Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Chapter 24: Heart of the Westminster VIP Scandal and Cover-up: Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square PART TWO

Time for another “lost” dossier tale. In 1984 the pedo-establishment encountered another incriminating file that fell into the lap of respected Bury Messenger newspaper editor Don Hale.[1] As if being responsible for losing/destroying MP Geoffrey Dickens’ as well as Scotland Yard’s dossiers doesn’t make Leon Brittan guilty enough of massive criminal cover-up, the pedophile Home Office Secretary successfully eliminated a third dossier containing compelling evidence that Labor peer and former cabinet secretary Barbara Castle handed over to Don Hale as well. When she brought Don the explosive documents, she explained that he was not her first choice as editor of the relatively small newspaper. But since it was her local paper and she trusted Don, in his recollected words:

She was saying, ‘I’ve been everywhere else, I’ve been to the nationals, nobody would touch it with a barge pole, but what do you think?’ As a journalist of course I was interested. Barbara never said he [Brittan] was a pedophile, she was just very, very hostile about him. ‘He’s the last person you want this to go to,’ she said, which inferred that he was somehow involved.[2]

In his 2015 Daily Beast interview, the longtime, highly respected editor unveiled his sad yet unsurprising story of how Special Branch detectives forcibly removed yet more incriminating files from Hale’s office that again outed a number of VIP pedophiles operating at the heart of the British government. Don Hale had perused through the dossier just long enough to realize that Sir Leon was more than aware of the Westminster pedophile ring:

[Brittan] was mentioned in everything you picked up, his fingerprints were over everything, he was the instigator.[3]

Don Hale’s first angry visitor arrived the next morning, all 400+ pounds of the Parliament icon Cyril Smith barged into Hale’s office less than 24 hours after Barbara Castle had dropped off her potentially damaging bombshell. News through the pedo-secret service grapevine travels faster than the speed of British history’s fattest politician, but not by much. The editor described how Sir Cyril Smith charged at him screaming:

He was frothing at the mouth and really shouting and spitting in my face. He was straight at me like a raging lion; he was ready to knock me through the wall. He said to me quite clearly, ‘I know who’s given you this, it’s Barbara Castle.’ I wouldn’t say who it was, but it was pretty obvious he knew. He’s a hell of a sized guy, he’s over six feet tall and he’s huge; took up three seats. He’s not a guy you could deal with easily, he was a horror.[4]

Though Don Hale valiantly defied the big man’s threats and demands, refusing to hand over the papers, the following morning three vehicles pulled up and a belligerent squad of 15 Special Branch officers burst into the newspaper offices with both a search warrant and D-notice. Two of them pushed Don up against the wall similar to Chris Fay’s Special Branch episode in order to retrieve what Cyril couldn’t the day before. The government thugs insisted that the files were stolen property belonging to Home Office and they promised to arrest Hale should he breathe a word. Again, in his own long-awaited words:

These bully boys come storming in, they said, ‘We’re not here to negotiate. Hand them over or we’ll arrest you now.’ I couldn’t argue, because as soon as you opened the files it had got ‘Not to be removed’, ‘Confidential’ and ‘For your eyes only’—all these sort of things on them. I wouldn’t have had a hope in hell legally. I would have ended up in prison and the story would have gone nowhere.[5]

More than three decades later, after Metro Police Service found abuse survivors’ allegations of systematic torture and sexual assault fully credible, Don Hale finally could lift the lid on what he was privy to, confirming not only that top level politicians, high ranking police officers, spies, judges, members of the royal palace household and entertainers were child raping criminals but that a major cover-up of the first order has remained tightly in place ever since.  

Don Hale maintains that the 1984 dossier that Barbara Castle gave him was comprised of detailed Home Office files that definitively prove that Brittan as head of the internal pedo-investigation took what one might say an extremely active, self-serving role throughout the process, the exact opposite of his later initial denial and then vague, nondescript public accounting of any dossier placed in his possession:

He really had his finger on the pulse, he wanted to know everything about it; all the documents were cc’d back to Leon Brittan or it was an instruction directly from Leon Brittan.[6]

Don Hale asserts that the dosser exposed 16 MPs from both the House of Commons and Lords and about 30 high ranking notables from the Church of England, private schools and major corporations as all being active PIE members.[7] With the ridiculously strict UK libel laws, Hale knew he could not publicly out these pedophiles but planned to report that the Home Office was in the process of investigating these individuals which would have placed Brittan’s office on notice that the public awaits his results.

MI5 and MI6 always relied on the Metro’s now defunct Special Branch to carry out “undercover” dirty work in order to maintain their plausible deniability M.O. in keeping a safe public distance from revealing what really goes on at the seedy underbelly of power.[8] The June 19, 1982 “police” raid on MI5’s Elm Guest House blackmail operation was no different. A media blackout went into immediate effect at the time of the raid lasting nearly two months, undoubtedly so authorities could destroy as much confiscated evidence as possible, lining up all their ducks in a row for the media to downplay both Elm’s importance and police findings.

Contrary to the major media coverage that began on August 7, 1982 and spanned the next 10 days, the purpose of the raid conveniently fell under “national security” auspices via the Prevention of Terrorism Act of 1976, having zero to do with it being a vice raid or rescuing child victims or prevention of further harm to children. As such, the raid was intentionally timed to net a minimal number of criminals as no boys from Grafton Close Home were even present in the house despite it being a Saturday night when normally the sex parties would be in full swing. The Special Patrol Group, the unit within Special Branch, carried out the raid that automatically carried a gag order prohibiting press coverage. Bottom line, the raid was never meant to protect children but simply to protect liability of VIP pedo-criminals from any and all accountability. Too many incriminating photos and video evidence were still at-large and in full damage control mode, the controllers desperately moved in to cap any further risk of leaked exposure to the public, confiscating on site lots of compromising photographs, guest lists, whips, chains, ropes and stockpiles of child pornographic material in obscene photos as well as videos.  

When Elm Guest House was ransacked by the 60-men strong raiding party with flashing lights in the night, it created such a public stir and spectacle for residents on and near the Barnes Common.[9] During its early 1980s heyday, neighbors of the Elm Guest House were painfully aware of the sex orgies and strange happenings associated with that notorious guest house. Novelist Jilly Cooper who was a frequent dog walker on the Barnes Common described the night of the house raid in one of her books:

We then had lots more lurid details about vicars and MPs caught ‘in flagrante,’ running out of the brothel into the night in their underpants.[10]

Obviously it was common knowledge Elm was a house of sodomizing ill repute. A teenage girl told her mother that while passing by the place one night, she observed through open curtained windows a bunch of naked men cavorting about inside.[11] The neighborhood was also aware of the unmarked police van with the cameras carrying out surveillance. Another neighbor pointed out that the police presence was all too obvious:

They were there all the time. Police hiding behind the trees to look at the property was a running joke with the neighbours.[12]

The Barnes brothel was drawing increasing unwanted attention leading to growing tensions within the community from worried neighbors who knew that children were being abused inside the three story dwelling at 27 Rocks Lane by the men in all the fancy cars constantly seen coming and going.[13] As an open secret that young boys were routinely brought in to be sexually abused by older well-dressed men, numerous complaints were lodged with local representatives at Richmond council but seemingly to no avail. After many weeks of neither lifting a finger to stop the rampant pedophilia crimes nor respond to the community’s mounting concerns, local authorities were coming under increasing pressure to intervene, ultimately forcing Special Branch’s hand to execute its raid.

Bottom line, MI5’s sleaze racket of sexual blackmail operations had become such a public nuisance in Barnes as potentially explosive liability risking VIP exposure, if it got out publicly, it would’ve undoubtedly brought down the Thatcher government. MI5 and Special Branch were frantically pressed into action. The Elm Guest House was raided with the intent of securing as much incriminating evidence as possible, tying up loose ends that otherwise threatened to destroy the British Establishment.

At the time future prominent Labor MP Keith Vaz happened to be the Richmond council solicitor running for Parliament in that same Richmond and Barnes district. Years later when asked on Twitter if he’d heard anything about the Elm Guest House affair, he succinctly answered “no.” Yet just days after the infamous raid and over a month prior to the national publicity onslaught, Keith Vaz was quoted in the local Richmond & Barnes Times reacting to the community’s growing fears for the safety of its women and children:

The police have to show a real presence on the common. It may be that they are opposed to vigilante groups but it is not unnatural for people who feared for their safety to protect themselves to do so. It is a terrible indictment on the authorities that people may have to do so.[14]

Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that the Richmond MP candidate would be so on top of the dangers and urgent need for greater police protection for his neighborhood constituents, to the extent that he was publicly promoting vigilantism, yet remains completely oblivious to the horrific crimes being committed against children just days after the “big bust” that was the then talk of the town, not to mention the coming national media hype weeks later?

This is the same man who less than a decade later in 1991 publicly defended his mentor and longtime pedophile Lord Greville Janner, claiming on the Commons floor that Janner was “the victim of a cowardly and wicked attack” while near two dozen of his victims had provided sufficient evidence for Leicestershire police to prosecute,[15] especially after Janner’s feeble “no comment” response to police questioning.[16] Clearly Vaz helped “convince” police and CPS to drop the case against his child abusing friend. And then in 2016, Vaz the hypocrite was caught red-handed embroiled in a rent boy sex scandal of his own,[17] exposed for desperately trying to bribe his two rent boys on a promise he’d “fly them around the world.”[18] Hypocrisy is Keith Vaz’s middle name. While ruling over committee legislation on Class A drugs and vice prostitution, from his near .5£m “sex shack” a mere half mile from his over 2£m family home, the married father of two was busily calling his rent boys to make sure their upcoming rendezvous included plenty of cocaine and poppers for his next adulterous, paid for sodomy services.[19]

On top of that bombshell, according to a commenter on the aangirfan website, after Vaz was elected as Leicester East MP in 1987, hired movers transporting his personal belongings to London found under his mattress a copy of Spartacus Magazine, Iron Boy and other homosexual pedophile child pornography.[20]

Meanwhile under a longstanding House of Commons ethical standards probe over his rent boy romp, Keith Vaz has used the exact same evasive and “cowardly” tactic as his pedophile mentor when Janner avoided prosecution for decades of serial child sex abuse claiming the last couple years of his life that he was too ill from dementia, all the while actively participating in the House of Lords right up to his decrepit end.[21] And just like his derelict Jewish buddy from Leicester West, the longest running Asian MP from Leicester East has maintained he also is “too ill” to answer for his ethical standards violations while photographed with big smiles regularly attending party functions around the globe.[22]

As of February 2018 the corrupt politician nicknamed “Vaz-eline” may be facing yet a new police probe having to answer an Unexplained Wealth Order, amassing more than a £4m property empire that allegedly includes 8 homes in UK alone with more in India on a less than £75,000 annual MP salary.[23]

While chairman of the powerful Home Affairs select committee for a decade and a half, his committee’s website posted online the full names of four abuse victims testifying before the IICSA, breaking the law by grossly violating their confidentiality, resulting in their death threats from abusers.[24] As the 15-year gatekeeping leader of the parliamentary committee that holds sway over police investigations into child sex abuse, this ultra-friendly pedo-protector no doubt has the dirty lowdown on the entire British VIP pedo-establishment. For that reason alone, his nonstop scandals never seem to stick to this Vaz-eline greased Teflon man. To this very day the disgraced pervert has managed to retain his permanent Leicester seat in Parliament, currently serving on the “Justice” Committee while living his life of luxury as an “untouchable.”[25] Sound eerily familiar to the Cyril Smith saga?

Recall how UK’s pedophile Prime Minister Ted Heath’s chief whip - Tim Fortescue - admitted in a 1995 interview that party leaders in the British government regularly bail out fellow MPs with pedophilia problems by using their cover-up protection as blackmail leverage to manipulate and control pedo-politicians to vote their way forevermore. Scum at the top of all major Western governments use their inside knowledge of their peers’ pathological crimes as a form of insurance protection vis-a-vis former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop file he titled under his “life insurance.”[26] In other words, the child raping insiders are well aware of each other’s deviant criminality and as long as their dirty secrets stay safe with them, all remain mutually protected in their own demonic VIP sicko club way.

In the case of MP Keith Vaz, if all his corrupt, perverse scandals ultimately result in his peers demanding his resignation, because his reign of power as longtime Home Affairs chairman afforded him full access gathering the dirt on virtually all the VIP establishment’s illicit bad habits, parliamentary members with much to hide know that Vaz would not hesitate to throw them all under the bus exposing their illegal embarrassing secrets as well. So in effect, Keith Vaz is able to hold on to his permanent “safe” seat in Westminster because it would be suicidal for any of his fellow perverts to try and eject him… exactly the same identical dynamic that kept Sir Cyril Smith securely in power throughout his 82 years on earth.

In April 2014 more sleaze in UK’s other major party was revealed when a high ranking Conservative source admitted that all the dirt on MPs (primarily pedophilia), meticulously recorded by party whips in their infamous “black books” up till 2010 were destroyed for fear that the public would find out how criminally sick their leaders are through Freedom of Information requests.[27] So in this era of social media, to prevent leaks and bread crumb trails of incriminating evidence, in the current decade the sleaze is all handled strictly through verbal communication only.

In 2014 amidst the ongoing police investigations of Operations Fernbridge and Midland delving into the political elite’s historic child abuse, fresh new revelations have erupted. Tory MP Mark Menzies was busted for rent boy sex with an underage Brazilian and David Cameron’s government was under fire. Amongst MPs and lords, a rising wave of drunken sexual passes, sexual harassment and sexual assaults were being perpetrated against underage staffers, party aides and researchers. Plus sex orgies at tax paid expense uncovered at annual party conference hotels were the latest scandals rocking Westminster.[28] One young victim disclosed how pathologically entitled those in power are:

A lot of MPs think they have almost got a right to try it on with junior staff, male or female. They are almost affronted if the staff don’t go along with it.[29]

All this filth in recent years only demonstrates that child abuse never ceased after the 1970s and 80s but only continues to this day among the degenerate VIPs atop the British government.

This diabolical political system doesn’t just protect high level criminals from all accountability, it also rewards them. A classic illustration is Sir Peter Morrison, the Tory MP from Chester (1974-1992) and Thatcher’s Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPC). The homosexual pedophile was repeatedly caught sexually abusing boys but merely cautioned with police warnings. Morrison was implicated in the North Wales scandal as well as at both Dolphin Square and Elm Guest House. Despite Thatcher’s bodyguard Barry Strevens warning her Morrison and so many of her top lieutenants were pedophiles, in 1990 she made Sir Peter her campaign manager anyway. The serial child predator was protected right up to his 1995 fatal heart attack and then even further protected three years later when in 1998 his public toilet cottaging with young boys was covered up.[30] That year an editor and a reporter from the Mirror were onto Morrison but tried in vain to acquire a copy of the child rapist’s arrest record as law enforcement ensured it was blocked. It took until 2002, 7 years after his death, before Sir Peter was finally exposed publicly as yet another monster atop London’s pedo-paradise government and not till 2012 as a North Wales pedo-ring abuser.[31]

Where you have the queen, the prime minister and law enforcement actively going out of their way to both shield and reward deranged VIPs recklessly living out their sick perversions above the law till death do them part, you have Great Britain, the pedophilia epicenter of the world.

Former Thatcher health minister and pedo-gatekeeper MP Edwina Currie made a July 24, 1990 entry in her diary, yet waited 22 years later before making it public, saving her juicy tidbit quote below to boost her book sales:

Peter Morrison has become the PM’s PPS. Now he’s what they call ‘a noted pederast’,’ with a liking for young boys; he admitted as much to Norman Tebbitt when he became deputy chairman of the party, but added, ‘However, I’m very discreet’ – and he must be![32]

It takes one to know one. Jewish pedo-princess Edwina who carried on a four year adulterous affair with PM John Major in the 1990s not only signed off on handing the Broadmoor keys over to lunatic predator Savile to take over the asylum, but as of January 2014 Currie herself stands accused of child sexual abuse by then 45-year old Andrew Ash. Ferried down from his care home in Northern England to London’s VIP sex parties, Andrew told the Express that a drunken female MP (later implicated to be Currie[33]) was laughing while goaded by peers into sexually assaulting him when he was 13 at one of their many pedo-orgies.[34] Currie’s matter-of-fact admission that Morrison’s habit of raping teenage boys was an open secret speaks volumes, but even more so does Andrew Ash’s bombshell. In all likelihood, Sir Peter Morrison was made Thatcher’s PPS because he was an easily controlled blackmail-able sexual deviant.[35] Promoting and knighting an incompetent alcoholic frequently observed sleeping at his desk guarantees loyalty to both his party and his crime cabal for protecting his flagrant illicit activities. And with Ash’s revelations, the same can be said for Madame Currie as well.

Abuse survivor Andrew Ash also maintains he was trafficked to Amsterdam on a number of occasions where he claims the infamous murderous gang leader Sidney Cooke forced him to film another boy being raped by a pedophile.[36] Like fellow child murderer-rapist-pimping procurer Warwick Spinks, Cooke is also believed to have made snuff films in Holland. Having lived through so much horrific trauma, Andrew grew increasingly frustrated after providing 70 hours divulging highly incriminating allegations to Metro’s Paedophile Unit. Knowing that the police were in possession of a video with Andrew in the same frame as a senior male MP that abused him, yet never seeing any action taken by law enforcement to hold the VIP criminals accountable, the brave survivor decided to go public with his story in January 2014, stating:

All I want is justice and for the truth to come out because these people have been protected for far too long.[37]

A high profile pedophile mentioned in the last chapter, the murderous snuff filmmaker-distributor Warwick Spinks has been allowed to escape justice too many times for him not to be considered also “protected” by the pedo-elite. After kidnapping a 14-year old boy in Sussex in the early 1990s, then drugging, abusing and pimping him in Amsterdam, he sold the victim to a Dutch brothel.[38] Spinks was also secretly caught on tape peddling a video featuring a 10-year old boy who was tortured and killed on camera. Finally in 1995 the monster was tried, convicted and began a 7-year sentence that on appeal was reduced to five, and while released in 1997 on license after only two years, he fled right back to Europe to resume his lucrative sex slave trade operation. Spinks’ criminal ties to Amsterdam and beyond involve not only the making of deadly pornographic films with underage boys but also child trafficking to Holland and numerous other cities in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.  

Described as “one of Britain’s most dangerous pedophiles” and called the “Pied Piper of Pedophiles,” finally after 15 years as a fugitive in Europe, he was captured in Prague and extradited back to UK in November 2012. But incredibly, he was freed from prison again on a loophole after only four months. As of March 2013, Spinks was once again free to resume his predatory sick life back in Prague, thumbing his nose at a complicit, impotent British justice system. With his long gruesome criminal history committing the most egregious offenses imaginable, for him to have seemingly gotten away with it, t’s all too obvious that this widely alleged sadistic rapist-killer has to be protected by the pedo-elite.

Warwick Spinks is the most infamous of hundreds of English child sodomizers on the run over the last several decades, escaping to pedo-friendly Holland with its laxly enforced child sex trafficking laws.[39] Spinks and scores like him from Britain have been instrumental in Amsterdam’s booming international pedo-sex tourism-child porn snuff film industry.[40] With Dutch law enforcement claiming insufficient evidence to prosecute swarms of British pedo-expats like Spinks, and UK law enforcement maintaining both lack of resources to investigate and jurisdiction to intervene, the conveniently created safe haven city of Amsterdam not only attracts child traffickers, child rapists and child pornographers from all over the world, but also the VIP predator network from the UK, EU and Europe as a go-to safe zone stopover.[41]

The Sun reported in December 2014 that while Spinks was supplying young boys to a Parliament member traveling to Amsterdam, the same MP became involved in the murder of a boy filmed in a snuff movie at the Blue Boy vice club.[42] Less than a week after the article was published, Spinks actually registered a formal complaint against the Sun contending it violated four accuracy and ethics clauses but the Independent Press Standards Association ruled in favor of Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper that no breaches occurred.[43]


A source for the police investigating Spinks in the 1990s stated:

Officers were told Spinks knew the MP and arranged a tour to Amsterdam. While there he went to the Blue Boy bar, where Spinks was running a brothel. The MP was said to have been present when a boy died during an orgy which was being filmed.[44]

This more than explains why Spinks has repeatedly been brazenly let off the hook, because like fellow murderer-trafficker Cooke, Spinks also provided rent boy services to Westminster VIP pervs, with at least one MP allegedly an accomplice in one of his snuff films.

Respected veteran journalist Nick Davies wrote an eye-opening exposé for The Guardian on this very topic of British pedophiles setting up shop in Holland:

After speaking to paedophiles and their victims and to police and social workers in Britain, Holland and Germany, we have uncovered the inner workings of an international paedophile ring. Its roots spring from Amsterdam, where, in the late 1980s, a group of exiled British paedophiles set up a colony. Taking advantage of Dutch tolerance towards sexual behaviour, they exploited the freedom of the gay community in the city as cover to enact their fantasies and to make money from them.[45]


Since Davies described conditions up to when he wrote his article in 2000, the same year the Dutch brothel industry was made legal, the situation in Amsterdam apparently has only grown significantly worse. As of 2018 most legal prostitution zones in the Netherlands have been closed and over a third of all window brothels are reportedly out of business including Amsterdam’s famous red light district. A proposed law if passed by the Dutch Senate would make it a crime to pay for sex with pimped, trafficked, or otherwise coerced prostitutes. Since 2000, rather than reduce human trafficking as expected, legalizing the sex trade has only opened up a floodgate in the illegal, unlicensed sex industry,[46] especially pimping trafficked underage boys and girls, creating a vast black market for the London-Amsterdam pedo-connection, extending the global network in all four directions. As a result, an abolitionist movement toward the sex trade appears to currently be underway in the Netherlands.


For the longest time, no doubt because establishment sickos either participate and/or consume the horrendous torture-death scenes filmed on camera, the official word from UK law enforcement always denied that snuff films even existed, claiming police never encountered any in all of their so called investigations.[47] Finally, British police could no longer pretend to be deaf and dumb in their denial. In May 2014 Express ran an article announcing that Lancashire police raided a house in February 2013, seizing “the world’s first known ‘snuff’ child pornography video.”[48] The 22-year old low-life arrested on the scene received a mere 8-month prison sentence for possessing it along with a number of other deplorable child rape and torture videos confiscated. Upon arrest, beyond admitting he’d downloaded the film from a “file sharing program,” he refused to disclose any further details. But obviously he is a bottom feeder in the much larger worldwide snuff film-child pornography network where billions of dollars are gained by the lowest of the lowest scum on earth. Police had acted on a tip from the Russian government as most of the other videos in the home featured even younger victimized Russian girls.

This particular snuff film depicted a blonde American girl likely around 14 who was savagely raped, strangled and then sexually victimized again, then ultimately rolled up tightly in a clear plastic sheet and dragged away by the murderer who appears to be her stepfather or father.[49] All those viewing this highly disturbing 20-minute video footage concluded it is both authentic and the victim was actually filmed being killed. But here’s the clunker. British police appallingly sat on this murder evidence for a full year prior to even contacting US law enforcement. In other words, a whole year was allowed to elapse with zero effort made to track down either the identity of the murderer or the victim. As a solution to this problem, anti-child abuse campaigner MP Tom Watson called for an independent national child exploitation investigative agency that specializes in child pornography, similar to America’s Operation Predator that’s reportedly arrested 8,000 pedophiles since it was implemented in 2003.

From the Home Office which centrally controls all UK law enforcement operations, Britain has long been a pedophilia enabling haven. Award winning journalist Nick Davies has written a series of disturbingly incisive, detailed articles exposing child abuse in Britain and Europe. He wrote how UK police are allocated abundant funding and resources to combat drugs and property theft, yet law enforcement historically drags its feet investigating child sex abuse. In the macho ranks of police work, aggressively pursuing child rapists is insanely considered “soft women’s work” in the policing business.[50] After navigating past a plethora of systemic barriers yet credited with solving the 1994 London East End rape-murder case of 9-year old Daniel Handley, Detective Superintendent Ed Williams had this perplexing observation based on his firsthand experience:

Child protection is not macho. Those who are involved in it are looked at askance by Met police officers.[51]

The Bristol police force for a time back in the late 1990s remained the lone exception. A young sergeant named Rob Jones and one hardworking Crown Prosecution barrister named Brendan Moorehouse together practically singlehandedly led a small dedicated team facing constant cutbacks and shutdown on a shoestring budget to proactively make a David vs. Goliath difference in shattering a persistent pedophile ring that had flourished in the area for 20 years, resulting in over a dozen convictions. It was this police crew that bridged awareness of the much wider pedophilia web stretching to Europe from Britain and the deadly pedo-trafficking ring and child porn industry booming in Amsterdam to London and beyond.[52]

The monumental efforts of this barebones Bristol police pedophile unit and its local CPS one man operation became the nation’s onetime model for putting child rapists behind bars with a near 100% conviction rate versus everywhere else in the country that’s closer to zero, before it was ultimately shut down from lack of funding.[53] A case in point for the near zero conviction rate as the UK norm, recall the conscientious efforts of Hereford and Worcester social services director David Combs and his district’s whistleblower Peter McKelvie whose evidence convinced MP Tom Watson’s PM confrontation in 2012 on the House floor that launched Operations Fairbank, Fernbridge and Midland in search of VIP pedos (totaling one conviction), Hereford and Worcester’s efforts to protect their children go over and above most all other social services in Britain.

Yet while both of those valiant child protectors were on duty in 1991 and 1992, a district outcome review revealed that out of a total of 148 abuse cases in Hereford and Worcester, 141 of the suspected child abusers were never charged.[54] Out of the 7 derelicts charged, only one was convicted and imprisoned out of the total of 148 child abuse cases at less than 1% (a pathetic .0068% rate), and again that’s one of the better social service departments in the entire nation. With the system set up to favor pedophiles while failing children, a disturbing trend has emerged. While an increasing number of abusers have been reported, the number being successfully prosecuted has significantly been reduced.[55]

Yet when Bristol a few years later with its skeleton crew racked up a near 100% conviction rate, showing the rest of the country how to really protect children by proactively pursuing abusers by first tracking down victims, rather than embrace the model and expand it nationwide, the powers-that-shouldn’t-be made certain its contract was not renewed. Recall that this same sad fate also shut down Operation Hedgerow in 1989 after it uncovered the largest pedophilia network in UK history while repeated requests to expand the operation were also rejected. See how the system operates? It goes out of its way every single time to protect the sickos at the expense of the innocents.

Rather than build off Bristol’s unprecedented success, holding the mighty purse strings, the Home Office instead ensured its demise by never allocating a single pound worth of assistance since the crime of pedophilia conveniently doesn’t qualify among its “best value performance indicators” of reported crimes.[56] Each nation meticulously keeps records on stolen motor vehicles, all property damage and every conceivable reported crime, but when it comes to missing kids, police haven’t a clue. And even when reported, it historically falls on deaf ears.

Nearly a quarter century ago based on a Home Office inquiry, it was learned that policing child abuse in the UK drastically needed “a radical improvement in the investigation and prosecution of offenders,” requiring an urgent focus on proactively targeting child rapists, increasing both its responsiveness to victims as well as increase the miniscule minority of children willing to report sex offenses.[57] 32 officers surveyed from ten Child Protection Units across the country unanimously delivered a blistering wake-up call that their units were sorely lacking resources, were undertrained, understaffed, unsupported and disrespected. Despite this scathing assessment way back in 1995, the Home Office has done very little to improve the lot of police officers shouldered with the responsibility of protecting kids, again do doubt by calculated design.

A November 2017 report found that despite being warned that Scotland Yard was placing children in increasing danger, the Constabulary Inspectorate determined that in 135 CSA cases examined, 93% of the Met’s responses were deemed substandard.[58] While more children in the UK Care System go missing, increasingly falling victim to pedophilic crime, severe police budget cuts and higher workload demand in the Child Protection Unit are only making matters more dire. Aside from weaker child protection and alarming rates of missing children, other areas of growing concern also include child sexual exploitation and detained children in police custody.

This comes after the 2016 report was so terrible that quarterly audit inspections were implemented on an emergency basis in order to every three months measure corrective progress and results. But the vast majority of recommendations had not even been initiated. Over 20 years after the stinging Home Office critique, the November 2016 report faulted the Met for still being stuck on its obsession to meet its target on car thefts and burglaries rather than make its priority stopping child rapists from abusing children.[59] In short, the Home Office has only set the Met up for continued failure with £400m slashed from its budget and maintaining a longstanding policy of low priority investment in protecting children at-risk. In other words, this only confirms the realty that a political lack of will still exists in changing the UK system that’s been long past broken for decades.

Despite the magnitude of this ever-glaring pedophilic epidemic, Home Office policy continues failing to fund police effort to fight against child abuse. And all those high priced, tax-paid, post-Savile police operations to investigate VIP pedophiles apparently were all for show, netting virtually zero results, providing the excuse to deny any more money spent on either historic much less current child abuse. Saving poor kids from viperous high level predators just isn’t a priority in Britain, never has and never will… unless the people finally rise up in righteous anger and demand that something be done about it… like the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) and reconciliation commissions for starters.

With the system clearly built to shield child abusers from prosecution, especially powerful ones, it was only through the heroic local enterprise by a few remarkable individuals working together in Bristol that this onetime exception to the general rule ever broke out of the control box. The bureaucratic inertia of a rigid standard national policy of total non-interest and lack of commitment in eradicating child abuse, beginning with the gatekeeping Home Office ministers like Brittan or May extended to order-following, pedo-enabling police chiefs and DPPs, has allowed the vast pedophilia network throughout the UK, particularly serving the VIP establishment, to essentially thrive unimpeded for over a century now. The very few city police departments that include pedophile units are grossly understaffed and underfunded, and limited to focusing primarily on child pornography which in this internet age has also proliferated like wildfire.[60] Sadly, disgracefully, Britain’s political will to protect children is still absent. Instead to this very day, its priority remains diabolically protecting the pedophilia network over its own children’s welfare and well-being.  

Nick Davies offers two essential conditions that have always been nefariously met that permit VIP criminals to continue getting away with the wholesale rape and slaughter of the innocents:

Power is the fabric of a paedophile ring, essential first to subjugate the children, whose passivity is essential for the adults’ indulgence; and second, where possible, to neutralise the authorities who might otherwise frustrate its activities.[61]

Silencing the voice of children as victims and maintaining centralized control over shutting down police probes are the two primary M.O.s that the pedo-establishment utilizes to maintain its forever cover-up, along with the Official Secrecy Act.

When the frustrated admission that the UK child protection system is completely broken is unanimously shared by social workers, police and customs specialists alike, and echoed by senior government and top law enforcement officials responsible for overseeing this unconscionable mess, you know something at the core level is irreparably wrong and amiss. Two decades ago Nick Davies heard repeatedly from those working within this abomination of a failed system that:

They say that the power is with the paedophiles, then finally you begin to see the real horror, that we have put our trust in a child protection system that doesn’t protect the children.[62]

Nick spent years reporting from the trenches and has dozens of examples to prove the overwhelming truth that the British legal system chooses to protect child rapists and not children. He cites a transport police officer opening a bus station locker and stumbling upon a suitcase full of photos depicting naked children in forced sexual poses.[63] He handed the evidence over to police and social services only to have it collect dust for the next seven years before some detectives happening to investigate local care home abuse decided to match the photos with their findings that suddenly opened up numerous new leads. And that was a fluke as more often than not evidence is either lost, destroyed or sits around forever untouched.

Then there’s the two far more egregious cases of two 2-year old girls oozing with pus from their vaginas diagnosed with gonorrhea at the same children’s forensic center, but the monsters that did this to them both walked as the system could not hold them.[64] The fact that child sex abuse is the most under-reported crime of all and the Home Office only acknowledges and finances policing for reported crimes directly results in virtually 100% of all child sex abusers in Britain getting away with the sickest of crimes.[65] Factor in perps who run the nation and it’s a done deal, VIPs routinely raping and ruining young lives with total impunity is simply a permanent job perk - none have ever been charged and throughout Britain’s sorry-ass history none have ever gone to jail. Something’s gone terribly wrong.

The abysmal conviction record of pedophiles is having a detrimental effect on social workers who are less responsive in meeting the needs of abuse victims such as delaying initial contact with the child’s family or caregivers, providing timely medical examinations and interviewing the accused.[66] In part this can be attributed to the extreme unlikelihood that any alleged perpetrator will ever be prosecuted, much less convicted. Also a skewed court emphasis on rigid adherence to making sure the child complainant’s case complies with the Memorandum of Good Practice which was only meant to be a guide has judges throwing cases out right and left, denying justice and letting abusers off the hook on technicalities while in contrast the defendant’s counsel is permitted to rake a child witness over the coals. A lack of sensitivity and understanding of the child’s capacity and psychological development by attorneys and judges again heavily tilts the legal system to the suspect’s advantage.  

Yet another case in point among hundreds indicating the system favors child abusers over children. Prior to John Mann becoming a Labor MP for Bassetlaw and pointing out in 2015 Jeremy Corbyn’s “missing” record protecting abused children (covered in the last chapter), Mann was a solicitor and member of the controversial Lambeth council. While investigating insurance fraud in Dolphin Square, he kept hearing about sex orgies involving children and brought the disturbing matter to a couple Scotland Yard detectives back in 1988.[67] Like all the rest of the police inquiries, three months later the detectives said the case was closed on orders from “those at the top.” Meanwhile at the very same time, “those at the top” of UK’s law enforcement were keen on shutting down Operation Hedgerow after it had inadvertently tapped into the international pedo-network despite its success as Britain’s largest pedophilia bust in history. Note how every time the police encounter the larger child raping network, those in control will issue an immediate cease and desist order. Every single time this pattern’s repeated.

In December 2014 MP Mann was back once again trying to defy this impenetrable blue-lined wall of protection and cover-up, this time handing over to Scotland Yard a list he reportedly compiled based on feedback from the public-at large identifying 22 MPs involved in what Mann believed was at least five major pedophile rings catering to the perverted compulsions of dozens of Westminster and Downing Street members.[68] Of the near two dozen on the list, as of 2015 three were current members of the House of Commons and three were still active members in the House of Lords. The rest were either retired or dead, with 13 of them former ministers. For what it’s worth, the list’s political party breakdown is 14 Conservatives, 5 from Labor and 3 from other parties. Overoptimistic in late 2014 that arrests were pending, MP Mann asserted:

It would be inconceivable in some cases that they are not now interviewed by police about these allegations. Some of the evidence is incredibly strong.[69]

But unfortunately the well-intentioned MP fighting an uphill battle was wrong. No Westminster arrests have been made during the half decade since police were allegedly re-investigating historic VIP child abuse. Though Met Police re-questioned Harvey Proctor (already convicted in 1987 of S&M but not CSA) and the late Leon Brittan (only once interviewed over the 1967 alleged rape of a teenage girl, sabotaging it by failing to record it), Scotland Yard still ended up forced to eat crow, apologizing to Brittan’s widow, Proctor and the aging General Bramall, and coughing up a million pounds apiece for Bramall and Leon’s widow. This humiliating 180 degree turnaround occurred not long after the Mirror in February 2013 claimed that Leon Brittan’s arrest was eminent, that Met’s Paedophile Unit Commander Peter Spindler had already met with his senior officers finalizing the former minister’s pending arrest.[70] But at the last minute shit always happens when the deck’s pre-rigged. Once Brittan and Janner were spared the inconvenience of facing charges prior to keeling over, it’s likely that the Met never bothered to even interview the other 20 MPs on Mann’s pedo-list. And as of 2016, police operations into all historic VIP abuse have since been closed. And with Cliff’s 2018 legal victory, the public will never know if famous people are ever questioned or arrested.

So where does all this leave us? Aging child rapists in high places still alive today whose names have been identified by accusers over the years will all safely go to their graves unpunished for ruining hundreds if not thousands of defenseless children’s lives. Of course again this is simply the Luciferian way - do as much harm and damage to others on earth as you can and be guaranteed the reward of gaining more power to inflict even more suffering and pain on more victims, all the while assured of living out your days protected with immunity. That so far unbreakable travesty must soon be broken.

To ensure no public access to records of the June 1982 Elm Guest House raid ever becomes available through Freedom of Information requests, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) file holding all official actions and evidence legally taken after the raid were destroyed on April 11, 2007.[71] No wonder no VIP pedophiles have ever been held accountable for their crimes, the British government has maintained a longstanding policy of simply destroying or “disappearing” any and all evidence and documents that are the least bit incriminating. In fact Crown Prosecution Service SOP mandates that all records be destroyed after only three years. The criterial exception by which files don’t get destroyed after three years falls under “Long Term Interest.” The Elm Guest House file remained open for just over a quarter century most likely due to the following stipulations - “security/terrorism, secret/top secret and famous, eminent or notorious people.” Also noteworthy is the not surprising fact that Elm House records were destroyed just prior to Tony Blair leaving office, which per last chapter is characterized by so many D-notices, lost/destroyed criminal evidence and nonstop pedophilia cover-up.

After all, so much is at stake whenever senior members from the royal palaces, cabinet ministries, the Westminster government, and top brass from both police and national security services are all caught diddling kids in horrific rape and sodomy catering to the elite’s most degenerate, sick pathologies utilized to guarantee Luciferian control over puppet leaders, world politics and indeed human history.

Hence, there’s no way that the June 1982 raid at the Elm Guest House on Rocks Lane was a local vice squad operation but had to be a national security services recovery operation to confiscate and safeguard as much incriminating evidence as possible to protect VIP child sex offenders atop the British government. As long as their despicable habits are sealed off to escape public attention, the compromised, controlled and deranged puppets are kept in “power,” remaining completely under continual diabolical control to submit to Lucifer’s ungodly will.

Aside from the original 40-page Geoffrey Dickens dossier and Scotland Yard’s two-year PIE probe dossier both handed over in November 1983 and then subsequently “lost,” compliments of Home Office Minister Lord Brittan, eventually in 2014 the lost evidence morphed into an admitted 114 disappeared files pertaining to VIP politicians sexually abusing children.[72] But then come to find out, by its own admission from 1979 to 1999, the UK government has systematically lost or destroyed a phenomenal, staggering total of 2,074 pedo-related files.[73] This fact alone proves that Britain’s central government is in the business of protecting its VIP pedophiles. Another incriminating numerical fact is that despite the police in 2015 releasing the official number of 261 so called VIP pedophile suspects found during its 30 post-Savile policing pedo-operations (135 in media entertainment, 76 politicians, 43 in music industry and 7 in sports),[74] UK law enforcement has defiantly refused to both identify and follow up with the resulting status of these 261 VIP pedophile suspects.[75] That too is nothing short of a blatant, in-our-face cover-up as well. By refusing to disclose, are we to believe nothing ever happened to these suspects?

When Mark Sedwill, the permanent secretary at the Home Office, confessed about the 114 missing files, self-righteous bluster was heard from home affairs select committee chair pedo Keith Vaz, urgently needing to get to the bottom of who the guilty culprit must be.[76] And like always, that was the last we heard, no one has been named as the responsible party for losing 114 files, much less 2,074. But not surprisingly, the thousands of lost files never quite made it to mainstream news either. That’s because it implicates the entire government in the cover-up. Yet no one in London has ever or will ever be charged with destruction of evidence, willful obstruction and perversion of justice, criminal corruption or cover-up, just as not one VIP pedophile has ever been brought to justice. Again, same old sad, pathetic story.

Various accounts covering the Elm Guest House raid characterize the policing operation as a page right out of an old keystone cop fiasco with undercover Special Branch officers just several days earlier conspicuously infiltrating the guest house as fellow pedo-patrons.[77] The lead officer reportedly feigned a fake arm sling injury with attached hidden microphone alleged to have accidentally gone off, signaling the greenlight for 60 officers strong to storm the house of ill repute apprehending the Kasirs, their 10-year old son, a 17-year old rent boy masseuse and nine pedo-clients caught on the premises, three of whom were reportedly MPs, and five of whom as later described in court were naked watching “a thoroughly obscene” child porn video.[78] On top of that, as a giveaway that this tactical event was staged, Richmond social services that had been serving as the child pipeline facilitator for Elm Guest House were previously tipped off days in advance of the raid, explaining why no Grafton Close residents were present.[79]

The only Grafton Close representative there that night was with the Special Branch raiding party – Neil Keir, the care home officer-in-charge who until that day by all reports had been a child victim procurer, and since he was in the direct employ of and in cahoots with Richmond social services director Louis Minster, himself a known guest house visitor, even the most casual observer would properly conclude that the raid was a staged event in a damage control recovery operation in order to obtain and destroy evidence that could potentially bring down the Thatcher government.

As a potent bargaining chip to keep the Kasirs in check from blowing the lid off MI5’s covert blackmail operation, their son was taken into custody and placed at none other than the pedo-haven - the Grafton Close Children’s Home.[80] No Elm House arrests resulted in prosecution, other than the Kasirs after a number of charges were dropped leaving them to each pay a £1,000 fine for the ever-so-minor offense of running a disorderly house, their brief trial culminating with a suspended sentence in April 1983.

What does all this tell us? It was a high level top down cover-up to both shield the Thatcher government from ruin as well as salvage and maintain status quo on UK’s pedophilia blackmail operations. With a constant cover-up ever since, the pedophilia at the top of the British Establishment has remained virtually unscathed and ongoing to this day, just operating slightly more discreetly under the radar. But all the constantly recurring holes and anomalies as each new scandal surfaces serve as proof that a massive cover-up is irrefutable regardless of the elite’s nonstop feeble attempt to deceitfully suppress the truth.

More evidence of a cover-up emerged when confidential police records from 1983 were leaked to the press in 2013 in the Savile aftermath.[81] As a Grafton Close Children’s Home resident, a victim at Elm Guest House reported VIP pedo-crimes to the Scotland Yard in 1983 a year after the authorities raided the brothel. But no doubt on orders from on high again the Metro Police Services (MPS) stood down and failed to further investigate the boy’s claims of sex abuse, obviously already known by MPS, Special Branch and MI5. In April 2013 leaked files show how the police interviewed a second boy in 1983 who had corroborated the allegations made by the first victim. After all the potentially damaging VIP pedophilia evidence had been confiscated in the June 1982 raid, by 1983 with the cover-up in full swing, Metro was not about to rock the boat and begin protecting abused and still at-risk children, following strict orders from Special Branch and MI5 to no longer investigate the rampant abuse any further. The Met was fully responsible for dereliction of duty in failing to protect child victims as well as overt obstruction of justice in a willful conspiratorial cover-up of all available evidence led by Britain’s pedo-elite.

So police consistently ignored 16 Grafton Close residents’ accounts of abuse in 1982 after the Elm Guest House[82] and again a year later when two more boys came forth to report abuse in 1983. Yet Richmond-on-the-Thames council in charge of social services and its care homes as well as law enforcement both chose to ignore the boys’ serious allegations. Disgracefully, as always this latest uncovered evidence of two more victims reporting in 1983 only confirms the already cold hard fact that priority has always been to protect powerful rapists over defenseless abused children. Muzzled by Special Branch and MI5, Met police kept quiet and took no further action, letting more innocent boys become VIP predator victims.

The second Grafton Close resident, now in his late 40s, explained:

I had known that the police had forgotten about this, and were always on the fringe of what was happening. At the time, I knew that there was something wrong. But as a child, I was not sure what.[83]

In a 2014 effort to motivate retired police officers, social workers, witnesses and informants to contact investigators working on Operations Fernbridge and Midland delving into historic VIP abuse, author of the Cyril Smith exposé Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk and MP John Mann began calling for amnesty for former officers forced to sign gagging orders or fearing their pensions would be cut off.[84] Anti-child abuse MP John Mann actually sponsored an amendment to the Official Secrets Act in February 2015 granting immunity to former police, civil servants and witnesses that would prohibit prosecution for providing evidence on historic child sexual abuse.[85] But Tories and Social Democrats voted against it.

A month later shortly before becoming Prime Minister, Theresa May offered this rather feeble response:

If people are giving evidence of child abuse I would not expect them – I would hope them not to be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act.[86]

That hesitant and weak utterance was purposely designed to not convince anyone to come forth. The Mann amendment failed because the majority in the British government insist that no change in the Official Secret Acts law is necessary to protect whistleblowers from reporting what they know. But history has only shown that for many decades child sexual abuse whistleblowers have consistently been harassed, threatened, smeared and disbelieved. And the Official Secrets Act as existing law most certainly does have the teeth to throw truth tellers in jail just like the 1889 Cleveland scandal did.

A disappointed, exasperated John Mann told BBC Radio 4:

Police officer after police officer have told me that the Official Secrets Act and fear of breaching it are a bar to them.[87]

This is just one typical example of the multiple barriers that purposely remain in place within Britain’s legal system intended to effectively inhibit full disclosure of the damning truth that would deliver long overdue justice to the powerful child rapists still lurking inside and out of the government. It appears that MPs voted against the amendment to once again protect the child eating monsters among them. It strongly suggests that throughout all the British institutions of power, be it the Parliament, the prime minister’s office, the high courts, CPS or top law enforcement, the system is irreparably rigged with pedophiles and pedophile protectors who may well comprise the majority in the halls of government.

Though Parliament balked at amnesty, within a week after Danczuk raised the issue in 2014, it immediately prompted 40 informants to come forth with yet more allegations of VIP abuse.[88] One was the retired detective that interviewed the 8-year old victim in 1982, recently stating that he was required to sign a gag order at the time prior to his investigation shutdown. But over three decades later his recollection of criminal events also remained consistent with the victim’s recalled disclosure, only reinforcing the already voluminous body of cumulative cover-up evidence conveniently buried with the “out of sight, out of mind” 2015 closures of Operations Fernbridge and Midland.

Those two policing operations directed at the heart of the British government, by design have failed miserably to hold VIP pedophiles accountable. Not unlike Yewtree, either zero VIP offenders ended up prosecuted or a minor token player winds up convicted to appease the public. Long ago a likely majority of British citizens have realistically concluded that the most powerful politicians who are flaming child sodomizers are unreachable in a thoroughly rigged system designed to ensure that they remain free to live out their unimpeded lives above the law till death do them part. Operation Midland came up totally emptyhanded and Fernbridge sent one pervert priest to prison for a relative short stint of three years. That’s it. Otherwise, all the VIPs have gotten away and continue getting away with their thousands and thousands of ungodly predatory crimes. All the so called inquiries numbering over 30 different policing operations into pedophilia in Britain have pathetically next to nothing to show for themselves, at grave cost to both the taxpaying public and its complete lack of faith in its irreversibly corrupt government.

In February 2013 while probing Elm Guest House child abuse as part of Fernbridge, the Scotland Yard finally arrested the former deputy head of Grafton Close Home - John Stingemore - for sexually abusing boys under his care years earlier.[89] Along with his procuring boss Neil Keir who to this day remains a free man, it was Stingemore who was responsible for both trafficking his Grafton sex slaves eight miles away to the Elm Guest House as well as largely responsible for the suicide of one of his victims - 28-year old Peter Bornshin. Peter’s abuse at 13 and 14 from frequent Elm House trips drove him at 28 to take his own life with a drug overdose.[90] Meanwhile at 72, his pimping abuser Stingemore died just days ahead of his scheduled trial. Was the odd timing of Stingemore’s death the result of knowing too much, posing a serious enough liability for guilty VIPs he once partied with?

Or could it have also served as a direct warning to Stingemore’s religious friend arrested on the same day in February 2013 who was due to also go on trial with him. Decades earlier, Stingemore provided easy child access for his pedo-priest buddy, Catholic vicar Tony McSweeney to sexually assault boys from Grafton Close. It was Father McSweeney as Grafton’s part-time chaplain who played “good cop” to Stingemore’s “bad cop.”[91] McSweeney was also a chaplain of the Norwich City football club and in 1990 officiated the wedding of world heavyweight champ Frank Bruno, the Freemason pictured shaking hands with the Yorkshire Ripper while their mutual satanic friend Sir Jimmy smugly looked on.[92]

Though denying he ever committed sexual abuse, McSweeney did admit to making trips to Holland with Stingemore to purchase and distribute child pornography, the world’s child snuff film capital.[93] In 1998 the priest was even caught possessing child porn videos and indecent photos of children but of course the police and church just looked the other way and allowed him to move on to do more damage elsewhere.[94] A couple of high profile British Catholic bishops quietly helped him transfer to East Anglia.[95]

As the only formal police operation specifically designated to investigate VIP abuse at Elm Guest House, Fernbridge resulted in the conviction of zero VIPs, just one lowly, previously protected, pervert priest while dozens of infamously known monsters were explicitly captured on police surveillance, MI5 blackmail videos as well as Carole Kasir’s photographs along with her guest sign-in list, diary entries and Mary and Chris’ handwritten notes. Despite plenty of victims’ firsthand accounts, including 16 Grafton Close boys identified as “recruited” Elm House victims,[96] and so much other blatantly solid evidence, nothing outside this one fallen ex-priest not even connected directly to Elm House crimes. McSweeney is already a free man having served his 3-year sentence.[97] All the rest of the guilty famous pedophiles remain free, unimpeded to strike again and again with total impunity to this very day. Once again the Elm Guest House story plays out the pathetically shameful running theme - at the world’s pedophilia epicenter, some things never change.

By its own factual history, the only accurate conclusion to be drawn is that the United Kingdom lacks both the moral and political will and integrity to protect its “expendable” children trapped in its abominable [Don’t] Care System. That said, the same can be said for North America, Australia, the rest of Europe and many other nations around the world as well. Where family court systems exploit economically disadvantaged populations, creating a growing subclass of throwaway children [and adults if they live that long], a booming child sex trade results in history’s fastest growing, most profitable illicit industry on earth, all because a relative handful of sub-humans atop this predatory food chain have enjoyed untouchable impunity for centuries. 

According to Operation Fernbridge, in addition to the 1982 Elm Guest House cover-up of ongoing VIP abuse, yet another unexplained failure to investigate the scandal occurred in 2003 when police were again informed that in the late 1970s and early 80s, children from the local Richmond care homes were brought in to “work” at the guest house operating as a child brothel for ministers and MPs.[98] Terry Earland, director of Richmond children’s services from 1981 to 2003, originally reported child abuse in 1982 to both the police and his colleagues on Richmond council.

Because the Special Branch raid accomplished its nefarious objective to secure and withhold all further evidence, upon approaching retirement two decades later, Terry again met with police. Unhappy with law enforcement’s blatant stonewalling in 2003 into 2004, Earland registered a formal grievance with the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). Despite heaps of evidence, IPCC also failed to respond for the all too obvious reason - orders from on high again. Recall from last chapter that in 2004 the Blair government was flagrantly engaging in its own batch of pedophilia cover-ups, protecting his Home Office minister Paul Boateng in Lambeth and D-noticing Operation Ore to shield Lord Mandelson while facing intense growing pressure over his minister of children Oppenheimer-Hodge to resign for her appalling pedophilia record that began the same year Elm House was raided.

Terry Earland emphatically stated:

My modus operandi at that time [1982] was always that if there was an allegation of abuse, it was referred to the [Scotland Yard] child-protection unit.[99]

Yet Terry’s boss Louis Minster, head of Richmond’s social services from 1975 to 1984, plus a conspicuous name on the infamous guest list, claimed in February 2013 that he never heard of any child abuse at either the Elm Guest House or Grafton Close Home:

There was never any… There were a couple of child abuse cases – violence in the families, and what have you. But the answer would be no. There were no inquiries at all.[100]

The 81-year old Minster now living a comfy retired lifestyle on a hilltop residence in Malta, a notorious pedo-bastion dating back to the Peter Righton days whom he knew, prefaced his denial of knowing any abuse or raid or inquiry ever occurred on his watch by making sure to mention he currently suffers from memory problems, thus establishing “plausible deniability,” adding:

I have never heard of them. I read it on Google the other evening.[101]

Yet Terry Earland insists that he told Minster, the Richmond council and the Met police about the abuse. So one of them is clearly lying and my bet is on Minster as the boldface liar trying to cover his own guilty ass. It’s on record that twice Minster pulled the file belonging to the second 14-year old boy that reported VIP abuse, a highly unusual fact in and of itself, particularly since the boy was no longer under the care of Richmond social services.[102] When 2012 political journalist of the year David Hencke called Minster in Malta in 2013 to clear up this most glaring discrepancy, Minster feebly pretended he wasn’t Minster.[103]

Despite his confessed memory impairment, by October the following year 2014, suddenly the 83-year old’s recall was as lucid as ever, answering question after question posed by a local reporter from Malta, explaining that in 1982 Terry Earland did in fact brief him prior to that June house raid:

The police had asked to carry out inspections and interviews in the presence of a social worker and I had instructed Earland to take care of it since it was his responsibility.[104]

Notice his euphemistic wording, calling a police raid an “inspection.” And who from Richmond social services gets sent to accompany Special Branch on the guest house raid? Not a Richmond social worker per protocol but the Grafton Close Home Officer-in-Charge Neil Keir, who with deputy head pedo-John Stingemore were the very pimps trafficking their group home boys to the nightmare on Elm.[105]

Minster claims he was never interviewed by police or ever under any investigation, and that:

Last March, I got a phone call from the Metropolitan Police who informed me that the Director of Public Prosecutions had decided not to use me as a witness.[106]

Again, more euphemism as by all rights, Minster should have been a suspect a long time ago, not a witness. Seems the Richmond council and the Met would be equally motivated to sweep under the rug every last trace of the Elm Guest House scandal and their part in the cover-up since it’s more than obvious both have much to criminally hide and avoid explaining.

The notorious list of Elm Guest House visitors posted on the internet by Mary Moss not only includes then Richmond social services director Louis Minster but also Richmond council’s lauded education director as well. Apparently Richmond Director of Education and former Wandsworth Chief Constable Donald Naismith has never been taken to task to explain how his name as a longtime London borough educator (1974-1994) wound up as an Elm houseguest.[107] A 1994 queen honored CBE recipient,[108] to this day the retiree is also apparently enjoying his golden years as a renowned author and expert in UK education.[109] When the borough’s social services director and the education director are both pedophiles, they could easily arrange through school record photos of all the Richmond boys in care homes be featured in the Spartacus catalogue so that VlPs had the pick of the litter at Elm Guest House.[110]

Aside from incest, professions with daily access to children - teachers, coaches, Boy Scout leaders and social workers, childcare workers, babysitters - all too commonly turn out to be the child abusers. In addition to London borough social services and education directors, another Elm Guest House identified visitor is senor Westminster social worker Steve Everett. And yet another semi-notable from “the list” is George Tremlett, former Greater London Council leader, bookstore owner, journalist and David Bowie biographer (Bowie himself an accused pedophile[111]).[112]

Several more now deceased Westminster politicians wound up on the Elm Guest House list. Tory MP Charles Irving[113] was yet another Monday Club member and advisor to Peter Campbell’s CGHE, was knighted in 1990 and his prominent family owned a hotel chain.[114] Another politician on “the list” is Labor MP Ron Brown who died in 2002.[115]

Yet another fairly big name on that infamous Elm Guest House list is Labor MP Stuart Bell from Middlesbrough, elected in 1983 until he died in October 2012.[116] In 1987 Stuart Bell played a reactionary, highly inflammatory role in the nation’s largest single CSA case up to that time.[117] In his home Cleveland County MP Bell libelously accused pediatricians and child abuse specialists of falsely making up allegations when they allegedly determined that 123 kids likely suffered sexual abuse. It also turns out that one of the abuse victims’ father accused Bell but an alleged innocent man was tried and convicted for the crime despite the father’s strong suspicion that the actual perpetrator was VIP Stuart Bell,[118] whom the queen knighted in 2004.[119] 

No surprise that a number of police officers were among the list of Elm Guest House regulars as a manifestation of pedo-foxes guarding the Elm child victim henhouse.[120] Among them Deputy Constable (DC) Chris Carter from Richmond Criminal Investigative Department (CID) and DC Ron Thornton also of Richmond CID, DC David Lines of Barnes CID, Police Constable (PC) Rodrick Smeaton, PC Alan Jones from Special Branch[121] and two Women Police Constables - retired 30-year Metro Sergeant Sheila McInnes and WPC Elizabeth Meredith. Another guest list name belongs to then Met Police Constable and likely current 62-year old former Met Police Inspector, pro-EU supporter Chris Wicks, who surfaced in a Mirror article confronting philandering ex-Tory Foreign Minister-Brexiteer Boris Johnson in a restaurant in Greece over last New Year’s holiday.[122]

To further lend credence to allegations that a number of law enforcement pedophiles were regular Elm Guest House visitors, a child actor Dr. Who - Lee Towsey, the 16-year old masseuse employed for five months at the time of the June 1982 Special Branch raid, claims he had sex with three police officers at the brothel, likely with one or more of the above named guests. Speaking to The Mail on Sunday in April 2014 after reporting his experiences to Fernbridge detectives in 2012, Lee stated that Carole Kasir complained that she was forced to pay for “a police Christmas fund” as an extortion fee to Richmond police for “protection” during Elm’s years of operation.[123] Towsey also corroborated that Carole kept a list of high profile customers in a black book as her “insurance policy.” Carole also mentioned the prominent cabinet minister as a regular house guest later determined to be Leon Brittan. lt was Lee who informed MP Simon Danczuk upon release of his book on Cyril Smith that there were “much bigger fish” far “higher up the food chain” at Elm,[124] referring to Sir Leon, though at sweet 16 Lee had a sexual encounter with “Big Cyril as well:

Carole told me not to let him in the sauna, as he had got stuck in there before and they had to take the door off to get him out. Smith wanted me to strip naked and massage him. I was also forced to watch as he masturbated.[125]

The first time the underage masseuse had sex at the brothel with a policeman was in February 1982:

One came round in the first month. He was early 20s, good-looking, not the usual sort who went to the house.[126]

The next occasion that Lee encountered the young police officer was when Elm was raided and the Kasirs and Lee were taken to the police station. Towsey also maintains that in April he had sex with another undercover officer that must have been from Special Branch as he was a member of the raiding party. But Lee said:

He came back about three weeks later and hired a room. He stayed two nights and on the second night his partner stayed too. I ended up having sex with them. Afterwards they asked how much and I told them that they were not clients and felt insulted they wanted to pay me.[127]

At the time of the June raid, Lee was charged with assisting in the management of the brothel but was later dropped. That summer Towsey acquired another job working in the kitchen of a bingo hall where his father would pick him up after his shift. One day three policeman arrived at the usual time in place of his father. Lee said:

One of them was at the station following the raid. They told me they could pick me up at any time and told me keep my mouth shut. I never told anyone, not even my family.[128]

Lee Towsey explained that despite a couple of calls from police since contacting him in 2012, he feels frustrated because no police action has been forthcoming after reporting his abuse as an underage victim at the hands of three lawbreaking pedophile cops, adding:

I am considering legal action against the Met. I shut the door on it once and I want to shut the door on it again and move on.[129]

In 2013 Operation Fernbridge detectives were in search of the alleged two dozen aforementioned photos of this infamous motley crew of pervert guests reportedly photographed with their victims by the likely murdered brothel owner Carole Kasir. Of course if these photos have not already been destroyed, both security services and Met police have had in possession their own sets of elusive incriminating photos. As alluded to earlier, towards the end of her life, Carole Kasir befriended Mary Moss and was alleged to have given her copies of damaging VIP documents and photos. After three decades since the Elm House closure, the more recent 2013 Fernbrdge raid on Mary Moss’ home was never intended to bring belated justice to the unpunished VIPs as no suspect has ever been arrested, much less convicted. But again it was another overt attempt to collect and remove perhaps the last vestige of smoking gun evidence to make certain VIP pedophiles stay out of both jail and the headlines.

In 2012 the police scoping exercise - Operation Fairbank - was conducted to determine if a further criminal investigation - Operation Fernbridge - would be warranted. It was. The Fernbridge objective ostensibly was to determine why prior police investigations were prematurely shut down in 1982 and never got off the ground in 2004,[130] and the active role that Richmond council played in the abuse and cover-up.[131] The Liberal Richmond council leader from November 1983 to 2001, the knighted Sir David Williams, said there’s no evidence of child abuse that he’s aware of.[132] Yet Scotland Yard determined that the council paid out a rather hefty sum of hush money to an alleged Elm House child abuse victim. So Sir David wasn’t being totally honest in his emphatic denial of abuse.

Lasting over two years in duration but closed by March 2015, unfortunately Operation Fernbridge amounted to no more than the same going-through-the motion posturing, under the false pretense of “leaving no stone unturned,” as pedo-enabling PM David Cameron promised in order to placate a riled up public fresh off the Jimmy Saville revelations, demanding answers and justice that in Britain appear destined to never come to fruition.[133] The most obvious reason for Scotland Yard’s long history of aborted inquires and impotent inaction is because as mere lackeys on the pecking order totem pole, they simply follow their stand down orders from the Home Office or MI5. Like all previous cover-ups from the 1980s through the 2000s, all the post-Savile police probes exploring the Westminster-Downing Street connection have also proven to be more of the same unending cover-up.

It doesn’t take millions of taxpayer pounds and years to figure out that powerful pedophiles will never voluntarily expose themselves. And as long as the highest ranking police, spies, judges and politicians are either pedophiles or pedophile enablers, the ending of the story will always stay the same. But all over the world the truth is finally breaking through their previously impenetrable walls and the guilty predators will soon be exposed and some will be held accountable before they too die off from old age. 

Child victims through the ages have virtually always been ignored, disbelieved, or, if they present damaging enough evidence against VIP sickos, they become targeted for murder, character assassination, anything to eliminate them as threats to the status quo crime cabal. Child campaigner Chris Fay who gathered incriminating evidence against Leon Brittan from Carole Kasir prior to her sudden death was subsequently prosecuted and convicted for investment fraud in 2011, effectively neutralizing him thereafter as a fully credible witness to the public.[134] Today’s precarious situation where all the prior allegations once deemed “credible and true” from now alleged “fantasist” Nick (as if he is the only accuser in the world), claiming horrific torture and abuse at both Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square, witnessing three alleged child murders at the hands of VIPs, suddenly in 2016 were all declared false, automatically casting unfair doubt and dispersions on countless actual victims and their true claims.

In early 2018 the so called Nick, whose actual name Carl Beech was released by the judge[135] after the 50-year old was initially arrested on charges of possessing and making indecent images of children.[136] But currently Beech awaits his criminal trial scheduled for March 2019 on charges of perverting justice and fraud.[137] See the pattern here? Ex-MP Danczuk was alleged to have sexted a 17-year old girl and raped his first wife while asleep, in effect ruining his parliamentary career as a child abuse advocate.[138]  Seems one by one the biggest threats to the status quo pedo-cover-up are all effectively neutralized one way or another. The more serious and damaging the accusations are to the pedo-elite, the more certain accusers’ reputations will be attacked, smeared and destroyed.

With Operation Midland probing possible VIP murders, costing Briton taxpayers £3m and resulting in not even one single arrest, and Metro Police Services having to humiliatingly apologize to ex-MP pervert Proctor, General Bramall and Leon Brittan’s widow, the latter two granted £100,000 each in compensation for the alleged false accusations against them, along with Sir Cliff Richard’s July 2018 landmark court victory, the pedo-elite’s pushback effectively seals the deal.[139] No famous pedophile still alive in Britain will be brought to justice at the earth’s pedophilia epicenter. The aforementioned VIPs’ guilt or innocence notwithstanding, powerful child rapists’ 2018 pushback have won and the current IICSA ensures that abysmal, shameful outcome.

The more the pedo-elite can waste taxpayer money on fruitless boondoggle witch hunts against so called innocent accused VIP victims, the less believable real victims of child abuse automatically become and the less public support for costly, failed police investigations into historic child sex abuse. The criminal elite’s ultimate aim is to render the thousands of victims who’ve been abused by prominent pedophiles throughout the years null and void, where they’re neither heard nor do they matter, as if their abuse never really happened at all. Of course that would be a grotesque travesty of justice and we cannot allow any legal system to reach such an abominable state of filth as in Britain. In effect, the cabal agenda is to censor, silence and deny the massive, glaring, overwhelming evidence that irrefutably speaks for itself, regardless of whatever gargantuan effort is made to cover it all up. Finally, if abuse victims figure that the corrupt UK justice system is so corrupt and so rigged against the truth ever winning or counting in a British court of law, no one will ever press charges, much less undergo the enduring stress and pressure of a long drawn out court process or even be sufficiently resolute to report crimes in the first place, reasonably concluding neither the legal system nor the police can ever be trusted.

Even an establishment bigwig, former 5-year Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer has admitted:

Many, if not most, still do not have sufficient confidence in our criminal justice system to come forward in the first place and report what has happened to them… The prevalence figures for domestic violence and abuse set out in a report by the Early Intervention Foundation last week remind us that this is far from a historical matter. For many victims the adversarial journey through our courtrooms is such an ordeal that most vow never to repeat it. The way some victims and witnesses in the sex-grooming trials were treated makes very uncomfortable reading for any politician, lawyer or judge… Even when a case is sensitively handled, the adversarial system does not always serve victims well.[140]

… Or at all. One victim echoing the DPP’s statement above who was abused by high powered pedophile criminals from age 9 to 16 had this to say:

The authority is not what stops people from speaking out, it’s the fear that is instilled by these people. It appears the cover-ups did happen and it makes survivors very wary because you don’t know who you can have confidence in to report.[141]

There’s good reason why the criminal justice system is not called the victims’ justice system, because when the rich and powerful are the criminals, always they’re protected and always the victims re-victimized. With all the power and resources in their favor, the VIP pedophile strategy is counting on the above scenario to only continue on indefinitely since it’s worked so well for them for so long. The entire court system needs a complete drastic overhaul if anything’s to ever change. Again, Keir Starmer has called for “a radical shift in attitude and approach” in the existing criminal justice system, advocating a specific and enforceable new victims’ law, concluding:

We could start by retiring the description ‘criminal justice system’ and conceive instead of a criminal justice service fit for victims.[142]

But as gatekeepers too many pedophiles have long infiltrated Britain’s rotten-to-the-core legal system, ensuring that the outcome stays fixed and controlled so that VIP child rapists always remain free while too many abuse victims, suffering immeasurably, tragically die too young. For this sad, pathetic realty to ever change, we citizens of the world must unify as one formidable force for good to make it happen.

In the meantime, survivor groups like the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA) stand out as a model of the way to go to mobilize power and support for vindicated recognition and at least recover long overdue financial compensation. It’s still not satisfactory justice until the criminals are fairly punished in a court of law but better than no justice at all. Abuse survivor organizations can also be instrumental in assisting police to gather evidence for prosecution as SOSA helped put a pedophile priest behind bars as noted in the last chapter.  

As yet another example of the pedo-foxes guarding the henhouse, in this case UK’s justice system, let’s examine one high court judge who in 2013 was appointed as the queen’s personal legal advisor.[143] A few months after his royal upgrade, Appeal Court Judge Adrian Fulford was having to answer charges that in 1979 he was founder of the campaign group called Conspiracy Against Public Morals that openly supported and defended the rights of pedophiles. He attended strategy meetings with PIE chairman Tom O’ Carroll, later found guilty of possessing child pornography, and organized protests outside the courtrooms where PIE leaders were on trial for conspiracy to corrupt public morals. A pamphlet from the organization that Fulford founded claimed that if children were allowed to have sex with adults, it would free them from the oppression of the state and their parents.

The barrister’s activism motivated him to make a speech at a 1980 PIE rally defending pedophile rights, acknowledged in PIE’s newsletter Magpie thanking him by name for delivering the best speech of the day. While a volunteer at the same infamous civil rights group - NCCL (currently known as Liberty) - that embraced PIE as an affiliate partner that also came back to bite Labor leaders Patricia Hewitt, Harriet Harman and Jack Dromey in the ass in March 2014, also stung Lord Judge Fulford. Despite clear evidence he was actively supporting pedophiles having sex with kids, when confronted over his past reprehensible behavior, the razor sharp legal mind of Queen’s Counsel suddenly went dull and limp, claiming he had no recollection of the pro-pedophile organization he founded nor any of his actions defending their “rights” that despite his denial remain a matter of clear public record. In his own deceitful words:

I have no memory of having been involved with its foundation or the detail of the work of this campaign.[144]

Rather than be honest and cop to it, he went on a self-righteous rant about how he would never be in favor of anyone or any group that sexually abuses children and insists he has never advocated lowering the age of sexual consent from 16. Regardless of his lame excuses and double talk scrambling to do damage control, the facts plainly speak for themselves.

That said, when a Supreme Court judge was assigned to investigate the nitty gritty of his PIE-friendly past, Fulford was exonerated and cleared of any misconduct… pretty predictable in the nation that consistently protects child rapists.[145] This pathetic episode is just one more piece of factual evidence blatantly showing how judicial members of an enabling royal elite are entrenched in positions of gatekeeping power to ensure that the pedophilia epidemic stays shielded as much as sinisterly possible from public exposure, thereby guaranteeing that the diabolical cover-up continues on indefinitely.

For the umpteenth time, shortly after Labor MP Tom Watson’s confrontational outburst on the House of Commons floor directed at the flustered Prime Minister David Cameron in October 2012, reminding the world once again of the unfinished business of reckoning with the still covered-up Westminster pedophilia scandal, in January 2013 the Metro Police was once again compelled to relook into historic child sexual abuse under Operation Fairbank turned Fernbridge in what the Daily Mail was calling perhaps “the biggest Establishment cover-up” ever.[146] Then two years later in March 2015, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), the same outfit that refused to investigate Elm Guest House in 2004, jumped on the insincere, “give-victims-a-voice” bandwagon to announce:

[It] is to investigate 14 referrals detailing allegations of corruption in the Metropolitan Police Service in relation to child sex offences dating from the 1970’s to the 2000’s.[147]

These allegations involve the numerous aborted police investigations into pedophilia from orders on high, the withholding of evidence against VIPs, a conspiracy within the Met to protect high ranking politicians and sexual abuse committed by senior police personnel. But just when VIP probes were fizzling out with Fernbridge and Midland closed, this IPCC investigation begun in March 2015 also appears to have run its dead-end course as well. So much for investigations into the Westminster cover-up.

Three months after the IPCC announced its 2015 investigation into the widespread Westminster cover-up, MP John Mann warned:

Without a question there is cover-up at the highest level.[148]

Mann insisted that the British Establishment is still blocking revelations about “systemic” child abuse going public. He believes “hundreds of thousands of people” are “just starting to come forward” with allegations - and they are just “the tip of the iceberg.”[149] In the near four years since John’s statements, it seems the Establishment may be winning this war to suppress the truth as investigation after investigation has failed to bring even one VIP to justice and with no police inquiry left now to probe historic child abuse, it doesn’t look good for the home team still fighting for the truth to come out.  

Under the false cover of Fernbridge pledging to finally conduct a real investigation into VIP child abuse, on an early morning in January 2013, the Establishment launched a decisive assault in its continued cover-up when police raided the central London residence of child protection social worker Mary Moss, searching to eliminate the last incriminating evidence known to be still at large. Along with other important documents entrusted her by Carole Kasir before her death, the alleged Elm Guest House list was recovered. Fortunately for us Mary had smartly beat the boys in blue to the punch, uploading the list of boy brothel patrons online before they stole (and no doubt destroyed) more key documents from her home. To this day copies of Mary and Chris’s handwritten notes listing the brothel’s VIP guests can still be found online,[150] and infamous child rapists from the Establishment were outed anyway, a rare win for the truth and the public’s right to know.

But first the caveat… though child abuse at Elm Guest House is clearly irrefutable, alleged visitors who often signed in at the boy brothel under fake names are included on Mary Moss’s online list as the result of handwritten notes written by Mary and her fellow colleague Chris Fay. Also posted online are some of Mary’s additional notes from hours of meeting at length with Carole Kasir. However, the accuracy of her online documents cannot be verified as gospel truth since they’re based on hearsay information supplied by Mary via Carole Kasir, whose word cannot always be relied upon.

With this qualifier in mind, the following paragraphs cover the alleged VIP sex orgy guests and other notables listed as visitors. Three are so called pop stars. “Kitty” aka superstar Sir Cliff Richard apparently joined by another aging early 1960s heartthrob-turned-actor Jess Conrad as well as a third singer named Ron Wells aka Gladys. Other listings include a bishop that may well be Prince Charles’ Anglican Church pal former Bishop Peter Ball linked to pedophilia crimes in East Sussex, home of former Grafton Close Home’s deputy head John Stingemore as a transporter of boys to the Elm Guest House.[151] Among senior MPs aside from Sir Cyril Smith are Monday Club members mentioned earlier, Harvey Proctor and still active MP Sir Peter Bottomley. An official from the royal household is also listed (actually both the queen’s lead bodyguard Michael Trestrail as well as Buckingham Palace senior aide Richard Langley have been implicated),[152] also a senior MI5 officer (the usual suspect - MI5 royal traitor Anthony Blunt who signed in as Anthony Goldstein and also linked to Kincora scandal as well), an MI6 officer (likely Peter Hayman as former MI6 deputy director), and a prominent business mogul (possibly related to Guy Blackburn-Hamilton, alleged son of Westland Helicopters chairman).[153]

Another name worth noting is Barry Haddon, an alleged child pornographer that Mary Moss’ notes claim he supplied child porn to Proctor, was a fellow child procurer and close associate of Terry Dwyer who also knew John Rowe and Peter Glencross.[154] Both Dwyer and Haddon were also boy toy suppliers and apparently protected by higher-ups on the food chain. Haddon’s black book “diary” contains a number of senior police officers such as Detective Chief Inspector Chris Sage and a Brent police surgeon named Dr. David Foster.[155]

A cartoonish underworld figure named Patrick Puddles is also listed as an alleged frequent Elm guest with a particular taste for posing for photo sessions with young boys in the sauna room.[156] David lssett, the cabal stooge claiming to be Carole’s boyfriend who signed off on her two “suicided” notes, insisted his former boss “Patsy” would never be caught up in pedophilia.[157] An ironic twist coming from an alleged pedophile himself. According to local papers, lssett was linked to a child pornography ring involving Grafton Close Home victims and convicted pedophile-pornographer David Hamilton-Grant, extradited from Cyprus, Turkey.[158] Now deceased, Patsy Puddles was a police protected local businessman, property owner[159] and major child porn distributor with a distribution circuit from London to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Germany and Cyprus.[160]

Notice the Elm Guest House attracted those who abuse exploitable naked children not only for sex with high rollers willing to pay top dollar to rape and torture, but also a converging parasitic swarm commercially exploiting boys for indecent photos and videos for sordid profit. The Elm House Nightmare was a den of iniquity in the worst possible way and don’t think for a minute Mr. and Mrs. Kasir didn’t know it,[161] leaving their own young son to be allegedly victimized.

Finally, among the motley Elm guest crew arrived the post-WWII British Nazi leader Colin Jordan of the National Socialist Movement financed by his heiress wife Dior, not the National Front as reported on the Moss list,[162] and a Sinn Fein leader who signed in with the alias Gary Walker.[163] Just as Northern Ireland’s Kincora scandal shows British intelligence working covert sexual blackmail with both sides in the Irish-UK conflict, with pedophile leaders from both sides raping boys side by side at London’s Elm Guest House, it likewise demonstrates the larger sobering reality that all so called political conflicts and wars in this world are artificially manufactured, planned creations, executed by the same pedophilic elite that virtually owns and controls the entire planet. With centralized control their juggernaut, the ruling elite is presently engaged in a genocidal war against humanity, leading to the endgame scenario of fascist totalitarian tyranny that enslaves the surviving, heavily depopulated, powerless servant class. This is what humans who value freedom, currently targeted in the cabal’s crosshairs, are facing in this 11th hour. Out of this Elm Guest House saga emerges many cautionary lessons.

Over the years countless allegations have also persisted of pervasive child sexual abuse at orgies held inside many of the 1250 private luxury flats within the enormous Dolphin Square complex in Pimlico, less than a mile from the Parliamentary buildings where as many as 100 MPs have made their home.[164] The 1930s dungeon-like chambers are steeped in dark mystery and scandal. Famous old generals and admirals, spies, politicians, writers and royalty frequently make Dolphin Square their home.[165] M5 and MI6 chiefs have targeted the largest residential block in all of Europe as one humongous sexual blackmail honey trap. After a number of victims and witnesses have come forth since 2012 to report that they were trafficked to flats at Dolphin Square and abused and tortured by MPs and other VIPs, including children allegedly murdered, drawing no response from Metro Police, the Independent Police Complaints Commission in 2015 specified that Dolphin Square would be one of the prime allegations to investigate the Met Police for apparently covering up widespread abuse.[166]

Recall that boys and girls from care homes throughout the British Isles were trafficked to Dolphin Square parties. Outspoken survivor Richard Kerr from Northern Ireland’s Kincora Boys’ Home has asserted that he was sexually assaulted by VIPs at both Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square.[167] Boys from North Wales Bryn Estyn Home were trafficked to Dolphin sex orgies.[168] And of course, it goes without saying, if you happen to be a resident trapped in a London borough care home such as Richmond’s Grafton Close or in Islington or Lambeth, from the 1970s through the 1990s and likely beyond, you were likely sexually assaulted in Dolphin Square.[169]

Scalawag had this to say about Derek Laud, the Tory go-to advisor-fixer-pimp in the 1980s and 1990s:

Derek Laud ran a Pimlico PR agency called Ludgate Communications… in cahoots with [scandal ridden ex-MP] Ian Greer Associates. Ludgate Communications was at the very hub of our investigation into allegations… At his Pimlico flat, and selected addresses in Dolphin Square nearby, Laud threw parties.[170]  

Laud’s Ludgate pedo-party planner reportedly supplied care home boys from every which direction, funneled straight into his perverted friends’ grasps. Boys from North Wales were taken to Laud’s fellow lobbyist buddy Ian Greer’s Dolphin Square flat to be abused by Tory MPs.[171]  It was in Ian Greer’s office that former child actor-anti-child abuse activist Ben Fellows was allegedly molested by soon-to-be Home Office Minister Kenneth Clarke while a camera on a nearby table reportedly captured it concealed from a bag.[172] Ben also alleges that he too was sexually abused at Dolphin Square parties.

The dual purpose of inviting selected politicians and VIPs to parties is not only to provide the sick sadistic lustful pleasure for powerful, despicable, likeminded criminals but more importantly to gain blackmail control over mostly key Conservative Members of Parliament. Former MI5 operative David Shayler has said that MI5 has fitted many of the Dolphin residences with one way mirrors and hidden cameras for the usual purpose of sexual blackmail.[173] Since security services headquarters are in close proximity, and a heavy influx of a spy presence at the Pimlico complex on the Thames has been well documented historically,[174] just like Elm Guest House, Dolphin Square pedophilia is also a sexual blackmail operation.

A deeper look at how Shirley Porter, Jewish heiress daughter of Sir John Cohen, founder of Tesco supermarket chain, ran her Tory controlled Westminster council as a Kosher Nostra, illustrates the unholy marriage between London’s dirty trick politics and Dolphin Square’s flourishing cottage industry led by predatory pedophiles like Laud and Greer, supplying fresh young boy meat to dozens of degenerate Westminster VIPs. The queen honored Dame Shirley and her Tory council henchmen’s gentrified gerrymandering to push the homeless, unemployed and otherwise poor “riff raff” Labor Party voters out of Westminster to dominate a gay-Tory-pedo playground monopolizing control over both the Westminster borough and its Dolphin Square Tory pedophile ring.[175] In the late 1980s the district auditor busted her and her cronies’ illicit operation, rigging votes in the “homes for votes” corruption scandal, and charged her £42m for bilking council funds, of which only £7000 was recovered, seized from her belongings left behind in London.[176] Though disgraced publicly back in Britain, as a dual Israeli first citizen, it didn’t stop her from living the life of luxury in Israel with hubby Sir Leslie Porter, the Tel Aviv University Chancellor. In 2002 she shamelessly declared herself worth only £300,000, about one-thousandth her actual estimated worth, hidden in offshore accounts in Guernsey, British Virgin Islands and Swiss banks. Shirley surely made out like a bandit as the convicted fraudster eventually settled in 2004 with a £12m payment out of the total £42m she stole from Westminster council funds.[177]

Originally an Oxford educated Jewish Laborite, Dr. Julian Lewis switched gears to cut his Tory teeth as deputy head researcher at his Conservative Party’s Central Office in Smith Square from early to mid-1990s before becoming the Zionist Tory MP for New Forest East in 1997, Esther R’s old stomping [alleged child burial] grounds.[178] As of 2015 the current chair of the powerful Defense select Committee, steeped in high finance and covert arms sales, MP Lewis has reportedly frequented Dolphin Square flats linked to pedo-sex parties.[179] According to abuse victims who were former residents of North Wales care homes, in addition to being victimized in North Wales (covered in Chapter 26), they also claim they were trafficked to sex parties at Dolphin Square as well as Hampshire County just west of London as part of a national pedo-ring tied to prominent Tories. A Scalawag Magazine article reporting the young men’s tragic fate contends:

There have been many allegations that Hampshire County Council, through the influence of Derek Laud and his friend Julian Lewis, is a central player in a national paedophile ring supplying young boys from care systems to VIPs… The alleged victims of VIP abuse who died in the fire in Palmeira Avenue Hove (Brighton) in 1991 had also linked Laud, Lewis, and Greer, to the circumstances of the abuse they said they had suffered in care.[180]

Other known Tory MPs with more than a passing connection with Laud, Greer and Dolphin Square orgies are Sir Edward Leigh,[181] Sir Peter Lilley,[182] Sir Michael Portillo,[183] Michael Brown,[184] David Nicholson[185] and Robert Banks.[186] Because Scalawag magazine was exposing Tory pedophiles, it was Julian Lewis who finagled a court order on a bogus claim the magazine was delinquent in its lease payments, changing Scalawag’s office locks overnight and seizing the magazine’s assets.[187] The alleged pedophile’s dirty tricks campaign against his nemesis continued when he managed to covertly entrap Scalawag editor Simon Regan on tape vowing to reduce Lewis’ New Forest votes in his 1997 MP election bid.[188] A four day trial ruled in Lewis’ favor with a judgment against Regan breaching an obscure electoral law.

And so the pedo-Establishment neutralized another anti-child abuse threat, ensuring that Scalawag went out of business. Regan soon died after a brief illness in 2000 following his co-editor brother’s freak fatal car accident in Cyprus in 1996. Gloating over his coup d'état, when a Scalawag article accurately incriminated the subsequently convicted pedophile police superintendent Gordon Anglesea who died in prison, Julian Lewis rushed to his aid supplying him with Scalawag distributors and printers as ammo for him also to sue the muckrakers as well… birds of a feather.[189]

Numerous firsthand accounts of abuse have been reported to the police, with understandably only a few willing to forego their right to confidentiality to talk to the press. One such compelling disclosure came from a middle aged man named Michael, interviewed by an ITV news reporter.[190] Michael verbalized how on Friday afternoons as a special outings considered “a treat” he and other residents from his care home were transported in a van south to London for the weekend to attend VIP sex parties. Friday night it might be at a flat in Dolphin Square and the next night a mansion in a ritzy borough estate in London or another flat at “the Dolphin.” During the day on Saturday the boys would attend sightseeing tours but at plush parties late into the evening, they would be plied with plenty of alcohol and drugs while selected by well-dressed pedophiles for various degrading forms of sex abuse.

For one summer in the early 1980s while in his early teens nearly every weekend he would actually look forward to his getaways to London town as an adventure and reprieve from his dull weekday routine at his group home, accepting the sexual abuse as a mere tolerated price to pay for temporary admission into this unknown and exciting world of the high life, a momentary fleeting escape from his poor working class roots to a brief glimpse encounter observing how the wealthy and powerful live and party. Michael’s stoic, almost matter-of-fact, yet casually open attitude toward accepting sexual abuse as an unpleasant price to pay appears perhaps his defensive coping mechanism while presenting himself before the rolling news camera. Or perhaps years of therapy afforded him the opportunity to emotionally distance himself from his past schoolboy trauma when speaking about it years later.

The IPCC police commission’s decision in 2015 to probe further into the cover-up of abuse at Dolphin Square stemmed from how the Met Police has refused to properly investigate the reported rapes of multiple victims resulting from consistent stand down orders from above. One abuse survivor whose actual name is David, currently in his early fifties, came from a loving family that moved to the iconic countryside of Lincolnshire when he was just turning 15. His friendly neighbor Gordon Dawson was among the respected town leaders, a local ombudsman, active in the Anglican Church diocese, quickly becoming friends with David’s parents.[191] Gordon taught David how to hunt and shoot rabbits. Little did the naïve boy or his unsuspecting parents know he was being classically groomed by a serial child sexual predator.

Like so many victimized boys at 15, David reacted to the sexual abuse by withdrawing socially into a private, confused world of shame and dread. As a desperate attempt to get away, ultimately David told his parents how much he hated school and wished to return to his old one two hours away in Cambridgeshire. But then the family friend Dawson offered to pick him up on Fridays. Next came an invitation to London for the weekend and a night at the theater. Because his parents completely trusted this seemingly warm, generous man taking a “mentor’s” interest in their shy youngest of three sons, David felt trapped and frozen in fear to tell anyone.

So like fellow abuse survivor Michael, it was off to spending numerous weekends in the bustling capital London, staying at London’s Dolphin Square in 1982. The wealthy landowner from Lincolnshire trafficked David at least 10 times into the big city to his Dolphin Square luxury flat where David claims he was carnally assaulted repeatedly by Dawson and other men. David explained that they would regularly attend dinners at London restaurants where they’d meet up with Dawson’s friends, reportedly MPs, senior military officers, prominent businessmen, and members of the Church of England’s General Synod. Sometimes other young boys were present at the restaurant as well.[192] After dining, they would reconvene at one of the Dolphin Square flats for after dinner drinks to gorge on their boy toy dessert.

As the church’s governing body, the general synod periodically meets several times a year in Westminster. As of March 2018, the IICSA heard public testimony and complaints from witnesses and victims like David amongst a total of 3,300 child sex abuse allegations committed by Queen Elizabeth’s Church of England.[193] Between all her sex offending knights and perverted clergy, CSA is simply their Luciferian way of life.

Even prior to David reporting his abuse to Lincolnshire Police, in December 2006 an officer gave the child rapist a heads up call that he would be arrested after receiving allegations from Dawson’s other sexually abused victims.[194] What’s worse is when David did report Dawson’s crimes to police just two months later in February 2007, that same police officer again leaked to Dawson that he’d be rearrested, unbelievably adding that David was his latest accuser.[195] This grossly unethical if not illegal deference shown Dawson gave him ample opportunity to destroy incriminating evidence and clearly endangered David’s life with potential violent retribution. Standard police protocol would confiscate an arrestee’s gun collection as precaution against either suicide or homicide. Within 90 minutes of that February phone call, Dawson allegedly shot himself in the head, preventing any real justice for David. Though the police quickly wrote it off as suicide, later falsely proclaiming it to the press, in fact the coroner recorded Dawson’s death as an open verdict.[196] With the local perpetrator deceased and out of the way, Lincolnshire Police instantly washed its hands of the case, refusing to investigate any further. Moreover, the criminal leads David reported of sexual abusers at Dolphin Square were completely omitted from the Lincolnshire Police records. Even the IPCC in 2007 refused to touch the case, no doubt due to implicating Dolphin Square VIPs. It turns out that Gordon Dawson had a long record for abusing boys as young as five dating back to 1964 right up to at least 1986… another despicable example of a protected VIP allowed to harm children for decades because of his influence and power, locally as well as in London.[197]

After Scotland Yard’s Operation Fairbank had publicly appealed for victims to come forth with evidence as part of its overarching inquiry into historic Westminster abuse, in 2015 David decided to once again report Dawson and his VIP friends’ sexual crimes to police a second time, providing two days’ worth of allegations backed up by documents supporting his Dolphin Square abuse claims along with his prior complaint to police 8 years earlier.[198] It was then that David found out that two of Dawson’s friends and co-owners of the Pimlico flat were never even interviewed by police. But David was reassured by the Met detectives interviewing him that his case had just cause to be reopened. Yet several days later, Met police notified David that Dolphin Square was suddenly off limits, specifying that:

There is nothing further for us to investigate here. The information that we discussed doesn’t fall within the remit of [Operation] Fairbank or the Metropolitan Police.[199]

Trying to get answers finally drew an email response from Detective Sergeant James Townly explaining:

It is not feasible for the police to investigate every potential or convicted paedophile for links to others. In an ideal world we would very much like to identify all offenders and identify their links to other paedophiles and networks [but] sadly that does not happen.[200]

A final email from Townly specified that because David could not supply names of VIPs at the restaurants or the Dolphin Square flats, “this is not sufficient for a crime report.” Despite knowing the names of Dawson’s two partners sharing the same Dolphin flat, because they were not known to Met Police, they wanted no part. Again bottom line, neither Fairbank nor Midland really wanted any part in uncovering and bringing to justice any of the powerful VIP criminals that abused David or any other child. This dereliction of duty perverting the course of justice was completely unacceptable, prompting David to go public. Clearly the circled wagons had once again closed in rapid order to shield off any further exposure of VIP pedo-crimes committed at Dolphin Square… i.e., the same old, same old.

Keith Best, chief executive of the victims’ group called Survivors UK, said that Lincolnshire made “grave errors” only to be compounded by Met’s flagrant obstruction of justice to cover up, adding:

The current unsatisfactory situation not only leaves considerable suspicion but also a massive discouragement to others to come forward in similar cases.[201]

With added pressure from the negative press, compliments of Buzzfeed that took up David’s righteous cause, once the survivor filed his formal complaint with IPCC, it may have ultimately swayed the police watchdog to look into Met’s “alleged” cover-up, i.e., its outright refusal to even touch Dolphin Square debauchery.

In May 2016 a new Lincolnshire police commissioner tried putting his best spin forward:

A number of lessons were learned in relation to best practice and fed back to the Public Protection Unit[202] [i.e., don’t tell the arrestee he’s going to be arrested beforehand, don’t tell him who his latest accuser(s) are and confiscate all his guns prior to arrest, all SOP police practice everywhere except when VIPs are the criminals].

The Lincolnshire police superintendent issued a belated apology to David with the usual rhetoric that if the same investigation occurred today, it would have been handled differently… famous last words oftentimes heard before. Yet regardless of today or yesterday, the outcome always remains the same – no justice for VIP perps at the expense of no justice for victims. Apologies and rhetoric don’t mean shit – today’s system still fully protects sodomizers and inflicts double the pain and trauma on child victims.

As a postscript in the final days of 2016, a full decade after the first botched investigation-cover-up was willfully, prematurely closed, Lincolnshire Police finally conceded that it would reopen David’s case against Dawson.[203] Of course small consolation, it changes nothing and likely was only done to appease the persistent bad publicity coming from Buzzfeed, providing a temporary reprieve from David’s lifelong troubles. And the IPCC promise in 2015 to thoroughly re-investigate the Met’s mishandling and cover-up at Dolphin Square? Whatever happened with that? Another “out of sight, out of mind” gloss over conveniently forgotten four years later. Child fuckers inside their palaces are toasting “long live the royal Commonwealth’s cover-up of the centuries.”

In 1985 the Met Police responded to an emergency call claiming that a boy of about 11 years of age appeared to be taken against his will into one of the Dolphin Square flats by adult men.[204] Upon arrival at the riverside complex, police discovered in the living room of one of the first floor units a makeshift film studio with expensive camera and lighting equipment still on. The occupants apparently were in a mad rush to escape filming their last scene. But there was no further criminal evidence at that time to go on - until a few months later. A child pornographic video was seized in a police raid in Soho’s West End depicting two well-dressed men filmed from the neck down sexually abusing a boy about 11 from the same recognized Pimlico apartment.[205] During the 15-minute footage, the two abusers disrobed revealing their middle aged paunches with one showing a scar below his navel.

Thirty years later detectives working Operation Midland hoped to take advantage of forensic advances that might provide additional clues to aid in identifying the boy who’d now be in his 40s as well as his abusers. Reports of children murdered at Dolphin Square sex orgies under Operation Midland motivated law enforcement’s renewed interest in the Westminster-Dolphin Square pedo-scandal, particularly because of the all too obvious history of Establishment cover-up. But it too apparently went nowhere just like Midland with no leads or subsequent arrests. And just like the VIP child rapists at Elm Guest House, the Dolphin Square pedophiles also got away with their sick depravities.   

With all the post-Savile outrage and the ensuing public pressure to investigate and prosecute VIP child abusers, it didn’t take long for the pedo-Establishment to predictably begin its pushback campaign. Teamed with the government-owned BBC, and the Lord McAlpine retraction, by 2015 British media claims of a “witch hunt” were well underway. In October that year a Daily Mail headline read “I'm the latest victim of sex abuse witch-hunt, says ex-MP: VIP police quiz former backbencher” with the first sentence out the starting gate:

A former MP became the latest victim of Labour's child sex abuse 'witch-hunt' yesterday.[206]

The elite’s old familiar “divide and conquer” tactic pitting Labor versus Tory Party politics is the first giveaway to the elite’s media manipulation. Reality check #1 – just as the planetary controllers control both parties in UK and US, in fact all major political parties virtually everywhere especially in the Western world are saturated with compromised, controlled and well-protected pedophiles. The second is the pejorative term “witch hunt” used to describe in order to nullify the thousands of actual child abuse victims’ claims that are true.

The oft quoted alleged fake victim-fantasist “Nick” whose reportedly fraudulent allegations, once believed by Met Police as highly “credible” and “true,” singlehandedly spawned the £3m Operation Midland boondoggle netting zero arrests is about to go on trial in March 2019 for perverting the course of justice and fraud. Immediately the Establishment seizes the opportunity to promote the false notion of an overzealous “witch hunt” that encourages fantasists like Nick and Darren to jump on the CSA bandwagon for press attention or money at the expense of poor old war heroes like General Lord Bramall or the Daily Mail’s “ex-MP” like poor old, long suffering Harvey Proctor, or the martyred Sir Lord Leon trashed after his passing when no longer able to properly defend himself against this vengeful, wicked and groundless scheme to demonize these “innocent” VIPs being unfairly vilified, crucified and skewered by an out-of-control public lynch mob mentality. This is elitist propaganda caught turning the pendulum table with VIP rapists once again granted “get out of jail cards” while it’s back to the abuse victims who end up on trial as fantasist, untrustworthy criminals.[207]

As mentioned earlier, this is just more of the same old “satanic panic as mere myth,” and the “false memory syndrome” designed to negate actual child abuse memories and experiences.[208] The rulers employ the CIA to conjure up these clever little catchy, play-on-word fabrications as their weapons to suppress the truth. Hence, aluminum tin foiled, hat wearing “conspiracy theorists” are constantly promoting “false flag” accusations, making up outrageous, “not-to-be-believed” lies against our much maligned, upstanding leaders and governments. Bush’s post 9/11 speech illustrates the point: “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories.”[209]

Throw in poor little Kitty and his Elm Guest House super injunctions,[210] his 2018 court victory over the police and BBC and his £5m payout (see Chapter 21) barring the free press and people’s right to know when famous suspects are arrested, and you have the ruling elite’s highly effective pushback agenda aiding and abetting the pedo-cabal’s continual rape of our innocents to guarantee permanent impunity for all VIP rapists. The elite’s rigged legal system and multibillion dollar propaganda blitz ensure that the truth stays hidden so that powerful child rapists can safely go to their graves unburdened by consequences.[211] As a countermeasure to cut through their 24/7 bullshit lies, the purpose of this A-Z fully documented sourcebook exposé on modern pedophilia is to shine the spotlight on all the pedo-cockroaches so they can no longer pull the wool over our eyes and, under the false cover of their artificially created Luciferian darkness, roam freely to continue at will destroying thousands upon thousands of young people’s lives the world over. The truth is finally out there and there’s no place left to hide for these sick fucks.

With so called fantasists like Nick and Darren notwithstanding, plenty of legitimate abuse victims like the aforementioned David have come forth to share their harrowing abuse experiences at Dolphin Square. But with zero convictions resulting from the now closed Operations Midland and Fernbridge (save one minor ex-priest) and the IPCC and IISCA fizzling down and out into oblivion, despite all of these high profile productions ostensibly designed to investigate Westminster VIP abuse, it’s as if the hundreds of victims reporting horrific abuse at Elm and Dolphin sex orgies through the years never happened at all when overwhelming evidence confirms that in fact it did. That shows you how hard working overtime the pedo-cabal’s been to magically make the Westminster scandal go away once and for all. But the genie of lies and deception cannot be put back in the bottle because too much truth is already out there.

Yet another survivor of sex crimes at the Dolphin Square complex also named David went public with his story in May 2015. During his three month stay in London in 1975, a 20-year old David reports that he was coerced and threatened to attend sex parties at various locations including “the Dolphin” where he was forced to perform paid for sex acts with prominent MPs, senior military officers, judges and businessmen.[212] He claims that little boys as young as 8 were being savagely abused. To help get him through the traumatic events, he immersed himself in alcohol and drugs. One of the sex parties had the pedophiles celebrating Margaret Thatcher’s promotion to becoming Tory Party leader in February 1975 in anticipation of her reign as the prime minister pedo-queen throughout the 1980s. The 60 year old abuse survivor in 2015 reported his sexual assaults to the press, disclosing that he observed Peter Hayman at parties abusing young boys as well as Peter Righton. David recalled how at a soiree in Notting Hill, he witnessed two brothers, one 8 and the other 10, drugged and forced to sexually assault each other for the sick viewing pleasure of drunken and vile dirty old men. When he attempted to intervene, he maintains that he was beaten unconscious. David also said he was coerced into performing a sex act on two politicians. In his words:

I was totally humiliated. And from then it started. I was drawn into this web where I was taken to these parties, I would be meeting individuals for sex. Just totally trapped. Then began my descent into drinking, taking drugs. It was just a nightmare.[213]

Another link to Dolphin Square pedophiles is Roddam Twiss, disgraced son of Frank Twiss, the famed Admiral of the British Fleet and the queen’s envoy in the House of Lords’ Black Rod.[214] As a 27-year old teacher in 1967, Roddam Twiss was convicted of stripping, beating and sexually assaulting five boys as young as 11 and sentenced to three years. This perv has pretty much been into S&M on the rent boy scene ever since. As of 2004 he’s also a convicted fraudster of a conman, stealing £1.2million of his investors’ money and doing more time for that lowlife caper.[215] His past associates include Lennie Smith who Twiss at one time rented to. Smith is a member of the infamous Sidney Cooke gang, convicted of rape, torture and murder of many boys, including Jason Swift.[216] In 2018 MP Andrew Brigden called for Roddam to be summoned to the IICSA for his role as a rent boy procurer for Westminster pedophiles.[217]

Two detectives investigating Cyril Smith years ago observed the MP taking an underage boy to Roddam’s flat. When they approached their superiors for the go-ahead to surveil Twiss, they were called off since the Twiss senior was then the queen’s envoy in the House of Lords. For a hardcore pedophile like Twiss who’s been a frequent Dolphin Square visitor for many decades, to call it the “den of iniquity,” you know disgustingly sick shit is the Square’s main faire. Twiss would regularly visit his close friend millionaire playboy Mervyn Greenway who lived there. Twiss has said, “Mervyn knew everyone in high places,” and of course that’s most helpful to a pimping procurer for VIPs at the Dolphin among a number of other safe pedo-havens around town.[218]

Despite the so called fantasists, former Scotland Yard detectives that investigated child abuse allegations at Elm House and Dolphin Square knew Westminster VIPs were vultures hurting children with impunity:

There was a significant paedophile group in Parliament who were untouchable to the police.[219]

I would add they still are. But the truth is making them increasingly nervous. Even a pedo-cabal insider let the truth slip out. A candid elitist in a rare moment dared to admit the truth in July 2014 when former Thatcher minister Lord Norman Tebbit confessed that “there may well have been” a political cover-up of pedophilia in the 1980s, and as the leader of the Tory Party whose job was to cover it all up, he should know.[220] When so many stay silent or continue lying through their false teeth, it’s refreshing to know that at least one Establishment figure mustered the guts to at least momentarily cop to what’s most undeniable.

In the same 2014 BBC article, of all people, Dame Margaret Oppenheimer-Hodge is quoted saying there’s been “a veil of secrecy over the establishment” for far too long… talk about the pot calling the kettle black! This too is an old elitist tactic, using the propaganda machine to put out a morsel of truth intended to de-vilify and distance proven past criminality. As Minister of Children, Hodge allegedly pressed PM Blair to issue a D-notice suppressing the Nene report in 2004 that also determined a high profile pedophile ring was rampantly abusing boys in 16 London care homes.[221] Any new finding that was confirming what she’d begun in lslington and Lambeth in the 80s and early 90s had spread to more London boroughs by 2004 while Britain’s Minister of Children, no questions asked had to be covered-up.

If child sexual abuse is so tightly concealed in a massive UK cover-up, then torture and murder are too. Sometimes all three heinous crimes are committed by VIP untouchables. Among the running main themes of this book is what happens to those individuals who know too much for the deadly system to tolerate. That’s when strange, mysterious, unexplained deaths are most apt to occur, like improbable suicides with two bullet holes through the head or sudden disappearances or untraceable heart attacks or lethal accidents, OD injections and other untimely fates that so often coincide with upcoming court appearances.

Another abrupt ending of a life is the suspicious death of 65-year old Sir John Stradling Thomas, Tory MP of Monmouth from 1970 to his March 1991 death. The MP was found dead in his Dolphin Square flat, reportedly just hours prior to speaking about deadly child abuse and its cover-up involving Westminster peers and prominent senior officials in NHS and UK Care System.[222] In 1990 and 1991 Sir John embarked on a series of correspondences with former Health Minister Tony Newton, Attorney General Patrick Mayhew and Home Secretary Earl Ferrers, apparently making unwanted waves inquiring into dozens of covered up deaths of children in Suffolk care, many disabled.[223]

Sir John may have stumbled upon and opened a Pandora’s Box that quickly closed in on him at his Dolphin Square flat on March 29, 1991… that Pandora’s Box being lethal Tavistock methods using guinea pig drug experimentation on disabled children at an NHS contracted facility in Suffolk County called Beeches, among a large number of other children’s facilities throughout Britain.[224] Both Islington and Hackney sent children with cerebral palsy to Beeches where 43 children mysteriously died between 1954 and 1972.[225] Only two of the 43 children had inquests. Evidence shows major cover-up collusion between a host of authorities in Suffolk alone, including the County Council, County National Health Service, Suffolk Police and Police Crime Commissioner… not to mention Suffolk’s long related history of child sexual abuse.[226] MP Thomas may well have been digging his own grave at the infamously shady Dolphin Square complex, digging and probing into dirty business considered off limits to MPs with a conscience. Plus one would think the sudden death of a knighted, upstanding MP for 21 years would draw more press. There’s absolutely nothing on his cause of death. Predictably, Operation Midland that rightfully should have taken this entire matter never did. And with a rabbit hole running this deep, nor will the IICSA whitewash.

A year after MP Thomas’s death, in 1992 when the well-connected, overly protected child procurer Peter Righton was busted for possessing and distributing child pornography, Lord Henniker opened up his Suffolk estate Thornham Magna as the founding PIE member’s next residence for several years.[227] Recall that Margaret Hodge as Islington council leader was sending vulnerable at-risk children from her pedo-infested care homes to Thornham Magna under the Islington-Suffolk Project, using the estate as an educational and recreational center. With the likes of Righton, his convicted pedo-lover Alston and their convicted pedo-friend Napier all granted free access to the boy toy sweet shop, it’s highly suspected that more children were sexually assaulted there. At all cost UK upholds its longstanding pattern protecting VIP pedophiles while child advocates trying to safeguard targeted kids from harm or uncover past child abuse and murder are targeted themselves for abuse and murder. Lucifer has always had a home in Freemason country.

Another Tory MP who died a suspicious death also found lifeless in his Dolphin Square flat was MP Iain Mills (covered in Chapter 21). Though a supposed teetotaler and never seen publicly consuming alcoholic beverages, MP Mills was discovered two days after his January 1997 demise with empty gin bottles around him and a high content of alcohol allegedly in his bloodstream that old “faithful hands,” cabal coroner Dr. Paul Knapman automatically ruled alcohol poisoning.[228] Iain Mills had been a close friend and ally of MP Geoffrey Dickens who died just months earlier, and speculation that Mills also was growing increasingly intolerant and disgusted by the rampant Dolphin Square sex orgies at the expense of abused trafficked children may have led to his premature departure at only 57. And speaking of another Chapter 21 strange and suspicious death at the Dolphin pedo-haven, 64-year old Judge Rodney McKinnon allegedly fell to his death and Knapman insisted it was suicide despite the strong objection from Rodney’s brother who was also a judge.

Though so called Nick’s three witnessed murders of abused child victims at Dolphin Square are now allegedly untrue, plenty of murdered boys associated with the Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square scandals remain fact. Two of the highest profile, still unsolved disappearance-murder cases are 15-year old Martin Allen in 1979 followed less than two years later by 8-year old Vishal Mehrotra in 1981.

Kevin Allen was just 18 months older than his brother Martin. As teenage sons of head chauffeur of the Australian high commissioner, the Allen family lived in the caretaker’s 5-bedroom cottage located just behind the commissioner’s residence at Stoke Lodge on the famous Kensington street Hyde Park Gate where the DeBeers jewelry family were neighbors and Winston Churchill lived and died.[229] At the underground basement of the Canberra House down the street from the Australian Embassy, for pocket change Kevin and Martin would regularly wash the commissioner’s custom car fleet.

But then on Guy Fawkes Night, November 5th, 1979, Martin was last seen at the Kings Cross tube station heading home after visiting his oldest brother. A witness reported to the press at the time that he identified Martin being held by a six foot blonde man by the scruff of the neck on the subway train.[230] Moreover, coverage of the Elm Guest House raid in August 1982 stated that the investigation into the two missing boys in 1979 and 1981 was reopened and widened to link them with the dirty business a short distance away at the Elm Guest House among other houses of ill repute around London. But then the outcome of this “widening” investigation was never again reported because, like all the rest of the VIP police inquiries into pedophilia, it was ordered shut down not only to conceal child sex abuse but very likely murder as well.

In recent years it has come to light that whenever the father’s crew of five chauffeurs were already booked, a temporary chauffeur rental service on the other side of the Thames would be hired for fill-in drivers, one of whom was pedophile-murderer Sidney Cooke.[231] Known to procure and traffic children to VIP bigwig parties at nearby Elm Guest House, the Dolphin Square complex and other select locations around London including even Amsterdam, the Cooke gang “Dirty Dozen” regularly grabbed boys from off the street as well as care homes to deliver abuse victims to sex orgies.

When a 17-year old Kevin Allen was asked by the lead detective what he believed happened to his younger brother, Kevin said he thought that Martin had been abducted by a higher or elite person. According to Kevin, the investigator pointed his finger at Kevin, threatening:

You shouldn’t be saying things like that, you could get hurt.[232]

From an incisive January 2015 article in The Australian, drawing links to the VIP pedophile ring:

For more than 30 years, the activities of this incredibly well-connected pedophile network was apparently protected from scrutiny through the issuing of government D-notices, which prevent media publication of anything deemed to affect national security. It is believed this stymied police ­investigations. Hundreds of files relating to the disclosures and evidence about the VIP pedophile ring have since gone missing. Kevin says the files relating to Martin’s disappearance have been destroyed twice.[233]

The article goes on to reference the abruptly disbanded 1986 police probe into the VIP pedo-ring just one day before the scheduled arrest of Leon Brittan, Cyril Smith and 14 other high profile figures photographed attending an orgy in North London, victimizing boys picked up at Kings Cross.[234] It’s more than plausible that Martin Allen was also picked up at Kings Cross, kidnapped, dropped off and sexually abused by VIPs, only to be disposed of by the likes of the Sidney Cooke gang, ultimately covered up by police at the behest of the criminal Establishment.

On the celebrated day when Prince Charles married Lady Diana on July 29, 1981, an 8-year old boy named Vishal Mehrotra suddenly vanished after watching the wedding precession with his family.[235] While his family went shopping afterwards, used to walking to and from school every day on his own, the boy headed the short distance home alone, apparently reaching within 300 yards of his Putney residence before disappearing. Vishal was last seen less than a mile from Elm Guest House. Though several witnesses claimed they’d seen men with a young Asian boy, the leads grew cold. Then a few months later in February 1982 in a wooded area in West Sussex, a skull and rib cage were found and identified as Vishal’s remains. Months later the father, a Wimbledon court magistrate, recorded a 15-minute phone conversation from a man believed to be in his 20s who shared that he believed that Vishal was apprehended by those associated with the Elm Guest House VIP pedophile ring. But when the father brought the new piece of evidence to the police, he soon was disappointed:

… Instead of investigating it, they just pooh-poohed it and I never heard anything about the tape again. The whole thing went cold. At that time I trusted the police. But when nothing happened, I became confused and concerned. Now it is clear to me that there has been a huge cover up. There is no doubt in my mind.[236]

Despite insisting that 20,000 people were interviewed by police, as soon as Scotland Yard learned that judges and politicians were implicated, the interest in finding Vishal Mehrotra’s killers apparently went no further. Again the now 92-year old Sidney Cooke, currently serving two life sentences linked to nine murdered boys, was named at least eight times in a heavily censored police report on the missing 8-year old boy’s murder.[237] Cooke had worked at fairgrounds and records show that at the time of Vishal’s abduction, two fairs were in the area. Released through a 2015 Freedom of Information request, large blocks of the police report were redacted, obviously because the Scotland Yard has much to hide in its cover-up protection of child raping VIPs. An informant in the review made the statement that “Cooke and his associates” claimed at least 12 victims, including an “Asian boy.”

Police kept secret from Vishal’s family that four or five suspects were questioned and released, and the senior officer admitted that suspects’ alibis were not carefully checked.[238] The shoddy murder investigation also failed to follow up a shoe found in the bog next to Vishal’s remains nor two people observed throwing a sack over the fence where the bones were found. In short, the police purposely sabotaged solving the case in order to shield the Westminster pedo-ring. And despite the IPCC watchdog in 2015 including Scotland Yard ignoring the Elm Guest House tipoff as one of 14 allegations it would pursue, again nothing ever came out of that either.

Sidney Cooke and his “Dirty Dozen” gang ultimately were convicted of torturing and murdering three boys – 7-year old Mark Tildesley lured from a fairground Cooke was working in 1984, a year later 14-year old Jason Swift from a Margaret Hodge Islington care home in 1985 and abducted 6-year old Barry Lewis in 1991. But the lead detective Roger Stoodley who provided evidence to secure the three convictions by 1992 under Operation Orchid feels near certain that 17 more abduction-murders were committed by this same evil gang throughout the 1980s into the early 90s.[239] Cooke and his gang supplied boys grabbed off the street, recruited rent boys from the public toilets and trafficked care home boys to VIP orgies at both Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square as well as Kensington, North London and other locations. Besides being a fairground worker, Cooke also worked as a chauffeur and has been linked to both the Martin Allen and Vishal Mehrotra abduction-murders that fit his gang’s M.O. profile. But because police inspections at Elm Guest House, Dolphin Square, Lambeth and North London, Manchester were all consistently closed as soon as Westminster MPs, Downing Street ministers, high court judges, senior police commanders and security services were implicated as suspects, all policing actions in Britain have been immediately suspended and records destroyed. The cover-up must go on.

With Operations Fairbank, Fairbridge and Midland opened during the post-Savile revelations, it was hoped by all VIP victims and both the Allen and Mehrotra families that justice can finally be done but because the pedophile Establishment is still in control protecting all prominent pedophiles still alive in its inner elite club, no VIPs have been arrested much less convicted. Then in 2015 when the IPCC was launched to investigate Scotland Yard’s blatant cover-ups at both Dolphin Square and the Vishal Mehrotra murder, hopes again were raised but it too was for mere public appeasement just like the IICSA. As said before, the British government, including law enforcement and its judicial system, are all saturated with slithering low life criminal scum and they will never be willing to reveal the full truth and take responsibility for their heinous crimes against children. And the same can be said for their just as guilty counterparts in North America, Europe, Australia and likely most of the rest of the world as it’s a global scourge we are facing now. Worldwide truth and reconciliation commissions are necessary.

One of the Scotland Yard detective sergeants working on the original 1981 Mehrotra murder case, Jackie Malton, whose career inspired the Helen Mirren ITV series “Prime Suspect,” as much as admitted a police cover-up took place.[240] Just days earlier in November 2014, Vishal’s father had revealed that the police had refused to investigate the taped phone conversation of a young male prostitute stating his son was very likely taken in by a Westminster pedophile ring operating out of the Elm Guest House, leaving the father to conclude the tape was refused because it implicated “judges and politicians,” forcing the police to engage in a huge cover-up. After retiring from the Met in 1997 as detective chief inspector, Jackie has now gone on record stating that the investigation she worked on for four months in 1981, attempting in vain to solve Vishal’s abduction and murder case, may have been compromised by the “power of politicians,” adding:

During my time in the police there was a feeling of misuse of power. There were a lot of powerful people saying, ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ There was also a strong sense of the power of Parliament and of politicians. It was very much a case of ‘Do as you are told.’[241]

After four months on the case, Jackie was reassigned elsewhere. Weeks later Vishal’s father submitted the taped conversation. She now concedes that the recording may have been ignored and the murder covered up because of powerful senior Westminster politicians. She went on to surmise:

There is clear evidence that something was happening at that [Elm] guesthouse. If nothing has been done about it in retrospect, then Mr Mehrotra is right. Either the police disbelieved it, or they covered it up one way or another… Some inquiries would come to an end when someone senior said, ‘That’s enough.’ I remember a case where there was an MP accused of cottaging and it all kind of disappeared… Politicians were very much in power, and the police officers’ voices could often not be heard [just like the voiceless child victims].[242] 

Many players both big and small have been part of Britain’s mammoth pedophilia network and its equally mammoth cover-up. A few rotten ones on the bottom go to jail, the rest live above the law.

On July 8, 2014 Dr. Jon Bird from the National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) spoke to the press about his observations based on the high volume of alleged victims calling in to report historic child sex abuse crimes committed by powerful VIPs, independently reporting virtually the same 10 high profile abusers:

The names of people in very high places – politicians, senior police officers and even some judges – have been going around as abusers for a very long time. Since the Jimmy Savile revelations, there's been a sea change in the way police and the CPS respond to these sort of complaints and now, at last, it looks like these people are going to be investigated.[243]

Investigated? Don’t get your hopes up Dr. Jon. For all the countless official probes, reviews and reports, again none of the major perps in government have ever been arrested, prosecuted, convicted or imprisoned for raping a child – NONE! What may have been your sincere optimism[JH1]  about the long-awaited “sea change” a half decade ago now appears to be a mere transitory case of false hope. Sea change or no sea change, not one VIP pedophile has ever spent a full day in jail for his sordid crimes, despite Theresa May’s sham of a long, drawn out, sputtering “independent inquiry” into government abuse. She, it and Brexit are but one big cruel joke unleashed on the good people of Britain who’ve once again been had and hoodwinked.

Though Dr. Bird specifies that the same 10 pedophile names that keep coming up include “senior police officers and even some judges,” a current consensus of most identified VlP pedos, aside from Prince Charles’ mentor and uncle Lord Mountbatten and his favorite trio Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Anthony Blunt and Bishop Peter Ball, the following 10 politicians might make the Top 10 List of pervert politicians: Sir Cyril Smith, Sir Leon Brittan, Sir Greville Janner, Sir Peter Hayman, Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Ted Heath, Sir Nicholas Fairburn, Sir Peter Mandelson, Sir Paul Boatteng and ex-MP Harvey Proctor. Dishonorable mentions could easily go to Lord Boothby and MP Tom Driberg from the 1950s and 60s but it’s unlikely that enough child victims would still be alive to name them in 2014 as their abusers. Spared is Sir Peter Bottomley – he may just blow a gasket. Notice of the Top 10 every single one of these alleged high profile child abusers but one have been granted knighthood by the queen, with the vast majority already escaped to their rotting graves unpunished.  

Shifting from perpetrator to victim, the extensive pedophilia network that runs both inside and outside of Great Britain from local to national to international is both widespread and sadly well-travelled by trafficked care home children that the system makes a national policy of betraying instead of protecting for over a century now. Between civil servants in social services, NHS, education, UK security services to politicians in local and national government, care home kids were and still are a cheap commodity systemically shuffled from one geographical location to the next to be abused again and again and again. It too became UK national policy. The ratlines most often converge on London as Britain’s pedo-wheel hub but they branch out in every direction to Jersey Island, Amsterdam, Brussels, Portugal, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and well beyond. Children within national care systems are even exchanged as well. Recall Righton’s trade with Malta. Or from last chapter victims from Islington routinely get sent for abuse in Jersey and vice versa. A massive criminal network of moving child victims back and forth for VIP abuse to virtually everywhere in the world captures just a glimpse into the world’s largest illegal operation that’s reached an unprecedented, industrial, pandemic scale today, in case you haven’t noticed.

Just over a decade ago it was discovered that in addition to Islington’s policy of swapping children with Jersey Island, social services from the city of Birmingham were also busted illegally dropping off kids in the pedophilia haven of Jersey and then losing track of them.[244] This only came to light during the police investigation into Jersey’s deathtrap care home Haut de la Garenne after 100 bone fragments and 65 teeth of dead children were unearthed. Liberal Democrat MP from Birmingham John Hemming said:

The Government has refused to order councils to check properly because it does not want to open a can of worms, on the links between abusers in England and Jersey… The system nationally is not properly accountable. Children are taken into care never to be seen again… They are stalling because they are embarrassed by the size of the problem, and because it involves English authorities, too.[245]

In other words, social services all around Britain will not be checking into their records any time soon, nor will police, NHS or Home Office require it because it would only prove that it’s simply been UK’s longtime national policy to misuse its children from its underclass as scorned, disposable objects to be tortured and destroyed by its deranged elite for a very long time. This page as yet another dark chapter was only uncovered after MP Henning requested his district’s social services check account records that showed Birmingham had made payments to Jersey from 1960 to 1990. Remember, the UK maintained a long history of banishing over 150,000 of its children to other Commonwealth countries (which Jersey is part of) for further abuse as a national policy. So this problem at the world’s pedo-epicenter is systemic.

The fact remains that nearly a quarter century after veteran journalist-Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow’s scathing critique in a 1996 Guardian article of “the UK Care System” has only gone from bad to worse in the level of abuse heaped on the disposable British youth population.[246] Snow’s 1996 appraisal was painfully accurate describing how children too early in their young lives fall victim into a spiraling cycle of systemic failure, delivering human suffering at the most unsettling, most profound levels. Beginning with the dire family conditions of austerity and impoverishment that typically give way to the overreaching authoritarian UK family court system, secretly exploiting families and forcing hapless British kids into residential placement or foster care often far from home in a national care system that delivers the farthest thing from genuine care.

Through no fault of their own, children have virtually forever been helplessly trapped in a multi-tiered system set up to fail and harm them at every turn, starting with rampant sexual abuse at their care homes only to be farmed out and trafficked by organized pedophile rings, too often ending up raped and sodomized by their nation’s most powerful beasts atop the predatory food chain entrusted to deliver the very “care” system that is systematically destroying them, and has been operating this way for over a half century. Moreover, as a national policy to ship unwanted British children off to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and what’s now Zimbabwe for further abuse is unconscionable, yet leave it to the world’s pedo-epicenter to perpetrate this despicable crime against 150,000 youth for centuries up to 1974.[247] The UK Care System is arguably the most egregious, most heinous institutionalized mind fuck ever put on innocent kids imaginable.

As previously mentioned in Chapter 10, with the average “shelf life” of trafficked child sex slaves only two years, this lethal cycle of abuse invariably involves drug addiction, plied throughout by pimping perpetrators at every level for obvious control purposes. At any point along this death trap road, young people attempting to escape the system go missing, and the growing number exceeding 10,000 each year alone in Britain only find themselves preyed upon as runaway rent boys and girls aging out of the system at 18 if they even live that long.[248] With Jon Snow citing 23 years ago that 75% of kids leaving the system have no educational qualifications, it’s far worse now with dropout rates rising all the time. Both minors and young adults without formal education or legitimate means of self-support, prostitution becomes an all too common fate for survival, followed by early death by murder, disease or suicide, whichever comes first. And with estimates of 12 million sexually abused British citizens out of a total population of near 67 million, we’re talking one in five in the UK are the walking wounded.

With human slavery and pedophilia reaching an unprecedented, off the chart scale across this pandemic globe, unless we citizens of the world do something now to change this ungodly bottom line reality, the child raping Luciferians in control may destroy us all. Robotics, automaton, transhumanism and artificial intelligence are making over 90% of us “useless eating” humans obsolete, so just as the queen’s husband’s wet dream is to kill us off as a contagious virus, the rest of his planetary controlling ilk want nearly all of us dead. As repeatedly mentioned, their genocidal war against humanity being fought right now is down to either us or them. Marked in the murdering criminals’ crosshairs, we the peace-loving citizens of the world have the right to defend ourselves and our children by holding them accountable for all their countless atrocities and crimes against humanity.

Over recent years and decades, the tragically common fate of sexually abused children has befallen millions worldwide and with the sex slave industry currently at an all-time shameful high in recorded history, it’s high time we stewards of the earth finally begin protecting our most precious resources starting with our children from the monsters who for millenniums have ruled over and are fast destroying our only living habitat. Since today we know more about the pedophilia scourge than at any previous time in human history, the profiteers behind the child sex slave trade are the very same planetary controlling profiteers behind our fiat, debt-based economic slavery system, our perpetual state of war and our world’s sixth mass life extinction, the first one whose known caused is the deranged subhuman species in control. Before the real Homo sapiens perish at the hands of these bloodthirsty cannibals, it’s urgent we take decisive action to employ organizations like the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) to learn more and ascertain the extent of global child abuse,[249] leading to truth and reconciliation commissions to hold those most guilty criminals at the very top fully accountable. The bottom line - at this ever-late hour, again it’s literally down to either us or them. For our own self-preservation as a human species, we must fight our known and identifiable enemy now! Tomorrow may be too late.

Chapter 25 delves into high profile pedophilia scandals that have gripped England’s northern neighbor Scotland, first with the horrific 1996 Dunblane massacre of 16 schoolchildren and their teacher, the subsequent Tony Blair directed D-noticed, century sealed cover-up and then the controversial Holly Greig abuse case and its disgraceful ongoing cover-up.

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