israel had 500 hours of wiretapped phone conversations between the adulterer and his mistress Monica Lewinsky. But that theater had already played itself out. Israeli intelligence through Epstein undoubtedly possessed more than enough dirt to leverage the deal. Also top Israeli politicians as well as the Mega Group, in particular Michael Steinhardt, all lobbied heavily on Rich’s behalf. And then more friends in high places, the Rothschild family also maintained deep ties with Marc Rich and owns part of his Glencore corporation. What’s a mere puppet in the Oval Office in his waning hours to do but bow under to the overwhelming sanctity of sheer wealth and power, and the American [and Clinton] way.

BCCI funded a number of political campaigns, like Colorado Democratic Senator Gary Hart’s unsuccessful presidential bid in 1988. Through wealthy Arkansas financier-Reagan-Bush donor Jackson Stephens, BCCI bankrolled Clinton’s political rise from Arkansas to the White House.[clxiii] Meanwhile, many of Jackson’s businesses employed Hillary Clinton’s Rose Law Firm. Moreover, just like the Clinton puppets that Jackson Stephens catapulted into the White House, the Annapolis graduate (Class of 1946, same as another Southern boy President named Jimmy Carter and CIA director Stansfield Turner[clxiv]) was yet another philanthropically-minded shady character. In 1998 the FBI investigated him for “illegal handling of campaign contributions to the Clintons’ Democratic National Party.”[clxv] Despite being close to two Democratic presidents, Stephens was among the biggest boosters backing Reagan and Bush’s GOP. It was Stephens’ $25 million in 1987 that bailed out George W’s floundering Harken Energy oil venture.[clxvi] All this “generous” bipartisan support by the planet’s richest men (in this case Arkansas’ richest) only demonstrates that just as Rothschild controllers back both enemies in every major war, same holds for the political parties that are beholding to the same owners feeding, blackmailing and controlling them.

It was Rose law partner Hillary Clinton representing financier Stephens as the man who brought the criminal BCCI bank to America as a subsidiary called First American Bank.[clxvii] Jackson Stephens also owned a cutout company named Systematic that along with Robert Maxwell and Israeli spymaster Rafi Eitan were responsible for the theft and sales of the stolen PROMIS software to banks around the world.[clxviii] Eitan was the handler of the infamous Jewish American traitor Jonathan Pollard. Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese and his DOJ, accompanied by the likes of Stephens, the Clintons, Epstein, Robert Maxwell, all played their hand in the grand theft software that left the rightful inventors - original Inslaw owners Bill and Nancy Hamilton bankrupt.[clxix]

Chalk up another Clinton scandal,[clxx] never mind Whitewater, Chinagate, journalist Danny Casolaro murder, Uranium to Russiagate, the pay-to-play Clinton Foundation, the rape of Haiti (and children), the email server debacle, the Epstein orgies on the island and the countless Clinton body count.[clxxi] We’re still waiting on Bill and Hillary’s confirmation on those unsealed indictments and Guantanamo reservations. Instead, all we get is – pasty and stale as they are – ankle bracelet or no ankle bracelet, each taking turns center stage at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, dutifully backing vacuous old fellow perv Joe Biden, in a Corona-altered, half-assed studio production that proved a ratings disaster.[clxxii] Da Dems painted such a depressing picture all because of you know who that nobody bothered watching. Of course they had nothing to do with Corona and the riots, wink, wink. Da Dems marching in lockstep to technocratic socialist dictatorship behind the masquerade of social justice, not that Republicans do any better when both are controlled by the same power interests. The only thing to stop the madness is us citizens of the world rising up in unity against pedo-crime, if we hold those criminals accountable, we transform the earth.

As an example of how the advanced technological software that has so much potential for good was used for evil purposes, after Robert Maxwell sold PROMIS to the dictatorships in Argentina and Chile, it facilitated the rounding up of thousands of dissidents who were slaughtered or imprisoned.[clxxiii] Days after Guatemala bought it, 20,000 so called “subversives” disappeared. In 1984 as the Israeli intelligence gained access to US nuclear secrets, the same espionage expert Rafi Eitan found the perfect US traitor to tap for yet more top-secret information Jonathan Pollard. To this very day, planetary overlords have historically misused advancing technologies to build their unlimited arsenal of WMDs targeting the innocent populations for death, destruction and totalitarian control.

For a full decade prior to the 1991 demise of BCCI, Epstein was busily laundering millions, funneling support to terrorist, subversives, dictators and warmongering thieves.[clxxiv] With the names of all four Jews - Epstein, Maxwell, Wexner and Bronfman - indelibly linked to espionage, organized crime, honey traps, child sex trafficking daughters, and Zionist Israeli Firsters, that they’re all so heavily interconnected in these same nefarious affairs at the exact same time is obviously not by accident, but planned Israeli intelligence exercising its global assault on children through expanding sexual blackmail control over the elite’s chosen movers and shakers.

By the mid-1980s the cold war between the Soviet Union and the US was winding down, and mover and shaker Robert Maxwell, aside  was the major go-between, shuffling back and forth between Reagan, Gorbachev[clxxv] and Thatcher, in 1990 asking Iron Lady to help bail out Gorbachev’s perestroika to the tune of $20 billion, fueling speculation he was also a KGB agent.[clxxvi] Maxwell developed over 400 front companies while making deals right and left with Eastern European organized crime,[clxxvii] teaching them about sheltered offshore money laundering accounts, but also working with the Russian and Jewish Mafia oligarchs, all the while undercover Israeli intelligence, even managing a brief stint as a British MP and perennial media mogul.

In the impending absence of cold war, the newly designated enemy would be Middle Eastern terrorists, led by the CIA created and sponsored Osama bin Laden who began his insurgency career fighting imperialistic Soviets in Afghanistan.[clxxviii] Israel, the Saudi bin Laden family, Saudi Prince Bandar, his House of Saud and smaller Gulf State monarchies are all prime Anglo-American-Zionist allies in the Middle East. With US-Israeli intelligence, virtually the rest of the Islamic Middle East would become the next designated war zones. Keep in mind that while working for intelligence, it’s been learned that during the 1980s, Epstein was laundering money to CIA trained terrorist organizations,[clxxix] and we also know that the CIA and US government created and financed both the emerging Al Qaeda and eventually ISIS.[clxxx] Bush senior’s identified emerging enemy began with the First Gulf War in 1991 against Saddam Hussein’s troops invading Kuwait based on a US public relations firm conjuring up fake tears of incubator babies left to die.[clxxxi] The propagandized enemy to hate was dark, swarthy-skinned Muslims, those CIA and Mossad-created “terrorists” of the Middle East and North Africa. America’s covert proxy war in the 1990s, “balkanizing” Yugoslavia with approval of a sexually compromised Clinton in office, was topped off in 1999 with the “humanitarian” UN bombing campaign.[clxxxii] The stage was set for 9/11, Osama’s Al Qaeda and ISIS

To understand how the chessboard politics game is played, the need to control politicians to ensure their obedience and compliance with the Deep State cabal’s hidden agenda is a must requirement. Thus, the sexual blackmail baton has historically been passed down ever since the National Crime Syndicate’s Jewish mafia boss Meyer Lansky (1902-1983) and Italian mobster Frank Costello (1891-1973), blackmailed FBI founder transvestite-pedophile J. Edgar Hoover (1895-1972),[clxxxiii] who in turn used his COINTELPRO surveillance and blackmail operation to blackmail politicians, Martin Luther King Jr, and Hollywood figures.[clxxxiv] With his forerunner Lewis Rosenstiel, Trump mentor Roy Cohn,[clxxxv] the original Svengali “fixer” heading sexual blackmail operations in America, peddled pedophilia to the targeted high and mighty from the 1950s to the 1980s, maintaining super close ties to the Reagan-Bush administration and their multi-tentacled Iran Contra network.[clxxxvi] As the consigliere of the five Italian New York crime families, it was Roy Cohn who facilitated the rise of the challenging Jewish Kosher Nostra led by Meyer Lansky to rival and eventually overtake the Eastern Seaboard’s historical Italian Cosa Nostra organized crime. From this historical precedence, Jeffrey Epstein and Guislaine Maxwell backed by Les Wexner’s Zionist Mega Group and Israeli intelligence, seamlessly emerged as the next generation of controllers through their despicable blackmail operations.

During this pivotal decade of the 1980s, pedophilia rings were rapidly expanding on virtually every continent. The CIA “Finders cult” was a global operation involving child abduction and trafficking ranging from the Philippines to the US and Mexico (See Chapter 12). The psychological warfare expert and onetime Satanist, Military Intelligence kingpin Lt. Col. Michael Aquino also served as lead MK Ultra mind control programmer (See Chapter 9) and Presidio’s foremost pedo-daycare pedo-patron (See Chapter 8), extending his global sphere of influence into the Franklin scandal led by child sex trafficker Luciferian Lawrence King’s Catholic Boys Town pipeline to CIA linked DC lobbyist Craig Spence and his White House midnight tours (See Chapter 13).

Throughout the 1980s, the CIA, MI5/6 and Mossad along with the Catholic Church’s Jesuits (Chapter 5), Malta Knights (Chapter 6), Opus Dei and the Freemasons using the growing commodity of kiddie bait to actively run major sexual blackmail operations-turned tip-of-the-iceberg scandalous cover-ups around the globe. From the early 1980s onward, see Chapter 18 through 33 on all the pedo-scandals rampantly spreading throughout Britain. By the time Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell took over the reins by the mid to late 1980s, there was nothing new to this despicable, heinous hand-me-down tradition of controlling elite VIPs through pedophilia operations covertly organized by intelligence services working conjointly with organized crime elements.

Thus throughout the 1980s as part of his quest to fashion himself an international mystery man, Epstein would often openly brag to friends that he was a CIA agent,[clxxxvii] sent on missions abroad to hunt down and recapture embezzled billions from wayward crooks, business conmen and dictators for various governments.[clxxxviii] His adventures were documented in the highly publicized, controversial 2003 Vicky Ward article in Vanity Fair:

A few of the handful of current friends who have known him since the early 1980s recall that he used to tell them he was a ‘bounty hunter,’ recovering lost or stolen money for the government or for very rich people.[clxxxix]

Author and journalist Jesse Kornbluth who was another of Epstein’s 80s friends in Manhattan wrote:

When we met in 1986, Epstein’s double identity intrigued me — he said he didn’t just manage money for clients with mega-fortunes, he was also a high-level bounty hunter. Sometimes, he told me, he worked for governments to recover money looted by African dictators. Other times those dictators hired him to help them hide their stolen money.[cxc]

Kornbluth offers a glimpse into Epstein’s creepy character, showing why he placed Epstein on “dead-to-me” status after the derelict called and spoke to his wife the night before their wedding and said:

It’s your last free night. Why don’t you come over and fuck me?

That was 1987. In the early 1990s the ex-Epstein friend and his propositioned wife ran into Ghislaine Maxwell at a Joan Rivers dinner party. Jesse Kornbluth disclosed what Ghislaine said to him next:

‘If you lose 10 pounds, I’ll fuck you,’ she said, with my wife standing next to me. And she too became dead to me.

Revealing glimpsing scenes from the Luciferian king and queen of the pedophilia blackmail circuit. Returning to the 1980s escapades when Epstein became deeply involved in arms, drugs, money laundering and the child trafficking racket from his criminal idols, the now CNN journalist Vicky Ward recently tweeted:

One of the rich people for whom Jeffrey Epstein chased down money was Adnan Khashoggi, a powerful Saudi businessman, [who] may well have been in a position to have helped Epstein procure documentation in that country [Saudi Arabia]. There is more on that yet to come.[cxci]

The intelligence asset possessing a fake Austrian passport displaying his actual photo but a fake name and a Saudi address was confiscated by police from Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse following his death. Epstein and Maxwell employee and sexual assault victim Maria Farmer learned that Israeli intelligence asset Guislaine Maxwell, also possessed five different passports. Often holding so many illegal passports is a function of working intelligence agencies. Though the blackmailers were foremost agents of Israel, they likely had relationships with the CIA and potentially MI6 as well.

Fully licensed by both the US and Israeli governments, secured and protected by their untouchable superior intelligence “pay grade,” career criminals Epstein and Maxwell were free to build the world’s biggest international child trafficking blackmail operation. All the while, totally unbridled and unchecked, Epstein greedily and gluttonously helped himself to billions, bilking and milking his cash cow Les Wexner as chosen L Brand “bookkeeper” and Wexner Foundation trustee, swapping the Mega Les Brand for the Mega More Brand for Epstein. The retail giant granted him a wide-open berth to rip him off at will, charging exorbitant fees from his Israeli intelligence-linked benefactor boss.

After all, the mystery man of intrigue as the manufactured maverick fake financier through his socialite pimping partner Guislaine must take high society of Manhattan, Palm Beach and London by storm, demonstrating the perfect actor cast for the perfectly staged role within the global theater operations of the blackmailing pedo-mafia cabal. A London Sunday Times article from 2000, quoting a society insider playing up Epstein’s image, while cuing up the “secret agent man” theme song, stated:

He’s Mr. Enigmatic. Nobody knows whether he’s a concert pianist, property developer, a CIA agent, a math teacher or a member of Mossad.[cxcii]

With help from the Rothschild controlled corporate media to showcase and dramatize this ascending debonair playboy’s mystique, and his front row Rothschild cheerleaders Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife Lynn, Wexner gave away the Big Apple’s biggest bachelor pad, from the very outset prewired for command center entrapment sight and sound, complete with hidden cameras galore for the inherited grand Zionist honey trap operation, way prior to Epstein’s 1996 move-in. A strategically timed January 1996 New York Times piece showcases the crème-de-la-crème decadence of modern stonewalled New York City architecture and its plush furnishings featuring Wexner’s 1989 $13 million purchased Manhattan 7-story, 21,000 square foot townhouse at 9 East 71st Street that would be gifted to its permanent occupant Epstein for $1.[cxciii] As of last year the posh mansion overlooking Central Park has an estimated worth of $77 million, although it’s been listed on the market in July 2020 for $88 million.[cxciv] But back in his better days in 1996 the pedophile-child trafficker gloated telling The Times that his benefactor Les never bothered living in it for more than two months. But Wexner made certain that before his sexual blackmailing protégé took residence, the mammoth building was specially furnished and equipped for honey entrapment purposes:

Visitors described a bathroom reminiscent of James Bond movies: hidden beneath a stairway, lined with lead to provide shelter from attack and supplied with closed-circuit television screens and a telephone, both concealed in a cabinet beneath the sink.[cxcv]

The article also mentions a heated sidewalk for convenient winter snowstorm access (since sex slave traffic was so steady and high volume) that Epstein’s neighbor across the street, fellow sexual predator Bill Cosby,[cxcvi] also had his sidewalk heated. In amazing close proximity directly behind the Wexner-Epstein property is the 5 story near 11,000 square foot East 72nd Street Catholic owned townhouse residence reserved for visiting popes and Vatican church dignitaries when staying in New York.[cxcvii]

Considering the sexual predator history of all three of these over-exposed players, so close within feet of each other, with their preheated above ground sidewalks and pre-fitted pinhole camera surveillance, one speculatively has to wonder if they down below also shared secret subterranean tunnels for interconnected child sex trafficking convenience, after all, New York City is noted for its secret underground world.[cxcviii] And of course tunnels reputedly ran underneath Epstein’s Orgy Island in the Caribbean along with Hugh Hefner’s Holmby Hills mansion, notoriously linked to a Bill Cosby rape case and their mind control-pedo network,[cxcix] that included tunnels literally branching out to Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas, James Caan and Jack Nicholson’s neighboring estates,[cc] the latter where their fugitive pedo-buddy Roman Polanski in 1977 raped a Quaalude drugged 13-year old girl,[cci] all these names and places are invariably interconnected by an underground pedophilia network of the rich, famous, powerful and, other than Cosby, unprosecuted. See Chapter 15 for how Satan and pedophilia rule Hollywood, exposed more now than ever before with independent Hollywood producer John Paul Rice’s brave stand against the rampant pedophilia web censoring his work.[ccii]

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Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former Army officer who has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” In addition to being a personal memoir, it exposes a faulty military leadership system based on one’s capacity to be an order follower, enforce arbitrary, asinine rules and engage in the psychopathic art of ingratiation. It’s based on ticket punching one’s way up the seniority system ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest along the way, leaving mediocrity and ass kissing order followers to rise to the top as America’s politician-bureaucrat generals in charge of losing US wars by elitist design. West Point fails miserably to instill integrity in its leaders and equally fails to teach and train positive genuine leadership skills to its officer corps.

After the military, I earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles I found myself battling the largest county child protective service in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system. LA County Children’s Court regularly endangered my clients, afflicting more harm and abuse by making life and death decisions clearly not in their best interest. The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared me well for working as a researcher and journalist exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflicts far more harm than good. 
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