Monday, February 29, 2016

Risking Armageddon in Syria for Empire Hegemony at All Cost

A week ago I spent an hour talking to Ohio Exopolitics host Mark Snider for Revolution Radio. The first hour of the show features another guest who writes about extraterrestrials and other life mysteries. My part of the broadcast begins about midway through so you can cue at midpoint to hear my portion.

In addition to explaining the latest Syrian developments and the risk of world war, I provide historical background context for understanding Middle Eastern dynamics. Covered are such topics as the so called Arab uprising, the geopolitics of pipelines for oil/gas control, creation of cold war 2 in a futile attempt to isolate and weaken Putin's Russia, "balkanizing" independent Arab Shiite nations (and Russian allies) remaining on neocons' regime change list, the Benghazi scandal, the creation of ISIS as a "new and improved" al Qaeda mutation as a strategy of maintaining US Empire unipolar hegemony at all cost. All of these contextual elements are all indelibly intertwined with the Greater Israel Project that the DC neocon traitors promote over and above the interests of America. Upwards of half the neocons controlling the US homicidal foreign policy possess dual Israeli citizenship that explains their treasonously reckless behavior exposing their overt deference and deep state loyalty to the Greater Zionist agenda.

Joachim Hagopian discusses current events