Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pizzagate Dissected and Exposed

I was recently asked to talk about my Pizzagate articles by the good folks at Seattle public television. Every few months I do interviews with my friends Rev. Don Grahn as the show producer and Activist Angel as the host-interviewer for Seattle public television. Of course the big story for over a month now has been Pizzagate. I’ve devoted my last couple articles to this all important topic, exposing the widespread child sex trafficking ring run and operated by the Clintons, the Podesta brothers and Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis at the Pizzagate epicenter. Activist Angel has an extensive background researching this topic after years ago personally encountering the child sex trafficking ring run by infamous polygamist and cult leader Warren Jeffs in both Texas and Utah. A couple weeks ago Activist Angel and Kevin Barrett debated Pizzagate with Kevin not convinced that Pizzagate is evidence of a Clinton-Podesta pedophilia ring. A couple days later Activist Angel was prompted to write a rebuttal to Barrett and Veterans Today apparent non-stand on this volatile issue. In any event, once I had my Pizzagate article posted on earlier this week as among the first alternative media journalists to bother tackling the Pizzagate scandal, Activist Angel was eager to discuss this still breaking story of the international child sex trafficking ring in Washington DC. The link to my hour long discussion with Activist Angel is below.



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