Monday, June 1, 2015

What We Know Now about Jade Helm 15 and What We’re Soon to Know

 The Army’s official press release on March 23, 2015 first announced the Jade Helm 15 military operation to the public led by Army Special Operations Commander Lt. General Charles Cleveland. But before declaring that Jade Helm would be conducted from July 15 to September 15, 2015 in seven states in the southwestern United States, a key Jade Helms planner met quietly with the City Council of Big Springs, Texas on March 10th to inform the city leaders of the nature of the upcoming military operation. A number of telling statements made by the operations planner, private civilian contractor and ex-Special Forces NCO Tom Meade were later contradicted on April 27th, 2015. The US government’s dog and pony show took place a month and a half later in Bastrop County Texas in efforts to dispel the by then rising tide of public concern over Jade Helm 15. Special Operations PR spokesperson Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria explicitly reassured Americans that the massive summer military operation is simply a Special Forces tactical exercise involving all four branch of services designed to better prepare US soldiers to fight in future wars in foreign countries on similar terrain as the Southwest. Throughout this two-hour Q & A citizen grilling that only raised more questions than answers, Lastoria was clearly taking cues and orders from his handler Tom Meade silently sitting nearby with frequent eye contact and silent nods.
It was no accident that the Pentagon calculatingly chose to inform the public a full four months in advance of its intended start date as the largest massive military operation of its kind on domestic soil in US history, making it among other things clearly a PSYOPs operation as well. This is the psychological ploy to learn about and understand the enemy, in this case those Americans who are deemed most apt to overtly resist and oppose the policies of the federal government. The PSYOPS component to Jade Helm has already learned about the strong backlash of outrage particularly coming from residents of Texas, a state the operation had declared “hostile” (along with Utah and Southern California near the Mexican border). By knowing your enemy that includes both strengths and weaknesses, a psychological advantage can be gained and this is where psychological warfare of the PSYOPS begins.
Having the advantage of a four-month advance notice to then sit back and observe the internet community’s knee jerk reaction allowed mainstream media to go on the offensive to denigrate and ridicule those expressing concern by labeling them paranoid conspiracy nuts. The standard label of conspiracy theorist has proven an effective albeit unjustified ploy to dismiss and smear the reputation and credibility of  members of the truth movement. Because MSM as the feds’ primary propaganda weapon had lost so much credibility of its own with Americans, the Jade Helm PSYOPS was already effectively achieving its desired outcome. In one broad stroke, JH15 was rapidly exposing the supposed weakness and paranoia of all independent media to accurately cover such a critically important news story. Thus, the PSOPS objective to implant distrust toward alternative news outlets was at least partially successful in its transparently desperate aim to restore legitimacy to mainstream media. However, overlooked is the horrendous track record of lies and deceit by the government and the military giving any self-aware citizen every reason to question what appears to be one more step toward absolute authoritarian control. Indeed a recent poll found that near half the US population fears that Jade Helm will bring more unwanted federal control over peoples’ rights, not to mention a violation of the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act that expressly prohibits the US military from incursion in civil affairs.
By revealing this plan for such a large scale military operation long before it began, the feds wanted to see how Americans would react. The complete lockdown of Boston after the false flag Marathon bombing was also a federal litmus test designed to assess how America would respond to its first taste of martial law. It was time to gage the public’s response to Jade Helm as a barometer of what opposition the feds might expect to encounter by implementation of this next incremental step closer to complete totalitarian control that martial law would ultimately deliver.
Knowing that upwards of 80% of the US population neither trusts the government nor its six oligarch owned mainstream media outlets acting as the feds’ propaganda machine, for many years Washington has been aggressively preparing an oppressive agenda to deal with the growing civil unrest (as displayed recently in Baltimore and St. Louis) and violent upheaval that it has directly manipulated and intentionally caused by its willfully treasonous actions. Clearly the government has forsaken, abandoned and betrayed its own people that it’s supposed to represent, protect and serve. Instead, by design it has delivered an unsustainably corrupt, broken, collapsing economic system, ever-widening impoverishment and disparity between the rich and poor, the grossest injustice from an equally corrupt and broken judicial system, mounting hostility, aggression and overt murder of increasing number of Americans (especially of color) with total impunity. And then as if that's not sinister enough, the feds turn around and demonize a growing segment of this population of anyone who may disagree by falsely declaring them homegrown terrorists.
Despite the DHS, the state fusion centers and law enforcement collaborative monitoring and illegal spying, a congressional investigation since 9/11 failed to find a single incidence of an actual domestic terrorist plot uncovered, the traitorous feds have identified war veterans, gun owners, constitutionalists, libertarians, progressive activists, property rights proponents, civil rights activists, Tea Party members, Christians, home schoolers, anti-abortion proponents and right wing paramilitary groups all as potential enemies of the state and domestic terrorists.
As etched in stone at the Georgia Guidestones, the globalist eugenics plan to reduce the population from 7.2 billion to a half billion along with America’s 2050 plan together and Deagel representing the military industrial complex’s own projected number of Americans falling from 319 million currently to only 65 million by 2025, the federal government apparently plans for massive depopulation by the hard kill fast method of war along with the plethora of soft kill weapons poisoning us with chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines, Monsanto GMO’s, nutrient-dead processed foods, and rising toxic levels of radiation and chemical pollution poisoning our air, earth and water. And that’s not even including other hard kill weapons of weather warfare, EMP technology and its human-induced natural catastrophes like skyrocketing swarms of earthquake and volcanic activity (witness this week’s large 7.8 Japan earthquake and Indonesia’s Sumatra volcano), and assorted sundry of natural disasters brought on by extreme weather events or Planet X entering our solar system and the cataclysmic havoc it’s purported to carry. Though apocalyptic predictions by doomsdayers have come and gone in recent years like the Y2K and the 2012 Mayan endgame hype, 2015 is already stacked up to be a banner year for doom and gloom, perhaps unparalleled in planetary destruction.
A closer look by Dave Hodges at what Jade planner Meade disclosed back in March at Big Springs reveals that Jade Helm is “training in unconventional warfare.” Army Delta Force Commandos and Green Beret and Navy Seals regularly specialize in unconventional covert operations involving guerilla warfare tactics to infiltrate hostile war zones with lightning strike swiftness carrying the element of surprise under the cover of darkness to neutralize designated enemy combatants. That’s how the ISIS black marketer financing the Islamic State’s oil revenue was killed in Iraq last month. The recently disputed Obama version of the May 2011 Abbottabad Osama bin Laden killing would be another example of how Special Operations Command is deployed in unconventional warfare. Selected target extraction is among the typical combat missions with which US Special Forces demonstrate their elite expertise.
Tom Meade also explained that the military elite units from Special Operations Command will be counting on civilian informants to provide intelligence data that will be coordinated with other interlocking federal agencies participating in Jade Helm like the NSA, the FBI, the DEA, the Border Patrol, Homeland Security and a multitude of local law enforcement agencies. Asked how the FBI and DEA will be used in Jade Helm, after Meade stammered, he responded using an example of how the FBI and DEA will be deployed at “an Arizona airport” to monitor and question suspicious activity, according to Dave Hodges likely referring to targeted red list dissidents who may be attempting to flee the country.
What we’ve recently learned is that Jade Helm encompasses far more than was originally told. Instead of its commencement date of July 15th, it will actually begin a month earlier in June. Instead it being scheduled to last eight weeks, it’s now been expanded to operate at least ten weeks. Instead of involving just the states within the Southwest bordering Mexico plus Utah and Nevada, we are finding out that Jade Helm has been ongoing for some time all over the United States. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida a video and photos of a “dissident” detainment drill were recorded on March 27th.
Additionally, Tom Meade explained that Navy Seals will conduct operations in Mississippi and Louisiana. We initially were told that a mere 1200 Special Forces personnel will be deployed during Jade Helm. Now we are learning that a non-Special Ops division of regular Army troops from the 82nd Airborne will be parachuting into an Army training reservation at Camp Bullis just 17 miles outside of San Antonio.
On top of that, in Colorado a state originally part of Jade Helm and then not, appears to be unleashing its largest military operation in state history with a 650 vehicle convoy containing 4000 soldiers heading south to Piñon Canyon from Fort Carson this last week. This exercise will likely upset local Piñon Canyon residents who have complained that without permission the Army regularly trespasses and tramples on their private property, causing destruction in both value and environment. Yet both Tom Meade and Mark Lastoria repeatedly assured Texan landowners that they would be asked for permission to use their property. That clearly has not been the policy by history.
In fact, an even more colossal degradation to the pristine Arctic habitat is in store for both human and animal populations in Alaska where the largest US naval operation exercises in June will pollute those coastal waters, kill vast numbers of fish and aquatic mammals, likely decimate the last unfettered salmon habitat left in the world and destroy the lives and livelihood of the indigenous native population. But the Navy could care less as it prepares for World War III against the Russians also competing for an iceless seabed to drill oil.
We also know that an unprecedented movement of black hawk helicopters, weapons, vehicles and combat equipment have been observed and documented by vigilant citizens across the nation (as well as Canada) as mounting photographed and videotaped evidence that Jade Helm is shaping into a far larger operation than originally disclosed. Photos of FEMA camp buses have frequently been spotted, one even behind a closed Walmart.
With all that’s been compiled so far, no way will just 1200 US soldiers be participating in Jade Helm. The amount of war making supplies and materials alone being amassed in recent months foretell a much larger scale operation suggesting that war on US soil appears preeminent. At such great expense equipment is never moved so extensively and then allowed to just sit and not be used. This level of proof that something much bigger than the feds are letting on can only indicate one thing – the United States is preparing for either an armed invasion an attack from most likely a group like ISIS or initiating a civil war against its own people or both. And since Obama and the West created ISIS and have been using the Islamic State as their proxy ally, the same pattern can be expected to repeat itself. Recently Judicial Watch reported ISIS operating just eight miles from the US border inside Mexico near El Paso.
For years Obama’s flagrant open border policy has allowed hundreds of thousands of undocumented foreign nationals to pour in across the US border from Mexico, Central America and potentially ISIS. Numerous Border Patrol and DEA whistleblowers have come forth to corroborate this inexcusable act of treason. Just like the neocons responsible for perpetrating the inside 9/11 job permitted 15 Saudis of the total 19 so called 9/11 terrorists to be granted CIA/State Department visas for permission to move freely from Saudi Arabia to America and back again leading up to and after September 11th, it appears Obama may be similarly doing the globalists’ dirty work in setting the stage to again allow yet another horrendous false flag terrorist attack on American soil as part of his sinister plan to declare martial law. Again history keeps repeating itself indefinitely until its lessons are finally learned by an informed public.
After all, 9/11 set the precedent for creating a false war on terror that propagates a license for unending global wars and uses paid Muslim stooges as convenient scapegoats to be blamed that in turn triggers global conflict and polarization in an effective divide and conquer strategy to pit races, religions and nationalities against each other. What’s worked in the past for centuries is still working today, in January with the Charlie Hebdo false flag attack and most likely again during Jade Helm causing the military operation to conveniently go live. This way Obama will be assured of creating the necessary crisis to invoke martial law and the unfolding destruction of America.
The timing of Jade with the sudden closure for six months of a half dozen Walmart stores in four states under the flimsily deceitful excuse of plumbing problems when no repair orders were made, then erecting 9-12 foot high fences around them to enclose a walled off perimeter guarded by police  to ensure what goes on inside remains secret. Darkening the Walmart windows with black tarp further obscures the ongoing clandestine operation inside the enormous building space. Despite the overt secrecy, many eyewitness accounts have documented that behind these stores large shipments of military equipment and transport vehicles even including a FEMA prison bus have been detected. None of this is by coincidence.
The Departments of Defense and Homeland Security have maintained a covert contract with Walmart. The Canadian government similarly has a contract with all 133 Target stores in Canada that were also suddenly shut down just in time for its counterpart military operation called Maple Resolve jointly involving both UK and US troops. A third closure of the Walmart store in Yemen at the exact same time taken over by US Special Operations as a command and control center for combat operations of the bloody war now raging in Yemen by the US-Saudi-Israeli axis of evil spells how the huge box stores will likely be utilized in North America. The government partnership provides communications infrastructure in these stores for war supply requisition as well as acting as control centers for waging military operations.
We also know that the latest count of hollow point bullets that tear a human body apart being rapidly bought up by virtually every federal agency not involved in military or law enforcement is now up to an incredible amount of bullets (1.6 billion and counting documented two years ago). Questioning how the US Postal Service or the Department of Wildlife and Game Service will be using them is unsettling to say the least. Additionally all these non-combatant agencies are now equipped with their own SWAT teams. Clearly this overt militarization of the federal government along with war weaponizing law enforcement into a militarized police state equipped and armed to wage prolonged war against its own citizens is an ominous sign of diabolical things to come. Add the Army Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual FM 3-39.40 and UN Agenda 21 documentation and the true malevolent intent of the federal government working in partnership with the United Nations and foreign military forces to imprison and kill Americans is plainly revealed.
But perhaps the most hideous and demonic warning sign of them all is the paper targets the police and military have been training with to become conditioned to shoot and kill pregnant mothers, children and grandmothers. The mere existence of these actual target practice cutouts of the most defenseless among us have been employed in recent years to train personnel to dehumanize their enemy that may even look like their mother, wife or child.
It’s not so farfetched that the Jade Helm operation may well include rounding up of American citizens designated as high profile dissidents from growing NSA watch lists. In the same way that the NSA and Homeland Security modeled their invasive surveillance of US citizens after the cold war East German Stasi, dissident extraction is not unlike how prewar Nazi Gestapos conducted overnight 3AM raids to arrest and detain their unsuspecting victims, the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, labor unionists and non-Germans. History has an uncanny way of repeating itself when its lessons continue to go unheeded in the same way that tyrants like Hitler, Stalin and Mao all used these same oppressively murderous tactics to eliminate their opposition by exterminating millions of their own innocent citizens. In his role as presidential betrayer of America as the once powerful sovereign nation, Obama’s over-the-top power grab is misusing his treasonously illegal executive orders to bypass both Congressional approval and the US Constitution in order to be able fully exercise dictatorial control over America during martial law. Over three years ago he signed the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order unlawfully granting him absolute dictator power under martial law conditions. He was the perfect CIA constructed Manchurian Candidate that his puppet master globalists and handlers had chosen for the job to destroy America in accordance with their grand New World Order design. And Jade Helms brings them one giant step closer.
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/He is also a regular contributor to Global Research and a syndicated columnist at Veterans Today.