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Chapter 27 The Rothschild Banking Dynasty: How Zionist Luciferian Overlords Came to Rule the Earth PARTII

A mini-history recap: The gargantuan Rothschild reach went deep into America’s pockets through JP Morgan, the Warburgs and Schiffs as Rothschild central banking agents, responsible for sneaking through the 1913 Federal Reserve and Income Tax Acts that brought the dynasty’s central banking control to the burgeoning US Empire, controlling the fiat money supply and every American worker’s burden paying taxes to pay off interests accrued from Rothschild banking debts financing the permanent US war economy. The Rothschild dynasty monopolizes national economies in all of Europe, North America and the world. For instance, every panic, every financial crisis, from recession to depression, from 1817, 1837, 1869 and every decade through the remainder of the 19th century along with the 1907 crisis leading to the Federal Reserve, the crash of 1929, the Great Depression all the way to the 2008 bailout crisis, all were preplanned events caused by the Rothschild cartel that artificially manipulates markets and falling prices scooped up at bargain basement steals to make ungodly profits directly off the hardship of others.[1] As indication that panics are artificially self-induced by the money changers themselves, nine months prior to the Panic of 1907, Jacob Schiff threatened:
Unless we have a Central Bank with adequate control of credit resources, this country is going to undergo the most severe and far-reaching money panic in its history.[2]
JP Morgan and Jacob Schiff were two key Rothschild agents in America. After JP returned from his trip to confer with the head puppet masters in Europe, they followed through on their threat with the run on the Knickerbocker Trust Company of New York. The same manipulation effects especially apply to all manufactured wars of their creation, financially backing both sides, then the war mongering rhetoric from a Rothschild controlled media buildup to vilify the next targeted enemy, and then mass human blood sacrifice. The banking cartel makes a killing each time as governments spend the next few decades desperately trying to pay off interest debt from prior war loans. It’s a never-ending, vicious cycle of spiraling permanently indebted bondage. As Luciferian vampires, they take literal pleasure from spillage of blood and the most heinous suffering.
No sooner had the Rothschild central bank in America been permanently installed, right on cue the power hungry dynasty launched the First World War, funneling millions into the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, implanting their counterpart Rothschild agents and stooges to seize Russia with the brutal Lenin-Stalin dictatorships, purging up to 66 million Christian Russians.[3] The Zionist Jewish bloodline was thereby able to subversively usurp control over the United States, the Soviet Union and Palestine in one fell swoop timed just months apart, setting the next blood sacrifice stage with Hitler’s rise, World War II and the Cold War. Since the early 19th century Napoleonic Wars, the Rothschild family’s been repeating their winning formula, predatorily reaping ungodly amounts of war making profit, never failing to fund both sides to every major conflict on the planet that they themselves play a large part creating.
The Zionist Jewish banking elite led by the Rothschild dynasty used mankind’s two deadliest wars in history to secure its own Zionist Jewish State in 1948. In March 1913, same year the Rothschilds tricked American Congress into a permanent central Rothschild bank, prominent Jewish lawyer Samuel Untermeyer sexually blackmailed newly elected President Woodrow Wilson.[4] Because the president had had an affair with the wife of another Princeton professor, Untermeyer struck a deal with wayfaring Woody that his first available Supreme Court appointment would be the blackmailer’s choice. Hence, in 1916 America’s leading Zionist, Louis Dembitz Brandeis entered the US Supreme Court (his run lasting all the way up to the Zionist next planned world war in 1939).[5] It was Brandeis who had a large part in writing the Balfour Declaration of 1917 as it was being carefully worded and prepared for muster, seeking approval from the 2nd Lord Baron Walter Rothschild, Victor Rothschild’s uncle.
After over 71 years of this sovereign nation called Israel, unchecked apartheid continues its military occupation over the shrinking Palestinian bombed out war zone ghetto, engaging in systematic daily violence as part of its state (if not world) sponsored genocidal policy.[6] “Silent transfer” is the Zionist term for routinely ousting Palestinians from their homes, making their land unworkable, destroying infrastructure, eroding rights, targeted violence, initiating new illegal Jewish settlements all the time, systematic slow and fast kill methodology.[7] Their ancient homeland that’s been the birthplace of the world’s three major religions has been plundered by empires of many foreign invaders from Egypt, Roman-Greco, to Persian Muslim to Turkish Ottomans, subjected to near constant military occupation and foreign conquest for millenniums. But it’s the systematic destruction of the Palestinian Arabs’ Palestine as their ancestral homeland in the last century, since the 1914 British invasion, when colonial empire imperialists grabbed it with a mandated bequeath to Zionist Lord Rothschild to secretly make it the Rothschild kingdom while selling it to the Jewish diaspora as their “rightful” heritage homeland.  
With the official count of the current Israeli population at over 8.5 million,[8] since 1948 an ongoing invasion of over 7 million new Israeli citizens have emigrated mostly from Europe, Russia and America, predominantly non-Semite Jewish descendants originally from Khazar, the outcome is an estimated 2.2 million Semite Palestinians have been slaughtered over the past 105 years since 1914.[9] With the current Palestinian population just under 5 million, it is the youngest in the Middle East with 40% under age 14 and its growth rate of 2.4% per year is 33% higher than the Israelis.[10] Based on the Israeli government’s daily atrocities and its murderous crime rate, the aim of the Jewish State appears similar to the German Nazis toward Jews during World War II – forced migration and extermination.
Amnesty International reports:
Deliberately attacking a civilian home is a war crime, and the overwhelming scale of destruction of civilian homes, in some cases with entire families inside them, points to a distressing pattern of repeated violations of the laws of war.[11]
The war crime atrocities causing the brutal death and unabated destruction of the Palestinian people is true anti-Semitism in its most vile and criminal Luciferian form and must be stopped. Yet Israeli Offense Forces (forget IDF) continue killing and maiming with impunity while Egypt, Arab Gulf States, Saudi Arabia and the West silently remain more than complicit, while Israel and its Zionists worldwide are increasingly criminalizing any and all criticism toward blatant apartheid genocidal policies,[12] proving that we’re currently living in a very sick, upside down world where the Luciferians are firmly in control.
Suffice it to say that Protocols of Zion 9 specify that should any individual, group or state that raises objection to Zionist domination and its inhumane policies:
It is only pro forma, at our discretion, and by our direction, for their anti-Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren.[13]
Long before the deaths in WWII concentration camps, the term “anti-Semitic” was already recognized in the late 1800s as the convenient go-to offensive propaganda weapon designed to denigrate and silence critics and opponents of Zionist Rothschild-Khazarian mafia rule of the world. And for those who readily discard The Protocols of Zion as purely made up falsehood or fantasy, how come so much of the Elders’ pledged agenda has already come true? The Protocols predicted that after a great world war, an attempt to form a one world government would be waged by Jewish bankers.[14] That historic event of course did occur following “the Great War,” when the Treaty of Versailles had Jewish internationalist financiers gathered to launch their ultimately failed League of Nations, their first attempt at New World Order and an official Zionist Jewish State.[15]
The Protocols also accurately foretold that a despotic government would come to power under the pretense of socialism, the outcome of a subversive plot engineered by Zionist Jews. This too came to pass when Trotsky and Lenin and their atheist Bolshevik Jews pulled off their bloody Revolution and proceeded to murder at least 10 times more innocent victims than the entire Jewish Holocaust.[16] But you’ll never hear about this from Rothschild owned mass media. Incredibly accurate proclamations a full quarter century prior to the events, the Protocols were the only true prognosticator of the future on record at the time predicting these specific major world developments. That’s some remarkable feat to so precisely nail in such detail powerful significant events a full 25 years before they happened. Maliciously made up fiction? Malicious yes, but made up? No way since they actually came to pass.
Another startling early observation that bears so much truth is The Protocols’ assertion that Zionist Jewish bankers (led by Rothschilds of course) in the late nineteenth century already had a near lock on the dissemination of information and news to the world,[17] owning the two largest world news outlet disseminators Reuters and Associated Press.[18] Destroying the free press took high priority. Protocol 12 states:
Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them.[19]
Throughout the Protocols the right is might and might makes right principle is aggressively promoted, applied through deception, chicanery and secrecy by any means necessary is exactly how this corrupt, morally bankrupted, satanically driven world operates today.[20] Furthermore, those caught in possession of The Protocols after 1917 under the post-czar Rothschild controlled, provisional Kerensky Russian government were summarily shot to death on the spot.[21] If the Protocols were a completely fabricated hoax, why then such extreme reactionary violence to its mere circulation? The argument that The Protocols were forged by the czar’s secret police doesn’t wash at all, not when the czar maintained his own personal copy of the Protocols right up to his assassination.[22] He knew who his very real enemies were and, if anything, The Protocols to him were a sobering yet too late wakeup call. If he knew it was his own subordinates fabricating a hoax, what motivation would he have to keep a copy for himself?
Among a certain elitist Zionist circle, the Elders’ world takeover plan as detailed in their minutes was obviously never intended for release to a larger audience but shared only within the strict confines of the Elders themselves. Moreover, the author(s)’ perspective as depicted in The Protocols is clearly descriptive of the self-serving views, beliefs and behaviors of the prototypical classic psychopaths in history that both crave and gravitate toward power and control over others based on a grandiose self-concept of self-inflated importance that they’re inherently superior in cunning intelligence to be exclusively qualified to rule over those less endowed.[23] In other words, the very nature of the elite puppet masters and their politician puppets as Zionist Supremacists are most accurately revealed to the T in The Protocols of Zion.
It’s no more fake than the Masonic Zionist Illuminati Rothschild banking cabal plot to infiltrate top positions of power in government, business, education, military, law, police, religion and the media to brainwash and control in absolute one world government tyranny the lowly enslaved masses that they loathe in such contempt they want dead at least 90% of the now living within the next few years.[24] And rest assure that this same elite is also behind the global child sex trafficking blight on humanity. None of this is fear porn or exaggerated click baiting sensationalism, it’s the cold hard truth. Continued disbelief and ignorance on the way to the slaughterhouse only makes their job that much easier.
As the Zionist 3rd Lord Rothschild of the 20th century, Victor Rothschild gave it his all to successfully establish the Jewish State, his lifework and mission up till 38 years of age, totally dedicated to giving birth and robust life to the world’s newest nation of Israel in 1948. His highly important story along with Sir Winston Churchill’s await full coverage in the next chapter. But suffice it to say here that with leaps and bounds of progress throughout Victor Rothschild’s lifetime toward the diabolical end of Zionist world hegemony attained by the time he died in 1990, his malleable protégé Zionist PM Thatcher was completing her historic dozen year regime while the Luciferian pedophile George HW Bush was seated in the White House, making the Illuminati “New World Order” official with his mantra in near every speech. Victor left this world a fulfilled man of immeasurable Luciferian accomplishment under his belt that his Illuminati ancestor, the godfather of all Rothchilds, Mayer Amschel would no doubt be proud of.
But upon Vic’s death, that gauntlet and quest to become the Messianic King of the Jews was transferred to Victor’s eldest of two sons, the now frail 83-year old who has to be the spitting image inspiration for the “Mr. Burns” character in the Simpsons. The gaunt, spindly 4th Lord Jacob Rothschild appears as the personified twisted hunchback of a caricature - the dirty old pervert playing out his villainous role as mister evil Luciferian controller of the world. In a propaganda fluff piece showcasing the 100th year anniversary of the letter that changed the world far for the worse - the Balfour Declaration of November 1917 - Jacob proudly boasts how his family took full advantage of “opportunism” to miraculously put Israel on the map.[25]
By subterfuge and subversion, Israel would be a catalyst for implementing a Zionist Strategy of Tension, spreading political conflict worldwide where NATO-US Empire typically fights costly wars for Israel in the Middle East per the Greater Israel Project as well as exercising US hegemony.[26] Additionally, American taxpayers are fleeced and saddled with the burden of financing Israel’s genocidal war policy to the ungodly tune of $38 billion in military aid this decade alone,[27] the largest aid package ever in history of the world. Then there’s the Gladio-like terrorist false flag operations of controlled chaos ever since the late 1940s (when Israel came into being) in Cold War Europe, the Middle East and commonplace now in North America,[28] providing a hidden platform for Zionist world domination through increasing authoritarian control to this very day – the latest rollout the back-to-back summer 2019 mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.[29]
Keep in mind that the Rothchilds have claimed that they are Jewish and of the Jewish faith. If they’re at all religious, it’s definitely the Talmudic Babylonian sect that they worship, not the Torah. Based on the family’s Zionist history and affiliations, they are hardcore Illuminati all the way, which is compatible with Talmudic Judaism, having financed Crypto-Jew-Jesuit Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati Bavarian Order in the 18th century, with Lucifer as their anti-God of choice.[30] Another certainty, the Rothschilds are anti-Christian as well as anti-Torah Judaism.
Moreover, their very own nation-state Israel instills in its citizens a love of the collectivist Zionist State as their secular god rejecting the traditional Jewish faith.[31] Most Jews who worship the Torah oppose Zionism,[32] while a vast majority of Zionist Jews are atheists.[33] In keeping with their godfather Amschel’s tradition, the Rothschild descendants built the Knesset and Israeli Supreme Court buildings, rife with Masonic Illuminati occult symbolism.[34] The latest Rothschild venture broke ground in Jerusalem in April 2016 building the National Library of Israel complex.[35] Considering these are all official government buildings belonging to the Jewish State that the Rothschilds literally donate and build from the ground up, they completely lack any religious monuments or imagery related to Judaism, but appear saturated with only Illuminati filtered ancient Egyptian and Babylonian deities, strongly suggestive of the cabalistic secret societies that typically worship Baal, Moloch and Lucifer.[36] 
Let’s look at the Babylonian Talmud as the “holy book” among Jews that the majority of Ashkenazi non-Semites including the Rothschilds allegedly worship as their “Gospel of Truth.” With the Turkic-Mongol origins of the Ashkenazi Jews originally in Khazar, this tribe was rooted in pagan and phallic worship until they were forced in the 7th century to choose Judaism. Under duress, the King Bulan chose Judaism for his people but many like the Rothschilds retained their original pagan deity occult worship.[37] With 90%[38] of the 14.7 million Jews in the world Ashkenazim,[39] most are either atheist, Babylonian Talmudic Jews or Luciferians. The Talmud preaches Jewish Supremacy (with a capital S) and utter disdain toward the non-Jewish goyim population, granting God’s “chosen ones” the right to rule over the unchosen goyim “cattle” (the Talmud refers to non-Jews as cattle).[40] Sabbatean and Frankian Jewish sects (See Chapter 3) are also deeply connected to Talmudic Judaism and Cabalism, which aren’t monotheistic at all but polytheistic, worshipping such deities as Moloch that call for blood sacrifice of children.[41]
So why in the hell does this dinky little country Israel have so much power over the rest of the world and America in particular? Think “Rothschild.” Even though the Jewish State is the Rothchilds’ very own kingdom, it fleeces America for all its worth. US taxpayers work their jobs so that Israel has the military might to continue to hammer, maim and murder defenseless Palestinian youth and their families. Every year since its 1948 founding, the American government gives away more federal aid to the average Israeli citizen than it does the average American citizen.[42] What does that tell you? It tells you that the Zionists have infiltrated, bribed and blackmailed members of the US government into Israeli Firsters. Something’s gone gravely wrong when Israel is the kingdom of the richest, most powerful family on earth, yet Washington spends more on Israeli citizens than its own, while Israel maintains a higher standard of living than the average American. We have foreign agents in America like AIPAC bribing our politicians,[43] and thugs in the Jewish Anti-Defense League and its parent B’nai B’rith as agent provocateurs litigating, harassing, gang-stalking and pushing to lock up critics of Israel.[44] We have foreign agents as AIPAC lobbyists imposing on a US elected Congress the signing of oaths of loyalty and allegiance to the State of Israel operating within our own American government.[45] How can this be? The power of Zionism, House of Rothschild and Kingdom of the Jews, that’s how.  
As the supposed most powerful nation on earth, America has been coerced into cow-towing and giving so much away to an ungrateful country that right from the very start has never had America’s back or best interest. With the Apollo affair in the 1950s and 1960s, Israel stole America’s nuclear technology secrets as well as enriched uranium,[46] in 1967 Israel attacked our naval ship killing dozens of our servicemen,[47] and on 9/11 helped slaughter 3,000 more Americans.[48] The House of Rothschild as King of the Jews and Israel’s “unofficial” owner also obviously owns the US government, and pretty much all others as well. Why do you think they have the Maxwells and Epsteins of the world working as Mossad trafficking spies sexually blackmailing so many high profile figures from around the world? To be controlled, always in Israel’s back pocket, always to do its dirty bidding. In the meantime, America continues fighting wars for the Greater Israel Project because blackmail’s the name of the controller’s game.
For decades US national security has been compromised by a series of breaches in the Department of Justice, FBI, DEA, the State Department and the White House, allowing Israeli security contractors and Mossad operatives to continue to rip off highly sensitive secrets and technology, fully exposing America’s vulnerability.[49] With Israel’s Talpiot Program siphoning off billions of dollars’ worth of US technology through electronic backdoor methods, accessing and spying on top security NSA records, violating US national security for many years, then selling our stolen technology and secrets to potential enemies, again, Israel is not our friend.[50] Through wholesale theft, Israel has become the world leader in the technology sector at America’s expense. It’s easy to see how Rothschild/Israel as a world menace never has to answer for its constant crimes. As of late, the Zionist rogue state’s international arms sales have been booming, peddling state of the art drones, electronic defense systems hardware and sophisticated aerospace technology to questionable buyers and potential enemies that may one day be deployed against Americans, further undermining US national security.[51] Again, Israel is not our friend.
Why do you think the last true American representative in Congress was Cynthia McKinney? She dared to place her own Georgia constituent voters and American citizens first over Israel, refusing to sign on the dotted extortion line giving away her loyalty to a foreign power, and confronted the Neocons Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush with their pedophilic war crimes[52] and their lost Pentagon trillions,[53] then consequently had the ADL file an amicus brief in the US Supreme Court to redistrict her out of Congress for bravely standing up to evil and doing the right thing.[54] The power of the richest bloodline behind that tiny little tiny speck of a nation on a world map controlling virtually our entire planet, that is proof that Lucifer’s in charge, making the most vile sinners and destroyers the earth’s diabolical overlords. 
Disclaimers assuring that today’s Jews do not in any way practice blood sacrifice… at least not anymore, and 99% of Jews probably never did, even at Passover. But a plethora of documented cases confirms that the ancient practice is still going on.[55] Granted, advocating ritualistic torture and murder of a child publicly online or in writing might draw unwanted attention from law enforcement. But during the traditional satanic holidays, correlated with higher rates of missing children and peak activity of secret societies and satanic cults held worldwide in private homes, churches, temples and remote outdoor gatherings as well as underground milabs at heavily guarded government installations, children en-masse in many hidden locations around the globe are egregiously subjected to ritual abuse, torture and murder.[56]
Satanic cults have breeders who ritually abort fetuses or give birth outside conventional pathways to specifically supply newborns and infants on the satanic altar to be murdered in ritual sacrifice.[57] It occurs among the “eyes wide shut” elite, as well as the thousands if not millions of others leading double lives from all walks of life and socioeconomic levels. The hidden practice of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and child sacrifice is far more common than we know, especially since the mass media and governments overtly suppress anything remotely connected to SRA in a conspiracy of silence and denial.[58] So what else is new? Covering up this unthinkable horror is simply business as usual.
Many of these ancient occult laws and practices are compatible with the 33 degree Freemasons and the Bavarian Order of Illuminati,[59] both of which also advocate subversive elitist world domination over the “un-illumined,” blind, ignorant masses akin to the ideological dogma of Zionism itself, all resonantly compatible, if not synonymous, including the thoroughly disgusting content found in The Protocols.[60] Much of these secret doctrines are anchored in Cabalism, which is ancient Jewish mysticism. It may be unpopular and politically incorrect to believe The Protocols are authentic, accurately reflecting identical beliefs of the Zionist elite, advocating the same vile crimes committed by 33rd degree Freemasons and Illuminati that also collusively share control of the world today as parasitic infiltrators. The old cliché comes to mind - “if it quacks like a duck.” And rest assure the global pedophilia network also quacks.
World War I was a senseless imperialistic war that began as a local conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia, not directly affecting either Germany or Britain. Per the Protocols, the Zionist Elders wanted war, so they got war. Controlling both Churchill and Britain, evidence shows that the Zionist Jewish banking cabal allegedly paid 2,000 pounds to Serbian assassins belonging to the Black Hand secret society to murder Austrian Archduke Ferdinand to incite a world war.[61] However, for years prior, bankers had been financing the buildup of armaments in Europe in preparation for World War I, co-timed within just months of establishing the US Federal Reserve.
With the additional income source of a private central bank in the US allowing the war to be financed for years on end, the elite’s ultimate objective was to bring about a Jewish State in Palestine by ensuring that once the Ottoman Empire was defeated, Palestine would be turned over to Britain, culminated with the November 1917 Balfour Declaration.[62] Also with Germany already surpassing the hegemonic British Empire in economic industrial growth, WWI was designed to ensure the complete destruction of Germany.[63] And of course per the Protocols’ prediction, the war would result in a revolution installing a Communist government as the beta test for future worldwide Marxist revolution. Note how every single one of these causal factors triggering WWI turned out to be the same causes triggering WWII as well. When you want something bad enough, banking vampires can never spill enough blood to satiate their addiction for human suffering that they feed on as worshippers of Lucifer.
The pure evil of the Zionist Illuminati bankers who are behind all wars is graphically illustrated in the tragic story of one English nurse named Edith Cavell, in charge of the Belgian Relief Commission during WWI set up to ostensibly provide food and medical supplies to the needy in German occupied war torn Belgium.[64] Observing the famine in Belgium while supplies were being diverted and shipped to Germany, upon learning Jewish bankers in England were sending money to Germany to buy up the war rations allocated for her charity, she wrote a letter exposing the treasonous fraud, published in a British nursing journal. Once Jewish senior intelligence officer Sir William Wiseman was shown Edith’s letter, he reportedly contacted Max Warburg, German Rothschild banking agent with clout in German intelligence, allegedly telling Warburg to arrest and execute Edith Cavell. Eventually she was shot to death.
Aside from the coldblooded murder of a compassionate nurse trying to feed the hungry and expose the traitors, overwhelming evidence has also emerged to confirm that the Rothschilds aided and abetted the German enemy during World War I.[65] Bankers arranged for glycerin, coal, iron ore and essential raw materials to be sent to Germany, in effect stretching out the war three years longer, according to British Naval Attaché stationed in Scandinavia, Rear Admiral M.P. Consett. He detailed and published how war materials were covertly shipped from Britain to neutral Sweden and onto Germany.
While Zionists were pumping money into Trotsky and Lenin’s pockets for their Jewish Bolshevik Revolution the following year, always keeping their eye on the prize of a Jewish homeland, they figured out a way of finally entrapping America into the war “over there.” Britain intentionally allowed the sinking of the RMS Lusitania as a sinister first ploy to treasonously manipulate America into WWI.[66] The 1,198 lives lost at sea a few miles off Ireland’s coast in May 1915 as a result of a German U-boat torpedoing the British ocean liner enroute from New York secretly loaded with illicit war munitions, was a premeditated act of mass murder committed by slimeballs Winston Churchill and William Wiseman.[67] Sacrificing more than 1,000 of their own citizens and 128 American lives, as an egregious excuse for war similar to 9/11, was a sick wicked attempt to entice the US to join the pointless carnage mounting up in Europe. The Lusitania sinking in just 18 minutes from detonating war explosives onboard was not the only reason traitor Woodrow Wilson reneged on his campaign promise that had just gotten him elected. President Wilson once again was coerced by blackmail into succumbing to the Jewish Zionist agenda, sending yet more Americans to die overseas for an unjustified, immoral cause – so the Rothschilds could own their own personal Jewish State by which to rule the world.  
While up to a third of all Armenians perished during 1915 to 1923, extending a half decade beyond the armistice, evidence has surfaced that just as WWI was preplanned by the Rothschild cartel, so was the Armenian genocide. According to pro-Sultan Turkish author Mevlan Zadeh Rifat in a 1929 published book entitled Inner Folds of the Ottoman Revolution:
Armenian genocide was decided in August 1910 and October 1911, by a Young Turk committee composed entirely of displaced Balkan Jews in the format of a syncretist Jewish-Muslim sect which included Talaat, Enver, Behaeddin Skakir, Jemal, and Nizam posting as Muslims. It met in the Rothschild-funded Grand Orient lodge/hotel of Salonika.[68]
Syncretism refers to a combination of differing forms of belief and practice, like a Zionist Jewish-Islamic-Masonic-Illuminati mix. Salonika was then part of Turkey but now part of Greece. With even a Rothschild time and place connection, death on a massive scale was being simultaneously planned by Jews in both Europe and Turkey. To further corroborate this disturbing revelation, Joseph Brewda wrote and presented a paper at a Middle East symposium in 1994. Brewda exposes in the decades prior to World War I the grand conspiracy headed by Lord Palmerston as British Foreign Secretary, knight of the Order of the Garter and Master of Grand Orient Freemasonry along with other high degree Illuminati Masonic leaders including Italian Giuseppe Mazzini,[69] conspired with Jewish Zionist Masons from France, Italy and Britain, leading the Young Turks to overthrow the Ottoman Empire sultan.
The European aristocrats deployed the Crypto-Jew Young Turks as their useful idiots with the promise of a Pan-Moslem and Pan-Turkish Empire.[70] Meanwhile, behind the Turks and Arabs’ backs, the European Zionist imperialists from Britain, France, Netherlands and Italy were all plotting and carving up the Middle East for themselves. The slaughter of the exposable Armenians was simply a bargaining chip used in their demonic vision of commanding a Zionist-Masonic world empire. Incidentally, one of the British puppet masters was pedophile British traitor spy Anthony Blunt’s Uncle Wilfred. Anthony Blunt as one of Victor Rothschild’s Cambridge spies before, during and after World War II will be featured in the next chapter. The mastermind behind the Young Turks was powerful British aristocrat Aubrey Herbert with US State Department collaboration as co-conspirator. So all these treacherous demons were working in cahoots together with the Zionist-Masonic kingpin – the Rothschild dynasty – to secure Palestine as the Rothschild Jewish State on the way to their long plotted tyrannical world government.
The year 1916 proved a rough one for the Allied European nations against the German-Turkish Axis. Trench warfare on the Western battlefront was taking a heavy toll on human life, battling over turf measured in feet that was hardly moving in either side’s direction during the first two years.[71] The bankers were happily issuing war bonds and covertly supplying the enemy, content to dragging the war out indefinitely for increasing profit and power as this pointless bloody conflict was serving no one but the Zionist banksters.
Meanwhile in America, 1916 was another election year and sexually blackmailed traitor Woodrow Wilson was re-elected on the campaign promise “he kept us out of the war” that five months later he broke.[72] He’d even created a Committee on Public Information run by slick propagandist George Creel, whose job was to falsely demonize the enemy to con the public into wanting war… same old, same old. As a compromised, blackmailed tool by Zionist Jews, the US entering the war was predictably inevitable, the Zionist US leader ending up his “selection” to the Supreme Court even more predictably certain. But just like after his last election in 1913 signing off on the Rothschild takeover of the US, he sold America out again, breaking his promise in obedience to the Rothschild cartel, committing over a half million US soldiers to fighting a senseless world war. With only 73,000 initially volunteering for the unpopular war, President Wilson imposed conscription to fill American bodies as cannon fodder in Europe’s stalemated trenches,[73] within a year and a half racking up an astounding 117,000 US deaths, tripling that number left maimed and injured for life.[74] The 18-month WWI death toll even exceeded the decade long American debacle of the Vietnam War.
A 1944 written account by an Armenian originally from Iran with the Anglo-filed name of James A. Malcolm as a British public servant, whose family historically served as a liaison for British affairs in the Middle East, shed light on how the United Kingdom finally managed to trick the United States into entering World War I.[75] Malcolm’s family was closely associated with the Iranian Jewish bloodline - the opium pushers of the Far East - the Sassoons. As a boy James Malcolm had come to England for his education and ended up staying on as an Oxford grad and found mixing in high social and diplomatic circles to his liking.
James Malcolm had been approached by Jews to forge improved treatment toward Jews subjected to the czar’s pogroms in Russia. So he founded the Russia Society in Britain to enhance Britain’s Allied relationship during the war and was also designated an official British agent on Armenian affairs during the Turkish genocide, though he was of no help to the million and a half of his Armenian brethren slaughtered in eastern Turkey by the Young Turks.[76] Thus, he was a valued agent of some influence having regular contact with the British Cabinet Office, the Foreign Office and the War Office as well as with French and other embassies in London as well as Paris. But as a convenient tool for Jewish Rothschild Zionism, he worked wonders. Regarding his role in Armenian affairs during the war, James Aratoon Malcolm did zippo for his fellow Armenians in Anatolia, Turkey where my grandparents had lived just prior to last century’s First Holocaust that Israel (much less Turkey) refuses to even recognize because like the Christian Holocaust in Russia, the murdering leaders were mostly Jews. 
In late autumn of 1916 during a visit to the War Office, James A. Malcolm found Under Secretary of the War Cabinet for the Near East, Sir Mark Sykes, in a downtrodden, defeatist mood, reflecting on how Britain was losing the war, citing the deadlocked trenches in France, the supremacy of German submarine warfare, the dismal development on the Russian warfront, the British false hope of an Arab revolt against the Ottomans, and the War Office prospect of America joining the war growing dimmer by the month.[77] James Malcolm suggested that the way to sell the war to America was through promising American Jews a Jewish homeland. He elaborated that the magic carrot stick to obtaining military help from the US was through selling Palestine as the future Zionist Jewish State. According to James Malcolm, it was his novel explanation on how to overcome many barriers to manipulating America into the war using the Zionist homeland in Palestine angle that would convince other Allies to go along with the plan.
Former Cecil Rhodes protégé and Round Table chair, Masonic Zionist Lord Alfred Milner[78] was a senior War Office member and through Malcolm’s assistance, Mark Sykes was able to gain his support for the Palestine homeland as an agenda for World Jewry and answer to enlisting US to fight a Zionist war that otherwise does nothing for the US but bring hardship and more Rothschild debt. Malcolm received the go-ahead to approach the Zionist leadership with the British offer of Palestine. Through his friend LJ Greenberg, the Jewish Chronicle editor, James Malcolm met Chaim Weizmann, the Zionist leader in Britain who would become Israel’s first president three decades later, convincing him to rally the powerful Zionist troops of World Jewry to the proposed cause, further brokering a deal referred often as “a gentlemen’s agreement” between the British government and the Zionist Movement.[79] Most Jews in the diaspora were not Zionists, but amongst enough of the wealthy elite Jewry, a Zionist network existed.  An important meeting was set up in February 1917 that included James de Rothschild. With the exception of Edmund de Rothschild already on board with his own mini-colony in Palestine, the most formidable opposition came from prominent Jews in France who believed no Jews other than from eastern Europe and Russia (i.e., the Ashkenazim) would ever desire to move to and live in Palestine. The stiffest resistance arose from established Jewish leaders in France and Britain, partially resulting from the unknown impact a Jewish State might have on their own leadership status in their home countries. But one by one, all the Allies came on board, including the Vatican.
All of this behind the scenes maneuvering and negotiating with 90% of the then Palestine population non-Jewish was pure arrogant imperialism,[80] selfishly carving up the chessboard at Arab expense. In December 1916 a pro-Zionist in Lloyd George became British prime minister. After initial resistance, the Crypto-Jewish Wahhabi British/Western controlled House of Saud went along with the Zionist program,[81] which as an Israeli “kinship” ally it’s been doing to this day.[82] With America’s Zionist leader Louis Brandeis on the Supreme Court the result of sexual blackmail, Woody Wilson once again fell in line with the Zionist agenda, entering World War I by the spring of 1917 less than six months after securing his second term in office on his false campaign promise. By that summer, a flurry of drafts was being written by Weizmann and circulated to Brandeis for the final Balfour Declaration sent to 2nd Lord Rothschild in November for approval. The Zionist Jews vying for global control made one giant leap forward for themselves and three steps back for humanity.  In the carefully crafted words of the Balfour Declaration, it was committed to:
His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.[83]
The “gentlemen’s agreement” was the boldfaced lie emboldened above, knowing full well that the Arab Palestinian majority’s rights would automatically be torn asunder under the zealous Zionists calling it their “homeland.” But then deception is the Zionist way is the Masonic way is the Illuminati way is the Luciferian way. The Rothschilds, Britain and US leaders are all demonically driven snakes in the grass.
Just days prior to the Rothschild coup d'état with Britain’s declared commitment to a future Jewish State, yet another financed Rothschild coup d'état was unfolding in Russia as the successful Bolshevik Revolution.[84] And of the original Lenin revolutionaries, the majority were atheist Jews. The mother of the Soviet Communist founding father Nicolai Lenin was half-Jewish with a Jewish father, making Lenin a quarter Jew.[85] Head of the Red Army and Soviet foreign affairs was Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein), Yakov Sverdlov (Solomon) was head of the Soviet government, Grigori Zinoviev (Radomyslky) headed the Communist International Comintern.[86] Other original Jewish leaders were the press commissar Karl Radek (Sobelsohn), foreign affairs commissar Maxim Litvinov (Wallach), Lev Kamenev (Rosenfeld) and Moisei Uritsky. No accident Lenin surrounded himself with Jews, once remarking:
An intelligent Russian is almost always a Jew or someone with Jewish blood in his veins[87] [like him].
In other words, the Marxist revolutionary leader held total disdain for the white mostly Christian, non-Jewish Russians, and his and his successor’s bloody records prove it. In the critical top secret meeting held in St. Petersburg (Petrograd) just two weeks prior to the October Revolution when the Bolshevik Party finalized its plans to seize power with a violent coup, of the dozen participants, most were Jews. Of the 7-man “Political Bureau” formed to lead the takeover, Lenin and his “more intelligent” Jewish brothers were only joined by one Russian and one Georgian Stalin, a Freemason. Fully aware of the close relationship his nation has shared with Israel and Jews, Russian President Putin stated in a 2013 speech that 80-85% of the first Soviet Communist government were comprised of Jews.[88] Just to show how much Lenin was indebted to the Rothschild central banking cartel, needing it to make his dream of a world Communist revolutionary takeover come true, he once said:
The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation.[89]
In a London Sunday Herald newspaper in 1920, a lover of Jewish Zionism, Winston Churchill wrote:
There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistic Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others… Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combatting Counter-Revolution [the Cheka] has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses.[90]
In 1934 Soviet Jews approaching near half at 38.5% of those in charge of the Soviet security apparatus that was most responsible for carrying out the world’s largest known genocide in human history, massive purges from 1923 to Stalin’s death in 1954 against mostly Christian Russians during his three decade long reign of terror.[91] The numbers of the politically slaughtered reached ghastly totals, far exceeding Hitler’s so called “Jewish Holocaust,” approximating Mao’s bloody numbers in China. At least 20 million were killed,[92] although the venerable Nobel prize winning writer and dissident Soviet gulag survivor himself Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn estimated that Jewish Bolsheviks under Lenin and Stalin purged up to 66 million of their own Russian people,[93] which if true would make it the worst holocaust in history, more than Mao Zedong’s China, although by one estimate, he killed up to 65 million.[94]
So we’re talking between the two big Zionist Jewish Communist experiments in modern history, their leaders murdered up to 130 million of their own people. Meanwhile during the Second World War alone, 27 million Russians perished, exceeding all other nations. Historian Niall Ferguson wrote in his The War of the World that no other revolution in history “devoured its children with the same unrestrained appetite” as the Jewish led Bolshevik Revolution.[95]
US Ambassador in Moscow David Francis alerted Washington in a 1918 dispatch:
The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution.[96]
David Francis nailed it over a century ago. The Rothschild financed takeover of Russia was intended to grow into a worldwide takeover.[97] With the fanatical Jew Leon Trotsky lined up to replace Lenin upon his death in January 1924, the backstabbing Georgian Josef Stalin clawing for sole dictatorial power out-wrestled Trotsky and his other chief rivals to seize control, ousting Trotsky from the Party’s Central Committee in 1927, and by 1929, forcing him into exile until his assassination in Mexico in 1940 at age 60.[98] By 1930, Stalin had consolidated his mounting power and control into a longstanding ruthless and extremely bloody dictatorship until his 1954 demise.
As more evidence that international bankers and industrialists are the manufacturers of all wars, George HW Bush’s father Senator Prescott Bush and his partner Averill Harriman were the bag men in a treasonous 1934 coup attempt to overthrow the FDR government, financed through their Union Bank Corporation and their Brown Brothers Harriman office while at the same time funding the Nazi Adolf Hitler.[99] Council on Foreign Relations members who were also part of the DuPont and JP Morgan led American Liberty League participating in the criminal conspiracy were business moguls from Andrew Mellon Associates, Rockefeller Associates, both Standard Oil and Pew (Sun Oil), US Steel, EF Hutton, Chase Bank, General Motors and Goodyear Tires, a who’s who of Wall Street banks and multinational corporations. These too big to prosecute traitors were all given a free pass, despite retired Major General Smedley Butler’s congressional testimony fully exposing these Rothschild surrogate scum.
The traitors offered Smedley $3 million upfront and $300 million more once the job of leading a revolutionary coup with alleged 500,000 unemployed military veterans in an assault on Washington patterned after the Bolshevik Revolution that some in this group had also sponsored a few years earlier. The patriotic hero as America’s only recipient of both the Marines’ Brevit Medal and twice awarded Medal of Honor went along with the plot only until he determined all the identities of the millionaire criminals before submitting his evidence. But the Rothschild owned Associated Press painted a picture of General Butler’s naiveté over “idle cocktail party chatter” dubbed “The Cocktail Putsch.” To further discredit Smedley Butler, the then New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia weighed in:
Someone at the party had suggested the idea to the ex-Marine as a joke.[100]   
So no one involved was called to answer for their high crimes of treason against the United States as is history’s standard norm. The Rothschild banking cartel was unaffected as its propaganda machine brushed off the affair entirely and that was that. As a result, these planetary controllers whose bloodline relatives are still entrenched in power have only become more emboldened in their blatant criminality and contempt for both justice and humanity.
After his futile attempt to deliver prosecutable evidence against the VIP traitors, a year later in 1935 General Butler wrote his famous “war is a racket” statement:
I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.[101]
A case in point confirming the collusive interaction between Masonic Jewry, Communism, Fascism and Illuminati comes the life of Bulgarian born Jew Chaim Rakover, who changed his name to Christian Rakovsky (1873-1941).[102] Raised within a wealthy family, he ambitiously gravitated to Russia, becoming a Marxist and Communist, and a lifelong collaborator of fellow Jewish Communist, Freemason and B’nai B’rith member Leon Trotsky.[103] Rakovsky rose up through the Bolshevik ranks in the USSR under Stalin as a founder of the Communist International Comintern, the revolutionary recruitment apparatus for the Communist Party, becoming prime minister of Ukraine, then Soviet ambassador to Paris and London. But increasingly unhappy with Stalin’s nationalist dictatorship versus the world revolution envisioned by him, Trotsky and other true believers, Rakovsky fell out with Stalin and in 1938 was arrested for plotting treason. During his interrogation, recorded in a 50-page report called the Red Symphony prior to his 1941 execution,[104] the nexus of the Jewish Communist-Masonic-Illuminati creed and vision is spelled out graphically more than 80 years ago.
Rakovsky was a diehard Trotskyite. As the Rothschild agent in Moscow, Leon Trotsky took his orders from Rothschild and his Jewish banking cartel, having become friends with Viennese Baron Rothschild while living in Austria prior to World War I. They’d meet regularly at Central Café for leisurely chess competition and no doubt intellectual discussions of global revolutionary takeover.[105] Leon Trotsky married into wealth, the daughter of one of Rothschild’s closest colleagues, fellow Jewish banker Abram Zhitovsky.[106] The fulltime revolutionary was never for a loss of spending money coming from Jewish bankers’ coffers.
While in New York City from January 1916 to May 1917, extremely strong circumstantial evidence indicates that, compliments of a prominent Rothschild agent, Leon Trotsky was always flush with cash, his family driven by limousine, enjoying the very decadent lifestyle of capitalist American opulence he so passionately “abhorred” in his preaching. Longtime Rothschild agent in New York, Jacob Schiff, is on record donating $20 million to the Communist revolutionary cause, supporting the overthrow of Czar Nicolas Alexander II and his anti-Jewish pogroms.[107] In April 1917, a celebrated victory at Carnegie Hall over the czar’s abdication announcement led to a Schiff quote in The New York Times commenting on the successful Russian revolution as “…what we had hoped and striven for these long years.”[108]
While enroute the following month to Moscow, Trotsky was temporarily detained in Canada where it’s on record he was carrying $10,000 in cash, which would be close to $200,000 today. 99.9% odds are the Rothschild machine was fronting him. By the way, it was the Zionist controlled and blackmailed President Woodrow Wilson who gave Trotsky his passport and intervened to have the revolutionary released from detainment in Canada. Not to be outdone, the successor of Cecil Rhodes, Lord Alfred Milner,[109] another Rothschild intimate at their Round Table, also generously subsidized the Bolshevik Communists with over 21 million rubles, equivalent to over $6 million today.[110] The British and American high rollers all shared the same vision of world communism and totalitarian control.
As a high degree Freemason in the Soviet government, in 1938 the interrogated Communist Rakovsky disclosed:
Every Masonic organization tries to create all the required prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist revolution; this is the obvious aim of Freemasonry.[111]
He added:
There is only one aim, one single aim: the triumph of Communism. It is not Moscow which will impose its will on the democracies but New York, not the "Comintern" but the ‘Capintern’ on Wall Street.[112]
Rakovsky refers to the “Capitalist-Communist Financial International” coffers supporting the world revolution and the Illuminati plan to merge communism with capitalism. The Trotskyite reasons that the appeal of world socialism attracting such widespread support to overturn Western civilization is selling the moral and collective revolutionary ideal of social justice for every man, while deceitfully masking the “same as the old boss” scenario where only the rich get richer. Bringing absolute power to the Jewish bankers is attained by “dividing society and undermining established authority.”[113] If there’s any doubt that Trotskyite Rakovsky also took his orders from Rothschild:
The Rothschilds were not the treasurers, but the chiefs of that first secret Communism...Marx and the highest chiefs of the First International ... were controlled by Baron Lionel Rothschild, [1808-1878] whose revolutionary portrait [‘Sidonia’] was done by Disraeli the English Premier, who was also his creature, and has been left to us [in Disraeli's novel ‘Coningsby.’][114]
The 3rd Baron Rothschild’s very same idol was his great-grandfather Lionel de Rothschild, who controlled so much from behind the scenes, exhibiting the same style of influential leadership and power young Victor aspired and coveted.[115] As an Illuminati member as well, Rakovsky also told his interrogator that Trotsky informed him that Lionel de Rothschild was also Illuminati. No surprise there, the entire bloodline clan is Illuminati for at least two and a half centuries.
The elite Jewish bankers of Wall Street like Jacob Schiff, Max and Paul Warburg and JP Morgan as Rothschild’s American agents all supported both the Communist experiment unfolding in the Soviet Union as well as the Fascist Nazi experiment in Germany, both ultimately designed to lead the world toward fascist communism, owned and controlled by the Jewish banking cabal. Subversion in America was essential to world tyranny. Rakovsky’s interrogation report was never meant for a wider audience as it confirmed the secret Rothschild grand plan to utilize communism as the primary means to an end, establishment of Israel leading to a supreme Rothschild dictatorship and control over the world by the superrich Jewish Illuminati bloodline.
On the eve of another banker orchestrated world war, Rakovsky admitted the three real reasons the Jewish bankers had whipped up yet another global conflict – because Hitler began printing his own money,[116] an absolute  taboo for a Rothschild central bankster gangster who has a record killing national leaders for that very reason (Lincoln, Kennedy,[117] Gaddafi[118]). Public enemy #2 - nationalism calling for patriotic defense of national sovereign borders has long been a targeted enemy of Illuminati controlled world communism. And #3 obstacle to absolute centralized Communist control over the planet, Christianity as there’s no place for God in the atheist Commie world of Luciferianism.[119]
Paul Warburg’s son James Paul Warburg as a Rothschild agent controlling New York’s Federal Reserve in February 1950 emphatically stated:
We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.[120]
Elements of today’s Marxist Left is visibly seen by the horde of Democratic Party presidential wannabes, all apparently advocating an open US border policy,[121] consistent with the ruling elite’s agenda to destroy national sovereignty and boundaries,[122] foment class warfare and racial and religious tensions as the left’s answer to Trump’s toxically polarizing effects.[123] After all, the political left and the political right represent the same “divide and conquer” planetary controllers. There may be a degree of factional differences ruthlessly played out vying and jockeying for more power at or near the top of the pyramid, but as soon as their common enemy – the truth – threatens, they never fail to close ranks within a heartbeat’s denial. And their collective strategy’s never been more flagrantly effective yet odiously obvious in America than the current lead-up to the 2020 election.
The Jewish banking cartel’s worldwide economic depression launched by its 1929 Wall Street crash quickly rippled and crippled the world plunged into some very dark hard times by the early 1930s, as yet another preplanned ploy and necessary precursor designed to once more lead the world back to major world war.[124] One development that the planetary controllers hadn’t foreseen was Hitler nationalizing German banking to take the control away from the Jewish banking cartel in order to maintain an interest free government issued money supply.[125] Similar to Andrew Jackson, Lincoln and Napoleon’s stand against the Rothschild dynasty, Hitler’s economic policy erased both the national debt as well as unemployment. Another nation on a parallel course revitalizing its industrialized economy through nationalized banking to control its currency and finance was Japan.[126] Its downfall was rapid imperialistic military expansion, launching war in China in 1937, followed four years later against US and Western Allies. But then much of Japan’s aggression was caused directly by America’s crippling embargo.[127]
It’s no accident that when it came time for the bankers’ Second World War, that these two nations Germany and Japan having successfully extricated themselves from privatized predatory Rothschild debt enslavement would both become targeted enemies of the Jewish banking controlled Western world. In preparation for the preplanned Second World War, Zionist Rothschild agents in America and Britain including Germany (Rothschild agent Max Warburg only left Munich for New York in 1938[128]) were secretly bankrolling Adolf Hitler’s meteoric rise to power and re-armament.[129] Hitler’s predecessor as German chancellor in 1931 and 1932, Dr. Heinrich Brüning, in a letter to Churchill in 1948 stated:
I did not and do not even today, for understandable reasons, wish to reveal that from October 1928 the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith, and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany.[130]
This is one more confirmation of firsthand knowledge directly linking Rothschild agents to funding Hitler. The grand design was more than evident, promote a Communist world revolution on a collision course with the created antagonist - the “fascist Frankenstein monster” Adolf Hitler - to set the stage for their even bloodier Second World War that will turn poor European Jews into martyrs and bargaining chips for Israel’s establishment. Then of course “to the victors go the spoils” who falsely rewrote history to paint Hitler as the most evil creature who ever lived, treasonous Zionist Churchill the greatest Briton who ever lived, and Jews the forever victims the rest of the world should always feel sorry for and support no matter what, rather than see the handful of Zionist Jewish banking controllers led by the Rothschild dynasty as the world’s actual Public Enemy #1.
By the early 1930s, unfortunately Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) in the Weimer Republic was already in its death throes with the nation undergoing a 43% freefall in production from 1928 to 1932, combined with skyrocketing unemployment at 30% and double digit hyperinflation rates.[131] During this same time period, Stalin and his Soviet Comintern in Germany strictly directed the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) to form a coalition with Hitler’s Nazis rather than support the Social Democrats, which ideologically was totally illogical and a suicidal move on top of it.[132] This overtly contrived odd couple, German commies aligning with German fascists, marching together and initiating a public transportation strike, was the likely result of Jewish banksters orchestrating from London and New York the ripe conditions for the surging Hitler to begin arresting and murdering both the leading Social Democrats as well as his sudden ex-ally the Communists, thus eliminating all adversarial opposition that might have obstructed his path to supreme dictatorship control.
Had the German Communists aligned themselves with the Social Democrats, they would have had enough coalition strength to leverage and, more than likely, demolish the then fledgling Nazi Party that in 1928 held only 2.6% of the vote.[133] Hitler would have been just a passing footnote in history, if the natural leftist affinity between liberal socialists and Marxist communists simply combined forces in 1928 as the natural course of events would certainly have dictated. But the dark hidden hand operating here was anything but natural. Along with the crippling effects of the bankers’ severe global Depression, the dictates from Moscow (via the Zionist London-New York nexus) ordering German communists to viciously throw the bourgeois socialists under the bus ruled the day. And by 1932, Hitler’s party was grabbing 37.4% of the vote and the chance for a leftist coalition to form and defeat the fascist Nazis was rapidly evaporating into thin air.
But the fact remains that defeating Hitler and averting war was never part of the controllers’ diabolical game plan. Hitler would never have gained a foothold as German Chancellor in 1933 and World War II would have never happened. And millions of Jews during the war would never have been cold-bloodedly sacrificed nor would there have been the Rothschild-Rockefeller creation of the United Nations,[134] nor the Jewish State ever would have come to fruition. Like Luciferian clockwork, after failing to bring about the Jewish State in Palestine through one world governance with the defunct League of Nations after causing WWI, the Jewish bankers’ masterplan called for Hitler to emerge as the dominant power of Germany in order for their second engineered train wreck the Second World War to unfold two decades after their plotted first one ended. The chessboard had once again been replayed by the Rothschild cabal, and from all of humanity’s incalculable suffering, this time the Zionists were successful - their beloved Jewish [Rothschild] State of Israel was finally spawned at the expense of humanity and hundreds of millions of dead and destroyed lives in its wake. Lucifer could not have been any prouder.
Though never comprising more than 5% of the Russian population,[135] as in Britain (only 0.44%) and America (1.75%), despite Jews being an ever-so-miniscule minority living within each nation, their undue influence and unbridled world power wielded in these national governments’ decision making policies to largely control the globe as well as entrenched in fields of finance, government, arts, education and media are gargantuan. Why? Because they’re so much more ambitious and smarter than the lowly goyim majority population? If you believe the Talmud and Protocols of Zion, the answer would be in the affirmative. Since “God’s chosen people” are so much more superior, God has granted them the justifiable exclusive right to rule over the much larger, clearly inferior non-Jewish population. Since this inordinate amount of Jewish ruling power in this world is an indisputable fact, how can it be explained?
Like it or not, Jews’ intelligence and ambition as measured and defined by typical Western Judeo-Christian constructs of intelligence and achievement - IQ, education level, wealth and professional worldly position - on average does in fact appear higher than non-Jews.[136] According to a Forbes Israel April 2013 annual Jewish wealth report, one fourth of America’s billionaires (105 out of 442) are Jewish despite being less than 2% of the US population.[137] Out of the total of 1,426 billionaires on the planet, 11% are Jews despite being just 0.2% of the world pop.[138] If you’re Jewish in America, odds are over 100 times more likely you’ll end up a billionaire. These kind of numbers indicate that Jewish people are at an advantage. So the big question is why? Is it a natural superiority as smarter, more ethnically ambitious (nature) or due to being born and culturally bred in a higher socioeconomic class (nurture)?
Are we to conclude that Jews inherently possess genetically endowed attributes over and above non-Jews? Perhaps most Jews might agree while a smaller majority of non-Jews may disagree. But even if true, that cannot possibly account for their sheer historical global dominance, not completely anyway.
The most powerful family bloodlines - Jewish or not - desire to retain, if not gain, more earthly power and control in terms of wealth, position and influence. As the undisputed most powerful family bloodline of them all, the Rothschild dynasty for centuries has concentrated on accumulating greater hidden wealth and power while quietly keeping it all in the family, acquiring top positions of control not only in banking but through top positions in education, government, law, media, entertainment arts, big business, pretty much you name it. The crux here is again keeping it all in the family. Prominent Jews at the top tier of society in every field of endeavor tend to hire either exclusively within their own family or hire other Jews they know in their social network of equivalent socioeconomic status, thus retaining their capacity to keep amassing increasing levels of power on the world stage in what amounts to as an increasingly rigid upper class caste system based on ethnicity/race/religion and socioeconomic birth status. Old wealth families, the so called WASPs, White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestants, traditionally carry on this same self-serving practice. So their decided advantage has far more to do with their birth position on the socioeconomic ladder. The Rothschild and their minions have dominated banking and finance for centuries. So the fact that Jews tend to favor other Jews may go far in explaining their world prominence, disproportionate wealth and education status. Classism appears on the rise.
While a certain upper class gets richer, the so called American dream and upward mobility at this point in time are the dead and dying.[139] Consideration also must be given to the fact that such an extremely high percentage of those in positions of elite power in this world are clinically diagnosable with mental illness - as merciless, coldblooded psychopaths of the first order.[140] With the disparity gap in wealth, health[141] and inequality between the rich and poor across the world currently skyrocketing at unprecedented rates,[142] a post-modern caste system has re-emerged and is growing more pervasive all the time, strongly indicating the gross injustice of the status quo, socioeconomic Darwinism again based to a large extent on race, needs far more than a mere adjustment or overhaul but actual overthrow of the entire corrupt, inhumane, thoroughly broken system embedded so nauseatingly deep in nepotism, cronyism and impermeable classism. With a perversely decadent, evil New World Order system only working to serve the elite, perhaps at its most blatant point in human history, or at least since the feudalistic Dark Middle Ages, radical change that’s definitely not “same as the old boss” is long overdue. The cracks in the emperor’s walls are about to implode.
Signs of breakdown and despair of this crumbling old New World Disorder are everywhere… in the Asian financial center of Hong Kong with four straight months of violent protest, riots and police drawn guns.[143] With an endless barrage of false flags featuring the so called white supremacist hate crimes egged on by Trump’s reckless rhetoric,[144] the summer of 2019 has delivered rapid fire mass shootings and racial tensions seemingly commonplace yet rising in frequency.[145] Likely a combination of growing state sponsored explosive violence appears every bit real, further sensationalized and skewed by hyped up, exaggerated, polarizing left vs. right media machinations, specifically intended to inflame, contort and spearhead the gun control agenda. A never-ending, twisted orgy of false flags - state sponsored terrorism - as the Deep State staple, producing tragedy after tragedy.[146] While America slowly bleeds to death, police violence has become the sixth leading cause of death for young males in America aged 20-35.[147]
The Rothschild dystopian vision of police state control is alive and thriving in the fast sinking (dis)United States. Amnesty International and a growing number of nations have issued travel advisory warnings against coming to America.[148] As chaos and catastrophe in nonstop crisis mode plunge the planet deeper into the abyss of apocalyptic darkness, what’s left of the desperate masses clinging to survival will easily be deceived into readily accepting Lucifer’s false promise that only a “benevolent” one world government is their last savior to protect them.  
Former MI6 intelligence officer and longtime respected author exposing the New World Order John Coleman from his 1992 book Committee of 300 summarizes what the future holds, if status quo prevails:
A One World Government and one-unit monetary system under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self-select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population. There will be no middle class, only rulers and servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts practicing the same unified code of laws, backed up by a One World Government police force and a One World unified military to enforce laws in all former countries where no national boundaries shall exist. The system will be on the basis of a welfare state; those who are obedient and subservient to the One World Government will be rewarded with the means to live; those who are rebellious will simply be starved to death or be declared outlaws, thus a target for anyone who wishes to kill them. Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited.[149]
The late mastermind of the New World Order Illuminati, David Rockefeller, in his autobiography Memoirs, brazenly admitted with arrogant Jewish bloodline pride his ruling elite’s conspiracy:
Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - One World, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.[150]
Always insightful independent researcher and author Andrew Gavin Marshall sums up the global crisis currently being coordinated by Rothschild planetary controllers:
There is a transnational ruling class, a ‘Superclass,’ that agrees on establishing a world government. The middle class is targeted for elimination, because most of the world has no middle class, and to fully integrate and internationalize a middle class, would require industrialization and development in Africa, and certain places in Asia and Latin America. The goal of the Superclass is not to lose their wealth and power to a transnational middle class, but rather to extinguish the notion of a middle class, and transnationalize a lower, uneducated, labor oriented class, through which they will secure ultimate wealth and power. The global economic crisis serves these ends, as whatever remaining wealth the middle class holds is the process of being eliminated, and as the crisis progresses, the middle classes of the world will suffer, while a great percentage of lower classes of the world, poverty-stricken even prior to the crisis, will suffer the greatest, most probably leading to a massive reduction in population levels, particularly in the ‘underdeveloped’ or ‘Third World’ states.[151]
Obama’s go-to guru during the 2008-09 bank bailout crisis, longtime former Federal Reserve chairman, Trilateral Commission member and Rockefeller-Rothschild agent Paul Volker back in October 1979 told the New York Times that due to “economic pressures,” Americans should accept that:
The standard [of living] of the average American has to decline.[152]
In other words, the Jewish banking elite sent its errand boy out to publicly prepare the largest middle class population in the history of humankind that the money masters decided not to “let the good times roll” anymore. The decision to commence collapsing America’s onetime vibrant middle class had already been plotted. With just a year away from the Reagan-Bush administration’s trickle-down economics austerity, the US manufacturing base was set to be gutted and outsourced by cheap slave labor in China and the Third World. Whereas during the 1970s, 25% of America’s labor force was still employed in the manufacturing sector,[153] by 2013 that number had dropped to only 8.8% in manufacturing.[154] Manufacturing in 1950 accounted for 29% of the Gross Domestic Product, by 2013 just 12.5%. As a share of the economy, manufacturing amounted to 53% in 1965, only 39% by 1988 and just 9% by 2004. By calculated design, the elite pulled the plug on America’s once thriving middle class and ever since Volker’s 1979 announcement, it’s been shrinking ever since[155] to today’s empty malls appearing as ghost towns from the past.[156]
Before Volker’s “get used to austerity” proclamation, another now deceased New World Order messenger Zbigniew Brzezinski writing in his 1970 book Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era proclaimed:
People, governments and economies of all nations must serve the needs of multinational banks and corporations. (The Constitution is) inadequate… the old framework of international politics, with their sphere of influence… the fiction of sovereignty… is clearly no longer compatible with reality.[157]
A half century ago Brzezinski told us that everything serves the needs of our money masters, forget constitutional rights, we don’t have any, forget national sovereignty, it’s a figment of your imagination. And then to prove Brzezinski’s point, that obscene 2009 bank bailout of tax-paid trillions going to “too big to fail banks,” when Rothschild-Rockefellers’ Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch alone received over $6 trillion, and then the criminal banksters promptly get rewarded with 17% increased yearend bonuses for their disastrous money management,[158] adding insult to injury as a knockout punch for the dying middle class hit below the belt by 2.5 million home foreclosures from 2007 to 2009.[159]
The Rothschilds could never rule the world without underwriting the industrialists behind the railroad, steel, auto and oil industries, incorporating a supporting cast of fellow bloodline allies like the Morgans, Schiffs, Warburgs, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Sassoons, Rhodes, Harrimans, Bushes and the Astors.[160] For instance, over a century and a half ago the House of Rothschild originally invested in John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937) oil interests[161] and ever since have been conspiring with the Rockefellers as the US Illuminati bloodline equivalent to move the world under joint control (with House of Rothschild as older dynasty brother maintaining the upper hand) toward one world oligarchic dictatorship. As recently as 2012 the two planetary controllers formally merged in a transatlantic alliance, with Jacob Rothschild’s RIT Capital investment trust buying £2bn into David Rockefeller’s company amounting to 37% shares.[162]  
Upon JP Morgan’s death, with his reputation of such a financial titan, his fortune turned out to be considerably smaller than expected, after debts were paid leaving only 11 million.[163] Perhaps that was because Morgan was a mere Rothschild agent paid on commission. Historically the Rockefellers have also been Rothschild agents, all growing fabulously rich working as infamous public figures in part for the House of Rothschild’s global controlling interest. From behind the scenes, for more than two centuries the monopolizing Rothschilds have been pulling the strings, always a collaborator or two removed from any given crime scene. Knowing that public perception is leery of the dynasty’s insatiable appetite for absolute power and control, from the get-go the family realized the need to remain low profile and well-hidden. So for a long time the dynasty makes deals so that designated front men make 15-20% commission as the so called world’s richest billionaires while the Rothschild dynasty maintains its invisible, controlling interest.
Yet another illustrative case in point is treasonous Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky who at just 40 years old as the wealthiest man in Russia became the designated Western Rothschild agent, a corporate raider seizing and looting former Soviet state assets that included the nation’s largest oil company during the lawless Wild West Yeltsin years in the 1990s when uninvited Western plunderers made deals with Russian mafia.[164] At his own bank’s auction, Khodorkovsky purchased Russia’s Yukos Oil for only $309 million, assessed a few years later in 2003 at a net worth of $45 billion. When President Putin took office attempting to regain economic stability, he arrested Khodorkovsky for tax evasion, sending him to prison for a decade and freezing the traitor’s assets who’d been plotting a coup to overthrow Putin with full Western intelligence support from the likes of the Rothschild-Bush dynasty. In the same way the House of Rothschild subsidized George Soros’ Open Society as agent provocateur,[165] the same can be said for Khodorkovsky’s role with his Open Russia Foundation designed to cripple and destroy the struggling nation after the Soviet Empire collapse.[166] Shortly before his arrest, Mikhail Khodorkovsky was able to secretly transfer controlling interests of Yukos Oil over to none other than the 4th Lord Rothschild Jacob.[167] The circling Western vultures in Rothschild and George HW were moving in for their kill. Again, an arrangement had been made where the Moscow oligarch was Russia’s designated front man allowed to be crowned “the richest man in Russia” a la George Soros for mastermind Rothschild who always makes certain he receives the controlling share.
The precedent was set over a century ago as a similar arrangement was secured with the New York Federal Reserve giants all serving as Rothschild agents - Morgan, Schiff, Warburg, the Rockefellers[168] right up to today’s Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Just as Buffet is fronted as the third richest human on the planet at $86 billion,[169] said to give 85% of his wealth away to charity,[170] along with Bill Gates the alleged richest man in the world until 2017,[171] these iconic public figures are presented by mass media as the highly visible front men serving as a sleight of hand buffer intended to obscure and shield the concealed true power and wealth of the Rothschild dynastic system as supreme planetary overlord, systematically having sunk its meat hooks into the so called bastion of today’s icon of icons amongst global top wealth and power. Back when Gates’ Microsoft was facing bigtime anti-trust lawsuits, his consoling mentor was Warren Buffet,[172] who taught the youngblood the law of the oligarch jungle. Monopoly exists only on the coattails of the Rothschild dynasty. So if you just obediently take your place as a front man like me, you too will become a popular legend, touted as the richest man in the world and the king of charity as a heroic do-gooder who can do no wrong the rest of your life. Hence under the façade of charitable philanthropists, Bill and Melinda have been busily doing their globalist duty to attack the so called overpopulation problem with their Third World vaccine foundation culling. That’s also why Forbes parades its annual list of the filthy rich, every year showcasing the likes of Buffet, Gates and Zuckerberg ($68.2b) while, by design, conspicuously missing every year, the face of a Rothschild.[173]
Remaining virtually anonymous permits a shielded Rothschild cartel to continue ruling the world, sharing the wealth with higher profile oligarchs like Soros, Khodorkovsky, Buffet, Gates, Zuckerberg who may come and go, allowed to make their billions grabbing their impressive piece of the pie as long as they play the game according to plutocracy rules, quietly taking their place in deference to the dynasty at the top retaining its vast, well-hidden, majority of worldly wealth and power. That’s the way this power pyramid on the predatory food chain works. Total secrecy and no transparency whatsoever allow the “R” cabal to continue unobstructed, unchallenged and untouched by manmade laws as long as the public is meticulously kept in the dark from ever knowing what evil lurks.
Former Marine Corps and airline pilot and fellow academy grad (from Annapolis) Field McConnell’s website Abel Danger constantly digs to boldly plumb the corrosive Deep State power structure featuring numerous articles and podcasts unmasking the murderous criminal activities linking multi-government contracting giant Serco with the Rothschild cartel[174] as well as to his own evil half-sister Kristine Marcy, the 1979 founder of Senior Executive Service, a cover for a subversive high profile “men-in-the-middle” pedo-blackmail-murder operation.[175] An April 2010 article on the Oxford University’s Bullington Club linked to the Rhodes and Fullbright scholarship recipients acts much like Yale University’s Skull and Bones Society. It appears to be the hub of a secret criminal network of top politicians, CEOs, intelligence directors and various other VIP powerbrokers. The Abel Danger presentation states:
Members’ participation in acts of violence, sabotage, sex, S&M, drug use and other acts is filmed or otherwise recorded. Members are later placed in positions of power and influence throughout the world and controlled and blackmailed into executing the plans of the power behind the club - the House of Rothschild. [The network] moves its agents undetected, through a global intelligence network engaged in sabotage, assassination and deception. The targets of sabotage, assassination and deception are ultimately insured by the House of Rothschild which uses a portion of the insurance claims to pay the agents of destruction.[176]
Rather than competing amongst themselves as the elite’s divide and rule scenario normally dictates for the rest of us, an invisible Rothschild controlled hierarchy permits the controllers to not just retain their power, but through monopolized co-opted control, always increasing its influence as well. With the rich-poor inequality gap globally spiraling further apart, there’s enough looted wealth in the controller’s insurance scheme to keep both semi-powerful, higher visible members of the inner club as well as the most powerful invisible Rothschild overlords all relatively happy with the status quo. Those unhappy typically befall tragic suicided doorknob fates.
Meanwhile, the polarizing divide and conquer politics of Trump vs. the globalists, or patriots vs. the socialists, conservatives vs. the liberals, left vs. right, Republicans vs. Democrats, Christians vs. Moslems, West vs. the East ad nauseam keep the global masses confused, blinded, brainwashed, controlled, and most importantly divided and conquered while the Zionist-Anglo-American Empire crime cabal continues wreaking havoc in its earthly plunder towards one world governance. This well-oiled Luciferian machine operating for centuries has as its key infrastructure the City of London monopolizing world financial control, Washington monopolizing world military control, Rome monopolizing global religious control,[177] New York-Brussels centralized UN-EU-NATO control, Hollywood propaganda mind control[178] and Jerusalem monopolizing Armageddon crisis management control,[179] all serving as necessary cogs within the Luciferian wheel, executing the diabolical plan for absolute earth control.
In a seemingly desperate attempt to maintain continued economic global hegemony, the ruling elite - through its CFR-neocon-Rothschild agents - continue to use Washington as the world bully battering ram, levying stiff economic sanctions against any nation not completely under Rothschild control – Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela all long in the crosshairs.[180] Rather than be crippled by the bully cutting them off from participating in international trade, for their very survival all these nations have been busily creating alternatives that bypass trading in US dollars. In the process, they’ve enticed a number of other nations including allied partners Britain, France and the EU to also begin trade using the euro, Chinese yuan or special cryptocurrencies all backed by gold to undercut the damage caused by US sanctions.[181] The US SWIFT system is also being circumvented by more nations all the time. Predictably by design, this punitive bullying pattern to punish other countries is producing a boomerang effect, more nations than ever are seeking other trade channels and currency options. Cumulatively it is seriously undermining the international community’s confidence in the US dollar/petrodollar, prompting more nations to seek dropping it as international trade currency. But that too is all part of the takedown America agenda.
A US dollar in 1913 was worth one dollar when the Rothschild central bank took over to control America’s money supply. After little more than a century of printing unlimited paper fiat out of thin air, the dollar’s purchasing power has been devalued to less than 2 cents.[182] Meanwhile, the current $22 trillion national debt spiked by nearly a trillion just in the last year alone.[183] For centuries living on borrowed time under Rothschild’s fractional reserve Ponzi banking scheme means financial disaster could strike any moment.[184] Tick tock…
The banking cabal’s one world government is awaiting the implosion of the US dollar that for years has been on artificial life support. Ultimately like America’s middle class, it too sooner than later will be unplugged, the bottom will fall out, and hyperinflation on an already valueless dollar will kick in spelling disaster for Americans with rippling effects felt around the globe. Right on cue, another Rothschild manipulated Wall Street crash, this time taking down a globalized economy. Of course that only motivates the US-Anglo-Zionist Empire to ensure launching another major war is conjured up to “save the US dollar,” co-timed with the banksters’ next preplanned launch of the Great Depression 2.0.[185]
Notoriously grabbing up all the precious resource-rich Third World lands in exchange for unpayable Rothschild controlled World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans, the banking elite sink its predatory lifeblood fangs into every nation’s heartland.[186] In so many words, former World Bank Chief Economist Josef Stiglitz has said that every nation the WB/IMF touches has a King Midas-in-reverse effect, with a ruined economy and destroyed government most often accompanied by political and economic instability in the form of violent riots and destitution. It’s a sick, methodical Modus Operandi that the Rothschilds regularly deploy to take over each and every country, one by one. Again, another method to their despicable madness that’s worked devilishly well for them in that they’ve managed to install their bloodsucking central banks in every country on earth but one – North Korea,[187] a unique feat that North Korea should be applauded for rather than how it’s typically portrayed as the world’s nation pariah.
Yet due to the bloodline’s cunning ultra-secrecy, nothing in the way of their financial records is ever made publicly accountable. Way back in 1962 their slick ways were commonly known, the year before the controllers snuffed Kennedy. Even the glossed over treatment by Rothschilds’ adoring author Frederic Morton in his 1962 The Rothschilds: A Family Portrait[188] stated:
Though they control scores of industrial, commercial, mining and tourist corporations, not one bears the name Rothschild. Being private partnerships, the family houses never need to, and never do, publish a single public balance sheet, or any other report of their financial condition.[189]
That explains why the US Rothschild bank – the Federal Reserve – never had a public audit during its first 99 years in existence, and its only audit in 2012 was partial. What it revealed was that between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve bailed out both domestic and foreign banks with a whopping $16 trillion payoff at 0% interest that is not expected to be paid back.[190] Keep in mind that this is when US had to cough up $14.4 trillion (US Treasury $7.2 and Federal Reserve $7.2) for the infamous 2009 bailout.[191] Lots of hard earned dollars down the NWO rabbit hole of no return so the Rothschilds and their allies can get richer as we all grow poorer in a kick the can down the road strategy before the bloodline Ponzi schemed house of cards totally collapses. 
Concealing and withholding knowledge of their deplorable misdeeds all these centuries later is how they’ve managed to stay in power, hiding so much of their evildoing from the public eye while maintaining an air of mystique for the thoroughly brainwashed idol-worshippers of the superrich and royal elites, programmed to be in star-struck awe of these subhuman parasitic creatures. But that’s the logical outcome when a single bloodline crime family monopolizes and controls world finances, all its governments and the global mass media as well. Despite their compulsion to keep everything on the low, hidden in the impenetrable shadows of Illuminati darkness, with a two and a half century long crime spree rap sheet, enough of their unspeakable damage to the earth and its suffering inhabitants has been unearthed to render them the 21st century emperor without clothes, and the late Victor’s son Jacob the current bloodline patriarch as the 4th Baron Rothschild even wearing his finest suit remains a sight for sore eyes.
Yet times have not changed in that qualitatively these are the same puppet masters pulling the strings of their puppets operating inside our governments today. The reason why this chapter dips back into history to expose the depravity and pure evil of those in positions of authority is to demonstrate that they are really no different now. The same Masonic Zionist Illuminati Luciferianism possesses the same reprehensible character that inhabit today’s so called leaders as well. Of course without hesitation, the Rothschilds finance and invest heavily behind the scenes such highly visible agent provocateurs as George Soros and Benjamin Netanyahu for spreading political upheaval and regime change around the globe.[192] It goes without saying they all share the same Zionist Illuminati dystopian dream of one world oligarchic governance.
Fallout from the recent Jeffrey Epstein July 2019 re-arrest turned August “suicided” episode indicates the Zionist Mossad sex trafficker from the 1990s and early 2000s catered to the perversions of these same VIP Luciferian sicko front men as today’s Rothschild puppets. Epstein’s St. James Island with its owl similar to Bohemian Grove and its Illuminati temple modeled after the Babylonian architectural design symbolizes elite blood sacrifice of child sex slaves and definitely displays all the signs of occult satanic ritual abuse.[193] Lots of these same signs of occult deity worship went into the Rothschild designed architecture on display at Israel’s Knesset, Supreme Court and national state library.[194] From the ancient underworld elite to post-World War II elite to today’s New World Order elite, the same singular thread of evil inhabiting the stream of Luciferians at the top of the predatory food chain never changes throughout the ages.  
Over several centuries amassing the greatest fortune the world has ever known, the Rothschilds are considered the quintessential Jewish royal family, and as such, like all the most powerful family bloodlines, their marriages have strategically been prearranged, based on forming alliances and convergent lineage with royalty and aristocracy, like the Windsors, constantly marrying from within.[195] In other words, marrying into the same ruling bloodlines is the primary means of not just maintaining but building upon a constant growing empire of earthly wealth and power, never dissipating it. And a vital component within their immeasurable power is their vast secret intelligence network with tentacles reaching far beyond any government’s. Through its inner network of couriers and spies, their subversive infiltration, influence and control is hidden and remains largely unknown, a Deep State within the Deep State.[196]
The Rothschilds are immersed in all the major secret societies, especially Freemasonry.[197] The B’nai B’rith organization developed as a Jewish intelligence cover often to do the dirty work for the House of Rothschild, its public subsidiary the Anti-Defamation League that Jacob Schiff unleashed in 1916. B’nai B’rith dates back to 1843 as the world’s oldest Jewish “service organization,”[198] but in actuality it’s a secret society offshoot of Freemasonry and “spin-off of the Order of Zion,” highly subversive intelligence network at the behest of the Zionist House of Rothschild.[199] Originally the 1843 founders of B’nai B’rith were German Jewish Masonic immigrants in New York City. A few years later Freemason leader Albert Pike and B’nai B’rith leader Armand Levi signed a secret pact between the two organizations.[200] NYC Rothschild agent Jacob Schiff was the liaison between the House of Rothschild, B’nai B’rith and the Bolshevik Revolution.[201] The Masonic B’nai B’rith also played a crucial Zionist role in manipulating fellow Mason US President Truman into accepting the illegal 1947 UN Partition Plan of Palestine and the 1948 establishment of the Jewish State.[202] As a victim of a B’nai B’rith physical assault as well as exhaustive harassment from contentious litigation, courageous journalist-author Christopher Bollyn also maintains:
It [B’nai B’rith] is the force behind the media and government cover-up of the truth of what happened on 9-11.[203] 
The House of Rothschild was instrumental in the construction and ownership of the Suez Canal. Lionel Nathan de Rothschild financed the British government’s buyout or more apt steal of Egypt’s Suez Canal for a mere £4 million.[204] Britain’s Jewish Prime Minister Disraeli didn’t bother informing Parliament of his Rothschild master’s decision, gouging the government for a 2.5% commission on the advance and an additional 5% annual interest. Once the canal was completed in 1869, instead of sailing 10,800 nautical miles to its crown jewel opium producing colony India, the British Empire fleet traversed only 6,300 miles. It was nearly a full century that British and French imperialism exploited canal ownership until finally in July 1956, Egyptian President Nasser had had enough and nationalized the Suez Canal for Egypt.[205] But this assertive action immediately triggered a triple invasion by Israel, Britain and France to seize control over the canal. President Eisenhower was pissed off because he hadn’t been notified, and took an anti-imperialistic stand while Soviet Premier Khrushchev threatened to start WWIII unless the three aggressors swiftly vacated Egypt, effectively ending Britain’s long run at empire.    
In 1891 it was Lionel’s son Nathaniel Mayer (Natty) Rothschild who took interest in the enterprising young Cecil Rhodes and combined forces to grab monopolized control over African diamond mining soon known as the De Beers Consolidated Mines. De Beers was later associated with the Oppenheimer Illuminati bloodline, Zionist Fabian Labor MP Margaret Hodge’s family.[206] By the late 1880s, the Rothschild dynasty purchased Rio Tinto, the mining operation from the Spanish government and built it into the world’s leading extractor of aluminum, iron ore, copper, uranium, and diamonds operating on six continents. The British Empire allegedly ruled the world but the House of Rothschild ruled the Empire, morphed currently into the Zionist-Anglo-American Empire.
From the initial intent, the worldwide chosen Rhodes scholars converging at Oxford for postgraduate study scholarship were groomed as future global movers and shakers recruited to establish the New World Order, like pedophile-rapist President Bill Clinton.[207] With Victor Rothschild behind Bilderbergers startup in 1954, Rothschild agents are obviously top heavy in both the British Institute of International Affairs (BIIA) as well as the US counterpart, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).[208]
The BIIA is a front organization for the secret inner power core known as the Round Table Group, begun in 1909 by Lord Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild at the behest of Cecil Rhodes who died in 1902. The BIIA and CFR quickly became Round Table junior offshoots after World War I. The same key players behind the Balfour Declaration were also the main Round Table members – Freemason Arthur James Balfour,[209] financier the 2nd Lord Rothschild (Vic’s uncle) and Rhodes successor and Freemason Lord Alfred Milner.[210] The CFR was how Deep State British style infiltrated America.[211] Though it may have been Rhodes’ vision that the Anglo-American secret societies unified under one umbrella to export English speaking imperial governance to the entire world, restoring the luster of the British Empire, Round Table Rothschilds saw it as a vehicle for centralizing planetary control. And like the Fabians and all secret societies, the primary common objective is establishing New World Order through a globally centralized government.[212]
For near 200 years the House of Rothschild took control over the Vatican Treasury, holding the purse strings for Catholic operations worldwide.[213] While the House of Rothschild became the entrusted bankers for royalty and the czars of Russia, financing the revolution that murdered the royal Russian family, stealing their wealth of $50 billion,[214] along with raiding the coffers of the Russian  Orthodox Church, some estimates of today’s Rothschild fortune is as high as $500 trillion.[215] The Mountbattens, relatives to both the Rothschilds and the British royals, went to court to ensure that Romanov descendants remained cheated from their ancestors’ wealth.[216] Pedophilic criminal Lord Mountbatten is featured prominently in coming chapters on the Northern Ireland pedo-scandal and the royal Windsor family chapter. Other sources claim the Rothschild family owns anywhere from half to 75% of the world’s total wealth. According to Credit Suisse, the syndicate owns $231 trillion,[217] worth 5 times that of the world’s wealthiest 8 listed billionaires combined.[218] But in actuality, because the Rothschild fortune is so hidden in so many offshore, inaccessible accounts, distributed amongst a large clan that resides all over the world, the ultra-secretive, keep-it-all-in-the-family M. O. makes knowing their true financial worth impossible. But it’s still a safe bet they own the world.
France already has an anti-Semitic law, but as of February 2019, Rothschild controlled President Macron is now pushing through legislation making anti-Zionism a crime, which of course paves the way for criticism of Israel the next jail-able offense.[219] Racism is being anti-Jewish, anti-Jews or anti-Semitism, and that I wholeheartedly agree is not good. But tagging the anti-Semitism label on anyone who acknowledges the truth of the fact that 90% of World Jewry aren’t Semites at all, which in itself renders most Jews’ claims illegitimate occupying and owning land that never belonged to their ancestors while killing and pushing the true Semitic Palestinian Arabs off their rightful ancient homeland is beyond criminal. Yet, Zionist criminals the world over are bent on making the truth tellers the criminals. A famously fitting quote from German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe applies:
None are as hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free. The Truth has been kept from the depth of their Minds by Masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes.[220]         
Here’s another provocative true statement:
To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.
Despite the quote above misattributed all over the internet to the famous French philosopher Voltaire, including in a June 2019 tweet by actor John Cusack, for which he was vilified as an anti-Semite resulting in his profuse apology for trying to stand up for persecuted Palestinians, the fact that the words above were originally said by American white nationalist Kevin Alfred Strom apparently means you risk a cyber-stoning if you dare quote it.[221] Personally, I think it’s both clever and very true. And if criticism of the Rothschild family, Netanyahu, the Likud Party, the nation of Israel, or Zionism is committing a criminal act, then the accuracy of Strom’s statement is empirically confirmed and painfully, resoundingly true.
Cusack’s last line on his June faux pas said “follow the money,” urging the insightful pathway leading to the truth down any Deep State rabbit hole. And that would surely wind up the gazillion hidden offshore tax-free Rothschild bank accounts. For bringing us centuries of war, they’ve made a colossal fortune off human suffering and death, unjustly gouging blood money profit off the lowly have-not masses without paying their own dues or karmic debt. Increasingly our freedom of expression to speak the truth as a Constitutional right is fast becoming illegal, usurped in an age of rigid Political Correctness and draconian anti-hate laws. I’m against hate toward any ethnic/racial group, religion, age, nationality, gender preference or political ideology, but telling the truth about wicked criminals who destroy life is neither hateful nor criminal, unless the laws making it so are themselves criminal and hateful toward the truth and those brave enough to tell it.
Right after destroying Europe by orchestrating the First World War with over 20 million lives lost, in 1919 NM Rothschild & Sons from the City of London became the twice a day gold price fixer as yet another overt step toward global finance dominance. With HM Rothschild’s front man Evelyn de Rothschild stepping down in March 2004 and his cousin David de Rothschild taking over, after a brief strategic review, the company announced in April 2004 that the Rothschild’s gold price fixing duties after 85 years and nearly two centuries in the gold market along with other commodity trading would be relinquished.[222] NM Rothschild turned over the daily duties of gold pricing to HSBC, Barclays, Scotiabank and Societe General. However, after only 10 years, with HSBC and other big banks riddled in money laundering[223] and corruption scandals,[224] persistent allegations of illegal price fixing in 2014 resulted in the appointment of independent supervisors outside the banking industry to assume responsibility for setting gold prices.[225]
Though The Telegraph article in 2004 reported the Rothschilds leaving the gold business, because the dynasty’s history is so guardedly shady in dark secrecy despite attempts to maintain a glossed over saccharine public image per its online website,[226] the Rothschild record of wielding its sinister hidden hand to monopolize control over the world of finance and politics renders these kind of mainstream announcements always highly suspect. The bottom line is when it comes to secret illegal insider trading, the Rothschilds and their agents have been notoriously guilty as charged for virtually their entire existence.[227] When a banking dynasty controls the world, who’s left to hold it criminally accountable for its too big to count sins? Who else but the public?
Within the last decade there have been countless bank scandals worldwide over constant allegations of fraud, money laundering and corruption. Perhaps the supreme power of the Rothschild dynasty isn’t so supreme after all. In June 2015 the US Department of Justice fined the Rothschild Swiss bank $11.5 million (of course chump change for the family dynasty) for actively assisting clients to hide their assets in foreign offshore accounts from the IRS.[228] In response to increasing pressure for foreign investment disclosure, the Rothschild dynasty has led the way to moving its wealthiest client accounts from the traditional offshore shelters in the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, the Caymans, Jersey and Switzerland to new locations. The latest tax haven loophole exempt from international reporting requirements is the Rothschilds’ Reno, Nevada trust. The richest family on earth has constantly found new ways of not paying taxes for the planet’s wealthiest occupants, hiding trillions in illegal tax shelters. While the US is increasingly enforcing disclosure requirements on these notorious offshore tax shelter havens, the banking cabal has opportunistically opened up its own tax fraud haven for the superrich in Reno, the “little Vegas” next to Lake Tahoe.[229]   
In that same month of June 2015 incurring a tax evasion fine, David de Rothschild, the 2004 family heir-in-line leading the NM Rothschild & Sons also took a major fall from grace. In June 2015 a French judge announced that the Rothschild kingpin was indicted on fraud charges, conning hundreds of pensioners into a bogus loan scheme from 2005 to 2008.[230] It took years of investigation to finally charge him with fraud. A lawsuit filed in a Spanish court was suing David de Rothschild after the Rothschild Financial Services Group advertised a promise of an equity loan program involved falsely lowering clients’ property value in order to reduce inheritance tax, a clear violation of the law. Though indicted, the 75-year old slippery French head of the Rothschild empire wields too much power to completely go down as he evaded prosecution, no doubt allowed to settle out of court to quietly step down in June 2018, turning over his 200-year old Rothschild & Co. reins to his 37-year old son Alexandre de Rothschild as the 7th generation of the banking dynasty.[231] A little temporary embarrassment, but nothing the family banking cartel that owns the world can’t fix.
Then in March 2016, France announced another criminal investigation underway probing the Geneva based operation of the Swiss Edmund de Rothschild bank established in Paris in 1953, led today by Benjamin de Rothschild and his wife Ariane.[232] When first questioned, Ariane smugly laughed it off, until in late June 2016, 90 federal police officers, prosecutors and a judge raided the Geneva headquarters of the Edmond de Rothschild branch.[233] And yet another blow to the untouchable, above-the-law dynasty struck again in July 2018. The Swiss financial regulator accused both Rothschild Bank AG and Rothschild Trust AG of money laundering for accepting dirty money from a Malaysian government embezzlement scheme that led to the arrest of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.[234]
Even the biggest crime of the 21st century – 9/11 – implicates the Rothschilds[235] and heir to the cosmetic giant Estée Lauder fortune Ronald Lauder, whose links to the Jeffrey Epstein benefactor, Les Wexner and his Zionist Mega Group is detailed in the next chapter. No sooner did the privatization of the World Trade Center Towers take place under the direction of World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauder, Zionist Larry Silverstein secured his 99-year lease just two months prior to 9/11.[236] Had Port Authority still retained control over the WTC, the demolition explosives planted in the towers by Mossad “art students”[237] that took the three buildings down with freefall speed (scientifically proven that so called planes couldn’t)[238] would never have been able to occur. David de Rothschild is chairman of the governing board of the World Jewish Congress. In 1999 Lauder founded the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel, the town where Mossad headquarters is located. And retired IDF General Daniel Rothschild heads Lauder’s IDC, Institute for Policy and Strategy, the annual Herzliya Conference and is on the board of directors of the Rothschild’s Central Bank of Israel. General Rothschild had also been commander of Israel’s military intelligence. In other words, as unholy Zionist bedfellows and 9/11 conspirator suspects, Lauder-Rothschild fingerprints were left all over the 9/11 crime scene.
Even the 83-year old family patriarch, the 4th Lord Rothschild and his only son Nat, now 48 years old, have had their erratic ups and downs plastered all over the tabloids. As the heir-apparent of the dynasty, Nat grew up the rebellious wildchild in his youthful days at Eton and Oxford, partying hardy with plenty of girls, hired strippers, hookers, booze, drugs and a “live-for-today” mentality, much to the embarrassment and chagrin of his stiff, uppity class dad.[239] Nat was the popular center of attention back at Oxford’s prestigious Bullington Club, as outlined earlier a grooming pad for high stakes treachery, hobnobbing with future political bigwigs like the now former Tory MP Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (till stepping down in 2017), who Nat had a major falling out just over a decade ago.
At just 23-years old, Nat and his first model wife Annabelle Neilson, whom he met on his jet setting travels to India, eloped in Las Vegas in 1994, but three years later divorced. After his failed marriage during the late 1990s, Nat began taking his family pecking order and banking career more seriously, and wound up making a killing in high yield investments. In April 2008, the New York Times described him as “an investor who some say may become the richest Rothschild of them all.”[240] As a co-chairman of the US based hedge fund company Atticus Capital, Nat Rothschild made himself and his rich clients richer.
But soon the unstable, fickle financial market saw the high venturing Wonder Boy lose billions and his reputation as a Rothschild financier fell especially on hard times in 2012 over a bitter scandal, after an Indonesian coal mining company that Nat took public called Bumi boomeranged. His name had attracted £700 million in fellow high-end investors, only to have the entire enterprise crash and burn in the spectacle of a publicly aired melodrama, with the Indonesian family, well-established British board of directors and Nat fighting it out in a winless, nasty blame game, ultimately terminating the upstart’s director position and hifalutin financier status with comments like “Nat Rothschild will never raise another dollar from anybody.” By 2012 even Daddy Jacob was distraught, humiliated and extremely angry at his wayward son for dragging himself and the family name into a down and dirty shootout bringing worldwide public disgrace.
In another controversial affair, just as the senior Rothschild in his day courted the richest man in Russia, son Nat took his turn making high powered deals with today’s wealthiest Russian, aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska. Yet another scandal erupted over volatile remarks exchanged in the media between Nat and his ex-Oxford buddy George Osborne involving a Greek island private conversation aboard Deripaska’s yacht with then EU trade commissioner-pedophile Peter Mandelson and Nat Rothschild, implicating Mandelson’s conflict of interest.[241] An incensed Nat then countered, accusing the UK Chancellor Exchequer of soliciting a financial contribution from the US outlawed Russian oligarch committing the unspoken sin of betraying confidentiality regarding the sweet deal the bromancing trio had cooked up sweating in a Siberian sauna that the Daily Mail reported on, prompting Nat to unsuccessfully sue the tabloid for libel.[242]
Though at the height of this family calamity the Sunday Times 2012 annual rich list (for what it’s “truly” worth) had Nat pegged at #73 with an even £1 billion, eclipsing his big daddy at #192 with only £465 million,[243] by 2016 Nat had fallen off both the annual rich list and public radar screen altogether.[244] Without his estranged father attending his wedding in August 2016, Nat remarried, reportedly as a Swiss citizen living a low key lifestyle in Klosters, Switzerland. These days he can mostly be found at home nestled in the Swiss Alps with his second wife, former topless model Loretta Basey, nursing his battered and bruised ego as “the Rothschild who could’ve”...[245] Loretta’s dad - Phillip Basey  - was recently selected as the Brexit Party treasurer.[246] So with Baron Jacob Rothschild viewing Brexit as “damaging and disorderly,” “risk[ing] the well-being of our country,”[247] he must be fuming over his only son’s latest choice for wife, a topless model with the Brexit treasurer father.
But less than two years after Nat remarried, his first model wife who came from aristocratic lineage yet vehemently disapproved of by Nat’s parents - 49-year old Annabelle Neilson - suddenly turned up in July 2018 another suicided doorknob victim.[248] Upon divorce, stripped of her Rothschild title with a signed nondisclosure agreement, Annabelle must’ve taken all her juicy family secrets to her grave in another apparent murder conveniently ruled suicide.[249]
The troubled life of the future 5th Baron Rothschild who once was hoped to be the great Rothschild unifier of the splintered family business will never be. In 1980 father Jacob departed the London based NM Rothschild & Sons after a rift with his cousin to start his own successful investment trust, leaving the London banking operation in the hands of the British Evelyn de Rothschild, who after overseeing the 2003 French-British banking merger, in 2004 handed the business over to his cousin David who in turn in 2018 transferred it to his young son Alexandre de Rothschild.
Though in recent years the House of Rothschild’s reputedly fragmented, scandal-ridden, heavily tarnished image, reportedly now less wealthy and prominent in the power politics game, may just be a disinformation ploy to reveal a more vulnerable, flawed human face in order to take the heat off the Khazarian bloodline’s centuries old history of terror, death and destruction, resulting from Rothschilds’ pathological chokehold over humanity.
In recent years it may appear the ungodly power of history’s most powerful banking family isn’t totally immune from exposed cracks in its hitherto impenetrable wall of criminal unaccountability and corrupt shame. Because all of earth’s largest financial and political institutions have grown so rotten to the core in ethical and moral responsibility, cutthroat treachery and vile perversions, if only 1% of the Rothschild dynasty crimes get exposed, much less prosecuted, it’ll hardly be impetus for the family to change its old ways, confident of continuing to get away with 99% of its crimes. As long as the cabal perpetrators behind 9/11, which there are many, remain free, there’s little hope of any change without a transformative spiritual revolution.
The next chapter delves deep into the intersecting lives of Victor Rothschild and Winston Churchill, leading up to the Second World War, its devastation and beyond, exposing both as British traitors who set the stage for the Cold War as well as the Zionist Jewish State that continues to dominate and polarize an ever-endangered world.  

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Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former Army officer who has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” In addition to being a personal memoir, it exposes a faulty military leadership system based on one’s capacity to be an order follower, enforce arbitrary, asinine rules and engage in the psychopathic art of ingratiation. It’s based on ticket punching one’s way up the seniority system ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest along the way, leaving mediocrity and ass kissing order followers to rise to the top as America’s politician-bureaucrat generals in charge of losing US wars by elitist design. West Point fails miserably to instill integrity in its leaders and equally fails to teach and train positive genuine leadership skills to its officer corps.
After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he constantly battled the largest county child protective service in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system. LA County Children’s Court regularly endangered his clients, afflicting more harm and abuse by making life and death decisions clearly not in their best interest. It prepared him well for later working as an investigative journalist exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflicts far more harm than good. 
As an independent journalist focusing on geopolitics, international relations, globalization and US Empire imperialism for over half a decade, Joachim has written hundreds of articles published on numerous alternative news sites, foremost among them: GlobalResearch, and His blog site: 
Joachim continues writing the A-Z sourcebook exposing the global pedophilia epidemic entitled Pedophilia& Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State. The book can be read for free on this blog site or The first twenty-six chapters selling for .99 each on Amazon Kindle remain best sellers in both politics and child advocacy categories. Donations are welcomed at