Thursday, December 14, 2017

Jerusalem Debacle Q&A, Another Pedo Interview and an Important Holiday Message

Recently did another Q&A with Balkan Post over the calamitous Trump decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israel capital that further polarizes the world, destroys any chance of peace in the Middle East and derails any chance of an independent Palestinian state. Trump only shows that he's a Zionist bent on starting yet more war that may well lead to the so called Armageddon that the evangelist Christians have been wanting all along. Prepare for more bloodshed as US Empire continues to fight Greater Israel Project's expansionist wars. We live in an insane world that's only growing more insane by the day when our nation leads the axis of evil with its two partners-in-crime Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Also did an interview with UK's Richie Allen on the pedo-epidemic. 

Lastly, a new friend Steven Giangrasso put together the sobering holiday message below. It's  timely, relevant and urgently aimed to increase public awareness of the global pedophilia epidemic. The more it can be spread amongst the good people of this world, the more likely pedophiles in power can be stopped sooner than later and kids' lives can be saved. Please distribute as far and wide as possible. Thanks and warm wishes for the holidays and year ahead.