Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11 Reflections from Brother Jon

The towers fell. 
And from that dust,
totalitarianism rose up.   
Stronger and stronger than before.
9/11 justified the juggernaut. 
The Patriot Act jumpstarted The New World Order
Brand new. 
With muscle to waste. 
And lives to sacrifice.
The vector of which the modern world had never experienced but in the eyes of the profits’ doom:

    The agenda of domination is an old story of man’s inhumanity to man.
    If i get to feeling blue, the roundtable becomes rectangular. 
    The king is not the king of hearts and the queen looks like a bitch.
    And all the king’s subjects are dealt: dumb and dumber. 
    In the dark.  On a winter’s day.  The sun can shine.  Even if and because ignorance is the lack of knowledge.
    In spite of ego, nobody knows all knowledge.  Thus, everybody is ignorant.  To varying degrees: dumb and dumber is truthfully rude.
    Without the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, would 9/11 have been postponed?  Would that coup d'état happened differently in another time?  Or would 9/11 never happened?
    The wild wind will never catch the old, dry leaves.
    And the wayward questions disappear.
    In the radio days
    when all we feared
    was fear itself.
    i craved
    a piñata full
    of sweet propaganda
    And drooled
    to share
    the pretense
    of lies
    the laughter of love
    Letting us be
    Conspiratus Ubiquitous