Monday, February 29, 2016

Risking Armageddon in Syria for Empire Hegemony at All Cost

A week ago I spent an hour talking to Ohio Exopolitics host Mark Snider for Revolution Radio. The first hour of the show features another guest who writes about extraterrestrials and other life mysteries. My part of the broadcast begins about midway through so you can cue at midpoint to hear my portion.

In addition to explaining the latest Syrian developments and the risk of world war, I provide historical background context for understanding Middle Eastern dynamics. Covered are such topics as the so called Arab uprising, the geopolitics of pipelines for oil/gas control, creation of cold war 2 in a futile attempt to isolate and weaken Putin's Russia, "balkanizing" independent Arab Shiite nations (and Russian allies) remaining on neocons' regime change list, the Benghazi scandal, the creation of ISIS as a "new and improved" al Qaeda mutation as a strategy of maintaining US Empire unipolar hegemony at all cost. All of these contextual elements are all indelibly intertwined with the Greater Israel Project that the DC neocon traitors promote over and above the interests of America. Upwards of half the neocons controlling the US homicidal foreign policy possess dual Israeli citizenship that explains their treasonously reckless behavior exposing their overt deference and deep state loyalty to the Greater Zionist agenda.

Joachim Hagopian discusses current events

Friday, February 26, 2016

Is the Truce in Syria A Deceitful Neocon Strategy to Launch a Pro-Terrorist Arab Coalition Invasion?


As of this Saturday February 27th a peace proposal brokered by Russia and the United States is scheduled to take effect in Syria for one week. But if last Monday both the US and Russian presidents expressed hopeful optimism that the war in Syria might be coming to an end this Saturday, then why on Tuesday would Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain issue warnings to all its citizens in Lebanon to immediately evacuate as well as impose a travel ban to Lebanon. Beirut, Lebanon is located only 54 miles from Syria’s capital Damascus. Hence, an invasion force through Lebanon seems a most plausible avenue given this scant piece of turf separating invading forces from their eyed prize - an overthrow of Assad.

To add weight to the high probability that neither US ally Turkey nor Saudi Arabia has any intention of complying with the truce, on Thursday Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stated:

For us, the (Kurdish) YPG (militia) is a terror organization just like Daesh. The deal did not designate the YPG as a terrorist organization. That should have been done. But it should be known that this ceasefire deal is valid for Syria.

The Turkish leader in so many words is telling the world that the ceasefire only applies to Syria, not other nations like Turkey, Saudi Arabia or for that matter their 34-nation Sunni Arab coalition supplying 350,000 soldiers currently prepping in northern Saudi Arabia for the already declared Syrian invasion. The Machiavellian strategy of pure deception and attempted stealth deployed by a litany of US Empire lies and false flags would cunningly sign a truce just as its Arab allies pre-position themselves to move forward with a massive invasion by the Saudi-led Arab Antiterrorism Coalition (a misnomer if there ever was one) to invade Syria from all directions. This presentation examines the realistic and probable underlying plans still in place yet transparently masked by America’s so called truce starting Saturday that the US will likely still permit its proxy nation allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia to spearhead their invasion of Syria already announced two week ago. It’s the old “good cop-bad cop” strategy. While Empire signs agreements for peace, its bloodthirsty allies are lustfully preparing for war.

As more evidence that Turkey and the Saudis are intent on expanding the war to unprecedented heights, earlier this week bigmouth Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir was at it again telling der Spiegel:

We believe that introducing surface-to-air missiles in Syria is going to change the balance of power on the ground.

Saudi Arabia plans to arm the terrorists with more antiaircraft weapons capable of shooting down Russian warplanes that have been providing the necessary air support that’s turned the tide in Syria’s favor to win the war against the foreign jihadists. Barring a US led Sunni invasion, the South Front group of geopolitical analysts expect the Syrian-Russian coalition to be finished defeating the terrorists possibly within weeks or at most a few more months. There’s good reason why Turkey and Saudi Arabia are Empire’s closest Islamic regional allies willing to sacrifice the slaughter of thousands of their own troops to save a few raggedy terrorists. More good cop-bad cop chicanery and deception at Empire’s behest sets the stage for more carving up Middle Eastern borders according to the Greater Israel Plan, not according to the delusional duo of the sultan and the prince in for a rude awakening.

Once news that a truce was agreed upon by Russia and the US this last Monday, on Tuesday before a congressional hearing US Secretary of State John Kerry immediately began hedging, bringing up a contingency plan B delineating a partitioned separate section in northern Syria (i.e., the designated terrorist safe haven stronghold) that would be the outcome should the truce not work out. As a second choice behind their “Assad must go” mantra, this has been what the US Empire and its terrorist loving allies have been supporting and have pretty much had all along during their five year war until recently, an autonomous region as a designated Islamic caliphate able to continue business as usual waging Empire’s regime change proxy war against the Assad government.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov’s puzzled response was that Kerry’s “Plan B” alternative was never even brought up during the negotiations. This discrepancy is typical of US diplomacy saying and agreeing to one thing and then doing another because the Empire, after all, can always claim “exceptionalism” allowing willful defiance toward any and all international law or agreement… just another unipolar hegemonic perk worth fighting for say the neocons in control of US foreign policy. The peace proposal that the US and Russia approved earlier this week will be presented to the UN Security Council for consideration as a formal UN resolution.

Saudi Arabia is where the largest military exercises in Middle East history involving those 350,000 troops from 20 different Arab nations are presently being conducted in the northernmost part of the country conveniently closest to the Syrian border. The war games dubbed Operation North Thunder include 20,000 tanks, 2,450 warplanes and 460 military helicopters. Participating nations are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, Senegal, Sudan, Kuwait, Maldives, Morocco, Pakistan, Chad, Tunisia, Comoro Islands, Djibouti, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, Egypt, Mauritania, and Mauritius. The Northern Thunder twitter account specifies that the drills that began on February 14th will continue through March 10th, plenty of time to go live for their threatened invasion of Syria.

A Middle Eastern map at a glance illustrates the short distance across a narrow strip of Jordan less than 60 miles wide separating northern Saudi Arabia from Syria’s southeastern border. From Saudi Arabia passing through Jordan - a known training ground for terrorists, would be a potentially viable route and entry point into Syria for launching a major ground war invasion. A Saudi military spokesman general reiterated two weeks ago that his nation’s decision to invade Syria is both “irreversible” and “final,” and he’s backing it up with 350,000 troops from his Saudi-led 34-Sunni nation coalition currently participating in war games near the northern Saudi city of Hafar Al-Batin close to the Iraq border. As a longer route an enormous ground force invasion could also cut through Iraq’s southwestern corner into Syria. Because of the distance involved, it would be the first ground troop movement towards Syria to detect as a key part of a possible larger, multi-pronged attack on Syria from all sides.  

When asked a couple weeks ago if the US will send GI boots on the ground in Syria (aside from the military advisors already there) in the wake of the Turkish-Saudi invasion pronouncement, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter replied that he would not rule it out, adding:

We do need to accelerate the campaign and we have a very clear operational picture of how to do it. Now we just need the resources and the forces to fall in behind it.

Hmm… a good-to-go Sunni army of 350,000 might just do it Ash. Then there’s the 18,000 soldiers Turkey currently has amassed at Syria’s northern border just waiting for their order to invade.

On Thursday Kerry mentioned anywhere from 15 to 30,000 troops necessary to create and secure a “safe zone” in northern Syria. More thinking aloud here - might those Turkish troops at the border plunging southward be conveniently used to establish John Kerry’s said Plan B? The elephant in his room is that safe zone would be for the terrorists, not the so called displaced Syrian civilian population the feds like to talk about. The old humanitarian excuse for military intervention is standard lying policy. 

Meanwhile to try and soften up that northern border for an invasion, Turkey’s daily shelling is intended to push back the Syrian coalition forces that have recently made significant strides toward sealing off the border to Turkey. This would obviously be the quickest invasion route into Syria in last gasp effort to reverse militants’ recently lost territory in Latakia and Aleppo and a chance to reinforce and salvage the remaining terrorist stronghold in Raqqa. But superior Russian forces with promised delivery of tactical nuke strikes, airpower superiority, air defense superiority and very competent, battle-tested allies would defeat a Turkish incursion in Syria and the top generals in Ankara know this. But unfortunately their tyrannical leader is an unpredictable megalomaniac.

Though a cessation of violence and peace ending the five year bloody rampage of a war brought on by US Empire of Chaos and Destruction would come as a welcomed long-awaited Godsend to the long suffering people of Syria, it would be considered a disaster to the sinister anti-Assad forces bent on further treachery and bloodshed. In all likelihood they are only planning to misuse the truce as a deceitful attempt to gain an elemental trace of tactical surprise in launching their military offensive into Syria. Though a common enough pattern in history as numerous nations have used this deceptive Machiavellian “art of war” strategy to their advantage, it’s a tall order to preannounce your invasion and then actually surprise anyone. But signs still eerily portend that the pro-terrorist coalition of Sunnis, their Sunni terrorists fighting inside Syria and the West’s pro-terrorist US-NATO-EU-Israel alliance range from minimally complicit to actively plotting a massive, multi-pronged, protracted, costly campaign that could risk WWIII ending all earthly life.

So it all comes down to the US led pro-terrorists versus the Russian led antiterrorists. Should an invasion occur attacking the antiterrorist forces aligned on history’s moral high ground operating in good faith to cease military operations except against ISIS/al Qaeda/as-Nusra Front and any would-be invading terrorist nations, the winners will not be the pro-terrorists. The Saudis are already bogged down in a stalemate and losing  cause busily committing crimes against humanity against the poorest Middle Eastern nation in Yemen. And the Turkish military is inexperienced at war compared to its seasoned opponents.

Peace is but a longshot. The grey area challenge and likely source of disagreement between the US-led and Russian-led coalitions will be drawing fine line distinctions amongst numerous local armed militias to define who is actually a terrorist and who isn’t. Assad’s straightforward contention is any armed opposition group is a terrorist but the DC neocons rigidly hold onto the false notion that “moderate rebels” aren’t terrorists. Assumedly the US will be sharing intelligence information with the Russian military and its allies Syria, Iran, the Syrian Kurds and Lebanese Hezbollah forces. All week Putin has been actively communicating with foreign leaders not only in the US and Syria but also Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran, trying to win cooperation amongst disparate parties to maximize the chance for peace. Additionally he has set up a coordination center that will field and investigate any reports of ceasefire violations.

Middle Eastern expert and author Saeb Shaath pointed out this week that the pro-terrorist camp could resort to more trickery with deceptive name changing so that Daesh-ISIS-al Qaeda-al-Nusra suddenly could adopt a different name and logo claiming that the Syria-Russian coalition still firing on them after Saturday is violating the signed truce since the terrorists are a new organization not yet designated as terrorists. Though such absurd ploys are not inconceivable especially when it comes to Empire transgressions and twisted truth machinations, fabricating and attempting to gain any real traction from a foolish technicality like that would hardly deter the Russian-Syrian coalition from pursuit of victory against terrorists occupying Syrian territory.

Whenever a truce in any military conflict is announced, various warring factions will readily attempt to use it to their strategic advantage both militarily as well as politically through accusatory rhetoric with warnings crying foul that the enemy is exploiting the lull in violence only for false purposes of regrouping for more war. Look how Kiev disingenuously uses ceasefire agreements repeatedly to regroup for the next major offensive into Donbas. Critics of the US coalition accuse more of the same.
Truces have also been misused to deceptively launch surprise attacks, although Turkey and Saudi Arabia broadcasting their plan a couple weeks ago for a massive joint troop invasion into Syria would hardly come as a surprise now. Plus, deployment of Saudi military units and warplanes to Turkey and the largest military exercise in Middle East history (in early March the US and South Korea are engaging in their biggest ever joint military exercise involving 105,000 troops incurring North Korea’s wrath) presently taking place in northern Saudi Arabia could easily be construed as invasion precursors. The precedent for military drills to suddenly go live in response to a deep state covertly planned and timed crisis has become a tall-tale sign of virtually every false flag terrorist operation.

Additionally, during this entire month of February from its side of the border Turkey has been brutally shelling northern Syria with heavy artillery mortar fire killing Syrian Arab Army soldiers, Syrian Kurd forces, at least one confirmed Russian advisor and Syrian civilians, flagrantly defying both the US and UN Security Council demands. Turkey has also been violating international law by sending Turkish soldiers and more terrorists inside Syria as reinforcements. Turkish madman President Erdogan is taking US backing the Syrian Kurds personal. A cessation of violence so that all the prime investors in terrorism on this planet currently amassed at the border with guns blazing are not about to passively sit by watching their billions worth of vested interest in an Islamic Wahhabi Caliphate or second Ottoman Empire be systematically destroyed. That simply will not happen and Russia, Syria and Iran must fully realize as well even if they are upholding the truce. No doubt Putin who’s outplayed, out-maneuvered and outclassed Obama, his neocons and Western vassals at every turn also sees through the US phony con job of a truce that has no chance at all to bring lasting peace, not when Armageddon’s knocking at the door.

All this escalating, mounting aggression recently by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and their Gulf State allies are overt provocative acts in preparation for triggering a much larger scaled war. This Turkish-Saudi led Arab coalition consisting of the Islamic State’s strongest, most fervent terrorist supporters have stated it will invade Syria as soon as the United States gives them the go-ahead. Of course this comes after recent weeks of the Russian-Syrian coalition’s dramatic success decisively cutting off the terrorist supply line from Turkey and soundly defeating the jihadist militants now running for their lives. Thus, in desperation the most pro-terrorist nations on earth representing by proxy the US-NATO-EU-Israel axis-of-evil are using the fork-tongued lie that they will invade Syria to fight against the terrorists when of course we all know they will be fighting against the only true anti-terrorist forces the Syrian-Russian coalition. It’s the pro-terrorists last ditch desperado effort to protect and save what’s left of their barbarian terrorists.

If you really believe that this truce will successfully halt all further aggressive actions by Turkey and Saudi Arabia et al after mobilizing such a massive military force into pre-invasion positioning at multimillion dollar expense when both the Saudi and Turkish economies have never been shakier, one would have to be blind to believe that on Saturday once the truce is in place they will all just simply pack up their arms and go home. It’s all too obvious that the war in Syria will turn in an instant from a regional conflict to a world war if US Empire gives the greenlight for the Arab invasion that’s really just another divide and conquer war pitting Sunni nations against Shiite nations Syria, Iraq and Iran. But even more significant, it will also initiate a West versus East showdown against Russia, China and North Korea, and of course this holds broader nuclear implications that could potentially end all life on this planet.

In their diabolical grand design to redraw the map of the Middle East and North Africa, the imperialistic US and Israel agenda is to partition (aka balkanize) all designated enemy nations into weakened, destroyed failed states. A trail of tears follows America’s every King Midas in reverse intervention. The neocons have been working nonstop on that Wesley Clark disclosed 7 nation regime change list with Iraq, Syria and Iran the final three, the same final three Shiite nations that back in 2012 went ahead with their own proposed natural gas pipeline rejecting Empire’s previously prescribed proxy offer submitted by Gulf puppet Qatar.

Because the Russian troop contingent fighting in Syria numbers only about 12,000 while the enemy forces amassing at or near the Syrian border could approach near half million, Russia has already warned Turkey and Saudi Arabia that it will not hesitate using its tactical nukes against any invading forces on Syrian soil. Yet because the 6-oligarch owned and controlled Western mainstream media corporations have kept Americans in the dark with 24/7 lies and disinformation throughout the Syrian war, next to no coverage of this impending Turkish-Saudi invasion of Syria has even been reported, so soon Americans may wake up one morning to the breaking news headline “Russia nukes US allies.” This will be exploited as the propagandized pretext for World War III and the modern day Armageddon may start on the Syrian battlefield.

The ruling elite has engineered through its servant lackey leaders of the West and their puppet governments Turkey and Saudi Arabia the perfect storm of events all converging, colliding and exploding in the days and weeks ahead. With Europe overrun and reeling from the globalist manufactured mass migration crisis, the EU is about to go bust. With virtually every honest economist and financial analyst unanimously predicting that the global economy is on the verge of total collapse starting with the Deutsch Bank, like dominoes all the major banks will fail once again while national economies crash. Covert legislation in both Europe and North America will ensure that this time around instead of a “too big to fail” buyout, a buy-in will steal citizens’ life savings from their private bank accounts. All the central banks, Homeland Security, FEMA and the rest of the treasonous Washington criminals have been methodically preparing for this moment in history for decades. 

So as a weapon of mass distraction, the elite has manipulated the global chessboard for World War III. In the days leading up to Saturday’s truce we have been witnessing the predictable banter and squabbling. Regional kingpin bully and nuclear-powered antagonist Israel that borders war torn Syria from the south has war criminal Netanyahu phoning Putin on Wednesday soliciting assurances that Israel’s designated enemies - Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces - as Russian allies will not attempt to take advantage of the truce by advancing into the disputed Israeli occupied oil rich Golan Heights that Israel stole from Syria during the 1967 Six-Day War. It’s total hypocrisy for Netanyahu to even act like he’s so worried defensively when he along with US Empire has always been the longtime aggressor and secret supporter of jihadist terrorism. He knows that a world war about to erupt at his backdoor is all part of his Zionist Plan.

It was the US neocons and Israel’s unholy marriage that produced Muslim terrorists as their original twenty-first century baby, their manufactured mercenary stooges to scapegoat and falsely criminalize Islam for their own demonically evil purposes, enabling them to pull off their 9/11 inside job to spawn their “endless war on terror.” And since the neocons and Bibi share the same common enemies, they self-servingly made more unholy alliances dividing and conquering the Arab world with its fellow terrorist loving supporters Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and the rest of the Arab Gulf State monarchies. You can bet that any Arab Sunni invasion of Syria led by the Turks and Saudis is not only fully endorsed by the bloodthirsty Netanyahu but will be granted free access to Syria through the Golan Heights to the invading Sunni army as part of any ground offensive sweeping towards Damascus from Syria’s southern border.

As Willian Engdahl suggests, US Empire’s seemingly disastrous entanglements around the world and in particular the Middle East and North Africa may actually be by hidden design. In a recent article he states:

Washington policy - the policy of the USA military-industrial complex and their Wall Street bankers - has in no way changed… They plan to destroy Syria as a functioning nation, to finish the destruction of Iraq begun in 1991, and to spread that destruction now to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to Turkey, and across the entire oil and gas-rich Middle East.

The Israeli-American strategy to upend Putin’s success in Syria could well be setting the stage for the impending Saudi-Turkish-Sunni invasion as a trap where they become the sacrificial lunatic lambs to state-of-the-art war precision commanded by the chessboard master himself Putin. The neocons in Washington may claim that the Arab Sunni coalition is acting on its own accord defying all US directives to not invade Syria or interfere with the peace process in a Machiavellian attempt to wash their bloodstained hands clean from the bloodbath that may soon be spilled. This cunning diabolical endgame scenario also exemplifies how US Empire treats its two longstanding Muslim best buds in the Middle East, priming and setting them up for disaster while pretending to seek peace and harmony with its adversaries. And then like predatory sharks when it’s all over move in to redraw, partition and control what’s left. Let’s pray for peace and root for the good guys in Syria who know how to fight and defeat the terrorists of the world, including the terrorists behind the terrorists.
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global Research, and Feel free to contact me at  nandrtal[at]hotmail[dot]com 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Turkey’s Ankara False Flag Clears Invasion Pathway to WWIII in Syria

Turkey’s been blasting away all month long shelling heavy artillery mortars from its side along the Turkish border killing Syrian National Army soldiers, Syrian Kurd forces (YPG), at least one Russian advisor and defenseless civilians in border villages inside Syria. Widespread reportage of the ongoing daily Turkish artillery barrage into Syria was publicly confirmed by the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu since February 13th. Though a NATO member, longtime close US ally and next to Empire and Israel among the world’s leading partners-in-crime for state sponsored terrorism, earlier this week Turkey was asked by Washington to cease its border aggression. Yet Turkish President Recep Erdogan has elected to defy his US master and continues his daily bombardment of northern Syrian villages and Syrian militarily controlled outposts abandoned recently by decimated escaping Islamic State terrorists.

Because the US has consistently backed Turkey’s provocative acts of war in the past, including Turkey’s premeditated shoot down last November 24th of the Russian Su-24 jet killing its pilot immediately defended by Obama’s bogus contention that Turkey has every right to protect its own airspace despite no evidence the ill-fated warplane had ever entered Turkish airspace, Erdogan miscalculated counting on America’s ongoing unconditional support and felt betrayed when the US began backing the Syrian Kurds. The Turkish president assumed that regardless of how severe his violation of international laws or magnitude of violent transgressions become, the US and NATO will always have his back. But if Erdogan was paying attention to history, he would realize the US Empire has a long track record of turning against its onetime allies after using them up for their own self-serving gains (vis-à-vis Saddam, Muamar, Mubarak, Osama and even Putin).

It seems that Erdogan may be a bit over-confident after Obama and his neocons minimally gave the tacit go-ahead recently for an upcoming joint Saudi-Turkish invasion of Syria where US uses its proxy allies to fight the Russian coalition that in recent weeks has been making mincemeat out of their darling terrorists. As of late the Turkish leader’s vital supply line to his terrorists has been significantly severed. He and the Saudi monarchy are seething over America-NATO’s reluctance to directly commit its ground forces in Syria. This has the arrogant dictator chomping at the bit to save his vested lost ISIS holdings behaving with unpredictable brashness and recklessness reaching unprecedented megalomaniacal heights.
Recall a couple months ago Erdogan’s aggressive if not erratic move to invade Iraq in order to protect and salvage his illicit oil interests after Putin blew up his and his son’s oil flowing caravans coming into Turkey from Syria, again defying all international law invading another war-ravaged nation. A former Iraqi high-up government official stated that ISIS sold $800 million in stolen oil to Turkey in the last eight months, thus making a fortune for the illegal Erdogan family oil business. No doubt Recep’s delusions of grandeur have him frantically holding onto his long held fantasy of becoming the next sultan of a reclaimed second Ottoman Empire.

However, earlier this week Erdogan’s sultanate bubble at least partially burst when the UN Security Council met in an emergency closed door session on Tuesday to condemn the artillery attacks in northern Syria followed by increasing pressure from Washington to cease its border aggressions until Empire says so. So what does the tyrannical Turkish madman do? Strong evidence indicates that Erdogan ordered his intelligence agency MIT to pull off a highly sophisticated car bomb attack timed perfectly to explode as two military buses filled with his own Turkish soldiers were stopped at a traffic light, killing 28 members of his own Army. The terrorist bomb went off within a tightly secured area in Ankara just outside the heavily fortified Turkish military headquarters not far from the Turkish parliament building. No sooner did Ankara’s finger pointing charge the Syrian Kurds (YPG) as the perp, Erdogan then rushed 500 more terrorist militants to the critical Syrian city of Azaz for badly needed reinforcement to bolster the last historic terrorist stronghold as a crucial supply line depot in his hastened urgency to hold off the advancing YPG and Syrian forces from totally collapsing his Turkish-terrorist supply line.

This violent act of terrorism in the Turkish capital against Erdogan’s own troops demonstrates just how desperate and coldblooded the president is in his unstable efforts to win over his US master to justify the Turks’ continued firepower aimed at the accused false flag victim the Syrian Kurds. It’s reminiscent of the predictable way Obama repeatedly uses false flag mass shootings that kill his own people inside the United States to compulsively promote his political agenda and fixation on gun control/confiscation.

False flags have become the go-to secret weapon of deceptive choice for every major act of violence and terrorism on this planet, virtually all state sponsored and coordinated by CIA, Mossad, MI6 and a host of other national intelligence agencies. Historically false flags have been regularly used to start virtually every major US war for over a century. And many nations besides US Empire are also guilty of false flags. The nonstop 24/7 lies and propaganda pumped out by Western mainstream media propagate the systematic demonization of leaders and nations as designated enemies simply for not succumbing to US Empire’s brutal bullying. This is yet another powerful weapon that deep state insidiously employs in its mind control brainwashing to dictate public opinion and perception that in turn permits the savage lawlessness of character assassination, mass murder targeting innocent victims and launching wars at will by treasonous crime cabal governments sworn to protect and defend their own citizens and nations.

Since Wednesday’s car bomb explosion in Ankara made hamburger meat out of 28 humans injuring scores more, it would be physically impossible within several fantastical hours after the blast for the Turkish authorities to so quickly identify the suspect as a Syrian Kurd. Its detonated power would leave no traceable physical evidence inside the car to examine but even if there was, no such conclusive results could be drawn in such a short period of time. It’s physically impossible, total bullshit and an all too obvious red alert trademark of virtually every false flag. Always the real perpetrators rush to pin the crime on whomever deep state wants to falsely blame.

The very next day on Thursday six more Turkish soldiers died in southeastern Turkey from an alleged roadside bomb that struck an armored personnel vehicle. Of course this terrorist attack was blamed on the separatist Kurds living in Turkey (PKK). It seems the latest soldiers to die in Turkey was for dramatic punctuation just to prove to the world how evil the Kurds on this earth are. So within several hours Turkey launched airstrikes on oil-rich northern Iraq to punish the Iraqi Kurds. All of these violent episodes are thinly veiled false flag attempts to demonize the Kurds, justify the continued border bombardment and Turkish invasion of both Iraq and Syria to ultimately establish a permanent Erdogan led Islamist terrorist caliphate enabling the theft of Kurdish oil and engage in ethnic cleansing of Kurdish people throughout the region (recall 100 years ago during last century’s first genocide Turks were eliminating a third of the total Armenian population off the face of the earth).

Then with a quick look at means and motive of Wednesday’s Ankara attack and once again it blatantly points to an inside job. First of all, with the overwhelming amount of security forces present in the area, it would be extremely difficult for any Syrian Kurd to even reach the scene of the crime much less pull it off with such skilled lethality. The government authorities are the only entity with the organized, resourceful means to easily plant a bomb in that location detonating it at the exact moment for maximum kill radius. And as far as motivation goes, the Syrian Kurds have only recently generated the backing of the US despite the fact that the Kurds are among the most tenacious opponents of the very ISIS terrorists that Empire all along has been supporting. The Kurds in no way would risk jeopardizing their growing international support. So its motivation to commit the Ankara terrorist attack much less possess the means to carry it out is nonexistent. They have far more important priorities like fighting their war against the world’s largest terrorist organization that includes most recently dodging mortars fired at them by the pro-terrorist Turkish army. The lies from the losing side on the wrong side of history just keep getting thicker and more absurd as time goes on, reflecting their sheer desperation and madness.

Additionally, Turkey has a very long history of confirmed false flags going back many decades to the Gladio B operations involving CIA and high level Turkish government officials as well as organized crime. Top level deep state corruption and false flag murder are extremely commonplace today in Turkey and have been recurring with greater frequency in recent months. Back in March 2014 a plot by the current Turkish prime minister acting then as foreign minister, the MIT intelligence chief and a general was leaked uncovering Turkish government’s false flag plan to kill fellow Turkish citizens on Turkish soil to blame Syria as its justification to then enter the Syrian war. So indiscriminant killing of its own citizens is business as usual for Turkey.

It’s also worth noting that for every deceitful dirty trick that despots like Erdogan execute, the US Empire of Chaos, Mayhem and Destruction commits at least ten more of these same kind of atrocities and crimes against humanity on a far larger scale with complete Empire impunity due to its perverse sense of “might makes right” entitlement and hegemonic exceptionalism. And this pervasive level of evildoing has only accelerated in recent months and years. By globalist design conditions worldwide continue degenerating into pure chaos as destabilizing upheaval creates the New World Disorder that the ruling elite is busily exploiting to its full tactical advantage.
The out of control manufactured mass migration mess currently taking down Europe, the impending WWIII about to be ignited in Syria, the NATO buildup of troops and armaments along Russia’s European border, the other powder keg hotspot Ukraine ready to ratchet up as the designated second bloody front against Russia, increasing tensions with China in the South China Sea as Beijing installs missile launchers on its disputed islands, a collapsing global economy simultaneously going bust, stolen radioactive material in Iraq that terrorists could use as dirty bombs, EMP weapons capable in an instant of sending America and/or other nations back to the Stone Age, tainted Bill Gates Foundation vaccines, geo-engineered heavy toxic metals, deep state’s bio-warfare (Zika virus the latest weapon) intentionally spreading disease to infected populations.
The list of WMD’s comprising the elite’s unlimited arsenal currently being deployed against humanity as both slow and fast kill eugenics methods is triggering an accelerated proliferation of catastrophic global crises conditions. On top of all this globalist designed destruction, mounting evidence recently leaked by NASA astronomers among other scientists allude to strong potential for natural catastrophe from an incoming barrage of comets, asteroids and meteors striking the earth and instantly changing life as we know it. As these cataclysmic forces converge and gain momentum, our human world appears to be rapidly falling apart producing the long schemed opportunity for the elite to fully implement its UN Agenda 21 and 2030 plans presently being rolled out, codified and formalized as one world government tyranny under the guise of protecting what’s left of what will become a dwindling global population. A cashless, microchipped society deemed NWO certifiably “sustainable” containing a mere half billion out of the near 7.5 billion humans now breathing on this planet may be but one devastating crisis and world government away.

The inevitability of World War III is coming any day or week whenever Empire of Evil gives the greenlight for the Saudi-Turkish-Gulf State invasion in Syria directly pitting the US led pro-terrorist forces against the Russian led antiterrorist forces. Currently there are 350,000 troops belonging to Saudi Arabia and 34 nations belonging to the Saudi led “antiterrorist” all-Sunni coalition that are undergoing the most massive military joint exercise in Middle Eastern history called Northern Thunder in northern Saudi Arabia. Ironically all the Sunni nations that have most supported terrorists are preparing to fight the Russian-Syrian coalition that are defeating the foreign terrorist invaders inside Syria. And military exercises going live in a crisis have become cliché. Clearly our own treasonous US government has diabolically lined up a massive pro-terrorist proxy army ready to fight on the wrong side of history and many good innocent people around the world will unfortunately be paying dearly for the karmic sins of their evil leaders who have betrayed humanity. And with US, Russian and Chinese nuclear armaments among others ever-at-the-ready, every human being on earth could soon be paying the ultimate price of being born on the wrong planet at the wrong time.

For centuries satanic worshipping globalists have been meticulously and demonically plotting this fateful moment in human history. It seems the only chance we have to prevent self-annihilation can only be achieved through massive human prayer in combination with divine intervention through possibly benevolent extraterrestrials and of course God’s active presence on earth. Most people nowadays believe that intelligent life in our vast universe does exist. Perhaps as a precursor to full ET disclosure, even NASA as another government gatekeeper having regularly withheld secret information and knowledge from the public for many years has recently gone on record to openly admit that alien life is alive and well out there. Dr. Steven Greer’s groundbreaking courageous work over the last quarter century has compiled irrefutable evidence.

A handful of subhuman globalist psychopaths appear to have hijacked our planet and bent on killing virtually all life have seemingly halted human evolution and progress on this precious globe of ours. After all, for decades they’ve been preparing for this cataclysmic moment in history secretly building their luxury underground bunkers, vast cities below surface, deep underground military bases and continental transport systems capable of sustaining their subterranean subhuman life for several years to come while causing conditions at the earth’s crust to become too uninhabitable. For those elitists preferring the deep space option, black ops using stolen ET technology will likely ensure that the elite has a colonized home waiting for them somewhere out in this vast universe. This science fiction scenario is no longer fiction. Despite deep security state’s efforts to conceal its truth at all costs, these seemingly farfetched contingencies have gradually been uncovered. And it’s now way overdue when the masses that have long suspected the veracity of this kind of other worldly speculation need to finally be told the truth. But we know that the current totalitarian system has zero tolerance for truth and will continue living the lie right to its bitter violent end. But in the unfolding chaos and destruction ultimately the truth will prevail and set us all free. There are counterbalancing forces opposing the evil destruction of our planet that are invested in life preservation. We are not dead yet, the dark forces have not won yet and through committed activism and moral courage we citizens of the world can collectively make a difference perhaps between life and death on this planet.
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global Research, and Feel free to contact me at  nandrtal[at]hotmail[dot]com 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Anatomy of a Third World War: Neocon Style

The Washington neocons have managed to muck things up in Syria blurring and confusing boundaries between who’s who amongst warring factions in its now half decade old regime change proxy war that the US has been losing. With the US Empire’s agenda to destabilize every potential threat to US-Israel hegemony in the region, the latest highly disturbing developments unfolding within this last week in Syria paint a very grim yet clear picture of America’s revised regional strategy. The key lens by which to analyze and understand what the US Empire does geopolitically in the Middle East, North Africa or anywhere has everything to do with maintaining US-Israel regional hegemony and its obsessive, relentless strategy opposing the greatest threat to America’s unipolar global hegemony – Russia, China and Iran. Underlying this neocon insanity behind US foreign policy’s global agenda has been destabilization of the entire world through chaos and destruction militarily achieved through either direct Empire invasion-occupation war or more recently indirectly through the latest installment of Empire’s manufactured war on terror deploying its created ISIS-al Qaeda terrorists as proxy war allies doing Empire’s blood-soaked bidding by proxy. But when that strategy fails as it has in Syria recently, now the neocons are resorting to sending in its Islamic nation state puppets Turkey and Saudi Arabia as yet more proxy war allies to do yet more of their dirty work.

Consistent with control over the geopolitics chessboard is the imperialistic self-interest of controlling the earth’s money, drug and oil supply also designed to promote war while isolating and weakening America’s manufactured cold war 2 enemies of the East - Russia and Iran - that includes reversing a thwarted US Empire pipeline strategy. Assad’s rejection in 2010 of Qatar’s proposed gas pipeline through Syria to Turkey in an effort to supply Europe and seriously hamper Russia’s export revenue made Assad vulnerable as declared enemy #1 in the Middle East to both the West and Arab Gulf States. Further making himself an even higher profile target was choosing the proposed gas pipeline that would be the largest in the region shared with its strongest ally and neighbor Iran and Iraq. Loyalty to Iran long deemed an outcast by the US-Israeli-Saudi axis-of-evil sealed Assad’s fate for renewed Western targeted regime change skullduggery. The so called internal protests against the Assad government were quickly escalated into civil war in 2011 by US imperialistic interests further aggravated by US deploying an influx of foreign mercenary proxy terrorists.

Starting back in late 2010 in Tunisia with the CIA-neocon inspired “Arab spring uprising,” a mere propaganda campaign exporting this same destabilizing scourge unleashed across the MENA nations just as the longest running wars in American history were winding down in Iraq and Afghanistan, the covert CIA operations were masqueraded by US touted lies supporting a spontaneous, contagious movement spreading long awaited freedom and democracy throughout the Muslim world. The truth was anything but as the US was merely launching its latest covert campaign in its never-ending aggressive regime change assault on independent nations designed to install weak, corrupted, bought and sold puppet governments throughout the region [and world] where puppet Arab states didn’t already exist. The botched pipeline proposal had already placed Syria in Empire crosshairs.

In keeping with the US tradition of backstabbing treachery, our psychopath-in-chief Obama has regularly turned on once close and even longtime 30-year allies like Egypt’s Mubarak tumbled over by the Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood (with Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama linked to Muslim Brotherhood’s investment finances and alleged ties to a Sudanese organization the US State Department lists as a terrorist group since 1993). Then of course there was the already neocon deposed casualty of US imperialism Saddam Hussein whose antiterrorism stance possessing zero weapons of mass destruction made him innocent of neocon charges used as deliberate lies to deceitfully gain support for invading and destroying his country. But if the truth be known Saddam became a marked man as soon as he switched trading from US petrodollar to the Euro having led a far more prosperous, peaceful, secular nation that maintained Sunni-Shiite unity than at any time since Empire came, divided, conquered and left it a failed state to be reinvaded by US delivered barbarians that still occupy Iraq.

And then as part of that same “Arab uprising” came days of NATO’s nonstop brutal 2011 bombing to soften up Libya for the West’s proxy invasion by al Qaeda terrorists followed by the Obama and Hillary-directed plunder and assassination of its leader Muamar Kaddafi who was busily promoting the pan-African gold backed dinar as currency bringing autonomous prosperity to North Africa. Prosperity and autonomy are dirty words in any part of the world not already controlled by the centralized Western banking cabal that Obama and Hillary serve. Upon learning of Gaddafi’s death while being interviewed, Hillary exulted, “We came; we saw; he died.”

On 9/11/12 shortly before Obama’s reelection, he and Hillary were caught deep in their crime cabal enterprise by those same al Qaeda terrorists they used to overthrow and murder Kaddafi as part of the White House’s illicit arms smuggling operation funneling guns and terrorists from Benghazi through allied Turkey to fight their proxy war in Syria. But on that fateful 9/11 night to save their own Faustian skins, Obama flew out west for a fundraiser and Hillary issued her stand down order to US military forsaking her Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other murdered Americans killed by those same Benghazi terrorists they were in bed with the night before. Under damage control administration staffers were then shamelessly blaming it on that bogus anti-Muslim video. Presidential ambitions kept the sleazy war criminals barely concealed under another scandalous cover-up. But the dark sinister truth surrounding Hillary’s catching up to her faster than November.

Then a decade earlier recall that infamous Bush-Cheney memo rooted in the neocons’ PNAC “new Pearl Harbor” playbook calling for regime changes in 7 nations within 5 years leaked a half dozen years later by fellow war criminal and then presidential hopeful retired General Wesley Clark that to this day still has two targeted nations conspicuously left on that infamous list - Syria and Iran. With this contextual historical overlay that features the US and Israel’s plan for a reconfigured redrawing of the Middle East, Syria’s latest breaking developments and US led machinations become far more readily and clearly comprehended. Connecting the dots puts the latest events escalating the war in Syria into crystal clear perspective as merely the diabolical evolution of neocon policies spun decades ago.

Up until last fall all had been going smoothly according to the globalist/neocon plan. ISIS terrorism was wreaking havoc throughout Syria and Iraq and rapidly expanding far beyond the Middle East and North Africa to all corners of the globe. The globalist orchestrated mass migration crisis designed to destroy Europe was already well underway with a million MENA refugees pouring into Europe every which way. The US was secretly airdropping arms, ammo, food and medical supplies to the terrorists and the allied coalition was doing its job conducting thousands of airstrikes pretending to bomb ISIS and few of us outside alternative media hardly even noticed. The status quo of American Empire spreading chaos and destruction worldwide to keep the neocons’ confabulated war on terror raging, is all part of the plan, every so often dramatically stoked by another “new Pearl Harbor” event following the granddaddy of modern false flags 9/11, then came Spain’s 3/11/04 train disaster, London’s 7/7/05 train disaster and 2015’s two-packaged Parisian deal with January’s Charlie Hebdo and November’s Friday the 13th mass killing spree. Throw in a few more false flag mass shootings at home and the people are worried about terror, more so after last December’s San Bernardino attack since right after 9/11. Terror was kept alive and well, banksters were happily running the economy into the ground getting ready for the next bubble collapse and the military-security-prison complex was still booming.

So at the end of last September when Putin took center stage at the UN to publicly out Obama’s secret alliance and protection of ISIS terrorists and Putin’s subsequent destruction of terrorist forces in Syria, unexpected delivery of his decisive blow took all the treasonous bad guys lined up on the wrong side of history by total surprise. As a recognized world leader Putin was standing up like no other and directly confronting evil and as a result, his take charge policy in Syria had the evil neocons reeling. Ultimately still deceitfully playing dangerous lethal games with humanity, the US Empire along with its vassals from Europe, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Arab Gulf monarchy states have all decided to invade tiny little Syria to protect their darling monsters they’ve so heavily invested in creating, nurturing, steadily feeding arms, ammo and fresh recruits, training and coddling them for a year and a half since another one of Obama’s infamous lies of how he was vowing to track down and root out every last one of those evil terrorists.

As the one regional power that stands to gain the most from a multination attack on Assad’s forces, Israel ironically is the only US ally that has not joined the recent fray to fight terrorists in Syria. But then since when have you ever heard of ISIS attacking Israel or Israelis? Never. Instead we see photos of Netanyahu displaying his best fellow terrorist bedside manner in photo op sessions visiting jihadists in Golan Heights hospitals.

Meanwhile overwhelming evidence has surfaced by the former Defense Intelligence Agency commanding General Michael Flynn blaming Obama for willfully defying all the agency’s warnings about the jihadist militant threat when in 2012 before ISIS even became ISIS Obama was backing the terrorists in his vendetta to get to Putin by removing Assad from power. And then came Obama’s fake red line and false flag chemical weapons attack that Obama blamed Assad for when it was Hussein Obama’s own backed terrorists who killed those children in the Damascus suburb. Had the British parliament not turned down Obama’s “humanitarian” call for airstrikes on Syria in September 2012 and then Putin’s prudent move to broker the last minute deal that had Assad turning in his chemical weapons cache thereby saving face for the paper tiger Obama, with Russian and Chinese warships poised at the ready in Syria’s defense, World War III may well have broken out several years ago. But now with Obama’s five year war policy in Syria to oust Assad in complete shambles, once again he and his desperate neocons and allied stooges are threatening yet another WWIII showdown.

On October 1st last year Russia began bombing the Islamic State’s infrastructure including command centers, supply depots and destroying enormous truck caravans of ISIS’ stolen oil shipments traveling north toward the border to neighboring Turkey delivering to its biggest buyer a Turkish company owned by President Erdogan’s son. As pushback on November 24th with US-NATO approval, Turkey then illegally shot down a Russian SU-24 jet that was not even flying inside Turkish air space killing the pilot. But Putin was clearly upsetting the West’s rigged, criminal proxy war operation and as a NATO member Erdogan took full advantage to justify and get away with his uncalled for, highly provocative act of war. Obama immediately rushed to Turkey’s aid defending his ally’s blatant aggression by maintaining it had a right to defend its airspace. And that incident occurred less than a month after 224 Russians were killed by a planted bomb that exploded inside a Russian airliner flying over the Sinai desert with suspected culprit ISIS immediately taking credit for that murderous misdeed.

In both Ukraine and Syria the West and its proxy war terrorist allies have been deliberately attempting to provoke Putin into retaliation amidst a relentless ongoing campaign of lies and propaganda demonizing him for his defensive stand in Crimea two years ago. The neocon led West’s reckless aggressions toward both Russia and China in recent years have willfully and unilaterally resurrected a second installment of the cold war clearly indicating it’s gunning for a direct military confrontation with the Eastern powers, pushing for inevitable war that could easily quickly turn nuclear that we’d all lose.

After recent months with direct Russian air support combined with increasing ground troop coordination, the Syrian forces have been turning the tide, moving to seal off the border with Turkey to cut off the terrorists’ supply line and gradually closing in on a decisive victory defeating the world’s largest terrorist organization once and for all. Rather than do the right thing by humanity with assisting Russia rid the planet of evil killing thugs, the US and its allies have instead decided to go on the offensive announcing massive troop interventions converging on Syria all using the fake excuse of eradicating the terrorists when the whole world watching already knows it’s just another conspired boldface lie.

Having the audacity to pretend to actually still be waging war against the terrorists, the US is leading what will be the biggest multinational coalition force to date in Syria in order to illegally invade a sovereign nation while still trying to deceive the world that it alongside all the very same players regularly guilty of financing and supporting the terrorist enemy will be fighting together against the terrorists. Everyone who has followed any of the events in the Middle East knows that the true agenda of the US led invasion is to still pursue Assad for regime change, and if that longstanding objective cannot be attained with Russia and Iran’s military presence directly assisting Syria’s defense, the US Empire’s primary agenda will be to create a West controlled safe haven for the Islamic State occupying eastern Syria to further undermine and weaken Assad’s power. The race to capture the ISIS stronghold city of Raqqa will be the prize that each warring coalition is gunning for. If the Russian-Syrian forces win that race, they’ll have beaten back ISIS from Syria and won the war. However, if the US backed Arab forces that all support the terrorists link up with their fellow terrorist buddies, that means the US and their terrorists will be in a position to create their own autonomous caliphate within eastern Syria and continue Empire’s longtime agenda to eliminate Assad.

Several years ago globalist Henry Kissinger revealed that the elite’s true intention behind US interventions in Syria is to partition it off into “balkanized” pieces in the same way the US dismembered Yugoslavia with its proxy war in Kosovo and Bosnia using Osama’s al Qaeda terrorists in the 1990’s. The same goal is planned for Iraq as part of the redrawing of the Middle East. All along the US-Israel imperialistic modus operandi throughout the Middle East, North Africa and beyond has been to break up Arab nations into fractured, sectarian conflicted, weakened failed states in order to guarantee both Israel and Empire’s continued unchallenged dominance while simultaneously undercutting and weakening Russia’s growing influence and power.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Konashenkov announced a few days ago in his latest briefing that from February 4-11 Russia flew 510 sorties over Syria attacking 1,888 ISIS terrorist targets. The Syrian forces subsequently made significant gains along the Turkish border as well as pushing on ISIS near northern Aleppo. The air assaults on terrorist encampments were so pounding that a number of the jihadists attempted to disguise themselves amongst displaced northern Syrian villagers heading towards the Turkish border.

Syria’s Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has already sent notification to the UN Security Council citing ongoing multiple violations of international law including UN Charter objectives and Security Council’s terrorism war crimes currently being committed starting last weekend with Turkey’s artillery firing long range rockets from the border into Syria targeting civilian villages, Syrian National Army and particularly Kurdish forces (YPG) operating near the Turkish border. The US politely asked Turkey to stop firing on forces that the US is arming. It’s a little confusing because the US supports the Kurds inside Syria but sides with Ankara’s brutally oppressive anti-Kurd policy in Turkey. But then that’s just the typically convoluted mess the US Empire is notorious for causing. In the meantime, the loose cannon Erdogan isn’t listening to his imperial master as the shelling that started on Saturday has persisted in reckless defiance every day since. If it’s not the neocons playing Russian roulette with humanity, now it’s the foreign demagogues with a screw loose. Syria also charged Turkey with sending 100 armed Turkish provocateurs riding in 12 heavy machine gun mounted pickup trucks across the border into Syria to instigate more conflict.

Pravda reports that a Russian advisor on February 1st was already the first Russian ground casualty in the Syrian war killed by a Turkish mortar attack fired from the Turkish side of the border into a town liberated by the Syrian army that was previously held by militants that fled to Turkey. More shelling was reported in the same area of northern Syria near the border again the 3rd as well, indicating that Turkish artillery attacks have been occurring throughout February.

In response to Turkey’s shelling of Syria, the UN Security Council is meeting in closed session on Tuesday to discuss the broader implications and what actions it may take or may not take to deter further violence. This comes simultaneously with 18,000 Turkish troops amassing at Syria’s northern border for a planned invasion. Erdogan’s invasion will be his desperate attempt to restore the terrorist supply line and again as of last Thursday he reiterated his desire to establish a no-fly zone over Syria.

Several days ago Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that Turkey and Saudi Arabia could launch a ground force invasion in Syria “if there is a strategy,” meaning that if the US Empire signs off on it. It was also just confirmed that Turks and Saudis have sent a huge shipment of ground to ground “Grad” missiles to their terrorist allies in Syria. These recent warmongering announcements were also immediately joined by claims by other pro-terrorist Gulf States Qatar and United Arab Emirates that they too will commit sending their own troop contingents to “fight against” the terrorists in war ravaged Syria. In fact Qatar and Turkey just declared they have signed a mutual defense pact sharing the common enemy (the Syria-Russia-Iran coalition) whereby each plans to have a military base in each other’s country. It’s as if all the terrorist supporting nations are now openly competing to stake the largest war role in Syria to overturn recent advances made by Syria, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and the Kurds by rescuing their longtime investment in the Islamic State terrorists.

Meanwhile in response to the declared joint invasion threat, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned that if Saudi Arabia and Turkey move forward sending military to Syria in a ground operation, World War III will be virtually unavoidable, stating it “draws everyone taking part in it into a war,” and further elaborating:

The Americans and our Arab partners must consider whether or not they want a permanent war.

Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad stated the obvious:

They [Turkish authorities] claim they will enter Syria to attack Daesh. In reality, they want to interfere in Syrian affairs to save Daesh, to save terrorism in our country.

It’s been said that Erdogan envisions Turkey one day returning as glorious head of another Ottoman Empire with the same delusional grandiosity and ambition that Israel’s been scheming with partner-in-crime America doing its dirty bidding to vastly extend Israel’s remapped borders. As the staunchest supporters of ISIS terrorism, this mutual arrangement between Turkey and Qatar facilitates future terrorist training at each other’s military outposts. Likewise the Saudi monarchy has its eyes on the prize of using the Islamic State terrorists similar to the US to establish its own Sunni empire… the insatiably crazed lust for naked power is rabidly spreading throughout every Middle Eastern nation the US Empire’s in bed with. As the overextended, morally crumbling US Empire fades, its even more morally corrupt puppet states have taken on the same character flaws as their master.

A month ago the Saudi Minister of Defense Mohammed bin Salman announced that Riyadh would headquarter the newly formed 34 nation Islamic Anti-Terror Coalition. In his official press release the narcissistic, self-serving Salman stated that his 34 Sunni states will act to “counteract terrorism” in Syria as well as Iraq and elsewhere. Conspicuously absent from this “Islamic state” coalition are the same three Shiite nations that pissed everybody off building their own renegade pipeline - Iran, Iraq and Syria. The disingenuous phony transparency of Saudi grandstanding along with Sultan Erdogan as the Islamic headmasters anointed by Washington to be the big cheeses of their Sunni peer group uniting it against Shiite Arabs nauseatingly comes straight out of the globalist Divide and Rule 101 handbook. Bottom line - they see war as a means to an end land, grabbing the Kurds’ oil rich fields in northern Iraq and leading an ever-expanding Islamic State caliphate throughout the Middle East and beyond.

Demonstrating that old imperialistic predatory habits are hard to break, Colin Powell’s former chief-of-staff retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson recently said that the United States plans to occupy resource-rich Afghanistan for another half century. Forget those bandied about exit dates, once addicted to plundering and stealing earthly treasures from stolen lands, always addicted. What’s left of genocided Native American people throughout both Western Hemisphere continents have been forever learning this painfully sobering lesson. And now US Empire has spread this same imperialistic fever lust for power and control to the likes of such despotic nations supporting terrorism Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

This week Turkey and Saudi Arabia are also currently conducting joint military air exercises in central Turkey in preparation for their apparent joint coordinated offensive into Syria. As part of their war prepping, the day before the air exercises began, a Saudi general acting as military spokesman confirmed that Saudi Arabian jets have been dispatched to southern Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base, the same one used extensively in recent years by US Empire to do its earthly destruction in the region. Not surprisingly, the Saudis of course are claiming that their planes are moving into place to fight against ISIS. It’s all too obvious that the Saudi warplanes will be used to provide air cover support for their launched Turkish-Saudi invasion.

A senior Iranian air force commander general in response to Turkey and Saudi Arabia’s planned invasion stated that if Damascus asks, the Iranian air force is committed to defending Syria’s air space. He warned that any military presence in Syria without Assad’s express permission would end in defeat. These escalating saber rattling decries are not unlike a game of chicken played amongst schoolboys preparing for a playground brawl, except instead of a few bloody noses it could be the end of humanity and all life on planet earth.

Turkish warplanes would outnumber Russia’s 10 to 1 (200 to 20) despite the advanced generation of Russian fighter aircraft protected by its highly sophisticated S-400 missile air defense systems. The Moscow advantage is its long range bombers are capable of taking out airfields anywhere in Syria or Turkey. But the risk of striking air bases in Turkey could draw NATO into the war. That’s the trap that the West has diabolically set. In the coming months you can bet that the West will attempt to split Russia on two fronts, the other one of course being Ukraine where with Empire backing yet another major Kiev military offensive will be unleashed in Eastern Ukraine fighting the Russian backed rebels.

Russian diplomats are feverishly trying to arrive at a peace proposal that’s been tacitly agreed to in two or three days while buying more time to realistically prepare for the all-out world war that appears eminent. Neither side actually believes peace is at hand. Russia’s only buying more time in an effort to stall the momentum being pushed by the impending Turkish-Arab multiple nation attack with full US-NATO blessing that’s all but forthcoming. Because both warring sides are madly scrambling and jockeying for last minute advantageous positioning for when the larger scale war is launched, and neither side is backing down or suspending hostilities or present engagement, the peace talks are emptily just buying a little more time. At this moment a real peace breakthrough appears rather bleak.

Since it’s now obvious that Obama’s choice of backing ISIS to defeat Assad will clearly not happen with Russia’s presence in Syria, US Empire will now use Turkey and Saudi Arabia as its latest proxy war allied puppets to protect their collective vested interest in keeping terrorists on this planet alive and well in order to keep their “endless” war on terror endless. However, should the Turkish-Saudi coalition forces directly engage in attacking the Russian task force or the Iranian contingent, a Pandora’s Box will quickly open that could unravel and in a flash lead to a major world war with far-reaching nuclear implications. The neocons in charge are convinced that Empire’s unipolar hegemony cannot be maintained without the scourge of terrorism and their mercenary ISIS thugs to blame as their designated patsies around the globe. And as such, they appear to be willing to risk plunging humanity headlong into a catastrophic third world war scenario. Their provocative acts of aggression toward both Beijing and Moscow over the last couple years especially have led directly to this ever-so dangerous faceoff we’re witnessing today.

Despite such grave risk to life on earth, sending an Erdogan led invasion and engaging in a protracted deadly ground war clearly violates international law that according to the Nuremberg Tribunal constitutes a “supreme international crime.” But Turkey, the United States and all their war crime allies will use the same old worn out deception as its flimsily false excuse to justify its criminal aggression in Syria claiming “humanitarian reasons” for rushing to the “defense of civilians” rescued from war crimes and even ethnic cleansing committed by Assad and Russian forces. All total fabricated bullshit. It happened in the 90’s in Kosovo and Bosnia, and in this century in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, Ukraine, over and over again these same lies have been used to commit yet more mass murder and atrocities in our name. Despite being a pathological liar who never fails to hypocritically attempt to justify violence while pretending to speak from some nonexistent moral perch, we can be guaranteed more of the same hot air in the coming weeks and months. And if the neocons push for US boots on the ground in a similar urgent need to help the proxies helping the proxies, Obama will be front and center rooting them on.

The Western mainstream media in its efforts to justify escalating interventions in Syria have increased its outrageously bogus accusations that the Russian bombing isn’t targeting real terrorists but indiscriminately killing civilians, destroying hospitals, basically all the same hypocritical offenses the US Empire does regularly engage in and invariably gets away with. The propaganda machine has gone wild in recent weeks painting Putin as a murderous assassin and the most evil villain on the planet as the standard customary buildup of lies just like the WMD lies used against Saddam Hussein prior to launching the 2003 Iraq invasion.

History keeps repeating itself because in the past it has all worked out so dastardly well for the true villains of the ages - the ruling elite. Once again the globalists and their governing pawns are counting on the short attention spanned, dumbed down, kept in the dark public to passively acquiesce in going along with yet more war, carnage and destruction. But with Americans neither trusting their leaders nor their MSM propaganda machine, the feds will not get away with it this time. Americans are finally beginning to wake up and join the rest of the world long painfully aware of the evildoers in Washington and the puppet masters pulling their strings. War has always been for the banksters and the military industrial complex to profit from and no one else. If the elite has its way yet again, America is fast headed for its downfall by its insane, treasonous government willfully igniting World War III in Syria.

We must not be fooled by the grand deception this time around but confront the deceitful evildoers in our treasonous government both past and present, and like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that the great Nelson Mandela spearheaded in 1995 in South Africa to help encourage those individuals in our government to be forthcoming to tell the truth that will bring those most responsible for past war crimes against humanity to justice. We must hold those in our government accountable for their criminal transgressions that include treason against our nation and people, ultimately sending the message to every nation that we citizens of the world demand that war, violence and mayhem be stopped on our planet. The choice is either life or death and as a human species we must choose life.   
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global Research, and Feel free to contact me at  nandrtal[at]hotmail[dot]com