Monday, May 30, 2016

The Ruling Elite’s Social Engineering Endgame: Humanity Loses in the Battle between the Sexes

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”
                                                                                    Edward Bernays, Master Propagandist
When it comes to human evolution in terms of gender relations in the twenty-first century, it seems we are witnessing an unprecedented backslide into the dark ages. There are no winners in the battle between the sexes, only losers. Violence against women is actually on the rise. As empowered women have slowly gained progress in women’s rights, insecure men around the globe have increasingly felt threatened and, as a consequence, have acted out more violently against women. But then on the other hand, the frequency of violence against men committed by women has also grown. Studies for some time have suggested and more are now confirming that women seem just as likely to be violent and controlling toward their intimate partners as men.
That said, up to 70% of women on this earth experience physical and/or sexual violence at some point in their lives. Over 600 million women are currently living in nations where no law protects them from domestic violence, the most common form of violence against women. According to the World Economic Forum, not one country on this planet has eliminated its gender gap.
This presentation will examine the current abysmal state of male-female relations worldwide, analyzing possible reasons for this disturbing trend as well as potential solutions for ameliorating this global pandemic that threatens to tear apart the very fabric that for eons has held the basic family unit together… the same institution that deep state and the ruling elite have vowed and are determined to destroy.
The various criteria by which to assess the worsening relations between men and women can be categorized into recent measures of sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, murder and divorce rates, gender inequality, the inhumane practice of female circumcision, increasing globally applied female stigmatization and rigidly oppressive double standards. Within the last couple years I’ve written a half dozen articles on these critical issues exposing the recent surge of sexual violence within the US military (2012 Pentagon report admitting 26,000 sexual assault cases were committed the year before) and across America’s college campuses, growing sexual abuse by US law enforcement, human trafficking and sexual slavery, and the pervasively destructive effects by elitist design that social engineering, mind control programming and the tyranny of political correctness have had on blurring, gender bending and otherwise undermining sex roles and sexual relations between men and women. Thus this article can be viewed as a global overview assessing current male-female relations.
Based on the recent headlines, perhaps women are no more abused on this planet than in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and world’s largest democracy India. High profile cases of recent gang rape and murder in public places in India and the traditional stoning to death of rape victims and female adulterers as legal corporal punishment in Saudi Arabia have shocked the world with global headlines. But the House of Saud is not the only house of ill repute where this barbaric savagery against innocent women continues. Under the radar it’s also quietly taking place in over a dozen other countries. Even if it’s not practiced, aside from Saudi Arabia it’s currently on the books as sanctified laws in these 15 nations: Mauritania, Mali, 3 states in northern Nigeria, Sudan and Somalia in Africa and in the Middle East in Yemen, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Iran and in South Asia in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In parts of Malaysia and Indonesia it’s sanctioned regionally but banned nationally. So stoning remains a global problem.
Last November in Saudi Arabia a woman convicted of adultery was sentenced to being stoned to death as capital punishment while her male sexual partner received a punishment of 100 lashes. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that bans women from even driving cars and without her husband’s permission a woman cannot even open a bank account. If she leaves home she must be accompanied by a male chaperone at all times. After a Saudi wife using her iPhone camera to catch her husband cheating on her with the maid posted the video on a social network, she was charged with defamation and is now subject to a yearlong imprisonment.
US Empire’s biggest Muslim Sharia law-abiding ally in the Middle East – the Saudi Arabian government - held 157 public executions, many beheadings among them in 2015, the most in two decades. The ultimate in sheer hypocrisy and an insult to the entire world is the fact that the planet’s most over-the-top human rights violator is actually the current sitting chair for the United Nations Human Rights Council. Though these extreme examples of oppression and violence against women highlight just how far we still have to go to irradiate gender abuse, gross injustice and across-the-boards inequality, in this twenty-first century they also represent just the tip of the global iceberg underscoring the disturbing lack of progress in basic human rights extended to half our human population at the macro-level.
With the world’s second largest population approaching 1.3 billion people now, India’s high incidence of rape ranks as the fourth most common crime against women which have in turn more than doubled in the past ten years, amounting to two and a quarter million crimes against Indian women reported in this last decade alone. Accepting the sad fact that the vast majority of criminal acts like rape against women in this world largely go unreported with an estimated 84 to over 90% of all rape cases continuing to be unreported, millions of women around the globe suffer in silence.
With another crime in India against woman actually getting reported every two minutes, perhaps every 10 seconds an Indian man is raping another Indian woman. If reported cases are occurring every two minutes, the bulk of male perpetrators continue getting away with their vicious crimes. Researchers estimate that over the last three decades 50 million cases of female infanticide and feticide have also taken place in India. The nation’s continued practices of violence against women also include acid attacks, hanging women, child marriage, girls forced into prostitution or trafficked as sex slaves making the world’s largest democracy among the most dangerous places to live on earth for females.
A recent study found that just one out of 100 rapes in the UK results in the rapist seeing any prison time at all and that only one in 38 major sex crime cases leads to conviction in the UK. The rates of prosecution for rape are horrifically low everywhere. In the US only 2% of the time does a rapist ever go to prison. This gross unaccountability and worldwide impunity obviously contribute to more rapists continuing to rape. And more often than not, a first time rape offender will become a serial rapist until caught. The average number of sexual assaults and rapes by perpetrators in one study was 5.8. Thus, the recidivism rate for rapists amongst violent crimes is extremely high.
During this century crimes of mental cruelty, physical assault and sexual rape have alarmingly gone up each and every year in India. Perhaps on the one hand more women being courageous enough to report the crimes today than ever before marks a modest degree of progress. Or it can also simply be evidence that more rapes are being committed all the time. Most probably it’s a combination of both co-occurring factors. But these horrific statistics from India that contains over 17% of the world’s total population are a mere micro-reflection representing a larger global trend.
Moreover, the tracking mechanisms to even collect crime data against women in many Third World nations doesn’t even exist. The annual Amnesty International report on sexual assault doesn’t even include statistics from 63 countries, South Africa among them. Yet a survey of South African males showed that 25% of the men admitted to raping women. Rampant underreporting is also apparent as Hong Kong and Mongolia listed zero incidents of sexual assaults. And in many cases it’and domestic violence is toleratedgenerder equality are Chad, Mali and Republic of Congo. hiopia and the Republic of Congo are s an obvious lack of political will to bother keeping track since where existing rape laws remaining on the books are not being enforced. Additionally, husbands raping wives is still legal in Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China.
Nations with the worst track records for women’s rights in Latin America include Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil where attacks on women are notoriously high and domestic violence is tolerated. Every year the World Economic Forum releases a Global Gender Gap listing by rank equality changes between men and women in national economies, health, education and politics. According to the latest findings gender inequality is most pronounced in the Middle East (Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iran and Jordan) and North Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Somalia and Ethiopia). Other African nations lagging behind in gender equality are Chad, Mali and Republic of Congo. In Asia again India, Pakistan and Afghanistan all have atrociously poor records on women’s rights.
Even nations considered more egalitarian from the so called developed world like Denmark and Finland report incredibly high rates of crimes against women. According to a 2014 survey compiled by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, in Denmark 52% and in Finland 47% of the female population are reported victims of physical and/or sexual violence. Out of all EU countries Finland has the dubious distinction of being the last nation to criminalize marital rape in 1994. In the largest ever sampled research on violence towards women, 42,000 European females of all ages from all 28 EU member countries were interviewed and one third reported being victims of physical and/or sexual violence. Per capita population South Africa and Sweden have the most rapes in the world. Not only are one in four Swedish women raped, but the number of reported cases skyrocketed from just 421 in 1975 to 6,620 in 2014, an astounding jump of 1472% and that was prior to the current migration crisis which has brought a recent rash of high profile sexual assaults. Every year the US also ranks high among the worst rape offending nations in the world moving from the worst to most recently third worst.
The massive European survey results are consistent with the World Health Organization’s similar finding that 35% of women worldwide experience some form of physical and/or sexual violence from their intimate partner. WHO also estimates that 38% of all murdered women globally are killed by their intimate partners. In Canada, Australia and Israel 40-70% of female homicides are perpetrated by murdering boyfriends and husbands. What is clearly emerging is a global sexual assault epidemic of the most heinous crimes against women being committed throughout the world. About half the women living in countries like Zambia, Ethiopia and Peru are being beaten by their current or past intimate male partner. Yet mainstream media hardly pays attention as it’s simply out of sight, out of mind for them.
Another widespread form of sexual violence is forcing underage girls into early marriage, 60 million in all, mostly in South Asia (31.1 million) and Sub-Saharan Africa (13.1 million). A Canadian study found that most girls (54%) between 15-19 years old were sexually coerced by unwanted advances in dating situations. In the US 83% of 12-16 year old girls experienced sexual harassment in public schools. About half of women in the EU report unwanted sexual advances and harassment at their workplace. In Asian Pacific countries the workplace harassment frequency is nearly as high at up to 40% reporting.
Yet another atrocity are the mostly girls and women being systematically raped in war torn nations like the Congo and Sudan as well as ISIS raping victims in Syria and Iraq. Hundreds of rapes are occurring daily around the world in various conflict zones. Then there’s the 130-140 million women and girls in Africa and some Middle Eastern countries who have had their female genitalia mutilated and cut. Then there are also the South Asian dowry murders as revenge for unpaid dowries and the so called “honor killings” against female rape victims or those suspected of premarital sex or adultery most often in the Middle East and South Asia.
80% of the estimated 2.5 million victims annually from human trafficking are women. Though the annual 2005 Forced Labor Report specified that 98% of humans internationally trafficked as sex slaves were female, just three years later a report sponsored by the US Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice found that underage boys comprise half of those who are sexually exploited commercially in the United States.
The bottom line reality here is that woman and children everywhere on this planet are not safe from grave physical and emotional harm resulting from violent male offenders. It’s important to include rape of both men by other men as well as children are also on the rise. 9% of all rape and sexual assault victims from 1995-2010 in the US were male. 15% of all US rape victims are under the age of 12 and 44% are minors under the age of 18.  It’s also worth noting that Native Americans are twice as likely to be raped as the rest of Americans and Native American women and children in both the US but especially Canada have for a long time now been disappearing, murdered, trafficked and raped way more than other North American women. But because indigenous women and children on this earth are amongst the most destitute, impoverished and defenseless, they’ve long been regarded as a throwaway population.
In the United States more than a quarter of college-age women (18-24) report that they were raped or experienced an attempted rape at least once since age 14. One in four girls and one in six boys are sexually assaulted in America by age 18. The non-college peer group are 1.2 times more likely to be raped than females enrolled at college. Of those women participating in the survey who reported they had been raped, only 16% reported the crime to the police or campus authorities. Again, because the legal system worldwide is so stacked against female victims, making them feel they are the ones on trial and rarely resulting in guilty rapists ending up behind bars, the many months of stress, humiliation and re-trauma of having to testify in court compel the vast majority of women not to bother reporting rape at all or dropping the initial case shortly after filing.
Another grossly underreported phenomenon is America’s so called “cream of the crop” cadets attending the elite military service academies. Per student population they rank amongst the highest in campus sexual assaults. In fact the US Air Force Academy houses more rapists than any other institution of higher learning in this nation. What does that say when rapists are among America’s future leaders?  As a West Point graduate, I’ll tell you what it says. They go from raping women as cadets at the prestigious academies to raping and pillaging entire nations and continents as US Empire generals.
It’s easy to extrapolate the sorry current status of male-female relations to the inability or more apt unwillingness of nations at the macrocosm level to peaceably resolve international conflicts without resorting to violence and war. In fact governments historically use war as political camouflage to whip up jingoistic, sabre rattling nationalism to intentionally divert public attention away from failed policies that produced a depressed economy. Just as elite puppet masters behind the politicians are pulling their Hegelian strings to manipulate at will economic downturns and global war crises in order to implement oppressive draconian measures as deceptive solutions, they are also engaging in massive PSYOPS to socially engineer and program human populations utilizing their divide and rule methodology to artificially create conflict between males and females (among many other exploited divisions).
Through Edward Bernays inspired propaganda machine, the ever-powerful mass media effects of news and entertainment industries regularly shape public opinion, conditioning and brainwashing the masses into mind-controlled blind obedience. In recent years the Pentagon and CIA liaisons busily working out in Hollywood systematically censor and control virtually all American filmmaking so that TV and films today are pure propaganda tools brainwashing young men to identify with glorified violence as an inherently honorable and masculine behavior to emulate. With a full century to hone their propaganda skills, television and movies today are nothing short of recruitment tools for enticing misguided young men and women into fighting and dying on foreign soil not for their nation, democracy or freedom but for war profiteers on Wall Street, central bank gangsters and the military industrial complex. The music industry is no better, pumping out misogynistic messages that again glorify violence and disrespect toward women.
From the one-dimensional macho asshole that still reigns supreme as the all-American male superhero to the emasculated, effeminate male wimp, these two cartoonish extremes are about all we see in the mass media these days. Saturated particularly in TV sitcoms and television advertising is the current stereotypical male nearly always depicted as the inept bungler, the impotent fool constantly needing to be rescued or bailed out of trouble by the smarter, stronger female. No healthy, integrated male role models equally comfortable expressing elements of both his feminine side as well as his masculine side are found, and of course like virtually everything nowadays, it’s also by sinister grand design.
Compound this meticulously designed social engineering disaster with thought police Nazis militantly enforcing Political Correctness, and the Obama regime is ramrodding his perversely distorted LGBT-second wave feminist agenda down our throats. Mandating penises into the little girls’ bathroom is just the beginning. After using bribery threats to cut off federal school funding to states refusing to accept his Common Core’s K-12 brainwash-into-oblivion, now that he’s finagled 45 out of 50 states stuck with our kids being sexualized into mass confusion years ahead of their developmental schedule, the Manchurian take-down-America president’s plan is to inflict untold psychological damage deep into the future. Meanwhile, the rigid mob-ruled PC fanaticism gripping our nation now casts eerily dark shadows as the new McCarthyism superseding the US Constitution by prohibiting free speech under the phony pretense of not offending a single person or group on this entire planet. Obama’s Trojan horse policies in this election year have thoroughly polarized, dumbed down, weakened, and cluelessly confused Americans reeling from an upside down criminal underworld coup now unfolding in the US. All of these diabolical machinations are geared to ensure that a handful of Satanic worshipping, pedophiliac elitists wield absolute NWO control over us.
An example of this go-to Hegelian formula of a manufactured crisis resulting from US Empire’s imperialistic wars in the Middle East at the pressured behest of the Greater Israel Project currently being played out is the mass migration disaster now devouring, bankrupting and destroying Europe. The patriarchal Muslim societies from the Middle East and North Africa with their Sharia laws culturally colliding with the liberal morays and norms of Western Europe is long past a recipe for continental disaster. Fair or not, this manufactured clash of civilizations has Western males accused of being too weak and effeminate to adequately protect and defend their own woman and children. Already documented rising rates of sexual harassment and rape abounded on the continent a full year ahead of the migration flood, but now added to this polarizing mix are over a million Muslim males some of whom are harassing and raping European women, in turn creating an Islamophobic and xenophobic-driven, violent backlash. First the globalist created migration crisis, then throw in the incendiary Paris and Brussels false flag terrorist attacks, and Europe’s a powder keg ready to explode. Mounting racial, religious and class tensions are only fueling the ever-widening gender divide. But that may pale to what soon could break out as race rioting civil wars across Europe, co-timed with the NATO force buildup lining up at the Russian border for an inevitable West vs. East showdown that could easily ignite World War III.
In the world’s most populous nation China where the three plus decade old one-child per family edict as of 2012 produced 18 more million males than females under age 15, women who have not married by age 28 at the latest are now being stigmatized as “sheng nu” otherwise known as “leftover women,” tantamount to being labeled as damaged goods. This growing segment of unwed females only in their late twenties and older are often highly educated career women yet they are suffering socially from increasing loneliness, alienation and rejection. Parents of these society-shunned women have desperately taken to trying to sell them off at Beijing parks where they gather daily at the “marriage market” with photos and bios in hand hoping to find a marital match for their daughters.
The working comrade female taking her place standing proudly alongside Mao’s Communist Revolutionary male of the 1960’s has given way to a traditional culture where the woman’s identity is linked exclusively to marriage by age 25, family and home… gender equality in reverse. China’s surplus of men who also happened to be economically disadvantaged are also suffering as well because without access to owning property and a high paying job, they’re deemed and doomed as unworthy of a wife losers in life. Lots of surplus unhappy people as a harsh and unfair consequence for living in a country notorious for its longtime practice of gendercide.
Because rape in China is considered taboo, as in many cultures rape victims are ostracized especially for daring to report the crime. Marital rape is still legal and only last November was same sex rape finally outlawed. A loophole that allowed pedophiles and rapists of young girls light sentences was changed only a couple years ago. Moreover, since domestic violence in China has always been viewed a private family matter, its incidence has remained historically high but swept under the rug. Physical abuse was not deemed justification for divorce until 2001. The country finally passed its first domestic violence law that went into effect on March 1st this year. The All-China Women’s Federation estimates that about 25% of women in China have been domestic violence victims but in all likelihood it’s higher than that. So women’s rights have progressed very slowly in China.
Since the 1970’s in the West divorce laws facilitated easier, quicker divorces and women’s rights and equality became forefront issues, North American and European women especially have been joining the workforce in droves, pursuing higher education and careers first prior to settling down to marriage and family. As women’s economic power and independence grew, so did the divorce rate that in the West has been hovering near and moving above the 50% mark ever since. Though widespread claims have been insisting that the divorce rate was gradually falling to near 40% since the 1980’s, after faulty methodology was exposed accounting for age group standardized rates, recent studies have actually shown that the divorce rate simply leveled off somewhat in the 1980’s but has been slowly rising ever since. Thanks to the influx of baby boomers on the marriage scene since the 1970’s and their propensity for divorce that’s still apparently going strong, US divorce rates are still increasing as of the latest 2010 compiled data.
The fact is, divorce rates around the globe have been steadily rising since the 1970’s. Obviously many sociological, cultural and economic factors contribute to why divorce has been so persistently prevalent in modern times particularly in the West. The US and Eastern Europe (Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary), along with Russia, Portugal, Sweden and Belgium comprise the most divorce-prone nations in the world. Reasons vary somewhat, some offer economic advantage to women and singles (Belgium) while others suffer economic disadvantages that create chronic stress and high alcoholism rates; many are secular nations where religion holds marginal influence on the population but all have easy and quick divorce laws and are free from societal stigmatization that in earlier times deterred divorce (and still does in many Asian and Latin cultures). In fact 70% of Americans believe that divorce is a morally acceptable choice. The more people believe that, the more apt they will opt out of marriage.
Since neither America’s public education system nor even higher education (unless one’s academic major is in communication or psychology) teach young people communication skills, couples enter into marriage lacking sufficient skills and experience to weather the unforeseen storms of married life over the long haul. Most or all of the following are crucial life skills and talents essential in virtually every successful long term intimate relationship - the capacity to express oneself honestly, assertively, tactfully and respectfully in order to effectively communicate needs, feelings, thoughts and perceptions, learning to negotiate and compromise in order to satisfactorily meet both one’s own expressed needs and the partner’s, while gaining greater understanding of both oneself and one’s partner through introspection and reflection, in committed partnership applying the necessary coping skills in order to meet and overcome life’s formidable challenges and acute stressors while drawing upon an inner reserve of strength, resiliency and spiritual faith and guidance.
Yet rarely are any of these marital assets formally or informally ever taught by our role models, be they parents, teachers, religious leaders or mentors. Living historically in a culture that values individualism as an embedded trademark especially prior to the 1950’s onset of consumerism, Americans tend to be challenged in their ability to understand others’ point of view. As a result we can be oblivious to the plight or issues of others, and are largely in adult life on our own to learn and develop skills we may inherently lack only through the ups and down school of hard knocks from our own “live and learn” adulthood experience. Lack of a solid social support system that is most often an embedded structure in cultures with extended families and strong community ties (again largely absent in the US) also offer valuable assistance and needed resources helping couples navigate through adversity and crises to stay together. Too often in the United States that safety net is missing.
Another enduring reason contributing to poor communication that plays a major factor in the divorce rates today is that the male gender has been traditionally conditioned and severely handicapped by the one-dimensional macho man image and upbringing, never feeling comfortable expressing any other emotion but anger for fear of being ridiculed or labeled a sissy, a crybaby, effeminate or weak. Since men bear the conditioned burden of always having to appear strong and independent, males tend to be limited in expressing other diverse parts of self that too often are repressed or dormant. Articulating love, demonstrating nurturance, gentleness, kindness, showing sensitivity, vulnerability and the full range of softer, more tender emotions that include the capacity to shed tears, these have all been strictly taboo behaviors for the male species for a very, very long time. Only in recent decades have they been even partially accepted as a healthier, fuller expression of manhood. Certainly the male superstar role models over the last century coming out of Hollywood - the violent, macho, action figure-types haven’t helped us at all. Nor for that matter the other extreme offered as today’s alternative, the bumbling, emasculated, idiotic buffoon.
A younger, coming-of-age spouse starting with generation X raised by the divorce-prone baby boomer generation are products of family divorce which only begets more divorce at twice the higher rate with each passing generation raised by second and third generation of divorced parents. If both spouses come from broken parental marriages, the risk of divorce for them is tripled.
Thus the death of the nuclear family a few years back as the longtime American family majority and norm was replaced by the rising flood of generations of children that have become the new majority raised primarily by single parent mothers. In a culture of broken homes caused by failed parental marriages, you can see why the divorce rate over time has been skyrocketing. Residents from Western nations are also embracing non-traditional lifestyles that often don’t include marriage at all. Also with the economy stuck in recession mode, many adult children have been forced to move back into their parents’ home and this would obviously also curtail marriage. Enormous college loan debts as indentured servants for life might inhibit marriage.
Males aren’t catching on, learning how to sustain an intimate relationship, still hampered by their conspicuous communication skill deficits. This situation in this century has only been made worse by the digital age that has humans so addicted to their electronic toys that they’re losing their capacity to relate to others, possess empathy and conversational skills in actual face-to-face settings with other real human beings, overtaken by day and night preoccupation with their gadgets. While hamstrung by their emotional straightjacket yet driven by biological urges, males today appear as ill-equipped as ever to handle the rigors of navigating through the minefields to a life of marital longevity. Many have given up on women and forming relationships altogether, resigned to a celibate lifestyle releasing pent up sexual pressure with habitual internet visits to porn sites, confused by the plethora of mixed messages bombarding them from both females and mass media culture, and frequently terrified of both perceived and/or real risk of being accused of sexual harassment or worse yet rape.
What do all these depressing numbers, statistical facts and unhealthy emerging lifestyle patterns suggest about the dismal state of the male-female union today? At the very least they indicate that men and women are unable to understand, communicate or get along very well, that men’s paucity of verbal communication and coping skills are falling drastically short of being capable of resolving interpersonal conflicts when they arise in a civilized, humane way. Men either pretend they don’t have a clue or really don’t when relationship issues come up and the female partner wants to openly talk about them. Due to repression, anxiety and fear of intimacy, guys typically will deny there’s even a problem and avoid dealing with deeper dynamics, interpersonal issues and problems. A growing number have become so blocked and bottled up, they’re ticking time bombs (particularly PTSD traumatized combat vets), and they either act out abusively against women as angry aggressives, passive-aggressives or disempowered, female-avoidant, passively withdrawn escapists.
Marital stress is often caused or further exacerbated by such external factors as financial hardship increasingly brought on in recent years by the stagnantly bankrupted global economy. When you’re chronically unable to work because you don’t have a job or are unable to feed or adequately provide for your family, having internalized the traditional masculine obligatory role as family provider yet unable to cope with mounting pressures of survival, couples invariably will fight over money, Many men (and women) will turn to self-medicating their stress and upset with alcohol and drugs (street, OTC and prescription). Ultimately they reach their breaking point and too often take it out on their spouse and children, engaging in domestic violence in the form of spousal and child abuse. Over the last decade people have been hit hard financially amidst the shrinking value of the dollar accompanied by shrinking wages and fewer available jobs. This chronic level of stress and despair is currently driving an increasing number of marriages worldwide to divorce court. With all too real stressors bearing down and a lack of coping skills and adequate support system available, marriages are not able to withstand these kind of pressures indefinitely.
Certainly another important social phenomenon throughout this increasing divorce rate process has been the now long accepted norm for couples to cohabitate without marriage. If you choose this lifestyle in serial relationship form, you avoid ever becoming a marriage or divorce statistic, so plenty of people have opted for this illusionary “safer,” more fancy-free choice. Yet couples who live together prior to marriage also stand a greater chance of ending up in divorce, especially if they have cohabitated more than once. Having a child out of wedlock prior to marriage also increases the risk of divorce. Marrying too young while still in adolescence dramatically spikes the divorce rate. And individuals married a second time are at a 60% chance of divorce and only 1 in 4 people who marry a third time is the lucky charm. This reality does not bode well for supporting the notion that people actually learn from their past marital mistakes. Finally polls show that five of the most common reasons why people end up divorced are through aforementioned “failures to communicate,” financial stress, psychological, physical and/or sexual abuse, infidelity and simply no longer being attracted to their husband or wife.
But when asked why their marriage failed, the number one answer 73% of the time is lack of commitment. US society has gotten so used to the quick fix, a convenient pill or consumer product away from instant relief, that they’re ready to bail at the first sign of trouble. When the going gets tough, the soft American populace get going, too quickly calling it quits and simply walking away. If all they see and know around them are unsuccessful marriages starting with their own parents, extending to friends, other family members and their peer group, desensitized and numb, it becomes “no big deal” even if on the inside it’s emotionally devastating. Or it finally literally hits home once they’re home alone. People emerging from lesser committed marriages in divorce are prone to entertaining the illusion that relief may simply be the next rebound relationship away. Obviously an amicable parting with your significant other is a preferred way to go if possible, but too often so much emotional pain, anger, regret, sadness, even grief and loss make remaining friends with your ex very difficult. Alone time after a major breakup is part of the healing process, though again having social support is important too.
Love is the way out of the darkness and despair. It starts with loving yourself, being comfortable in your own skin with who you are. Acceptance and tolerance of both yourself and other’s differences, be they interpersonal, intercultural or international are virtues that go far in relationships. As far as I’m concerned, women are the better half of the human species because they are generally more loving, caring, supportive, understanding, gentle, kind, considerate and emotionally far more intelligent and skilled verbally endowed with the capacity to communicate meaningfully and in depth about what most matters. If men learned from woman to develop these positive attributes, virtues and skills, they too would become more loving and caring toward other humans. Because regardless of gender, we all have both the masculine as well as the feminine sides to our personality, it’s more of a matter of integrating and nurturing the best of both qualities within us. Supporting women unequivocally in gender equality, women’s human rights, and finding peaceful ways to resolve conflict to refrain from violence is the key. Playing the hostile blame game or competing and feeling threatened out of insecurities, these are unhealthy, reactive behaviors that serve neither person’s needs nor best interests. This world is currently in a very dangerous place with the overwhelming threat of world war and a collapsed global economy breaking at any time. For us to survive individually or collectively, love with God’s help is our only salvation.
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global Research, and Feel free to contact me at  nandrtal[at]hotmail[dot]com

Friday, May 20, 2016

Armenians in the Crosshairs - Propaganda Countdown to WWIII


While the two leaders from Armenia and Azerbaijan met this week and agreed to comply with the treaty set forth that ended their bloody six year war back in 1994, both action on the ground along the Nagorno-Karabakh (NK) Line of Contact as well as the fierce information and propaganda war belie purported reaffirmations made by both nations’ top politicians. No one can take the Vienna talks seriously anymore between Armenia’s President Sargsyan and Azeri President Aliyev for the precise reason that moments after they were agreeing to uphold another ceasefire yet more Azeri gunfire, grenade launchers and mortar fire were killing yet another Armenian soldier. In a similar copycat, tit for tat announcement, the Azeri Ministry of Defense claimed one of its own soldiers was also killed though unlike the Nagorno-Karabakh soldier whose name was identified, the alleged Azeri victim remained nameless. Meanwhile, the day before the Vienna meeting, the defense ministers from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, three out of four of Armenia’s bordering neighbors, announced joint military exercises in preparation for war against their common enemy, the hated Christian neighbor they surround. Only Iran bordering Armenia to the south will not be practicing war games next spring with them, remaining sympathetically neutral to Armenia’s right to exist and self-determine its own fate.

The old “follow the money” adage to uncovering the underlying truth behind every action and development on the world stage of geopolitics is always a worthwhile endeavor. What we know from an entrenched recurring pattern is that the US Empire has obsessed over attempts to isolate and weaken Russia by cutting off its natural gas supply to Europe with new pipelines originating in the rich Caspian Azeri oil fields. President George HW Bush lied to Soviet President Gorbachev promising not to expand NATO “as much as a thumb's width further to the East” toward the former Soviet Union and that Russia could enter NATO. No sooner said than done was US Empire’s betrayal in recruiting all of Russia’s former Soviet bloc western border nations to joining NATO and aggressively installing nuclear warhead missiles aimed directly at Moscow.

These two subversive ploys, expanding the anti-Russian enemy camp along both Russia and China’s borders while engaging in energy pipeline wars have characterized US foreign policy toward Russia for over a quarter century. Additionally the US and Europe have imposed economic sanctions against Russia after Putin reclaimed his own Crimean naval base the West was about to steal and annexed Crimea after its citizens voted overwhelmingly to join Russia again in response to the illegal February 2014 US-induced coup in Ukraine. Hence, the US Empire led by the notorious Washington neocons have willfully triggered cold war 2 with both Russia and China as the biggest threats to US unipolar global hegemony. The neocons as globalist puppets are selfishly unwilling to share power in this world and thus would rather endanger every life on the planet with a potential nuclear World War III showdown. The human race be damned, peace and stability are clearly not US Empire objectives.

This week a $45 billion investment in yet another proposed pipeline route – the TransAdriatic Pipeline (TAP) - is being christened in Greece by the Greek prime minster, US State Department officials and reps from Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria and Albania for delivery of Azerbaijani gas scheduled for flow in early 2020. Just to illustrate the prioritized significance of cutting off Russia from its number one export trade partner Europe with Azeri gas and oil, this colossal multi-national project is Greece’s largest foreign investment ever. US Empire’s been gunning to take down Russia as its chief global power rival and number one gas supplier to the entire world.

A week ago a propaganda piece entitled “The Frozen War that Threatens Global Energy Flows” featured in The National Interest, a conservative bi-monthly journal whose honorary chairman is NWO globalist Henry Kissinger, vilified Armenians living in Nagorno-Karabakh as ravenous aggressors destroying 256 Azeri village homes since April 2nd including in late April well after the April 5th truce 58 more homes that also caused power plant explosions taking out electricity to 20 Azeri border towns. The biased article slants Armenians from both the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh as a direct strategic threat to Western interests when the reality is on April 2nd it was Azerbaijan’s armed forces that attempted a surprise attack invasion in the middle of the night of Armenia’s ancient Artsakh homeland that’s belonged to Armenians through the centuries long before the Azeris were even a people or nation.

In a divide and conquer strategy shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution, in 1921 with Lenin’s authorization Stalin granted the 98% Armenian populated region of Nagorno-Karabakh and other Armenian enclaves like Nakhichevan to Azerbaijan. Just prior to the breakup of the Soviet Union when the outer state republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan were both due to become independent nations from Russia, the Nagorno-Karabakh residents in 1988 consisting of 85% Armenians voted in a referendum for independence in 1991 which then led to all-out Azeri-Armenian war. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict that really began in 1988 and escalated into a full blown war from 1991 to 1994 resulted in the loss of 30,000 lives and an Armenian victory in defense of their ancient homeland.

And ever since the Russian brokered 1994 truce at the Line of Contact along the border with Azerbaijan there have been near daily military skirmishes and mortar and rocket fire attacks launched mostly by the revengeful barbarians at the gate - the Azerbaijani forces. The Armenians who are safeguarding their homeland have little motivation to attack Azerbaijan unless in self-defense whereas the Azeris believe the Karabakh Armenians stole their land and they’re determined to get it back by any violent means necessary. So in all historical fairness to the sovereign Armenian citizens whose Christian churches in Artsakh date back to the 5th century, that enclave should have always rightfully belonged to Armenians and Armenia.

But The National Interest article’s pro-Western energy stance having so much invested in pumping Baku gas and oil to Europe is investing propaganda lies in an information war that’s been building in recent years. The article’s author, an Azeri energy affairs analyst, clearly paints the “Armenian occupiers of Azerbaijan’s long disputed territory” as the repeated aggressor, implying that a Western led war against Nagorno-Karabakh would not only be in the best national interest of Azerbaijan but for energy investment purposes in the best interests of both the United States and Europe as well. 

When the aforementioned National Interest article written by an Azeri oil and gas rep was published on May 10th, another hack Armenia job appeared in that same National Interest journal the exact same day entitled “Nagorno-Karabakh Isn’t Disputed Territory – It’s Occupied.” This article was also written by an Azerbaijani nationalist who had formerly served in Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense. It seems obvious The National Interest is Big Oil interest which explains why the anti-Armenian Western media blitzkrieg chose to black out documenting any Azeri atrocities taking place during that first week of April against Armenian civilians living in Nagorno-Karabakh. Among the few media outlets covering the military conflict, I wrote a series of articles published on Global Research, Lew Rockwell and based on on-the-ground eyewitness accounts from the war zone. Virtually no mainstream media coverage in the US accurately reported the attempted Azeri invasion into Artsakh for what it was. Rather than the Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Forces being described as Armenians defending their ancient homeland, Western media constantly referred to them as the “occupying force” or “separatists,” avoiding any hint of condemnation toward the blatant Azeri aggression as clearly the invading force, instead simply reporting each side blaming the other for starting the worst outbreak of violence in 22 years.  

Yet despite this barrage of false narrative lies, half-truths and disinformation, in the wake of the voice increasingly heard amongst EU parliament members, cities and mayors across Europe and the US recently calling for formal recognition of Artsakh as part of Armenia, Azerbaijan has feverishly countered this growing momentum by sinking millions of dollars (not unlike Turkey’s Erdogan) on a major publicity campaign using Western MSM to effectively demonize the Armenians as the heavies. In spite of all the heavy-handed lies and propaganda, demands for truth and justice cannot be silenced. Just two days prior to the Azeri incursion into Nagorno-Karabakh, Hawaii became the seventh state in America to formally recognize Artsakh as an independent state following Georgia, Louisiana, California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine.

We’ve seen this same exact rerun before every time US Empire wants war. The rhetoric and lies get cranked up and out in concentrated nonstop hype the same way the neocons’ PR campaign was used to sell the 2003 Iraq War invasion based on the pack of WMD lies falsely linking Saddam to nonexistent nukes and terrorism when in fact al Qaeda was a US-CIA invention that led to the 9/11 inside job as the PNAC manufactured means to an end called the “endless war on terror” and subsequent Patriot Act and annual NDAA’s stripping US citizens of their constitutional liberties at home. And a decade later a new and improved terrorist brand was reinvented, secretly armed, financed and supported by the US again as ISIS in order to fight Empire’s proxy regime-change war in Syria, expanding to destabilize the entire Middle East and North Africa and far beyond. The true intent of US foreign policy is one of chaos and destruction to destabilize the entire world. And as such, the true global terrorists behind jihadist patsies and their CIA handlers are the neocon traitors in Washington and their globalist puppet masters!

The US propaganda war machine has always invented new enemies. Dating back to the British in the Revolutionary War (right after they served as allies helping American colonists defeat the French in the French and Indian Wars), globalists likes of Henry Ford and the Bushes financing the rise of Hitler only to then become the enemy of the “civilized world,” then the next designated enemy the Communists (right after Russia was a WWII ally) whose revolutionary leader Lenin was also financed by US globalists and more recently al Qaeda and Islamic State terrorists, all the while purposely starting virtually every US war with false flag operations. There’s a longtime pattern in US history of using and supporting other nations, dictators and terrorists as allies until deemed no longer useful for US self-interest and they suddenly become the demonized enemy by design. Saddam, Muamar and Putin come readily to mind. Osama and his al Qaeda terrorist crew were proxy war allies fighting to break up the Soviet Empire in Afghanistan throughout the 1980’s, then redeployed in the 1990’s Balkans to break up Yugoslavia, and then used as 9/11 stooges that the US further created in Iraq (where al Qaeda never existed prior to the 2003 invasion) and the rest is history.

And now this new round of imperialistic hyped up bullshit is once again being repeated targeting history’s first Christian nation the Armenians who find themselves in Empire’s crosshairs for the sake of dually protecting the Western elite’s oil/gas as well as anti-Putin interests. History keeps repeating itself on a do-loop to infinity until an educated public finally wakes up and learns from past history lessons that every war, every enemy and every up and down economic turn including the impending system collapse are merely preplanned, meticulously engineered events perpetrated by the criminal ruling elite. As owners of the world’s largest corporations and central banking system, they also have owned and controlled the Western international crime cabal consisting of the United Nations (the predesignated one world government precursor) and all the national governments that of course include the US Empire, Israel, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Europe, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

And right after last month’s military fighting flared up, within a couple weeks after the latest uneasy ceasefire that’s been regularly violated by the Azeris, it didn’t take long for the US to try and stir up more anti-Russian protests. If it’s not the Turks and Azeris vowing to finish the genocide started a century ago, it’s Hillary’s Victoria Nuland making her South Caucasus rounds sinking her imperialistic claws into manipulating another 2014 Ukraine-style color revolution in Armenia. Reminiscent of last year’s “Electric Yerevan” protests, a couple weeks ago the US State Department NGO vultures were at it again. Anything to drive a wedge between Armenia and Russia as one more hostile Western puppet at Putin’s doorstep. Despite Russia selling arms to Azerbaijan used to kill Armenians, Armenia knows that without the Russian air and military bases, the mutual defense pact, the additional Russian troops assembled at the Turkish border that includes an S-400 antimissile system along with $200 million worth of promised armaments from Russia, the Muslim wolves licking their chops at each border where the sunrises and sunsets would be finishing the genocide started a century ago.

Also as part of the anti-Armenian blitzkrieg of lies, Azerbaijan last week accused the Armenians of using internationally outlawed chemical weapons last month. After the Armenians turned over solid evidence of ISIS-like beheadings, reflecting a strong presence of Azeri Islamic State jihadists along with Turkish Grey Wolves joining the Azeri army in the invasion, cutting off ears of elderly Armenian gunshot victims to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the International Court of Justice for further investigation, the tit for tat Azeris felt compelled to make false accusations against Armenian soldiers. The Baku government is now claiming that a round of white phosphorus was discovered in a field. Of course if the round is in fact real, it could be used by either side for any number of purposes other than as a flesh burning poisonous weapon. Unlike how US military used this chemical warfare to kill civilians in Fallujah, Iraq or Israelis killing Palestinian civilians in Gaza, white phosphorus can also be used for illumination or for troop cover. But merely the accusation alone that Armenians were potentially using it against Azeris is great publicity fodder to demonize Armenians and a win for Azeri-US Western oil interests against their “growing Armenian threat.” The Council on Foreign Relations as the prime US foreign policy architect made sure that the AP article that ran the white phosphorus story was posted on its website.

Yet another deceptive ploy in the Azeri-Big Oil arsenal to turn Armenia into a US Empire enemy is a documentary entitled “The Endless Corridor” narrated by renowned British actor Jeremy Irons to be released within days making a case that back during the Nagorno-Karabakh War the Armenians committed the infamous Khojaly “genocide massacre” of Azeri civilians. Again, the facts prove that the Azeris cold-bloodedly allowed their own people to be killed in a false flag designed to first pin it on their Armenian enemy and secondarily a convenient ploy to remove the first Azerbaijan president from office. The film has already made the international film festival circuit in conjunction with the “Justice for Khojaly Campaign” organized by Leyla Aliyeva, granddaughter of Haydar Aliyev and vice president of the Haydar’s Foundation, the same opposition leader who helped engineer the false flag, the impeachment of his predecessor and whose corrupt despotic son just unilaterally attacked Nagorno-Karabakh a day after meeting with John Kerry last month.

The truth is four years prior to Khojaly the Azeris were repeatedly engaging in pogroms, ethnic cleansing Armenians living both in NK as well as in other Azerbaijan cities. In the suburb of Sumgait 15 miles outside of Baku, Azeri agents provocateurs incited riots in February 1988 spreading false rumors that Armenians were murdering Azeri civilians in NK. According to Soviet reports, 26 Armenians were killed during the ensuing 3-day rampage and Armenian residents in Azerbaijan were forced to migrate to Armenian safe zones outside of Azerbaijan. Roving angry Azeri mobs were allowed by local police to indiscriminately kill Armenians both on the streets as well as break into homes and beat, rape, burn alive and mutilate tortured victims. What came to be called the Sumgait syndrome was repeated over and over again in a number of cities and towns in Azerbaijan leading up to the Nagorno-Karabakh War. So true to their well-documented pattern, the Azeris felt compelled to come up with their own propagandized version of non-reality to show that they too can be victims of genocide committed by Armenians.

In recent years with its boo koo oil bucks the Baku government has been pushing and lobbying hard for Khojaly to be officially recognized as an Armenian genocidal massacre against an Azeri civilian population. As an example of the fictionalized spin trying to pass itself off as the truth, a London Post article says it all. Counter accusations of crimes against humanity help to absolve the Azeris’ guilt for their own genocidal ethnic cleansing against Armenians similar to revisionist claims that Armenians massacred Turks in the last century’s first genocide against Armenians during World War I that to this day Turkey still refuses to admit. This latest bogus documentary coming out at this particular time is specifically intended to strategically win over hearts and minds in the court of world public opinion to create Armenia as the new vilified enemy in the Azeri-Turkish-oil driven Western publicity campaign setting the stage for a new Western backed proxy war against both the Republic of Armenia and its “illegitimate” Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh in yet another war directed at Putin’s Russia.

Overwhelming evidence demonstrates that the current extremely corrupt, ruthless and deceitful Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev who inherited his oppressive regime that’s among the world’s worst human rights violators from his tyrannical father Heydar has only stood to gain from the lies resurrecting the “Khojaly massacre” misnomer. Azerbaijan’s staging the false flag event that began just before midnight on February 25, 1992 played a major role in the removal from power of the then first president of Azerbaijan, forcing him to flee for his life exiled in Russia, making it convenient just a year later for Heydar Aliyev to secure his family dictatorship’s reign of power. Journalists and photographers at the Khojaly scene immediately following the staged crime that dared to report and show the truth of what really happened at Khojaly have all been systematically assassinated to ensure that the official false narrative lies continue to be propagated and utilized for propaganda purposes to this day. This is a very old repeated pattern of murderous despots silencing both the truth and their enemies similar to LBJ’s sinister role as a JFK murdering conspirator and the long list of once close associates murdered by the criminal Bush-Clinton cabal. Mankind’s bloody history on earth throughout the ages has been made by evil, power-hungry, psychopathic leaders committing murder of perceived rival threats to gain and maintain their power.

The facts behind Khojaly are as follows. The Azeri villages of Khojaly and Shusha were the military headquarters for the Azeri armed forces operating inside Nagorno-Karabakh. The Khojaly residents were mostly Meskhesian Turks that had settled there during Soviet times. The Azeri forces had blockaded the only NK airport also located in Khojaly, cutting off food, fuel and medical supplies to the Nagorno-Karabakh capital of Stepanakert ten miles away. After months of daily artillery shelling of Stepanakert killing hundreds of Armenian civilians since October 1991, the Azeri military was about to move onto the last NK village prior to attacking Stepanakert itself. In order to prevent what would have been a decisive crushing blow for the NK Armenians, the Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Forces knew they must fight the Azeri army in Khojaly to break the Azeri blockade and thwart the advancing threat to their NK capital. So for ten straight days prior to the attack on Khojaly, the Armenian forces broadcasted over loudspeakers warning the villagers of the imminent attack. This was confirmed independently by Russians as well as surviving Azeri-Turk villagers.  However, the Azeri military did not ensure the Khojaly civilians’ safety by enforcing their evacuation from the town. The Armenian troops had extended a safe corridor for civilian departure from the village yet few in Khojaly took advantage.

So with more than fair enough ample warning, the Armenian soldiers attacked the village on the night of February 25th. The Azeri soldiers used the civilian population as human shields as they fled. Eyewitnesses also documented Azeri troops were firing on their own citizens as they frantically attempted to escape through the safe passage corridor that night. Though Armenians had successfully neutralized Azeri firepower, the village remained under Azeri control for the next several months. The day after the Khojaly battle, the Azeri Ministry of Interior released the death toll at 100 casualties. But soon after by early March 1992, the Azerbaijan authorities began grossly inflating the numbers to over 1000 dead. Without any investigation or attention to Armenian accounts of what had transpired, the Western press sensationalized the false flag event that then gave the Baku government the notion to proclaim it a massacre and genocide including more false accusations that Armenian soldiers had mutilated the dead bodies.

However, a Czech journalist viewing Khojaly videos of the deceased on February 29th and again on March 2nd observed that the latter video displayed corpses that had been scalped. When the former Azeri president heard about this during an interview with the Czech reporter, in April 1992 he asserted that his political opponents led by daddy Aliyev had “organized” the Khojaly massacre to force his resignation. Moreover, the Czech journalist was soon murdered. Yet another gaping anomaly is the discovery that the Azerbaijani hoax-sters years later in their “remember Khojaly“ campaign actually used a photo of victims from a Kosovo massacre taken in January 1999, then merely edited it and passed it off as falsified evidence of their so called Khojaly massacre.
Further, Azeri human rights activist Ari Yunusof wrote in July 1992 in an Azerbaijani newspaper, “The town and its citizens were deliberately sacrificed to the political goal,” referring to the president’s opposition having the objective to ruin his career.

The number of alleged civilian victims varies widely. The Armenian count maintains that only eleven were killed and that the Armenians the next day readily permitted Azeri forces access to the dead bodies. Two Azeri journalists from a helicopter claimed no more than 60 civilians killed. The independent group Helsinki Watch based on the Baku parliament report published a list of 181 total Khojaly Azeri-Turk casualties, 130 of them men and 51 women. Among the 181 dead were 13 children.

The lies behind Khojaly were then used a mere month and a half later to provide justification under false pretense to carry out revenge in yet more Azeri campaigns to ethnically cleanse civilians starting in the Armenian village of Maragha in April 1992. Shortly after the atrocities, crime scene investigators came upon civilians still in shock outside their smoldering burnt homes, discovering sawn off human heads, charred remains and vertebrae where victims were burned alive in front of their families. 45 civilians were confirmed dead and another 100 had gone missing. Yet this tragic atrocity that was actually well documented (unlike the Khojaly fabrication) was never publicized in the Western press. Ironically and incredibly a year short of the quarter century anniversary of this horror show the Western media again was strategically absent from reporting more Armenian heads being chopped off last month by the next generation of Azeri soldiers, terrorist militants and Turkish Grey Wolves.

It’s déjà vu all over again. Lies covering up the truth designed to blame Armenians for atrocities they did not commit have been pushed by Azerbaijan and swallowed up whole by Western press have attained political victories of sorts in subsequent years while the Maragha and Sumgait ethnic cleansings among others remain buried and rarely reported by the six oligarch owned mega-media news corporations. With Big Oil and corruption ruling the day, it’s not difficult to figure out why. And for that matter, it's no surprise every April 24th Obama can't say the g-word because the US-Israel-Turkish crime cabal will never say it either.

Along with the upcoming propaganda film painting Armenians in a negative, bloodthirsty light, other recent events also are transparently politicized events reflecting this same overt bias against Armenians. Take the recent Eurovision affair that’s supposed to be a talent contest showcasing competing national artists. When after her performance the Armenian contestant waved a Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh flag, Armenia was instantly disqualified from the competition. Meanwhile last Saturday’s winner in Stockholm was a Ukrainian Tartar singing the ballad “1944” about Crimean deportations under Soviet dictator Stalin taken as a modern swipe at Putin over his “aggression” to reclaim by consent the ethnic Russian residents of Crimea’s choice to rejoin and become Russian citizens like their ancestors had been since the 1700’s. Ukraine only became a separate sovereign nation when Ukrainian born Soviet Premier Khrushchev as a favor to his homeland granted Ukraine its independence from the Soviet Union in the 1950’s. Yet despite her anti-Russian song when the Eurovision winner claimed her trophy, she preached only “peace and love” of all people. Of course while the Armenian singer was banned and raked over the coals for her unpopular political sentiment, the Eurovision winner was lauded and rewarded for hers while another US Empire friend, oil-rich Azerbaijan’s singer also placed high among the finalists. The West’s over-the-top political hypocrisy even in “nonpolitical” affairs like the arts is so thoroughly tainted, co-opted and corrupted, last weekend “something is rotten in the state of [not] Denmark” but Sweden.

In a related affair in the competitive world of sports, a Kung Fu martial arts competition held in Ukraine a few days ago was badly marred when sore-losing Azeri adults supporting their athletes were defeated by a 12-year old Armenian boy from Nagorno-Karabakh. His Azeri competitor who had just lost a second match in the semifinals to an Armenian kept fighting after the bell which then incited a brawl caused by 30 Aziri men aggressively jumping into the ring. Eleven Armenian men and even the president of the Kung Fu Federation of Europe jumped into the fray to defend the Armenian winner. The disgraceful sore losers’ violent aggression was caught on video resulting in several men injured during the ensuing fight including the Kung Fu president.

This debacle from the current sports world is a fitting metaphor for the Azeri-Armenian conflict. The Armenians defending their homeland in the Nagorno-Karabakh War were also outnumbered by this same 3 to 1 margin yet managed to win the war. 20,000 Armenians (8,000 from Armenia) prevailed against a total of 64,000 combatants composed not just of Azeris but Turks, Afghans and Chechen militants as well. And during last month’s 4-day war the Azeri invasion was successfully thwarted where initial Aziri gains for high ground inside Nagorno-Karabakh territory were lost two days later to the defending Armenians, which prompted the Aliyev to “magnanimously” call for a ceasefire after falsely claiming his forces had been attacked by Armenians. Clearly it was more disingenuous propaganda war courting world public opinion against Armenians. And then true to his deceitful character, instead of actually cease firing, Aliyev’s forces only intensified their fighting.

Again and again Armenians have victoriously stood the moral high ground and met their ongoing life-and-death challenges to survive having to constantly defend themselves against genocide at the hands of warring, violent, hostile Muslim neighbors in the face of relentless Turkish-Azeri ethnic onslaughts. And what’s disturbing is that truth has once again been largely lost and obscured by the almighty dollar. Baku oil investments by the West have conspired with corrupt Azeris to once again create more rationale for yet more war against the latest designated enemy the Armenians, not for any Armenian wrongdoing but simply for existing where they’ve existed for over a millennium. But they are hardy, tenacious, enterprising survivors who refuse to lay down as the latest sacrificial lambs so that unethical wealthy American and European investors along with bloodthirsty Empire neocons can make billions in profit at their expense while weakening Russia as a global power.

It’s finally time for the truth to prevail and the evil ones be exposed for their ongoing countless crimes against humanity. With more military forces lined up to attack Russia at its border now than any time since 1941, Artsakh may just become the Austrian Archduke incendiary device that sparks the third world war. In this late hour citizens of the world must rise up and stop this homicidal madness, using the truth as their weapon to expose and prevent the evildoers from doing us all in.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global Research, and Feel free to contact me at  nandrtal[at]hotmail[dot]com