Sunday, July 24, 2016

Countdown to War in the South China Sea


On July 12th, 2016 the UN arbitration decision against China’s claim of territorial islands based on “historical rights” ruled in favor of the Philippines, serving as the latest international war machine’s ratcheting up imminent all-out war. The Rockefeller financed United Nations as a globalist extension of American Empire’s dominance over the rest of the world is just another engineered US machination designed to instigate further conflict and tension as the latest face of Obama’s announced 2011 Asian pivot, pushing, prodding and provoking a high risk military showdown against re-designated cold war enemy China being potentially pinned in on all sides by US attempted aggression.
A recent example is Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s April trip to secure a military alliance with India, exploiting the strained Beijing-New Delhi relations over their mutual border dispute. Moreover, a visit last month to Washington by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi cemented the US-Indian military alliance in preparation for war against China. But with both the Asian pivot and the TPP stalling during this election year, a number of Asian countries are moving towards increased neutrality rather than buckling under to US Empire’s mounting pressures to align with the United States against China.

Over this weekend the ten Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) met at a conference in the Laos capital to decide how to respond to The Hague slamming China over the South China Sea dispute and, with nearly half the ASEAN members also contesting islands with China, aside from the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam, the meeting ended up deadlocked. It’s being reported that Laos and Cambodia are unwilling to take a stand against China having been given recent Chinese aid and loans. And similar to Carter’s April India visit, John Kerry is opportunistically flying into Vientiane on Monday morning to apply his undue superpower persuasion pressing ASEAN to also formally back the UN’s decision against China.

With the Western elitist influenced UN proclamation rendering illegal China’s reformation claims in the South China Sea, the tribunal’s stiff ruling is being heralded as a much needed victory for the globalists and US Empire. The relentless assault on China in recent years simultaneously combined with the same propaganda war tactics and militarized threat being used against China’s prime allied partner Russia is producing an outcome that recklessly endangers every human life on our planet. The US-NATO-UN’s divisive agenda is a driving force racing us towards World War III against the two Eastern nuclear powers.

After ruling last year that it held jurisdiction despite China’s objections, the Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration earlier this month ruled that China does not possess any legitimate claim over dozens of contested islands in the South China Sea and that specifically the islands in the Scarborough Shoal located 140 miles (225km) from the Philippine coastline do not belong to China due to its deemed violation of UN Convention on the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS). UNCLOS stipulates a 22km (near 14 miles) maritime boundary and legal access to economic resource development within 370km (230 miles). The Hague tribunal flatly rejected China’s “nine dash line” map that carves up the vast bulk of the disputed sea waters claimed as China’s historical precedent. The panel’s decision is non-binding and in fact illegal since arbitration requires both conflicting parties to voluntarily seek resolution. China never chose to participate. Thus in response to the ruling, the Chinese ministry claims, “The award is null and void and has no binding force.”

The Hague ruling charges China’s reclamation efforts as “causing severe harm to the coral reef environment,” violating the UN Convention. Funny how the UN never criticizes the US for wreaking total environmental havoc and destruction in the Pacific islands still under colonial rule in Okinawa Japan or the Marianas or Guam where the native populations and ecological habitats are being poisoned and wantonly degraded by Empire’s total disregard for local life and health carrying out its massive military operations. Again, US and UN exceptionalism and double standard hypocrisy rule supreme every time. And true to hypocritical form, while the US is busily admonishing China for its unwillingness to follow the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s finding, the US itself refuses to ratify the Law of the Seas Convention.

Though the legal challenge contesting China’s regional island claims were initiated in 2013 by the Philippines, actually it was the United States throwing its full weight around the globe despite its ocean’s width away. Not one Filipino attorney was a member of the legal team that filed the lawsuit to the arbitrator - all American lawyers from a high rolling Boston legal firm other than a small British contingent. Long before this month’s decision, China asserted that it would not comply with the UN ruling due to never recognizing the UN’s jurisdiction over sovereign maritime matters. China has consistently called for bilateral negotiations between China and Philippines as the only viable sovereign resolution to the territorial dispute. Even the recently elected Philippine president concurred that a bilaterally reached agreement is the most judicious option available to resolving the controversy. Under the previous Aquino administration in 2012, Philippine’s former US naval base at Subic Bay was reoffered the US Empire after the Philippine Senate in 1992 had ordered it off limits to US military due to repeated rape and murder cases of underage Filipina girls.

One of the elitist Boston attorneys handling the recent victorious case against China on behalf of the US, I mean the Philippines, in a Wall Street Journal article earlier this year answered the question “what if China simply ignores a judgment that goes against it?” The attorney smugly stated that 95% of the time a losing nation complies with international maritime decisions, citing not wanting to jeopardize its world reputation and influence as factors leading to court ruled submission.

Given that the Hague tribunal is already rigged, over-stacked with representatives from imperialistic Western nations, and the fact that the UN has long played a prejudicial, criminal role actively or passively enabling the US-NATO aggressor to defiantly break every international law invading, occupying and otherwise warring against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and Yemen just to name its half dozen short list, destroying nation after nation in its wake by willfully turning each into a failed state as the West slaughters four million Muslims. As a Rockefeller creation, the UN sponsors US genocidal wars around the world. And this isn’t even taking into account how UN “peacekeepers” have been aggressively raping women in multiple nations rather than keeping the peace. So much brutality perpetrated in relentless crimes against humanity have UN’s indelible, bloodstained fingerprints conspicuously left at every international crime scene.

Meanwhile, the sheer hypocrisy of US Empire’s exceptionalism permits it to bully and pressure other countries into rigid compliance with international rules and UN mandates that apply to every nation on earth except the US. If America can thumb its nose at international law with complete impunity, in a lesser vein, China is simply exercising its inherent right as a regional power inasmuch as asserting a buffered self-defense against Empire’s continued long arm of targeted aggression directed against Beijing.

The US and its Pacific naval fleet have opportunistically placed itself as the “might makes right” enforcer for all the smaller Asian nations like the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan that also are staking claims to islands that China views as its own territorial possessions in the South and East China Seas. But astute writer-analyst Tony Cartalucci points out the deceptive cover the US is hiding behind:

Part of America’s agenda in the South China Sea is to provoke and then portray tensions in the region as being solely between China and its neighbors, with the United States feigning the role as peacekeeper - thus justifying its continued military, political, and economic “primacy” over Asia.

Just as Putin and Russia have been the brunt of a 24/7 propaganda campaign to demonize as the enemy, so too has China. A recent Council on Foreign Relations white paper titled “Revising U.S. Grand Strategy Toward China” further delineates Empire’s arrogant sense of entitlement in the form of its “primacy” and control over the Pacific:

Because the American effort to ‘integrate’ China into the liberal international order has now generated new threats to US primacy in Asia - and could result in a consequential challenge to American power globally - Washington needs a new grand strategy toward China that centers on balancing the rise of Chinese power rather than continuing to assist its ascendancy.

In January another hawkish DC think tank the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) pounded the war drums, strongly recommending the US Empire deploy extra nuclear attack submarines and begin installing advanced long range missiles in the Asian Pacific in order to effectively combat China’s advancing military prowess as a direct hegemonic threat.

The bottom line is the imperialistic, unipolar powered US Empire will not allow China to assert itself even regionally. And because what CFR and its fellow warmongering think tank policymakers want, CFR et al always historically gets from its White House puppets. Beginning last October Obama began sending US Navy destroyers - cruisers three times now - to aggressively patrol and trespass within the 12 nautical mile limit of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea as provocative acts of war directly defying China’s territorial claims. A number of highly visible joint naval exercises between the integrated US 7th and 3rd Fleets and Pacific allies Japan, Australia, Philippines and Vietnam have increasingly challenged China’s military posturing in the tension-filled region. The latest was last month’s with the US, India and Japan. The merging of the two US naval fleets comprise two thirds of all US combat vessels and is yet one more sign that the US Empire is once again heading the world to global war.

As if that’s not enough of an indicator that the world will soon be engulfed in military mayhem, at an annual conference last month held in Singapore labeled the Shangri-La Dialogue, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter threatened China “could end up erecting a Great Wall of self-isolation” should it proceed with its plans claiming the disputed islands, referring to:

A growing anxiety in this region, and in this room, about China’s activities on the seas, in cyberspace, and in the region’s airspace.

To further attempt to intimidate China, Carter boasted that it would “take decades for anyone to build the kind of military capability the United States possesses.” Carter then named all the US allies in the Pacific it has in its pocket ready to go to war against China, starting with Japan and Australia, followed by Philippines, India, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Laos. Next the general who is Japan’s defense minister accused China of challenging the US imperialistic “ruled-based global order.” Vietnam’s deputy defense minister sitting right next to the Chinese admiral in attendance bluntly warned China that if it refuses to comply with the UN ruling, it “would lead to military conflict.” The Chinese admiral’s response to the entire group’s overt threats was that his nation has no intention to retreat nor back down, having “no fear of trouble.” This foreboding lead-up to this month’s anti-China decision casts US Empire and its puppet allies inevitably on a perilous military collision course with China.

China’s “self-isolation” that warmongering neocon Carter promised, refers to the US plan to use its full spectrum dominance on the high seas by controlling the crucial narrow maritime passageway linking the Indian Ocean where Middle Eastern oil and near half of the world’s total cargo, two thirds of all natural gas shipments, a third of all oil and 10% of commercial fish catch, worth a total of $5.3 trillion annually flow through the South China Sea into the Asian Pacific. By interdicting and cutting off China’s supplied shipments of vital oil and critical raw materials, thus choking China’s lifeblood to either sustain itself much less win a global war, the US Empire foolishly believes it can deliver its checkmated blow to China.  

To further compound this increasingly dangerous, deteriorating situation, back in November 2013 in response to encroaching US, Japanese and South Korean warships, spy planes and fighter jets invading what China believes is its legitimate sea and airspace, China launched an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) policy requiring non-Chinese aircraft intending to fly over the South China Sea to first request entrance into China’s designated airspace. US planes often defy China’s ADIZ. In recent months as tensions in the South China Sea have escalated, a growing number of too close for comfort encounters have ensued. US Empire’s imperialistic provocations are forcing China as the burgeoning regional, if not world power, to react to America’s unilaterally imposed game of chicken now being perilously played at humanity’s expense.

Obama’s infamous Asian pivot has everything to do with maintaining unipolar US global hegemony, going out of its way (across the earth’s biggest ocean) to flex its muscle in order to challenge, thwart and minimize China’s surging regional power at all cost. Washington’s primary agenda in Asia is to militarize, manipulate and coerce Japan along with every other Pacific nation into becoming China’s enemies, risking to war against both China and Russia with potentially disastrous consequences. Western propaganda portrays China as the regional bully, unwilling to submit to international law, while Empire has enjoyed its unchallenged role as the global bully for numerous decades. An identical pattern has already taken place against Russia as US Empire actively recruited and transformed every former Soviet bloc nation in Eastern Europe into a hostile, anti-Russian Western bloc of NATO puppet allies. War criminal Bush one betrayed Gorbachev in 1991, reneging on his promise not to move NATO “one inch eastward” towards Russia. This unabated global chessboard cheating to put the big squeeze to isolate and weaken Russia, China and Iran with hostile neighbors at their every doorstep has created an out of control arms race that has the planet dangerously teetering on the edge of worldwide war and total self-annihilation. 

Just as US foreign policy has ravaged the Middle East with nonstop oil wars for decades and engaged in divide and conquer balkanization of Arab nations designed to keep them weak and fighting amongst themselves per the Greater Israel Project, so too is this same ruthlessly self-serving, Great Game being played out currently in Pacific Asia for its vast, untapped underwater gas and oil reserves buried beneath the coveted South China Sea. Empire’s naked neocolonial aggression involves exploiting unlimited energy resources anywhere in the world while neutralizing key enemies as America’s predatory, vested self-interest (or more accurately the parasitic ruling elite’s self-interest only, clearly neither America’s nor Americans’ nor any Asian countries’). Because the world’s only superpower has gotten away with raping and pillaging the planet at will for decades, Empire is banking on its retaining its global unipolar dominance for years to come by more of the same tactics. But Washington’s megalomaniacal neocons’ rush to provoke confrontation and war with the Eastern powers totally fed up with Empire’s lies and insatiable one-sided lust for continued absolute world dominance, control and utter global destruction, carry grave risk of dooming humanity and all life on earth.

Clearly over the last several years the Western ruling elite’s agenda has ultimately been bent on triggering unthinkable levels of violence and earthly destruction between the forces of the West and East fought in every corner of the globe. Ever since the dissolution of the Soviet Empire a quarter century ago that left the US Empire the last superpower still standing, put simply, sharing global power in a bipolar world with Eastern nations runs counter to New World Order’s one world government tyranny. The homicidal-suicidal Western mission to wipe 90% of the 7.4 billion living inhabitants off the face of the earth in the next few years is the globalists’ fast-kill answer to what they deem an overpopulation problem, ultimately attained by manufacturing nuclear, biological and chemical wars on a global scale.

The military equipment and civil aviation guide website known as projects a near total collapse of Western civilization by 2025, specifying that its results are neither due to nuclear war nor biological pandemic. For what it’s worth, the site claims it receives the majority of its economic and demographic data it uses to make its forecasts from the CIA, the UN, the IMF and US government. According to the site, North America, Europe, Australia and Japan all take serious hits, listed to incur the most significant depopulation losses from 2014 to 2025 out of the 182 nations listed. For instance, the site displays a 2014 US population of nearly 319 million but a drastic reduction to just under 65 million by 2015, indicating that 4 out of 5 Americans will either be dead or have migrated to another country within the decade. America free-falls from having the world’s largest 2014 GDP at near $17.5 trillion plummeting by 2025 to unlucky #13 at under $900 billion. With world war between the West and the East looming imminently large now on our horizon, spearheaded by US Empire aggression, according to Deagel, the West will lose the coming war as the Eastern forces China, Russia and Iran will fare much better. Russia’s overall population is projected to drop slightly by less than 4% while China and Iran’s populations will increase. Incidentally, the GDP’s of the BRICS alliance nations stand to improve the most as by 2015 China will claim the world’s highest GDP at near $12 trillion, followed by Brazil, Russia and India. If is to be believed, the West with its house of cards, paper fiat economy as the clear war aggressor is due for an extremely shocking and rude awakening, falling from the most affluent, strongest nations on earth in just a few years to the most decimated and destroyed. Civilizations rise, civilizations fall, and what goes up, must come down. That much is for sure.

Based on the Western elite’s pervasive pattern of brutal past actions, eugenics through another world war must currently rank higher than ever on the elite’s to-do list. And with its current cold war boiling over at this point, it could apocalyptically explode at any moment. It could come in the South China Sea, the Middle East, Ukraine, Nagorno-Karabakh, the Arctic region or anywhere along the Eastern European-Russian border, or likely a number of these incendiary hotspots exploding almost concurrently. President Eisenhower forewarned America 55 years ago when he prudently saw what was coming. For many decades the elite has had its US puppets in Washington creating pre-designated enemies as the justified means to building its mammoth military security industrial complex accompanied by endless bankers’ wars, from its post-WWII cold war roots targeting Communist Russia and China that morphed decades later into US Empire’s twenty-first century NWO enemies, along with made-in-the-USA Islamic terrorists as a convenient “fake” enemy to deceitfully destabilize the world as the neocons’ secret mercenary proxy war ally.

Be it the US military, NATO or ISIS, all are simply malevolent tools misused by evil-minded globalists to promote planetary destabilization and destruction in order to usher in their New World Order. Their demonic Great Game must be stopped before they cause the earth’s sixth mass life extinction. Before it’s too late, and it may already be, we citizens of the world must finally rise up and begin holding accountable the controlling psychopaths who’ve hijacked for far too long both humanity and our only planet we call home.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global Research, and Feel free to contact me at  nandrtal[at]hotmail[dot]com 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Turkey’s Failed Coup Attempt: Erdogan False Flag, US-Gulen Botched Job or Joint US-Turkey False Flag?

The latest mystery puzzle on the geopolitical chessboard is who was really behind that failed military coup to overthrow Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan over the weekend? Erdogan immediately blamed his former ally and now exiled enemy in Pennsylvania – the 75-year old Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen. The Turkish labor minister went so far as to charge the United States with inciting the quickly quelled “uprising” as described by both Erdogan and Western media.

A rebel Turkish military faction seized two airports closing a third as well as closing both bridges over the Bosphorus Strait separating Asian Turkey from European Turkey, and launching air attacks on Istanbul and Ankara with helicopter gunships and F-16 jets as well as tanks rocking Ankara’s parliamentary building and Turkish intelligence headquarters, totaling 294 deaths from last Friday evening through the morning hours on Saturday. The Erdogan government immediately honed in to arrest senior military officers in command at Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey, which closed temporarily the crucial launch pad facility used by US Empire for airstrike dominance over Syria and Iraq ostensibly to target ISIS terrorists, the same proxy war terrorist allies that both the US and Turkey for the last four years have been deploying in their still ongoing regime change war against Assad’s Syria. Turkish police are now searching the air base after Incirlik’s commander’s was arrested for his and others’ involvement over the weekend allowing the base to be used for refueling planes deployed during the foiled coup attempt. Incirlik also happens to store the largest NATO nuclear arsenal.

In the weekend’s aftermath, a number of analysts, pundits and political armchair quarterbacks are all abuzz, speculating that the sultan madman Erdogan, known for executing false flags against his own citizens, may well have staged yet another clumsily faked operation this weekend. Already by Monday the sultan arrested over 6,000 of his enemies in the Turkish military and Turkish legal system in a nationwide purge. By Tuesday that number extended deep into security police and teachers alike, skyrocketing to 20,000 arrested or suspended, eliminating in one fell swoop any and all serious threats from anti-Erdogan opposition camps. Perhaps for that very reason alone, in rare form even every rival political party in the Ankara Parliament unanimously condemned the coup from the get-go, knowing if they didn’t, the resurging dictator-in-charge would include them in his lethal kill roundup too. European Union leaders are expressing concern that the dictator has abandoned all rule of law arresting thousands from his alleged preplanned lists of potential enemies.

On the other hand, The Guardian’s former chief foreign leader writer David Hurst, now editor of Middle East Eye, is enamored by Erdogan’s sudden newfound strength and power, gleefully pointing out in his latest piece how Western mainstream media outlets were all too quick to miscall the coup as already successful:

BBC Arabic, Sky News Arabic, El Arabiya TV, the ITN diplomatic editor, the US networks were all running commentaries saying Erdogan was finished, or had fled to Germany.

Hurst accurately reports that Western leaders like Obama and Kerry silently waited for hours in hopes that Erdogan would be dethroned before finally conceding, issuing public statements backing the Erdogan government, seemingly only after they had no other choice. The Ankara shill David Hurst paints a heroic Erdogan bravely inspiring his nation onto “democratic” victory:

“The turning point in last night’s morality play in Turkey came when images of Erdogan speaking into his iPhone were broadcast and spread virally over social media,” calling his citizens into harm’s way to hit the streets in every Turkish city to both ensure the coup would be unsuccessful while proudly celebrating the historic moment together as one unified people and nation in an Erdogan-esque kumbaya moment.

Using his own people as crisis actors, Hollywood or for that matter Washington could never have dramatically scripted or staged a better soap opera production where every Turk was reminded just how proud they are to be Turkish. Recently resigned Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu summarized Turkey’s patriotic reaction to the attempted overthrow still in process:

It's time to have solidarity with the Turkish people... At this moment people in different cities are in the streets, the squares [protesting] against this coup d’état attempt.

Typically what do political leaders do when they’re struggling to stay in power? They launch a fake coup or war, sabre rattling against internal or external threats to rally a jingoistic nationalism amongst its malleable, flag-waving citizenry. Barely two weeks went by since Erdogan was forced to grovel at Putin’s feet, licking his boots in a humiliating, crow-eating apology letter for last November’s shoot down of the Russian jet, including full financial compensation to the pilot’s bereaved family. Since ascending in 2003 to Turkey’s PM job and presidency in 2014, a few days ago Erdogan was floundering at his weakest low point, his political life barely hanging by a thread, on the outs with both US and prominent EU powers like Germany, brushed aside and scorned with louder threats of NATO dis-membership and EU barring, dreams of his Ottoman Empire shattered with his ISIS buddies’ defeat in Syria and Iraq, increasing acts of deadly terrorism at home that has virtually shut down his nation’s critically vital tourism industry, his recession-racked economy frozen in stagnation, and Kurdish opposition groups and political enemies galore growing by the minute.

What a difference a few days can make with what increasingly appears to be a staged coup. Now Erdogan’s back in the driver’s seat with carte blanch authority to bring back the death penalty (only abolished when he’d hoped back in 2004 for EU membership) and permanently remove every real and imagined opponent he’s ever had using as his scapegoat blaming an exile protected by the US government as the coup mastermind. Of course the accused cleric Gulen insists that Erdogan “staged” his own failed coup. Erdogan himself on Saturday described the weekend’s unfolding events as “a gift from God,” a brilliant stroke of luck, lending yet more credence to growing legions adhering to the false flag theory.

Another highly suspicious loose end that the Erdogan regime propped up to announce to the world allegedly occurred during Erdogan’s flight back from his seaside holiday resort town Marmaris. Two F-16’s piloted by rebel flyers could have easily shot Erdogan’s plane out of the sky but for some mysterious, unexplained reason failed to snuff the leader when they had their best chance with his plane locked in their sights. If that’s true, and a renegade military faction was actually serious about deposing the president, Erdogan would never have made it to Ankara. Erdogan further boasted how minutes after he’d leave a location in Marmaris, bombs were suddenly exploding right behind just missing him by minutes. His megalomaniac bravado always seems to destroy his already near nonexistent credibility.

This “inside job” theory is but one highly plausible choice, that Erdogan did arrange his own failed coup to reinvent himself overnight as the popular “hero” of his nation’s 80 million strong population. Another equally probable explanation could be that Erdogan might actually be telling the truth for a change, that the US Empire and Gulen did actually orchestrate the attempt to remove him from power. Proponents of this conclusion cite the fact that a sizeable portion of the imam’s loyal diehard following happened to be in high places in both Turkey’s military officer command as well as standing high court judges. Reports are circulating that they’d been alerted that they were already on a purge list for impending arrest roundups and hence they rushed to cheat their own fate by pulling off a last minute, slipshod effort to take down the sultan before the sultan took them down. The surfacing of preplanned purge lists can also be used to promote the contention that the coup effort was real.

The controversial religious leader Gulen had a falling out with his ex-buddy Erdogan over a corruption scandal back in 2011. Prior to then, for years the two had been self-serving, mutually allied supporters of both each other and Islamic jihadism. Also for decades Gulen has been steeped deep in US deep state ties - namely the CIA and Department of Education. The multibillionaire Gulen worth $25 billion owns the largest network of charter schools throughout America and hundreds more throughout the world, and since 1998 lives comfortably on a large remote compound near small town Pennsylvania. Through three prominently known CIA officials, Gulen was able to receive permanent US residence status and his green card to evade prosecution for treason in his own country.

Gulen schools worldwide teach Islamic extremism and funnel graduating students into the CIA-terrorist pipeline. Gulen and his Islamic movement along with the Turkish government both have actively worked with CIA’s covert global operations to create insurgent terrorist forces from Chechnya to the South Caucasus, especially throughout Central Asia all the way to western China’s Xinjiang Province, stirring up anti-Moscow and anti-Beijing Islamic terrorism by exploiting various native Muslim populations through Gulen’s jihadist school indoctrination from the Tatars to the Uyghurs. Gulen has long played a central role in the US foreign policy to transform virtually all of both Russia and China’s border neighbors into hostile enemies in order to isolate and weaken the two powers that most threaten US Empire’s unipolar sole superpower hegemonic status.

Virtually from the Turkish coup’s onset, Erdogan began demanding that Washington arrest and extradite Gulen back to Turkey. After calling Turkish accusations that the US played any role in the attempted power grab “utterly false and harmful,” fork-tongued John Kerry stated that if Ankara hands its evidence over to US authorities that prove the imam is in fact responsible for the coup, then the US government will send Gulen back to face trial, but not until then. But because Gulen has been such an integral influential presence and asset in both America’s foreign policy as well as worldwide propagandizing as a school of terrorism machine, the odds are extremely nil that the exiled leader would ever be forced to return to Turkey to face sure death.

Meanwhile over the last year on a different but related matter, the Obama administration has chosen to militarily support the Syrian Kurds in which Turkey has long targeted the Kurds as its eternal ethnic enemy, with many Kurds inhabiting southeastern Turkey fighting for independence as Erdogan orders brutal assaults to ethnically cleanse Kurds from the entire region, continuing his Turkish airstrikes against Kurds living in northern Iraq fighting ISIS, and sending ISIS militants across the Turkish border to kill Syrian Kurds and Assad forces.
The Turkmen brethren the Azeris’ April fool’s invasion of the ancient Armenian homeland Nagorno-Karabakh aroused Erdogan’s bloodthirsty promise of continued support “to the end” against another sworn enemy - the genocided Christian Armenians - illustrating over a century long history of Turkey’s lustful binges of ethnic purging. As another slap in the face last month, Germany formally recognized the Armenian genocide. With the Greater Israel Project dictating US Empire’s vision to balkanize Syria, Iraq, Libya and potentially Turkey, Kurdish autonomy fits right in synch with their imperialistic Great Game plan.

In response to Erdogan’s reckless behavior in recent months, both Europe and Washington have at least publicly given the erratic despot their cold shoulder, secretly preferring to see Erdogan ousted. Hence, the apparent overt support for last weekend’s coup against him. Thus shunned by the West, Friday night into Saturday’s skullduggery could well be direct payback against Erdogan for his recent shift toward détente with Russia. Journalist Andrew Korybko suggests Russian intelligence could have even tipped Erdogan off of the coming coup attempt.

Also if Turkey really believes that the US Empire was behind an actual conspiracy carried out to destroy Erdogan, why after only a day or so would Erdogan allow the US to resume using its Incirlik Air Base again? After all, such a covert criminal offense would be considered an act of war. Why wouldn’t all diplomatic relations be immediately cut off and all American Embassy personnel sent home? In all likelihood, the entire weekend’s events was a joint false flag operation by both Turkey and the United States. The US continues to protect Gulen and his global methods of preaching jihadism worldwide while a fake spat erupts temporarily between Empire and its longtime crucial NATO puppet ally Turkey. This is perhaps the most viable explanation and how clandestine backroom deals are typically forged under false pretenses on the geopolitics chessboard. Potential blackmail maintains the lie that keeps all the criminal players in check. And increased authoritarian control in one country is good for increasing authoritarian control in all countries according to New World Order’s code of psychopathic conduct.

At the end of the day, or more aptly at the end of the weekend, the bottom line is, Erdogan has morphed from just days earlier as a NATO liability and political pariah to the most dangerous despot currently holding more power than he’s ever had in his life. And whether he alone staged the false flag or US-Gulen forces staged a botched coup, or all parties are guilty to one extent or another by either complicit or actively plotted and executed design, Erdogan still holds another three million more Syrian refugees he can unleash at any time to Europe as punishment should he be exposed and held accountable. In effect, Erdogan holds the cards to further extort more concessions over and above the $6 billion the EU’s already agreed to cough up to make him stop flooding yet more refugees onto the European continent that’s already teetering on the brink of total self-destruction.

It’s the grossest form of perverse injustice when the likes of the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have collectively created the terrorists and caused the wars driving the mass migration crisis, with Israel and Saudi Arabia flatly refusing to accept refugees, and Turkey holding power to extort a weakened, compromised Europe into accepting Turkey’s heavy-handed coercion into EU membership while further charging extortion fees, then threatening to create a far worst crisis if additional demands aren’t met. On top of that, the barbaric conditions and criminal abuses perpetrated especially inside the Turkish refugee camps have resulted in yet another appalling humanitarian crisis. When a handful of evil, mentally ill psychopaths rule the world as they do, this is what we get - a world out of control and ready to terminally explode.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at Feel free to contact me at  nandrtal[at]hotmail[dot]com 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dallas Police Massacre and its Aftermath: Civil Disturbance, Race Wars and Martial Law in America?

If it’s not another false flag raging war on Islam, Russia, China or Iran, it’s another Soros-Obama false flag attempting to instigate race wars in America and beyond. With financial assistance from his oligarch friends, the most divisive president in US history continues pitting blacks against whites, feds against patriots, Americans against immigrants, Christians against Muslims, and on and on this divide and conquer script goes. Last week’s cop shooting in Dallas is the latest sick ploy to manipulate Americans into turning against one another, specifically designed to incite further civil unrest and violence across the nation. Our treasonous president can’t hide the fact that he has been working overtime in his final months prior to the November election to aggressively promote a second civil war and his lame excuse to confiscate guns. Long before his meteoric rise, given marching orders as the Manchurian president, on cue the globalist puppet in the White House continues weakening the nation’s strength and undermining America’s stability.

During Obama’s time in power he has militarized police forces across our nation to combat readiness, killing far more unarmed citizens each year than any other industrialized nation. In the first 24 days last year, more Americans were killed by police than in the last 24 years in England and Wales. In March last year alone, US cops killed more Americans than UK police killed during the entire 20th century. More US citizens have been murdered since 9/11 by killer cops than US soldiers died fighting in both Afghanistan and Iraq. We are 58 times more likely to lose our life at the hands of those sworn to “protect and serve” us than by terrorists that the US government not-so-secretly created, funds, trains, arms, supplies and has regularly deployed as covert mercenary proxy war allies for nearly a half century.

All the so called “elected” (in reality globalist chosen) national leaders of the West are methodically, feverishly implementing both draconian and nation-destroying economic policies to bring both the Western middle class and freedom to their bitter end along with each country’s waning national sovereignty, willfully demolishing the national, cultural and ethnic identity of Western countries for sake of racial and religious divide.

But the ruling elite expected to have its New World Order rolled out and fully in place years earlier this century, complete with a cashless society within a one world government. The global elite has taken some serious losses recently with the Brexit vote, preeminent collapse of the EU, pending defeat looming over ISIS and due to Putin’s intervention in Syria, hitting a brick wall in its globalized regime change operations per reversals in both Syria and Ukraine. In response to US Empire’s imperialistic unipolar hegemonic aggressions, Russia and China have been forced to rapidly militarize in an unprecedented arms race and in allied partnership have eclipsed the US military prowess.  Meanwhile with their expanding Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS alliance and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Eastern powers are leading the charge successfully removing the IMF/World Bank and USD/petrodollar’s longstanding monopolizing dominance. The unipolar days of the US Empire as the sole controlling geopolitical and economic kingpin are over. These significant setbacks have marked the beginning of the end of centuries of the Anglo-American-Zionist reign of tyranny and terror and earthly destruction at the hands of the globalists.

In the face of losing their historic power controlling and enslaving global masses through their parasitic international crime cabal government, now fully exposed, the ruling elite’s frantically on the run, but wreaking havoc worldwide through increasing acts of ISIS terrorism, global war provocation, and imminent economic collapse. As the Western elite like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers lose global control, the central banking gangsters are becoming more desperate each passing week to sweep the world into global chaos, death and destruction as witnessed by the near daily use of staged false flag violence unfolding at a never before seen, frenzied clip.

The wag the dog timing of last week’s bloody drama occurring immediately following the FBI’s proclamation to not indict crime boss Hillary Clinton for giving away classified secrets via her unsecured internet server is fueling speculation that the recent violent deaths were orchestrated to take the heat off Hillary. With a recently released ABC poll out revealing that 93% of Americans believe that Hillary should be criminally prosecuted, US citizens may appear to finally be getting it. In a related note, it was just revealed that hubby Bill Clinton sold missile targeting technology to China for campaign cash. Together their corrupt Clinton Foundation has sold America as a nation to the highest bidders, to filthily rich, bribing foreign interests, betraying all Americans. As US traitors and servants to their globalist masters, the international crime cabal leaders like Obama, the Bushes and Clintons have literally gotten away with murder, causing millions of deaths around the world, all for profit and greed, power consolidation and absolute control over the entire world for a psychopathic handful of subhumans.  

This article examines the layers of stability unraveling at breakneck speed bent on making each of us confused, afraid and angrily pointing fingers at predesigned enemy scapegoats to blame for what’s gone wrong in our world. Rather than see the bigger picture of how we’re all being diabolically manipulated to fear, distrust, blame and hate others by a psychopathic ruling class of control freaks, breeding legions of psychopathic killers to do their dirty bidding, we need to act as informed and educated citizens operating in principled solidarity to hold the treasonous crime syndicate that’s hijacked our governments fully accountable for its crimes against humanity. By illuminating the sinister forces behind this current wave contagiously spreading anarchy and brutality across our planet, by knowing the truth we citizens of the world can liberate ourselves from their deceptive divide and conquer blame game and seek justice against the criminals pulling so many lethal levers behind their veiled curtain that protects the actual doom and gloom architects calling the shots – the ruling elite.

Billionaire oligarchs like George Soros, a fervent $13 million Hillary supporter, fund the Black Lives Matter movement, sending paid agitators to disrupt and create violence at Trump rallies as well as busloads to US cities right after another unarmed black man is gunned down by white police. Soros spent $33 million last year alone in Ferguson and Baltimore. His express purpose is to intentionally stir up racial violence, fanning the flames on both sides, blacks seeking revenge against white police officers as in Dallas in addition to generating and justifying law enforcement’s growing hostility and contempt for Americans of all colors. Obama, Soros and the elite are creating conditions that are causing civil unrest and rioting in order to unleash yet more authoritarian tyranny, control and violence directed against US citizens. They are demonically creating the necessary conditions for a race war, a civil war, a class war, a religious war, a patriot citizens versus the feds war, a war between the .01% NWO central banksters against the 99.9% global masses by way of World War III between the overly aggressive West provoking the East to react, all timed perfectly with the coordinated crash of the elite’s debt-based monetary system that has long been designed to fail.

These unthinkable, horrific outcomes at this late hour appear inevitable. As seemingly the only reasonable world leader of sound mind still speaking the truth, Vladimir Putin last month warned the world of impending nuclear war, pleading with Western journalists at a press conference to not blindly print the lies and propaganda the US government keeps telling them:

You people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? While they pretend that nothing is going on. I don’t know how to get through to you anymore.

And sadly, predictably, Western mainstream media sitting there taking it all in were too busily doodling on their notepads to bother reporting Putin’s highly unsettling, ominous world announcement. Instead the West and NATO continue spewing out lies that Putin’s about to attack Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Let’s review the disturbing events of this last week that are setting the stage for the explosive fireworks to come at next week’s showdown - the Republican National Presidential Convention in Cleveland. Within several days of the bloodiest Ramadan month on record when over 800 innocent victims from 15 countries (including a reported 49 in Orlando last month) were murdered by Islamic State terrorism that the US created and supports, on July 7th five Dallas police officers were shot to death at an anti-police protest over the latest cops murdering unarmed black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

In a highly organized, preplanned ambush, it was initially reported that “multiple snipers” had strategically positioned themselves in elevated locations where the demonstration march ended up in the downtown section of Dallas at 9PM last Thursday night. Suddenly snipers began firing at targeted police dispersed amongst the crowd. Using assault weapons and bullet proof vests, the violence was characterized as ISIS-like terrorism perpetrated by professional militant gunmen who appeared to be highly trained, seasoned combat veterans. At the first press conference that same evening the Dallas Police Chief David Brown spoke of likelihood that more than one sniper was involved, that they seemed militarily trained, and declared that three suspects were already in custody while another gunman was currently in a standoff with the SWAT team. In his own words he claimed:

The snipers were working together with rifles, triangulated at elevated positions in different points in the downtown area where the march ended up going, the route of the march. [Boldface for emphasis]

Six hours after the onset of the deadly outbreak, a robotic killer drone then “neutralized” what official narrative would later begin claiming was the “lone gunman.” But even Friday’s The Dallas Morning News headline still read “Snipers fire on downtown protest.” Within an hour the narrative suddenly changed from highly organized multiple shooters back to the old feds’ favorite standby of yet another deceased, dead men don’t tell tales, “lone gunman” scenario (following the identical pattern as in Orlando and others), right away signaling red alert of yet another standardized government false flag cover-up. Just as Western backed snipers were used during the Kiev uprising that overthrew the Ukraine government in early 2014, and before that during the latter last century’s numerous Gladio terrorist false flag operations in Europe, the Dallas police massacre was most likely a similarly staged event.

The African American identified as the “lone gunman” turns out to be an Afghanistan War veteran who allegedly couldn’t tolerate the continuous mass killing of his black brothers at the merciless hands of murderous racist white cops any longer, and decided to get even by taking the law into his own hands, killing as many white cops as he could, and during the standoff declaring a race war, confessing he “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” and “the end is coming,” vowing that many more white police officers would be targeted and killed.

Shortly after the Dallas tragedy a group calling itself Black Power Political Organization claimed credit for the police officers’ deaths, posting on its Facebook page:

More Will Be Assassinated In The Coming Days! Do You Like The Work Of Our Assassins? Get Your Own Sniper

Last Thursday night’s massacre in Dallas was a precursor of worst bloodshed to come. Again, with too many blatant calling card anomalies, it seems another federally inflicted inside job with DHS, FBI, CIA and local law enforcement fingerprints imprinted at the crime scene. In concert with Black Lives Matter as a government co-opted COINTELPRO operation, the Dallas police massacre was a well-coordinated act of war against the state of Texas as the most actively bold and vocal proponent exercising constitutionally delineated states’ rights. With this nation’s highest gun ownership per capita, it was only a year ago that Texas was battleground zero for the Jade Helm resistance. So Dallas was just the latest shot across the bow, bullets shot through the heart of Texas, but really an assault on all of America by a treasonous presidential administration that’s fast moving to bring massive disorder, destruction and mayhem across the entire United States long before either November or the end of his final term in office. With prior mass shootings in schools, theaters and nightclubs having failed to deliver Obama’s fixated gun control legislation and his time dwindling, turning on law enforcement is his stepped up, desperately demonic plan to finally convince Congress to move toward his ultimate aim of private gun confiscation.

In America’s most polarized, fragmented, angry and confused time, in retaliation to last week’s racial violence, already a federal class action lawsuit was filed in Dallas last Saturday over the police deaths against Obama, BLM’s founders, Rev. Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and former Attorney General Eric Holder for inciting a race war, which is exactly what’s been planned and in the making for years.

Last month The Baltimore Sun reported that prominent Black Lives Matter leader and failed former Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay McKesson’s Twitter account was hacked. The next day the hacker posted McKesson’s alleged private tweets to another BLM leader Johnetta Elzie claiming that McKesson had recently conferred with US Attorney General Loretta Lynch (the same top law officer who recently broke the law meeting with Bill Clinton to arrange the FBI not indicting Hillary on multiple criminal counts). McKesson’s tweets indicate that Black Lives Matter and the Obama administration are actively co-conspiring in a plot calling for an explosive “summer of chaos” at the two presidential conventions and across America causing such massive civil unrest and violent upheaval that Obama will then be handed his excuse to declare martial law and cancel the November election. McKesson knows AG Lynch having met with her on several occasions. Apparently BLM leaders are convinced their organization is better served with a black dictator still running the country, despite their fellow African Americans’ continued plight only made far worse under the first black president’s complete abandonment and betrayal of not only black Americans but all Americans of every color and creed.

If these implications are proven true, that the sitting US Attorney General is actually scheming with Black Lives Matter to take down America in order to unconstitutionally declare martial law, it would also prove the Obama administration is more than guilty of treason, something many of us have known for years. Taking this very real probability into account, last week’s orchestrated violence makes perfect diabolical sense, fully explaining the two high profile, coldblooded murders where trigger happy police at point blank range fired repeated rounds into a defenseless Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge on early Tuesday and equally defenseless Philando Castile in Minnesota on Wednesday, followed the very next night by the coordinated preplanned ambush assault on police officers as the chaotic, bloody lead-up to next week’s already highly contentious GOP Convention where all hell will likely break loose as promised by the multiple warring enemy camps now converging in Ohio.

As a side note, DeRay McKesson’s alleged tweets unveiling his conspiratorial ties to the US Attorney General aren’t the only incriminating information outed on him recently, his ties to the financier of everything gone wrong in this world George Soros was also just uncovered. It seems the Baltimore home in which McKesson lives is owned by a Soros’ Open Society board member. So the 31-year old grass roots organizer for racial justice has undeniable ties to both the Obama White House as well as the most privileged elite, implicating a far deeper, darker globalist agenda that overlaps his own BLM agenda.

Since Ohio allows open carry weapons, the leader of the New Black Panther Party just announced that members of his black power movement intend to show up at next week’s convention brandishing weapons at protest rallies as have armed Trump supporters committed to dying for their cause. Meanwhile behind the scenes, Republican delegates are busily stacking the deck, organizing to rally enough party delegates to form an anti-Trump majority that will steal Trump’s nomination as their party candidate without even a replacement in mind. Of course the GOP’s ruling elite all along have sworn they will triumph in blocking the Donald’s nomination. Likewise, the diehard Trump crowd has promised violent blowback should their man not be selected the legitimate party nominee.

And with the Cleveland police commission announcing that “cops and convention goers are sitting ducks,” Cleveland is an armed camp of converging hostile forces that will have both the legal means and the self-serving fanatical motives to launch all-out war against each other. The 1,600 city police force plans to triple its size with law enforcement from other cities across the state and nation joining them as 50,000 convention attendees, 15,000 media members and thousands of angry protesters are convening from July 18-21. Fresh off last week’s violence, the nation is bracing for yet more explosive, open warfare rebellion. Finally as a convention warmup, this Friday’s Day of Rage where Soros’ financed Black Lives Matter is planning organized protests in 37 American cities, the July fireworks have only just begun.

The divide and conquer strategy is clearly working better than ever before, but only over the earthly rulers’ devil’s dominion and certainly no one else on this planet. We’ve entered the most perilous time in human history. The universal love and compassion that’s been preached by all the major religious leaders throughout history is all but absent in today’s world. As members of the same human family, too many of us have been brainwashed in this thought controlled age of violence, enmity, mistrust and hatred. While humanity teeters at the breaking point, where are the Martin Luther Kings and Mahatma Gandhi’s now when we need them the most? Their legacy and teachings should inspire and uplift us towards civil disobedience and wisdom while our Founding Fathers’ spirit of independence can empower and motivate us to fight for our rights and freedom against an overreaching authoritarian police state government that’s become the enemy of all people everywhere.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global Research, and Feel free to contact me at  nandrtal[at]hotmail[dot]com